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Saving Rock County Cemeteries

From Avon to Union, in the woods and metro areas, cemeteries are often forgotten remnants of our history. Many cemeteries have excellent people taking care of them. Many aren't as lucky. Below, you will find the status of many of the "unlucky" cemeteries. Some of these cemeteries have caretakers, but do not have the funds to repair or reset broken or fallen stones.

  • In Progress - Has volunteers working on it; more always welcome
  • Help Wanted - Bad shape; no help or not enough help
  • Monitored - Currently okay but in a dangerous or delicate position (due to traffic/vandals/etc.)
  • Lost Cause? - Missing/Lost
  • V - workers needed
  • $ - funds needed (to repair or reset stones)

If you wish to volunteer or donate funds for a cemetery and there is no contact given, feel free to contact me. Also let me know of any cemetery project going on in the county or of any cemetery not listed but in need of care.



Current Status


Beloit Saberson Family Cem. Lost Cause? Lori
Bradford Bradford (Smithton) Cem. Help Wanted $ -----
Clinton Clinton Corners Cem. Help Wanted $ -----
Fulton Mt. Olive (Sandy Sink) Cem. In Progress V $ -----
Harmony Mt. Zion (Clarke) Cem. Help Wanted V $ -----
Janesville (city) Dillenbeck Cem. Monitored -----
Lima Lima Center Cem. Help Wanted $ -----
Rock Happy Hollow (Gower) Cem. Help Wanted V $ Lori
Turtle Jack Family Cem. Lost Cause? Lori
Murray Settlement Cem. Lost Cause? Lori
Union Old Baptist (Union) Cem. In Progress V $ Lori

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