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Beloit & Madison Railroad Company

Rock County, Wisconsin

NEWBERRY, Edward J. TINKHAM, and E. S. WADSWORTH, Chicago, Ill.; L. G. FISHER, Hazen CHENEY, and John HACKETT, Beloit, Wis.; Volney ATWOOD, J. A. SLEEPER, and Otis W. NORTON, Janesville, Wis.; Simeon MILLS, F. G. TIBBITS, and Elisha BURDICK, Madison, Wis.; John B. TURNER, President; Benj. DURHAM, Secretary; Edward J. TINKHAM, Treasurer; and John P. ILSLEY, Chief Engineer. This company was incorporated by act of the legislature, approved Feb. 18, 1852. By the charter the company [is] authorized to create a capital stock of $1,200,000, and to locate, construct and operate a single or double track railroad, from the village of Beloit in the county of Rock, via Janesville in the county of Rock, to Madison, the capital of the State of Wisconsin, with power also to connect or consolidate with other railroad companies. The company was organized at Madison on the 1st day of July, the same year, by the election of officers as stated above. Preliminary surveys were immediately commenced, preparatory to the location of the line, and the attainment of the right of way. The report of the chief engineer shows the length of the line from Beloit to Madison to be 52.08 miles, and the estimated cost $790,000, or $15,027 per mile, laid with heavy T rail. Some portions of the work have already been contracted, and the engineer is now actively engaged in completing the surveys and procuring the right of way, and the whole line will soon be ready for contract, and it is confidently believed that the entire road will be completed to Madison by the 4th of July, 1854. By an amendment to its charter, passed February, 1853, this company [is] authorized to construct [its] road direct from Beloit to Madison, and by running about twelve miles west of Janesville, the line will be reduced in length something over four miles, and be entirely removed from competition with rival roads. The district of country through which this road passes to its present terminus, the capital of Wisconsin, is equal, if not superior, in population, productiveness and natural beauty to any portion of the state; while its ultimate extension to the Wisconsin river at Portage city, and thence through the extensive pine regions of the north to Lake Superior, or the Upper Mississippi, insure for it an immense and constantly increasing business, as that interesting portion of the country becomes settled and more fully developed. The very favorable terms on which this company [has] arranged with the Chicago and Galena railroad company, to run in connection with and operate this road as a branch of that already popular and profitable thoroughfare, added to the many other superior advantages already enjoyed by this company, warrant the belief that this will prove one of the most useful, as well as most profitable, railroad enterprises in the Great West. To Simeon Mills, Esq., of Madison, is due the credit of originating and largely contributing toward the successful prosecution of this enterprise.
[Source: Wisconsin Gazetteer, ©1853 Beriah Brown, Printer, Madison, pp. 48-49]

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