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Teachers & Staff

Rock County, Wisconsin

Also see: Teacher's Institute at Evansville (Aug. 30-Sept. 3, 1886)





ABEY, Janice teacher Butts Corners (Union Twp.) 1957-1958
AHARA, Hugh teacher Lienau (Porter Twp.) 1910-1911
ALLEN, Ruth teacher Butts Corners (Union Twp.) 1935-1938
ANDERSON, Hannah (Mrs.) teacher Magnolia Center (Magnolia Twp.) 1936-1938
ANDERSON, Merlyn teacher Franklin (Union Twp.) 1957-1958
ARNESON, Harold (Mrs.) teacher Wilder (Porter Twp.) (1 year)
ARNOLD, Kay teacher Forest Academy (Porter Twp.) 1957-1958
ATTLESEY, Stella M. teacher Stevens (Porter Twp.) 1915-1917; 1920-1921
BACON, Geneva teacher Union (Union Twp.) 1944-1945
BAKER, Elizabeth teacher Tullar (Union Twp.) 194_-1951
BARRETT, Edna teacher Stevens (Porter Twp.) 1936-1938
BELL, Frances teacher Pleasant Prairie (Union Twp.) 1923-1926
BLY, Ina (Mrs.) teacher Tullar (Union Twp.) 1934-1935
BORBEAU, Jessie teacher Butts Corners (Union Twp.) Summer 1883
BRODERICK, Emma teacher Magnolia Twp. 1896
BROUGHTON, Doris teacher Drew (Magnolia Twp.) 1937-1938
BRUNSELL, Harvey (Mrs.) teacher Wilder (Porter Twp.) (1 year)
BRYAN, Madeline teacher Tullar (Union Twp.) 1937-1938
BUCKERIDGE, _____ (Mrs.) teacher Wilder (Porter Twp.) (1 year)
CAREY, Harry T. (Mrs.) teacher Brown (Union Twp.) 1937-1938
CARSON, Martha teacher White Star (Porter Twp.) 1904
COAKLEY, James E. teacher Lima Twp. 1861
CLARK, Harriet teacher Cainville (Magnolia Twp.) 1936-1938
COLEMAN, Carrie J. (Miss) teacher Evansville Seminary 1885
COLEMAN, J. E. (Rev.) principal Evansville Seminary 1885
CUNNINGHAM, Bessie teacher Stevens (Porter Twp.) 1914
CUTTS, Anna L. teacher Union (Union Twp.) 1886-1887
DENNETT, C. B. assistant Evansville High School 1893
DeREMER, Chester (Mrs.) teacher Union (Union Twp.) 1935-1936
DRAFAHL, Marion (Mrs.) teacher Brown (Center Twp.) 1957-1958
DROWN, Kittie teacher Union (Union Twp.) 1885-1886
DROWN, Nellie teacher Union (Union Twp.) Summer 1883
EARLE, Anna teacher Wilder (Porter Twp.) 1894-1895
FENN, Francis teacher Brown (Union Twp.) 1950-1951
FENRICK, Helen (Mrs.) teacher White Star (Porter Twp.) -----
FINNANE, Mary teacher Lienau (Porter Twp.) 1936-1938
FINNANE, Sadie teacher Furseth (Magnolia Twp.) 1936-1938
FRANCIS, Frances

Pleasant Prairie (Union Twp.) 1938-1939
Tullar (Union Twp.) 1946
FRANKLIN, Mildred teacher Brown (Union Twp.) 1954-1955
FRANKLIN, Ruth teacher Franklin (Union Twp.) 1934-1935
FREELAND, Emma A. (Miss) teacher Evansville Seminary 1885
FREELAND, Mary (Miss) teacher Evansville Seminary 1885
FULLER, M. D. L. teacher Cooksville (Porter Twp.) 1871
GAGE, Amy (Mrs.) teacher Wilder (Porter Twp.) (1 year)
GEORGE, Evelyn teacher Moore (Magnolia Twp.) 1936-1938
GETTLE, L. E. principal Evansville High 1893
GINNER, Helen (Mrs.)

Butts Corners (Union Twp.) 1948-1949
Tullar (Union Twp.) 1952-1955
GRANSEE, Helen teacher Pleasant Prairie (Union Twp.) 1939-1940
HADLEY, Beulah teacher Stevens (Porter Twp.) 1921
HAGEN, Jennie (OLSON) teacher Wilder (Porter Twp.) (1 year)
HANAN, Lillian (Mrs.) teacher Cooksville (Porter Twp.) 1957-1958
HANEY, Grant (Mrs.) teacher Tullar (Union Twp.) 1910
HAWKINSON, Willette (Mrs.) teacher Wilder (Porter Twp.) 1957-1958
HEDMAN, Robert teacher Tupper (Union Twp.) 1952-1953
HEGGE, M. H. (Mrs.) teacher Wilder (Porter Twp.) (several years)
HELLBERG, _____ (Miss) domestic science teacher Evansville High 1923-1924
HERON, May (Miss) teacher Wilder (Porter Twp.) 1907
HOLMES, Marian (LONG) teacher Union (Union Twp.) 1937-1942
HORKEY, Mildred (Miss) teacher White Star (Porter Twp.) 1936-1939
JATTON, Evelyn (Mrs.) teacher Bog (Center Twp.) 1957-1958
JONES, Lettie (Miss) teacher Wilder (Porter Twp.) 1899
JULSETH, Ida (Miss) teacher Forest Academy (Porter Twp.) 1925-1926
KLIMENHAGEN, Jeannette (Mrs.) teacher Miller (Porter Twp.) 1936-1938
LANGE, Frances teacher Brown (Union Twp.) 1952-1953
LATHROP, Camilla teacher Stevens (Porter Twp.) 1957-1958
LAYTON, Kay E. teacher Stevens (Porter Twp.) 1885-1886
LONG, Marian teacher Tullar (Union Twp.) 1935-1936
LOOMIS, Irene teacher Butts Corners (Union Twp.) 1923
LOWERY, Jennie teacher Emery (Union Twp.) Summer 1883
LUCHSINGER, Ruby teacher Brown (Union Twp.) 1929-1930
MAAS, Ruth teacher Pleasant Prairie (Union Twp.) 1935-1936
MAUERMAN, Virginia (FENN) teacher Brown (Union Twp.) 1946-1949
McCARTHY, Helen teacher Wilder (Porter Twp.) 1937-1939
McLAUGHLIN, Orpha teacher Pleasant Prairie (Union Twp.) 1936-1938
MELLI, Michael assistant Evansville High 1893
MILBRANDT, Alice teacher Tupper (Union Twp.) 1917
MILLER, Beth teacher Butts Corners (Union Twp.) 1932-1933
MILLER, Inez (Miss)

White Star (Porter Twp.) 1934
Brown (Union Twp.) 1938-1940
MOLDENHAUER, Clara (Mrs.) teacher Wilder (Porter Twp.) (8 years)
Brown (Union Twp.) 1957-1958
MONTGOMERY, Mary teacher Pleasant Prairie (Union Twp.) 1926-1929
MURPHY, Hazel (Miss) teacher Tupper (Union Twp.) 1925-1951?
MURRAY, Lulu (Mrs.) teacher Wilder (Porter Twp.) (1 year)
O'BRIEN, Jean teacher Tullar (Union Twp.) 1957-1958
PAHL, Esther teacher Brown (Center Twp.) 1936-1938
PANTEL, Myrtle (Miss) teacher White Star School (Porter Twp.) 1893-1894
PARSONS, Delores (Mrs.) teacher Butts Corners (Union Twp.) 1952-1955
PEACH, Nellie (Miss) teacher Wilder (Porter Twp.) 1901
PECOR, Alice (GILLETT) (Mrs.) teacher West Center (Center Twp.) 1936-1938
PETERSON, Gladys teacher Franklin (Union Twp.) 1935-1939
PORTER, Lloyd teacher Cooksville (Porter Twp.) 1936-1938
PORTER, Warren (Mrs.) teacher Wilder (Porter Twp.) 1926
RAMSEY, June (Mrs.) teacher Pleasant Prairie (Union Twp.) 1931-1933
teacher Crall (Center Twp.) 1937-1938
REESE, Clara (Mrs.) teacher Franklin (Union Twp.) 1950-1955
teacher Miller (Porter Twp.) 1957-1958
REESE, Merlin (Mrs.) teacher Butts Corners (Union Twp.) 1944-1945
REILLY, Agnes teacher Barrett (Center Twp.) 1936-1938; 1957-1958
REMME, Wanda (JENSEN) teacher Wilder (Porter Twp.) -----
ROBERTS, Doris (Mrs.) teacher Pleasant Prairie (Union Twp.) 1957-1958
ROE, Bertha (ODEGAARD) (Mrs.) teacher Eagle (Porter Twp.) 1936-1938
RUNAAS, Lillian (Mrs.) teacher White Star (Porter Twp.) 1961
SAEVRE, Mary (Mrs.) teacher West Center (Center Twp.) 1957-1958
SCHULTZ, Inez teacher Bog (Center Twp.) 1936-1938
SKINNER, Perle teacher Harvey (Magnolia Twp.) 1936-1938
SPENCER, Joyce teacher Butts Corners (Union Twp.) 1928-1929
SPIKE, Eleanor teacher Stebbinsville (Porter Twp.) 1937-1938
TAYLOR, Lorinda M. (Miss) teacher Evansville Seminary 1885
TEMPLETON, Archie (Mrs.) teacher Brown (Union Twp.) 1934-1935
TEMPLETON, Arthur (Mrs.) teacher Union (Union Twp.) 1949-1958
TIERNEY, Margaret teacher Gardner (Magnolia Twp.) 1936-1938
TILLEY, Cordelia (Mrs.) teacher Tullar (Union Twp.) 1938-1940
WALL, Pliny (Mrs.) teacher Franklin (Union Twp.) 1944-1945
WALLIN, _____ (Mr.) teacher Forest Academy (Porter Twp.) 1901-1902
WEIR, Mary (Mrs.) teacher Eagle (Porter Twp.) 1957-1958
WEISSPHENNIG, Berdette teacher Tupper (Union Twp.) 1954-1958
WERLE, Jeanne teacher Butts Corners (Union Twp.) 1950-1951
WILDERMUTH, Ellen (Mrs.) teacher Wilder (Porter Twp.) (3 years)
WILKINSON, Henry J. teacher Lima Twp. Bef. 1879 (14 terms)
WOLLINGER, Helen teacher Crall (Center Twp.) 1957-1958
YOUNG, Evelyn (Mrs.) teacher Wilder (Porter Twp.) (3 years)
White Star (Porter Twp.) 1957-1958
ZEDTNER, Jim teacher Lienau (Porter Twp.) 1957-1958

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