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Rock County Desk Reference

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Rock County, Wisconsin

  • Big Mill - 1845-1871 - a Janesville flour mill built by James McClurg; was located on the raceway at the west end of today's Milwaukee Street Bridge; it burned in 1871
  • Bower City - Janesville's nickname
  • Camp Cameron - Calvary training camp in Janesville during the Civil War
  • Camp Janesville - German POW camp in Janesville during WWII
  • Camp Tredway - Infantry training camp in Janesville during the Civil War
  • crick - There are no "creeks" in Rock County; only "cricks"
  • GIG - German Interest Group
  • Indianferd - How the locals pronounce "Indianford"
  • Janesville 99 - Ninety-nine soldiers from Rock County involved in the Bataan Death March during WWII
  • JPAC - Janesville Performing Arts Center
  • LVHS - Luther Valley Historical Society
  • MTB - Milton Teddy Bears (boys baseball team, circa 1910)
  • Milwaukee Road, The - I-43 comes into Beloit... and fizzles out into a street called "Milwaukee Road." The Milwaukee Road used to be THE road to get to Milwaukee (still is if you like the Interstate system).
  • Old 184 - County H
  • RCGS - Rock County Genealogical Society
  • RCHS - Rock County Historical Society
  • Tobacco City, USA - Edgerton's nickname
  • Town - A township; all townships in Wisconsin are called Towns. The "Town of Janesville" is Janesville Township, not the city of Janesville. Small cities in Wisconsin are called villages. We like to be difficult.


  • Mis-Pronouncer* - A site (with audio) on how to pronounce Wisconsin cities, words, etc.

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