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Haunted Places

Rock County, Wisconsin

Avon Cemetery [Avon Township] and Scotch Hill Cemetery [Spring Valley Township]
Nellie BRACE was about 16 years old when she got the typhoid fever. Typhoid fever was very
contagious and very deadly back then, and most people did not survive it. Nellie was buried in the Avon Cemetery with only the undertaker, Mr. SCHILLING, present. There was no funeral and the burial was done as quickly as possible. Religious people would consider this burial spot as unholy ground because there was no blessing for the passing of the spirit. Sixteen was, at that time, the age of majority which brought many new issues into a person's life, especially to girls, and so Nellie died with these issues unresolved. The fever was also a very violent death. These things set the scene for a haunting.
In later years kids quite often went into the cemeteries late at night for partying and sometimes for the
adventure. The two local cemeteries visited most often were Avon and Scotch Hill.
Scotch Hill is said to be haunted by the cries of a twin baby that died at birth. Kids still went to
Scotch Hill when I was in High School but no one went to the Avon Cemetery any more. The ominous wailing moans, freezing chills, and sightings of the full apparitions of a young girl were a bit too much of an adventure for anyone. Several people claimed that the spirit at Avon Cemetery spoke to them and identified herself as Nellie BRACE.
Story by Gary, courtesy of Bonnie

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