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Index of Road Names (#s-A-J)

Rock County, Wisconsin

Note: Only the top 1/2 of Rock County has been indexed.


Also see the Beloit Historical Society article In Search of Streets*




1st Avenue Fulton Indianford
1st Lane Milton Milton
1st Street Fulton Edgerton
Milton Milton
Union Evansville
2nd Avenue Fulton Indianford
2nd Street Fulton Edgerton
Milton Milton
Union Evansville
3rd Street Fulton Edgerton
Milton Milton
Union Evansville
4th Street Union Evansville
5th Street Union Evansville
11 (Old Highway 11) Plymouth Footville
14 (U.S. Highway) Center, Janesville, Porter, Union -----
26 (State Road) Milton Milton
51 (U.S. Highway) Fulton, Janesville Edgerton
59 (State Road) Fulton, Milton, Porter, Union Edgerton, Evansville, Milton
92 (Old Highway 92) Union Evansville
104 (State Road) Magnolia -----
138 (State Road) Porter -----
184 (State Road) Center, Fulton, Janesville, Porter -----
213 (State Road) Magnolia, Union Evansville
A (County Road) Center, Magnolia -----
A Street Center, Plymouth Footville
Adolphson Road Porter -----
Agnew Drive Milton Milton
Ahara Road Magnolia -----
Albion Street Fulton Edgerton
Almeron Street Union Evansville
Amber Trail Fulton -----
Ansley Avenue Milton Milton
Antes Drive Union Evansville
Applewood Drive Fulton -----
Arrowhead Shores Road Fulton -----
Arroyo Court Fulton -----
Arthur Drive Fulton -----
Ash Lane Milton Milton
B (County Road) Center, Magnolia -----
Badger Drive Union Evansville
Badger Heights Road Fulton -----
Barberry Lane Fulton Edgerton
Barton Road Fulton -----
Basswood Lane Milton Milton
Bayview Court Milton -----
Beloit Avenue Plymouth Footville
Bently Place Fulton Edgerton
Berg Road Porter -----
Lima -----
Bigelow Lane Fulton -----
Birdie Lane Union -----
Birdie Street Milton -----
Blackhawk Drive Fulton; Milton -----
Black Oak Drive Fulton -----
Blanchard Street Fulton Edgerton
Bluff View Lane Magnolia -----
Bly Street Center Footville
Bowers Lake Road Lima, Milton -----
Bradley Road Lima -----
Breezy Drive Milton -----
Britt Road Janesville -----
Broadway Street Fulton Edgerton
Brown Road Fulton -----
Brown Deer Lane Janesville -----
Brownview Road Fulton -----
Bryant Road Milton -----
Bublitz Road Fulton -----
Buggs Road Fulton -----
Bullard Road Union -----
Burdick Road Janesville -----
Burdick Street Milton Milton [Junction]
Burr Road Magnolia -----
Burrwood Drive Janesville -----
Butts Corners Road Union -----
Butts Street Plymouth Footville
C (County Road) Union -----
C Street Center, Plymouth Footville
Cain Road Union -----
Cainville Road Magnolia -----
Caledonia Road Fulton, Porter -----
Campus Street Milton Milton
Canal Street Fulton Edgerton
Capman Street Milton Milton
Casey Road Porter -----
Cassidy Road Center, Porter -----
Catlin Street Fulton Edgerton
Cemetery Road Union -----
Centre Street Center Footville
Century Lane Plymouth Footville
Chamberlain Street Fulton Edgerton
Charley Bluff Road Milton -----
Chaucer Court Janesville -----
Chaucer Street Fulton Edgerton
Cherry Street Fulton Edgerton
Union Evansville
Church Road Center -----
Church Street Plymouth Footville
Porter Cooksville
Union Evansville
Clear Lake Avenue Milton Milton
Clear Lake Road Milton -----
Clifton Street Union Evansville
College Drive Union Evansville
College Street Milton Milton
Condon Road Porter -----
Connor Road Janesville -----
Consolidated School Road Fulton, Janesville -----
Coon Island Road Magnolia -----
Cooper Drive Milton -----
Coral Drive Fulton -----
Cornfield Lane Magnolia -----
Cottonwood Lane Milton Milton
County Line Road Milton -----
Lima -----
County Road A Center, Magnolia -----
County Road B Center, Magnolia -----
County Road C Union -----
County Road E Janesville -----
County Road F Fulton, Janesville -----
County Road KK Lima -----
County Road M Fulton, Magnolia, Milton, Porter, Union -----
County Road N Fulton, Lima, Milton Edgerton
County Road T Magnolia -----
County Road Y Milton -----
Cox Road Fulton -----
Crandall Street Milton Milton
Crawford Street Union Evansville
Crescent Drive Milton Milton
Crescent Street Fulton Edgerton
Croak Road Magnolia -----
Crocker Road Union -----
Croft Road Union -----
Cross Road Center -----
Crystal Drive Fulton -----
Crystal Springs Road Janesville -----
Curharken Drive Fulton -----
Dairyland Drive Milton Milton [Junction]
Dallman Road Fulton -----
Dandylion Lane Magnolia -----
Dane Street Porter Cooksville
Dana Drive Fulton Edgerton
Davis Street Milton Milton
Dean Street Fulton Edgerton
Deer Run Park Road Fulton -----
Dempsey Drive Lima -----
Dennis Lane Fulton Edgerton
Depot Street Center, Plymouth Footville
Diane Drive Fulton -----
Dickhoff Drive Milton Milton
Dickinson Street Fulton Edgerton
Dix Drive Milton -----
Dohs Road Center -----
Donna Lane Union -----
Dorner Road Center, Magnolia -----
Dorow Street Fulton Edgerton
Doty Street Fulton Edgerton
Dumphy Road Union -----
Dunn Street Milton Milton
E (County Road) Janesville -----
Eagle Drive Milton -----
Eagle Road Porter -----
Earlywine Road Magnolia -----
Eastman Road Fulton -----
East Union Road Union -----
Edgewater Street Milton -----
Edgewood Drive Janesville -----
Edgewood Road Fulton -----
Edgewood Shores Fulton -----
Edward Avenue Fulton Edgerton
Edward Street Center, Plymouth Footville
Elaine Union -----
Elizabeth Street Milton Milton
Ellendale Road Fulton -----
Elm Drive Fulton Edgerton
Elm Street Milton Milton
Elm High Drive Fulton Edgerton
Elmer Road Union -----
Emerald Terrace Fulton -----
Emery Road Union -----
Enterprise Street Union Evansville
Evansville-Brooklyn Road Union -----
Evergreen Lane Milton Milton
Exchange Street Union Evansville
F (City Highway) Fulton Indianford
F (County Road) Fulton, Janesville -----
Fair Street Union Evansville
Fairview Avenue Milton -----
Fellows Road Center -----
Fenrick Road Center, Janesville -----
Finn Road Union -----
Finnernan Road Magnolia -----
Fitzsimmons Road Janesville -----
Footville Road Center -----
Footville-Hanover Road Plymouth -----
Forest Hills Boulevard Janesville -----
Forest Hollow Lane Union -----
Forest Lake Drive Milton Milton [Junction]
Forest Lane Janesville -----
Fourth Lane Milton Milton
Fowler Circle Union Evansville
Fox Road Center, Porter -----
Frances Union Evansville
Francis Drive Union Evansville
Francis Road Union Evansville
Franklin Road Union -----
Franklin Street Union Evansville
Fromholtz Road Magnolia -----
Front Street Milton Milton
Fulton Circle Fulton -----
Fulton Street Fulton Fulton
Fulton Street Fulton Edgerton
Galena Lane Center -----
Galena Road Center Footville
Garden Lane Milton Milton
Garfield Avenue Union Evansville
George Road Union -----
George Street Fulton Edgerton
Gibbs Lake Road Fulton, Porter -----
Gilbert Street Center, Plymouth Footville
Glacial Crest Drive Lima -----
Glacier Union -----
Gladys Drive Fulton -----
Godfrey Road Lima -----
Goede Road Fulton -----
Golden Lane Milton Milton
Golf Air Union -----
Goodger Drive Milton -----
Gould Drive Lima Lima Center
Graham Drive Janesville -----
Green Bay Road Union -----
Green Hill Circle Milton Milton
Greenman Street Milton Milton
Greenvale Drive Milton -----
Gregory Fulton -----
Grove Street Union Evansville
Haberdale Drive Center Footville
Hackbart Road Janesville -----
Hain Road Fulton -----
Hansen Road Porter -----
Hartzell Road Lima -----
Haugen Road Fulton -----
Head Street Fulton Edgerton
Hemenway Road Fulton -----
Hemmingway Court Janesville -----
Hemmingway Drive Janesville -----
Hemphill Street Fulton Edgerton
Henderson Street Fulton Edgerton
Henry Street Fulton Edgerton
Hickory Drive Janesville -----
Higgins Drive Union Evansville
High Avenue Fulton Indianford
High Road Milton Milton
High Street Fulton -----
Milton Milton
Highland Avenue Fulton Edgerton
Highland Road Fulton -----
Highland Street Union Evansville
Highway Street Fulton Edgerton
Hill Union -----
Hillcrest Drive Milton -----
Hills Drive Janesville -----
Hillside Road Fulton -----
Hillside Row Fulton -----
Hilltop Drive Janesville -----
Milton Milton
Hobbs Road Lima -----
Holt Road Union -----
Homestead Road Milton Milton
Honeysuckle Lane Fulton -----
Hookstead Drive Lima -----
Hotel Drive Milton -----
Howard Drive Milton -----
Hubbell Road Fulton -----
Hubert Street Fulton Edgerton
Hudson Drive Milton Milton
Hurd Road Fulton -----
Hyne Road Union Evansville
Magnolia -----
Indian Lane Fulton -----
Interstate 90 (I-90) Fulton, Milton -----
Island Drive Lima -----
Iva Drive Milton -----
Ivanhoe Drive Milton Milton [Junction]
J-F Townline Road Fulton, Janesville -----
Jackson Street Union Evansville
Jacobs Drive Milton -----
Janesville Place Center Footville
Janesville Street Center Footville
Milton Milton
Jenson Street Fulton Edgerton
John Paul Road Milton Milton
Jones Drive Milton -----
Juniper Drive Janesville -----

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