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Rock County, Wisconsin






BABCOCK 11-26-2003 Registration Daniela Fulton
11-29-2004 Registration Rubitsky
7-19-2005 Web Site They Came to Milton @ Rootsweb
BAHR 10-21-2001 Registration Marty
BAKER 3-5-2005 Registration Debi
3-8-2005 Registration Barry Jernigan
BALLARD 9-14-2002 Registration Cindy
BARBERA 11-25-2003 Registration Sandi
BARLASS 11-29-2004 Registration Rubitsky
BARNARD 3-11-2005 Registration John Willoughby
BARNUM 11-25-2003 Registration Dan Kane in the Windy City
BARTLETT 10-25-2001 Registration Paul B. Van Buren
3-2-2002 Registration Robert Cross
BASS 3-8-2005 Registration Dorothy
BASSETT 11-13-2003 Registration Penny Hommeyer
BATES 3-2-2002 Registration Jeannie Howard
11-9-2004 Registration Cliff Oliver
BATZER 3-2-2002 Registration Dee
BEACH 10-21-2001 Registration William E. Enters
10-22-2001 Registration Joyce Thompson
BECK 3-2-2002 Registration Frances Joan
11-26-2003 Registration Lori
BECKWITH 8-21-2001 Registration Terry
BEDELL 2-20-2006 Registration Sandy
BEEBE 10-23-2001 Registration Scott Robinson
8-20-2002 Registration Bonnie
12-1-2003 Registration Dee
BELDEN 10-21-2001 Registration Helen Belden Moody
10-22-2001 Registration Joanne Rohrscheib
BELDING 10-21-2001 Registration Helen Belden Moody
BELL 12-2-2003 Registration Donna Cuillard
BELOE 8-20-2002 Registration David R. Homan
BEMIS 6-26-2001 Registration  Michael Boyer O'Leary
9-10-2007 Registration Roger Hughes
9-10-2007 Web Site Hughes-Bemis & Evans-Thor(e)son Families*
BENASH 11-26-2003 Registration Hal Mosher
7-5-2006 Registration Suz
BENNETT 11-29-2003 Registration Bill
BENTZ 10-12-2003 Registration Fritz Gilbert
BERG 8-10-2002 Registration Carrie
BERN 4-18-2001 Registration Lori Niemuth
4-18-2001 Web Site Lori Niemuth's FTM page*
BERNARD 7-3-2002 Registration Peggy Maierhofer
BESWICK 3-2-2002 Registration Jeannie Howard
BEVERIDGE 11-29-2004 Registration Rubitsky
BIENASCH 7-5-2006 Registration Suz
BIENASH 7-5-2006 Registration Suz
BILLINGS 8-21-2001 Registration Muriel Caillau
10-22-2001 Registration Joyce Thompson
BINTLIFF 12-8-2003 Registration Christa Robinson
BIRD 10-21-2001 Web Site
Press Family Genealogy Website*
BLACKMAN 3-15-2005 Registration Sandy in Wash. State
BLISS 10-21-2001 Registration Jon Saunders
BLIVEN 3-9-2003 Registration NRedell
BLODGETT 10-21-2001 Registration William E. Enters
10-22-2001 Registration Joyce Thompson
BOBOLZ 3-2-2002 Registration Dee
BOLTE 7-3-2002 Registration Peggy Maierhofer
BONAFEDE 11-25-2003 Registration Sandi
BOND 3-15-2005 Registration Sandy in Wash. State
BOOTHROYD 10-23-2001 Registration Kathy Lenerz
BORDEN 8-25-2003 Registration Don Borden
BORK 4-18-2001 Web Site Lori Niemuth's FTM page*
BOSS 10-21-2001 Registration Carol Watters
BOSTWICK 3-2-2002 Registration Ernie Alf
BOSWELL 10-21-2001 Registration Tamara Boswell Petrucci
BOTZER 12-1-2003 Registration Dee
BOVEE 8-21-2002 Registration Norma Estes
BOWEN 12-2-2003 Registration Donna Cuillard
BOWER 8-19-2001 Registration Linda Roberts
BOYCE 10-22-2001 Registration Thomas Sowles
9-8-2002 Registration Diana
BOYER 12-23-2003 Registration Everett Boyer
BRACKENSTOW 9-14-2002 Registration Cindy
BRADLEY 4-25-2004 Registration Nancy Stephenson Guenther
BRANDT 10-22-2001 Registration Joyce Thompson
11-26-2003 Registration Daniela Fulton
BRENNAN 8-20-2002 Registration Pat Casey
BRERETON 10-21-2001 Registration Tawny Press
10-21-2001 Web Site
Press Family Genealogy Website*
BREWER 8-19-2001 Registration Connie Everard
BRIGGS 3-2-2002 Registration fiormary
BRISTOL 8-21-2001 Registration Sharilyn Whitaker
BROOKS 12-8-2003 Registration Christa Robinson
BROSE 10-23-2001 Registration Scott Robinson
BROWN 10-22-2001 Registration Thomas Sowles
3-2-2002 Registration Meg Sibbersen
8-20-2002 Registration Richard Vincent
11-25-2003 Registration Barbara
11-26-2003 Registration Donna
8-30-2005 Registration Cyndi
BRUNSELL 10-21-2001 Registration Dave Helland
BRUNSON 11-11-2002 Registration Sharon Wick
BUCHHOLZ 3-2-2002 Registration Georgia Clark
BUCHOLTZ 3-18-2005 Registration Bruce R. Bucholtz (Buck)
BULL 12-25-2005 Registration Peggy Pleasant
BULLIS 5-5-2005 Registration Alex J. Kufeldt
BULLOCK 10-25-2001 Registration Paul B. Van Buren
11-28-2004 Registration Robert Douglas
BUNTROCK 8-20-2002 Registration Elaine Mishler
BURDICK 10-22-2001 Registration Pam B
7-19-2005 Web Site They Came to Milton @ Rootsweb
BURGESS 8-20-2002 Registration Ann
BUTLER 11-26-2003 Registration Mel

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