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Rock County, Wisconsin






GALLUP 10-21-2001 Registration Jon Saunders
10-22-2001 Registration Thomas Sowles
10-22-2001 Registration Sue Ellen Berendsen
7-19-2005 Web Site They Came to Milton @ Rootsweb
GARLOCK 10-22-2001 Registration Thomas Sowles
GARROW 8-20-2002 Registration Ann
GAU 8-19-2001 Registration Linda Roberts
GESKE 11-25-2003 Registration Barbara
GESS 10-21-2001 Registration Bill Splitter
GILBERT 3-13-2004 Registration Karin Lange
GILLINGHAM 8-19-2001 Registration Connie Everard
GLAHOLT 11-30-2003 Registration Dave
GLENNY 11-25-2003 Registration Marilyn Carson Bess
GOAKLEY 3-2-2002 Registration Sandy in Wash. State
GODFREY 11-26-2003 Registration Daniela Fulton
GOOCH 8-21-2001 Registration Allison
GOODRICH 3-5-2002 Registration Edna Penner
8-20-2002 Registration Milkmaid
12-23-2003 Registration Everett Boyer
GOTTSACKER 8-8-2004 Registration Laura Buffington
GRACE 11-26-2003 Registration Donna
GRAVES 8-20-2002 Registration Ann
3-6-2005 Registration Ed Jr.
GRAY 3-2-2002 Registration Allen in WA State
3-3-2002 Registration Dawn Gray
3-5-2002 Registration Thomas Sowles
7-19-2005 Web Site They Came to Milton @ Rootsweb
GREEN 10-26-2001 Registration Edna Penner
9-14-2002 Registration Cindy
GREENE 7-19-2005 Web Site They Came to Milton @ Rootsweb
GREENMAN 7-19-2005 Web Site They Came to Milton @ Rootsweb
GREULICH 10-23-2003 Registration Judy
GREY 10-22-2001 Registration Sue Ellen Berendsen
GRIMM 10-26-2001 Web Site The Thompson & Cain Families*
GUDEX 10-23-2001 Registration Scott Robinson
GUERNSEY 10-26-2001 Registration Harriette Jensen
GUILD 10-23-2001 Registration Michelle Campbell
GUNN 10-22-2001 Registration Mary Alice Dooley

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