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Kind people who have generously offered to help others

PLEASE, read this first!

The people who have volunteered to do research for others in Rock County are not professional genealogists. They are willing to do look-ups in records you don't have access to at librairies, historical centers, courthouses, etc. Please, be very specific with your requests. You must include:

NAME: First and last name of your family member
DATE: the census year; the date of death, birth, marriage; the date they lived in an area (be as specific as possible)
LOCATION: where your ancester lived (again, be as specific as possible; "in Rock County" is too broad and will require too much time of the volunteers)
SOURCE: the source you want the researcher to look in (census record, newspaper, etc.)

Limit your requests to one or two names or source at a time, please. And be patient; the volunteers receive many requests and the look-ups take time.

The volunteers will not research your family history for you. If you write asking for "any information on" your family, you probably won't get a response. Try posting your questions on the Rock County Message Board, Rock County GenForum board or on Rock County's mailing list. The Rock County Surname page is also an excellent location to connect with others who are researching the same family as you. If your surname isn't listed, or the researcher isn't looking at the same branch, e-mail me to have your list of surnames in Rock County included on the page.

If you are at a loss as how to research your family in Rock County, or if you've hit a brick wall, feel free to e-mail me, the county coordinator. I'm full of ideas and advice.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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