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Frequently asked questions and comments

Why isn't the link working?
Sometimes you'll click on a link (blue text) and get one of those annoying "404: Page not found"
If the link (blue text) was followed by an asterisk (*), please let me know by e-mailing me. The
asterisk means that the page is not part of the WIRock sites (is on someone else's site) and often those pages get moved and nobody tells me. So do tell me.
If the link wasn't followed by an asterisk, and you were able to see it previously, chances are it's
still there. The servers where the WIRock sites are stored (there are several) often are unattainable for various reasons, such as maintenance or too much traffic (too many people trying to view sites on the server at one time). If you're on the WIRock sites and "all of a sudden" none of the links work, it's probably maintenance or traffic. While I may find it interesting that the servers are so frequently worked on or that there are so many people trying to visit genealogy pages at once, there is nothing I can do about it so please don't e-mail me when tons of my links are working.
If you're visiting a link for the first time and it doesn't work, first check to make sure the server is
available. You can do this by clicking on another link on that page. If that link is also 404, it's the server and, unfortunately, you'll just have to visit again later. If the second link works, let me know the first one has a messed up address. I'm infamous for my poor typing skills.
My e-mail bounced back.
E-mails to volunteers and submitters often change without my being notified. Sometimes I've been
notified but missed changing the address. Let me know when an e-mail bounces back and I'll try to track the person down.
Why don't you have any information online about my family?
No one's submitted it yet and that includes you. Information begets information. By submitting
data to the website, or by submitting your surname to the Surname Registry, you not only let others know you are researching that family, you are giving them an opportunity to contact you and share information. Details on submitting data to the website can be found under Submission Guidelines.
There are also many volunteers who keep lists of names being researched in the area and will
submit information about those names when they run across them while doing their own research.
It's also possible that I have information about your family sitting next to me and it just hasn't made
it online yet. I have dozens of books, databases, etc., just lurking over me, waiting to be compiled into web pages and put online. Feel free to check the Coming Soon page to see if your family information is on it's way.
Can you do research for me?
Goodness, no. Wish I could, but I barely have time to do my own family research. But I'm happy
to point you in the right direction or answer questions as to where information on your family could be found.
The WIRock site also has a slew of Volunteers in various categories (including basic research)
who are available to assist you. All those listed on the Volunteers pages (and throughout the website) do this research for free unless otherwise noted.

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