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From History of Reedsburg and the Upper Baraboo Valley, by Merton Edwin Krug, Publ. February 1929 by the author. Printed by Democrat Printing Company, Madison, Wis., Page 471-472

Cornelius Winnie, a native of Schoharie Co., N.Y., was born in 1801, son of Johnathon Winnie, who hailed from Holland, and resided in New York, until his immigration to the town of Walworth County in 1845. In New York he married Mary Cure, who was also a native of that state, of English-German descent, and by whom he had nine children born in New York: Caroline, Marie, Adelia, Peter, Menzo, Edwin, Margaret, Harriett, and Janet. In 1845 the family came to Walworth County, where a tenth and last child was born, Calvin, now residing on a farm in Eastern Reedsburg.

Cornelius Winnie was a genuine pioneer, and endured the hardships of his times with true pioneer fortitude. Having purchased at the rate of ten shillan archer, a land warrant for 160 acres of land lying just west of the eastern Reedsburg town line, in the town of Reedsburg. In 1851, he built a shanty on Copper Creek, half a mile north of the Sheppard place, and established his family therein, he departed on foot for Mineral Point, where he filed his claim to the Reedsburg farm. Returning to his family, he built a frame house on his land, and his family abandoned the Copper Creek dwelling. This frame house was one of the very first frame structures built east of the village house was one of the very first frame structures built east of the village and there, on the new farm, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Winnie spent the remainder of their years. He died in 1868; she, at the age of 94, in 1901.

Of their family we have the following: Menzo married Percis Gardner, and settled on the farm a part of which is now owned by Lee Schultis, and had two children, Alma, a school teacher, and Ernest in California. Janet married Edwin Gardner, and located in Reedsburg, and had two children, Mamie (Mrs. J. Scott, New Lisbon), and Archie Gardner of South Dakota. Calvin Winnie, the only resident representative of his father's family, married Mary Alice Potter, daughter of Samuel and Eliza (Olive) Potter. For many years they occupied the old homestead, which was sold about 1905, to Nathaniel Darrow, then of Winfield, and which is now partially by Roy Kenser and partially by the Reedsburg Country Club.

The Samuel Potter family, of which Mrs. Winnie is a representative, came to Reedsburg township in 1868, although the father came the year, previous. The Potter family was originally of New York, but went from there to Canada, where Eamuel was born; he grew to manhood there and married Eliza Olive, by whom he had two children, Mary Alice (Mrs. Winnie), and Emma. Eliza Olive was a native of Canada, while her father, James Olive, was Protestant Irish, born in Northern Ireland, and came to Canada about 1820. He married Eunice Oakes, a lady of Nova Scotia parentage.

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