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From History of Reedsburg and the Upper Baraboo Valley, by Merton Edwin Krug, Publ. February 1929 by the author. Printed by Democrat Printing Company, Madison, Wis., Page 443

Mr. and Mrs. H. Leslie Maxham. Mr. H. Leslie Maxham, prominent farmer and ice dealer of Reedsburg, was born in the town of Washington, Sauk Co., Wis., March 10, 1869. His parents were Lewis and Harriet (Flitcroft) Maxham. Lewis Maxham was born April 25, 1827, a native of Oswego Co., NY., son of Asa and Cynthia (Sprague) Maxham. The Maxham family, originally of Scotland, settled in America, during the close of the eighteenth century, locating in New York, where our subject's grandfather, Asa Maxham, was born. In 1845, at the age of 18, Lewis Maxham accompanied his parents to Walworth Co., Wis., where he grew to manhood, and was married to Harriet Jane Flitcroft, Oct. 28, 1849.

Harriet Flitcroft was also a native of New York, born Aug. 2, 1830. Her people were early colonial patriots, an ancestor having served in the continental Army of the Revolution. Her father, William A. Flitcroft, was born April 7, 1797; married Polly Parks, Dec. 24, 1818; she was born November 12, 1799. They resided for many years in New York, where eleven children were born; then, during the early 1840's moved to Walworth County, where Harriet Jane met and married Mr. Maxham. William A. Flitcroft died Aug. 28, 1870; and Polly, his wife, eighteen years before, in 1852.

In 1854 Lewis Maxham and his wife came to the town of Washington, this county, where they were among the earliest pioneers of that community (See Washington history.)

Our subject grew to manhood in Washington, and in 1892, came with his parents to Reedsburg, where they died, Lewis Maxham, Jan. 29, 1904, and his wife, March 28, 1912. Within a few years H. Leslie engaged in farming on his present farm. About twenty years ago he purchased the City Ice Business of Ed. Thompson, which he has successfully managed since. On Jan. 1, 1902 he was united in marriage to Susan Charlotte Goodwin, of Reedsburg.

This lady was born March 24, 1867, in historic Newport, Sauk Co., Wis. Her grandfather, William Goodwin, was a native of Biddeford, Maine, where he married Lucinda Tarbox. They had a numerous family of children, one of whom was Charles Abijah Goodwin. He was born in Biddeford, Sept. 15, 1832; and married, April 25, 1857, Miss Charlotte Clark.

Charlotte Clark's great-grandfather, James Clark, immigrated from Scotland, some time prior to the French and Indian War. He came with two brothers, George and Mathew, and settled in Colcraine, Mass. It was here that the last named was killed by the Indians during this war, as he and his family were fleeing to a fort. As he fell, pierced by an arrow, he was quickly overtaken and scalped, and his body flung across a tree. Tradition states that the family reached the fort in safety. The two brothers survived and removed to Halifax, Vt., where James married and where his five children were born, the fourth of whom was Elisha. Elisha Clark married Elizabeth Queen, of South Hadley, Mass., and they had four children, the second of them being James. This James, a schoolmaster, married Hannah Culver about 1805, and had fifteen children, the fourteenth of whom was Charlotte Jane, born Nov. 12, 1834. James Clark and wife died about 1862.

For some time after their marriage, Charles and Charlotte (Clark) Goodwin resided in Biddeford, Main, where two children were born to them, Frank, who died in infancy, and Clara, widow of Frank V. Clark, formerly of Reedsburg. In 1860 the family came west to Newport. In 1874 the family moved to Reedsburg, where the father and mother spent the last years of their long and useful lives. She died July 17, 1911; he, Dec. 16, 1914. Three other children were born in Wisconsin, Edith (Mrs. G. A. Dunagan), Susan (Mrs. Maxham), and Fannie, a gifted musician at Madison.

Miss Susan Charlotte Goodwin grew to womanhood in Reedsburg, attended the Reedsburg High School and the Whitewater Normal, from both of which she graduated. Later she taught in district schools, and in the public schools of Reedsburg and La Crosse. Since her marriage to Mr. Maxham she has been intimately connected with the social and educational life of the city, a member of the Public School Board, of the Woman's Club and of the Women's Relief Corp.

Mr. and Mrs. Maxham have one son, Kenneth Edward Maxham, born Jan. 13, 1905. He is now with the Westinghouse Electric Company, of Pittsburgh, Penn.

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