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From History of Reedsburg and the Upper Baraboo Valley, by Merton Edwin Krug, Publ. February 1929 by the author. Printed by Democrat Printing Company, Madison, Wis., Page 475

Mr. and Mrs. William Krug. William Krug, son of John George and Elizabeth (Ketch) Krug, was born Nov. 7, 1844, about ten miles north of the village of Gastolf, in Hanover Province, Germany. His birthplace was a brick structure, like many of the tenements in the vicinity of Gastolf, and was situated on the bank of the Elbnau River. In that vicinity the family had long resided, and our subject's parents were both natives of the community, where they were tillers of the soil. William grew to manhood in his native place and there received his early religious and educational training. Early in the year 1867 he was released from subjection to military discipline, and on the tenth day of May arrived in Hamburg, on his way to America. He spent the night of the tenth with his mother's brother, John Ketch, then living in Hamburg, and the next day set sail on the ship Germany for New York, at which port he arrived after a journey of about two weeks. He came immediately to Chicago and was employed for two months in the ship yards. Then he worked on a farm for about a month, and came in September 1867 to Reedsburg. Reedsburg was at that time in the height of its hop prosperity, and he had no difficulty in finding employment. Within a short time he was satisfied that America should be his home, and sent for his parents, who came in May 1868, with the rest of their family.

The next two years the family spent on the Jones farm on Copper Creek, then one year on the Thomas Shepard farm, and in 1872 located on the Ezra Gregory farm in Winfield, which our subject bought in 1873.

On Nov. 23, 1873, William Krug was united in marriage to Dora Hinrichs, daughter of George and Katherine Dorothea (Harms) Hinrichs. She was born Nov. 28, 1854, at Westwelthe, Hanover, Germany. Her maternal grandparents were Frederick and Dorothea Sophia (Krueger) Harms. Her parents were natives also of Westwelthe. They came to America in September 1866, and after spending one year in Westfield, located on the Hinrichs farm in the town of Reedsburg, where they afterward resided. The family consisted of three children, besides the parents: Henry, Fred and Dora (Mrs. Krug).

From the time of their marriage until March 23, 1904, Mr. and Mrs. Krug resided upon the Winfield farm, where he was a successful farmer and, earlier, hop grower. On the above date Mr. and Mrs. Krug retired to Reedsburg, where they have since resided.

Mr. and Mrs. Krug were the parents of six children, one of whom died unnamed in infancy. The living are: Anna, born August 8, 1874, married Fenton Leicher. See Leicher sketch. Mr. and Mrs. Leicher have two sons, Robert Fenton, born at Luverne, Minn., Aug. 29, 1896; and Theodore Alfred, born at Luverne, Minn. Dec. 21, 1903.

Bertha, born April 17, 1876; married June 2, 1903, August Fritsch; they had two children: Paul, born Aug. 14, 1905; and Louisa, born Dec. 2, 1907, married Henry Winkers, Feb. 6, 1926, and has twin daughters, Katherine and Kathleen. August Fritsch was born Nov. 1, 1867, and died Jan. 19, 1922.

William H., on the Winfield farm; married Mary Alice Fish. See sketch on page 476.

Hubert D., born April 14, 1882; married Elsie Meyer, now residing in Reedsburg.

Walter Louis, born November 6, 1888; went to South Dakota and Minnesota, and now resides in Luverne, last name state; married Sept. 15, 1923, Frances Wallace. She is the daughter of Nicholas and Anna (Eastman) Wallace. They have had two sons, Russell Walter, deceased, and Douglas William, born May 2, 1927.

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