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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Cathe Ziereis

N2645 Rustic Circle

Clintonville, WI 54929


Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012


Editor Jim Glasheen 2010



Surname Sex Name Father Mother Born
Aaron F Ada Winona Dick Aaron Pearlie Church Nov 24 1922
Aaron F Agatha Richard Aaron Pearlie Church May 6 1915
Aaron M Harnie Richard Richard Aaron Pearlie Church Sep 20 1924
Aaron F Kathleen Opal Wesley Aaron Missie Isabelle Bennett May 21 1921
Aarstad F Marie John Aarstad Therese Buch Mar 9 1916
Abel F Doleres Leola Gustav Abel Aice Schmieze Oct 23 1922
Abel M Alvin Herman Herman Abel Annie Togga Oct 12 1914
Abel M Everett Edward Herman Abel Annie Togga Jun 9 1923
Abel M Carlton Herman Abel Annie Togga Sep 27 1912
Abel F Lorraine Anna Herman Abel Annie Togga Apr 20 1920
Abel M Arvin Charles Herman Abel Annie Togga Sep 3 1921
Abrahamson M Jacob Jr Jacob Abrahamson Allete Carlson Mar 25 1911
Abrahamson M Lennert Melvin Theo Abrahamson Zurena Eikass Sep 23 1921
Abrahamson M Martin Jacob Abrahamson Elleta Carlson Jul 1 1908
Achten M Alvin Joseph Frank Achten Mary Biblehausen Oct 26 1907
Achten F Dorothy Marie Frank Achten Mary Biblehausen Apr 24 1922
Achten M Frank Leonard Frank Achten Mary Biblehausen Jul 2 1913
Achten F Lucille Anna Frank Achten Mary Biblehausen Jul 26 1909
Achten M Paul Frank Achten Mary Biblehausen Jan 25 1918
Ackerman M John Robert John Ackerman Bertha Sperberg Feb 9 1908
Ackerman M Wallace Edwin John Ackerman Bertha Sperberg Aug 29 1909
Acord F Lucille Blanche Harley Acord Frieda Wege Sep 19 1918
Adams M Albert Nicholas George Adams Katie Gengler Aug 26 1909
Adams F Elsa Lena August Adams Mary Zierler Nov 6 1909
Adams M Frederick Herbert Reinhold Adams Franziska Meyer Feb 6 1915
Adams F Fredricka Amanda Reinhold Adams Franziska Meyer Feb 6 1915
Adams M George Henry Reinhold Adams Franziska Meyer Sep 25 1912
Adams M George   Johnson Adams Angeline Lookaround Nov 28 1917
Adams F Gertrude Ceclia Reinhold Adams Franziska Meyer Feb 9 1910
Adams F Helen Emily Reinhold Adams Franziska Meyer Apr 2 1908
Adams F Henrietta Henry Adams Helen Schlievert May 25 1913
Adams F Ida Johnson Adams Angeline Lookaround Aug 31 1919
Adams M Oren Edward Adams Lena Sousek Dec 22 1922
Adams M Reginald James Frederick Adams Myrtle Jensen Sep 2 1918
Adams M Walter Louis Johnson Adams Angeline Lookaround Jul 14 1913
Adamski F Alice Stanley Adamski Telka Cholewski Jun 9 1908
Adamski F Alvina  Stanley Adamski Telka Cholewski Apr 29 1917
Adamski M Anton Bernhardt Stanley Adamski Telka Cholewski Jun 14 1911
Adamski F Beatrice Stanley Adamski Telka Cholewski May 1 1921
Adamski M Cyril John Adamski Stella Tucholski Jul 6 1917
Adamski F Clara Catherine Stanley Adamski Telka Cholewski Apr 7 1913
Adamski M Francis Stanley Adamski Telka Cholewski Mar 9 1915
Adamski M Harry John Adamski Stella Tucholski Mar 9 1916
Adamski F Isabelle Josephine Stanley Adamski Telka Cholewski Apr 27 1919
Adamski F Nettie John Adamski Stella Tucholski Jun 8 1912
Adamski M Richard Daniel Stanley Adamski Telka Cholewski May 22 1923
Adamski F Virginia Andrew Adamski Jennie Domineczak Jan 13 1921
Adasiewicz F Appolonia Agnes Domink Adasiewicz Emma Garrvyla May 12 1909
Adasiewicz M Florentin Domink Adasiewicz Emma Garrvyla Nov 7 1912
Adasiewicz M Pioter Domink Adasiewicz Emma Garrvyla Jan 29 1911
Aderman M Unnamed Milton Aderman Appolonia Herzfeld Mar 28 1923
Aderman M Merrill James Milton Aderman Appolonia Herzfeld Aug 21 1920
Adkins M Owen Charles Adkins Mary Radliff Nov 28 1922
Adler F Dolores Anna Frank Adler Anna Sajeski Aug 8 1918
Aebicher F Grace Ruth William Aebicher Sarphine Kemp Jul 5 1911
Aebicher F Luella Saraphine William Aebicher Sarphine Kemp Jul 25 1908
Aebicher F Pearl Ione William Aebicher Sarphine Kemp Dec 3 1918
Aggen M Raymond Edward Edward Aggen Myrtle Long Jul 24 1924
Ahkenakasay F Mamie John Ahkenaksay Sophia Long Jul 9 1921
Ahkenakasay F Marie Long John Ahkenaksay Sophia Long Apr 3 1919
Ainsworth M Dean Charles Roy Ainsworth Alma Miller Aug 17 1913
Ainsworth M George Franklin Frank Ainsworth Mabel Johnson Dec 26 1922
Ainsworth F Gertrude Ione Frank Ainsworth Mabel Johnson Sep 29 1920
Ainsworth F Grace Elizabeth Frank Ainsworth Mabel Johnson Oct 14 1918
Ainsworth F Inez George Ainsworth Emelia Buettner May 29 1912
Ainsworth M Kenneth George Henry Ainsworth Pauline DeSwarte Jul 13 1923
Ainsworth F Harriett Margaret Frank Ainsworth Mabel Johnson Jan 13 1915
Ainsworth M Phil Sanford Roy Ainsworth Alma Miller Feb 23 1911
Alberg M George Barton Bert Alberg Dora Simpson Sep 22 1924
Alberg F Marian Jeanette Bert Alberg Dora Simpson Aug 22 1923
Albertz F Doris Lavern Arnold Albertz Flora Martens Feb 9 1922
Albertz F Lois Arnold Albertz Flora Martens Mar 10 1923
Albertz M Milton Roger Arnold Albertz Flora Martens Jul 9 1919
Alfheim F Hazel Lorraine Hans Alfheim Cora Matson Aug 25 1921
Alfheim M Monroe Gulick Hans Alfheim Cora Matson Sep 10 1919
Alft M Albert Daniel William Alft Mary Jajla Jan 18 1911
Alft F Clara Ottilia Adam Alft Ottilia Bollkowski Dec 22 1912
Alft M John David John Jacob Alft Susan Margaret Starr Jun 26 1910
Alft F Delphine Adam Alft Ottilia Bollkowski Sep 9 1908
Alft M Deloil George Lyle Alft Eva Verg Feb 22 1924
Alft F Eileen John Alft Susie Stark Jan 25 1913
Alft M Elmer Irvin Adam Alft Ottilia Bollkowski Nov 30 1911
Alft F Esther Dorothy Adam Alft Ottilia Bollkowski Apr 8 1917
Alft F Hazel Blanche John Alft Susie Stark Jul 1 1914
Alft F Irene Margaret Frank Alft Mary Shepard Jul 5 1908
Alft M James Robert John Alft Susie Stark Apr 19 1923
Alft F Katherine Frena John Alft Susie Stark Jun 3 1909
Alft F Ruth Marjorie John Alft Susie Stark Jun 25 1921
Alft F Sylvia Winfred Adam Alft Ottilia Bollkowski Nov 3 1918
Alft F Wilma Mary Adam Alft Ottilia Bollkowski May 13 1921
Alger F Lila Dorothy Oscar Alger Lizzie Pleshek Dec 24 1909
Allen M Ervin Oliver Frank Allen Sarah Hoffman Apr 2 1911
Allen F Evangaline Valeta Frank Allen Sarah Hoffman Feb 27 1920
Allen M Franklin Weston Frank Allen Sarah Hoffman Aug 13 1917
Allen M George Wilson Frank Allen Sarah Hoffman Jan 20 1920
Allen F Ione Mary Frank Allen Sarah Hoffman Jan 15 1914
Allen M Russell Steven Frank Allen Sarah Hoffman Jul 2 1915
Allender F Esther   William Allender Angie McCoy Jan 3 1915
Allender M Eugene Daniel William Allender Angie McCoy Oct 12 1912
Allender F Kittie Viola William Allender Angie McCoy Oct 12 1912
Allender M Lewey Freeman William Allender Angie McCoy May 14 1919
Allender F Rosa William Allender Angie McCoy Nov 22 1909
Allender F Sarah Annie William Allender Angie McCoy Oct 27 1911
Althans F Leone Ann Edward Althans Linda Kroening Jan 26 1921
Altmeyer F Margerite Caroline Michael Altmeyer Hulda Jung Oct 15 1913
Altmeyer M William Ernest Michael Altmeyer Hulda Jung Nov 12 1909
Ambrozewicz M Herman Joseph Joseph Ambrozewicz Theresa Tron Aug 19 1913
Amel F Jeanne Elizabeth Marvin Amel Evelyn Kuester Oct 5 1922
Amel F Jewel Marion Marvin Amel Evelyn Kuester Jun 17 1921
Amel F Rachel Doris Marvin Amel Evelyn Kuester Jun 6 1918
Amel M Richard Dean Marvin Amel Evelyn Kuester Apr 7 1920
Amerson F Bertha Gladys Harry Amerson Marjorette Pollack Jul 9 1923
Amerson F Clara Elizabeth Harry Amerson Marjorette Pollack Nov 26 1919
Amerson M Harley Donald Harry Amerson Marjorette Pollack Aug 24 1915
Amerson M Lyle Harry Harry Amerson Marjorette Pollack Feb 24 1914
Amerson M Vernon Ross Anton Amerson Daisy Welch Mar 2 1913
Amob M Frank David Amob Petoponokry Petewywaskum Apr 1 1919
Amob F Mary David Amob Petoponokry Petewywaskum May 12 1913
Amob F Frances John Amob Keunichkiew Wesheconette Nov 18 1915
Amos F Jessie Star Amos Sue Crow Jul 5 1922
Amour   Unnamed Adolph Amour Theresa Kakwitch Jul 28 1921
Amour M Adolph Adolph Amour Theresa Kakwitch Feb 17 1919
Amour F Verne Jane Adolph Amour Theresa Kakwitch Nov 27 1915
Amour F Viola Mary Adolph Amour Theresa Kakwitch May 21 1912
Amour F Virginia Adolph Amour Theresa Kakwitch Feb 17 1919
Amundson F Carroll Lillian Martin Amundson Christina Nelson Apr 29 1908
Anaphing F Unnamed Jno Anaphing Mary Loos Feb 4 1908
Anderson M Unnamed John Anderson Gertrude Rockwell Nov 4 1923
Anderson F Arlene Marie Nels Anderson Marie Larson Sep 15 1920
Anderson M Arthur Louis Anton Anderson Lillie Peterson Apr 4 1908
Anderson F Balnche Lorraine Lars Anderson Mary Jansen Oct 5 1915
Anderson M Carl  Louis Anderson Elsie Klemp Jun 23 1918
Anderson M Charles John Nels Anderson Marie Larson Aug 28 1917
Anderson M Charles Miller Charles Anderson Ada Miller Feb 18 1919
Anderson M Unnamed Fred Anderson Mabel Monroe Sep 25 1910
Anderson F Dorothy Pearl Edward Anderson Anna Thompson Jun 29 1910
Anderson F Edna Victoria Anton Anderson Lillie Peterson Jul 25 1909
Anderson F Elenor Clarice Edward Anderson Anna Thompson Apr 6 1913
Anderson F Elfreda Gustave August Anderson Christina Chorge Jul 2 1909
Anderson F Emily Ruth Louis Anderson Elsie Klemp Dec 12 1920
Anderson F Esther Mabel Andrew Anderson Mira Anderson Jan 28 1910
Anderson F Gladys Adeline Anton Anderson Lillie Peterson Oct 21 1919
Anderson F Helen Lorraine Floyd Anderson Lorraine Tetting Mar 26 1923
Anderson M Herrold Willard Jalmer Anderson Edis Henford Dec 29 1910
Anderson M Jack Gustave Albert Anderson Henrietta Gribler Mar 6 1924
Anderson M James Everett James Anderson Eva Gilkey Aug 8 1915
Anderson M James Frank Jno Anderson Non Given Nov 4 1923
Anderson M James Howard Chester Anderson Elizabeth Olle Dec 31 1918
Anderson F Jane Alice A O Anderson Etta Gribler Jan 8 1920
Anderson F Jennie Sophia JuliusAnderson Sadie Christofferson Sep 7 1913
Anderson F Jewel Marie Alvin Anderson Irene Luetke Sep 25 1923
Anderson M John Alfred Julius Anderson Sadie Christofferson Jan 13 1911
Anderson M John Lester John Anderson Gertrude Rockwell Oct 3 1919
Anderson F June Jeanette Floyd Anderson Lorraine Tetting May 6 1922
Anderson F Karen Thalise Ovid Anderson Adele Radloff Aug 14 1922
Anderson M Lawrence Edward Louis Anderson Elsie Klemp Feb 20 1916
Anderson F Lucile James Anderson Eva Gilkey Jun 26 1919
Anderson F Lydia Caroline Ovid Anderson Adele Radloff Jun 23 1918
Anderson F Maren Charles Anderson Ada Miller Nov 2 1913
Anderson F Mildred Amanda Louis Anderson Elsie Klemp Apr 6 1914
Anderson M Milton George Anton Anderson Lillie Peterson Dec 20 1912
Anderson M Alen Albert Albert Anderson Etta Gribler Feb 10 1914
Anderson F Phyllis Arlean George Anderson Anna Jacobson Mar 13 1918
Anderson M Raymond Carl Carl Anderson Grace Soper Feb 13 1919
Anderson M Robert Gordon John Anderson Gertrude Rockwell Mar 31 1922
Anderson M Roef Neal Nels Anderson Marie Larson Feb 2 1922
Anderson M Roy Earl Ovid Anderson Adele Radloff Mar 23 1920
Anderson F Ruth Myrtle John Anderson Matha Berswenson Mar 12 1908
Anderson F Shirley May Paul Anderson Grace Schoenfeldt Jul 18 1923
Andraschko M Alvin Damien Charles Andraschko Mary Heinsler Jul 3 1921
Andraschko F Clara Joseph Andraschko Anna Paulick Jul 10 1908
Andraschko F Ida Charles Andraschko Theresa Schacherl Apr 24 1908
Andraschko F Regina Mary Charles Andraschko Mary Heinsler Aug 14 1923
Andraschko M Werner Charles Charles Andraschko Mary Heinsler Jul 7 1920
Andrews M Bertrand George George Andrews Orpha Courtice Dec 23 1907
Andrews F Evleen Dorothy George Andrews Orpha Courtice Sep 4 1914
Andrews F Unnamed Ernst Andrews Grace Ewan Feb 26 1909
Andrews F Bernice Marie Kleber Andrews Mate Schliep May 24 1922
Andrews M Clyde David Joseph Andrews Clara Bunkelman Dec 25 1920
Andrews M David Burton John Andrews Ethel Day Jan 31 1915
Andrews F Genevive Joseph Andrews Clara Bunkelman Nov 18 1914
Andrews M John Day John Andrews Ethel Day Jan 31 1915
Andrews M Joseph Joseph Andrews Clara Bunkelman Aug 28 1924
Andrews M Lloyd G Alvin Andrews Berd Griswold Dec 21 1904
Andrews F Mary Lucille Joseph Andrews Clara Bunkelman Jul 31 1910
Andrews M Oliver John Joseph Andrews Clara Bunkelman Aug 31 1912
Andrews M Roy Franklin John Andrews Lizzie Pleshek Jun 12 1908
Andrews M Unnamed John Andrews Ethel Day Mar 2 1912
Andrews F Ursulia Laura Leslie Andrews Adeline McNutt May 25 1918
Andrews M Charles Bernard Andrews Elizabeth Korth Oct 28 1923
Andrews M John Bernard Andrews Elizabeth Korth Nov 30 1921
Andrews M Joseph Bernard Andrews Elizabeth Korth Sep 5 1920
Andrews M Lenard Bernard Andrews Elizabeth Korth Apr 10 1919
Andrews F Lucie Bernard Andrews Elizabeth Korth Nov 19 1915
Andrews F Mary Bernard Andrews Elizabeth Korth Nov 27 1922
Andrews M Peter Bernard Andrews Elizabeth Korth May 15 1918
Anfinson M George James Ole Anfinson Anna Hoeller May 17 1919
Angus F Alice Perry Angus Louise Loose Jan 8 1912
Angus F Dorothea Belle Perry Angus Louise Loose Aug 12 1913
Anker F Delores Ruth Percy Anker Lorena Lund Aug 25 1923
Anker F Doris Jane John Anker Clara Lake Oct 7 1914
Anker M Ervin E John Anker Clara Lake Nov 29 1912
Anker F Joan Muriel John Anker Clara Lake Oct 22 1922
Anker M Marvin John Anker Clara Lake Jun 9 1910
Anker M Percy Theodore Percy Anker Verna Lund Nov 27 1917
Anker F Ruth Amelia John Anker Clara Lake Feb 21 1919
Anker F Violet Pearl Percy Anker Lorina Lund Dec 10 1915
Anklam M George William Herman Anklam Ida Hoernke Apr 10 1909
Annametta F Pamosenske Frank Annametta Keshekoke Neconish Jun 5 1912
Annoy M Lawrence   Joseph Annoy Laura Cagenberg Sep 25 1917
Antes M Alvah Osborn Alvah Antes Rose Huntington Jun 21 1909
Antone F Cinda Wilson Antone Eunice Skenadore May 1 1919
Antone F Eva Marie Simon Antone Hulda Denny Aug 4 1920
Anvelink F Mavis Joy John Anvelink Thyra Malley Oct 27 1924
Archiquette F Effie Louisa Solomon Archiquette Effie Doxtator May 24 1924
Armitage F Ethelyn Claude Armitage Vernus McCoy Feb 28 1918
Armitage F Joyce Claude Armitage Vernus McCoy Mar 1 1916
Armstrong F Laura A John Armstrong Lennie May Melton Feb 26 1919
Arndt M Elmer   Herman Arndt Mary Walsh Apr 11 1918
Arndt F Irma Herman Arndt Mary Walsh Jun 21 1915
Arndt F Leola Emma Herman Arndt Mary Walsh Mar 23 1909
Arndt M William Henry Eugene Arndt Anna Westbrook Sep 2 1909
Arnold F Helen Josephine George Arnold Laura Packard Feb 23 1905
Arnold M John Jerome William Arnold Ella Gates Apr 26 1915
Arnold F LaVerne Violet Louis Arnold Louise Kaultza Dec 23 1921
Arnold F Margaret Ruth Albert Arnold Lovilla Packard Feb 24 1924
Arnold M William George William Arnold Ella Gates May 2 1913
Arnstad F Agnes Avenine Halgren Arnstad Olga Anderson Sep 9 1912
Arps F Caroline Jennie Lewis Arps Eleanor Perry Nov 17 1915
Arps M Chester Lewis Arps Eleanor Perry Feb 22 1908
Arps M Louis Claire Louis Arps Eleanor Perry Feb 7 1921
Arps M Rolfe Louis Arps Eleanor Perry Oct 8 1911
Artz F Dorothy Theresa Emil Artz Vida Lane Oct 28 1923
Asback F Muruel Frances Louis Asback Mary Scott Aug 23 1911
Ascher M Felix John John Ascher Della Moss Mar 15 1910
Ascher M George Francis Frank Ascher Nina Roberts Jun 29 1922
Ascher F Margaret Mary Frank Ascher Nina Roberts Jun 7 1923
Ascher F Olive Mary John Ascher Adelle Carpenter Mar 9 1911
Ashenbrenner M Albert Gabe Albert Ashenbrenner Lizzie Kutil Mar 24 1912
Ashenbrenner F Alice Anna James Ashenbrenner Tillie Pickass Sep 3 1920
Ashenbrenner F Doris Joseph Ashenbrenner Mary Schweger Jul 31 1919
Ashenbrenner M Joseph Edward Matt Ashenbrenner Albina Bondrick Sep 20 1921
Ashenbrenner M George Irwin Joseph Ashenbrenner Mary Schweger Dec 21 1920
Ashenbrenner M Glen Peter Mattian Ashenbrenner Anna Kristoff Nov 2 1922
Ashenbrenner M Harold John Matt Ashenbrenner Albina Bondrick Dec 25 1923
Ashenbrenner F Helen Matt Ashenbrenner Anna Kristoff Oct 7 1918
Ashenbrenner F Jane   James Ashenbrenner Tillie Pickass Feb 16 1922
Ashenbrenner M Joe Edward Joseph Ashenbrenner Mary Schweger Mar 28 1917
Ashenbrenner M Lyle James James Ashenbrenner Tillie Pickass May 26 1924
Ashenbrenner F Marcella Marie Joseph Ashenbrenner Mary Schweger May 21 1922
Ashenbrenner M Milton James Ashenbrenner Tillie Pickass Apr 21 1923
Ashford F Clarissa Emma Harry Ashford Margaret Hewig Sep 13 1913
Ashford F Beatrice Fern Harry Ashford Margaret Hewig Dec 31 1911
Ashford F Bernice Helen Harry Ashford Margaret Hewig Apr 1 1910
Ashford M John Harold Harry Ashford Margaret Hewig Dec 2 1914
Askenett F Louise Peter Askenett Louise Waupoose Nov 4 1923
Askenett F Mary Jane Peter Askenett Louise Waupoose Oct 8 1918
Atkinson F Helen Louise Joe Atkinson Philomene Bishop Mar 31 1924
Austin F Leona Louise Albert Austin Iva Knight Mar 12 1923
Austin F Murial Esther Lewis Austin Caroline Goss Feb 6 1909
Awonahopay M James John Awonahopay Keuyeakey Waubano Mar 12 1916
Awonahopay M Johnson John Awonahopay Keuyeakey Waubano Aug 31 1913


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