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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Cathe Ziereis

N2645 Rustic Circle

Clintonville, WI 54929


Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012


Editor Jim Glasheen 2010


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Surname Sex Name Father Mother Born
Babcock M Roy Francis Ray Babcock Ara A Prindle Jun 26 1909
Babiasz F Angelica Rosalia Mike Babiasz Sophia Lech Feb 20 1920
Babiasz F Annie Lelen Mike Babiasz Sophia Lech Feb 27 1918
Babiasz M Joseph Mike Babiasz Sophia Lech Mar 11 1915
Babiasz Michael Roman Mike Babiasz Sophia Lech Jul 12 1922 
Babino F Ethel Emma Lucius Babino Emma Holt Apr 28 1910
Babino M Leon Franz Lucius Babino Emma Holt Sep 10 1912
Babino M Roy Melvin Lucius Babino Emma Holt Feb 14 1915
Babler F Laura Fodelia Joseph Babler Ella Porwell Apr 10 1915
Backhaus F Doria Marie Albert Backhaus Adela Graf May 4 1923
Backhaus F Emma Arthur Backhaus Thoma Marquardt Sep 4 1921
Backhaus F Janet Aileen Arthur Backhaus Thoma Marquardt Dec 20 1918
Backhaus M Louis Roger Albert Backhaus Adela Graf Feb 20 1920
Badeau M Charles Franklin Ernest Badeau Auguste Smith Jan 27 1915
Badeau M Verol Orvill Ernest Badeau Auguste Smith Feb 6 1910
Baehlor F Mary Christina Anton Baehlor Barbara Corbish Jun 7 1917
Baehr F Angeline Albert Baehr Hulda Marohl Feb 15 1916
Baehr M Walter Albert Baehr Hulda Marohl Sep 11 1911
Baerenwald  F Ruth Wilhelmina Emil Barenwald Harmine Gutt Oct 16 1923
Bahr M Adolph Emil R C Bahr Emma Mayer Oct 4 1915
Bahr M Albert Raymond Albert Bahr Matilda Hemseleit Dec 8 1919
Bahr M Bernard Albert Bahr Matilda Hemseleit Apr 22 1911
Bahr M Christ August Herman Bahr Lena Treptow Sep 24 1914
Bahr M Edwin Robert Bahr Bertha Ruege Jun 4 1915
Bahr F Eather Albert Bahr Matilda Hemseleit Aug 31 1913
Bahr M Harry Herman Bahr Lena Treptow Mar 18 1911
Bahr M Herbert Robert Bahr Emma Meyer Oct 20 1911
Bahr F Hulda Robert Bahr Emma Meyer Oct 16 1908
Bahr F Louise Emma Albert Bahr Matilda Hemseleit Aug 17 1915
Bahr F Lucille Robert Bahr Emma Mayer Dec 2 1917
Bahr F Mabel Robert Bahr Emma Mayer Feb 22 1922
Bahr M Robert Robert Bahr Bertha Ruegl Mar 30 1914
Bahr M Rudolph Albert Bahr Matilda Hemseleit May 19 1909
Bahr M Walter Robert Bahr Bertha Rueger Sep 22 1909
Bahrke M Lloyd Fred Bahrke Alma Pick Sep 19 1922
Bahrke M Raymond Carl Fred Bahrke Alma Pick Nov 10 1918
Bailey   None given John Bailey Mary Ann Amour Jan 10 1922
Bailey   None given John Bailey Mary Ann Amour Apr 5 1923
Bajorek F Albina Wojciech Bajorek Anna Czarniak Mar 17 1922
Bajorek M Frank Albert Bajorek Anna Czarniak Sep 16 1913
Bajorek M Stanley George Bajorek Anna Czarniak Apr 8 1924
Baker F Anna John Baker Johanna Appler Oct 28 1911
Baker M Arnold Walter Baker Alma Beirman Mar 20 1924
Baker F Dorothy Mabel William Baker Carrie Sengbush Jun 23 1910
Baker M Frederick Otis William Baker Ina Towle Nov 24 1914
Baker F Goldie William Baker Lena Singbush Apr 21 1908
Baker M Harvey Marvin William Baker Carrie Sengbush May 26 1912
Baker F Johanna Gustie John Baker Johanna Appler Apr 10 1909
Baker M Lester Louis William Baker Lena Milkert Jul 21 1909
Baker M Newton Dale Walter Baker Nellie Strope Sep 29 1918
Baker M   Walter Baker Alma Bierman Feb 24 1923
Baker M Willian John William Baker Ina Towle May 13 1908
Baldwin M Darwin Eral Earl Baldwin Elphia Dean May 22 1912
Baldwin F Eveelyn Eliza Earl Baldwin Elphia Dean May 9 1910
Baldwin F Luella Doll Earl Baldwin Elphia Dean Aug 12 1913
Bales F Dorris Alice John Bales Josepha Johnson Apr 25 1919
Balke M Clarence Wm Ed Balke Emelia Alfgrim Jun 12 1918
Balke M Harvey John Ed Balke Emelia Alfgrim Sep 6 1911
Balke M Frank Charles Balke Bessie Kelly Apr 5 1914
Balke M Johnny Philip Charles Balke Bessie Kelly Nov 28 1918
Balke F Mamie Bernice Charles Balke Bessie Kelly Nov 2 1907
Balke F Matilda Lawrence Balke Olive Kemp Aug 16 1912
Balke M Ruben Alvin Asa Balke Annie Laude Dec 26 1910
Balnk F Lucille Emma Charles Blank Lizzie Noremberg Dec 10 1913
Banaszynski F Clara John Banaszynski Mary Wasialewski Jul 22 1916
Banaszynski F Martha John Banaszynski Mary Wasialewski Nov 18 1918
Banaszynski F Dorothy Alice John Banaszynski Mary Wasialewski May 7 1923
Banaszynski M Ervin John Banaszynski Mary Wasialewski Aug 7 1920
Banaszynski F Rosie Vincent Banaszynski Louise Palbicki May 20 1911
Banaszynski F Helena Vincent Banaszynski Lizzie Pabyecki May 26 1909
Bankert M Clarence Frederick Arthur Bankert Adeline Laurenz Jan 27 1920
Bankert F Marcella Arthur Bankert Adeline Laurenz Apr 8 1918
Bankert M Roy Lloyd Theodore Bankert Mary Pichtitz Dec 24 1913
Bannicka M Erich Wilhelm Ernst Bannick Helen Bauer Feb 10 1915
Banta F Joyce Corine Harold Banta Elsie Hawlins Jul 14 1922
Banta M Lester Edwin William Banta Edith Gauthie Oct 28 1909
Banta F Still Born Ed Banta Elizabeth McAllen Sep 13 1908
Baranczyk M Adolph   John Baranczyk Mary Bluma Sep 14 1910
Baranczyk F Agnes John Baranczyk Anna Jannczewski Mar 28 1914
Baranczyk F Alice Anton Baranczik Helen Tyczkowski May 2 1922
Baranczyk F Annie   John Baranczyk Mary Bluma Aug 25 1919
Baranczyk M Carl Andrew Baranczyk Martha Lasecki Oct 6 1911
Baranczyk M Casimir John Baranczyk Anna Jannczewski Apr 24 1918
Baranczyk F Cecilia Anton Baranczik Helen Tyczkowski Nov 15 1910
Baranczyk M Chester John Baranczyk Mary Bluma Jan 24 1914
Baranczyk M Felix John Baranczyk Anna Jannczewski Dec 6 1912
Baranczyk F Florence John Baranczyk Anna Jannczewski Sep 19 1924
Baranczyk M Harry John Baranczyk Mary Bluma May 12 1908
Baranczyk M Harry John Baranczyk Anna Jannczewski Aug 2 1919
Baranczyk M Jacob John Baranczyk Mary Bluma Jul 13 1909
Baranczyk M John  Anton Baranczik Helen Tyczkowski Dec 1 1917
Baranczyk F Lucille John Baranczyk Anna Jannczewski Nov 16 1922
Baranczyk F Marie Gerti John Baranczyk Mary Bluma Nov 19 1921
Baranczyk M Michael   John Baranczyk Mary Bluma Sep 9 1912
Baranczyk F Regina Anna Andrew Baranczyk Martha Lasecki May 7 1923
Baranczyk M Richie Andrew Baranczyk Martha Lasecki Nov 27 1919
Baranczyk F Sophie John Baranczyk Anna Jannczewski Sep 10 1908
Baranczyk M Stanislaus John Baranczyk Anna Jannczewski Nov 27 1909
Baranczyk M Theodore John Baranczyk Mary Bluma Nov 10 1917
Baranczyk M Wladislaus John Baranczyk Anna Jannczewski Mar 22 1911
Baranska F Lillian John Baranski Josephine Warkocki Sep 15 1913
Baranski F Regina E John Baranski Josephine Warkocki Sep 4 1919
Barbaski F Rose John Baranski Josephine Warkocki Sep 4 1919
Barbeaux M None given Camille Barbeaux Mary Jaquet Sep 13 1910
Barber M Charles Arthur Charles Barber Julia DeLong Jones Jun 30 1918
Barber M Roy Myron Alvin Babrer Lynda Kessler Apr 28 1911
Barbianx M Clarence Camille Barbeaux Mary Jauquette Oct 21 1915
Barbianx M Clement Camille Barbeaux Mary Jauquette Mar 16 1913
Baril F Jeannette Marie Nelson Baril Mettie Geider Jan 3 1923
Barker M Harold Benjamin Benjamin Barker Julia Baird Feb 18 1919
Barker F Jean Marie Benjamin Barker Julia Baird Sep 14 1924
Barker M Jack Edgar Barker Loetta LeClaire May 4 1912
Barker F Marvel Alice George Barker Lenora Hull May 7 1910
Barker F Mavis Arlene George Barker Lenora Hull Apr 11 1912
Barker F Maxine Telka Charles Barker Anna Kersten Apr 13 1918
Barker M Stanley James William Barker Hattie Creswold Sep 17 1915
Barker F Violet Harry Barker Carrie Lambrert Jan 29 1911
Barker F Vivian Lenora George Barker Lenora Hull Jul 14 1908
Barker M Woodrow Charles Barker Anna Kersten Jan 5 1914
Barnard F Estella Inez Wm Barnard Lethy Gregory Jul 1 1912
Barnes F Ethel   Russell Barnes Mary O'Kimish Mar 21 1923
Barro F Esther Jule Barro Emily Gafforf Sep 24 1912
Bartell F Linda Louisa Julius Bartell Mathilda Gatyke Jul 6 1908
Bartell M Rueben Leo Bartell Annie Zander Oct 8 1920
Bartelme F Adeline Gustav Bartelme Louisa Wolff Feb 20 1910
Bartelme M Baby Wm Bartelme Blanche Schenk Apr 23 1916
Bartelme F Beatrice Louise Gustav Bartelme Louisa Wolff Feb 24 1916
Bartelme F Dorris Blanche Wm Bartelme Blanche Schenk Oct 3 1923
Bartelme M Earl Gustav Gustav Bartelme Louisa Wolff Jan 21 1914
Bartelme M Earl Wm Wm Bartelme Blanche Schenk Apr 15 1914
Bartelme F Gladys Mercedes Gustav Bartelme Louisa Wolff May 20 1918
Bartelme M Harvey Gustav Bartelme Louisa Wolff Nov 6 1911
Bartelme F Helen Laura Emil Bartelme Beda Dedolph Dec 3 1913
Bartelme M James Calvin Emil Bartelme Beda Dedolph Jun 10 1924
Bartelme F Lillian Fred Bartelme Elizabeth Schenk Dec 15 1914
Bartelme F Still Born Emil Bartelme Beda Dedolph Nov 25 1915
Bartelme F Viola Beatrice Emil Bartelme Beda Dedolph Dec 18 1911
Bartels M Douglas Martin Bartels Sophia Herm Sep 28 1924
Bartels F Elda Lena Karl Bartels Margaret Hartman Apr 24 1908
Bartels F Ione Charles Bartels Margaret Hartman Aug 23 1915
Bartels F Irma Mary Charles Bartels Margaret Hartman Mar 14 1910
Bartels M Marvin Charles Charles Bartels Margaret Hartman Feb 20 1912
Bartelt F Bernice August Bartelt Ella Kroening Apr 16 1918
Bartelt F Doris Fritz Bartlet Anna Broadhagen Aug 29 1922
Bartelt M Ervin John Bartelt Lizzie Bohr Sep 12 1908
Bartelt M Frank August Frank Bartelt Emelia Schwarz Feb 18 1908
Bartelt F Irene Gertrude William Bartlet Martha Staats Apr 16 1920
Bartelt F Margaret August Bartelt Ella Kroening May 12 1919
Bartelt M Martin Harold August Bartelt Ella Kroening Apr 4 1924
Bartelt M Norbert Carl August Bartelt Ella Kroening Jun 26 1922
Bartelt F Ruth   John Bartelt Gertrude Luepke Dec 3 1913
Bartelt F Ruth Sylivia Herman Bartelt Clara Breitzman May 21 1920
Bartelt F Viola Beatrice John Bartelt Louisa Bahr Mar 17 1913
Bartkoviak F Virginia Wladeslow Bartkoviak Katie Sumurava Feb 10 1918
Bartkowiak F Tillie W J Bartkowiak Katherine Smurawa Apr 21 1920
Bartlein M Dale Rutherford Louis Bartlein Edna Schoettler Mar 26 1920
Bartlein F Irene Esther Alfred Bartlein Grace Goree Mar 1 1910
Bartlein M Marlin Weston Earl Bartlein Luella Mantufel Jan 9 1919
Bartlein F Rita Merl Alfred Bartlein Grace Goree Dec 27 1911
Bartlet F None given Paul Bartelt Antonia Krueger Jun 12 1921
Bartlet M Allen Gustav Herman Bartelt Clara Breitzman May 8 1918
Bartlet F Doris John Bartelt Gertrude Luepke Mar 22 1923
Bartlet F Mary Rosellen Herman Bartlet Mary Bahr Dec 11 1909
Bartlet M Not named Robert Bartlet Margaret Waigel Jul 29 1923
Bartos M Elton James Otto Bartos Elenor Smud May 31 1921
Bartos M James   Otto Bartos Elenor Smud Jan 1 1919
Bartsch Fritz Herman Gottfried Bartsch Amalia Wohlgemuth Mar 8 1915
Bartz M Elmer Reinhold Frank Bartz Martha Nichols Nov 16 1917
Bartz F Evelyn Martha Emil Bartz Martha Zeiber May 26 1917
Bartz M George Robert Robert Bartz Clara Nichlous Nov 8 1913
Bartz F Irene Wilhelmine Otto Bartz Lydia Schoenrock Apr 7 1914
Bartz M Leonard August Bartz Ida Zabel Jun 28 1920
Bartz M No Name Robert Bartz Clara Nichlous Nov 26 1910
Bartz M Russell August Bartz Ida Zabel Sep 14 1923
Bartz M Victor Raishart Robert Bartz Clara Nichlous Jun 7 1909
Bartz F Clara Frank Bartz Martha Nichols Aug 21 1915
Barwosky F Linda Wilhelmine Julius Barwosky Edna Johnson Jun 20 1920
Baseley F Leila Emma Albert Baseley Linda Netzel Nov 8 1908
Bass M Woodrow Walter Bass Martha Schultz Dec 11 1915
Bast F Iolla Walter Bast Martha Schutt Apr 15 1918
Bast F Irene Lucille Walter Bast Martha Schutt Feb 18 1913
Bast M Lester George Walter Bast Martha Schutt Nov 10 1910
Bast F Mary Ruth Walter Bast Martha Shutt Nov 12 1923
Bast M Orville Charles Walter Bast Martha Schultz Jun 11 1920
Bast M Vearne Walter Bast Martha Schultz Jan 26 1909
Bast M William Chalres William Bast Lena Zietloe Jul 1 1913
Bastar M Vallie Charles Louis Bastar Maria Kurchenmeister Dec 9 1910
Baster F Chrystal Irene Louis Bastar Maria Kurchenmeister Sep 7 1915
Baster F Galdys Marie Louis Bastar Maria Kurchenmeister May 14 1920
Baster M Hilbert Charles Bastar Ira Korth May 16 1912
Bastil F No Name Albert Bastil Anna Schairer Sep 1 1909
Bastil F Emily May Frank Bastil Bessie Millett Feb 19 1913
Bastil F Evelyn Lillian Albert Bastil Anna Schairer Jun 8 1912
Bastil M Leslie Anthony Albert Bastil Anna Schairer Jun 18 1918
Bastil F Lorraibe Bertha  Albert Bastil Anna Schairer Apr 5 1915
Bastil F Loretta Nellie Albert Bastil Anna Schairer Apr 5 1915
Bastil F Mary Alice Frank Bastil Bessie Millett Aug 8 1908
Bastil F Mary Olive Albert Bastil Anna Schairer Sep 23 1923
Bastil F Maude Frank Bastil Bessie Millett Mar 15 1911
Bastil M Still Born Frank Bastil Bessie Millett Mar 12 1912
Bauer M Edwin Harold Ludwig Bauer Bertha Suess Aug 23 1921
Bauer M Vernon Joseph Ludwig Bauer Bertha Suess Feb 7 1920
Bauerfeind F Beatrice   Charles Bauerfeind Flora Topping May 23 1914
Bauerfeind M Joseph Warren Charles Bauerfeind Flora Topping Jun 28 1908
Bauerfeind F Ida Mary Charles Bauerfeind Flora Topping Aug 19 1917
Bauerfeind M Ralf Victor Louis Bauerfeind Hazel Axtell May 25 1912
Bauers M Clifton Wesley Charles Bauers Frances Kuester Jul 31 1915
Bauers F Joyce Joan Charles Bauers Frances Kuester Apr 14 1919
Baum F Marie Pauline Otto Baum Kate Sterns Sep 24 1912
Bauman F Felicia Herman Bauman Florence Hill Apr 27 1922
Bauman F Harry Bernard John Bauman Barbara Volnholtz May 14 1920
Bauman F Anna Maria Martin Bauman Anna Barkow Jul 21 1909
Bauman F Unnamed Martin Bauman Anna Barkow Jul 21 1909
Bauman F Ruth Barbara John Bauman Babetha Vollinhals Jun 18 1922
Baumann M Arthur Carl  John Bauman Bobbette Volnholtz Jun 11 1911
Baumann F Elsie Martin Baumann Anna Barker Oct 29 1910
Baumann F Mildred Ruth William Baumann Esther Kroenke Feb 24 1921
Baumgarten F Bernice Louisa John Baumgarten Louise Bastil Apr 8 1913
Baumgarten F Evelyn Henry Baumgarten Bertha Schwenkner Feb 4 1923
Baumgarten F Marian Daysylum John Baumgarten Louise Bastil Sep 10 1908
Baumgarten F Marie Elizabeth William Baumgarten Ellen Dietzler Jan 24 1918
Baumgarten F Marion Margerite William Baumgarten Ellen Dietzler Jan 24 1918
Baumgarten F Charlotte Anna Henry Baumgarten Bertha Schwenkner Mar 10 1918
Baumgarten F Esther Ellen William Baumgarten Ellen Dietzler Mar 28 1919
Baumgarten F Lorraine Arletta Henry Baumgarten Bertha Schwenkner Jun 1 1921
Baumgarten F Margaret Gertrude Fred Baumgarten Gertrude Frechette Nov 24 1919
Baumgarten F Romain Anna Ernst Baumgarten Esther Fritz Feb 1 1924
Bauneke M Alfred Albert Ernst Baunke Helen Bauer Sep 12 1912
Baures F Florence Elizabeth Oscar Bauers Helen Flannigen Apr 2 1914
Baures M John Oscar Bauers Helen Flannigen Dec 16 1912
Baures F Margaret Mary Oscar Bauers Helen Flannigen Jul 29 1919
Baures M Robert Anton Oscar Bauers Helen Flannigen Apr 2 1914
Bauser M Herbert Leo John Bauser Esther Schilke Nov 20 1913
Baxter F Sarah John Baxter Mary Mahkenataas Sep 29 1916
Bayle M Warner C Lowell Bayle Hattie Weelman Jul 27 1918
Bazile M George Alfred Alfred Bazile Mary Walloer Jun 2 1923


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