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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Cathe Ziereis

N2645 Rustic Circle

Clintonville, WI 54929


Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012


Editor Jim Glasheen 2010


Surname Sex Name Father Mother Born
Bean M Ernest Henry Ivan Bean Anna Wheeler Mar 20 1920
Bean F Luella Margaret Ivan Bean Anna Wheeler Mar 25 1923
Bean M Richard Walter Bean Mary Beaulieu Feb 14 1909
Bear F Florence Jospeh Bear Louise O'Katchicum Jun 16 1912
Bear M Mose Louis Bear Adeline Kingsly Jan 29 1914
Bear F Rosalia Louis Bear Adeline Kingsly Apr 28 1919
Beaulien M Robert Charles Robert Beaulien Myrtle Colnard Mar 16 1923
Beauprey M Charles Mitchell Simeon Beauprey Aurelia LaMotte Mar 9 1917
Beauprey M Joseph Joseph Beauprey Adaline Eberle Oct 3 1917
Beauprey F Rosalie Joseph Beauprey Adaline Eberle Feb 15 1915
Beauprey F Veronica W Simeon Beauprey Aurelia LaMotte Jan 11 1915
Beauprey M No Name Luke Beauprey Susan Amob Sep 12 1920
Becher F Kathryn Frances Albert Becher Lyda Hagen Nov 13 1914
Becher M Still Born Albert Becher Lyda Hagen May 13 1908
Becher F Violet Margaret Albert Becher Lyda Hagen Mar 11 1911
Beck F Bernice Marcella John Beck Barbara Fischer Oct 3 1923
Beck F Edna Marcella Ralph Beck Martha Bemke May 30 1920
Beck M Henry Rudolph Beck Martha Bamke Jun 5 1918
Beck M John  John Beck Barbara Fischer Jun 8 1922
Becker M Clarence William Otto Becker Clara Ahrens Jun 16 1920
Becker F Ellen Wilhelmina Edward Becker Harriett Seburn Nov 20 1914
Becker M Eugen Wm Wm Becker Ellen Baum Feb 17 1920
Becker M Lawrence Otto Becker Goldie Ingalls Feb 15 1923
Becker F Lauretta Otto Becker Clara Ahrens Sep 29 1915
Becker M Norman Wilhelm Otto Becker Clara Ahrens Jul 23 1917
Beckman F Angeline Theodore Beckman Margaret Freres Sep 28 1914
Begotka F Gladys   Allie Begotka Effa Chroge Jun 8 1911
Behling F Agnes Helene Gustav Behling Emma Klitz Apr 28 1911
Behling F Dorothy Frank Behling Martha Jahnke Aug 14 1915
Behling F Florence Selma Gustav Behling Erma Klitz Jul 29 1908
Behling M Grover Carl Fred Behling Alma Behling Feb 10 1912
Behling M Leroy Clarence Frank Behling Martha Jahnke Aug 19 1920
Behling F Ruth Marel Frank Behling Martha Jahnke Sep 3 1912
Behling F Verna Elaine Frank Behling Martha Jahnke May 21 1923
Behm M Carl Carl Behm Bertha Krull Jan 14 1916
Behm M Harvey H Herman Behm Hattie Latano Jan 18 1908
Behm M Lyle Allen Frank Behm Bertha Schultz Apr 25 1924
Behm F Hertha Herman Behm Hattie Latano Sep 25 1909
Behm M Rueben Herman Charles Behm Bertha Krull Apr 13 1918
Behnke M Adolph William John Paul Behnke Augusta Kolberg Jun 27 1913
Behnke F Aurelia Hugo Behnke Hattie Paulson Jun 23 1910
Behnke F Elsie Fred Behnke Emma Roubal Feb 7 1913
Behnke M Ernie William Behnke Malvina Froehming Jan 15 1911
Behnke F Leona Anna Herman Behnke Matka Moede Apr 14 1909
Behnke M Raymond Fred William Behnke Malvina Froehming Mar 14 1913
Behrendt M Fabian Walter Behrendt Rosie Zywicka Aug 17 1919
Behrendt M Joseph Walter Behrendt Rosie Zywicka Feb 11 1911
Behrendt F Rosa Walter Behrendt Rosie Zywicka Mar 14 1912
Beilfuss F Adeline Ernie Beilfuss Linda Genzke Feb 2 1920
Beilfuss F Alice Julius Beilfuss Emma Wasmund May 18 1922
Beilfuss M Alvin Jr Alvin Beilfuss Alma Druckrey Aug 6 1924
Beilfuss F Bernice Louisa John Beilfuss Martha Neuman Dec 25 1919
Beilfuss F Eleanor Herman Beilfuss Frieda Polzin May 8 1920
Beilfuss F Ella Lucille Alvin Beilfuss Alma Druckrey May 8 1922
Beilfuss F Emma Ida Charles Beilfuss Louise Lutz Mar 2 1909
Beilfuss M Harley Ernest Beilfuss Lynda Genske Aug 22 1914
Beilfuss F Evelyn Ernie Beilfuss Linda Genzke Feb 2 1920
Beilfuss F Fern Katherine Ernie Beilfuss Linda Genzke Jun 3 1921
Beilfuss M Harold Rudolph William Beilfuss Lydia Peterman Jan 22 1910
Beilfuss M Harry Ewald Beilfuss Margaret Strutz Jul 5 1923
Beilfuss M Herbert Julius Beilfuss Emma Wasmund May 21 1920
Beilfuss M Lorenz Arnold Herman Beilfuss Frieda Polzin Jul 28 1922
Beilfuss M Louis Edgar William Beilfuss Lydia Peterman Dec 19 1917
Beilfuss F Lucille Anna Marie John Beilfuss Martha Neuman Nov 10 1917
Beilfuss F Marjorie Sam Beilfuss Minnie Weier Nov 21 1923
Beilfuss M Rudie Gustav Charles Beilfuss Louise Lutz Oct 31 1911
Beilfuss F Viola Ida Herman Beilfuss Augusta Weiss Apr 7 1908
Beilke F Alvina H Otto Beilke Alvina Jahnke Oct 22 1909
Beilke M Arthur   Gustave Beilke Josephine Kreitzer Nov 10 1913
Beilke M Charles Andrew Charles Beilke Margaretha Kreitzer Dec 11 1910
Beilke M Eddie Gustave Beilke Josephine Kreitzer Jan 10 1908
Beilke F Esther Gustave Beilke Josephine Kreitzer Dec 4 1917
Beilke M Evan George Robert Beilke Emma Kroff Feb 27 1924
Beilke M Frederick   Charles Beilke Margaret Kreitzer Apr 25 19121
Beilke M George Louis Otto Beilke Verlie Charles Sep 7 1919
Beilke F Irene Otto Beilke Veslie Sears Feb 8 1922
Beilke F Isabelle Margaret Charles Beilke Margaret Kreitzer Aug 22 1915
Beilke F Leona Charles Beilke Margaret Kreitzer Feb 17 1918
Beilke M Loyde Charles Beilke Margaret Kreitzer Jul 13 1923
Beilke F Priscilla Margaret Otto Beilke Verle Charles Jan 3 1917
Beilke M Ralph Franklin Otto Beilke Verle Charles Apr 17 1924
Beilke F Ruth Gustave Beilke Josephine Kreitzer Oct 15 1914
Belfeind M Ralph   Ernest Belfeind Clara Stenke Dec 11 1923
Belinkoff F Doris Harry Belinkoff Jennie Soloman Aug 2 1922
Belke M Frank Awalt Edward Belke Florentine Beauleau Feb 28 1912
Bell F Virginia Alice Virgil Bell Flora Clark Aug 31 1919
Belling F Delores frances Elmer Belling Helen Pukall May 1 1923
Belling M Waltermar John Elmer Belling Helen Pukall Feb 11 1922
Below F Kathleen Edith Earl Below Louise Wielke Jul 26 1924
Bendekson F Julia Amelia Angel Bendekson Anna Oleson Aug 4 1908
Bendickson F Astrid Johanna Angel Bendekson Anna Oleson Jan 13 1911
Beningham F  Joyce Margareta Paul Beningham Lydia Huettl Mar 20 1921
Beninhaus M Ralph Harold Alvin Beninghaus Mattie Zenk Jun 7 1908
Benke M No Name Adolph Benke Mollie Erdman Jan 20 1919
Bennett M Charles B Ben Bennett Louise Ross Apr 12 1912
Bennett F Gladys A Ben Bennett Louise Ross Nov 28 1909
Bennett M Gordon Audrey Eugene Bennett Viola Jacobs Mar 22 1923
Bennett F Iola May John Bennett Lydia Kupitoch May 15 1910
Bennett F Jacquline Eugene Bennett Viola Jacobs Nov 11 1924
Benning F Frances Emily Frank Benning Alma Johnson Jul 18 1919
Benning F Myrtle Mary Julius Benning Oldella DeFerville May 19 1914
Benter F Emma Fred Benter Anna Burmeister Apr 29 1913
Benter F Laura Emma Fred Benter Anna Burmeister Jan 11 1911
Benz F Loretta   Charles Benz Louisa Natzka Apr 21 1908
Benz M Everette Charles Benz Louisa Natzka Jul 18 1910
Berdoll M Conrad M L Berdoll Anna Reidinger Sep 20 1916
Berdoll F Edmire Michael Berdoll Anna Reidinger Nov 24 1911
Berdoll F Marzianna Marie Michael Berdoll Anna Reidinger Mar 1 1908
Berendson M Jospeh Frank Gerald Berendson Josephine Bushberger Aug 27 1908
Berg F Alice Catherine John Berg Mabel Lutsey Jul 20 1915
Berg M Alvin Edward John Berg Mabel Lutsey Sep 1 1912
Berg F Annette Shirley Carl Berg Alma Grimstad May 23 1924
Berg F Bernice Louise Michael Berg Rosella Maas Dec 24 1908
Berg M Clifford Ben Berg Jennie Ehlinger Dec 6 1914
Berg F Dolores Johanna John Berg Elizabeth Stengel Jun 10 1924
Berg M Eugene Frank Nicholas Berg Clara Gassel Mar 3 1912
Berg F Fern Olive Azel Berg Tena Jensen Dec 21 1912
Berg M George Adolph Nicholas Berg Clara Gassel Jan 25 1911
Berg M Harvey George John Berg Mabel Lutsey Nov 29 1919
Berg F Helen John Berg Elizabeth Stengel Dec 20 1920
Berg M Howard Linclon Albert Berg Chrsitina Erickson Mar 30 1918
Berg F Izabel Louisa John Berg Lillian Stengel Jan 18 1918
Berg F LaVerne Ed Berg Hazel Morrow Nov 1 1915
Berg M Lloyd Michael Michael Berg Rosella Maas Aug 21 1912
Berg M Loyal J John Berg Mabel Lutsey Jan 24 1918
Berg M Marvin Nick John Berg Mabel Lutsey Jun 29 1910
Berg M Milton Anthony Benne Berg Jennie Ehlinger Jun 13 1913
Berg M Nick Nicholas Berg Clara Gessel Oct 15 1915
Berg M Raymond Robert Berg Mayme Stengel Jul 11 1919
Berg F Sylvia Grace John Berg Mabel Lutsey Oct 3 1913
Berg M Vernon   Michael Berg Rosella Maas Jan 27 1915
Berg F Virgie May John Berg Mabel Lutsey Dec 16 1922
Bergan F Gladys Dorthie Gilbert Bergman Anna Onsburg Aug 29 1912
Bergan F Hazel Alvyra Gilbert Bergman Anna Onsburg Sep 17 1920
Bergan F Hazel Eveline Gilbert Bergman Anna Onsburg Mar 4 1915
Bergan M Not named Gilbert Bergman Anna Onsburg Mar 8 1922
Bergan M Philip Arnold Gilbert Bergman Anna Onsburg Jun 24 1919
Bergan F Theresa Gilbert Bergman Anna Onsburg Jun 3 1911
Bergan F Wilma Pauline Gilbert Bergman Anna Onsburg Jan 28 1914
Bergeon F Not named Arthur Bergeon Florence Hoffman May 18 1924
Bergeon M Arthur Joseph Arthur Bergeon Florence Hoffman Jan 8 1921
Bergeon F Lorraine Margaret Arthur Bergeon Florence Hoffman Sep 20 1922
Berger M Arthur Henry Hans Berger Linda Larson Jan 4 1912
Berger M Earl Sylvester Hans Berger Linda Larson Jul 29 1914
Berger F Lauene Edna Frank Berger Veda McCann Aug 24 1918
Berger M Lawrence Frank Frank Berger Veda McCann Dec 3 1912
Berger F Mable Jessie Hans Berger Linda Larson Dec 8 1909
Berger F Margaret Frank Berger Veda McCann Apr 28 1909
Berger M Robert Gerald Frank Berger Veda McCann Feb 22 1922
Berger M Rubert Frank Berger Veda McCann Jun 24 1920
Berghind F Eunice Elmer Berghind Malvina Isaacson Jun 16 1910
Berglin F Alice Walter Berglin Alice Bauerfiend Apr 28 1912
Berglin M Kenneth Clifton Walter Berglin Alice Bauerfiend Feb 26 1916
Berglin F Virginia Adeline Otto Berglin Marie Jordan Jul 4 1919
Berglund M Adolph Andrew Adolph Berglund Jeanette Boening Dec 11 1911
Berglund F Bernice Sylvia Godfrey Berglund Annie Johnson Oct 2 1910
Berglund M Carl Rinehold Gustav Berglund Selma Johnson Jul 16 1910
Berglund F Gladys Elizabeth Gustav Berglund Selma Johnson Aug 9 1917
Berglund M Gustav Harry Gustav Berglund Selma Johnson May 11 1908
Berglund F Jennie Edelin Gustav Berglund Selma Johnson Mar 25 1915
Berglund M John Elmer Berglund Malvina Isaacson Feb 19 1912
Berglund M Levi Richard Gustav Berglund Selma Johnson Feb 25 1913
Berglund M Raymond A Gustav Berglund Selma Johnson Apr 21 1921
Bergner M Not named Otto Bergner Lottie Hansen Oct 16 1913
Bergner M Alfred   Otto Bergner Frieda Wolfgram Mar 14 1922
Bergner F Evelyn Dorothy Albert Bergner Laona Koeppen Oct 1 1915
Bergner F Geneva Gusta Otto Bergner Frieda Wolfgram Nov 3 1917
Bergner M Harry N Joseph Bergner Freida Kallies Feb 6 1922
Bergner M Laverne Henry Louis Bergner Iva Perschbacker Aug 1 1918
Bergner M Lee Ray Carl Bergner Ella Larson Mar 30 1922
Bergner M Lyman A Otto Bergner Frieda Wolfgram Jul 20 1924
Bergner F Marion Ernestina Carl Bergner Ella Larson Mar 21 1919
Bergner M Marvin Louis Louis Bergner Iva Perschbacker Jul 6 1917
Bergner F Mavis   Albert Bergner Laura Koeppen May 15 1917
Bergner M Milton John Louis Bergner Iva Perschbacker Mar 2 1920
Bergner M Orle Julius Albert Bergner Annie Krueger Jul 30 1911
Bergner M Otto Emil Otto Bergner Frieda Wolfgram May 21 1915
Bergner M Still Born Joseph Bergner Freida Kallies Aug 10 1920
Bergner M Wallace Robert Albert Bergner Annie Krueger Sep 17 1913
Bergner M Woodrow Harley Albert Bergner Annie Krueger Sep 17 1913
Bergsbaken M Daryl Frederick Osborn Bergsbaken Mollie Delamater May 17 1922
Bergsbaken F Doris Shirley Peter Bergsbaken Iva Delometer Mar 30 1922
Bergsbaken F Dorothy Arthur Bergsbaken Edna Erb Apr 24 1918
Bergsbaken F Esther Lucile K O Bergsbaken Clara Olson Feb 14 1911
Bergsbaken F Ione Hazel Knut Bergsbaken Clara Olson Jul 27 1914
Bergsbaken M Jeris Leslie Osborn Bergsbaken Mollie Delamater Apr 26 1924
Bergsbaken F Joyce Jeanette Peter Bergsbaken Iva Delometer Sep 2 1920
Bergsbaken F Lila June Peter Bergsbaken Iva Delometer Mar 4 1919
Bergsbaken M Manard L Knut Bergsbaken Clara Olson Dec 5 1908
Bergsbaken M Norman   Knut Bergsbaken Clara Olson Oct 14 1912
Bergstrum M Franz Simon Oscar Bergstrum Emma Peterson Apr 17 1913
Berkel F Not named Edwin Berkel Katie Landwher Jan 3 1909
Berkhahn F Dorothy Irma Walter Berkhahn Ida Hitzke Aug 12 1917
Berkhahn M Edward Wiliam John Berkhahn Ida Marohl Mar 21 1923
Berkhahn F Erma Emma John Berkhahn Ida Marohl Nov 23 1919
Berkhahn M Harvey Albert John Berkhahn Ida Marohl Aug 23 1921
Berkhahn F Lucille Emil Berkhahn Anna Asmus Feb 2 1920
Berkhahn M Milton Herman Berkhahn Freida Westphal Jun 10 1914
Berkhahn M Still Born John Berkhahn Ida Marohl Oct 23 1918
Bermingham M Merrel Russel Merton Bermingham Alice Hamilton Aug 3 1911
Bernarde F Agnes Margaret Matt Bernarde Lizzie Yonkers Apr 7 1914
Bernarde M Alfred Edward John Bernarde Emma Farmer Aug 26 1915
Bernarde M Arnold Carl Frank Bernarde Adelia Bergman Jun 10 1917
Bernarde F Cecelia Ann Jacob Bernarde Alma Schaar Oct 12 1914
Bernarde M Donald Roy Jake Bernarde Alma Schaar May 22 1921
Bernarde F Doris Marie Frank Bernarde Adelia Bergman Nov 29 1919
Bernarde F Dorothy Ida Matt Bernarde Elizabeth Yonkee Feb 8 1921
Bernarde M Raymond Paul Frank Bernarde Adelia Bergman Apr 15 1916
Bernarde M Frank Lorenz Jake Bernarde Alma Schaar Oct 18 1912
Bernarde M Gerald Jake Bernarde Alma Schaar Sep 6 1922
Bernarde M Harold Frank Bernarde Adelia Bergman Nov 27 1913
Bernarde M John Theodore Jake Bernarde Alma Schaar Aug 9 1909
Bernarde F Josephine Matt Bernarde Lizzie Yonkers Mar 29 1913
Bernarde F Agnes Lillian John Bernarde Emma Meyer Jul 23 1918
Bernarde F Lucille Marie Matt Bernarde Lizzie Yonkers May 17 1918
Bernarde F Margaret John Bernarde Emma Meyer Mar 6 1912
Bernarde F Margaret Lizzie Matt Bernarde Lizzie Yonkers Aug 26 1911
Bernarde F Rosalind Marjorie Jake Bernarde Alma Schaar Feb 19 1920
Bernarde M Walter Jacob Jacob Bernarde Alma Schaar Jul 1 1918
Berndt M Carl John Emil Berndt Matie Marten Jun 13 1923
Berndt M Rudolph Frederick Rudolph Berndt Alma Huebner Mar 6 1917
Berndt F Minnie August Berndt Annie Ehlers Apr 24 1908
Berndt F Myrtle Doris Rudolph Berndt Alma Huebner Jul 4 1922
Berndt M Robert Edward Rudolph Berndt Alma Huebner Nov 1 1919
Berndt M Waldemar William Rudolph Berndt Alma Huebner Oct 16 1913
Berry M Elmer John Ray Berry Mary Biblehausen Jun 9 1918
Berry F Mildred Lucille Ray Berry Mary Biblehausen Feb 21 1922
Berry F Pearl Agnes Ray Berry Mary Biblehausen Apr 24 1920
Berton M George Kenneth George Berton Susie Myers Dec 2 1912
Berton M Lyle Willard George Berton Susie Myers Apr 5 1921
Berzill F Bernice LaValle Claude Berzill Elsie Wolfmeyer Jun 14 1921
Besaw F Cora Jefferson Besaw Pearl Long Mar 24 1919
Besaw F Fern Elizabeth E J Besaw Josephine Brunette Jul 4 1924
Besch M Earl Edward Edward Besch Olive Evans Feb 27 1915
Beske F Loraine Verna Wm Beske Della Utke Oct 11 1923
Bessey M Leroy Clarence Charles Bessey Rena Elliott Oct 22 1917
Bessey F Irin Vilola Cleveland Bessey Ida Hoeft Mar 11 1908
Betts M Arthur Raymond Betts Olive Bossell Oct 11 1909
Betts M Donald Arthur Raymond Betts Olive Bossell Oct 12 1909
Beuscher F Anita Helen William Beuscher Anna Frank Jun 14 1909
Beusman F Lillie William Bessman Sopar Roffesor Nov 13 1912
Beversdorf F Dorothy Aurelia Dave Beversdorf Aurelia Moede Aug 13 1922
Beversdorf F Eleanor Emilia Fred Beversdorf Selma Kroenke Nov 31 1922
Beversdorf M Elton Harold Fred Beversdorf Selma Kroenke Jul 14 1913
Beversdorf F Evelyn Marie Grover Beversdorf Elenora Kaempf Mar 9 1923
Beversdorf F Gertrude Esther Fred Beversdorf Selma Kroenke May 6 1911
Beversdorf F Gladys Norma Fred Beversdorf Selma Kroenke Feb 9 1920
Beversdorf M Harvey Wm Beversdorf Anna Kroenke Dec 19 1915
Beversdorf F Helen Emilie Paul Beversdorf Tilda Braatz Mar 17 1914
Beversdorf F Hilda Emelia Wm Beversdorf Addelia Schoenecke Sep 24 1909
Beversdorf M Hugo Arthur Paul Beversdorf Tilda Braatz Apr 3 1921
Beversdorf F Hulda Fred Beversdorf Selma Kroenke Aug 22 1908
Beversdorf M Herbert Louis Wm Beversdorf Alvina Kroenke Nov 25 1911
Beversdorf F Ione Marcella Grover Beversdorf Elenora Kaempf May 18 1920
Beversdorf F Irma Vermis Wm Beversdorf Alvina Kroenke Jul 31 1921
Beversdorf M Johan Albert Grover Beversdorf Elenora Kaempf Mar 9 1923
Beversdorf F Mabel Esther Wm Beversdorf Alvina Kroenke Jan 27 1913
Beversdorf F Margaret Lucille Wm Beversdorf Alvina Kroenke Dec 26 1917
Beversdorf M Oloff Frederick Fred Beversdorf Selma Kroenke Feb 16 1915
Beversdorf M Ralph Paul Beversdorf Tilda Braatz May 22 1915
Beversdorf M Victor Wm Fred Beversdorf Selma Kroenke Jul 19 1918
Beyer F Bernice Ferdinand Beyer Mary Otto Jun 30 1924
Beyer M Clarence Herman Beyer Mary Splitgerber Jun 21 1908
Beyer M Earl Louis Beyer Aurilia Strauss Sep 4 1922
Beyer M Edward John Herman Beyer Mary Splitgerber Dec 26 1914
Beyer F Ella Leona Herman Beyer Hannah Jahnke Mar 30 1920
Beyer M Fred Herman Herman Beyer Hannah Jahnke Aug 3 1909
Beyer M Gordon Audrey Herman Beyer Hannah Jahnke Mar 20 1914
Beyer M Harold Louis Louis Beyer Aurelia Strauss Sep 18 1920
Beyer F Helen Matilda Aug Beyer Bertha Runge Aug 2 1914
Beyer M Henry Wm Beyer Amelia Zuelsdorf Mar 4 1909
Beyer M Herbert Leonard Herman Beyer Mary Splitgerber Jul 23 1921
Beyer F Irene Olive Herman Beyer Hannah Jahnke Apr 9 1922
Beyer F Leona Martha Herman Beyer Mary Splitgerber Dec 14 1918
Beyer M Kenneth   August Beyer Minnie Toesch Oct 27 1915
Beyer F Mabel Helena August Beyer Beatty Runge Dec 23 1908
Beyer F Manda Mary Herman Beyer Mary Splitgerber Jan 5 1912
Beyer F Matha Herman Beyer Hannah Jahnke Mar 20 1912
Beyer M Martin Karl Herman Beyer Hannah Jahnke Mar 4 1918
Beyer M Wallace Louis Herman Beyer Mary Splitgerber Mar 9 1924
Beyer M Robert Louis Wm Beyer Luella Griesbach Jul 28 1926
Beyersdorf F Gladys Elsie Henry Beyersdorf Pricella Smith Sep 9 1921
Beyersdorf F Irene Henry Beyersdorf Pricella Smith Mar 13 1923


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