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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Cathe Ziereis

N2645 Rustic Circle

Clintonville, WI 54929


Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012


Editor Jim Glasheen 2010


Surname Sex Name Father Mother Born
Bibelhausen M Henry Edward Louie Bibelhausen Agnes Dillenberg Aug 30 1921
Bieble F Arletta Belle James Bieble Pearl Grinen Jun 9 1912
Bieble M Willard Barnum Joseph Bieble Pearl Grinen Oct 21 1909
Biermann M Edwin John Biermann Louise Froeming Oct 3 1919
Biermann M Emil John Biermann Louise Froeming Mar 29 1914
Biermann M Erwin John Biermann Louise Froeming Apr 10 1913
Biermann F Ida Alma Charles Biermann Leona Baker Apr 22 1922
Biermann M Lawrence Rudolph Paul Biermann Lillie Baker Oct 30 1922
Biermann F Louise John Biermann Louise Froeming Feb 1 1911
Biermann F Margaret Louise Charles Biermann Leavona Baker Feb 14 1921
Bierstocker M John John Bierstocker Eva Sprauge Jan 6 1915
Bietz F Alice Gertrude Chalres Bietz Galena Jommen May 1 1908
Bindara F Pearl Frances Leo Bindara Augusta Slates Jun 4 1909
Bindena M Robert August Charles Bindena Anna Minhow Nov 7 1908
Bindena M Rudolph Adoplh Charles Bindena Anna Minhow Nov 7 1908
Binder M No Name Louis Binder Emma Conrad Nov 9 1908
Binder M No Name Herman Binder Lena Koeller Aug 13 1917
Binder M Adolph Herman Gottlieb Binder Selma Miller Feb 9 1908
Binder F Alma W A Binder Mary Genskow Nov 26 1909
Binder M Arlin Carl Herman Binder Lena Koeller Feb 10 1908
Binder M Edmund Oscar Gottlieb Binder Selma Miller May 3 1909
Binder F Esther Charles Binder Louise Westfhal Jul 13 1912
Binder F Florence Lilly Herman Binder Lena Koeller Oct 4 1915
Binder M John Gottlieb Binder Selma Miller Apr 15 1912
Binder M Lawrence Herman Binder Esther Plaster Sep 4 1911
Binder M Leonard Herbert Gottlieb Binder Selma Miller Dec 13 1910
Binder M Morris Carlton William Binder Lillian Killian Jun 13 1919
Binder M Orval August Binder Nettie Killian Nov 28 1911
Binder M Vilas Albert August Binder Nettie Killian Jun 16 1913
Binder M William Elmo William Binder Lillian Killian Jan 13 1918
Binderra M Norman Charles Binderra Anna Murchaw Apr 4 1913
Birkholz M Still Born August Birkholz Elizabeth Kersten Jun 21 1920
Birr F Pearl Vida Richard Birr Ernestina Delzer Mar 5 1914
Bischoff F Esther William Bischoff Clara Rynders Jul 5 1918
Bishop M Ardale Leroy Ray Bishop Olga Huntz Mar 29 1922
Bishop F Bernie Iola John Bishop Manize Mott Feb 19 1909
Bishop M Elmer Arthur Charles Bishop Ella Thompson Jan 12 1911
Bishop M Roland Charles Charles Bishop Ella Viola Thompson Aug 10 1914
Bishop M Vernon Elden John Bishop Amy Mott May 30 1911
Bishop M William William Bishop Clara Rynders Aug 29 1915
Bissonette F Mildred Gertrude John Bissonette Ruth Lutsey Oct 3 1914
Black F Arlene Jean George Black Clara Anker Jul 19 1924
Black M Earl Maxwell Elmer Black Josie Hanson Sep 14 1920
Black F Eleanor Robert Black Ida Sievert Apr 28 1920
Black F Geraldine Marion George Black Clara Anker Apr 10 1922
Black M Harvey Cyril Elmer Black Josie Hanson Aug 28 1914
Black M John Charles Charles Black Ann Foley Nov 5 1917
Black M Milo Sievert Robert Black Ida Sievert Jul 17 1918
Black M Warren Sheldon Elmer Black Josephine Hansen Apr 27 1924
Blado M No Name William Blado Augusta Mielke Oct 19 1909
Blaese F Freda Fred Blaese Emma Laetke Jun 8 1913
Blaese F Irene Fred Blaese Emma Laetke Nov 1 1910
Blair M Donald Lee Walter Blair Leota Blair Oct 4 1922
Blake F Ione Anna James Blake Fredia Buck Jul 10 1909
Blank M Carl William Blank Louise Weinke Feb 5 1909
Blank M Carl Charles Blank Lena Martens Mar 18 1922
Blank F  Dorothy Charles Blank Lena Martens Dec 29 1915
Blank F Helena William Blank Susan Wause Apr 8 1911
Blank F Irene Charles Blank Lena Martens Sep 5 1912
Blank M Joseph Ferdinand Frank Blank Marie Brunner May 30 1909
Blank F Laura Wilhelmine William Blank Louise Nenkey Jul 21 1914
Blank F Rose Victoria Fred Blank Anna Kunschke May 14 1923
Blank F Sophia Otto Blank Anna Koeppen Dec 16 1908
Blank M Vernon John Fred Blank Anna Kunschke May 13 1915
Blasche M Bernard Wiliam Daniel Blasche Pauline Butnick Dec 13 1912
Blasczik F Paulina Frank Blasczik Clara Wasnick May 18 1915
Blasczik M Frank Frank Blasczik Clara Wasnick Jul 5 1911
Blasczik M Frank Vincent Frank Blasczik Clara Wasnick Jul 5 1909
Blasczik F Johanna Anton Blasczik Anna Lepack Mar 1 1924
Blashe M John Daniel Blasche Pauline Butnick May 8 1919
Blawat M Edmund   Jacob Blawat Mary Stezenscki Feb 3 1922
Blawat M Harry John Blawat Mary Stezenscki Sep 8 1919
Blawat M Norbert Jacob Blawat Mary Stezenscki Jul 26 1924
Blazier M No Name Melcome Blazier Ada Hudson Feb 27 1913
Blazier M Donald James Irving Blazer Dorthea Gassen May 15 1917
Blazier F Lillian Georgia Adolph Blazier Carrie Babcock Sep 8 1912
Blazier F Mildred Adolph Blazier Carrie Babcock Sep 15 1915
Bleack F Elva Charles Bleck Julia Skurl Aug 13 1909
Blease F Delores frances Albert Blease Lena Knueppel May 19 1922
Bleick M Carlyle Walter Belick Elvina Baars Oct 25 1918
Blink F Eloise Lorina Carl Blink Ida Schiel Apr 23 1922
Blink M Maynard Earl Earl Blink Ida Schead Mar 27 1924
Blink M Thomas Paul Blink May McCoy Aug 27 1922
Blish F Hellen L Elmer Blish Laura Perry Mar 13 1913
Blochowiak  F Coelia Stanislawa Stanley Blochowiak Josie Mixtacki Nov 24 1918
Blochowiak  M Julius Stanley Blochowiak Josie Mixtacki Dec 19 1916
Block F Alice Reinhold Block Margarette Dunleavy Oct 9 1914
Block F Anna Meyer Block Flora Silverstein Sep 21 1910
Block F Doris Edward Block Laura Suze Feb 9 1924
Block F Edna Elenora Edward Block Elenora Otis Oct 10 1915
Block M Edward Carl Hugo Block Madeline Bergeon Jun 15 1922
Block M Johan August Frank Block Louise Bruss Mar 2 1912
Block F Lucille Emma Edward Block Elenora Otis Oct 23 1922
Block F Marcella Lavera Richard Block Helen Greenberg Jan 8 1922
Block F Marion Alice Edward Block Elenor Otis Sep 24 1919
Block M Arthur Harry Herman Bock Ida Prust May 16 1919
Blodgett M David L Lloyd Blodgett Mabel Longley Apr 5 1920
Blodgett M Donald Walter Blodgett Anna Pernilla Oct 19 1920
Blodgett M Sanford William Lloyd Blodgett Mabel Longley Jul 24 1922
Blodgett M Herman L Walter Blodgett Anna Mathieson Mar 16 1918
Bloecher M Harold Chester Chester Bloecher Clara Hartleben Feb 11 1917
Bloecher M Edward Albert George Bloecher Emma Wendler Aug 6 1909
Bloecher M Irvin Clarence George Bloecher Emma Wendler May 22 1913
Bloecher F Leona Margaret George Bloecher Emma Wendler Aug 4 1918
Bloecher F Marcella Marie Chester Bloecher Clara Hartleben May 15 1920
Bloecher M Milan Oscar Bloecher Edna Anderson Apr 14 1919
Bloecher F Still Born George Bloecher Emma Wendler Dec 16 1915
Bloedorn M Arthur Fritz Robert Bloedorn Anna Ebert Apr 14 1912
Bloedorn F Mary Jane Robert Bloedorn Esther Bartelt Sep 18 1924
Blom F Anna Sophia Christ Blom Gena Erickson Sep 20 1917
Blom M Arnold Orval Christ Blom Gena Erickson Jul 29 1920
Blom M Axel Thomas Anton Blom Hannah Erickson Jul 31 1909
Blom M Clarence Gerhart Amil Blom Gena Erickson Feb 21 1909
Blom M Gustav Paul Christ Blom Gena Erickson Dec 24 1911
Blom M James Marvin Christ Blom Gena Erickson Oct 14 1913
Blom F Pearl Marion Christ Blom Gena Erickson Dec 25 1923
Blood M Raymond Roland George Blood Blanche O'Neil Jul 14 1913
Bloomreich M Lawrence Clarence Wm Bloomreich Louise Giessel Apr 7 1915
Bloomreich M LaVern Alvin Fred Bloomreich Ida Durrow Jun 3 1920
Bloomrich M Harry Julius Fred Bloomrich Ida Durow Sep 13 1908
Bloomrich F Luella Fred Bloomrich Ida Durow Jul 12 1915
Bluemke M Carl William Albert Bluemke Bertha Rusch Oct 9 1908
Bluemke M Gilbert Herman Johan Bluemke Ida Gehrke May 28 1921
Blum M Carl Jerome Anton Blum Hannah Erickson Mar 11 1912
Blum F Leona Sophie Wm Blum Anna Regling Aug 16 1909
Bluma F Annie Frank Bluma Mary Palubicki Mar 18 1918
Bluma F Clara Frank Bluma Mary Palubicki Nov 26 1919
Bluma F Frances Edeline Jake Bluma Joanna Krumoc Mar 10 1922
Bluma M John Frank Bluma Mary Palubicki Aug 21 1914
Bluma F Lucy Anton Bluma Julia Skonieczney Dec 15 1922
Bluma F Mary   Jake Bluma Joanna Krumoc Jul 15 1920
Bluma F Rose  Frank Bluma Mary Palubicki Oct 23 1915
Bluma F Victoria Frank Bluma Mary Palubicki Oct 23 1915
Blumke M Still Born John Blumke Ida Gehrke Aug 13 1920
Blumke M Harold Albert Blumke Bertha Rusch Dec 30 1919
Blumke F Inez Claire John Blumke Ida Gehrke Feb 3 1924
Blumke F Lanora Margaret John Blumke Ida Gehrke Jan 23 1923
Blumreich M Irving Fred Fred Blumereich Ida Dorrow Apr 23 1912
Blunk M Clarence Elmer Louis Blunk Minnie Blank Jan 1 1911
Blunk M Gordon William Louis Blunk Minnie Blank Oct 7 1908
Blunk M Roger Sylvester Louis Blunk Minnie Blank Mar 21 1917


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