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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Cathe Ziereis

N2645 Rustic Circle

Clintonville, WI 54929


Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012


Editor Jim Glasheen 2010

Surname Sex Name Father Mother Born
Bocher F Dorathea Robert Bocher Emilie Mailahn Feb 19 1910
Bocher M Ferderick Fred Bocher Hulda Leaps Jun 19 1912
Bocher M Friedrich Herman Fred Bocher Hulda Leaps Aug 11 1910
Bocher M Phillip B Louis Bocher Hattie Hansen Sep 27 1913
Bock F Adeline Louise Herman Bock Ida Prust Jun 25 1914
Bock M Edwin William Paul Bock Ella Schroeder Jun 15 1920
Bock F Lucille Bertha Herman Bock Ida Prust Nov 12 1909
Bodart M Reginald Elmer Bodart Minnie Grosskopf Jan 6 1918
Bodine M Byron John Bodine Julia Rogers Apr 7 1909
Boehler M Lawrence Anthony Anton Boehler Barbara Corbish Aug 5 1921
Boehm F Audry Beatrice Joe Boehm Anna Raforth Apr 10 1913
Boehm F betty Jane Joe Boehm Anna Raforth Feb 22 1922
Boehm M Frederick Franklin William Boehm Ida Thede Jan 20 1916
Boehm M James William William Boehm Ida Thede Dec 11 1920
Boehm F Pauline Helena William Boehm Edith Thede Feb 4 1912
Boehm F Ruth Agnes Joe Boehm Anna Raforth Sep 22 1917
Boelter F Arlene Mina Julius Boelter Dorothea Arps Nov 17 1910
Boelter F Dora Anna Arthur Boelter Anna Ruenger Sep 16 1915
Boelter F Viola Liy Arthur Boelter Anna Ruenger Jul 6 1917
Boerger F Betty W Christ Boerger Rachel Cunan Dec 22 1911
Boerger F Ivy Otto Boerger Bessie Johnson Sep 28 1915
Boerger M Peter G Christ Boerger Rachel Cunan Dec 122 1911
Boerger F Naome Marion Otto Boerger Bessie Johnson Mar 25 1923
Boerger F Thelma R Otto Boerger Bessie Johnson Aug 15 1913
Boerschinger M Myron John Boerschinger Elsie Gibson Oct 6 1911
Boerschinger F Pearl M John Boerschinger Elsie Gibson Oct 8 1912
Boerst F Adehlia Agnes Emil Boerst Paulina Boettcher May 19 1921
Boerst M Albert Albert Boerst Annie Krause May 1 1917
Boerst M Alvin Adolph Adolph Boerst Martha Boetcher Aug 18 1912
Boerst M Alwin Arnold Albert Boerst Annie Krause Jan 3 1919
Boerst F Bernice Elwina Robert Boerst Elsie Kroening Mar 27 1919
Boerst F Dolres Ewald Boerst Martha Richter Feb 25 1923
Boerst F Dora Herman Boerst Minnie Ehlers Jul 25 1914
Boerst M Edwin   Richard Boerst Hertha Kuehl Apr 9 1918
Boerst F Eunice Ida Albert Boerst Ella Berkhahn Jun 24 1924
Boerst F Florence Herman Boerst Minnie Ehlers Dec 18 1919
Boerst F Florence Henry Boerst Mable Hafferman Feb 13 1921
Boerst F Grace Charlotte Hans Boerst Alice Weisnicht Jul 4 1924
Boerst M Harold Herman Henry Boerst Mable Hafferman May 16 1919
Boerst F Hazel Albert Boerst Emma Berkhahn Mar 22 1914
Boerst F Hazel Henry Boerst Mable Hafferman Oct 4 1922
Boerst F Helen Robert Boerst Elsie Kroening Dec 24 1922
Boerst M Hilbert Rudolph Boerst Minnie Jandte May 13 1918
Boerst M Leonard Edmund Henry Boerst Mable Hafferman Jul 19 1924
Boerst F Linda Emma Emil Boerst Paulina Boettcher Mar 28 1912
Boerst F Lola Emilie Ernie Boerst Paulina Boettcher Mar 22 1909
Boerst F Martha Emil Boerst Paulina Boettcher May 19 1921
Boerst F Martha Lena Albert Boerst Annie Krause Oct 9 1922
Boerst M Martin Alvin Robert Boerst Elsie Kroening Apr 12 1914
Boerst M Maynard Herman Boerst Minnie Ehlers Aug 17 1917
Boerst M Myron Herbert Adolph Boerst Martha Boetcher Feb 24 1921
Boerst M Pual August Adolph Boerst Martha Boetcher May 14 1908
Boerst M Raymond Rudolph Boerst Minnie Jandte Jul 6 1920
Boerst M Vernon Robert Boerst Elsie Kroening Jun 14 1921
Boettcher M Aaron Frank Boettcher Lena Boerst Apr 11 1917
Boettcher M Arthur Louis Charles Boettcher Emma Hoffman Oct 29 1909
Boettcher F Augusta Clara John Boettcher Hattie Boerst Jan 4 1911
Boettcher F Caroline Sylvia Louis Boettcher Mildred Siegert Jul 15 1913
Boettcher M Clarence Fred Ernest Boettcher Julia Raasch May 20 1911
Boettcher M Dale John Frank Boettcher Lena Boerst Feb 7 1923
Boettcher F Edna Laura John Boettcher Hattie Boerst Mar 2 1915
Boettcher M Edward John Boettcher Alma Hinkfus Sep 19 1921
Boettcher M Eldo Paul Paul Boettcher Ida Tesch Sep 2 1919
Boettcher M Elmer Aug John Boettcher Hedwig Boerst Dec 14 1918
Boettcher F Esta Caroline Henry Boettcher Edna Roepke Mar 28 1908
Boettcher F Frieda Minna George Boettcher Leona Retzloff May 12 1918
Boettcher M George Charles Boettcher Mary Nevendorf Nov 27 1909
Boettcher M Harry Frank Boettcher Lena Boerst May 16 1912
Boettcher M Harry Ernest Boettcher Julia Raasch Jan 3 1913
Boettcher F Hertha Helmuth Boettcher Emma Tesch Apr 23 1918
Boettcher F Helen Irene Edwin Boettcher Wilhelmine Quandt Jan 18 1923
Boettcher M Herbert Henry Boettcher Martha Burow Sep 4 1918
Boettcher F Hilda Helmuth Boettcher Emma Tesch Apr 23 1908
Boettcher F Hilda Frank Boettcher Augusta Nevendorf Jun 10 1911
Boettcher F Hilma Edna Louis Boettcher Mildred Siegert Sep 17 1911
Boettcher F Irene Hulda Ernest Boettcher Julia Raasch Aug 9 1914
Boettcher M John Hnery Henry Boettcher Edna Roepke Aug 5 1911
Boettcher F Lavina William Pahl Margarette Boettcher Jan 18 1915
Boettcher F Leona Anna Gustav Boettcher Ella Juedes Nov 12 1915
Boettcher F Loilla Dora George Boettcher Leona Retzloff May 23 1921
Boettcher F Laverna John Boettcher Alma Hinkfus Nov 19 1923
Boettcher M Lenard Rhenold Boettcher Lena Buck Aug 31 1908
Boettcher F Loretta August Boettcher Bertha Garbrecht Sep 13 1914
Boettcher M Leonard Harry Ernest Boettcher Juila Raasch Feb 14 1910
Boettcher M Lester Henry Boettcher Martha Burow Aug 17 1921
Boettcher M Maynard George Boettcher Lena Retzloff Sep 15 1922
Boettcher F Nora John Boettcher Hattie Boerst Dec 4 1912
Boettcher M Norbert Helmuth Boettcher Mary Juedes May 14 1911
Boettcher M Paul  August Boettcher Ethel Garbrecht Dec 18 1910
Boettcher M Raymond Henry Boettcher Martha Burow Feb 6 1920
Boettcher M Robert Frederick Fred Boettcher Josephine Stone Dec 11 1917
Boettcher M Roland Arno Henry Boettcher Edna Roepke Apr 4 1913
Boettcher M Roy Earl Henry Boettcher Louise Holz Sep 3 1921
Boettcher F Selma Paul Boettcher Ida Tesch Jun 20 1913
Boettcher M Still Born Rudolph Boettcher Louis Braun Dec 3 1914
Boettcher M Vernon William George Boettcher Leona Retzloff Jan 22 1921
Bogarz M Edward Martin Martin Bogarz Katie Wowzyniak Oct 16 1917
Bogarz M Michael James Martin Bogarz Katie Wowzyniak Sep 7 1913
Bogarz F Annie Martin Bogarz Katie Wowzyniak Jun 11 1908
Bogarz M Anton Martin Bogarz Katie Wowzyniak Jan 7 1911
Bogda M Ferdinand William Bogda Minewa Tousey Feb 1 1916
Bogda F Hildegard Winana William Bogda Minewa Tousey Mar 14 1918
Bogda M Melvin William Bogda Minewa Tousey Feb 5 1908
Bogda F Vera Dolly William Bogda Minewa Tousey Oct 25 1920
Bogotka F Elsie Mary Allie Bogotka Effie Chroge Mar 30 1914
Bohlman M Arthur Jr Arthur Bohlman Ruth Schellin Oct 31 1923
Bohlman F Dorothy Maria Emil Bohlman Marie Bernett Aug 24 1920
Bohlman F Ellie Chyreny Frederick Bohlman Bertha Bohlman Aug 19 1914
Bohlman F June Elinore Frank Bohlman Ella Mayers Feb 22 1924
Bohlman M Lyle Byron Louis Bohlman Leona Joerns Jul 30 1922
Bohlman M Melvin Harold Emil Bohlman Mary Bennett Oct 1 1914
Bohlman M Norman Howard Louis Bohlman Leona Joerns Nov 18 1917
Bohlman M Paul Arthur Bohlman Ruth Schellin Apr 15 1920
Bohlman M Vilas Anker John Bohlman Alice Bohlman Jul 16 1909
Bohlman F Violet Lucille Emil Bohlman Marie Bernett Apr 29 1912
Bohm F Agnes Albert Bohm Mary Westermeyer Apr 18 1917
Bohm F Alice Albert Bohm Mary Westermeyer Jun 8 1921
Bohm F Alice Ida Emil Bohm Ella Bonnin Jun 26 1924
Bohm F Anna Martha Gustav Bohm Anna Kroening Aug 7 1912
Bohm M Arnold Fred Albert Bohm Mary Westermeyer Dec 30 1912
Bohm F Beatrice Alvina Herman Bohm Emma Ostby May 14 1911
Bohm M Bennie Herman Bohm Minnie Bonnin Jan 28 1920
Bohm M Carroll Albert Bohm Mary Westermeyer Jan 4 1923
Bohm F Dorothea Hertha Robert Bohm Pauline Pautz Jun 20 1915
Bohm F Margaretha Bertha Albert Bohm Mary Westermeyer Feb 18 1916
Bohm M Edwin Berent Herman Bohm Emma Beverson Dec 22 1908
Bohm F Elanora Dora Gustav Bohm Emma Kroning Jul 10 1917
Bohm F Elsa Amilia Carl Bohm Bertha Krull Apr 20 1909
Bohm F Emma Herman Bohm Minnie Pautz Dec 14 1911
Bohm M Erhart Carl Robert Bohm Pauline Pautz Aug 14 1912
Bohm F Esther Herman Bohm Minnie Bonnin Mar 14 1912
Bohm F Ethel Louise William Bohm Martha Brodhagen Feb 2 1917
Bohm M Eugene Arthur Bohm Augusta Beilfuss May 28 1923
Bohm F Esther Martha Emil Bohm Ella Bonnin Sep 1 1913
Bohm F Eunice Agneline William Bohm Martha Brodhagen Sep 29 1924
Bohm F Florence Lenard Bohm Myrtle Bohm Jun 15 1913
Bohm M Fred August Gustav Bohm Emma Kroening Jun 1 1918
Bohm F Gladys Louis Bohm Annie Schneider May 17 1921
Bohm M Harry Emil Bohm Ella Bonnin Jul 7 1919
Bohm M Henry Carl Gustav Bohm Emma Kroening Aug 27 1908
Bohm M Henry Edward August Bohm Lizzie Broadhagen Oct 8 1918
Bohm M Herbert Emil Bohm Ella Bonnin Apr 12 1916
Bohm M Hilbert William Gustav Bohm Emma Kroening Mar 13 1923
Bohm F Hulda Gust Bohm Anna Kraning Oct 21 1909
Bohm M Hurbert Ervin Gustav Bohm Emma Kroening Nov 23 1919
Bohm M LaVern Edward Edwars Bohm Ida Ollman Apr 10 1921
Bohm F Lena  August Bohm Lizzie Broadhagen Dec 13 1913
Bohm F Linda Anne Gust Bohm Anna Kroening Aug 18 1911
Bohm F Margaret  William Bohm Martha Brodhagen Oct 31 1918
Bohm F Maria Norma Gustav Bohm Emma Kroening Nov 30 1921
Bohm F Martha Minna Gustav Bohm Emma Kroening Nov 30 1921
Bohm M Raymond Albert Bohm Mary Westermeyer Jan 31 1919
Bohm F Viola Emma Albert Bohm Mary Westermeyer Apr 13 1914
Bohm M Willard William Bohm Martha Brodhagen Sep 28 1921
Bohman F Ruth Florence Frank Bohman Hildina Zuleger Dec 3 1913
Bohman M Walter Frank Bohman Hildina Zuleger Apr 2 1912
Bohn M Durand Lenard Bohn Myrtle Hudson Jun 26 1915
Bohn F Inez Muriel Ray Wilson Muriel Bohn Jul 15 1920
Bohn M Leslie Leonard Bohn Myrtle Hudson May 4 1912
Bohn F Marie Myrtle Leonard Bohn Myrtle Hudson Apr 16 1918
Bohn M Paul Wallace Bohn Martha Fielow Jan 13 1919
Bohn M Still Born Wallace Bohn Martha Fielow Feb 20 1920
Bohr M Antone Joseph Bohr Mary Thile Nov 25 1908
Bohr F Katie Joseph Bohr Mary Thile Nov 25 1908
Boivin M Francis Donald Julius Boivin Jennie Kaquatosh Jul 26 1917
Boivin M Maurice John Julius Boivin Jennie Kaquatosh Jul 19 1915
Boivin F Mary Elizabeth Julius Boivin Jennie Kaquatosh Dec 29 1913
Boivin F Myrtle Julius Boivin Jennie Kaquatosh Jul 19 1915
Boivin M Ruben Vincent Julius Boivin Jennie Kaquatosh May 3 1912
Boivin M Philip Herman Julius Boivin Jennie Kaquatosh May 26 1923
Boldig F Alice Clara Waldemar Boldig Maria Reckenble Aug 8 1910
Boldig M Dale Earl Lester Boldig Inez Kessen Feb 7 1921
Boldig M Frederick Miller Frederick Boldig Nora Miller Nov 23 1917
Boldig M Morris Lester Lester Boldig Inez Kessen Apr 24 1922
Boldig F Ruth Elsia Waldemar Boldig Lena Reckenbeil Jun 27 1914
Boldig M Unnamed Waldemar Boldig Lena Reckenbeil Oct 23 1912
Boldig F Vera   Frederick Boldig Elnora Miller Dec 8 1913
Boldig F Winnifred Henrette Waldemar Boldig Lena Reckenbeil Aug 26 1918
Bolyink F Amalia Garrick Bolyink Anna DeSchmidt Mar 4 1909
Bonnin M Edmere Albert Bonnin Ida Westphal Jun 24 1913
Bonnin M Elmer   Herman Bonnin Emma Engel Jun 6 1913
Bonnin M George William William Bonnin Tillie Behnke Aug 21 1915
Bonnin M LaVerne Emil Bonnin Linda Boettcher Nov 11 1920
Bonnin M Leonard Albert Bonnin Lillian Litzke Nov 5 1918
Bonnin M Leonard Emil Bonnin Linda Boettcher May 15 1918
Bonnin M Lester Herman Bonnin Emma Engel Oct 12 1914
Bonnin F Lorena Herman Bonnin Emma Engel Nov 25 1911
Bonnin M Lyle Henry Louis Bonnin  Bernice Ganshow Mar 20 1922
Bonnin F Selma Ida Albert Bonnin Ida Westphal Mar 10 1908
Bonnin M Willis Edward Louis Bonnin  Bernice Ganshow Jul 11 1924
Bonvat M Roy Philip Jno Bonvat Juliett Thomas May 8 1908
Borchard M Albert August Borchard Minna Wegner Jan 11 1910
Borchard M August Emil August Borchard Minna Wegner Dec 14 1912
Borchard F Doris Ruth William Borchard Bertha Mahtzahn Aug 6 1913
Borchard F Louisa Dora William Borchard Bertha Mahtzahn Apr 11 1911
Borchard M Richard Frederick William Borchard Bertha Mahtzahn Feb 9 1910
Bordner F Iva Pearl Jay Bordner Florence Hildeman Mar 14 1909
Boreen M Arlyn Ralph John Boreen Mansie Hamilton Jan 6 1920
Boreen M Donald Alfred John Boreen Mayme Hamilton Aug 1 1922
Boreen M Floyd Harold John Boreen Mayme Hamilton Aug 6 1911
Boreen M Howard Leland John Boreen Mayme Hamilton Feb 25 1909
Boreen M John Vincent John Boreen Mayme Hamilton Apr 4 1913
Boreen M Kenneth Carlton John Boreen Mayme Hamilton Jan 26 1917
Boreen F Mildred Pearl John Boreen Mayme Hamilton Jan 7 1919
Boreen M Vernon Clifford John Boreen Mayme Hamilton Mar 18 1924
Boreson F Elsie Christine Mons Boreson Josephine Mathison Oct 31 1910
Boreson M Lester Alvin Moses Boreson Josephine Mathison Oct 4 1914
Boreson M Peter   Moses Boreson Josephine Mathison Jun 3 1913
Borgardt F Emma Friedrick Borgardt Dorada Borgardt Oct 22 1908
Bork M Edwin Paul Bork Ella Schroeder Jun 15 1920
Borlick F Celia William Borlick Rose Blumm Oct 7 1921
Borlick F Eveline Ella William Borlick Rose Blumm Oct 6 1923
Born M Alois Arlin William Born Augusta Raddes Jun 10 1921
Born F Alma William Born Augusta Raddes Apr 1 1915
Born M Earl Frederick Herman Born Anna Schultz Jun 27 1908
Born F Florence Lydia Herman Born Anna Schultz Jan 7 1911
Born F Florence Malinda Charles Born Hulda Deletzke Feb 23 1915
Born M Leo Wm Ferdinand Born Augusta Gretzmacher Jan 31 1912
Born F Leola Clara Carl Born Hulda Deletzke Sep 11 1909
Born M Melvin William Born Augusta Raddes Aug 19 1909
Born - Still Born William Born Augusta Raddes Jun 17 1911
Born M Vernon Elder William Born Augusta Raddes Aug 19 1912
Born M Wilber Carl Herman Born Anna Schultz May 5 1913
Borowski F Mary   Joseph Borowski Mary Goska Feb 1 1922
Borowski M Max Joseph Borowski Mary Goska Aug 17 1911
Borowski F Ophelia Joseph Borowski Mary Goska Feb 16 1913
Borowski M Still Born August Borowski Anna Thede May 7 1914
Borowski F Theresa Joseph Borowski Mary Goska Jan 9 1916
Borowski M Zygmunt Joseph Borowski Mary Goska May 11 1920
Borrison M Kimball Jalmer Mont Borrison Josephine Mathison May 19 1908
Bosek F Agnes Ernest Bosek Laura Rieck Jul 4 1920
Bosin M Arnold Alvin Herman Bosin Annie Kleman Sep 4 1909
Bosin F Evelyn Herman Bosin Anna Clemens Jan 16 1916
Bosin M Harvey Wm Herman Anna Kleman Mar 13 1914
Bosin M Oscar August Herman Bosin Anna Kleman Aug 12 1911
Bossell M Calvin  Elan Bossell Julia Childs Jun 13 1915
Bossell M Cliff Joe Bossell Fanny Duir Mar 11 1911
Bossell F Ella Edgar Bossell Winnie Vaughn Oct 19 1919
Bossell F Fern Mildred Joseph Bossell Katie Duirn Aug 5 1913
Bossell M Gerlad LeRoy Alfred Bossell Erma Clauss May 24 1924
Bossell M James   Edgar Bossell Winnie Vaughn Aug 8 1912
Bossell F  Katherine E Edgar Bossell Winnie Vaughn Feb 13 1921
Bossell M Kennith Eugene Edgar Bossell Winnie Vaughn Jan 27 1910
Bossell M Lawrence   Martin Bossell Nellie Amerson Apr 16 1910
Bossell F Lola Adell Albert Bossell Bessie Wood Apr 5 1918
Bossell F Lorine Fred Bossell Susan Duir Jan 14 1910
Bossell F Marie Arlene Richard Bossell Bessie Wood Feb 26 1916
Bossell M Melvin Alfred Bossell Erma Clauss Apr 17 1922
Bossell M Orlie Vernon David Bossell Lucy Pollock Sep 5 1911
Bossell M Rupert Everett David Bossell Lucy Pollock Jan 13 1910
Bossell M russell Edgar Bossell Winnie Vaughn Jul 3 1914
Bossell F Still Born Martin Bossell Nellie Amerson May 17 1913
Bossell M Tom Martin Bossell Nellie Amerson Jul 16 1921
Botzet F Dorothy Gertrude John Botzet Isabelle Hein Feb 13 1919
Boulac M Merrill Francis Judson Boulac Pansabella Brabench Apr 7 1913
Bouprie M Simon Joe Bouprie Agmes Matchapatwo Jan 26 1914
Bowan F Elizabeth Jane Mitchell Bowan Lenore Trewern Nov 26 1922
Bowan M George Clyde John Bowan Martha Schultz Jun 30 1918
Bowan M John Arthur John Bowan Martha Schultz Dec 6 1919
Bowan F Magdalene Martha John Bowan Martha Schultz Jun 21 1915
Bowan F Margaret Monica Henry Bowan Lilian Monnow May 4 1918
Bowan M Paul Eugene Henry Bowan Lilian Monrow Nov 11 1921
Bowan M Vernon W Henry Bowan Lilian Monrow Jun 15 1913
Bowen F Agnes John Bowan Martha Schultz Jun 19 1911
Bowen F Anna Helena Mark Bowen Fanny Adams Apr 10 1909
Bowen F Beatrice John Bowan Martha Schultz Jul 30 1910
Bowen M Charles  Mark Bowen Fanny Adams Dec 30 1912
Bowen M Cyril Vincent Henry Bowan Lilian Monrow Jun 27 1910
Bowen F Frances Estella Mark Bowen Fanny Adams Nov 6 1910
Bowen M Franceis Milton John Bowan Martha Schultz Oct 23 1921
Bowen F Irene John Bowan Martha Schultz Feb 23 1909
Bowen F Lilian Winifred Mark Bowen Fanny Adams Feb 13 1908
Bowen M Orlando Kennith Mark Bowen Fanny Adams Jan 12 1913
Bowen M Still Born Henry Bowan Lillian Monrow Apr 21 1914
Bowens M Unnamed Lester Bowens Anna Ceilio Apr 14 1923
Bowman F Unnamed Herman Bowman Florence Hill Apr 22 1920
Bowman F Ada Colleen Mont Bowman Eva Doxtator Jun 24 1917
Bowman M Clarence Jaohn Mont Bowman Eva Doxtator Jun 22 1921
Bowman M Clarence Edward Edward Bowman Enola Miller Dec 9 1919
Bowman F Evangeline Herman Bowman Florence Hill Apr 7 1921
Bowman F Lucille Marie Orwin Bowman Lucy Chicks Jun 10 1918
Bowman F Marjorie Cecilia John Bowan Mary Baird Jul 9 1923
Bowman M Orrin Rolando Orwin Bowman Lucy Chicks May 28 1922
Bowman M Perry Vilas Orwin Bowman Lucy Chicks Nov 1 1909
Bowman F Susan Gertrude Herman Bowman Florence Hill Apr 22 1924
Bowman F Verna  Ralph Burr Verna Bowman Apr 27 1919
Boyd F Cecilia James Boyd Mable Wilber Nov 9 1913
Boyd F Marjorie Veronica James Boyd Mable Wilber May 21 1918
Boyd F Mary Philamine Joseph Boyd Mary Melotte Oct 17 1913
Boyd M Sylvester Theodore James Boyd Mable Wilber Aug 2 1915
Boyd F Vera Elizabeth James Boyd Mable Wilber Feb 13 1920
Boyden F Unnamed Roy Boyden Nettie Johnson Jan 30 1908
Boyden F Harriett Ruth Roy Boyden Nettie Johnson Feb 1 1913
Boyden M William Lewis Roy Boyden Nettie Johnson Dec 4 1909
Boyer M Arthur Lamontt Boyer Ella Hermann Jul 6 1918
Boyer M Chester Maurice Fred Boyer Winifred Rimert Nov 11 1912
Boyer  M Kenneth Russell Marvin Boyer Ella Boyer jun 7 1912
Boyle M Charles Hugh Charles Boyle Anna Bartline Jan 22 1915
Boyle F Dorothy Anna Charles Boyle Anna Bartline Jun 6 1912
Bozile F Lorraine Rose Charles Boyle Margarette McKungiel Feb 8 1920


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