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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Cathe Ziereis

N2645 Rustic Circle

Clintonville, WI 54929


Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012


Editor Jim Glasheen 2010


Surname Sex Name Father Mother Born
Braatz F Edna William Braatz Lillie Schultz Apr 6 1913
Braatz M George Henry George Braatz Rose Krumbach Nov 17 1914
Braatz M John Jerome George Braatz Rose Krumbach May 3 1917
Braatz M Leonard William Braatz Lillie Schultz Jul 22 1914
Braatz F Martha Minnie August Braatz Emma Magadanz Nov 16 1923
Braatz F Rose Marie George Braatz Rose Krumbach Jan 21 1923
Braatz M Rupert Albert George Braatz Rose Krumbach May 10 1913
Braatz F Selma Albert Braatz Amelia Schultz Apr 5 1909
Braatz M Waler Albert August Braatz Emma Magadanz Dec 12 1919
Brackob F Frieda Paulina John Brackob Emma Gogolin Dec 30 1917
Brackob F Lena Lora John Brackob Emma Gogolin Jul 13 1920
Brackob M Lester John John Brackob Emma Gogolin Sep 1 1913
Brackob F Remona Adeline John Brackob Emma Gogolin Nov 17 1924
Bradish F Florentine Veronica Jay Bradish Josephine Clemons Jul 23 1912
Brady M Bernhard Joseph Edward Brady Henriette Brum Jul 9 1914
Brady F Helen Addelaid Edward Brady Henriette Brum Oct 8 1915
Brady M Maelvin Edward Edward Brady Henriette Brum Jun 10 1912
Brahan F Margarete Marie Peter Brahan Anna Hoffman Apr 27 1915
Brahan F Marie Rose Peter Brahan Anna Hoffman Sep 25 1920
Brahan F Rita Marie Peter Brahan Anna Hoffman Sep 3 1922
Brahan F Virginia Mary Peter Brahan Anna Hoffman Mar 28 1924
Bramschreiber F Lorinda M Fred Bramschreiber Augusta Boettcher Nov 27 1908
Brandenburg F Agnes Maria Gottlieb Brandenburg Maria Frailing Mar 24 1908
Brandenburg M Arnold Gottlieb Brandenburg Alma Mavis Nov 5 1913
Brandenburg M Carl Gottlieb Brandenburg Alma Mavis Jun 28 1911
Brandt F Esther Dorothy William Brandt Leona Karmickel Dec 16 1921
Brandt M Harvey Eugene William Brandt Linda Kuchnickel Sep 19 1924
Brandt F Martha Minnie Gustav Brandt Caroline Zippro Sep 11 1914
Brandt M Milton Emil Brandt Amelia Martin Feb 14 1917
Brandt M Raleigh Arthur Emil Brandt Amelia Martin Nov 22 1914
Brandt M Walter Carl William Brandt Leona Karmickel Sep 18 1919
Brandt M Wilhelm Henry William Brandt Bertha Mursemick Apr 20 1909
Brandt M William  William Brandt Ella Grunwald Apr 2 1910
Brantmeier F Still Born Tom Brantmeirer Agnes Geger Sep 25 1924
Brantmeier M Frances John Tom Brantmeirer Agnes Geger Aug 16 1922
Bratz F Unnamed George Braatz Rose Krumbach Nov 14 1915
Bratz M Alvin William Bratz Lillie Schultz Apr 22 1916
Bratz F Amanda August Braatz Augusta Peterman Feb 6 1914
Bratz M Arthur Julius Ferdinand Bratz Helena Bublitz Mar 27 1921
Bratz F Dora August Braatz Augusta Peterman Aug 25 1917
Bratz F Elda Lillian William Bratz Lillie Schultz Oct 1 1917
Bratz F Erma Johanna Ferd Bratz Helena Bublitz Jun 15 1918
Bratz M Ervin August Braatz Augusta Peterman Jun 25 1912
Bratz F Martha Minnie August Braatz Augusta Peterman Jan 27 1908
Bratz F Minnie August Braatz Augusta Peterman Mar 31 1909
Bratz M Emil Karl Ferdinand Bratz Helena Bublitz Jan 28 1915
Bratz M Reinhold August Braatz Augusta Peterman Nov 20 1910
Bratz M Rudolph August Braatz Augusta Peterman Aug 17 1919
Bratz M Still Born August Braatz Augusta Peterman Feb 11 1916
Brauer F Atolina Wilhelmine Ernest Brauer Ida Malzahn Aug 22 1908
Brauer M Clarence Louis Brauer Mary Nuske Feb 7 1915
Brauer M Edwin Ernest Brauer Ida Malzahn Aug 26 1917
Brauer F Florence Ida Louis Brauer Mary Nuske May 16 1920
Brauer M Harvey Willie Ernest Brauer Ida Malzahn Nov 6 1919
Brauer F Laura Ida Ernest Brauer Ida Malzahn Mar 2 1912
Brauer F Laura   Ernest Brauer Ida Malzahn Jan 12 1916
Brauer F Laverna Ernest Brauer Ida Malzahn Mar 1 1914
Brauer F Lenora Mathilda Louis Brauer Mary Nuske Jul 12 1911
Brauer F Margaretha Louis Brauer Mary Nuske 1912
Brauer M Rudolph Fred Ernest Brauer Ida Malzahn Jan 20 1910
Brauer M Benjamin Arthur Brauer Amelia Vorphal Jan 18 1908
Braun F Cecillia Erna John Braun Vena Alander Jan 2 1913
Braun F Easter Marcus Braun Sarah Wedde Jul 22 1911
Braun F Esther   Emil Braun Eliza Lemke Jun 27 1913
Braun F Esther Otto Braun Mary Oestreich Jul 23 1920
Braun M Franklin Otto Braun Emilie Hintz Nov 7 1914
Braun F Feda Otto Braun Mary Oestreich Nov 28 1922
Braun M Harrold Fred Otto Braun Tilla Sennger Sep 13 1912
Braun M John Erwin John Braun Lavina Allander May 23 1914
Braun M Joseph Alvin John Braun Lavina Allander Jul 26 1915
Braun M Leonard William Braun Margaret Boetcher Jul 20 1917
Braun F Laura Aldora Werner Braun Augusta Schutt Jun 18 1920
Braun M Lorenz Sylvester John Braun Lavina Allander Apr 26 1911
Braun F Marcella Agnes Werner Braun Augusta Schutt Jul 28 1922
Braun F Mathilda Alvina Otto Braun Matilda Singer May 7 1918
Braun M Otto Emil Braun Lizzie Lemke Sep 9 1908
Braun F Pearl Anton Braun Emilia Vorpahl Apr 5 1912
Braun M Robert Rev H F Braun Lucy Prensser Aug 19 1920
Braun M Rudie William Braub Frieda Speigel May 30 1914
Braun M Rueben Wm Otto Braun Mary Oestreich Aug 19 1911
Braun M Russell Joseph Herman Braun Emma Goree Jun 7 1917
Braun M Rutte Herman Braun Amanda Buss Apr 22 1913
Braun F Viola Werner Braun Augusta Schutt May 1 1918
Braun M Waldemar Karl William Braun Fried Speigel Aug 21 1908
Braun M Wallace August Walter Braun Esther Huebner Mar 17 1919
Brayton M Sanford Arthur Sanford Brayton Ilda Ruelke Aug 22 1915
Brazelton F Carol May Robert Brazelton Alice Hutchins Dec 22 1909
Breaker F Ethelyn Marcella Martin Breaker Lydia Leitzke Nov 22 1923
Breaker M Henry Adolph Adolph Breaker Gusta Malzahn Aug 15 1911
Breaker M Henry Otto Wm Breaker Alyvina Stengel Mar 30 1910
Breaker M Lester Wm Adolph Breaker Gusta Malzahn Jan 30 1910
Breaker F Louise Alice Adolph Breaker Gusta Malzahn Jun 19 1908
Breakstone F Dsarah Jacob Breakstone Lena Chaimson Nov 19 1916
Brechen F Inez Viola O E Brechen Ingbar Isaacson Oct 18 1913
Brechen M Russell Wieford O E Brechen Ingbar Isaacson Oct 16 1908
Brede F Bertha Ida Ferdinand Brede Bertha Radtke May 8 1911
Brede M Byran Bennett Otto Brede Ida Bankert Nov 3 1909
Brede F Clara Ferdinand Brede Mary Radtke Nov 17 1908
Brede F Ester Ferdinand Brede Maria Schutt Nov 19 1919
Brede F Frieda   Ferdinand Brede Maria Schutt Apr 23 1913
Brede M George   Ferdinand Brede Mary Schutt Feb 22 1922
Brede F Luella Ferdinand Brede Mary Schutt May 17 1917
Brede M William Clarence Ferdinand Brede Mary Schultz Aug 15 1924
Breed M Dwain Emerson Dwight Breed Erma Hertzfeld Jun 14 1917
Brehmer M George Herbert Christ Brechmer Hannah Schmidt  Sep 4 1913
Brei M Alvin Norman Julius Brei Amelia Mussack Sep 5 1913
Brei F Amanda Wm Brei Hannah Kapeke Jul 5 1910
Brei F Anna Marie Lutsey Brei Ludmilla Herback Sep 4 1920
Brei F Dorothy Roberta Lutsey Brei Ludmilla Herback Dec 1 1914
Brei M Francis Gordon Frank Brei Myrtle Bergsbaken Jun 8 1920
Brei M Frederick Arthur Fred Brei Ida Wolfgram Apr 29 1918
Brei F Gladys Henry Brei Laura Ahlgrimm Jul 8 1923
Brei F Marjorie May Fred Brei Ida Wolfgram May 23 1923
Brei M Russell Albert Fred Brei Ida Wolfgram Feb 17 1910
Breitenfeldt F Unnamed Harry Breitenfeldt Margaret Sousek Dec 19 1919
Breitenfeldt F Dorothy   Hugo Breitenfeldt Alma Suehring Mar 3 1920
Breitenfeldt F Geraldine Jeanette Emil Breitenfeldt Martha Moenke Apr 26 1924
Breitenfeldt M Hilmor Floyd John Breitenfeldt Laura Dode Jul 6 1921
Breitenfeldt M James Joseph Fritz Breitenfeldt Anna Sickinger Jul 8 1918
Breitenfeldt F Lola Jane John Breitenfeldt Laura Dode Dec 31 1922
Breitenfeldt F Olive Ethel Harry Breitenfeldt Margaret Sousek Mar 4 1921
Breitenfeldt F Ora Fern Harry Breitenfeldt Margaret Sousek Nov 12 1923
Breitenfeldt M Rolland Louis Breitenfeldt Mary Weihing Jun 30 1909
Breitenfeldt M Roy Ferdinand Charles Breitenfeldt Mathilda Mehlberg May 22 1918
Breitenfeldt M Still Born Hugo Breitenfeldt Alma Suehring Jun 10 1922
Breitenfeldt M Still Born Hugo Breitenfeldt Alma Suehring Apr 3 1921
Breitenfeldt F Virginia Esther Emil Breitenfeldt Martha Moenke Nov 29 1921
Breitenfeldt F Unnamed John Breitenfeldt Laura Dode Mar 11 1919
Breitenfeldt M Waldo Arthur Harry Breitenfeldt Margaret Sousek May 14 1922
Breitenfeldt F Elinora John Breitenfeldt Laura Dode Jun 22 1915
Breitenfeldt F Ruth John Breitenfeldt Laura Dode Jun 22 1915
Breitenfeldt F Frances Leona Fred Breitenfeldt Anna Sickinger Dec 18 1915
Breitenfeldt M Ferdinand Edward Ferdinand Breitenfeldt Wilhelmina Beyer Nov 21 1909
Breitrich M Unnamed Alvin Breitrich Alma Lucht Nov 9 1914
Breitrich M Edward Wallace Alvin Breitrich Alma Lucht Aug 11 1924
Breitrich F Marie Arene Alvin Breitrich Alma Lucht Jan 16 1922
Breitrich M Marlin  Alvin Breitrich Alma Lucht Sep 29 1919
Breitzman M Walter D Walter Breitzman Marie Spohn Aug 11 1918
Brener F Agnes   Fred Brener Amelia Lifke Oct 22 1910
Brener F Beatrice Fred Brener Amelia Lifke Jan 1 1909
Brennan M Clarence Wm Brennan Sarah McAllister Mar 12 1912
Brennan F Jannette Alice Martin Brennan Myrtle Evens Feb 9 1921
Brennan M Joseph Maurice Wm Brennan Sarah McAllister Nov 4 1919
Breutzman M Arthur Frederick Martin Breutzman Meta Schachtschneider Jun 20 1918
Breutzman M Herbert August Martin Breutzman Meta Schachtschneider Apr 21 1915
Breutzman F Genivea Wm Breutzman Meta Nortwig Mar 18 1923
Brewer M George Ervin Brewer Letha Luker Feb 26 1909
Brewer M James   Giles Brewer Lulu Luker Mar 18 1909
Brietrick M Kenneth Alvin Alvin Brietrick Alma Lucht Nov 18 1915
Brightsman M Unnamed Walter Brightsman Marie Bowman Sep 24 1920
Brightsman F Still Born Walter Brightsman Marie Spohn Sep 23 1921
Brightsman M Victor  Walter Broetzman Marie Spohn Jul 20 1917
Bro M Unnamed Clifford Bro Nora Dawson May 7 1918
Bro M Unnamed Clifford Bro Nora Dawson May 7 1918
Brockhaus M Raymond Louis Louis Brockhaus Tillie Polzin Aug 4 1923
Brockiew M George Mitchell Brockiew Mary Kittson Mar 5 1915
Brockman M Charles Edward Edward Brockman Gladys Pulcifer Apr 10 1920
Brockman F Edyth Marie Edward Brockman Gladys Pulcifer Apr 21 1924
Brockman M John Edward Brockman Gladys Pulcifer Jun 9 1923
Brockob F Alice John Brockob Emma Gogolin Feb 19 1916
Brodhagen M Unnamed Louis Brodhagen Anna Westphal Apr 3 1916
Brodhagen F Doris Claire William Brodhagen Magdaline Handt Mar 9 1924
Brodhagen F Dorothea Bertha Ernest Brodhagen Ida Ebert Feb 7 1920
Brodhagen F Elvira Louise William Brodhagen Magdaline Handt May 31 1920
Brodhagen M Eugene Norma William Brodhagen Magdaline Handt Oct 28 1917
Brodhagen M Frank Edward Frank Brodhagen Martha Mews Feb 7 1912
Brodhagen F Frieda Esther Herman Brodhagen Martha Manthie Apr 10 1908
Brodhagen F Amelia Hazel Robert Brodhagen Alma Hoefs Jun 30 1912
Brodhagen F Hildegard Anna Ernest Brodhagen Ida Ebert Jun 30 1918
Brodhagen F Mable Jennie Robert Brodhagen Alma Hoefs Dec 25 1913
Brodhagen M Martin Ernest Louis Brodhagen Anna Westphal Jun 9 1920
Brodhagen M Norman Louis Brodhagen Anna Westphal Apr 22 1917
Brodhagen M Raymond Gerhard Ernest Brodhagen Ida Ebert Apr 14 1922
Brodhagen F Ruth Louis Brodhagen Anna Westphal Jul 2 1922
Brodhagen F Victoria Helen Louis Brodhagen Anna Westphal Oct 31 1924
Broeske M Arthur Carl Paul Broeske Laura Baures Oct 5 1913
Broeske F Marie Josephine Walter Broeske Anna Kronser Sep 10 1923
Broeske M Oscar Walter Paul Broeske Laura Baures Jul 5 1911
Brogen F Irene Frank Brogen Veda McCann Dec 5 1910
Bronsilette M Roland Henry Bronsilette Margaret Herman Mar 24 1915
Brooks M Unnamed James Brooks Jane Dick Dec 11 1921
Brooks M Forest Benjamin Benjamin Brooks Stella Rath Sep 24 1924
Brooks M Keith Oscar Brooks Hattie Mercham May 14 1923
Brooks F Lucille  James Brooks Mary Grignon May 25 1913
Brooks F Mary James Brooks Jane Dick Mar 8 1919
Brooks M Mithcell Joseph James Brooks Jane Dick Apr 11 1923
Brooks F Myrtle Jane James Brooks Jane Dick NG
Brown F Alta Luella Dave Brown Lena Lidus Mar 15 1918
Brown F Arbutus Susan Joseph Brown Daisy Bastel Apr 26 1918
Brown F Bulah Joseph Brown Daisy Bastel Jul 19 1913
Brown F Elizabeth Minnie Charles Brown Alvena Leiders Oct 21 1922
Brown M Frank Edward Elmer Brown Ruth Bowker Feb 1 1919
Brown F Gladys Irene Jesse Brown Angeline Dunysprope Apr 29 1921
Brown M Jay Clyde Charles Brown Alvena Leiders Apr 8 1912
Brown M Kenneth Joseph Joseph Brown Daisy Bastel Jan 30 1916
Brown M Lavern Fred Fred Brown Emma Cerveny Oct 23 1922
Brown F Leona  Marcus Brown Sarah Wedde Dec 28 1908
Brown F Lorraine Grace Charles Brown Alvena Leiders Aug 14 1919
Brown F Mary Otto Brown Amelia Ostrich Nov 17 1909
Brown M Otto Fred William Brown Freda Spegel Jan 1 1910
Brown M Rube Anton Brown Emilie Vorphal Feb 15 1913
Brown M Stanley William Charles Brown Alvena Leiders Mar 25 1910
Brown M Thomas Henry Jesse Brown Angeline Dunysprope Dec 23 1922
Brown F Verna May Charles Brown Alvena Leiders Jul 28 1918
Brubaker F Grace Wm Brubaker Nellie Braun Jun 1 1909
Bruce F Afta Marie Charles Bruce Mary Hansen Sep 19 1911
Bruce M Leonard Hansen Charles Bruce Mary Hansen Jun 11 1908
Bruce M Roger Richard Bruce Caroline Jommen Jun 23 1911
Bruesewitz F Still Born Otto Brueswitz Linda Hartwig Apr 9 1918
Bruesewitz F Viola Carl Bruesewitz Anna Bork Nov 20 1909
Bruesewitz M Benjamin Charles Bruesewitz Anna Bork Nov 4 1907
Bruesewitz M Daniel Otto Brueswitz Linda Hartwig Jan 30 1921
Bruesewitz M Hurbert Charles Bruesewitz Anna Bork Aug 20 1911
Bruette M Felix Joseph Arthur Bruette Alice Gardner Sep 26 1920
Bruette F Opal Janette Anton Bruette Alice Gardner Nov 3 1923
Brumm M Arthur George George Brumm Anna Gueller Sep 9 1908
Brumm F Ella Cora Melvin Brumm Ella Heinrich Apr 7 1918
Brumm F Jane Arline Melvin Brumm Ella Heinrich Jun 19 1923
Brumm F Marie Anna George Brumm Anna Gueller Apr 5 1910
Brummels F Norma Klara Joe Brummels Minnie Obrick Jan 16 1910
Brunette F Edith Joseph Brunette Flora Martinez Jul 18 1915
Brunk F Gene Clover Earl Brunk Cora Wincensen May 16 1922
Brunner F Unnamed Gottlieb Brunner Anna Nuelka Nov 6 1912
Brunner F Unnamed Frank Brunner Anna Kresl Feb 6 1921
Brunner F Alice Alex Brunner Anna Torbeck Sep 21 1915
Brunner M Allen Joseph Frank Brunner Anna Aschenbrenner Apr 8 1909
Brunner F Anna Helen Joseph Brunner Mary Dillenberg Apr 3 1924
Brunner F Annie Frank Brunner Anna Brunner Jun 30 1914
Brunner M Anton Joseph Brunner Mary Dillenberg Aug 16 1920
Brunner F Dorothy Anglia Micheal Brunner Anna Kadletz Jul 17 1917
Brunner F Dorothy Alex Brunner Anna Yorbeck Jul 19 1913
Brunner M Earl Martin Brunner Anna Stodolla Dec 14 1911
Brunner F Elizabeth   Joseph Brunner Mary Dillenberg Jan 6 1919
Brunner M Emmerth Albert Brunner Elitha Chapin Dec 31 1922
Brunner M Florian Anton Brunner Mary Sazama May 5 1909
Brunner F Frances Margaret Joseph Brunner Mary Dillenberg Oct 17 1917
Brunner M Frank Joseph Brunner Mary Dillenberg May 22 1923
Brunner F Helen   Frank Brunner Anna Kresl Apr 27 1923
Brunner F Helen Ellen Rolly Brunner Barbara Pevonka Jan 16 1922
Brunner M Harold Alex Brunner Anna Torbeck Aug 10 1911
Brunner F Hilda Alex Brunner Anna Torbeck Apr 5 1921
Brunner M Jerome Eland Brunner Evelyn Brumm Sep 27 1923
Brunner F June Marie Rolly Brunner Barbara Pevonka Aug 12 1924
Brunner F Leona Marie Martin Brunner Anna Stodolla Sep 11 1914
Brunner M Luis Anton Brunner Marie Salzman Oct 2 1912
Brunner F Mabel Marie George Brunner Mary Turecek Nov 29 1908
Brunner F Margaret F Brunner Anna Kresl Jan 19 1919
Brunner F Marian Doris Ernest Brunner Doris Wissman Sep 4 1920
Brunner F Mary Elizabeth Frank Brunner Anna Kresl May 1 1911
Brunner F Mary Magdaline Joseph Brunner Mary Dillenberg Dec 9 1921
Brusewitz M Arthur Otto Brusewitz Linda Hartwig Nov 18 1915
Brusewitz M Carl Otto Otto Brueswitz Linda Hartwig Apr 7 1919
Brusewitz F Clarice Mildred Henry Brusewitz Lena McConley Nov 15 1918
Brusewitz F Ettina Lucille Henry Brusewitz Lena McConley Oct 11 1908
Brusewitz M Henry Jackson Henry Brusewitz Lena McConley Oct 30 1920
Brusewitz M Phillip Henry Brusewitz Lena McConley Oct 21 1914
Brusewitz M Woodrow Henry Henry Brusewitz Lena McConley Aug 29 1912
Brushel M Ambler Joseph Samuel Brushel Tessia Quinney May 27 1920
Brushel F Henrietta Irene Samuel Brushel Tessia Quinney Apr 19 1913
Brushel F Ione Marie Samuel Brushel Tessia Quinney Apr 3 1918
Brushel M Samuel H Samuel Brushel Tessia Quinney Aug 26 1915
Bruskey F Annie John Bruskey Josie Demski Jan 15 1918
Bruskey M Edwin John Bruskey Josie Demski Feb 20 1915
Bruskey M Eugene Stanley John Bruskey Josie Demski Dec 10 1921
Bruskey M Symphorian John Bruskey Josie Demski Jul 19 1920
Bruskey F Theresa John Bruskey Josie Demski Apr 1 1913
Bruss F Unnamed Gustav Bruss Ella Lauersdorf Apr 17 1913
Bruss M Arthur Gustav Bruss Ella Lauersdorf May 21 1920
Bruss F Bertha Mary Gustav Bruss Ella Lauersdorf Nov 18 1910
Bruss F Esther Gustav Bruss Ella Lauersdorf Apr 14 1912
Bruss M Reuben Albert Frank Bruss Bertha Reinholz Oct 2 1924
Bruss M Robert Paul Frank Bruss Bertha Reinholz Sep 4 1923
Bruszkiewicz M Daniel Casimer Casimer Bruszkiewicz Polly Lepack Sep 11 1923
Bruszkiewicz M Joseph Juluis Bruszkiewicz Barbara Szultek Sep 17 1915
Bryfezynske F Cecilia Stanly Bryfezynske Agnes Konieczka Nov 4 1917
Bryfezynske M John Frank Bryfezynski Sofie Majewski Nov 21 1913
Brynczynski F Susan John Brynczynski Mary Jerusal Jul 28 1909
Brywczinski M Still Born John Bryweczinski Mary Jerusal Aug 10 1911
Brywczinski F Mary Frank Bryfezynski Sophia Majewski Oct 20 1917
Brzczinski M Edward Calrence Julius Brzczinski Geneva Schultz Nov 24 1923
Brzczinski M Czeslaus Joseph Brzezowski Katherine Osiewski Oct 14 1913
Brzczinski M Henry Joseph Brzezowski Katherine Osiewski Nov 14 1914
Brzczinski F Helen Wilhelma Joseph Brzezowski Katherine Osiewski Jan 7 1911
Brzczinski F Mary Antonia Joseph Brzezowski Katherine Osiewski Dec 26 1911
Brzczinski M Paul Joseph Brzezowski Katherine Osiewski Nov 13 1914
Brzczinski M Leonard George Julian Brzezinski Geneva Schultz Feb 21 1914
Brzezinski F Helen Eve Julius Bezezinski Jennie Schultz Nov 1 1912
Brzezinski F Anastasia Veronica Walter Brzezinski Agnes Schultz Sep 12 1915
Brzezinski M Edwin Casimer Walter Brzezinski Agnes Schultz Jun 5 1021
Brzezinski F Evelyn Walter Brzezinski Agnes Schultz Mar 3 1919
Brzezinski F Martha G John Brzezinski Joanna Wajciechowski Sep 23 1910
Bublitz M Alford August Emil Bublitz Anna Krolow Sep 15 1912
Bublitz F Clara Antonia Herman Bublitz Bertha Neiman Mar 11 1911
Bublitz F Dorothy Alvina Herman Bublitz Bertha Neiman Dec 12 1920
Bublitz M Edwin Paul Bublitz Helen Bielke Jan 21 1924
Bublitz M Erwin Carl Paul Bublitz Elsie Vollmer Feb 4 1920
Bublitz F Irene Herman Bublitz Anna Gussel Oct 21 1914
Bublitz M Lawrence Emil Gust Bublitz Anna Janke Apr 15 1917
Bublitz M Lavern Emil Emil Bublitz Bertha Schwartzkoff Aug 22 1921
Bublitz F Louise Wilhelmine Gust Bublitz Lizzie Kohn Oct 12 1921
Bublitz F Margarette Otto Bublitz Helen Bublitz Aug 15 1912
Bublitz F Rose Gertrude Herman Bublitz Anna Gussel Jun 6 1909
Bublitz M Still Born Wm Bublitz Wilhelmina Braatz Mar 8 1908
Buchberger F Unnamed Peter Buchberger Carrie Butler May 24 1921
Buchberger F Alice Lillian Peter Buchberger Carol Butler Jul 24 1913
Buchberger M Henry Louis Buchberger Harrie Butler Aug 18 1908
Buchberger M Peter Peter Buchberger Carrie Butler Jul 18 1909
Buchberger F Still Born Peter Buchberger Carrie Butler Apr 22 1908
Buchholz M Boyd William Buchholz Louise Mielke Mar 12 1909
Buchholz F Delores William Buchholz Mollie Ziemer May 9 1922
Buchholz F Florence Annie Walter Buchholz Alma Knaack Apr 9 1921
Buchholz M Harold George Frank Buchholz Martha Salzman Sep 23 1922
Buchholz M Harry Herman Walter Buchholz Alma Knaack Nov 17 1922
Buchholz M Herbert Arthur William Buchholz Helen Rabenorst Nov 10 1919
Buchholz M Lester Herman Carl Bubhholz Anna Tuschy May 5 1919
Buchholz M Raymond Richard Carl Bubhholz Anna Tuschy Jan 31 1921
Buchholz M Reuben   William Buchholz Helen Rabenorst Oct 16 1921
Buchholz M Stanley  William Buchholz Mollie Ziemer Sep 30 1924
Buchholz M Waren Frank Frank Buchholz Martha Salzman Aug 25 1924
Buchsieb F Unnamed Louis Buchsieb Elivins Tyrell Aug 11 1923
Buck M Alfred Mason Mason Buck Laura Olmstead Mar 18 1909
Buck F Alice Marie Herman Buck Ida Prust Mar 7 1911
Buck F Aster Leola Ivan Buck Barbara Zarda Oct 13 1909
Buck M Byron Edwin Floyd Buck Ethel Mackay Jul 21 1921
Buck M Earl Chesley Floyd Buck Ethel Mackay Dec 3 1919
Buck F Emma Ester Mason Buck Laura Olmstead May 1 1913
Buck F Florence Leona James Buck Agnes Madson Aug 2 1912
Buck F Frances Maria Eugene Buck Selma Anderson Mar 18 1912
Buck M Laurence Edman Eugene Buck Selma Anderson Sep 25 1914
Buck F Loretta Mildred Floyd Buck Ethel Mackay Dec 10 1917
Buck F Mabel   James Buck Agnes Madson Mar 28 1915
Buck M Malvin Ivan Buck Barbara Zarda Nov 16 1915
Buck F Marion Marie Fred Buck Eva Coffman Jun 16 1908
Buck M Robert H Herman Buck Ida Prust Jul 18 1917
Buck M Russel Eugene  Arthur Buck Selma Anderson Apr 25 1913
Buck M Stanley Marvin James Buck Agnes Madson Sep 19 1908
Buck F Verena May Floyd Buck Ethel Mackay May 18 1923
Buck M Eilbert James Jim Buck Agnes Madson Jul 9 1910
Buck F Wina May Mason Buck Laura Olmstead Mar 21 1911
Buckmaster F Velma Mae Alfred Buckmaster Roxanna Fiefield Aug 1 1908
Buckoski M Eugene Andrew Andrew Buckoski Julia Stefl Oct 14 1924
Buckoski F Hazel Andrew Buckoski Julia Stefl 9 Sep 1922
Budahn F Helena Maria Gustav Bugah Bertha Lebeck Apr 7 1920
Budtke M Frederick Arthur Fred Budtke Meta Krueger Jul 31 1921
Buelow M Adolph Henry Buelow Hattie Jantz May 29 1910
Buelow M Adolph Henry Buelow Hattie Jantz Nov 11 1917
Buelow M Elmer Henry Buelow Hattie Jantz Nov 11 1917
Buelow M Harold John Henry Buelow Hattie Jantz May 19 1914
Buelow M Harry Carl Henry Buelow Hattie Jantz Feb 16 1916
Buelow M Henry Edwin Henry Buelow Hattie Jantz Jul 10 1923
Buelow M Irwin Edwin Buelow Clara Seidler Jul 29 1924
Buelow M Leo Frank Buelow Amanda Treptow Jul 2 1910
Buelow F Leona Frank Buelow Amanda Treptow Jul 2 1910
Buelow F Lucille  Herman Buelow Emma Krueger Jun 18 1912
Buelow F Minnie Henry Buelow Hattie Jantz Dec 6 1908
Buelow F Myrtle Marie Henry Buelow Hattie Jantz Jul 25 1921
Buelter M Albert Gordon Albert Buelter Lydia Tews Aug 21 1920
Buelter M Donald Albert Buetler Lydia Tews May 8 1911
Buelter M George August Rudolph Buelter Ida Kleeman Feb 21 1911
Buelter F Grace Albert Buelter Lydia Tews Apr 13 1917
Buelter F Inez Viola Albert Buelter Minnie Tews Feb 5 1909
Buelter M Lawrence   Albert Buelter Lydia Tews Feb 15 1915
Buelter F Lizzie Edward Buelter Lizzie Maas Oct 6 1909
Buelter M Peter Edward Rudolph Buelter Ida Kleeman Jan 13 1909
Buelter F Rosalie Edward Buelter Lizzie Maas Sep 20 1911
Buelter M Roy   Edward Buelter Lizzie Maas Mar 10 1917
Buettner M Albert   Albert Buettner Anna Sperberg Dec 14 1913
Buettner M Alfred   Allbert Buettner Anna Sperberg Dec 14 1913
Buettner F Alice Bernard Buettner Minnie Petter Sep 27 1918
Buettner M Alvin Norman Alvin Buettner Anna Ross Jun 14 1911
Buettner M Casper John August Buettner Elsie Sperberg Feb 7 1912
Buettner M Clarence Bernard Buettner Minnie Petter Aug 28 1908
Buettner M Clifford William Buettner Ella Jaeger Jul 14 1914
Buettner M Dewey Alfred Alvin Buettner Anna Ross Jan 8 1913
Buettner F Dorothy Alice Theodore Buettner Bertha Kolpack Apr 25 1919
Buettner M Edward John Theodore Buettner Bertha Kolpack Mar 25 1921
Buettner F Elda Elizabeth Kunibert Buettner Thelma Cornelius Oct 20 1914
Buettner F Elfrieda Rosa Albert Buettner Anna Sperberg Jul 24 1912
Buettner M Ernest William Buettner Ella Yeager Aug 4 1917
Buettner M Erwin Carl Charles Buettner Esther Teetzen Mar 3 1912
Buettner F Evelyn Edward Buettner Nettie Culver Jun 28 1909
Buettner F Florence Bernhard Buettner Minnie Peter Aug 21 1921
Buettner F Albert Buettner Albert Buettner Annie Sperberg Nov 14 1909
Buettner M Frank Alton Frank Buettner Florence Brockman Apr 29 1920
Buettner M Harold Albert Buettner Emma Sperberg Sep 27 1915
Buettner M Hurbert Edwin Albert Buettner Anna Sperberg May 23 1908
Buettner F Irene Bernard Buettner Minnie Peter Jun 7 1917
Buettner F Irna Norma Julius Buettner Emma Sperberg Aug 14 1919
Buettner F Laona Agnes Julius Buettner Emma Sperberg Sep 12 1910
Buettner F Lucille Inez Albert Buettner Anna Sperberg Feb 19 1923
Buettner F Lulabelle Dorothy Albert Buettner Anna Sperberg Jun 9 1917
Buettner F Lydia Anna Albert Buettner Anna Sperberg Jan 25 1911
Buettner F Marjorie Ann Frank Buettner Florence Brockman Feb 14 1922
Buettner M Marvin Wilfred Ben Buettner Minnie Peters Feb 11 19123
Buettner M Oliver Theodore Buettner Bertha Kolpack Aug 7 1914
Buettner M Ray August William Buettner Ella Yeager Jun 16 1909
Buettner M Rudolph Julius Buettner Emma Sperberg Jul 5 1913
Buettner M Rudolph Carl Albert Buettner Anna Sperberg Dec 30 1920
Buettner M Rueben Albert Bernhardt Beuttner Minnie Petters Jan 11 1912
Buettner M Russell Edward Buettner Nettie Culver May 9 1913
Buettner F Ruth Iola Julius Buettner Emma Sperberg Mar 15 1912
Buettner M Vernon Jule Edward Buettner Nettie Culver Nov 11 1911
Buettner M Victor Julius Kunibert Buettner Thelma Cornelius Jan 16 1920
Buettner F Verona Viloa Charles Buettner Esther Teetzen Oct 24 1915
Buettner M Wallace Dewey Julius Buettner Emma Sperberg Jul 11 1908
Buettner M Wallace Melvin William Buettner Lydia Steege Jan 29 1922
Buettner M Ward Oscar Julius Buettner Emma Sperberg Nov 23 1924
Bugracki M Edwin Stephen Stanly Bugracki Mary Hoffman Nov 12 1920
Buhrandt M Alfred William Herman Buhrandt Lenora Egmer Nov 15 1920
Bukowski F Bernice  Stanley Bukowski Martha Ciesielzyk Sep 11 1921
Bukowski F Dora John Bukowski Hellen Maliczki Dec 9 1909
Bukowski F Laura John Bukowski Hellen Maliczki May 3 1913
Bukowski F Pearl Stanley Bukowski Martha Ciesielzyk Jun 15 1923
Buman M John Paul John Buman Elsie Bodden Oct 30 1913
Bumann F Margaret Jane John Bumann Elsie Bodden Jun 15 1920
Bump F Faytime Angline Lewis Bump Pearl Howe Apr 21 1912
Bunkelman M Norman Ed Bunkelman Emma Anderson Apr 3 1908
Bunkelman F Frances Josephine Edward Bunkelman Emma Anderson Jun 13 1914
Bunkelman M David Sylvester Edward Bunkelman Emma Anderson Aug 2 1911
Buntruck M Harvey Arthur Buntruck Paula Kalkowski Nov 5 1919
Buntruck M Norman William Emil Buntruck Elsie Matz Oct 8 1917
Burke F Anna Marie Martin Burke Hulda Peterson Dec 7 1918
Burmeister M Chester Gustav Burmeister Sophia Krueger Jul 17 1910
Burmeister F Gertrude Paul Burmeister Lydia Brownscheich Jan 9 1916
Burmeister F Irma Eleanore William Burmeister Emma Hinz Sep 19 1911
Burmeister M Norman William William Burmeister Emma Hinz Oct 10 1913
Burmeister M Raymond Paul Burmeister Lydia Branschweig Jun 26 1914
Burmeister M Jan 10 1924 Elmer Burmeister Hattie Kroening Jan 10 1924
Burns M Louis Ramme Edward Burns Sofia DeBrown May 11 1914
Burr F Clara Elizabeth Ralph Burr Laverna Bowman May 8 1916
Burr M Clyde Sherman Abner Burr May Palmer Jun 15 1918
Burr F Joyce Elizabeth Abner Burr May Palmer Dec 24 1920
Burr M Milo Sheldon Abner Burr May Palmer Dec 31 1919
Burr M Ralph Norbert Louis Burr Mary Gardner Sep 10 1918
Burty F Velda Lillian George Burty Annie Wolf Jan 7 1922
Burzill F Valney May Birill Burzill Lila Rickman  Nov 23 1921
Busack F Gertrude Emily George Busack Emma Gruel Apr 13 1909
Busch M Adolph August Adolph Busch Anna Witte Jan 13 1918
Busch M Clarence Carl Frank Busch Hulda Simon Dec 17 1918
Busch M Emil August Emil Busch Ida Klosterman Mar 28 1918
Busch M Gilbert John Emil Busch Ida Klosterman Jul 29 1909
Busch F Gladys Frank Busch Hulda Simons Jul 14 1913
Busch M Harold Martin Frank Busch Hulda Simons Mar 15 1921
Busch F Hertha Pauline Frank Busch Hulda Simons Jan 3 1923
Busch F Irene Adelia Adolph Busch Anna Witte Dec 1 1909
Busch M John Karl Adolph Busch Anna Witte Nov 19 1914
Busch M Lenard Emil Busch Ida Klosterman May 24 1915
Busch F Leona Frank Busch Hulda Simon Jun 5 1915
Busch F Lorena Martha  Adolph Busch Anna Witte Sep 27 1911
Busch F Lorene Emilie Otto Busch Louise Boettcher Dec 18 1909
Busch F Margaret Emil Busch Ida Klosterman May 11 1911
Busch F Pauline Ernest Busch Annie Scheran Jan 1 1915
Busch M Reimer John  Emil Busch Ida Klosterman Aug 14 1913
Busch M Victor August Busch Anna Simon Feb 4 1923
Buser M Carl John Leo Buser Clara Klug Nov 12 1909
Buser M Raymond Leo Leo Buser Clara Klang May 29 1915
Buser M Rufus Arnbern Leo Buser Clara Klang May 5 1911
Bush M Robert  Louis Bush Louisa Muck Oct 4 1920
Buss F Alma  Herman Buss Anna Rades Oct 24 1914
Buss M Alvin Edwin Robert Buss Sabina Pappendorf Feb 17 1919
Buss M Andrew William Buss Bertha Knaack Oct 23 1924
Buss M Arnold Wm William Buss Frances Gracyalna Aug 15 1919
Buss M Arvin Arthur John Buss Adella Luchterhaus May 19 1924
Buss F Aster Louisa William Buss Bertha Knaack Mar 21 1912
Buss F Doris Jane Edwin Buss Alice Schultz Feb 25 1921
Buss M Edward Anthont William Buss Frances Gracyalna May 10 1921
Buss M Erwin Carl Robert Buss Sabina Pappendorf Feb 20 1923
Buss M Harvey Richard Emil Buss Frieda Kuehl Aug 5 1924
Buss F Helen Emelia Fred Buss Dora Schwartz Oct 1 1920
Buss F Hilda Meta William Buss Bertha Knaack Jan 19 1920
Buss M Jacob  William Buss Frances Gracyalna Jun 1 1918
Buss M Leonard Andrew Eland Buss Frances Gracyalna Oct 10 1922
Buss M Leonard Daniel John Buss Adelia Luchterhand Jun 12 1923
Buss M Leslie William Reinhold Buss Hulda Maleg Aug 8 1920
Buss F Loraine Ruth Herman Buss Anna Rades Jan 9 1923
Buss F Luccia Julius Buss Martha Schroeder Jul 4 1908
Buss F Margarete   Herman Buss Anna Rades Nov 19 1917
Buss F Marsella Amanda Frederick Buss Mollie Netzel Jan 30 1911
Buss F Marzella Herman Buss Anna Rades Jul 28 1912
Buss F Mildred Anna Lenord Buss Amelia Benter Aug 3 1919
Buss F Nelda Caroline Emil Buss Tillie Krueger Aug 24 1921
Buss M Reinhold Adolpf William Buss Bertha Krueger Apr 16 1915
Buss M Rolland William Buss Bertha Knaack Jul 14 1913
Buss M Roland August L H Buss Amalie Benter Nov 18 1921
Buss F Rosa Hulda William Buss Bertha Knaack Oct 3 1910
Buss M Roy Leonard John Buss Ida Krause Nov 4 1919
Buss F Ruth Irene Fred Buss Dora Schwartz Jun 22 1922
Buss F Selma Emelia Wm Buss Alice Knaack Nov 15 1921
Buss M Wallace Fred Buss Dora Schwartz Jul 7 1924
Buss M William Louis Wm Buss Bertha Knaack May 14 1923
Buth F Alice Emma Herman Buth Rosalie Smith Jun 29 1921
Buth M Archibald Herman Herman Buth Rosilie Oct 22 1908
Buth M Clyde Albert Albert Buth Violet Stengel Jun 126 1922
Buth M Gordon Frederick Herman Buth  Rosalia Smith Mar 12 1914
Buth M Llewellyn Arnold Herman Buth Rosa Smith Jan 6 1913
Butler M Fay  Ira Bulter Myrtle Siddens Sep 28 1913
Butler F Flora Stanley Butler Minnie Duir Feb 1 1912
Butler F Floreta Stanley Butler Minnie Duir Feb 1 1912
Butler M George Reed Harry Butler Catherine Redd Jun 5 1908
Butt M Earl Arnold Wm Butt Mary Kazdo Dec 29 1923
Butt F Ethel Clara Wm Butt Mary Kazdo Mar 24 1914
Butt M Frank J Frank Butt Clara Dallman Sep 5 1910
Butt F Mabel Cora Wm Butt Mary Kazdo Jun 24 1908
Butt F Marcella Agnes Wm Butt Mary Kazdo Nov 6 1909
Butt M Perry Jennings Frank Butt Clara Dallman Apr 26 1913
Butt M Still Born Wm Butt Mary Kazdo Dec 31 1910
Butt F Sylvia Minnie Wm Butt Mary Kazdo Jun 12 1917
Butt M Walter A Frank Butt Clara Dallman Apr 21 1912
Butterfield M Hector Ira Ed Butterfield Alice Jellemon Apr 9 1909
Buttolph M Earl Frank John Buttolph Margaret Hoffman May 5 1913
Buxton M William Henry Charles Buxton Myrtle Davis Jan 2 1913
Byczek M Anton John Byczek Josie Janiga Jan 23 1914
Byczek M Edwin John Byczek Josie Janiga Feb 2 1916
Byczek F Eva John Byczek Josie Janiga Feb 4 1912
Byers M Theodore Frank Charles Byers Cora Spielberg Jul 19 1928
Byrne M Francis Arthur Laurence Byrne Hattie Perry Nov 23 1908
Byrne M Still Born Lawrence Byrne Hattie Perry Sep 5 1910
Byrne N Unnamed Edward Byrnes Hattie Perry Aug 20 1911



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