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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Cathe Ziereis

N2645 Rustic Circle

Clintonville, WI 54929


Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012

Editor Jim Glasheen 2010

Anita Perez 2012

Surname Sex First Father Mother Date
Cady M Roland Dean Artemas A. Cady Irma Alba Davis Jan 15 1913
Caesar M Unnamed George Caeser Lizzie Moore Mar 22 1915
Caldwell Ellen Margaret James Caldwell Lucy Kaquatosh May 22 1919
Caldwell Ida Joe Caldwell Mary Nunway Feb 21 1912
Caldwell M Joseph John Joseph Caldwell Mary Ann Joseph Sep 5 1913
Caldwell M Leslie James James Caldwell Lucy Kaquatosh Oct 12 1914
Caldwell M Louis George Caldwell Agness Bear May 25 1912
Caldwell M Unnamed George Caldwell Agness Bear Sep 4 1915
Caldwell M Marvin James Caldwell Lucy Kaquatosh Mar 20 1918
Calkins Ada Marie Frank Calkins Mary Staschka Aug 22 1912
Calkins Betty Edith Frank Calkins Mary Storchoski Jul 7 1914
Calkins M Donald Willis Frank Calkins Mary Strackoske Mar 16 1920
Calkins John Franklyn Frank Calkins Mary Starcheska Jul 12 1910
Calkins Leora Olive Herbert J. Calkins Ida Kenyon Aug 31 1908
Calkins Myrtle Laurene Frank Calkins Mary Starchoska Aug 13 1908
Campbell Beatric James Campbell Celia Ludalow Jul 30 1910
Campbell M Clyde John James Campbell Celia Linstneou Oct 11 1914
Campbell Elizabeth James Campbell Celia Smsdam Jul 24 1922
Campbell Ethel James Campbell Celia Linsdan May 22 1919
Campbell Florence James Campbell Celia Linsdau Sep 7 1912
Campbell M Melvin James Campbell Celia Lindsdau Oct 4 1920
Campbell Ruth James Campbell Cecelia Langdom Feb 11 1918
Campshure M Bernard John John Campshure Clara M. Gonyeau Oct 11 1910
Cannon Margaret Rosalia Chas Cannon Helinda Wendt Dec 16 1919
Cannon Mary Jane Chas Cannon Linda Wendt Aug 5 1921
Cantwell M Roger Clifton, Jr Roger C. Cannon Cora Lee Ayer Jun 17 1923
Capella Florence Edward Capella Carrie Porter Jun 9 1909
Capella Mildred Edward Capella Carrie Porter Nov 12 1907
Capella M Edward Edward Capella Carrie Porter Sep 16 1911
Capraro Dolores Louise Paul Capraro Antonette W. Buelow Oct 25 1918
Capraro M Paul Paul Capraro Antonette W. Buelow Oct 10 1917
Capraro M Paul Paul Capraro Antonette W. Buelow Oct 26 1920
Cardish  Cecelia John Cardish Catherine Warrington Jun 10 1915
Cardish  M John      John Cardish Sophia Skeezicks Oct 12 1921
Cardish  M Joseph     John Cardish Sophia Skeezicks Jan 12 1923
Cardish  M Saloman William Tebeau Mary Ann Cardish Oct 17 1915
Carey M Ceylon Harley Carey Anna Wruck Dec 5 1909
Carey M Ivan George Harley Carey Anna Wruck Feb 22 1912
Carey Luella Lida Harley Carey Anna Wruck Aug 26 1913
Carey M Marvin Jolin Harley Carey Anna Wruck May 23 1915
Carey May Edna Harley Carey Anna Wruck Mar 1 1921
Carey Mayme Seda Harley Carey Anna Wruck Jul 30 1918
Carey Ruth Marie Harley Carey Anna Wruck Apr 26 1923
Carlson M Unnamed Edwin Carlson Amelia C. Norrbum Mar 29 1915
Carlson   Unnamed Edwin Carlson Lillian Sophia Carlson Mar 28 1924
Carlson M Clifford Charles Charles Carlson Ida Lindsten May 3 1923
Carlson Delores Carol Chas Carlson Ida Lindsten May 14 1922
Carlson Edna Lydia Edwin Carlson Emily Nauborn Dec 24 1912
Carlson Evelyn Grace  Godfrey Carlson Ester Gurmmerson Feb 16 1912
Carlson Florence Edwin Carlson Emily Norborn Dec 27 1910
Carlson June Helen Carl Carlson Ida Meyer May 17 1924
Carlson Leila Gladyes Gust A. Carlson Lilly Lindsten Nov 24 1924
Carlson Margaret Sophia Harry Carlson Clara Drews Apr 30 1915
Carlson M Marvin John John A. Carlson Lela Fritsch Jun 6 1921
Carlson Violet Lena Clara Alfred Carlson Martha Woelzel Jan 17 1922
Carlson  Edfried Glen Gust A. Carlson Lillian Linsten Sep 22 1923
Carlson  M Norman Wallace Edwin Carlson Emily Nordbohm Jan 2 1920
Carmany  M Harvard D. Geo H. Carmany Jennie Cutler Jul 10 1910
Carnahan M Arthur Rhinold Arthur Carnahan Bertha Augusta Nehls Aug 5 1912
Carnahan Pauline Bernice Arthur Carnahan Bertha A. Nehls Sep 15 1910
Carpenter M John Henry Carpenter Martha Johnson Jun 1 1912
Carpenter Myrtle Hattie Mat Carpenter Myrtle Blanchard  Dec 18 1914
Carpenter Violet Marie Mat Carpenter Myrtle E. Blanchard Mar 30 1919
Carpenter M Wallace George Mat Carpenter Myrtle Blanchard  May 14 1921
Carr Phylis Mary Morris D. Carr Mary Hoefer Mar 9 1918
Carrol - Stillborn Thomas Falk Carrol Lena Margret Larson Feb 15 1911
Carrol M Unnamed John Carroll Mary Curnin Feb 28 1909
Carroll Catherine Elizabeth John Carroll Mary Cronin May 29 1922
Carroll M Jeremiah Charles John Carroll Mary Cronin July 30 1919
Carroll Mary Margaret John Carroll Mary  Cronin July 14 1917
Carroll M Patrick Francis John Carroll Mary Cronin Feb 10 1924
Carroll M Raymond John Thomas Carroll     Lena Larson Apr 11 1914
Carter M Unnamed William Carter     Jennie Little Nov 21 1919
Casetta June Angelica John Casetta    Arsla Carollo Nov 11 1921
Casetta Maria Leonora John Casetta  Orsula Carollo Apr 3 1919
Casetta Mary Agnes John Casetta  Orsala Carollo Mar 29 1924
Cass Frances Esther Claude Cass Bertha Augusta Otto Jul 14 1912
Catencamp Gladys Alfred Catencamp Martha Genskow Jan 6 1922
Catencamp M Howard Henry Catencamp Ida Radtke Sep 24 1915
Catencamp Mildred Alfred Catencamp Martha Genskow Apr 30 1909
Cattencamp  M Rolland Henry Catencamp Ida Radke Aug 31 1910
Ceaser M George George Ceaser  Elisabeth Moore Oct 26 1908
Ceaser M John Henry George Ceaser  Elisabeth Moore Jan 3 1911
Ceiseilezyk Rosa W. J. Ceiseilczyk Celia Rlyiski Apr 12 1917
Censkey M Oscar Math Oscar Censkey Susan Schuh Sep 14 1919
Censky M Hubert Charles Orear Censky Susan Schenk Jan 7 1918
Cerveny Beatrice May John Cerveny Minnie Aschenbrenner May 24 1924
Cerveny M Frank   James Carveny  Elizabeth Brunner Jul 21 1920
Cerveny Helen Louis Cerveny Emma Ashenbrenner Apr 14 1918
Cerveny M James J. James Carveny  Elizabeth Brunner Feb 9 1917
Cerveny Leona Barbara James Carveny  Elizabeth Brunner Nov 10 1918
Cerveny Lorene Louis Cerveny Emma Ashenbrenner May 23 1924
Cerveny M Louis Louis Cerveny Emma Ashenbrenner Nov 1 1920
Cerveny Mary James Carveny  Elisabeth Brunner May 14 1912
Chaimson Jane Sara Oscar Chaimson Mayme Newmeyer Apr 29 1918
Champin M Cyrl William William Champine May Sahmone May 2 1918
Champine Charlotta Marie Herbert Chapine    Ethyl Ryan Jul 5 1917
Champine M Delos Aloys William Champine Mary LeMere Dec 31 1919
Chappelle Malissia Gertrude James A. Capelle Viola Huntington Apr 30 1918
Charles M Curtis Leroy Alvin Charles Hazel Monrow Feb 4 1924
Charles Eva Norma Alois Charles Hazel Monroe Jan 15 1923
Charles M Gerald Maynard Lloyd Charles Ester Avelene Miller Dec 17 1918
Charles Jean Marie Alvin Charles Hazel Monroe Dec 15 1921
Charles M Lyle Fredrick Oren Adam Charles Grace Carson Nov 6 1920
Cheeseman M Robert Orville U. A. Cheesman Mary Shirley Jan 20 1910
Cheeseman M Russel Earl Howard E. Cheeseman Mable Van Norman Oct 26 1917
Chelbowski M Joseph Herman Chlenowski Julia Wilcyk Mar 14 1909
Cherny Violet Bernice James Cherny Sona Gowen Aug 28 1917
Chevalier Lucile Marie Bartholomew Chevalier Beatrice Clark Sep 24 1914
Chevalier Margaret Helen Bartholomew Chevalier Beatrice LaFrombois Feb 27 1922
Chevalier Ruth Dorothy Bartholomew Chevalier Beatrice LaFrombois Jun 16 1912
Chicks M Calvin Orvis Harry Chicks Alice Cecelia Davids May 17 1924
Chicks M Clarence Alfred Harry Chicks Alice Cecelia Davids Jul 27 1917
Chicks  M John Newton Harry Chicks Alice Cecelia Davids Oct 2 1919
Childs M Arthur Levia Samuel Childs May Duir Apr 8 1912
Childs M Carl Samuel Childs May Duir Jan 13 1910
Childs Effie Samuel Childs Mary Duir July 19 1914
Chilson M Willard George George Chilson Martha Graf Apr 19 1911
Chizek Blanche Frances Louis Chizek Louise Anna Bier Jul 16 1917
Chizek Iva Marion Louis Chizek Lizzie Birr Mar 1 1914
Chlebowski Gertrude Herman Chlenowski Julia Welcyk Sep 30 1911
Cholewinski Angeline Albert Chlenowski Antonia Wozniak Apr 23 1912
Cholewinski Cecilia Stanley Chlenowski Maria Blasczyk Mar 12 1914
Cholewinski M Edward   Stanley Chlenowski Rosie Smith Oct 6 1911
Cholewinski M Harry John Chlenowski Frances Jameszeoski Sep 28 1908
Cholewinski Levkadia Jos. Chlenowski Catharine Symitt Dec 7 1908
Cholewinski Sophia Albert Chlenowski Antonia Bzowa May 12 1911
Cholewinski M Teofil Julius Chlenowski Julia Tyczkowski May 28 1912
Christ M Alvin William Arthur Christ Anna Stuebs Sep 26 1917
Christ M Arthur Sylvester Arthur Christ Anna Steubs Oct 30 1919
Christ M Clarence     Clarence Christ Majorie Seveetser May 7 1920
Christ Irene Leila Arthur Christ Anna Steubs Sept 26 1923
Christ M Keneth Elmer Arthur Christ Anna Stuebs Jan 8 1913
Christ Malcohm Leslie Clarence Christ Marjorie Swietzer Aug 25 1924
Christ Violet Eleanor Arthur Christ Anna Stuebs May 12 1915
Christ  M Harvey Clarence Herman Arthur Christ Anna Stuebs May 11 1911
Christen M Henry Carl William Christen Inga Johnson Sep 7 1910
Christensen M Clarence Harold Hans Christensen Clara Erickson July 21 1917
Christensen Fern Vivian William Christensen Flossie Egen Aug 21 1917
Christensen M Guy Milton Martin Christensen Roberta Curtis Feb 27 1912
Christensen M Herbert Madson Charlie Christensen Mary Madson Jul 1 1911
Christensen M James Edward Hans Christensen Clara Erickson Jan 21 1922
Christensen M James Manual Henry Christensen Nellie Zang Dec 11 1923
Christensen Nielsina Katherine Peter C. Christensen Olena Seversen Sep 23 1908
Christenson M Calvin Harry Alfred Christensen Ada Hanson Apr 11 1913
Christenson M Villray Frederick Barney Christensen Alma Deering Mar 20 1913
Christian M Vernon Theodore Moses Christian Lucy Hill Mar 8 1923
Christiansen Bernice Isabell Oscar Christiansen Laura Anderson  Oct 30 1919
Christiansen M Harold Arthur Fred Christiansen Ella Bublitz Feb 18 1915
Christiansen M Harvey Elwood Fred Christiansen Ella Bublitz Sept 1 1917
Christiansen M Helmar Hans Christiansen Anna Nelson Oct 3 1909
Christiansen M Kjelmar Hans Christiansen Anna Nelson Oct 3 1909
Christiansen M Lawrence Lawrence Christiansen Hannah Anderson Aug 14 1912
Christiansen Myrtle Louisa Sophie Fred C. Christiansen Hanna Mary Anderson Dec 6 1910
Christiansen M Oscar Morgan Christ O. Christiansen Annie M. Amundson Jul 14 1909
Christiansen M Rudulph Arthur Anton Christiansen Kirstie Abrahamson Oct 2 1910
Christianson Mabel Peters John Christiansen Alice Peters May 30 1921
Christianson M Andrew Charles Hans Christiansen Clara Erickson Aug 10 1918
Christianson Joy Jessie George  Christiansen Hazel  P. Cottrell Dec 28 1922
Christianson M Rudolph George Bernhard Christ Christiansen     Anna Amundson Jun 4 1914
Christjohn Elizabeth Moses Christjohn Louise Hill Mar 22 1921
Christofferson   M Melvin Oliver Chas. Herbert Christophersen Bertha Ella Elertson Mar 7 1915
Christophersen Marjorie Fan James J. Christophersen  Victoria  Robillard Aug 5 1921
Christopherson Caroline Marie Charley Christophersen Bertha Ellertson Apr 4 1910
Christopherson Ruth James Christophersen Victoria Robillard Feb 21 1916
Christopherson M Clarence Bernard Charles Christophersen Bertha Elertson Dec 19 1913
Christopherson Herbert Paul Charles H. Christophersen Bertha Ella Elertson Aug 18 1912
Christopherson June Inez James I. Christophersen Victoria Julie Robillard Jun 28 1918
Christopherson Maria Jane James F. Christophersen  Victoria J. Robilland Apr 17, 914
Chroag M Boneil William William Chroag Mary Hanson Jan 18 1910
Chroag Georgie Cathrin Wm. Chroag Mary Hunson Jan 4 1918
Chroag M Marvin Steward William Chroag Mary Hanson Mar 2 1912
Chroage Jennette Wm A. Chroag Mary Hanson Jul 8 1915
Chroge M Russell Joyce William H. Chroag Mary Hansen Aug 25 1908
Chrosniak M Boleslaw Stanslaus Chrosniak Frances Maciejewski Aug 1 1915
Chrusniak Marion Stanley Chrosniak Frances Rojewski Oct 15 1919
Church M Arthur Joseph George Church Bessie Coyhis Mar 22 1914
Church M Earl Wellington Fred Church Alfuretta Abrams Dec 6 1921
Church Erma Maisie George Church  Bessie Coyhis Apr 13 1920
Church Fae Joyce Fred Church Alfarata Abrams Mar 24 1924
Church M George Elmer George Church  Bessie Coyhis Feb 17 1908
Church M Sidney Murrey Fred Church Alfarata Abrams Jun 30 1919
Church M Winfield Fred Church Alfasta Abrams Apr 18 1917
Churney M Francis Joseph Frank Churney Margaret Nindora Mar 5 1915
Churney M Macengie Anthony Frank Churney Margaret Yinde Aug 10 1917
Churney Rosemary Evelyn Frank Churney Margaret Yindra` Oct 1 1910
Cichantek M Robert     Stanley Cichantek    Mary Januszewski Jun 7 1918
Cichantek M Walter   Stanley Cichantek     Mary Januszowski Sep 2 1914
Cichantek Rosie Stanley Cichantek  Mary Januiszewski Aug 7 1912
Ciesielazyk Antica Marzen Ciesielazyk Mary Komiskow Jun 10 1908
Ciesielcyk M Wactau Andy Ciesielazyk Tekla Kosminski Aug 1 1912
Ciesielczyk Angeline Paul Ciesielazyk Maggie Kammiesski Jan 14 1924
Ciesielczyk Frances     Andrew Ciesielazyk Tekla Kasniski Sep 22 1909
Ciesielczyk Mary  Paul Ciesielazyk Maggie Kaminecki Jan 22 1920
Ciesielczyk Sylvia Irene Paul Ciesielazyk Maggie Kaminciski May 3 1922
Ciesielczyk M Theodore Paul Ciesielazyk Maggie Kaminecki Feb 10 1921
Cieslak Celia Mike Cieslak Dora Swiecichowski Sep 26 1918
Clapp M Harold Clifford Edward Clapps Stella Mae Moore Oct 8 1919
Clapps M Kenneth Carl Ed Clapps Stella Mae Moore Dec 18 1923
Clark M Andrew     Louis Clark Helen Krczorniak Feb 11 1922
Clark M Andrew Oliver Oliver Clark Ida Huebner Oct 30 1915
Clark M Arthur Gaylord Fred Clark Nellie Raix Sep 11 1920
Clark M Carlos Benjamin Oliver Clark Ida Huebner Oct 23 1914
Clark M Clayton William Christopher Clark Ida M. Holt Jun 21 1910
Clark M Clifford Harold Edwin Clark Lena Ecke May 18 1908
Clark M Fred Fred Clark Nellie Raix Dec 23 1918
Clark M Frederick George Fred Clark Amelia Roix Jan 15 1910
Clark Irene Nellie Christopher Clark Ida M. Holt Jan 1 1915
Clark Lavina June LaFayette Clark Vera M.  Follett Jun 22 1919
Clark Lulu May Chris L. Cook (Clark??) Ida May Holt Apr 1 1908
Clark M Marvin Melvin Fred Clark    Amelia Roix Dec 14 1908
Clark Melva Fred Clark Nellie Roix Oct 11 1922
Clark Nina June LaFayette H. Clark  Vera M.  Follett Jun 23 1919
Clark M Orville Richard Christopher Clark Ida M. Holt Jul 7 1912
Clark M Spencer Oliver Fred Clark Nellie Roix Mar 31 1914
Clark Stillborn Oliver Clark Ida Huebner Jan 14 1921
Clark M Vardas C. Fred Alonzo Clark Helen D. Roix Dec 7 1911
Clark M Wastrow Wilson Oliver A.  Clark Ida Huebner Aug 13 1918
Clause Unnamed Wilbur Clauss Gene Pollack Dec 15 1914
Clauss M Clarence Oscar Clauss Rosa Lenz Sep 20 1914
Clauss Doris Lucy Wilbert Glen Clauss Gene Mildred Pollack Dec 13 1917
Clayton M Lewis John Clyde Clayton Agnes May Baumgartner Aug 1 1919
Cleveland Antonette Barbara E. W. Cleveland Jennie Carter Jun 6 1919
Cleveland Edna Caroline Edd W. Cleveland Sylva Carter Aug 2 1910
Cleveland Hazel Myrtle Frank Cleveland Josephine Vandergate Feb 4 1916
Cleveland M Laurence Leonard George Delbert Cleveland Grace Lavina Dobbs Apr 9 1923
Cleveland M Oedly Frank Frank Cleveland Josephine Vandergate Jun 14 1910
Cleveland Ruth Viola George Cleveland Grace Dobson Apr 27 1918
Close Mary Geneva George Close Rose Strasser Sep 2 1918
Cochran M Reginald Erwin Cochran Stella Gerbil Dec 30 1909
Cody Lynn Davis A. A. Cody Irma Davis Dec 11 1909
Coe M Alfred Lester Alfred Coe Maud Rhodes Mar 11 1913
Coe M Chester Milo Alfred Coe Maud Rhodes Feb 18 1915
Coe M Orville Burton Al Coe Maud Rhodes Jan 24 1912
Coe M Roger Alfred Alfred Coe Maud Rhodes July 20 1922
Cohn M Herman August Cohn Augusta Mytchal Aug 1 1908
Cole Alice Emma  (1 twin) Otto Cole Lottie A. Miller Sep 4 1910
Cole M Allen Alvin V. Cole Lillie Kessler Mar 10 1915
Cole Amy Geneva  (2 twin) Otto Cole Lottie A. Miller Sep 4 1910
Cole Anita Marjorie Guy Elvin Cole Marie Julia Ellis Aug 2 1911
Cole Anny Carrol Francis Cole Helen Winter Oct 8 1914
Cole M Arthur Louis Earl Louis Cole Maude Ellen Pues Feb 5 1911
Cole Clarice Elizabeth Arthur R. Cole  Maud A. Skinner Feb 22 1913
Cole F Helen Vera Francis Geo. Cole Helmina Winter Jun 22 1910
Cole M Howard Leonard Guy Elvin Cole Marie Julia Ellis Mar 6 1913
Cole M Kenneth Irvin Chas. H. Cole Anna M. Huntington Jan 11 1909
Cole M Lloyd Emery Emery Cole  Lillie Schroeder Apr 18 1922
Cole M Manvill Carmen Emery Cole  Lillian Schroeder Oct 18 1923
Cole M Mathew Ira Floyd C. Cole Elnora Leslie Mar 9 1909
Cole M Victor Burton Guy Cole    Marie Ellis Sep 22 1908
Cole M Walter Albert Otto Cole Lottie A. Miller May 9 1908
Cole M Willard Roy Earl Cole       Maud Elen Pues Jun 19 1913
Cole  Dorothy Maude Otto Cole Lottie A. Miller Oct 10 1911
Cole  M Edger Ray (Stillborn) Charles Cole Ella Robbins Feb 21 1918
Cole  F Elsie May Otto Cole Lottie A. Miller Sep 3 1915
Cole  M Stanley Albion V. Cole Lettie M. Kessler Dec 27 1911
Collard F Helena Adeline William Collard Melinda Barry Apr 24 1914
Coller M Floyd Rudolph Rudolph Coller Anna Fischer Apr 5 1916
Coller F Irene      Rudolph Coller Anna Fischer Feb 22 1920
Coller F Lorraine Rudolph Coller Anna Fischer May 12 1914
Collins F Geraldine Marjorie Earl Fawcult Collins Blanche Mae Van Price Mar 5 1920
Collins M Loyal Ivan Elmer Clinton Collins Florence Mable Wilber Jun 15 1924
Colson M Unnamed L. D. Colson Rosa  O. Schuman Oct 13 1908
Colson M Arthur Lloyd L. D. Colson Rosa O. Schuman Jul 17 1910
Colson F Julia Aurelia Louis D. Colson Rosa O. Schuman Feb 11 1913
Colson F Leola Augusta Marion Alfred Colson Martha Wetzel Apr 29 1910
Colson M` Lewis Warren Lewis Dexter Colson Rosie Schuman Jan 4 1922
Colson M Marshel Kenneth Louis D Colson Rosa Schuman Aug 10 1915
Colson M Melvin Hubert Louis D. Colson Rosa Schuman Sep 23 1911
Colson F Rose Annie Marrie Alford Colson Martha Wetzel May 17 1911
Comosa F Aegnes Catherine Peter Komosa Rozalia Rudzinski Dec 27 1918
Conder M Verne Edward Verne A. Conder Julia Echtner Jun 2 1924
Conillard F Claire (Stillborn) Ben Conillard Margaret Allie Dec 15 1915
Conillard M Patrick Charles Benjamin Conillard Maggie Allie Mar 17 1909
Conlon M Lawrence Ezehial Conlon Nellie Eddie May 10 1921
Conners F Rubie Edward Corners Harriette (Gogie) Carpenter Aug 10 1910
Conradt F Unnamed John Conradt Alma Wichman Oct 24 1915
Conradt M Arnhold Lowrance John Conradt Alma Wichmah Nov 22 1910
Conradt M Henry W. Earnest A. Conradt  Louisa Jemme ajohn Dec 19 1921
Conradt F Irma John Conradt Alma Wichmann Aug 6 1918
Conradt F Mabel Bernice John Conradt Alma Wichmann Jun 9 1923
Conradt M Raymond John John Conradt Alma Wechman Sep 20 1913
Conto M Clyde Francis Nelson Michael Conto Marie Gagnon Jul 6 1912
Cook M Everett Guy Lyle Cook Sarah Adams Jun 10 1914
Cook F Rosella Geo Cook Flora Philips Sep 27 1924
Cook F Variness  Dellora Lyle Cook Sarah Adams May 7 1923
Cooper F Katie Daniel Cooper Alice Goodridge Sep 21 1910
Corn F Unnamed Mitchell Corn Ellen Potice Oct 15 1921
Corn F Unnamed Peter Corn Ceclia Kinney Sep 6 1920
Corn M Elmer Moses Mitchell Corn Ellen Potice Jul 18 1920
Corn M Francis     Mitchell Corn Ellen Potice July 11 1914
Corn M George Louis Jr. Corn Matilda Potier Jun 11 1912
Corn M Joseph      Joe Sr. Corn Lizzie Smith Aug 20 1913
Corn M Louis (Premature) Richard Corn Louise Dodge Nov 11 1922
Corn F Mary Louise Richard Corn Louise Dodge Dec 10 1920
Corn F (Stillborn) Richard Corn Mary Wishecoby May 24 1913
Corn F Theresa Mitchell Corn Ellen Potier Sep 20 1912
Corn  M  Arnold Richard Richard Corn Louise Dodge Sep 6 1919
Cornelius F Annie Gladis Elia Cornelius  Annie Smith Sep 25 1919
Cornelius M Arthur Pershing Hyson Cornelius Emeline Sommers Mar 5 1918
Cornelius F Esther Ruth Ole Cornelius Celia Hamen Borne Jan 21 1918
Cornelius F Lenore Tom Cornelius Lavina Wheelock Jan 21 1924
Cornelius M Vernon      Ole Cornelius Celia Hanson Jul 14 1912
Corning M Russell Chester Chester R. Corning Renee Apker Apr 30 1923
Corrie F Gladys Ben Corrie Lillian Rayame Dec 1 1923
Corrie F Phylliss Joy Benjamin Corrie Lillian Rayame Nov 2 1921
Corwall F Rosa Lucile Fred Corwall Mary Larvier Apr 2 1916
Cota F Arlene Kathryn Amanda Frank Cota Annie Lattermann Jun 23 1914
Cota F Geraldine     George W. Cotter Theresa Kaquatosh Aug 18 1912
Cotter F Unnamed   Twin Tom Cotter Margaret Wagester Jan 23 1916
Cotter M Arthur Herman William Cotter Minnie Sperberg Feb 7 1912
Cotter M Clayton      Thomas Cotter Margarett Waistes Dec 16 1920
Cotter F Dorid Marcella   (Twin) William Cotter Minnie Sperberg Jun 25 1921
Cotter F Dorothy Marie   (Twin) William Cotter Minnie Sperberg Jun 25 1921
Cotter M Frank     William Cotter Minnie Sperberg Sep 15 1913
Cotter F Geraldine Georgia Thomas Cotter Margaret Wagester Jul 17 1922
Cotter M Jerome Thomas Cotter Margaret Wagester Dec 10 1918
Cotter F Mildred William Cotter Minnie Sperberg Nov 25 1922
Cotter F Pearl Adelheid Barbara Joseph Cotter Augusta Dey Dec 4 19??
Cotter M Reuben Harris William Cotter Minnie Sperberg May 31 1917
Cotter F Viola Marian William Cotter Minnie Sperberg Oct 14 1915
Cotter      M Unnamed   Twin Tom Cotter Margaret Wagester Jan 23 1916
Cotter / Carter F Unnamed William Cotter Minnie Sperberg Jun 8 1908
Cottrell F Gertrude Almira Mark Cottrell Gertrude Cottrell Dec 22 1911
Cottrell F Juni Marjorie Mark Cottrell Gertrude Roper Jun 29 1909
Couillard F Jenevieve Ben Courval Mayort Allee Feb 5 1912
Courval M Marvel Fred Courval Mary Sarvier Nov 11 1913
Coutley M Lawrence Samuel Coutley Mary Leanainr Aug 18 1912
Cowden M Gale Harold Frank Cowden Lily  Feb 20 1913
Cowles M  Gordon H. Earle Cowles Myretle A. Jorgenson May 15 1918
Cowles F Margaret Henry Cowles  Bessie Patterson Jan 18 1912
Cox M Chancey Fredrick Charley S. Cox Marie Dorothy Kruger Nov 3 1923
Coyhis M Aught Lawrence John Joseph Coyhis Mary Hill Mar 31 1922
Coyhis M Caleb Joseph Coyhis Mary Parker May 12 1920
Coyle M Gerald Francis James Crandall Reka Schuman Sep 3 1917
Crandall M John Mathew Walter M. Crandall  Anna Yost Jul 26 1913
Crandall F Marie Walter Crandall    Anna Gast Mar 1 1912
Craw M Bert Elwood David Elmer Craw Anna Hughes Aug 16 1915
Craw F Lucille Evelyn E. D. Craw Anna May Hughes Oct 2 1913
Creapeau M George Anthony Geo Creapeau Delia Kaquatosh Apr 11 1920
Criscione F Angeline Samuel Criscione Elsie Glick Aug 26 1914
Criscione F Helen Rozella  Samuel Criscione Ellen Glick May 25 1923
Criscione M Kenneth James Samuel Criscione Ellen Glick July 21 1921
Criscione F Viola Arlie Samuel Criscione Ella Glick Jan 20 1919
Cronce M Alvin   (Twin) Elmer Criscione Louisa Nauman Mar 26 1911
Cronce F Beatrice May John Cronce Nettie M. Hugert Jan 6 1924
Cronce F Edna Emelie William C. Cronce Anna Mary Yordi Dec 30 1907
Cronce M Elmer  (Twin) Elmer Cronce Louisa Nauman Mar 26 1911
Cronce M Glenn Benhard William Cronce      Anna Mary Yordi Sep 7 1911
Cronce M Gordon Gerald John D. Cronce Minnie Tischer Feb 25 1910
Cronce M Harold Edward John A. Cronce Nellie Huqert Oct 23 1922
Cronce F Mable Alvina Myron Cronce Mary Stodola Aug 11 1908
Cronce F Marie Annabell Alger Cronce Emelia Paulson Oct 12 1922
Cronce M Rolland Bernhard Alger Cronce Amelia Paulson June 2 1920
Cronk M Alvin Eugene  Eugene Cronk Clara Steckbauer Sep 14 1915
Cronk F Neva Levern Eugene Cronk Clara Stechbauer June 9 1917
Crotty F Caroline Marie Harold Crotty Mary Urban Nov 10 1914
Crow F Mary Madeline Fred Crow Elizabeth Grottan Mar 24 1915
Crow F Veronica Angeline Fred Crow Elizabeth Gratton Mar 15 1920
Crow     M Albert Patrick Fredrick Crow Elizabeth Grattin Mar 17 1919
Crow        M Edward S. David Crow   Alice Mahkimetas Jan 27 1920
Crow         Joseph Anthony Fred Crow Lizzie Gratton Apr 3 1913
Crow or Craw F Belva Margaret May Elmer Crow Anna May Hughes Jul 8 1911
Crowell F Contesse Belle Frank Crowell Esther Erb Oct 27 1910
Crowell F Marie Lincoln Lincoln Crowell Elizabeth Wisewell Aug 31 1915
Crum M Keneth Layton Lyle Crum Ethel Smith Mar 29 1910
Cuish M Gordon     Oryel Cuish  Ida Sheriff Sep 12 1910
Cuish F Hazel Lucille Orval Cuish Ida Sheriff Feb 8 1913
Cuish F Janette Alex Cuish Frances Chicks Mar 4 1910
Cuish F Lucy Edward Cuish  Luella Chicks Aug 20 1909
Cuish F Zelda Orval Cuish Ida Gardner May 24 1915
Culver M Edward Jacob William Culver May Erb Feb 4 1910
Culver M Ervin Lee Allen M. Culver Lizzie Bartelt Jan 31 1911
Culver M Gordon Allen M. Culver Lizzie M. Bartelt Nov 12 1907
Culver F Isabel Allen Culver    Elizabeth Bartlet Apr 12 1915
Culver M Lester Ernest Allen M. Culver  Lizzie Bartlet Feb 6 1909
Culver F Unnamed Allen Culver Elizabeth Bartelt Feb 24 1912
Culver M Roy Leo Allen Culver Elizabeth Bartlet Mar 1 1913
Culver M Theodore C. Allan Culver Elizabeth Bartel Nov 4 1919
Cummings F Irene Helen Roland G. Cummings Sucie Walker May 30 1914
Curdy M Unnamed Myron Curdy Mary Burt Jun 15 1913
Curran F Dorothy Alice Benjamin R. Curran Edna Wisseman Feb 13 1917
Curran M Lyle Edgar Benjamin Curran Ednd Wiseman Oct 31 1913
Curtis M Alton Henry Raymond Curtis Grace Buck Apr 26 1910
Curtis F Avis Ray Curtis    Grace Buck May 19 1912
Curtis M Glen Adelbert Don Curtis Gusta Bublitz Dec 13 1921
Curtis M Guerney Waite Ray Curtis    Grace Buck Dec 11 1915
Curtis M Kenneth Edwin Ray Curtis Grace Buck May 14 1914
Curtis F Laverne Elizabeth Ray D. Curtis Grace M. Buck Dec 13 1918
Curtis F Marjorie Lucille Ray D. Curtis Grace May Buck Apr 11 1920
Curtiss F Alice Beatrice Ray Curtis Grace Buck Mar 27 1908
Cylkowski M Norman      Felix Cylkowski  Florence Kurowski Sep 13 1918
Czajkowski F Ester Virginia Xaver Czajkowski Rosa Nowacki Aug 12 1921
Czajkowski F Alice Anton Czajkowski Anna Turcozen Oct 15 1924
Czajkowski F Elsie    Barney Czajkowski  Annie Szepanski Sep 19 1917
Czajkowski F Genevieve Elizabeth Xaver Czajkowski Rosa Nowacki May 20 1923
Czajkowski F Luceyil  Barney Czajkowski  Anna Supanski Feb 26 1920
Czajkowski M John Joseph Barney Czajkowski  Anna Sczpanski Sep 23 1918
Czarniak F Anna Peter Czarniak Mary Piontek Feb 27 1916
Czarniak F Emilia Peter Czarniak Mary Piatek Mar 15 1909
Czarniak F Angeline Peter Czarniak Marry Piontek Feb 16 1921
Czarniak M David Peter Czarniak Mary Pioneck Dec 6 1922
Czarniak M Cieslau Joseph Joseph Czarniak Brownie Lesezykowski Mar 15 1924
Czarniak M Edward John Czarniak Anna Stezelicki Aug  17 1916
Czarniak F Florence Lucy Mike Czarniak Mary Przybilski Nov 3 1922
Czarniak F Francis  (twin) Michael Czarniak Mary Przybilski Dec 25 1920
Czarniak F Helen  (twin) Michael Czarniak Mary Przybilski Dec 25 1920
Czarniak M Henry Joseph Czarniak Brownie Lasicozski Jul 18 1919
Czarniak F Kate Peter Czarniak Mary Piontck Apr 30 1918
Czarniak M Leonard Louis John F. Czarniak Theresa Stanka Aug 10 1921
Czarniak M Louis       Peter Czarniak Mary Pionek Aug 21 1919
Czarniak F Leonarda Joseph Czarniak Brownislawa Lesczkowski Oct 14 1921
Czarnick M Edmund Joseph Czarniak Brownie Lasicozski Nov 27 1916
Czarnick F Eva John Czarniak Anna Strzelecki May 7 1911
Czarnik F Josephine Eva John Czarniak Josephine      Sep 27 1911
Czarnik F Victoria Peter Czarniak Mary Piantek Oct 23 1912
Czech F Francis Sophia Martin Czech Victoria Les Mar 8 1924
Czuchra F Wladislawa Stanislaus Czuchra Anna Mytis May 17 1912
Czuchra F Angeline Stanislaus Czuchra Anna Mytis May 26 1908
Czuchra M Raymond    Stanislaus Czuchra Anna Mytis Aug 8 1910


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