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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Cathe Ziereis

N2645 Rustic Circle

Clintonville, WI 54929


Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012


Editor Jim Glasheen 2010

Surname Sex Name Father Mother Born
DaBill F Eunice Rebecca Floyd DaBill Mary Sickel Apr 3 1922
DaBill F Dora Eleanor Floyd DaBill Mary Sickel Jun 10 1919
DaBill F Erma Rebecca Floyd DaBill Mary Sickel Apr 3 1922
DaBill F Florence Imogene Floyd DaBill Mary Sickel May 2 1924
DaBill M Vinceton Deforest Floyd DaBill Mary Sickel Mar 6 1921
Dahlke F Luella Frieda William Dahlke Emma Neumann Feb 7 1908
Dahlke M Martin William William Dahlke Emma Neumann Mar 14 1909
Dahlman F Arlene Ann Otto Dahlman Bertha Gitter Dec 27 1918
Dahlman F Bernice Marie Otto Dahlman Bertha Gitter Feb 17 1916
Dahlman F Florence   Otto Dahlman Bertha Gitter Mar 26 1914
Dahlman M Henry Frederick Emil Dahlman Mable Mork Aug 20 1908
Dahlman M Roy Otto Dahlman Bertha Gitter Nov 13 1911
Dahms F Alyce William Dahms Christine Daniels Apr 4 1912
Dahms M Clarence William Dahms Christine Daniels Apr 23 1921
Dahms M Edward William Dahms Christine Daniels Jan 1 1914
Dahms F Lavina William Dahms Christine Daniels Apr 4 1918
Dahms M Louis Anton William Dahms Christine Daniels Jun 25 1915
Dahms M Leslie William Louis Dahms Alma Westphal Oct 27 1921
Dahse F Adella Emilia Fred Dahse Anna Shumacher Jun 13 1912
Dahse F Evely Alfred Dahse Ella Marquardt Dec 13 1923
Dahse F Louise Mathilda Frank Dahse Jennie Little Dec 10 1923
Dahse M Thomas Freancis Frank Dahse Jennie Little Jun 18 1922
Dallman M Carl Otto Otto Dahlman Linda Koeppen Aug 12 1913
Dallman F Edna Isabelle Emil Dahlman Mable Mork Apr 25 1924
Dallman M Edwin Otto Dahlman Linda Koeppen Feb 2 1908
Dallman F Esther Albert Dallman Bertha Krumhaer Mar 17 1908
Dallman F Florence Albert Dallman Berthe Krumhaer May 25 1918
Dallman M Louis Otto Dahlman Bertha Gitter May 4 1924
Dallman M Roy William Robert Dallman Minnie Zingler Oct 13 1915
Dallman F Doris Robert Dallman Minnie Zingler Aug 3 1921
Dallman F Elsie Emil Dahlman Mable Mork May 25 1912
Dallman F Irene Mary Otto Dahlman Linda Koeppen Jan 20 1909
Dallman M John Clyde Otto Dahlman Linda Koeppen Sep 3 1910
Dallman F Margie Emil Dahlman Dora Nuske May 14 1922
Dallman M Melvin Orlin Emil Dahlman Mable Mork Mar 8 1915
Dallman M Walter Merlin Emil Dahlman Mable Mork Feb 19 1910
Dalum F Alice Mathilda Emil Dalum Adeline Dumke Mar 28 1921
Dalum M Alvin Herman Otto Dalum Ida Schuman Oct 23 1908
Dalum M Carl   Emil Dalum Adeline Dumke Oct 19 1923
Dalum M Clarence Julius Dalum Maria Hanke Jan 24 1914
Dalum F Corrine Louisa Julius Dalum Maria Hanke Aug 15 1911
Dalum F Ester Corinne Julius Dalum Maria Hanke Jul 17 1918
Dalum M Harold Eleyah Walter Dalum Pearl Stickney Jul 276 1912
Dalum M Herbert Fred Dalum Anna Woodstrack May 23 1921
Dalum M Roland Julius Dalum Maria Hanke Jan 7 1921
Dalum F Ruth Marie Julius Dalum Maria Hanke Jun 6 1916
Damerow F Bulah Hariette William Damerow Mary Dearth Oct 21 1911
Damerow F Still Born William Damerow Mary Dearth Jun 5 1915
Dammeier M Bernhard William Dammeier Amalia Neubauer Oct 14 1909
Dammeier F Dorothea Regina William Dammeier Amalia Neubauer Jun 29 1913
Damrau M Adolph Gust Carl Damrau Ottielia Blomberg Aug 16 1918
Damrau M Alfred Wm Carl Damrau Ottielia Blomberg Nov 9 1909
Damrau M Arthur Reinhold Carl Damrau Ottielia Blomberg Jun 19 1911
Damrau F Cecilia Eva Carl Damrau Ottielia Blomberg Aug 27 1913
Damrau M Martin Fritz Carl Damrau Ottielia Blomberg Aug 2 1921
Daniels M Anton Raymond Henry Daniels Frances Kugel Feb 12 1915
Daniels M Clarence Henry Daniels Frances Kugel Sep 22 1918
Daniels M Elmer Anton Daniels Adeline Suy Sep 19 1909
Daniels F Margarette Henry Daniels Frances Kugel Jan 2 1921
Daniels F Maybelle Anton Daniels Adeline Dery May 18 1919
Daniels F Pricilla Adeline Anton Daniels Adeline Derry Jul 13 1912
Danielson M Harold   Oscar Danileson Helza Peterson Dec 26 1914
Dapin F Eva Samuel Dapin Sarah Levson May 10 1919
Dapin F Ruth Dolores Samuel Dapin Sarah Levson Oct 26 1924
Darchner M George Javin Cullen Lillie Care Jan 12 1908
Dare F Ruth Chris Dare Katherine Tichank May 14 1909
Darling F Bernice   Bert Darling Bena Abrahamson Mar 12 1915
Darling F Dorothy Alice Loyd Darling Dolly Eul Feb 15 1924
Darling F Ethel Lucille Loyd Darling Dolly Eul Sep 10 1921
Darling F Fern Mable B J Darling Julia Rizen Oct 30 1908
Darling M Floyd N Loyd Darling Dolly Eul May 6 1919
Darling M Gordon Andrew Wm Darling Mary Van Norman Sep 10 1908
Darling F Inga Jeanette Bert Darling Bena Abrahamson Oct 8 1910
Darling F Myrtle Irene Loyd Darling Dolly Eul Sep 1 1920
Darling M Silas Norman Bert Darling Bena Abrahamson May 3 1908
Darrow M Edgar Sylvester James Darrow Minnie Haire Jan 5 1918
Darrow F Lillian Gertrude Harry Darrow Laura Christian Jun 10 1913
Darrow F Lou Charlotte Richard Darrow Mae Wilson Feb 14 1922
Davids F Berga Margaret Wiliam Davids Margaret Miller Nov 9 1916
Davids F Bernice Blanche Elmer Davids Eurecka Jordon Sep 1 1918
Davids F Dorothy Winona Elmer Davids Eurecka Jordon May 2 1923
Davids F Ida Ione William Davids Margaret Miller Dec 8 1912
Davids M Harvey Archie Julius Davids Priscilla Conlon Feb 3 1920
Davids M Malcom Eugene William Davids Mable Welch Jan 19 1916
Davids F Margaret Martha Elmer Davids Eurecka Jordon Jul 30 1920
Davids M Norman Monroe William Davids Mable Welch Nov 25 1917
Davids M Wlliam Kenneth William Davids Margaret Miller Oct 14 1910
Davis F Unnamed Julius Davis Elsie Doxtator Feb 23 1911
Davis F Bessie Eunice Wallace David Marie Loos Dec 15 1910
Davis F Carol Albertine Ward Davis Louise Ohr Apr 11 1918
Davis M Ellsworth Guy Davis Anna Johnson May 27 1917
Davis M Unnamed Guy Davis Anna Johnson Jan 8 1911
Davis M Warren Jerome Wallace Davis Marie Loos Dec 2 1912
Davison M Lesley Arthur Frank Davison Nellie Roberts Nov 28 1920
Dawander M Earl Earl Dawander Alice Powles May 1 1922
Deacey M Kenneth A William Deacey Martha Bett Dec 6 1910
Deacey F Louise Arntine William Deacey Martha Bett Mar 2 1909
Deak M Louis Louis Deak Rosie Paajk Mar 18 1914
Deak M Steve Louis Deak Rosie Paajk Sep 5 1917
Dean F Beatrice Hellen Frank Dean Lena Weisnicht Sep 8 1909
Dean M Edwin John Frank Dean Lena Weisnicht Jan 15 1912
Dean M James Myron Myron Dean Emma Bergsbaken May 31 1924
Dean F Julia Weisnicht Frank Dean Lena Weisnicht Jun 15 1908
Debban F Adrianna Captola William Debban Esther Griepp Jan 22 1922
Debban M Herman August Robert Debban Mary Radke Sep 17 1913
Debban M Jordan Lynn William Debban Esther Griepp Dec 26 1918
Debban M Marlow Duane William Debban Esther Griepp Oct 7 1920
Debban M Roger Albert Robert Debban Mary Radke Sep 8 1915
Debban F Sylvia Marie Robert Debban Mary Radke Apr 20 1919
DeCock M James Gibson Joseph DeCock Magdalen Gibson Apr 2 1911
DeCock M Robert D Joseph DcCock Magdalen Gibson Jan 25 1914
Dedolph M Eugene Gordon Edward Dedolph Ella Kersten Jan 18 1916
Dedolph M Roy Elmer Ed Dedolph Ella Kersten Aug 9 1912
Deer M Michael Joseph Deer Agnes Shawano Oct 10 1921
Deering M Frederick William Herman Deering Annie Krueger Jun 27 1921
Deering F Hazel Marie Herman Deering Annie Krueger Aug 14 1909
Deering M Herman Frederick Herman Deering Annie Krueger Jul 18 1919
Deering M Lavern Henry Henry Deering Meta Schultz May 23 1922
Deering F Lila Ruth Herman Deering Annie Krueger Mar 13 1917
Deering F Myrtle   Herman Deering Annie Krueger Mar 3 1913
Degan F Marcella Cordine August Degan Bertha Krull May 11 1921
Degen F Gertrude Martha August Degan Bertha Krull Apr 14 1919
Degner F Ethel Carrie David Degner Mamie Miller Feb 4 1922
Degner M George Friedrich Wm Degner Marie Dumke Feb 22 1909
Dehn F Cecelia August Dehn Wilhelmina Gross Dec 18 1913
Dehn F Linda August Dehn Wilhelmina Gross May 21 1908
Dehn F Louise August Dehn Wilhelmina Gross Jan 27 1911
Dekeuster M Norbert Jule DeKeuster Minnie Veto Jul 16 1914
DeKloe F Lizzie E Edward DeKloe Lizzie DeKloe Feb 17 1917
Delameter F Marion Daniel Delameter Alice Nelson Feb 25 1916
Delameter F Orpha Jane Walter Delameter Oral Andrew Aug 9 1920
Delaney Dorcus May Byron Delaney Edith Merriam Feb 23 1918
Delmotter F Delores Elizabeth Daniel Delmotter Alice Nelson Dec 9 1920
Delmotter M Raymond Nelson Daniel Delmotter Alice Nelson Sep 7 1918
Delon F Margaret Dana Delon Alice Mohawk Jul 21 1918
Delong F Bernice Esther Clyde Delong Evelyn Cole Feb 26 1910
Delong F Edith Evelyn Clyde Delong Evelyn Cole Sep 11 1911
Delong F Gertrude Margaret Guy Delong Hattie Greenlaw Nov 4 1913
DeMarsh F Gertrude Marie William DeMarsh Deline Vincent Dec 21 1914
DeMarsh F Helene Adeline William Vincent Deline Vincent Dec 12 1912
DeMarsh - Still Born William DeMarsh Deline Vincent Jul 20 1922
DeNell F Edna Kathelyn Lawrence DeNell Harriette Mackin Jan 20 1915
DeNell F Harriett Lawrence DeNell Harriette Mackin Feb 3 1913
Denn F Arlean Mary Archie Denn Grace Pipper Dec 7 1920
Denn F Dorothy May Frank Denn Meta Kohn Mar 10  1920
Denn F Lillian Gertrude Louis Denn Elenora Smith May 17 1911
Denn M Roger James Frank Denn Meta Kohn May 29 1921
Denn F Stella Magaret Archie Denn Grace Pipper Mar 18 1922
Denn M Still Born Louis Denn Elenora Smith Aug 28 1913
Denn F Sylvia Bell Frank Denn Meta Kohn Jun 13 1923
Dennis M Wilbur James  Thomas Dennis Gertrude Wilbur May 15 1914
Denow M Charles Kirby Charles Denow Cora Blanchard Dec 8 1911
Denow F Clara Charles Denow Cora Blanchard Jan 13 1908
Dent M Arthur Lewis Herbert Dent Mary Rhoades Sep 17 1909
Dent M Lawrence Herbert Ole Dent Illa Krause Jul 18 1920
Dent M Hilbert Raymond Ole Dent Illa Krause Sep 25 1922
Dent M Still Born Ole Dent Illa Krause Mar 30 1919
Dent M Still Born Jesse Dent Anna Strelow Mar 22 1920
Dent M Still Born Jesse Dent Anna Strelow Dec 22 1920
Denton F Isabell June Russell Denton Betty Hecker Nov 11 1924
Denton F Iva Carol Charles Denton May Bush Dec 25 1921
Denton F Ledonna Evelyn Charles Denton May Bush Jun 19 1918
Denton M Lyle Russell Denton Betty Hecker Sep 9 1923
Denton F Norma Katherine Charles Denton Betty Hecker Jul 1 1922
DePeuster F Eunice Marie Jule DePeuster Minnie Veto May 13 1913
DeRoos M Nicholas John Leo DeRoos Maria Van Diepen Jan 21 1920
DeRoos M Theodore Leo DeRoos Maria Van Diepen Apr 6 1918
DeRosier F Ellen Margaret Joseph DeRosier Mary Carr Mar 24 1912
Derr M Kenneth Francis Philo Derr Frances Rockford May 3 1912
Derr M Phillipp Joseph Phillip Derr Frances Rockford Apr 8 1919
Desch F Annie M Anton Desch Mary Brunke Aug 15 1909
Desch M Clarence  Tony Desch Mary Braunacker Jul 21 1912
Desch F Rosa Anton Desch Mary Brunicker Jan 10 1911
Desence F Florence Elizabeth Herman Desence Mary Krueger Jun 5 1918
Desens M Arnold Gustav Herman Desens Mary Krueger Sep 18 1908
Desens F Clara Bertha Herman Desens Mary Krueger Jan 1 1915
Desens F Still Born Hermna Desens Mary Krueger May 14 1912
DeSwarte F  Mildred Grace Archie DeSwarte Elsie DeSwarte Oct 27 1921
Detert M Arnold Gustav William Detert Minnie Dieck Jul 27 1912
Detert F Mary Herman Detert Clara Hehman Apr 10 1917
Detert M Vernon Herman Detert Flora Hehman Oct 9 1912
Dettman M Unnamed Oscar Dettman Hermene Guenzel Jun 25 1921
Dettman M Dale Arthur Arthur Dettman Lela Frohmann May 11 1921
Dettman F Doris Cilyte Arthur Dettman Lela Frohmann Aug 7 1915
Dettman F Gladys Arthur Dettman Lela Frohmann Jan 10 1919
Dettman M John Edward Oscar Dettman Hermene Guenzel May 10 1923
DeWitt M Ross Otis Frank DeWitt Marcis Otis Oct 17 1909
Dey M Carl Ralph Martin Dey Linda Rosenow Sep 10 1919
Dey F Ione Ann Martin Dey Linda Rosenow Oct 23 1923
Dey M Lester Otto Dey Marie Kranser Mar 14 1924
Dey F Lucille Edna Martin Dey Linda Rosenow Dec 20 1917
Dey F Mae Martin Dey Linda Rosenow May 16 1922
Dey M Rolland Linder Martin Dey Linda Rosenow Sep 5 1921
Dey F Sylvia Walter Westphal Lizzie Dey Jan 8 1923
Dey M Bvictor Joseph Otto Dey Marie Kranser Apr 14 1921
Dey M Willis Joseph Otto Dey Marie Kranser Jul 25 1922
Dick F Catherine Mitchell Dick Margaret Baxter Nov 20 1912
Dick F Dorothy May Richard Dick Rose Powers Feb 22 1924
Dick M Elmer George Mitchell Dick Margaret Shepecan Nov 18 1913
Dick F Marie Glenda Robert Dick Glenda Wollenberg Apr 2 1917
Dick Paul Mitchell Dick Maggie Sepehow Sep 4 1915
Dicke F Elfrieda Charles Dicke Minnie Froelich Sep 11 1909
Dicke M Robert David David Dicke Elsie Wilke Jun 30 1921
Dicke M William Wallace David Dicke Elsie Wilke Dec 31 1923
Dickenson M Aaron Joseph Samuel Dickenson Josephine Peters Jul 7 1923
Dickenson F Eleanor Elizabeth Samuel Dickenson Josephine Peters Apr 26 1918
Dickenson F Helen Ora Samuel Dickenson Mary Ann Oliver Apr 19 1918
Dickenson M Marvin Andrew Samuel Dickenson Mary Ann Oliver Aug 17 1914
Dickman F Eunice Ruth Wm Dickman Amelia Gueller Sep 25 1919
Dickman F Esther M Ernest Dickman Mary Gueller Dec 22 1909
Dickman F  Marie Ernest Dickman Mary Gueller Sep 22 1915
Dickman F Still Born Ernest Dickman Mary Gueller Jan 15 1911
Dickow M arthur Herman Albert Dickow Minnie Schenk Feb 5 1911
Dickow F Eldine Ruth Albert Dickow Esther Fritz Aug 15 1919
Dickson M Unnamed John Dickson Etta Perry Sep 17 1912
Dickson M Unnamed Dave Dickson Louisa Demeny Sep 3 1921
Dickson F Alma Elizabeth Walter Dickson Jessie Runnels Sep 1 1920
Dickson F Arvilla Eunice Dave Dickson Louisa Demeny 23-Dec-22
Dickson M Harold Allen John Dickson Etta Perry Apr 22 1911
Dickson M Marlyn Henry Wilbert Dickson Catharine Dixon Mar 19 1914
Dickson F Ruth Annie John Dickson Etta Perry Apr 15 1914
Dieck M Armen Otto Otto Dieck Annie Drager Aug 20 1923
Dieck M Loyd Frank Dieck Anna Ott Dec 12 1921
Dieck F Gladys Frank Dieck Anna Ott Feb 28 1914
Dieck F Allis Frank Dieck Anna Ott Dec 9 1915
Dieck F Elda Frank Dieck Anna Ott Feb 19 1918
Dieck M Everet Frank Dieck Anna Ott Oct 22 1919
Dieck F Jeanette Frank Dieck Anna Ott Nov 17 1923
Dieck M Harold Wm Dieck Mary Fuhrman Dec 29 1909
Dieck F Norma Linda Otto Dieck Annie Drager Oct 19 1914
Dieck M Norman Max Beeny Dieck Amanda Krause Dec 23 1917
Diedert M Donald Elmer Diedert Rose Pleshek Jul 21 1920
Diels F Bernice Katherine Christian Diels Rosalia Huettman Oct 8 1912
Diem M Harvey Earl Louis Diem Clara Malueg Dec 29 1920
Diemel M Unnamed Will Diemel Elsie Leeman Aug 19 1914
Diemel F Eileen Frances Voral Diemel Tillie Luniak Jul 14 1922
Diemel F Lila May George Diemel Emma Riemer May 28 1912
Diemel M Loyd Torval Diemel Elsie Leeman Nov 4 1920
Diemel F Myrtle Edna George Diemel Emma Riemer Aug 9 1914
Diestler M Albert Frank Diestler Anna Steinke Mar 25 1908
Diestler M Amos John Diestler Bertha Zeinert Aug 25 1910
Diestler M Arthur   Frank Diestler Anna Steinke Feb 2 1917
Diestler M Edward Edward Diestler Mary Luepke Dec 24 1909
Diestler F Esther John Diestler Bertha Zeinert Oct 31 1908
Diestler M Frank Carl Frank Diestler Anna Steinke Jun 6 1912
Diestler F Sarah John Diestler Bertha Zeinert Sep 8 1912
Diestler F Viola Helen Edward Diestler Maria Luepke Feb 17 1908
Dietrich M Donald Robert Dietrich Anna Brandt Mar 30 1913
Dietrich F Dorothy  Ralph Dietrich Pearl Robbins Dec 28 1918
Dietrich M Robert Raphial Raphial Dietrich Pearl Robbins Mar 19 1922
Dietrich M Sylvester G Wm Dietrich Ella Wolfgram Apr 29 1913
Dietrich F June Carol Ralph Dietrich Pearl Robbins Jul 4 4924
Dietzler F Edna Ella Henry Dietzler Jessie Fuller Jun 9 1909
Dietzler F Jeanette Claire Martin dietzler Alice Fuller Sep 8 1923
Dilge M Elmer Harold Henry Dilge Amalie Diem Dec 4 1918
Dilge F Naome Ruby Henry Dilge Amalie Diem Sep 9 1909
Dilge F Viola Ethel Henry Dilge Amalie Diem Mar 31 1913
Dillenberg M Franklin Steve Pat Dillenberg Katie Wagner Aug 2 1918
Dillenberg M Louis Thomas Pat Dillenberg Katie Wagner Jul 24 1922
Dillenberg M Unnamed Wm Dillenberg Mary Brunner Nov 17 1913
Dillenberg F Ann Catherine George Dillenberg Barbara Ashenbrenner May 24 1913
Dillenberg M Ben Wm Dillenberg Mary Brunner Jan 20 1909
Dillenberg M Clarence Peter Dillenberg Katie Wagner Dec 12 1911
Dillenberg F Emma George Dillenberg Barbara Ashenbrenner NG
Dillenberg M George George Dillenberg Barbara Ashenbrenner Oct 2 1911
Dillenberg M Joseph Peter Wm Dillenberg Mary Brunner Nov 27 1915
Dillenberg F Lorraine Marie Peter Dillenberg Anna Ashenbrenner Jun 19 1909
Dillenberg F Margaret Pat Dillenberg Katie Wagner Nov 19 1924
Dillenberg F Maria Wm Dillenberg Maria Brunner Apr 14 1912
Dillenberg M Paul Peter Dillenberg Katie Wagner Jan 28 1914
Dillenberg M Peter Andrew Pat Dillenberg Katie Wagner Oct 1 1909
Dillenberg M Peter John John Dillenberg Tressie Flouger Dec 12 1910
Dillenberg M Wincens Wm Wm Dillenberg Mary Brunner Mar 20 1910
Dillett M Robert Charles Dillett Etta Dunn Apr 14 1913
Dingeldine M Clarence John Dingeldine Ada Richter Apr 9 1917
Dingeldine F Dorothy George Dingeldine Caria Christianson Jun 13 1919
Dingeldine M Eugen Elmer Frank Dingeldine Annie Krueger Dec 21 1918
Dingeldine F Fern Mable Frank Dingeldine Annie Krueger Jun 21 1921
Dingeldine F Florence George Dingeldine Carrie Christianson Aug 14 1921
Dingeldine M Frederick William George Dingeldine Carrie Christianson May 9 1923
Dingeldine M George George Dingeldine Carrie Christianson Jan 23 1918
Dingeldine F Gertrude Marie John Dingeldine Ida Richter Dec 12 1921
Dingeldine F Ida   John Dingeldine Ida Richter Mar 7 1911
Dingeldine M James Frank Frank Dingeldine Annie Krueger May 9 1917
Dingeldine M Lenard John Dingeldine Ida Richter Dec 27 1912
Dingeldine M Leroy Charles John Dingeldine Ida Richter May 29 1909
Dingeldine M Lorenz George Ernest Dingeldine Martha Krueger May 27 1910
Dingeldine M Mathew John Ernest Dingeldine Martha Krueger May 5 1908
Dingeldine F Pearl Caroline Frank Dingeldine Annie Krueger Aug 4 1915
Dingeldine F Ruth John Dingeldine Ida Richter Mar 13 1920
Dirks M Harold John Dirks Helen Nischke Jul 26 1922
Dirks F Louise John Dirks Helen Nischke Feb 21 1915
Dirks F Lucille Edna John Dirks Helen Nischke Oct 18 1918
Dirks M Oscar Paul John Dirks Helen Nischke Jun 16 1920
Dirks M Walter   John Dirks Helen Nischke Feb 11 1914
Dittman M Clarence Paul Dittman Mary Gassel Mar 23 1912
Dittman F Elfrida Elmer Dittman Millie Becker Mar 13 1915
Dittman M George Paul Dittman Mary Gassel Feb 22 1923
Dittman M Herman Elmer Paul Dittman Mary Gassel Dec 7 1921
Dittman M Joseph   Paul Dittman Mary Gassel Nov 9 1914
Dittman F Mable Emma Frank Dittman Bertha Korth Feb 14 1922
Dittman M Ocsar John Frank Dittman Bertha Korth Dec 31 1912
Dittman M Robert Anzelm Dittman Veronica Mencikalski Oct 12 1923
Dittman M Sylvester   Paul Dittman Mary Gassel Jan 2 1910
Dix F Dorothy Lillian Wm Dix Nellie Wilson Nov 16 1919
Dix M Roger William Wm Dix Nellie Wilson Feb 1 1917
Doan F Agnes Hildigard William Doan Martha Zeman Sep 18 1910
Doan M Gerald Patrick Edward Doan Rosaline Anderson Mar 17 1922
Doan M William George Frank Doan Augusta Eisner Jun 23 1923
Dobberfuhl M Luther Friedrich Reinhold Dobberfuhl Henriette Zernike Jul 8 1915
Dobberfuhl F Marcella Marie Reinhold Dobberfuhl Henriette Zernike Dec 6 1910
Dobberfuhl M Martin F  Reinhold Dobberfuhl Henriette Zernike Dec 6 1910
Dobbs M Arthur F August Dobbs Amelia Feltz Aug 13 1909
Dobbs F Delila Katheryn Fred Dobbs Katheryn Hoffman Feb 1 1920
Dobbs F Doris Irene Fred Dobbs Katheryn Hoffman Jun 4 1921
Dobbs F Dorothy Fred Dobbs Katheryn Hoffman Aug 5 1923
Dobbs M Eddie Albert Dobbs Bertha Behling Mar 26 1908
Dobbs F Edna Emma August Dobbs Bertha Feltz Apr 29 1917
Dobbs F Frieda Vallie Albert Dobbs Bertha Behling Aug 11 1913
Dobbs M Leo William Dobbs Grace Anderson Mar 26 1909
Dobbs M Louis Emil August Dobbs Emily Feltz May 10 1912
Dobbs M Victor Herbert August Dobbs Amelia Feltz Oct 16 1919
Dobbs M Walter Fred Paul August Dobbs Amelia Feltz Jan 14 1915
Dobratz F Anna Ernest Dobratz Annie Kroening Jul 1 1915
Dobratz F Betty Jane August Dobratz Esther Koch Jun 12 1924
Dobratz F Delores Thelma August Dobratz Esther Koch Mar 30 1922
Dobratz F Emma Ida Louis Dobratz Lizzie Kroening Jun 15 1908
Dobratz F Frieda   Louis Dobratz Lizzie Kroening Jun 18 1910
Dobratz M Harvey Herman Louis Dobratz Lizzie Kroening Jul 2 1918
Dobratz M Henry   Louis Dobratz Lizzie Kroening Nov 22 912
Dobratz F Jean Victoria Paul Dobratz Emma Radtke Aug 9 1920
Dobratz F Lucille Alma Herman Dobratz Annie Krause Apr 29 1919
Dobratz M Melvin Orlin Louis Dobratz Louise Kroening Jun 27 1920
Dobratz F Nona June Paul Dobratz Emma Radtke Apr 9 1922
Dobratz M Senera Herman Dobratz Annie Krause Oct 19 1912
Dobratz M Virgil Louis Dobratz Louise Kroening Mar 22 1923
Dobratz M Willis Frank Ernie Dobratz Emma Kroening Aug 21 1909
Dobrzynski F Annie M Stanley Dobrzynski Antoinia Malroschek Jun 10 1914
Dobrzynski F Eva Stanley Dobrzynski Antoinia Malroschek Jan 7 1915
Dobrzynski F Victoria Stanley Dobrzynski Antoinia Malroschek Jan 7 1915
Dobs F Adeline Albert Dobs Bertha Behling Feb 26 1911
Dodge F Still Born Samuel Dodge Mary Mumshan Feb 23 1908
Dodge M Unnamed Lorenzo Dodge Mary Shanahan Jan 12 1910
Dodge F Alice Othelia Francis Dodge Anna Whitehouse Sep 30 1909
Dodge F Augustine E Edward Dodge Josephine Seymour Mar 12 1923
Dodge F Catherine Ellen Lorenzo Dodge Mary Shanahan Feb 11 1908
Dodge F Edith Helen Frank Dodge Anna Whitehouse Sep 2 1912
Dodge M Edward Cole Frank Dodge Anna Whitehouse Oct 14 1914
Dodge M Eldon Raymond Raymond Dodge Kate Kinney Jul 17 1910
Dodge M Glennon Byron Raymond Dodge Kate Kinney May 1 1908
Dodge F Gwendolin Henry Dodge Mary Moon Aug 13 1923
Dodge F Harriett Doris Lorenzo Dodge Mary Shanahan Nov 16 1914
Dodge M Lorenzo Roger Lorenzo Dodge Mary Shanahan Feb 27 1911
Dodge M Louis Louis Dodge Madeline Gauthier Oct 23 1914
Dodge F Margaret Henry Dodge Pauline Baxter Aug 4 1913
Dodge F Mary Edward Dodge Josephine Seymour Oct 22 1924
Dodge M Peter Henry Dodge Marry Moon Mar 30 1920
Dodge F Susan Angeline Edward Dodge Josephine Seymour May 31 1921
Dolan M Wallace william Patrick Dodge Sadie Wallis Sep 11 1908
Dolata F Mildred Harriett Andrew dolata Clara Niec Mar 14 1924
Dolegal M edward Louis John Dolegal Auguste Dahms Jun 12 1909
Dolen F Helen Elizabeth Walter Dolen Nellie Cody Mar 8 1912
Dolezal F Alice Othelia John Dolezal Auguste Dahms Apr 8 1908
Dominiczak F Marcella Joseph Dominiszak Agnes Kostecki Aug 15 1918
Dominiszak M Florian Joseph Dominiszak Agnes Kostecki Jun 12 1917
Domress F Inez Helen Rudolph Domress Amanda Mueller Dec 9 1921
Donaldson F Edna Marie William Donaldson Ida Fandrey Feb 2 1912
Donaldson F Gertrude May William Donaldson Ida Fandrey Apr 26 1913
Donaldson F Margaret William Donaldson Ida Fandrey Jan 30 1910
Doran F Linda Ida Herman Doran Matilda Pankow Sep 20 1915
Doran F Alice Fritz Doran Lena Buettner Mar 31 1908
Doran M Howard Vincent Francis Doran Ida Shuman Mar 20 1910
Doran M Joseph Frank Doram Ida Shuman Apr 29 1915
Doran M Kenneth Everwtt James Doran Mary Scrutton Aug 8 1913
Doran M Loyola William Francis Doran Ida Shuman Jun 16 1918
Doran M Robert Caradon Frank Doran Ida Shuman Feb 25 1912
Dordel M Harold Gust Gust Dordel Matilda Koeller Jul 19 1915
Dordel M Loyd Arnold August Dordel Ottilie Gast Nov 7 1917
Dordel F Malida Alvina August Dordel Ottilie Gast Feb 21 1911
Dordel F Ruth August Dordel Mathila Gast  
Dordel F Ruth Meta Hedwig August Dordel Tillie Gast Feb 26 1918
Dore M Robert Christina Dore Kate Tichacek May 1 1908
Dorin F Fridea Herman Dorin Mathilda Pankow Dec 19 1920
Dorin F Hertha Herman Dorin Mathilda Pankow Aug 16 1908
Dorin M Martin Herman Dorin Mathilda Pankow Aug 3 1917
Dorin F Mildred   Herman Dorin Mathilda Pankow Mar 14 1923
Dorin M Rudolph Herman Dorin Mathilda Pankow Jul 24 1924
Dorin M Still Born Herman Dorin Mathilda Pankow Nov 17 1914
Dorsey M Donald J Charles Dorsey Sarah Schmidt May 3 1915
Dorsey M James William  Charles Dorsey Sarah Schmidt Dec 22 1909
Dorsey F Lydia Frances Charles Dorsey Sarah Schmidt Jan 14 1913
Doskocel F Anna Frank Doskocel Barbara Kazdo Feb 19 1915
Doskocel F Frances Anna Frank Doskocel Barbara Kazdo Dec 27 1909
Doskocel F Helen Frank Doskocel Barbara Kazdo Sep 1 1908
Doty M Dale Peter Lee Doty Irene Grunwaldt Dec 27 1923
Doty M Frank Leland Doty Irene Grunwaldt Jun 12 1921
Doty M Herman Andrew Jason Doty Mary Herman May 20 1910
Douthy F Anna Thomas Douthy Josephine Douthy Apr 1 1913
Doxtator M Alvin Alvin Doxtator Mary Quinney Feb 13 1910
Doxtator F Esline Franklin Doxtator Cora Webster Jul 27 1920
Doxtator M James Wesley Seymour Doxtator Louisa Quinney Feb 11 1910
Doxtator M Morris Leo Mont Bowman Eva Doxtator Jan 26 1920
Doxtator F Valeri Vivian Ruben Doxtator Minnie Skenedore Apr 28 1913
Drabes M John Edward Alex Drabes Beatrice Steffeck Oct 11 1921
Draeger M Emil August Draeger Evelyn Klemschmidt Feb 26 1908
Draeger F Adeline Elsie Julius Draeger Katherine Mueller Jun 26 1917
Draeger F Dorothy Mae Herman Draeger Irene Gerlinger Jun 22 1922
Draeger M Elmer Edward Herman Draeger Olga Rades Feb 5 1915
Draeger F Gertude Herman Draeger Olga Rades Apr 21 1923
Draeger M Harold Herman Draeger Olga Rades Aug 30 1912
Draeger M Herold Julius Draeger Katherine Mueller Aug 4 1912
Draeger F Leila Laura Fred Draeger Emma Burchardt Mar 28 1915
Draeger M Louis Gottlieb Fred Draeger Emma Burchardt Dec 20 1912
Draeger M Lawrence Otto Eddie Draeger Ida Zahn Feb 22 1914
Draeger M Raymond   Edward Draeger Ida Zahn Jan 31 1915
Draeger M Rubin Herman Draeger Olga Rades Mar 14 1921
Drage M Albert Gustav Drage Emma Pitt Dec 25 1912
Drage M Clarence Henry  Robert Drage Marie Bartelt Mar 28 1918
Drage F Emma Robert Drage Marie Bartelt Aug 21 1919
Drage M Gustav Gustav Drage Emma Pitt Sep 27 1923
Drage M Leonard August Herman Drage Augusta Lange Dec 17 1909
Drager M John Edward Otto Drager Hilda Buser Apr 20 1923
Draheim F Enid Loraine William Draheim Lillian Lutschruer Jul 8 1921
Drake M Adolph Mitchell Tom Drake Alice Dey Nov 14 1919
Drake F Edna Ray Henry Drake Edna Carter Oct 23 1922
Drake M George Tom Drake Alice Dey Mar 13 1912
Drake F Helen Alice Tom Drake Alice Dey May 23 1921
Drake M Irvin Ray Drake Edna Carter Apr 3 1916
Drake F Lucille Tom Drake Alice Dey Mar 17 1918
Drake M Oscar Raymon Ray Drake Edna Carter Oct 8 1913
Drake M Mathew Raymond Tom Drake Alice Dey Nov 20 1913
Drake M Unnamed Tom Drake Alice Dey Jun 26 1910
Drake M Victor Albert Ray Drake Edna Carter Nov 11 1918
Draper M David Donald Joseph Draper Maggie Putman Aug 30 1920
Draper F Shirley Jean Joseph Draper Maggie Putman Jan 19 1922
Dreger F  Hildegard Wilhelmina John Dreger Catherine Beck Apr 23 1921
Dreier M Otto Wilhlem Gustav Dreier Johanna Ziemer Jan 7 1911
Dries F Birdena Emily Edward Dries Della Clauss Feb 24 1923
Dries F Ione Mae Ed Droes Della Clauss Feb 3 1921
Dries F Irene Peter Dries Mary Lenss Dec 14 1909
Droegenmueller F Cordula Wm Droegenmueller Helen Oetjen Sep 25 1908
Druckrey M Wilbert Carl Paul Druckrey Emma Korth Jun 9 1912
Druckrey F Hertta Emma Herman Druckrey Matilda Burmeister Jun 27 1912
Druckrey M Allan Fredrick William Druckrey Marie Engel May 29 1917
Druckrey M Arthur Walter Walter Druckrey Alma Krause Sep 25 1919
Druckrey F Bernice Olive Otto Druckrey Nora Perry Jan 1 1916
Druckrey F Dottie Ann Paul Druckrey Emma Korth Sep 5 1919
Druckrey M Duane Perry Otto Druckrey Nora Perry Mar 6 1918
Druckrey M Edmund Walter Druckrey Alma Krause Feb 18 1918
Druckrey F Frieda Laura Herman Druckrey Matilda Burmeister Dec 5 1908
Druckrey M Irwin Carl Ernest Druckrey Pauline Herzfeld Feb 1 1923
Druckrey F Jeanette Paul Druckrey Emma Korth Jan 30 1910
Druckrey F LaBonna May Carl Druckrey Effie Bergner May 8 1924
Druckrey F Lois Marie William Druckrey Marie Engel Jun 8 1922
Druckrey F Lydia  Herman Druckrey Matilda Burmeister Apr 27 1911
Druckrey F Mariea Dorothea Rudolph Druckrey Luella Rosson Jul 13 1912
Druckrey M Neil Sigfried Carl Druckrey Effie Bergner Jan 29 1920
Druckrey F Pricilla Louise Oscar Druckrey Louise Gande May 1 1923
Druckrey M Sidney Ernest Carl Druckrey Effie Bergner Sep 12 1918
Drzewicke M Wallace   Joseph Drzewicke Josephine Raza Mar 12 1922
Drzewicke F Agnes   Joseph Drzewicke Josephine Raza Apr 20 1918
Drzewicke M Kasmier Joseph Drzewicke Josephine Raza Oct 17 1913
Drzewicke M Leon  Joseph Drzewicke Josephine Raza Nov 9 1911
Dubois F Rosela John Dubois Jennie Wright Oct 23 1912
Dubracz F Hilda Ernest Dubracz Lena Kroening Apr 25 1911
Dudek M Edward Washington Martin Dudek Mary Marquardt Feb 22 1923
Dudek M Richard Martin Dudek Mary Marquardt Aug 10 1919
Dudek F Rosella Josephine Martin Dudek Mary Marquardt Mar 13 1921
Dudley M Robert Lee Robert Dudley Estella Jones Jun 29 1919
Dudo F Pauline John Dudo Catherine Ignarski Aug 16 1921
Duescher M Herbert Albert Duescher Irene Martin Jun 14 1915
Duescher F Lorraine Pauline Albert Duescher Irene Martin Nov 6 1917
Duffek F Angeline Anton Duffek Catherine Macht May 19 1918
Duffek M Anton Joseph Duffek Clara Staubee Jul 3 1915
Duffek F Catherine Anton Duffek Catherine Macht May 12 1917
Duffek F Cecelia Anton Duffek Catherine Macht Apr 22 1920
Duffek F Clara Anton Duffek Catherine Macht Dec 2 1911
Duffek M John   Joseph Duffek Clara Staubee Sep 22 1919
Duffek M Joseph Anton Duffek Catherine Macht Sep 17 1915
Duffek M Joseph Joseph Duffek Clara Staubee Jun 21 1913
Duffek F Mary Barbara Anton Duffek Catherine Macht Jan 23 1914
Duffek F Rosa Joseph Duffek Clara Staubee Aug 31 1923
Duffek F Still Born Anton Duffek Catherine Macht Mar 9 1913
Duffey F Mable Mildred Hugh Duffey Clara Bossell Nov 17 1914
Duir M Charles Philip Wilbur Duir Rosa Schulz Jul 20 1914
Duir F Elizabeth William Duir Rosa Schulz Dec 12 1912
Duir F Lena Rosella Charles Duir Rosa Schulz Jul 15 1911
Duir F Valda Flora Wilbur Duir Rosa Schulz Jan 29 1916
Dumke M Clyde Raymond Henry Dumke Matilda Wetzel Mar 22 1917
Dumke M Fred   Fred Dumke Hatwig Barkow Nov 24 1910
Dumke F Irma Esther Frank Dumke Albertine Zastrow Mar 30 1909
Dumke F Lucinda Leona W F Dumke Hattie Doran Aug 6 1909
Dumke F Myrtle Edna August Dumke Amelia Heschke Feb 19 1909
Dumke M Nilbert Henry Dumke Matilda Netzel Nov 1 1909
Dumke F Nina Fone Walter Dumke Grace Leiske Dec 31 1923
Dumke M Paul Fred Fred Dumke Hartwig Bartle Apr 7 1909
Dumke M Ray Lewis Emil Dumke Leona Dumke Jan 7 1918
Dumke M Roy Henry Dumke Matilda Netzel Oct 30 1913
Dumke M Still Born Henry Dumke Matilda Netzel Jun 7 1912
Dumke F Sylvia Henry Dumke Matilda Netzel Feb 7 1920
Dumke M Warren Walter Dumke Grace Leiske Feb 27 1922
Dunbar M Kenneth Frank Dunbar Ethel Thursby Jan 12 1911
Dunlap M Robert James George Dunlap Kittie McKinze Dec 19 1910
Dunn M Charles Duane Charles Dunn Linda Suring Sep 19 1919
Dunn M James Raymond Ray Dunn Anna Kirman Apr 4 1913
Duquain F Almeda David Duquain Mathilda Oshkenaniew Feb 7 1922
Duquain M Arthur Arthur Duquain Ida LaMotte Jan 18 1922
Duquain F Mary Theresa Arthur Duquain Ida LaMotte Jan 17 1913
Duquain F Sarah Ann Arthur Duquain Ida LaMotte Jan 8 1919
Duquain F Augustine Louise Arthur Duquain Ida LaMotte Jun 9 1915
Duquain M David Anthony Dave Duquain Mathilda Oshkenaniew Dec 23 1917
Duquain M Leonard   David Duquain Mathilda Oshkenaniew Mar 12 1924
Duquain M Mitchell David Duquain Mathilda Oshkenaniew Sep 27 1919
Durand F Opal Lilya James Durand Lilya Dickson Dec 12 1920
Durkop F Adeline Pauline George Durkop Anna Trapp May 13 1913
Durkop F Ruth Anna George Durkop Anna Trapp Nov 6 1911
Durkop F Thelma George Durkop Anna Trapp Dec 6 1914
Duron F Henrietta Louis Durow Mary Wendt Nov 5 1908
Durow M James Alex Louis Durow Mary Wendt Oct 18 1918
Durow M Leonard H William Durow Amelia Kurtz Nov 3 1914
Dusel F Kathleen John Dusel Emilie Wadinski May 4 1914
Dusel F Mildred Ruth Alex Dusel Esther Kottke Feb 8 1924
Duszyorski M Roman Franciszek Duszyorski Magdalena Jarasick May 4 1917
Duwe M Loyd Edward Edwin Duwe Elsie Hoppe Jul 20 1021


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