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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Cathe Ziereis

N2645 Rustic Circle

Clintonville, WI 54929


Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012

Editor Jim Glasheen 2010

Anita Perez 2012

Surname Sex First Father Mother Date
Eastman M Bernard Floyd Arthur G. Eastman Francis M. Rentmeister Jan 21 1918
Eastman F Grace Lillian Arthur G. Eastman Francis M. Rentmeister Jun 14 1924
Eastman F Rose Margaret Arthur G. Eastman Francis M. Rentmeister Jan 26 1920
Eaton M Chester  George Eaton Hattie Robins Jul 11 1910
Eaton M Forest Charles John Eaton Mae Gehrke Apr 21 1917
Eaton M Ralph C. Geo Eaton    Hattie Robinson Jul 31 1915
Eaton F Viola May   George Eaton Hattie Robinson May 21 1912
Eaton F Vivian John Eaton Eva Lane Nov 15 1912
Ebben  M James Herman Ebben Anna Van Dyke May 29 1922
Ebben  M Junior Herman Herman Ebben Annie Marie Van Dyke Feb 9 1919
Ebben  F Louise Joyce Herman Ebben A. Van Dyke Aug 17 1920
Ebben  M Merrill Raymond Ebben Kathryn Van Dyke Dec 13 1920
Ebel M  Harvey Otto Ebel Martha Stock May 31 1914
Ebel M (Stillborn) Otto Ebel Martha Stock Apr 1 1908
Ebelt M Gordon Edward Louis Emil M. Ebelt Anna Schoenick Apr 16 1923
Ebenhoe F Hilda John Ebenhoe Mary Knier Sep 28 1913
Ebenhoe F Mary Rose John Ebenhoe Mary Knier May 14 1912
Ebenhoe F Rosa John Ebenhoe Mary Kueen Aug 27 1908
Eberhardt F Geneva June Harry Eberhardt Laurel Little Jun 9 1923
Eberlein F Elma May Chester Otto Eberlein Bertha Foesch Jul 2 1908
Eberlein M Frederick Charles Michael Gustav Eberlein Lora Elizabeth Ratties Jan 25 1919
Eberlein F Margaret Ruth Marie Michael G. Eberlein  Lora E. Rather June 27 1910
Eberlein M Michael George Michael G. Eberlein  Lora E. Rather Sept 26 1914
Eberlein M Robert Wm. Michael Eberlein Lora E. Rather Mar 18 1908
Eberlein M Walter Rather Michael G. Eberlein  Lora Rather Aug 29 1921
Eberline M  William Frederick Michael G. Eberlein  Lore E. Rather Jun 25 1917
Ebert F Garnet Frank Ebert Martha Beilfuss Oct 4 1915
Ebert M Clatus Joseph Joe Ebert    Catherine Meyer Apr 17 1912
Ebert F Cordell M. Joseph Ebert Katherine Meyer Jun 29 1917
Ebert M Henry Albert Ebert Laura Krueger Oct 9 1920
Ebert M  Joseph Herbert Joseph Ebert Katie Mayer Dec 12 1913
Ebert M  Lawrence Jerome Joe Ebert     Katie Meyer Dec 21 1921
Ebert M  Lyod Paul Joseph Ebert Katie Meyer June 12 1919
Ebert F Margaret     Joseph Ebert Katie Meyer Jan 18 1915
Ebert F Marian Emma Joe Ebert   Katie Meyer May 28 1924
Ebert M Martin Lorenz C. Ebert Lydia Zernicke Dec 12 1913
Ebert M Roy Wesley Martin Ebert Ottie Erickson Jul 22 1915
Ebert  M Lyman Charles Lorenz Ebert  Lydia Zernicke Dec 30 1011
Ebert  M  Roland Frank Ebert Martha Beilfuss Oct 1 1914
Echtner F Agusta Wm. Echtner Della Jensen Aug 16 1908
Echtner M James Waldron Frank Echtner Theresa Kapella Sep 2 1917
Echtner M Marvin Willie Wm. Echtner Della Jensen Dec 31 1913
Echtner M Robert Lee John Echtner Grace Edison May 1 1924
Eckardt M Lavern John Joseph Eckhardt Katherine Blossom Feb 3 1923
Eckardt M Melvin Edwin Joseph Eckhardt Katie Blossom Jul 16 1921
Ecke F Marcella Heneretta Henry Ecke Cora Preeist Oct 10 1924
Ecke M Russell Heman Emil William Ecke Freda Arnst Sep 19 1920
Ecker M  Lawrence Jos. Joe Ecker Ida Heidke Aug 11 1912
Ecker F Lena Joe Ecker Ida Hudke May 18 1909
Ecker F Minnie Ida Joe Ecker Ida Heidke Feb 10 1915
Eckert F Alice Herman Eckert Ida Radtke Jun 21 1909
Eckert F Alice R. Robert Eckert Anna Rosin Feb 26 1908
Eckert F Beatric Ellen August Eckert Cora Dickson Dec 1 1914
Eckert M Ed August Eckert Cora Dickson Jun 20 1924
Eckert M Fred    Aug. Eckert Cora Dickson Feb 7 1921
Eckert M George Albert Rob. Robert Eckert Anna Rosin Aug 8 1911
Eckert M Harman Herman Eckert Ida Radtke Aug 22 1917
Eckert M Irwin Earl August Charlie Eckert Dora Heuer Jun 10 1923
Eckert F Lucille Heman Eckert Ida Radtke Aug 31 1914
Eckert F Mary Barbara Gustave Eckert Catharina Nueller Feb 25 1908
Eckert F Rone Robert Eckert Annie Rosin Dec 13 1921
Eckert F Florence Bertha Charles Eggert Dora Heuer Sep 18 1924
Eckes F Annie Bertha John Eckes Anna Fulker Feb 7 1909
Eckhardt M Clarence Joseph Joseph Eckhardt Catharine Blassom Oct 25 1919
Eckhardt F Irene John Eckhardt Annie Kolinske Apr 14 1922
Eckhardt M Joseph Lawrence Joseph Eckhardt Katie Blossom Jul 22 1918
Effen M Martin Floyd Frank Effen Rosella Van Dyke Jul 24 1920
Egen M  Gordon Anton Anton Eger Ida Wruck Apr 29 1923
Eger M Donald Bernard Bernard Albert Eger Gladys Marion Munn Apr 15 1920
Eggert F Stllbirth (twin) Theodore Eggert Mathilda Ropelke Feb 12 1909
Eggert M Alfred Reinhold Paul Otto Eggert Martha Meyers Apr 9 1909
Eggert F Deloris Mathilda Paul Eggert Minnie Mialhen Mar 13 1924
Eggert F Doris Herman Eggert Martha Fehrman Oct 17 1915
Eggert F Dorothy Theresa Otto Eggert Martha Myer Jun 18 1911
Eggert F Edna Laura Gusta Paul Eggert Minnie Louise T. Mailahn Sep 5 1913
Eggert F Elenora Ewald Eggert Anna Mailahn Sep 3 1920
Eggert F Elfiera Helen Reinhold Eggert Louise Knoll Feb 20 1916
Eggert M Harvey Edward Carl Paul F. Eggert Minna Meilahn Feb 12 1919
Eggert F June Harriet Herman William Eggert  Martha Fehrman Jul 21 1921
Eggert F Laena (twin) Theodore Eggert Mathilda Ropelke Feb 12 1909
Eggert F Leona Ewald Eggert Anna Mailahn Sep 28 1918
Eggert F Lucille Ann Richard H. Eggert Anna Fehrman Feb 20 1913
Eggert F Mabel Herman Eggert Martha Faehrman Jan 3 1909
Eggert M Milton Carl Reinholdt Eggert  Louise Kroll Oct 27 1911
Eggert M Oscar Henry John Reinholdt Eggert   Louise Kroll Jan 27 1920
Eggert F Phyllis Martha Herman Eggert Matha Fehrman Apr 29 1917
Eggert F Ruth Paul Eggert Minnie Maihlan May 25 1920
Eggert F Sarah Ruth Herman Eggert Martha Fehrman Feb 19 1911
Eggert M Ralph    Otto Eggert Martha Meyer    Mar 9 1916
Eggert M Walter     Theodore Eggert Mathilda Kopelke Sept 24 1910
Eggert M Walter Edwin Theodore Eggert Mathilda Kopelke Nov 25 1913
Eggert M Vendor Ewald Eggert Anna Mailahn Nov 12 1924
Egget M Elmer Edwin Theodore Paul Eggert Minna Mailhi Oct 11 1915
Eggink, F Margaret Arnold Eggink Aimee Bromelard Sep 14 1908
Ehlert M Unnamed Wm  Ehlert Helen Giese May 29 1920
Ehlert M Unnamed Chas. Ehlert Alma Fredrick Oct 9 1921
Ehlert F Doris Marie George E. Ehlert Alvine Caestedt Sep 29 1923
Ehlert F Hildegard Marita Ella Wm Ehlert Helen Geise Mar 26 1919
Ehlert M Lloyd Arthur Ehlert    Ella Schultz Feb 18 1920
Ehlert M Louvern ? William Wm Ehlert  Helena Giese Oct 9 1917
Ehlert M Walter Wm  Ehlert Helena Giese Sep 6 1922
Ehlert F Wanda May Rudolph Ehlert   Marie Pockat Jun 5 1924
Ehlinger M Bernard Martin Nicholas Ehlinger Hannah Berg Jan 4 1911
Ehlinger F Magdalen Rose Nicholas Ehlinger Hannah Berg July 10 1909
Ehman F Eunice Lenora Frank Ehman Cora Madson Aug 8 1921
Ehman F Phyllis Jane Frank Ehman   Cora Madson Nov 12 1922
Ehrhardt F Leola George W. Ehrhardt Clara Isaacson Apr 11 1913
Ehrhardt F Lucile Evelyn Geo. Adolf Ehrhardt Nettie Estella Glass Aug 19 1912
Ehrhardt M Orville Wilton Ehrhardt Clara Isaacson Apr 21 1914
Ehrhardt M Roy Luther George Ehrhardt Nettie Glass May 25 1910
Ehrhardt M Wells Wilton Ehrhardt Clara Issacson Mar 2 1911
Ehricke M  Dennis William Ben Ehricke Bertha Trantow May 31 1915
Eibenholtz M Anton Anton Eibenholtz Anna Shettel Nov 16 1913
Eibenholtz M Frank Antone Eibenholtz Anna Schattle Jul 19 1917
Eibenholtz M Joseph      Anton Eibenholtz Anna Schattle May 13 1915
Eich F Bernice Josephine Wm J. Eich Catherine Raasch Jan 31 1924
Eich F Eunice Bernice Frank R. Eich Agnes Simpson Jun 14 1913
Eicke M John Melvine Ruben Eicke Minnie Wettland Nov 11 1917
Eickhoff F Kathryn Delores Harold Osmer Eickhoff Ruby Ellen Denney Apr 7 1917
Eimer M Arthur Henry Wm Eimer Gertie Meyer Nov 11 1919
Eimer F Evyline William Eimer Gertrude Meyer Sep 29 1912
Eimer M Frank William Eimer Gertrude Meyer Jan 25 1911
Eimer F June     William Eimer Gertrude Meyer Jun 3 1914
Eisch M Adelbert Edward Eisch Emma Becher Jul 28 1923
Eklund F Joyce Nels K. Eklund Rose Meyer Nov 12 1914
Eklund M Raymond George George Eklund Irene Moore Jan 20 1922
Elbe M Eugene Adolf Adolf Alertson Maud Anderson Feb 26 1920
Elertson M Darrel Seldor Elertson Myrtle Olson Nov 10 1919
Elertson M Mayward Seldor Seldor Elertson Mertle Olson Nov 25 1920
Ellefsen M Hans Haldor Hans Edward Ellefson Anna Marie Halverson Jan 2 1916
Ellefson M Ivan Clair Sam Ellefson Barbara Helgersen Jul 15 1909
Elliott M Eugene Carl Lloyd Elliott Anna Ramage Dec 18 1920
Ellis M Alvin Richard Earl Ellis Bessie Lucia Aug 4 1917
Elm F Bernice     Raymond C. Elm Alice E. Doxtator Dec 6 1923
Elm F Beatrice Erna Raymond C. Elm Alice E. Doxtator Dec 31 1921
Elm M Oscar Charles Mitchell Elm Marian Hill Jul 3 1913
Elm M Rolson C. Mitchel Elm  Mary Well Aug 7 1917
Elsner M Eli Henry Otto George Elsner Sadie Fiebelson May 8 1919
Elsner M Erwin George George Elsner Sadie Febleson Nov 14 1915
Elsner M Harvey Fred Geo  Elsner  Sadie Fiebelson Nov 1 1923
Elst M Frank Samuel Elst Mary Paulin Dec 9 1923
Elst F Helen Simon Elst Mary Panlin Jul 5 1918
Elst M John     Simon Elst Marie Paulini Mar 18 1920
Elst F Julia Simon Elst Martha Pauline Mar 19 1916
Elstad F Loraine Melvin Elstad Emma Stegbauer Apr 4 1914
Elstad M Melvin Jerome Melvin J. Elstad Emma M. Stechbaurn Jan 9 1909
Emerson M Duane Clifford Jul Emmel Viola Stroud Feb 7 1923
Emmel M Arthur Otto Carl Emmil Anna Welder Sep 29 1915
Emmil M Rhinehart Carl Emperner Anna Wilder Sep 29 1912
Emperner M Eugene Frances Frank Emperner Margaret Nero Sep 19 1924
Emperner F Viola    Marshall Emerner Genie Davis Oct 21 1913
Engel M Unnamed Fred Engel Anna Teetzen Nov 2 1911
Engel M Alvin Frank Ernest Engel Emma Erdmann Jun 6 1921
Engel M Arthur Gustav Fred Engel Martha Bahr Nov 15 1910
Engel M Charles Arthur Charles Engel Alma Sperberg Dec 19 1920
Engel M Ernest Frank Ernest Engel Emma Erdmann Jan 13 1920
Engel F Ethel Anna Johana Fred A. Engel Molly Peterman Aug 11 1914
Engel M Ewald George Alfred Albert Engel Rosa Hirsich Mar 26 1914
Engel F Fern Ida Chas. Engel Agnes Kohm June 19 1910
Engel M Forest Charley Chas. Engel Agnes Kohn Jan 17 1908
Engel M Franklin Ernst Engel Emma Erdmann Sep 12 1910
Engel F Geraldine Marie Joseph Engel Theresa Opgenorth Nov 14 1921
Engel F Hilda Albert Engel Rosa Hissig Sep 4 1921
Engel F Irene Emily Ernest Engel Emma Erdmann Mar 19 1914
Engel M Leroy Fred Engel Mollie Peterman Aug 24 1912
Engel F Mildred Rosa Ida Albert Engel Rosa Hirsig Oct 6 1917
Engel M Roland August Ernest Engel Emma Erdtman Sep 23 1909
Engel M Ruben William Ernest Engel Emma Erdmann Jul 10 1912
Engel F Ruby Ruth Fred Engel Martha Bohr Dec 10 1911
Engel F (Stillborn) Chas F. Engel Alma Sperberg Jan 27 1910
Engel F (Stillborn) Louis Engel Ella Richter Apr 30 1921
Engel M (Stillborn) Joseph Engel Theresa Opgemorth May 5 1924
Engel ? (Stillborn) Ernest  Engel Emma Erdmann Jun 29 1924
Engel M William John Robert John Engel Minnie Borchardt Apr 9 1919
Engel M Willie  Fred Engel Anna Teetzen May 17 1909
Engel  M Fredriech Fred Engel Anna Teetzen Sep 3 1912
Engelbert M Edward Rev. Edward Engelbert  Clara Greene Oct 17 1914
Engelbert F Via Henrietta Elsa Edward Engelbert Clara Greene May 2 1913
Engelbrecht M Otto Edmund Juluis Engelbrecht Alvina Olsen Jun 25 1909
Engelehart F Bernace John Engelbrecht Elsie Koepsel Oct 7 1918
Engelhardt M Eugene Arnold Fred Herman James Engelbrecht Cora Albertz Sep 27 1913
Engle M Garhart Florian Engel Barbar Zankel Aug 30 1908
Englehardt F Carol John Engelbrecht Elsie Koepsel Aug 3 1920
Englehardt F Helen Dorothea John Engelbrecht Elsie Koepsel Sep 22 1912
Ensign F Gwendolyn Pearl Charles Leroy Ensign Pearl Estea Manney Jul 15 1919
Erb M Alfred Art Art Erb Amanda Rex Aug 30 1909
Erb F Beatrice Rose John Erb Theresa  Erb May 28 1913
Erb M Earl Eugene Ed. Erb Dianna McKenna Mar 29 1912
Erb M Earl Leroy Arthur A. Erb Amanda A. Rex Nov 13 1908
Erb M Gordon Art Art Erb Amanda Rex Jul 23 1913
Erb M Guy Jacob John Erb Theresa Peil Mar 20 1911
Erdman F Anita Corine Wm Erdman Emma Huebner Jul 29 1920
Erdman M Clarence Edward Alex William F. Erdmann Mary Braun Nov 16 1910
Erdman F Evelyn Wm Erdmann Dara Knaack Jul 28 1922
Erdman F Mrcasstin Henrietta Frank F. Erdmann Helen Meyers Jan 14 1911
Erdman M Raymond Frank Frank Erdmann Helen Inez Mayer Sep 19 1912
Erdman M Royal Robert Robert Erdmann Viola Rusch Apr 3 1919
Erdman F (Stillborn) Robert F. Erdmann Viola Rusch Aug 7 1913
Erdman M Stonard Loyd Frank Erdmann Helen Mayers May 31 1917
Erdman M Wilson Frank Erdmann Edna Schliwort Oct 30 1918
Erdmann F Ardis Robert A. Erdmann Viola Anna Rusch Jun 18 1914
Erdmann F Arlean Malinda August Erdmann Zelma Kroenke Sep 14 1917
Erdmann M Arthur Leonhard Robert Herman Erdmann Viola Anna Ida Rusch Mar 18 1924
Erdmann M Cornelius Theodore C. E. Emil A.  Erdmann Esther Ebert Dec 7 1917
Erdmann M Eldor William Max August Erdmann Selma Kroenke Oct 24 1918
Erdmann F Ethel Anna Johana Robt Erdmann Viola Rusch Sep 26 1915
Erdmann M Everett Emil A.  Erdmann Esther Ebert Jun 13 1920
Erdmann M Franklin Orville Frank Erdmann Edna Schliewest Nov 12 1921
Erdmann F Ila Selma August Erdmann Selma Kroenke Dec 4 1923
Erdmann F Inez Frank Erdmann Helen Mayen Feb 28 1909
Erdmann M Kurt W. Albert Erdmann Louise Brown Aug 22 1909
Erdmann M Leslie Otto Erdmann Selma Raasch Apr 24 1914
Erdmann F Marjorie May Otto Erdmann  Selma Raasch May 26 1921
Erdmann M Roy August Erdmann Selma Kroenke Feb 15 1920
Erdmann M Ralph Vilroy Franz F.W. Erdmann Helen Meyer   Aug 30 1914
Erdmann F Verna Florence August Erdmann Selma Kroenke Jan 4 1922
Erdmann F Viola Emma Ida J. W. Erdmann Augusta Holtz Nov 15 1911
Erdmann F Valerie Madlyn Olive Otto Erdmann Selma Raasch Jan 9 1911
Erenerson M Lawrence Oliver Howard Erenerson Olga Paulson Jan 12 1923
Erick F Ethel Leona Walter F. Erick Myrtle Thursby Nov 28 1908
Erickson F Agatha Marie Rudolph Erickson  Neva Hoffman Feb 18 1924
Erickson M Albert Edwin Hans Erickson    Bright Peterson Jul 5 1912
Erickson M Alvin Helman Rudolph Erickson Anna Johnson Apr 25 1919
Erickson M Arthur B. Peter Erickson Maria B. Krale Apr 3 1909
Erickson M Arthur Sylvester Erick Erickson Thelma Bergan Mar 24 1921
Erickson M Atmer George Atmar Erickson Flors Tatterson Jun 7 1910
Erickson M Clarence Vernon Elmer Erickson Luella Thorson Sep 16 1918
Erickson M Clayton Lester Carl  Erickson Cora Bulfuss Apr 26 1923
Erickson F Edna Lillian Peter Erickson Mary Kvaley Mar 23 1913
Erickson F Elsie Ruth Turine Erich Erickson Palma Bergan Jun 3 1912
Erickson M Everett Sylvester Otmer Erickson Flora Totterson Feb 26 1908
Erickson F Frances Louise Herman Erickson Huldah Petterson Sep 14 1910
Erickson M Herbert Stanley Henry E. Erickson Sophia Olson Aug 19 1912
Erickson F Laura M. Wm Erickson Nettie Gilbertson Feb 3 1918
Erickson M Leonard Orling Elmer Erickson Luella Thorson Feb 20 1921
Erickson F Hazel Dorothy Erick Erickson Palma Bergan Apr 27 1917
Erickson M Irving Arnold Erick Erickson Thelma Bergan Nov 17 1918
Erickson M Lester Charles Erick Erickson Palma Bergan Nov 11 1914
Erickson M Melvin Palmer Peter Erickson Bertha Mary Christofferson Jul 20 1911
Erickson M Peter Herman Herman Erickson Huldah Peterson Feb 2 1908
Erickson M Robert Norman Rudolph Erickson  Neva Hoffman Nov 29 1921
Erickson F Salome Marildia William F. Erickson Ida Colson Apr 25 1912
Erickson  F Pearl Hunntena Erick Erickson Palma Bergan Jan 23 1909
Ericsson M Chester  Wm Erickson Nettie Gilbertson Oct 23 1919
Ertman M Edward John Ertman Julia Holewinski Nov 16 1911
Ertman M Harry John Ertman Julia Holewinski Mar 21 1914
Ertman M Joseph John Ertman Julia Holewinski Feb 22 1913
Esler F Annie    Tony Esler Annie Eppinger Sep 27 1912
Esler M Larry R. Anton Esler Annie Eppinger Apr 7 1910
Estabrook M Frank Forstal Robert C. Estabrook  Rosalie C. Dousman May 2 1913
Evans M Clem David Clemm Evans Mildred Richmond Jan 30 1921
Evans M Desmond L. Clemm Evans Mildred Richmond Jun 2 1922
Evans F Dorothy Ella Wm Evans Birdie Lake Aug 1 1915
Evans F Helen Alice Wm H. Evans Birdie Lake May 27 1909
Evans M Ned Arthur James Garnet Evans Erma Yoccum May 10 1917
Evans F Virginia Iola W. H. Evans Birdie M. Lake Jan 27 1912
Evans M Willard Nathan Wm Evans Birdie Lake Feb 12 1913
Ewald F Amanda Minna Maria Herman Ewald Minnie Fosbeck Mar 4 1912
Ewald F Margrede Selma Augusta Herman Ewald Wilhelmina Lorbech Jun 30 1910
Ewald M Walter Herman Ewald Mina Yorbeck Mar 16 1908
Ewald  M Carl August Ewald Lydia Radke Jan 15 1909
Ewert M Clarence Henry August Bernhard Ewert Mary Conrad Jan 19 1910
Ewert F Norma Maria Fred Ewert Anna Schachtschonidt Jul 23 1913