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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

Below is a copy of the Indexed Card  (click on example below)

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Cathe Ziereis

N2645 Rustic Circle

Clintonville, WI 54929


Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012

Editor Jim Glasheen 2010

Anita Perez 2012

Surname Sex First Father Mother Date
Fagan F Ellen Beatrice William Fagan Clara Peterman Mar 14 1909
Fagan F Mildred Florence William J. Fagan Clara Peterman Sep 12 1900
Failey M James Richard Frank Failey Elizabeth Andre Jan 18 1918
Falk M David Frank Douglas Paul A. Falk Otielie Nesehelein Sep 9 1908
Falk M Douglass Carl John Paul Falk Otelie Reschlem Oct 7 1910
Falk F Ethel Paul Falk Otelia Reschlein Nov 9 1917
Falk M Gilbert Paul Falk Ottilie Reschlein May 2 1912
Falk M Glen William William Herman Falk Sylvia May Johnson Aug 31 1916
Falk F Olive Oleta Olga Howard Falk Anna Lemberg Jul 12 1924
Falk M Paul Paul A. Falk Ottilie Reschlein May 2 1914
Falk M Raymond Alfred Paul Falk Altillie Reschlein Jun 28 1920
Falk F Violet Sylva William F. Falk Sylva Johnson Aug 17 1918
Fancher M Adolph William Chas Fancher Esther Hanson Feb 25 1911
Fandrey F Ada Sophy William Fandrey Emma Kielman Jul 4 1915
Fandrey M Darwin Leonard William Fandrey Emma Kielman May 16 1914
Fandrey M Edward Edward Fandrey Lizzie Zwieg Sep 4 1923
Fandrey M Edwin John Fandry Lizzie Zwieg Mar 26 1918
Fandrey F Emmaline Lasetta William R. Fandrey Emma Kielman Jun 25 1924
Fandrey M Fred Ed Fandrey Lizzie Livery Jun 1 1915
Fandrey F Frieda Sophy Martha Ed Fandrey Lizzie Linery Dec 21 1911
Fandrey F Gertrude John Faundry Lenstla Zibeig Apr 4 1912
Fandrey F Irene Ed Fandrey Lizzie Zwiet Aug 17 1918
Fandrey F Leona Adella John Fandrey Lisette Zwieg Apr 15 1920
Fandrey M Normand John William Fandrey Emma Kielman Oct 6 1921
Fandrey M Raymond     Edward Fandrey Lizzie Zwieg Mar 26 1920
Fandrey F Violoa John Fandrey Lucattes Zwieg Nov 18 1910
Fandrey M Walter John Fandrey Latzette Lwrey Sep 24 1915
Fandry M Alexander Ed Fandry Lizzie Zevieg Feb 2 1922
Farmalewski F Maryanna Scholastzka Harry Scottsen Stella Farnalewski Apr 14 1918
Farrington M Lawrence Raymond Guy Farrington Mary Byron Oct 8 1910
Faster F Elsie Joseph Faster Kate Vanderblewen Apr 13 1912
Fearson M Wilbur Claude Wilbur Fearson Ethel Hanford May 15 1914
Feather M Calvin Mitchell John Feather Madeline Peterson Dec 12 1920
Feather M Earl John John Feather Madeline Peters    Apr 1 1912
Feather M George Lewis Jerome Feather Not listed Oct 2 1918
Feather F Germine Cerina  Peter John Feather Madaline Peters Nov 28 1916
Feather M James     Jerome Feather Adda Kinney Feb 23 1922
Feather F Mabel Jane John Feather Magdalene Peters Mar 26 1919
Feather F Marry Elizabeth Jerome Feather Addie Kinney Apr 14 1920
Feather M Michael John Feather Madeline Peters Sep 29 1922
Feather F Rosie Jerome Feather Addie Kinney Jul 17 1912
Feather F (Stillborn) Jerome Feather Addie Kinney Feb 27 1924
Feathers M Simon Frank John Feathers Madeline Peters Sep 27 1913
Fehling F Erna Verona Emery Fehling Anna Jeske Mar 26 1916
Fehling F Marcella Helen Renatta Emery A. Fehling Anna Jeske Aug 12 1913
Fehrman F Bernice Otto Fehrman    Mary Krause Dec 31 1914
Fehrman F Florence Marcella Mary Otto Fehrman    Mary Krause Mar 14 1917
Fehrman M Harvey Otto Fehrman    Mary Krause Mar 21 1919
Fehrman F Pearl Otto Fehrman    Mary Krause Feb 1 1913
Fehrman M Wallace Roger Howard Otto Fehrman    Mary Krause Nov 5 1922
Feigley M Frances Fabian Emmerett Feigley Elizabeth Essler Jul 11 1922
Fellenz F Lucy Thersa Peter Fellenz Bertha Kohl Sep 12 1909
Felske F Hellen Louise Fred Felske Eliza Honnager Jul 19 1913
Felske F Lillie Emma Friolla Fred Felske Lizzie Honeger Mar 12 1910
Felton M Arnold Edgar Arnold Felton Lula Lawdeck Apr 13 1918
Felton F (Stillborn) Arnold J. Felton Lulu Landeck Dec 25 1920
Felts F Dora Harry G. Felts Hattie Giessel Aug 22 1908
Felts F Fern Anabelle William H. Felts Olga Giessel Mar 28 1923
Felts M Florien Lavon Claude Felts Rose Maas May 30 1918
Felts F Gladys Irene William H. Felts Olga Giessel Aug 7 1914
Felts M Harvey Wallace Harry Felts Hattie Giessel Jun 5 1913
Felts M Lavern Lawrence Glen William H. Felts Olga Giessel May 10 1918
Felts F Mildred Mollie Charles O. Felts Lizzie Kolpack Apr 27 1910
Felts F Olive Myra Harry George Felts Hattie Amanda Giessel Dec 25 1910
Felts M Orlin Clarence Felts Ida Heinz Oct 12 1920
Felts M Sidney Charles Felts Lizzie Kolpack May 24 1912
Felts M Woodrow Chas Felts Lizzie Kolpack Mar 22 1915
Felts  M Victor Harry Clarence Feltz Ida Heinz Feb 20 1912
Feltz F Inez Catherine Ernest Feltz Katherine Biblehausen Nov 8 1915
Feltz M Elmer Clarence Feltz Ida Heinz Feb 9 1915
Feltz F Esther Lucille Ernest Feltz Kate Bieblehouse Aug 19 1910
Fenn F Eleanor Helen Leonard B. Fenn Augusta Adam Nov 12 1919
Fenner M Herman Herman Fenner Tillie Trython Sep 7 1914
Fenner F Myrtle Lilly Herman Fenner Alma Blank Apr 6 1922
Fenner F Wilhelmina Herman Fenner Matille Treptow Dec 4 1907
Fenske M Roy Bernard Fred Rudolph Fenske Ottelia Maltzhan Dec 22 1914
Fenski M Harvey Richard Russell Rinold C. Fenski Lizzie Haberman Mar 31 1910
Ferg M Norman    Ed Ferg Sophia Seehaffer Mar 10 1923
Fergens M Karl Adolph Herman Fergens Celia Schweers Mar 21 1908
Fergerson F Alice May Myron Fergerson May Roper Nov 7 1917
Ferguson M Dale Myron Myron Fergerson Mae Roper Sep 16 1921
Fermanich F Geraldine Ruth John Fermanich Ida Sturm May 5 1922
Fermanich F Lucille Agnes John Fermanich Ida Sturm Jul 12 1908
Fermanick F Carmen John Fermanich Ida Sturm Mar 11 1911
Fetkenheuer F Adella L. William T. Fetkenheuer Myrtle Ida Grover Oct 22 1909
Fick F Agnes Olga Robert Fick Linda Vollenberg May 26 1918
Fiemer F Selma Martha Ollie Fiemer Gusta Eckert Dec 22 1907
Fiess F Anna Martha Meta Rev. T. Fiess Anna Harms Mar 11 1918
Fiess M John Herman Traugott Fiess Anna Harms Dec 17 1911
Fiess F Magdalene C. Trougott Fiess Anna Harms Dec 13 1915
Fiess F Margareta Johanna Traugott Fiess Anna Harms Jun 8 1910
Fiess M Martin Dietrick Frank Traugott Fiess Anna Harms Apr 3 1914
Filiabreau M Phillip Merrit Charles W. Filiabreau Gertrude Berendsen Oct 2 1912
Fink F Alice Norma John Fink Hulda Boerst Nov 16 1910
Fink M Charles E. Charles E. Fink Mathilde Raddant Nov 5 1914
Fink M Eclear or Edear Arthur Harvey Fink Loth Haase Feb 6 1916
Fink M Eldon Curtis Oscar Fink Maud Curtis Jan 5 1912
Fink M Elmer Edward Harvey Fink Lotta Hazz Jul 17 1918
Fink F Forest Ester Benjamin Fink  May Cloy Oct 24 1907
Fink M Freddie William John Fink Amelia Struehing Feb 9 1910
Fink F Hazel Florence Lucile John Fink Hulda Boerst Apr 18 1916
Fink F Ileen John Fink Hulda Boerst May 21 1921
Fink F June Marie Chas E. Fink Mathilda Raddant June 13 1917
Fink F Lena Myrtle Sidney Fink Etta Cross Oct 10 1907
Fink M Lester Lester Fink Amelia Gutt Oct 15 1922
Fink F Malinda Augusta Lester Fink Amelia Gutt Jul 10 1924
Fink M (Stillborn) Chas. Fink Matilda Raddant Jun 7 1913
Fink F Vera Eleanora Oscar Fink Maud Curtis May 17 1913
Fink M Willis Eugene Geo Fink Gladys LaPorte Aug 3 1923
Fischer M Adolph     Max Fischer Matilda Patrick Dec 20 1912
Fischer F Angeline Violet John Fischer Ella Reinert Jun 24 1920
Fischer M August Carl Gust Fischer Augusta Koeppen Jun 21 1920
Fischer M Carl Jr. Carl Fischer Anna Bahr Mar 17 1915
Fischer M Carl Loyd Frank G. Fischer Eva O. Cronce May 9 1913
Fischer F Cecelia Dora Max Fischer Mathilda Petrich Jan 17 1910
Fischer M David Louis Arthur Arthur L. Fischer Emma Herriman Apr 23 1918
Fischer F Delia Michael Fischer Francisca Probst Dec 26 1912
Fischer M Donald Alex Fischer Ester Doedy Nov 11 1922
Fischer F Dorothy Annabel Robert Fischer Dena Paulson Dec 15 1920
Fischer F Dorothy Margaret Michael Fischer Franciska Probst Nov 3 1907
Fischer F Elsie   Albert Fischer Louise Drage Mar 20 1914
Fischer F Francisca Hedwig Michael Fischer Francisca Probst May 6 1910
Fischer F Gertrude Mathilda Max Fischer Mathilde Patrick Feb 10 1911
Fischer M Guy Robert John Fischer Leola Zuehlke Oct 25 1922
Fischer M Harrison Aug Otto Raether Arthur Fischer Ella     Dec 22 1920
Fischer F Helen     Emil Fischer Amanda Manthei Aug 9 1921
Fischer F Jeononard John Fischer Leola Zuehlke Feb 20 1921
Fischer F June Rose Alice Arthur Fischer Emma Herman Jan 9 1920
Fischer F Laura Christine Robert Fischer Dena Paulson Sep 6 1922
Fischer M Lee John Adolph Christ Fischer Amanda Mathews May 17 1920
Fischer F Mabel Louisa Robert Fischer Dina Paulson  Oct 12 1924
Fischer M Merlyn Edwald Alex Fischer Esther Doede Jul 18 1921
Fischer F Nettie Helen Michael Fischer Frances Probst Dec 11 1915
Fischer M Raymond John Frank Fischer Laura Lex Nov 24 1918
Fischer M Richard Emil August Fischer Lina Ganzel Aug 16 1909
Fischer M (Stillborn) John Fischer Agnes Carlson Feb 19 1922
Fish F Alice Andrew Jackson Fish Tillie Becker Mar 13 1908
Fish F Cecilia John Fish     Rosalie Elm Dec 4 1920
Fish M Howard Joseph John Fish     Rosalie Elm Apr 3 1922
Fish M John Jr. John Fish     Rosalie Elm Nov 2 1917
Fish F Juliet John Fish     Rosalie Elm May 31 1919
Fish F Juliet Rosalie John Fish     Rosalie Elm June 2 1919
Fish M Raymond John Fish     Rosalie Elm Sep 21 1924
Fisher M Unlisted Alex Fisher Ester Dody Feb 1 1920
Fisher F Unlisted  (twin) Paul Fisher Frieda Wege Aug 20 1917
Fisher F Unlisted  (twin) Paul Fisher Frieda Wege Aug 20 1917
Fisher F Anna     Lambert Fisher Mary Schattl Jun 3 1918
Fisher F Etlna Marie John Beck Barbara Fisher Mar 12 1921
Fisher F Lucelta Albert Fisher  Louise Dragl Oct 20 1908
Fisher F Mary    Lambert Fisher Mary Schett May 30 1909
Fisher M Richard    Tourbert Fisher Mary Shullte Jul 9 1914
Fitzgerald F Florence Lillian John Fitzgerald Jennie Denn Jul 15 1923
Fitzgerald F Oral Roy Fitzgerald Edith Dunn Nov 27 1910
Flader F Milda Frida Arthur Flader Daisy Bett Oct 8 1919
Flaeder F Dora Alma Arthur Flaeder Martha Betz Jul 14 1915
Flamingo M Angelo Dominich Flamingo Rosie Naville Feb 29 1916
Flamingo M Dante Domenick Flamingo Rose Novelli Aug 7 1923
Flannigan M Floyd Adrian Raymond Flannigan Susana Diedrich Sep 3 1919
Flasset F Not listed William Flasset Anna Ruck Feb 3 1910
Flater M Arthur  (Twin) Charlie Flater Bertha Lubetz Apr 27 1908
Flater M Herman  (Twin) Charlie Flater Bertha Lubetz Apr 27 1908
Flauger F Arline Louisa Jake Flauger Martha Bublitz Apr 2 1918
Flauger M John George Joseph Flauger Mary Leirich Feb 9 1912
Flemming F Marie Rosalia Geo. C. Flemming Alvina H. Klabunde Feb 15 1917
Flessert F Agnes     William Flessert Ana Buch May 28 1911
Fobian F Elizabeth  (Stillborn) Edward Fobian Christina Lichterman Mar 5 1924
Foelker M Herold William William Foelker Bertha Olson Jun 16 1909
Foesch M Clifford August Julius Albert W. Foesch Alice Gentz Aug 31 1913
Foesch M Elmer Otto Foesch Hulda Schultz Feb 24 1908
Foesch F Emma   (Not Living) Otto Foesch Hulda Schultz Aug 23 1909
Foesch F Gladys Mauvine Albert W. Foesch Alice Gentz Jun 12 1919
Foesch F Grace Mathilda Otto J. Foesch Hulda Haut Jun 5 1912
Foesch M Norman Henry Martin Charles Foesch Emma Hurath Aug 24 1915
Foley F Helen Katherine Peter Foley Mayme Popelka Aug 28 1921
Folk F Lillie Elizabeth Theresa Chas. Folk Ottilla Rueden Jun 11 1909
Folkmann F Norma Emma Minnie Albert Folkman Emma Specht Jan 8 1912
Folkmann M Vance August Folkmann Vera wood May 26 1920
Foltz M Amery Ernst Frank Foltz Elizabeth Chade Feb 27 1916
Forcier M Laverne   Norman Forcier Clara Thompson Aug 1 1914
Ford F Juanita Clarabelle Lawson Ford Gertrude Bailey Aug 11 1920
Forester F Marion Alice Frank Forester Erna Johnson Mar 3 1921
Fornalewski F Regina Michael Fornalewski Mary Jnkowska Jun 5 1910
Forrest F Ruth Mary William A. Forrest Clara Gebauer Apr 4 1921
Forrest M William Henry William Forrest Clara Bibaner May 18 1918
Forsberg F Alice Nina Axel Forsberg Mabel Johnson Dec 30 1915
Forsberg F Anna Virginia Victor Forsberg Helen Strelow Nov 18 1923
Forsberg F Bernice Otto Forsberg Elma Weikel Dec 10 1914
Forsberg F Bertha Susanna Victor Forsberg Helen Strelow Sep 18 1910
Forsberg M Carl August Victor Forsberg Helen Strelow Sep 14 1908
Forsberg F Ellenore Otto Forsberg Elma Weikel Mar 25 1916
Forsberg M Elmer Fay Otto Forsberg Elma E. Weikel May  23 1918
Forsberg F Elva Otto Forsberg Elma Weikel Aug 24 1921
Forsberg F Gladys Victor Forsberg Helen Strelow May 15 1915
Forsberg M Harold Otto Victor Forsberg Helen Strelow Feb 2 1912
Forsberg M Lenard Herman George Victor Forsberg Helene Strelow Dec 29 1917
Forsberg F Ruth    Otto Forsberg Elma Weikel Jul 2 1920
Forsberg F (Stillborn) Victor Forsberg Helen Strelow Sep 17 1920
Forster M Arthur       Adolph Forster Esther Sengstock Mar 6 1924
Forsythe M George     George Forsythe Helen Rachals Jul 24 1917
Forsythe M Joseph Edward Raymond Forsythe Martha Jennie Holm Sep 4 1920
Fossum F Clara Lillian Abel Fossum Jane Shonium Aug 21 1915
Fossum M John Leslie Axel fossum Jane Shunion Mar 3 1913
Foster F Carol Geneveive Geo Foster Gertrude Dickey Mar 7 1911
Foster F Lucia Joseph Foster Catherine Vanderbloemer Dec 18 1913
Foster M Mathior Joseph Foster Agnes Verkulen Jan 27 1910
Foster  F Viola George Foster Gertrude Dicky May 13 1909
Foth M Erdmund William Charles Foth Odilia Ruediger Jul 16 1910
Foth M Francis Walter Frank F. Foth Emma Leudlka Sep 14 1912
Foth M Kenneth Chas Foth Minnie Miller Jun 8 1909
Foth M Kurth Carl Chas Foth Ottilia Ruadyar Apr 30 1917
Foth F Martha Willemine Frank F. Foth Emma Leudke Jun 7 1910
Foth F Mildred Johanna Mathilda Chas Foth Ottelia Ruedeger Aug 7 1915
Fowler M Sanford Albert Fowler Vermalia Mary Bowman Aug 11 1910
Fraedrich M Arthur Frank Otto John Fraedrich Mollie Zingler Sep 11 1918
Frailing M Ervin Albert Rudolf Christ Frailing Ida Miller Jun 9 1923
Frailing M Harry Charley Fritz Christ Frailing Ida Mueller Aug 13 1912
Frailing M Harvey Arthur Frank Frailing Ida Schmidt Jun 28 1917
Frailing M Harvey E. J. Frank Frailing Ida Schmidt Mar 28 1915
Frailing M Herman Christopher Friedrich Frailing Ida Amelia Miller Mar 16 1910
Frailing F Hildagard Frank Frailing Ida Schmidt Jun 15 1909
Frailing F Laura Matelda Ella  (Twin) (2) Ernest Frailing Emma Wegner Jun 19 1912
Frailing M Louis Frank Frailing Ida Schmidt Apr 18 1912
Frailing F Olga Christ G. Frailing Ida Muller Jun 20 1908
Frailing M Paul Gustav John (Twin) (1) Ernest Frailing Emma Wegner Jun 19 1912
Frailing M Raymond Fred Frailing Amelia Wiesman Dec 26 1914
Frailing M Rubin Emil Frailing Bertha Michaelis Jul 19 1909
Frailing F Sidonia Ernst Frailing Emma Wagner Jun 12 1909
Frailing F Viola Fred W. Frailing Amelia Wissman Dec 20 1911
Framnes M Clifford Howard Iver Framnes Myrtle Nelson Sep 13 1921
Framnes F Opal L. Oliver Framnes Louise Pipgrass Sep 16 1921
Franckowiak F Evelyn Verna Simon S. Franckowiak Rosalie Sentowski Jan 14 1922
Franckowiak M Frank Joseph Simon Franckowiak Rose Sentowski Mar 8 1917
Franckowiak F Virginia Patricia Simon Franckowiak Rosalie Sentowski Mar 17 1924
Frank F Doris May Herman Frank Hattie Miller Dec 30 1920
Frank F Dorothy Emma Herman Frank Hattie Miller Mar 3 1913
Frank M Gordon John Herman Frank Hattie Miller Feb 14 1922
Frank F Jane    Herman Frank Hattie Miller Apr 27 1923
Frank M Percy August George Frank Tracey Rentmeister Sep 7 1913
Frank M Robert Herman Frank Hattie Miller Apr 20 1914
Frank F Ruby Lucile William Frank Hanna Thone Oct 5 1922
Frank F Viola Mildred Marg John Frederick Frank Clara Frank Ther Wetzel Apr 3 1908
Frank M William Floyd Will Frank Hanna Thone Oct 26 1920
Franklin F Lucile Marcia Ben Franklin Pauline Bohlman Nov 5 1907
Fransway F Charlotte Marie John H. Fransway Anna Schenk Jun 25 1922
Fransway F Constance Shirley John Fransway Anna Schenk Sep 13 1923
Fransway M Leyster Charls Chas. Fransway Rosa M. Cam Jul 28 1911
Frazer M Gordon Henry James William Frazer Agnes Jennings Porter May 12 1909
Frazer M Lawrence Clark William Frazer Aggie Porter Apr 22 1914
Frazier M Earl William James William Frazer Agnes Jennings Porter Sep 30 1910
Frechette M Anthony Raymond Charles Joseph Frechette Jsephine Dixon Jul 2 1913
Frechette Bernard Benedick Charles Frechette Josephine Dixon Feb 15 1915
Frechette F Geneva William Wolfe Gertrude Frechette Feb 6 1918
Frechette M Sylvester Thomas William Frechette Mary LaBelle Oct 2 1914
Fredenberg M Everette James David Fredenberg Amelia Bahrke Sep 6 1914
Fredenberg M Frances Joseph Andrew J. Fredenberg Mable Lyons Dec 4 1922
Fredenberg M Gordon David David Fredenberg Aurelia Bahrke Jan 18 1913
Fredenberg M Leroy Anthony David A. Fredenberg Amelia R. Barke Jan 6 1911
Fredenberg F Lucile Rose Andrew Fredenberg Mabel Lyons Jan 3 1921
Fredenberg M Roland Andrew David Fredenberg Amelia Bahrke May 30 1917
Fredenberg M Wayne Harper Ralph Fredenberg Verna Mae Harper Jun 5 1917
Frederick M Elmer Paul Frederick Rose Zingler Nov 7 1917
Frederickson M Leland Earl Nels Frederickson Rose Karsted Jul 17 1918
Fredrich F Dorothy William Fredrich Helen Bertha Emilie Habeck Jun 19 1918
Fredrick F Leona Bertha Helen William Fredrick Helen Bertha Emilie Habeck Aug 22 1911
Fredrickson M Berndt Everret Fred Fredrickson Helga Rudberg Jul 29 1911
Fredrickson M Eugene Peter Peter Fredrickson Alice Larson Mar 26 1914
Fredrickson F Lorraine Virginia Fred Fredrickson Helga Felberg Dec 29 1915
Fredrickson F Mabel Margret Fredrick Fredrickson Helga Rudberg Feb 3 1905
Fredrickson Norbert Nels  (twin) 1 Nels Frederickson Rose Carstadt Oct 28 1919
Fredrickson M Norman Fredrick Fred Fredrickson Helen Rudberg Apr 7 1914
Fredrickson M Norman Otto (Twin) 2 Nels Frederickson Rose Carstadt Oct 28 1919
Fredrickson M (Stillborn) Pete Fredrickson Hanna Larson Apr 19 1920
Fredrickson F (Stillborn) Pete Fredrickson Alice Larson Sep 19 1917
Fredrickson M (Stillborn) Pete Fredrickson Alice Larson May 26 1912
Fregley M Ross Calvin Joseph Freglsy Florence Kuschel Jul 20 1917
Frei F June Muriel William Frei Stella Olson Jul 11 1918
Freimund F Esther    Charles Freimund Katie Schueller Nov 28 1919
Freimuth F Idabell Fred Freimuth Ida Genske Dec 27 1919
Freitag M (Stillborn) Herman Freitag Bertha Gaulke Feb 26 1912
French F Bernice Louise Royal French Martha Kortbien Sep 22 1908
French M Harry Ralph Royal S. French Martha M. Kortbein Mar 18 1911
French F Lola Irene Raymond Earl French Myrtle Martin Jan 18 1913
French F Marjorie Raihmond Earl French Myrtle May Martin Apr 2 1914
Frietag M Eric Herman Herman Carl Frietag Bertha Maria Ganske Sep 20 1908
Frisch F Clara     Fred Frisch Emma Rupnow Apr 11 1908
Frisch F Helen Vera Fred Frisch Emma Rupnow Jul 31 1912
Frisch F Lena Elsie Irene Otto Frisch Bertha Niemuth Feb 3 1914
Frisch F (Stillborn) Fred Frisch, Jr. Emma Rupnow Jan 11 1911
Fritz F Coral  (Twin)  1 Herman Fritz Louise Richard Apr 23 1912
Fritz M Cyril  (Twin)  2 Herman Fritz Louise Richard Apr 23 1912
Fritz M Dewey Alvin August H. Fritz Emily Dodgeson Jun 26 1921
Fritz  M Edward Carl Fritz Emily Gross Oct 20 1920
Fritz M Elmyron Albert Fritz Bertha Kunzak May 15 1924
Fritz M Emil Paul Ludwig Charlie Fritz Eliza Schade Apr 25 1908
Fritz F Florence Lorena August Fritz Emma Dodgson Aug 30 1917
Fritz F Germaine Otto Fritz Hulda Schultz Mar 26 1923
Fritz F Glady Clara William Fritz Clara Schroeder Feb 1 1921
Fritz M Leo Charles Christ Fritz Elizabeth Knoble Feb 3 1923
Fritz M Lloyd Walter Fritz Lilly Sehring Oct 24 1922
Fritz M Marvin Dale William Fritz Bessie Stevens Jul 19 1908
Fritz M Richard Walter Carl Fritz Emily Guss Nov 27 1922
Fritz M Rowland Otto Fritz Hulda Schultz May 7 1921
Fritz F Unnamed Carl Fritz Louise Eucker Feb 10 1910
Fritz F Viola May  William Fritz Clara or Oline Schroeder May 26 1924
Fritz F Viola Anna Gust Fritz Elizabeth Shala Apr 1 1914
Fritz F Wilma Carl Fritz Louise Uecker Sep 27 1911
Frodenburg F (Stillborn) Henry Frodenburg Jessie Linderman Feb 12 1908
Froehlich     F Iona William Froehlich Bertha Reimer Jan 26 1912
Froehlich/Froelich F Amanda Mary Lizabeth Frank Froehlich / Froelich Ernestine Salzmidle Oct 11 1909
Froeming M Carl George Carl F. Froeming Anna Price Jun 1 1915
Froeming M Gearhart Carl Carl Fredrick Froeming Anna Price  Jul 3 1908
Froemming F Aurelia Martha Marie August Froemming Augusta Timm Apr 20 1913
Froemming F Cecelia     Fred Froemming Emma Preis Nov 16 1911
Froemming M Erick Charles Alvin Froemming Lillian Krueger Oct 4 1922
Froemming M Russell Ruben Heinrich Froemming Ella Steinke Aug 8 1914
Froemming M (Stillborn) Emil Froemming Amanda Riemer Feb 13 1918
Frohman F Laverne Elinoe Dr. Reuben O. Frohman Ethel Odell Jan 14 1922
Fromness F Dolores  Oliver Fromness Louise Pipgrass Jul 18 1924
Fromness M Vernon Russell Oliver Fromness Louise Pipegrass Jun 15 1919
Fuhrman F Alice Bertha (twin 2) Herman Fuhrman Theresa Strelow Dec 11 1920
Fuhrman M Arnold    Herman G. Fuhrman Jessie Therssa Strehlow Dec 23 1923
Fuhrman M Clarence    William Fuhrman Hulda Janke Sep 21 1915
Fuhrman F Esther Martha Herman Fuhrman Theresa Strelow Jan 5 1919
Fuhrman F Florence Wilhelmine Paul Tader Furhman Minnie C. Bartelme Jul 19 1921
Fuhrman M George Albert (twin 1) Herman Fuhrman Theresa Strelow Dec 11 1920
Fuhrman M Harold     Henry Fuhrman Ida Magewske Jul 31 1922
Fuhrman F Lucele Emilia Paul Fuhrman Minnie Bartelme May 8 1915
Fuhrman M Malven Herman Paul Theodor Fuhrman Minnie Bartelme Jul 9 1913
Fuhrman M Paul Albert Paul Teter Fuhrman Minnie Bartelme Mar 28 1920
Fuk M Peter Paul John Fuk Apollonia Sowigrol Feb 9 1921
Fuller M Charles Floyd Harry Norton Fuller Nellie May Shelley Nov 13 1911
Fuller M Charles Kelvin Elseworth C. Fuller Gertrude Sanders Mar 7 1914
Fuller F Estella May Harry Fuller Nellie Shelley Nov 19 1909
Fuller F Esther Luella Ellsworth Fuller Gertrude Sanders Sep 16 1917
Fuller F Ruth Arline Frank Charles Fuller Mollie Louise Schlenner Mar 13 1909
Fuller M Wendell Arthur Judd Fuller Clara Werner Mar 22 1911
Funk F Claries Agnes George Funk Tracy Rentmeister Oct 4 1924
Funk M George       George  Funk Tracy Rentmeister July 20 1917
Funk M Herman Al. George Frank Funk Tracy Mary Rentmeister Mar 20 1921
Funk M Leroy Mark George Funk Tracy Rentmeister Feb 21 1919
Funk F Percilla Ceccill George Frank Funk Mary Trace Rentmeister Jan 23 1923
Funk M Wilbert John George Funk Sr. Theresa Rentmeister Jul 6 1908
Funk  F Mildred Ester George Funk Tracy Rentmeister Dec 9 1914
Funmaker M Charles Warrington Eugene Funmaker Jane Warrington Jul 13 1912
Furhman M Martin Theodore Paul Fuhrman Minnie Bartelme Oct 12 1911
Furhman M Raymond Wm. Theo Paul Furhman Christina Postler Nov 14 1909
Furhmann M Ervin Ralph Lester John Furhmann Ernestine Ahfeldt Mar 11 1908
Furlott F Dora Adelaide Frank Furlott Jr. Nina F. Butler Feb 16 1913
Fuss F Joyce Lauretta Fred William Fuss Fedora Louisa Pukall Jul 22 1919
Fust F Alice Ida Fred Fust Bertha Gahske Jul 17 1918