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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Cathe Ziereis

N2645 Rustic Circle

Clintonville, WI 54929


Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012

Editor Jim Glasheen 2010

Anita Perez 2012

Gabrielson Viney Daniel Gabrielson Maggy Wurmutt Sep 21 1908
Gahagan Chas Henry Chas Barnard Gahagan Patricia Margarete Fuller Dec 22 1911
Gahagan  Gilbert Gordon George Edward Gahagan Julia Gosline Apr 30 1918
Gahagan Joseph Morris George Gahagen Julia Gosline Mar 26 1917
Galleske F Beatrice Paul Galleske Hattie Schutt Jul 19 1920
Galleske F Helen Paul Galleske Hattie Schutt Oct 20 1922
Galleski Hubert Herman Galleski Tillie Luepa May 22 1908
Gamble Clyde H. William H. Gamble Cora Darling Jun 23 1911
Gamble F Maretta May William H. Gamble Cora Darling Aug 10 1909
Gamble Robert W. William H. Gamble Cora M. Darling Jun 21 1913
Gamble Warren Franklin Warren F. Gamble Anna M. Bartz Oct 27 1921
Games (Stillborn) Edward J. Games Evelyn Brewster Jul 29 1908
Gano David John Marion H. Gano Fren Goodfellow Mar 25 1915
Ganschow F Anna Ida Frank Ganschow Laura W. J. Rosin May 28 1912
Ganschow F Beatrice Hulda Henry Ganschow Alice Krueger May 22 1908
Ganschow F Ruth Valborg Charles W. Ganschow Cora Allender Jan 23 1908
Gansen Adrian Peter Adrian P. Gansen Eva Cattau Jul 11 1924
Ganske F (Stillborn) Emil Ganske Emelay Fetzner Sep 16 1908
Ganzel F Alice    Henry Ganzel Annie Burmeister Mar 15 1909
Ganzel Carl H.  Henry Ganzel Annie Burmeister Mar 16 1912
Ganzel Harold Erwin William Ganzel Mary Tonn Aug 13 1922
Ganzel  Harvey Erwin Henry William Ganzel Mary Tonn May 10 1920
Ganzel Martin Henry Ganzel Annie Burmeister Apr 4 1911
Gapinsky Laurence Frank Gapinsky Mary Wishecoby Sep 10 1923
Gara F Alice Bartline John Gara Katro Marcus Oct 26 1921
Garas F Alma  John Garas Katie Marcaus Dec 13 1914
Gardner F Amy Leona Pearl Gardner Lyda Kankapot Jul 10 1915
Gardner F Clara Louise Guy O. Gardner Melinda Rose Just Sep 9 1911
Gardner George Peter George Peter Gardner Mary Elizabeth Cooke Jul 4 1912
Gardner Grady Guy Pearl Gardner Lida Konkapot May 8 1913
Gardner  Joseph Levi Percy Gardner Theresa Suess Oct 11 1915
Gardner Kenneth Lyle Percy Gardner Thressa Suess Sep 16 1921
Gardner F Oliva Dorsey Gardner Varina Aaron Oct 11 1919
Gardner Percy Melvin Percy Edgar Gardner Teresa Suess Jun 26 1923
Gardner Ray Edwin Percy Gardner Tressie Suess Nov 10 1917
Gardner F Verna Lucile Percy E. Gardner Theresa Suess Dec 10 1919
Garlow F Viola May Herbert Garlow Charlotte Bulles Feb 22 1916
Garlow Gorden Francis Herbert T. Garlow Charlotte Bullis Sep 11 1917
Garlow Chester Ronald Herbert F. Garlow Charlotte E. Bullis Aug 4 1912
Garlow Haywood Raymond Herbert Thos. Garlow Charlotte E. Bullis Nov 28 1909
Garlow Herbert Arthur William J. Garlow Cora Christie Jul 26 1909
Garlow Kenneth Robert Herbert Garlow Charlotte Bullis Sep 16 1913
Garlow  Arthur Clayton Herbert Garlow Charlotte Bullis Aug 11 1914
Garnes  F Doris Bessie Ed Garnes Evelyn Brewster Dec 16 1914
Garnes James  Ed Garnes Evylin Brewster Apr 9 1921
Garnes F Jean Margaret Ed Garnes Evylin Brewster Aug 16 1917
Garnes F Myra Irene Edward Garnes Evelyn Brewster May 24 1912
Garnes   Jack Wesley Edward Garnes Evylin Brewster Apr 24 1922
Garra (Stillborn) Frank Garra Julia Arveny May 9 1911
Gartmann F Winifred Marie Charles Gartmann Riva Brodt Apr 19 1922
Gass Harold    Hayden Gass Usola clauss Mar 10 1920
Gass Orlie  Hayden Weaks Gass Viola E.N. Clauss Nov 20 1918
Gasser F Evylen Frank Gasser Lucy Clauss Dec 20 1920
Gasser Frank Frank Gasser Mary Bauers Apr 20 1915
Gasser F Marcelitte Frankie Frank Gasser Mary Zeichert Jun 1 1911
Gasser F Marquette Bernice Frank Gasser Lucy clauss Jun 12 1923
Gasser F (Stillborn) Geo Gasser Rosie Rickert Feb 22 1918
Gasser Raymond Geo Gasser Rose Rickert Feb 15 1915
Gast F Alinda Sillies Ottilia Gustave Gast Ida Heiman Dec 6 1919
Gast F Ann Lydia Emil John Gast Emma Augusta Alvena Wetzel May 31 1918
Gast Arto Willie Earnest Emil Gast Emma Wetzel Jun 18 1908
Gast Augast Emil Gast Emma Wetzel Mar 18 1912
Gast F Dorothy Albert Gast Emma Boettcher Apr 22 1919
Gast F Elsie Emil Gast Emma Wetzel Dec 11 1915
Gast Harve Gust Gast Ida Helman Dec 31 1911
Gast F Henrietta Edward Gast Amanda Moede Jan 18 1920
Gast F Hertha Meta Emil Gast Emma Wetzel Aug 8 1910
Gast Hugo Charley Gast Minnie Dobert Jan 8 1914
Gast F Irene  Chas Gast Minnie Doebert Sep 24 1909
Gast John Ernest Emil Gast Emma Wetzel Apr 8 1920
Gast F Loraine Regina Emil Gast Emma Wetzel Apr 29 1923
Gast F Mabel Kathryn Augusta Frank Gast   Meta Strehlow May 25 1920
Gast Rehnold Chas Gast Minnie Dobert Jan 17 1916
Gast Robert Leonard Herman Gast Viola Beversdorf May 10 1923
Gast F Viola Meta Charles Gast Minnie Debert Feb 12 1920
Gates F Dorothy Virginia William Gates Sarah Alyina Schlytter Jun 10 1912
Gates F Jean Marie Wm. D. Gates Vera Schlytter Nov 16 1922
Gates F Lyda Mae Robert Lesley Gates Elma Shendel Oct 23 1909
Gates F Marjorie Genevieve Adam J. Gates Marjorie Roemer Sep 26 1914
Gates F Ernastina Luisa Thersa Frank Gates Calum Pake Jan 17 1910
Gates  Wallace Gordon Adam J. Gates Mayme Roemer Dec 8 1912
Gatz Stanley Gilbert Reinhold Gates Alma Matz Jan 1 1924
Gauthier Adolph Adolph Gauthier Veronica Beablehause Nov 14 1908
Gauthier F Catherine Christine John Gauthier Nora Minham Mar 3 1916
Gauthier Corneilus Francis Hysom Joseph Aloyuis Gauthier Priscella LaMotte Aug 17 1917
Gauthier F Dorothy Marie P. Cornelius Gauthier Edna Rolean Feb 25 1919
Gauthier Edwin Bernard Dennis Joseph Gauthier Maria Katherine Boyle Dec 10 1910
Gauthier F Evelyn Ruth Patrick Gauthier Frances Bergeon Jan 15 1922
Gauthier Harrie Chester Peter Gauthier Sophia Kenote Jul 30 1921
Gauthier F Johan Mary Chas Gauthier Irene Navarre Dec 1 1924
Gauthier Joseph Patrick John Gauthier Nora Miniahan Sep 6 1913
Gauthier F Mathilda  Peter Gauthier Sophia Kenote Jul 24 1914
Gauthier Raymond Aloysius Englehardt Aloysius Gauthier Priscella LaMotte Aug 14 1915
Gauthier F (Stillborn) John Gauthier Nora Minnehan May 9 1920
Gauthier Sylvester Peter Gauthier Sophia Kenote Apr 1 1919
Gauthier Victor Anthony John Gauthier Nora Minahane Jul 21 1918
Gawrylewski Edward Frank Gawrylewski Victoria Holewinski Feb 16 1913
Gehart Elmer Herman Carl Otto John Gehart Minnie Tegmeyer Jul 31 1916
Gehm F Arnelda Margaretha Herman Gehm Bertha Foelkes Jun 25 1908
Gehm F Bernice Anna Elsa Emil Gehm Not Listed May 20 1914
Gehm Clarence Otto Gehm Clara Peterman Oct 5 1910
Gehm F Emma Emil Gehm Emma Boerst Dec 1 1908
Gehm F Erma Emma Emil Gehm Emma Boerst Sep 17 1911
Gehm Erwin Carl Robert Otto Gehm Clara Peterman May 12 1909
Gehm Ewald Richard Albert Charley Gehm Ida Riemer Aug 23 1909
Gehm Harry Charley Gehm Ida Riemer Mar 15 1916
Gehm F Isabell Mary Emma Elmer Gehm Ida Jantz Aug 27 1924
Gehm F Lucelia Ernestina Emma Otto Gehm Clara Peterman Sep 12 1912
Gehm F Lulla Charles Gehm Ida Riemer Nov 21 1910
Gehm Melvin Herman Gehm Bertha Folker Apr 28 1911
Gehm William William Gehm Hildegard Radloff Mar 14 1923
Gehner Arnold Gerhard Herman Gehner Ida Klebesadel Oct 16 1907
Gehr Robert John Fred C. Gehr Agnes U. Foley Jan 8 1914
Gehrke F Marjorie Audrey Robet F. Gehrke Anna Koehler Jan 1 1921
Gehrman F Ruth     William Gehrman L. C. Klitz Apr 16 1908
Gehrman Herold Charles Gehrmann Martha Poegels Oct 19 1907
Geider F Janet Mabel Magdalena Frank Geider Pearl Richard Apr 5 1919
Geise Albert Fredrick Fredrick C. Geise Amelia Sophia Pfeil Jan 4 1912
Geise F Grace Fredrick C. Geise Amelia Sophia Pfeil Feb 8 1910
Geise F Lydia  Herman Geise Minnie Bergner Nov 18 1920
Geise (Stillborn) Emil Geise Hattie Woodin Aug 11 1921
Geise Walter William Fredrick Geise Amelia Pheil Mar 15 1908
Gelb David James Harry Gelb Ruth A. Whitehouse Apr 6 1922
Gellerad F Adeline Eleanora Nels Gellerad Marie Christenson Jun 19 1921
Genke Clarence Richard Genke Helen Zastrow May 3 1914
Genke Dale Otto Paul Richard Genke Helene Zastrow Mar 28 1916
Genke F Evalyn Augusta Richard Genke Louise Zastrow Mar 18 1910
Genke F Hilda Olrick Wilhelme Richard Genke Helena Zastrow May 10 1917
Genke F Norma Amelia Alma Otto Genke Adelia Smith Sep 2 1919
Genke Otto Richard Genke Helen Zastrow Mar 28 1916
Genke Rolland Richard Genke Lena Zastrow Feb 28 1912
Genke Roy Edward Richard Genke Helen Zastrow May 12 1922
Genke Vernon Richard Otto Genke Adella Schmidt Feb 25 1916
Genke M Vilas Paul Lester Otto Genke Adela Schmidt Jan 27 1913
Genskero M Arvin Chas F. Genskero Bertha Bretke Jul 19 1908
Genskow M Alvin Henry Genskow Danne Schoening Mar 3 1911
Genskow M Alwin Chas Genskow Bertha Betka Jun 19 1908
Genskow F Anita Wm Genskow Ella Fredrick Jul 21 1021
Genskow F Edna Wm Genskow Ella Frederick Mar 20 1923
Genskow M Elmer Alfred Carl Otto Verch Amanda Genskow Oct 18 1924
Genskow F Gladys Wm Genskow Ellen Frederick Jun 20 1924
Genskow M Herbert     Arthur Genskow Linda Greenwald Mar 1 1923
Genskow F Horotha Bertha Laura Walter Genskow Clara Watters Sep 23 1921
Genskow F Lucille Arthur Genskow Lucille Grunewald May 23 1918
Gentz M Dilton Julius H. Gentz Katherine Widner Feb 24 1918
Gentz M George Eugene Louie Carl Gentz Anna Schafberger May 2 1922
Gentz F Jane Monica (Twin 1) Frank C. Gentz Cora Akey Jan 5 1920
Gentz F Jean Marie (Twin 2) Frank C. Gentz Cora Akey Jan 5 1920
Gentz F Leila Julius Henry Gentz Kathyrn W, Weidner Sep 9 1919
Gentz F Marjory Thresa Louis C. Gentz Anna Schafberger Jan 8 1924
Gentz F Maurin Lucile Julius Gentz Louisa Seidler Apr 10 1910
Gentz M Morton Ruppert Julius H. Gentz Katherine Widner Nov 30 1923
George M Dewey James James F. George Agnes MacCaully Jun 19 1913
Gerbig M Delois Edwin Gerbig Maggie Pockat Dec 22 1920
Gerbig F Pearl Edwin Gerbig Maggie Pockat Sep 11 1918
Gerbig M Theodore Edwin Gerbig Maggie Pockat Jun 2 1917
Gerchak M John (Twin 1) Joseph Gerchak Lottie Przybilinske Jun 20 1913
Gerchak F Mary Joseph Gerchak Lottie Przybilinske Jul 5 1912
Gerczak M Lawrence Ed Gerczak Mary Velicer Feb 3 1922
Germann F Alvina S. Minnie Julius Germann Bertha Guetchow Aug 6 1908
Germundson M Verl Claude Claude Germundson Ethyl Nagel Sep 3 1911
Gerndt F Not Listed Irving Gerndt Martha Tech Dec 29 1912
Gerndt F Frieda Auguste Amelie Erwin Gerndt Martha Tech Dec 25 1915
Gerndt M Gerhard Leonhard Christian Ervin Gerndt Martha Tech Mar 29 1918
Gerndt F Wilma Irma Lynda Irwin Gerndt Martha Tech Jun 8 1914
Geske F Viola Rinetta Concordia Carl Wm Ferdinand Geske Emelie Augeste Wihl. Stuebs Sep 7 1911
Getschow M Louis Eddie Charles Fredrick Getschow Adda Otto Apr 18 1911
Geurtz F Margaret Theresa  William Geurtz Mildred Wierrer Jan 19 1918
Gielow F Hildegard Martha Eda Ben Gielow Gusta Hintz May 17 1918
Gielow M Louis Arthur Bernard Gielow Gusta Hintz Gielow Jul 10 1913
Gielow F Rose Marie Louise Ben Gielow Gusta Hintz Jul 23 1921
Gielow F Viola Ben Gielow Gusta Hintz Mar 18 1915
Gierazak M Peter (Twin) 2 Joseph Gierazak Lottie Przybilinske Jun 20 1913
Gierczak M Anton John Gierczak Mary Zablocki Dec 15 1907
Gierczak M Frank Joseph Gierczak Lottie Przybilmaki Sep 9 1920
Gierczak M Joseph Joe Gierczak Lath Przybylinski Feb 28 1918
Gierczak M Vincent Joseph Gierczak Lotte Przybelinski Jun 30 1919
Giese M Eugene Edward Charles Giese Sarah Mertins Dec 23 1918
Giese M Harvey William William Giese Esther Falk Jun 27 1919
Giese M Henry Fredrick William Giese Wilhemenia Behnke Aug 26 1912
Giese F Isabelle Herman Giese Minnie Bergner Dec 30 1918
Giese M Leon Fred Giese Belva Grothe Sep 20 1923
Giese F Merea Mersell Loarena Adolph Giese Elsie Tetting Jul 9 1912
Giese M Otto William Giese Wilhamine Benke Oct 30 1909
Giese F Phyliss May  Chas. Giese Sarah Mertins May 17 1924
Giese M Ralph Alfred Frederick Herman D. Giese Minnie Bergner Mar 18 1922
Giese M Roger Frederick Charles Giese Sarah Mertins Feb 17 1922
Giesl F Irene Anna Frank Giesl Anna Lemberger Jun 28 1924
Giessel M Not Listed Alfred Giessel Sadie Labigue Feb 7 1911
Giessel F Clara    Arthur Habeck Clara Giessel Jul 4 1918
Giessel M Clyde     Alfred Giessel Sadie Koehler Aug 1 1909
Giessel F Hazel Luicle Helmuth Giessel Amanda Tews Jun 21 1923
Giessel M James Will Helmett Giessel Meta Tews Mar 13 1922
Giessel F Lillian  Helmuth Giessel Amanda Tews Jun 12 1918
Giessel F Norina Lillian Viola Helmuth Giessel Amanda Tews Jun 5 1914
Giessel M Shelton Harold Alvia Alfred Giessel Sarah Lavayne Giessel Sep 21 1912
Giessel F Virginia  Alfred Giessel Sarah Lavizne Jan 17 1914
Gietow M (Stillborn) Bernhard Gietow Gusta Hintz Jul 13 1912
Gilbertson F Frances L. Edward Gilbertson Esther Arneson Sep 16 1920
Gilbertson M Eldor Harland Ottis Gilbertson Martine Erickson Nov 3 1924
Gilboe M Robert Philip Eugene Gilboe Rose Wagner Feb 4 1910
Gilford M (Stillborn) James Gilford Cora Hovie Oct 6 1921
Gill M Eugene George Geo. Gill Helen Smuda Jul 8 1922
Gillick M James Linden Lawrence D, Gillick Almyra Linden May 21 1911
Gillson F Alice Elenore T. W. Gillson Caroline Gore Jan 31 1921
Gillson F Murel Naomi Tillman Gillson Carrie Gorr Sep 29 1912
Gilson F Dorothy Elizabeth George Gilson Martha Grahf Dec 27 1914
Gilson F Eldna Alice George Gilson Martha Graf Dec 5 1912
Gipp F Annie (Twin) Frank Gipp Hulda Bublitz Feb 22 1911
Gipp M Arnold (Twin) Frank Gipp Hulda Bublitz Feb 22 1911
Gipp M Harold Rudolf Gipp Christina Pederson Oct 10 1915
Gipp F Helen (Premature) Rudolph Gipp Jr. Christina Pederson Jul 10 1921
Gipp F Katherine Ruth Rudolph Gipp Jr. Christine Peterson Aug 22 1918
Gipp M Leonard FrankGipp Hulda Bublitz Nov 15 1918
Gipp M Louis Frank Gipp Hulda Bublitz Sep 1 1912
Gipp F Ruth Edd Gipp Margaret Slocer/Stoehr Jun 26 1915
Gipp N/L (Stillborn) Rudolph Gipp Jr. Christina Peterson Oct 4 1922
Gipp M Wallfred Rudolph Albert Gipp Lydia Krause Sep 26 1920
Gipp M Ward Edger Rudolf Rudolph Gipp Jr. Christine Pederson May 24 1913
Gipp M Wilbert Otto Albert Gipp Lydia Krause Jun 12 1922
Gipp M William Frank Gipp Hulda Bublitz Jun 28 1908
Gitter M (Stillborn) Oscar Gitter Velma Cannon Dec 3 1923
Gjermundson F (Stillborn) Oliver Gjermundson Caroline Holm Dec 10 1920
Gjermundson F Willadean Bertha Truman Gjermundson Anna Mueller Dec 3 1922
Glaeser F Jean Mary Elizabeth Wm Glaeser Clara Schwartz Nov 7 1921
Glaser F Evelina Ella Wm Glaser Lydia Stienke Mar 18 1922
Glass M Cifford Alfred Glass Lizzie Kesten Oct 10 1907
Glass F Lillian Adeline Braton Glass Mollie Rorenthal Mar 12 1909
Glasson F Alice Margaret Otto Fred Glasson Mayme O'Neil Aug 26 1913
Glaubitz M Robert William Edwin B. Glaubitz Marie Stelter Mar 10 1922
Glawe M Heinz Frank William  Ernest Glawe Lucy Stelter Jan 11 1924
Gleffe M Clarence Fredrich Gleffe Liesette Gehrman Jul 14 1911
Gleffe M Donald Fred Gleffe Lesetta Gehrman May 24 1922
Gleffe F Leona  Fred Gleffe Sisetta Gehrman May 15 1915
Gleffe M Ruben Emil Fred Gleffe Lisetta Gehrman Feb 1 1913
Gleredaman M Vincent Vincent Gleredaman Mary Lyset Apr 6 1912
Glinski F May Fred Glinski Benie May Wilmott Aug 13 1921
Glinsky F Gladys Lida Fred Glinsky Benie May Wilmott May 2 1915
Glowinski M Harry Joe Glowinski Marie Szweda Dec 22 1911
Glowinski M Joseph, Jr. Joseph Glowinski Mary Liseta Jul 5 1920
Gluth M Paul Aug. Carl Wm Richard Gluth Anna Marie Schertz Jul 19 1919
Gnuschke M Ernest Herman August Gnuschke Bertha Buttner Oct 12 1909
Goddake F Carrol Mae Evan August Goddake Gladys Josephine Cronce Jul 4 1921
Goddake M Marvin Franklin Evan August Goddake Gladys Josephine Cronce Aug 8 1919
Goerl M Roger Herman August Henry Goerl Christianna Hoeft Apr 4 1920
Goerl M Wilbur Henry Henry Goerl Stana Hoeft Sep 12 1921
Goers F Verona Diana Delores William Goers Hattie Krueger Jun 28 1909
Goers M William Louis, Jr. William Goers Hattie Krueger May 24 1912
Gogolin F Esther Oscar Gogolin Dora Gudt Mar 8 1924
Gogolin F Fern John Gogolin Lilly Lane Jan 7 1910
Gollnow F Alice Frank Gollnow Mate Burr Apr 22 1908
Gollnow M Clarence Robert Gollnow Lena Koepen May 16 1915
Gollnow M Emel Emel Gollnow Maria Maves Jan 12 1912
Gollnow M Frank Emil Gollnow Mary Mavis Nov 8 1917
Gollnow F Lillie Rosie Ester Robert Gollnow Lena Koepen Sep 9 1913
Gollnow F Martha Robert Gollnow Lena Koepen Apr 6 1918
Gollnow M Robert Edward Robert C.Gollnow Lena Koepen Nov 26 1919
Gollnow M Walter Milton Emil H. Gollnow Mary Mavis  Aug 22 1923
Gollnow H Willie Emil Herman Emil Gollnow Mary Mavis Feb 14 1908
Goltz F Not Listed (Stillborn) Gust Goltz Johanna Reinke May 24 1920
Gonder M Irvin Peter William Gonder Anna Elizabeth Jochum Jun 23 1918
Gonder M Warren William William Gonder Not Listed Oct 7 1913
Goodchild M Francis Roderick Dave Goodchild Margaret Sullivan Jan 3 1919
Goodnight F Anna Mary Lee Goodnight Beatrice Toebert May 11 1913
Goodrich M Not Listed Walter Goodrich Nora B. Olsen Feb 25 1918
Goodwin M Gorden Albert Bert Goodwin Rena Cronce Jun 24 1920
Goodwin M John Rayens Bert Goodwin Rena Cronce Nov 12 1914
Goodwin F Ruth Katherine Edward Goodwin Elizabeth Seims Nov 27 1910
Gordon M Theodore Henry Theodore H. Gordon Annie A. Hiller Mar 29 1910
Gore F Sarah E.  William J. Gore Hermine Kubitz Jan 27 1902
Gorecki M Alvin P. (Twin) 1 Frank Gorecki Verna Naidel Jun 24 1915
Gorecki F Eleanor Josephine Leo J. Gorecki Mary Wawrzon Feb 9 1924
Gorecki F Esther Minnie Leo J. Gorecki Marie Warzon May 11 1922
Gorecki M Frederick Paul (Twin) 2 Frank Gorecki Verna Naidul Jun 24 1915
Goree F Not Listed Joseph A. Goree Ida Perry Aug 3 1912
Goree F Gladys Mae Joseph A. Goree Ida Perry Jan 18 1924
Goree M Ray Joseph Joseph Goree Ida Perry Jan 14 1919
Goree M (Stillborn) August M. Goree Ida Perry May 18 1911
Goss M Conrad Warren Kenneth Goss Ellen Brunett Mar 2 1924
Gottschalk M Ewald Martin John W. Gottschalk Minnie Schroeder Oct 2 1914
Gottschalk M George August John Gottschalk Minnie Schroeder Apr 30 1912
Gottschalk M Gilbert Emil William Gottschalk Mary Schmeisser Oct 8 1909
Gottschalk M Henry Arthur Otto Lee Gottschalk Matalda Lange Mar 13 1908
Gottschalk F Laverna Minnie Agusta Wm Gottschalk Mary Schmeisser Jun 10 1914
Gottschalk F Lorena Alma John W. Gottschalk Minnie Schroeder May 14 1909
Gottschalk M Raymond William Albert Jos. Gottschalk Minnie Schroeder Oct 9 1907
Gottschalk F Tillie John W. Gottschalk Nina Schroeder Sep 20 1910
Gottschalk M Urban Alfred Richard Wm Gottschalk Mary Schmeisser Apr 19 1921
Gould F Genevieve Madolyn Madeline Justin LeRoy Gould Edith Marie O'Connor Nov 8 1908
Gould F Juslina Cecelia Justin Leroy Gould Edith Mae Gould Aug 17 1911
Gozegorzewski F Josie Frank Gozegorzewski Mary Stec Jul 4 1910
Graber M Paul Arthur Frederick Fred Graber Ella Berbaum Apr 12 1924
Grabner M Not Listed Fred Grabner Ella Bierbom Sep 16 1922
Gracyalny F Catherine (Twin) 2 Victor Gracyalny Frances Majewski Jan 7 1922
Gracyalny M John Victor Gracyalny Frances Majewski Jun 19 1924
Gracyalny F Rose (Twin) 1 Victor Gracyalny Frances Majewski Jan 7 1922
Gracyalny M Stanley     Victor Gracyalny Frances Majewski Apr 28 1923
Grade F Phillis Ann Robert H. Grade Anna Phillipi Aug 5 1923
Graf F Luella Agnes Emma (twin) 2 Walter Graf Agnes Klemmens Apr 21 1919
Graf M Martin Walter Alber (twin) 1 Walter Graf Agnes Klemmens Apr 21 1919
Graf F Mabel       Arthur Graf Hellen Debban Mar 29 1915
Graf M Norman Carlyle W. Walter Graf Agnes Klement Jan 29 1923
Graf M (Stillborn) Walter Graf Agnes Clement May 20 1918
Graham F Goldie Grace Jesse Graham Myrtle Lerker Jan 30 1924
Grall M  Louis Matthew John Grall Sarah Colhek Jul 24 1908
Grall F Ruth Julia Alfred Peter Grall Julia Caroline Steffeck Jan 9 1922
Grant F Loraine Opal Geo. E. Grant Elsie Orela Bergner Oct 4 1912
Grant M Raymond Ernest Elmer Grant Helen Sloan Apr 27 1924
Graper M Arlie Henry Graper Ella Gluth May 14 1921
Graper F Esther Lillie Alma Wilham Graper Bertha Zahn Aug 18 1911
Graper M William Edwin Wm Graper Bartha Zahn Sep 2 1914
Graser F Alice S.  Henry Graser Mary Schweers Jun 4 1909
Graske F Josephine Georage Graske Rona Kryminski Nov 11 1910
Graski M Antone Geo Graski Veronica Kryminski Jul 18 1920
Graski F Katie Geo Graski Veronie Kryminska Jul 31 1908
Graville M Parker George Graville Josephine Parker Oct 17 1924
Greb F Georgia Eva George E. Greb Eva E. Degan Dec 24 1915
Greb F Jean Elizabeth (twin) 1 George Greb Eva Degan Nov 19 1919
Greb F Jeanette Ann (twin) 2 George Greb Eva Degan Nov 19 1919
Green M Edward John Walter Green  Ella Luetzon Nov 16 1923
Greenberg M Hayden August Greenberg Maude Rice Dec 7 1914
Greenberg M Lyle August Green Berg Maude Rice Jan 9 1910
Greenberg F Rosalina Alfred Greenberg Dorothy Zuhse Greenberg Jan 7 1915
Greenberg M William John August Greenberg Maude Rice Jul 4 1908
Greguska M Cornillus Steve Greguska Ludewica Huna Oct 10 1918
Grenz F Esther Emma Walter Grenz Clara Reinert Oct 17 1921
Grenz F Alice Dorothy Walter Grenz Clara Reinert Dec 28 1923
Grenz M Arthur    Walter Grenz Clara Reinert Jul 11 1920
Grenz F Edith Bertha Walter Grenz Clara Reinert Sep 22 1918
Grenz F Elmira Richard Grenz Emma Kuehn May 22 1908
Grenz M Orlen Harvey Richard Grenz Adela Suehring Oct 3 1923
Grenz M Rueben Marcus R. W. Grenz Adela Suehring Mar 21 1921
Grenz F Myrtle Ruth Richard Grenz Adelia Suehring Mar 24 1918
Gresen M Earl Wm Herman John Gresen Minnie Lucht May 8 1919
Gresen F Gertrude Viola John Gresen Minnie Lucht Jul 30 1920
Gresen F Marcella Lucile John Gresen Minnie Lucht Nov 28 1917
Gresen F Mildred Erma John Gresen Minnie Lucht Mar 22 1916
Gresen F Viola Wilma John Gresen Minnie Lucht May 6 1922
Gretzinger F Elaine Chas Gretzinger Velinda Passett Apr 27 1921
Greub F Lorraine Edward Greub Levina Sperberg May 26 1919
Greunewald F Lillian Minnie Emma John Greunewald Mary Theide Apr 14 1909
Greunstern M Gerald Albert Albert Greunstern Clara Cattencamp May 31 1919
Griepp F Bertha   Frank Griepp Bertha Juedes Dec 14 1919
Griepp M David Frank Griepp Bertha Juedes Nov 17 1922
Griepp F Ester Frank Griepp Bertha Juedes Apr 30 1915
Griepp M Ezra Arthur Arthur Griepp Emma A. Stern Oct 11 1923
Griepp M  Frank Frank Griepp Bertha Juedes Aug 6 1913
Griepp M Herbert August Frank Griepp Bertha Juedes Dec 1 1910
Griepp F Loretta Frank Griepp Bertha Juedes Sep 19 1918
Griepp M Marcus Frank Griepp Bertha Juedes Nov 25 1911
Griepp M Raymond Frank Griepp Bertha Juedes Jan 7 1924
Griepp M Rueben Albert Frank Griepp Bertha Juedes May 30 1909
Griepp M  William Frank Griepp Bertha Juedes Jun 26 1921
Griese M Orville Howard Chas Griese Ida Laurenz Dec 25 1919
Grignon M Algeron John Grignon Clara Richmond Dec 17 1917
Grignon M Alvin Bernard James Grignon Edith Weaver Nov 13 1914
Grignon F Frances Phyllis John Grignon Clara Richmond Sep 28 1913
Grignon F Ida    Augustus C. Grignon Mary LaMotte Dec 18 1913
Grignon M James Marlin James W. Grignon Edith Weaver Apr 15 1913
Grignon M Myron William  James Grignon Edith Weaver Jan 10 1918
Grignon F Sophia Clara Joseph Grignon Josephine Petetali Aug 27 1912
Grignon F Victoria Robert Grignon Rosine Waupoose Mar 29 1918
Grignon M Wilfred Philip Richard Corn Margaret Grignon May 26 1918
Grill F Adeline     George C. Grill Tressie Kreitzer Nov 14 1914
Grill M Alois John Grill Therese Kreutzer Dec 23 1909
Grill F Cleo May Linus Grill Florence Wenniger May 9 1918
Grill M Eugene Robert John Grill Theresa Kreutzer Mar 13 1921
Grill M George Ambrose Joseph C. Grill Regina Mankasky Mar 1 1918
Grill M  Howard John John Grill Theresa Kreutzer Oct 30 1919
Grill M Maron Wenniger Linus J. Grill Florence F. Wenniger Jul 6 1919
Grill F Mary Helen John Grill Theresa Krietzer Mar 25 1913
Grill M  Raymond Joseph John C. Grill Thresa Kreitzer Mar 18 1908
Grimes F Gladys Victoria Clarance Grimes  Nikoline Hanson Apr 6 1908
Grimm M Carl William Herman Grimm Minnie Hoppe Aug 17 1909
Grimm F Esther Adelia Maria H. Grimm Minů.Hoppe Jan 31 1912
Grimm M Lester Carl Carl Grimm Bertha Hoppe Mar 14 1924
Grimm F Rose Herman Grimm Minnie Hoppe Apr 26 1923
Grimmer F Joyce M. Edward Grimmer Alice Norene Sep 9 1913
Grimstad M George M.  George Grimstad Mary Butz Sept 7 1920
Grimstad M Thomas Theodore George Grimstad Mary Butz May 3 1923
Gristow M Carl Joseph Edward Gristow Esther Gristow Mar 19 1915
Gristow F Lillian Elenora Joseph E. Gristow Ethel Leaman Jun 11 1917
Griswold M Garrett Hobert Griswold Lenore Dunn Aug 24 1924
Griswold M Myrl Clifford Elmer Griswold Maggie Clark Jan 21 1918
Groll M Elmer Russell Elmer Groll Millie Denton Dec 15 1920
Groll M George Edward Alfred Groll Julia Steffek Feb 22 1924
Groll F Monica May Alfred Groll Julia Steffek May 2 1920
Groll F Opal May  Elmer W. Groll Nellie May Denton Nov 9 1924
Groll M Theodore Edward Elmer Groll Nellie Denton Jul 31 1922
Gronke M  Alva Herman Gronke Ella Culver Feb 5 1914
Gronke F Myrtle Marie Herman Gronke Ella Culver Aug 25 1912
Gronoski F Mary John Gronoski Mary Riley Sep 27 1917
Groskopf M Alfred Gustave Groskopf Anna Dalam Sep 11 1910
Groskopf M Helmut Gustoff Groskopf Anna Daulm Oct 30 1907
Grosnick M Gordon Charles William Grosnick Emma Runge Jan 19 1916
Grosnick M Leonard William Grosnick Emma Runge Jul 5 1908
Grosnick F Margaretha Caroline Heny Grosnick Ida Haut Jan 22 1914
Grosnick M  Russell Wm. Aug.  William Grosnick Emma Kunz Jun 2 1913
Grosnick M William Albert William F. Grosnick Emma Runge Dec 2 1917
Gross M Elmer Herman Ernst Frank Gross Minnie  Schroeder Nov 10 1915
Grosskopf M Adam   Adam Grosskopf Dorothy Hasbrook Apr 24 1921
Grosskopf M Alvin Paul Grosskopf Francis Stefl Nov 18 1913
Grosskopf F Betsey Eleanor Adam Grosskopf Dorothy Hasbrook Feb 10 1923
Grosskopf F Celia Esther Lousie Charley Grosskopf Annie Metzel Grosskopf Nov 22 1912
Grosskopf M Clarence Paul Grosskopf Francis Stefl May 29 1911
Grosskopf M Clifton Carleton Emil Grosskopf Viola Grohn Jul 18 1924
Grosskopf F Doris Blanch Mabel Chas Grosskopf Anna Netzel Jun 13 1918
Grosskopf F Dorothy Louise Wm. Grosskopf Sophia Hoffman Sep 13 1922
Grosskopf F Esther Julius Grosskopf Augusta Giessel Mar 22 1911
Grosskopf M Eugene Marshall Grosskopf Carroll Kuckuk May 19 1923
Grosskopf F Florence Fred Grosskopf Augusta Laatsch Nov 8 1914
Grosskopf F Florence August Grosskopf Frieda Ebert Apr 13 1924
Grosskopf M  Harry Gustav Grosskopf Annie Dalum Jan 10 1913
Grosskopf M  Harvey Ernest William Arthur Grosskopf Martha Thiele Jan 8 1918
Grosskopf F Helen Ruth Walter Carl Grosskopf Amanda Dorris Zastrow Sep 14 1923
Grosskopf M Herbert Albert August Grosskopf Frieda Ebert Jun 7 1918
Grosskopf F Janice Elaine Milton Grosskopf Sylvia Rohloff Jan 12 1924
Grosskopf F Jean Chas Grosskopf Annie Neitzel Sep 30 1922
Grosskopf M John Wm., Jr. John W. Grosskopf Lura Davis Apr 29 1924
Grosskopf F June Marie Emil Grosskopf Viola Grohn Jul 1 1923
Grosskopf M Leon Paul Grosskopf Fanny Stefl Feb 26 1908
Grosskopf M LuVerne Aug. Grosskopf Frieda Ebert Sep 25 1922
Grosskopf F Mabel Anna  August Grosskopf Freda Ebert Nov 5 1913
Grosskopf F Marion Maxine Paul Richard Grosskopf Theresa Marie Madson Jan 7 1923
Grosskopf M Marshall Robert Marshall Grosskopf Carroll Kuckuk Mar 25 1922
Grosskopf M Ralph Rodney Rudolph Robert Grosskopf Alma Elsie Miller Jan 30 1920
Grosskopf F (Stillborn) Fred Grosskopf Gusta Laatsch Jan 3 1908
Grosskopf M (Stillborn) Paul Grosskopf Francis Stefl Apr 19 1910
Grosskopf F Verginia Fred Grosskopf Aug Laasch Oct 8 1911
Grosskreutz M Clifton Edward Robert Edw. Grosskreutz Viola Luecke May 8 1924
Grosskreutz M Lester George Lorne W. Grosskreutz Paulina Schornich Mar 26 1908
Grosskruitz F Mabel Viola William Grosskwitz Pauline Schoenick Mar 20 1911
Groth M  Leon Edward Edward A. Groth Ella A. Messerschmidt Mar 8 1923
Groth   M Henry Louis Nichlen Henry Groth Louisa Colbern Jan 26 1909
Grothe F Anna Wilemena Erna August Grothe Martha Meinhardt May 2 1912
Grothe M William August Grothe Matha Menihardt Jun 11 1909
Groves F (Stillborn) Earl Groves Audrey Cady Feb 4 1918
Grow F Betty Ann Earl Sidney Grow Elsie A. Berkhahn Mar 2 1924
Grow F Dorothy Daphanie Row Crow or Grow Andria Cody Oct 15 1915
Grow M (Stillborn) Earl Grow Elsie Beckhahn Dec 19 1920
Grueb F Mildred Jean Edward Grueb Louisa Sperberg Oct 29 1921
Gruel F Vera Augusta Otto Gruel Annie Ziebarth Sep 7 1922
Gruenewald F Amelia Emma (twin)  Albert Gruenewald Sophia Moenke Jan 26 1909
Gruenewald F Esther Matha Gust Gruenewald Lydia Wiesmann Jun 28 1922
Gruenewald F Linda (twin) Albert Gruenewald Sophia Moenke Jan 26 1909
Gruenewald F Margareth Irine Fred J. Gruenewald Mathilda Liebmann Sep 12 1912
Gruenewald F Violet Fred Gruenewald Matilda Luebemann Feb 29 1916
Gruenewald M William  Fred Gruenewald Mathilda Lubenauer Oct 17 1914
Gruenwald F Lena Lilly Julius Gruenwald Ida Marquette Apr 27 1909
Gruetzmacher F Deloris Wm Gruetzmacher Alma Erdman Mar 16 1923
Gruetzmacher F Dorothy Regina Angela Fred Gruetzmacher Elsie Albertz Oct 14 1915
Gruetzmacher M Raymond Gilbert Fred Gruetzmacher Elsie Albertz Oct 13 1923
Gruetzmacher F Vanice Louise Martha Fred H. Gruetzmacher Elsie Albeitz Apr 27 1914
Gruetzmacher F Velda Lena Augusta Paul Gruetzmacher Adella Dordel Mar 4 1924
Grundeman M Milton Raymond Henry Fred August Grundeman Annie Martha M. Schroeder Jul 5 1913
Grundenann M Reuben Fred Grundemann Anna Schroeder Jul 22 1911
Grunewald F Alene Mae Ed Grunewald Alma Hovie May 17 1918
Grunewald F Edna Mathilda Fred Grunewald Mathilda Liebmann Jan 8 1920
Grunewald M Raymond Fred Grunewald Mathilda Liebmann Sep 27 1918
Grunwald M Robert Gust Grunwald Liddie Wiesman Nov 18 1923
Grunwold M Curtis (twin) 2` Edd Grunwold Alma Hovie Jun 25 1913
Grunwold M Vistor (twin) 1 Edd Grunwold Alma Hovie Jun 25 1913
Grunwolt M James Orlin Edd Grunwold Alma Hovie May 9 1915
Gruwell F Elizabeth Katrina Asa Gruwell Elizabeth Sernine Jun 13 1918
Gruwell M George Edward Dr. Asa Gruwell Elizabeth Shemine May 30 1921
Grych M Frankie (twin) 2 Stanley Grych Bessie Chasick Mar 2 1918
Grych F Annie (twin) 1 Stanley Grych Bessie Chasick Mar 2 1918
Grych F Clara Jean John Grych Francis Schultz Oct 8 1917
Grych F Helen Ceciela John Grych Frances Schultz Mar 26 1921
Grych M Joseph Peter Grych Francis Tobosz Jan 15 1922
Grzcgorzecoski M Heronim Frank Grzcgorzecoski Helen Kopala Nov 9 1917
Grzegorzewska F Jozefa Frank Grzegorzeska Helen Kopatie Dec 28 1911
Grzeskowiake M Michael August Stephen Grzeskowiake Hedwig Mackowiak Aug 16 1918
Gueller M Carl Albert Gueller Elsie Lettau Jan 23 1919
Gueller M Chris Albert Herman L. Gueller Anna C. Heinrich Jun 3 1914
Gueller M Clarence Heinrich Herman L. Gueller Anna C. Heinrich Jul 15 1910
Gueller M Harold Herman Herman L. Gueller Anna W. Heinrich Jun 8 1912
Gueller F Martelle Albert A. Gueller Elsie Lettau Feb 10 1915
Gueller F Mildred Albert A. Gueller Elsie Lattau Apr 7 1917
Gueller F Bernice Elizabeth Herman Gueller Anna Heinrich Mar 23 1922
Gueller M Myron Gordon Herman L. Gueller Anna Heinrich Jun 15 1919
Guenther M Howard Ewd. Guenther Myrtle Knapp May 15 1911
Guenthner M Paul Earl Edward Guenthner Myrtle Knapp Jan 31 1908
Guenzel F Jane     Chas Guenzel Francis Magdaline Orth Apr 27 1919
Guenzel F Rita Pauline Charles Herman Guenzel Francis Maglin Orth Jun 8 1921
Guerin F Doretta Margurite Cleve Guerin Ella Gralopp Jul 22 1913
Guerin F Mildred Mary Cleve Guerin Ella Gralopp Jun 26 1908
Gueths F Alfrida Etal Albert Gueths Linda Mertzke Feb 26 1919
Gueths M Arnold Robert Robert Gueths Elsie Zimdars Aug 25 1924
Gueths M August Emil Arthur Gueths Lena Somners Jul 15 1920
Gueths M Carl Robert Arthur Gueths Mrs. Arthur Gueths Jan 20 1923
Gueths F Delia Frieda Elsie Robert Gueths Elsie Zimdars Nov 2 1918
Gueths F Nora Elsie Eunice Arthur Gueths Mrs. Arthur Gueths Jan 1 1919
Gueths M Walter Raymond Emil Gueths Ruth Martens Apr 11 1924
Guetschow F Alsa Amelia Rudolph Guetschow Alwena Steinke Jan 19 1908
Guetschow M Earl      Rudolph  Guetschow Alvina Steinke Jan 3 1914
Guetschow M Rudolph Rudolph Guetschow Alwene Steinke Jun 25 1911
Gulsech F Anna Andrew Gulsech Josephine Raid May 11 1910
Gulseth M John     Andrew Gulsech Josephine Raid Apr 17 1917
Gulseth M Joseph Andrew Gulsech Josephine Raid Sep 2 1912
Gumar M William Charles Richard B. Gumar Adeline Fink Jan 10 1909
Gumenny M Wadesilaus Alex Gumenny Josie Witals Jan 27 1919
Gums F Lorraine Edward Gums Meta Rusch Sep 24 1918
Gumtz M Edward Ralph Arthur F. Gumtz Florence M. Thompson Mar 4 1923
Gumtz M Harvey         William Gumtz Ella Guly Jul 20 1920
Gumtz M Raymond Milton Arthur Ferdinend Gumtz Florenz Mildred Thompson Jul 27 1918
Gumz F Edna     William M. Gumz Amelia Brei May 15 1909
Gunderson F Bernice Louisa Selmer B. Gunderson Ida Hanson Apr 24 1922
Gunderson M Donald Carl Albert Gunderson Ottilie Netzel Mar 6 1916
Gunderson F Doris Mildred Albert Gunderson Otilie Netzel Mar 13 1914
Gunderson M Jacob Berthel Jacob Gunderson Segred D. A. Hoard May 17 1908
Gunderson M  Kenneth Irving Bernard Gunderson Myra McClean Jun 7 1924
Gunderson M Magnus Edward Bernard Gunderson Elmyra McClean