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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012

Editor Jim Glasheen 2010

Anita Perez 2012

Haabeck M Raymond Herbert Emil H. Habeck Ella Schachtschneider Jul 26 1921
Haas F Esther Amelia Herman Haas Pauline Schmidt Jan 12 1911
Haase M Alvin  Chas Haase Hulda Schewe Apr 4 1918
Haase F Beatrice Elmyra Roy W. Haase  Anna Kappingst Apr 9 1909
Haase M Christ Gust Emil Haase Elsie Wilke Jun 16 1918
Haase F Ella Emil Haase Lizzie Wilke Aug 4 1914
Haase F Ester Chas. F. Haase Hulda Schewe Sep 26 1908
Haase F Hanna Emil Haase Lizzie Wilke Jan 15 1912
Haase F Martha   Emil Haase Louisa Wilke Oct 28 1919
Haase F Nina Emil Haase Louisa Wilke Oct 1 1924
Haase M Wilbur Jacob J. J. Haase Cora Wenkworth Jun 17 1913
Haase M William    Emil Haase Louisa Wilke Jan 14 1909
Haave F Phyllis Isabelle (twin) 2 Isaac Haave Anna Larkin Jan 23 1914
Haave M Rupert Larkin (twin) 1 Isaac Haave Anna Larkin Jan 23 1914
Habeck M Not Listed Charley Habeck Mollie Miatke Jun 21 1913
Habeck F Agnes Otto Habeck Ida Seymer Jan 13 1919
Habeck F Alice Cora Hilda William S. O. Habeck Esther Helena Greub Jan 7 1917
Habeck M Bernhardt Richard Ernest Robert Habeck Emma Rahn Oct 8 1910
Habeck M Carl    Robert Habeck Emma Rahn Jan 16 1909
Habeck F Doris Ruth Emil Habeck Ela Schachtcneider Jul 14 1924
Habeck F Evelin Hasline Albert Habeck Emma Greipp Oct 8 1915
Habeck M Franklin Arthur Arthur Habeck Clara Giessell Mar 23 1923
Habeck M Glen Walter William Seering Esther Greub Dec 21 1923
Habeck M Harold Robert Otto Habeck Ida Ziemer Dec 10 1921
Habeck F Helen Olga Jenny Fred Aug. Albert Habeck Emma Richter Aug 31 1909
Habeck M Herald Carl Albert Habeck Emma Greub Apr 9 1914
Habeck M Julius Carl Charley Habeck Molly Meatke Oct 23 1909
Habeck F Laverne Eleanora Arthur Habeck Clara Gessel Jul 4 1918
Habeck M Leon Louis Habeck Lilly Wolf May 16 1924
Habeck F Leona Helena Otto Habeck Bertha Guetzmacher Dec 29 1907
Habeck F Leona Martha Charles Habeck Mollie Meatke Mar 28 1912
Habeck M Norman Albert Albert Habeck Myrtle Kasten Aug 4 1923
Habeck M Milton Ray Otto Habeck Ida Ziemer Aug 22 1920
Habeck M Ralph Henry Otto Habeck Ida Ziemer Jan 3 1924
Habeck M Ruben Marvin William Habeck Esther Grueb Nov 9 1921
Habeck M Vernon Louis Arthur Louis W. Habeck Lily Maria Habeck Apr 30 1918
Habeck F Verona Fred Habeck Emma Richter Dec 15 1911
Habeck F Violet Annie William Habeck Ester Grueb Jul 10 1919
Haberlein M Alfred Alexander George Haberlein Anna Kolpack Oct 8 1913
Haberlein M Milton Howard Geo Haberlein Anna Kolpack Oct 15 1909
Hackar M (Stillborn) William Hackar Anita Prien Sep 7 1908
Hacker M Clarence Frank Carl Hacker Clara Perry Aug 13 1918
Hacker F Dorothy William H. A. Haacker Pearl Ida Norton Jul 28 1914
Hacker F Dorothy Mathilda Jean Frank Hacker Augusta Gollin Jan 16 1908
Hacker M Frank George William H.Hacker Pearl Norton Apr 4 1920
Hacker M Lester Henry Ernest Hacker Ida Breitzman Mar 17 1922
Hacker F Isabel William Hacker Pearl Norton Apr 20 1918
Hacker F LaVerna Agnes Charles Hacker Clara Perry Aug 30 1920
Haeberlein M Harry Silvester George Haeberlein Annie Kolpack Dec 31 1911
Haeffs F Lorena Marie Caroline Emil Carl Haeffs Theresa Boettcher Oct 23 1910
Haefs M Arthur August August W. Haefs Anie Reipp Feb 27 1909
Haefs F Mildred Elsie August Haefs Anie Reiff Feb 20 1911
Haefs M Norman Charley August Haefs Annie Reiff Apr 10 1913
Haefs M Ralph Frank (twin) 2 Bernard Haefs Linda Buelow May 19 1912
Haefs M Rehman (twin) 1 Bernard Haefs Linda Buelow May 19 1912
Hafeman F Irena Mabel Anne Julius Hafeman Helena Priem Sep 20 1918
Hafemann M Clifford LeRoy Ewald Hafemann Erna Dengel Jul 22 1923
Hafemann F Lucille Fred Hafemann Tillie Raisler Dec 21 1913
Haferman F Dorothy Carl Haferman Helen Horn Jan 11 1924
Haferman F Ester August Haferman Minnie Barke Jan 31 1909
Haferman M William    William Haferman Ida Dahms Nov 12 1908
Hafermann F Alvine William Hafermann Ida Dahms May 17 1912
Hafferman F Alice Ruth Chas Hafferman Margareta Kucksdorf Sep 6 1917
Hafferman M Donald Fred Hafferman, Jr. Tillie Raisler May 4 1917
Hafferman M Louis William Hafferman Ida Dahms Jun 5 1910
Hafferman F May Alice Chas Hafferman Margaret Kucksdorf May 23 1923
Hagan M Ross Glen Hagen Dorothy Goddake Mar 30 1914
Hagel F Emma  Richard Hagel Mabel Lenz Sep 21 1920
Hagel F Marcella Luella Rich Hagel Mabel Lenz Nov 13 1922
Hagel M Raymond F. G. Richard Hagel Mabel Lenz Nov 24 1918
Hagen M Bertrand Glen Glen Hagen Dorothy Goddake Dec 22 1917
Hagen M Harris LaVern Glen Hagen Dorothy Goddake Dec 31 1915
Hagen F Irene Amelia Robert E. Hagen Maggie Anns Jun 30 1908
Hagen F Jane Kathryn Wayne A. Hagen Genevieve Bruss Sep 19 1923
Hagen F Jean Glen Hagen Dorothy Goddake Jan 3 1922
Hagen  F Lucile Glen Hagen Dorothy Goddake Oct 16 1919
Hager M Edmund Allen Danial Hager Macy Stone Feb 3 1908
Hahn M Clarence Wm. William Hahn Anna Schroeder Dec 14 1914
Hahn M Edwin Raymund Chas Hahn Anna Sengstock Sep 7 1914
Hahn M Eldor Louie Louie Hahn Hattie Hahn Sep 16 1923
Hahn F Ella William Hahn Anna Schoering Nov 18 1911
Hahn M Herold Paul Herman William Hahn Anna Shoeming Apr 19 1913
Hahn M Lyle Carl Chas Hahn Emma Sengstock Jul 14 1921
Hahn F Margaret Charlie Hahn Emma Sengstock Jun 29 1908
Haire F Charlott Jennette Frank Haire Josephine Howe Feb 28 1915
Haire F Madeline Ruby Frank L. Haire Josephine Howe May 10 1913
Hall F Annie Marie Herman C. Hall Frances Kleman Mar 29 1920
Hall F Bernice Albert Hall Hulda Marohl Mar 22 1910
Hall F Bernice Louisa Hilda Chas Hall Gusta Beatz Dec 21 1907
Hall M Charles Adolph Herman C. Hall Francis Klemm Apr 26 1922
Hall F Florian Charly Hall Augusta Benz May 24 1910
Hall M Herman Herman C. Hall Frances Klemen Aug 4 1918
Hall F Laverna Wilhelmina Augusta Frank Hall Maria Koch Feb 7 1910
Hall F Marie Frank Hall Mary Koch Apr 28 1908
Hall M Melvin Frank Frank R. H. Hall Maria Koch Sep 2 1914
Halla F Eleanor Sylvia Hans Edward Halla Othelie Sophie Danielson Dec 15 1911
Halla F (Stillborn) Hans Edward Halla Ottilia S. Rockman Oct 29 1908
Hallar M August August Hallar Cassie Winter Oct 29 1917
Halverson F (Stillborn) Hans C. Halverson Annie Jacobson Oct 27 1907
Halverson M Adolph Hans Hans C. Halverson Anna Jacobson Nov 8 1918
Halverson F Elizabeth (twin) 2 Hans Halverson Anna Jacobson Mar 12 1913
Halverson M Joseph (twin) 1 Hans Halverson Anna Jacobson Mar 12 1913
Halverson F Mamye Inez Martin Halverson  Emma Raddatz Nov 22 1910
Halvorson F Barbara Marie Rev. Elmer Nestor Halvorson Bertha Cornelia Peterson Jan 21 1923
Hamalton F Marvel J. Frank Hamalton Jeanne Shaw Dec 11 1907
Hamann M Ervin Carl Emil Hamann Alvina Hoffmeyer Oct 30 1917
Hamann M Lawrence Carl Emil Hamann Alvina Hoffmeyer Jan 3 1920
Hamann F Violet     Carl Hamann Edna Buettner May 21 1924
Hamilton F Cornelia Jane Frank A. Hamilton Cora Emma Jean Shaw Nov 24 1913
Hamilton F Ethel Harriett Harry Hamilton Mary Perry Sep 27 1909
Hamilton F Florence Eleanor Herry Hamilton Marry Perry Apr 3 1914
Hamilton M Frank Ira Frank I. Hamilton Jenetta Shav Dec 3 1910
Hamilton F Grace Agnes Herry Hamilton Marry Perry Jul 22 1911
Hampel F Berdeena Fern Louis Hampel Lillian Sutliff Jun 23 1908
Hampel M Harold Edward Louis Hampel Lillian Sutleff Feb 25 1921
Hampel M Orville Leslie Louis Hampel Lillian Sutliff Jun 5 1912
Hampel M Victor William Emil Hampel Celia Emma Lenss Jul 25 1914
Handke M Melvin William William Handke, Jr. Lena/Tina Wolf Jun 7 1919
Handke M Roger Rayfield William Handke, Jr. Tena Wolf Jan 7 1918
Handrich M (Stillborn) Herman Handrich Pauline Pornsenke Feb 18 1911
Handschke M Harvey Elmer Elmer Handschke Hulda Jesse Sep 12 1922
Handt F Alma Lorela Gustav Handt Amalie Kant May 6 1910
Handt F Erna Theresa Gustav Handt Arnale Kant Sep 15 1911
Handt F Frida Gustav Handt Almalie Kant Nov 2 1907
Hangartner M Roman William William A. Hangartner Mary Gogolin Apr 4 1923
Hangertner F Freda William Hangertner Mary Gogolin Mar 27 1912
Hanke F Armilda Irene Gust Hanke Alice Uelenbrauck Nov 29 1911
Hanke F Dorthea Helena Paul Hanke Estha Krause Jun 25 1919
Hanke M Vilas Leslie Paul Hanke Esther Krause Sep 21 1922
Hanke M Willis Clifford Paul Emil Hanke Esther Augusta Krause Jan 13 1921
Hanneman F Gladys Irene William Hanneman Telda Von Kleech Apr 15 1915
Hannemann M Carl Ardeh Carl A. Hannemann Pearl Shepherd May 21 1908
Hannie M Alphonso Joseph John Hannie Mary Fuchs Jul 19 1911
Hannie M George William John Hannie Mary Fuchs Nov 5 1907
Hannie M John Anton John Hannie Mary Fuchs Oct 28 1909
Hannie F Marie Elizabeth John Hannie Marie Fuchs Nov 14 1914
Hannie F Theresa Marie John Hannie Marie Fuchs Oct 14 1912
Hansen F Not Listed Christ Hansen Helga Jocobson Apr 24 1913
Hansen M Not Listed Alfred Hansen Nettie Nelson Sep 10 1921
Hansen M Byron George Elmer Hansen Cecelia Melchoir Jul 9 1920
Hansen M Carl Emil Chas. Hansen Elma Carlstadt Sep 13 1919
Hansen M Christian Gilbert Hansen Pearl Botzet Mar 24 1914
Hansen M Clarance Ole Theo Hans Hansen Amanda Peterman Jun 15 1909
Hansen M Claud Stewart Lloyd Hansen Nellie Audry Willmot Feb 23 1913
Hansen M Edward Fred Dr. F. W. Hansen Ella Bachman Apr 13 1917
Hansen M Elmer Roland Asmus Hansen Minnie Reimer Nov 30 1921
Hansen F Elnorah Marie Hans Chris Hansen Frederikke Martine Nelson Aug 18 1909
Hansen F Evelyn Emil H. Hansen Mary Jantz Jan 26 1914
Hansen M Lloyd William William Hansen Margot Torgensen Feb 22 1919
Hansen F Luceil Betres Asmus Hansen Minnie Reimier Apr 14 1920
Hansen F Marcella     Victor Hansen Anna Nelson Aug 31 1913
Hansen F Marion (twin) 1 Thomas Hansen Alice Marie Kehoe Jul 26 1922
Hansen F Marjorie (twin) 2 Thomas Hansen Alice Marie Kehoe Jul 26 1922
Hansen M Merton Terrace William Hansen Ida Magansen Jan 11 1914
Hansen M Milton J. Christ Hansen Helga Jocobson Dec 15 1922
Hansen M Robert Lee Thomas Hansen Christine Madson May 20 1920
Hansen M Unnamed William Hansen Margot Torgenson Oct 9 1915
Hansen F Vivian M.  Thos. Hansen Christine Madsen Oct 17 1921
Hansen  F Evelyn Mary Chas A. Hansen Alma Raistedt Dec 21 1917
Hansen  M Ralph Eli Christ Hansen Helga Jocobson Jun 12 1918
Hansen  M Wallace Ernest Elmer Hansen Cecelia Melchoir Dec 7 1918
Hanson F Not Listed Hans Hanson Louise Nelson May 17 1908
Hanson F Not Listed John Hanson Mary Tippler Jun 20 1908
Hanson M Arthur Fred Hanson Sena Begulta Johnson Jul 6 1912
Hanson M Bennie Hans Assmus Hanson Minnie Reimer  Dec 9 1908
Hanson M Bernard Leroy Hans Hanson Clara Syrene Grimstad Feb 7 1913
Hanson F Bertha Sylvia Hans Hanson Clara Grimstad Jul 10 1917
Hanson F Carolyn May Dr. F. W. Hansen Ella Bockman Dec 4 1920
Hanson F Clarice Marie Even Hanson Stella Gilbert Dec 25 1921
Hanson M Clayton Rogers Thomas Hansen Christina Madson Aug 25 1918
Hanson F Doris Thelma Thorval Hanson Carrie Heggrud Aug 10 1921
Hanson F Edna Ruth Ole T. Hanson Clara Kittilson Apr 10 1908
Hanson M Emil James Thorval Hanson Carrie Heggrud Sep 3 1918
Hanson F Esther Hannah Mable Louis Hanson Adeline Reek Mar 2 1924
Hanson M Floyd Sylvester Carl Hanson Hulda Lund May 16 1913
Hanson M Harold Gerdhart Hans Hanson Clara S. Grimstad May 19 1915
Hanson F Helena Carrol Torval Hanson Carrie Heggrud Jul 9 1917
Hanson F Hilda Julia Olaf Hanson Laura Halverson Jul 4 1909
Hanson M Irving Erick Hanson Anna Christianson Jul 19 1909
Hanson M Jule Albert Olaf Hanson Laurelo Halverson Nov 25 1917
Hanson M LaVern Irvin Hans Hanson Louise Nelson Sep 10 1921
Hanson F Lucile Herriet Norman Hanson Ella A. Peterson Sep 4 1910
Hanson F Lucile Sophia Ole E. Hanson Clara Ganske Nov 7 1911
Hanson F Mabel Louise Hans Hanson Louise Nelson May 5 1915
Hanson F Marcella Isabella Julius B. Hanson Amanda Bergner Aug 2 1910
Hanson F Margerite Frances Waldemar Hanson Edna Harvey Nov 5 1913
Hanson M Marshall Stern Clarence Hanson Mary Stern Apr 21 1918
Hanson F Martelle Margaret Manuel Hanson Margaret Oustrech Jul 10 1924
Hanson F Mina Louise Olaf Hanson Lorenthia Halvorseng Aug 31 1910
Hanson F Minnie Amilia Nels H. Hanson Jennie Helverson Jun 27 1909
Hanson M Morris Everett George Hanson Mable Black Sep 23 1910
Hanson M Norbert Gilmore Elmer Hanson Celia Melchoir Jun 14 1915
Hanson M Olaf Olaf Hanson Laureulge Halvorson Nov 10 1911
Hanson M Orvel Elmer Norman Hanson Ela Peterson Nov 27 1912
Hanson M Philip Bergen Hylmer Hanson Clarice Bergen Jul 15 1915
Hanson M Robert William Dr. F. W. Hansen Ella Bachman Jul 22 1914
Hanson M Russell Toney Hanson Ella Wahl Dec 25 1911
Hanson F Ruth Amelia Elmer Hanson Cecelia Melchoir Jan 11 1924
Hanson F Ruth Dorothy Asmus Hanson Minnie Reimer Oct 22 1912
Hanson M Stanley Franklin Nels Hanson Jennie Halverson Oct 8 1922
Hanson M (Stillborn) Alfred Hanson Nettie Nelson May 7 1909
Hanson F Sylvia Anna Fred Hanson Sena B. Johnson Oct 28 1910
Hanson F Violet May  Thomas Hansen Christine Madson Sep 4 1917
Hanson M Walter Haldon Hans Hanson Clara S. Grimstad Nov 30 1910
Hanstead M Leonard George Leonard Hanstead Orpha Wilson Nov 21 1924
Hansteadt F Bernice Henry Hansteadt Hattie Hoefs Aug 31 1912
Hanstedt F Annabel Fred Hanstedt Frieda Bohm Jan 11 1923
Hanstedt M Eldridge Geo. Hanstedt Elsie Kirchenwitz May 15 1923
Hanstedt F Fern A. Edward Hanstedt Emma Boerst Mar 3 1923
Hanstedt M Irwin George Hanstedt Elsie Kerchenitz Oct 29 1919
Hanstedt M Lesley Elmer Elmer L. Hanstedt Merle Gross Apr 7 1924
Hanstedt F Lucille Loretta George Hanstedt Elsie Kerchenitz Oct 22 1917
Hanstedt F Maribell Arilla Fred Hanstedt Frieda Bohm Oct 13 1924
Hanstedt M Milo Fredrick John William O. Hanstedt Ella E. Horn Feb 8 1920
Hanstedt M Oliver Elroy Lenord Hanstedt Orpha Wilson Jun 16 1922
Hanstedt M Orval Henry Hansteadt Hattie Hoefs Dec 20 1923
Hanstedt M Reuben Edward Hanstedt Emma Boerst Jan 30 1921
Hanstedt M Robert Fred Edward C. Hanstedt Emma Boerst Sep 30 1919
Hanstedt F Verna Elizabeth Anna Wm Hanstedt Ella E. Horn Jun 3 1918
Hapke F Adela Emma Herman Hapke Anna Bartelme Sep 19 1917
Hapke F Anna Minnie Herman Hapke Anna Bartelme Oct 17 1915
Hapke F Edna Pauline Herman Hapke Anna Bartelme Feb 1 1913
Hapke F Emma Florine Ella Herman Hapke Anna Bartelme May 14 1909
Hapke M Henry Herman Herman Hapke Anna Bartelme Aug 17 1911
Hapke M Hubert John (twin) 1 Herman Hapke  Anna L. Barteline Aug 3 1910
Hapke M Lorne Frederick Herman Hapke Anna Bartelme Aug 10 1914
Hapke M Rudolph Emil Herman Hapke Anna Bartelme Jan 2 1919
Hapke M (Stillborn) (twin) 2 Herman Hapke Anna L. Barteline Aug 4 1910
Harbath M Leren Henry Harbath Anna Netzel May 7 1918
Harbath M Orville     Henry Harbath Anna Netzel Oct 22 1921
Hardel M Eugene Albert Hardel Hilda Redman Jan 9 1920
Hardel M Ruben     Albert Hardel Hilda Redman Aug 18 1917
Harder F Emma Bertha Emilie Albert Harder Anna Mueller Mar 7 1908
Harder F Florence Linda Anne Charley Harder Minnie Mueller Harder May 3 1912
Harder M Herman Chas Harder Minnie Miller Jul 4 1908
Harding M Warren Gamaliel James Ross Harding Hazel Dell Fagon Mar 1 1921
Hare M Edgar Leland Earl W. Hare Mable E. Cato Oct 24 1908
Hare M Lysander Walter Hare Grace Von Lewen Dec 22 1919
Harm F Edna  Paul Harm Elsie Giesie Nov 2 1917
Harman F Lorraine Elizabeth Edgar Harman Ella Rohloff Jul 4 1924
Harman F Marie Edna Edgar Harman Ella Rohloff Feb 17 1923
Harmon F Nettie Mae Charles Harmon Bertha Wendorf Jul 6 1910
Harriman F Flora Luella Fred E. Harriman Lulu Lettle Jan 14 1908
Harrimann F Not Listed Fred E. Harrimann, Jr. Lulu Little Jan 12 1910
Harrimann M Not Listed Fred E. Harrimann    Luella Little May 30 1911
Harrimann M Vernon Roy Roy Harrimann Florence Drake Jan 2 1911
Harrington M Merton Claire Louis Harrington Glyta Christenson Aug 9 1922
Harris M Francis Giles Samuel Harris Ida Slater May 10 1921
Harris F Marian Elizabeth Samuel Harris Ida Slater Aug 18 1914
Harris M Matthew Henry Samuel Harris Ida Slater Dec 10 1907
Harris M Raphael Samuel Samuel Harris Ida Slater May 16 1909
Harris  M James Robert William J. Harris Violet Hall Dec 20 1920
Harris  M Woodrow John Harris Mary M. Smith Jun 27 1917
Harteben F Dorothy Viola Albert Hartleben Mary Bloekel Dec 18 1915
Harter F Frances (twin) 1 George Harter Emma Stoldt Nov 20 1922
Harter M Frank (twin) 2 George Harter Emma Stoldt Nov 20 1922
Harter F Helen Dora Sofy George Harter Emma Stolelt Apr 23 1912
Harter M Landelin Oscar Charles George Harter Emma Stoldt May 17 1910
Hartleben M Arnold Chas J. Hartleben Emma Handke Apr 4 1911
Hartleben M Arthur John Chas Hartleben Emma Handke Sep 5 1908
Hartleben F Clara Emma Chas Hartleben Emma Handke Sep 25 1915
Hartleben M Harvey Dee John W. Hartleben Grace E. Thompson Mar 30 1917
Hartleben F Lucille Grace Erna Chas Hartleben Emma Handke Apr 20 1918
Hartleben F Mildred Lydia Albert Hartleben Mary Bloeckel Feb 23 1914
Hartleben F Milford (Twin) 1 John Hartleben Grace Thompson Feb 21 1924
Hartleben M Roger Clare John Hartleben Grace Thompson May 8 1919
Hartleben F Thelma Albert Hartleben Mavis Boeckel Aug 27 1918
Hartleben M Wilford (Twin) 2 John Hartleben Grace Thompson Feb 21 1924
Hartleben F Winnefred John W. Hartleben Grace E. Thompson Aug 22 1912
Hartman M Alfred Chas.  Frederick Wm Otto Hartman Ella Zeuske Mar 31 1919
Hartman F Audry Anne Oscar Hartman Dora Grab Apr 27 1924
Hartman F Carol Phyllis Oscar Hartman Dora Grab Apr 4 1922
Hartmann F DeLoris Eva Adolph Wm Hartmann Lina Bertha Habeck Jul 30 1918
Hartmann F Erna Gustie Wilhelmina Friedrich A.O. Hartmann Ella Zeuske Feb 16 1915
Hartmann F Gerthrat Wilhelmine Adolph F.W. Hartmann Lina Bertha F. Habeck Apr 23 1913
Hartmann M Hugo Adolph Hartmann Lena Habeck Aug 12 1920
Hartmann F Lucilie Mildred Otto Hartmann Ella Zeuske Dec 5 1912
Hartmann F Ruth Ida Ella Adolph F. Hartmann Linda Habeck Jul 16 1914
Hartwig M Alfred Emil Hartwig Anna Feltz Mar 14 1912
Hartwig M Clarence Eugene Chas Hartwig Mary Thide Oct 30 1910
Hartwig F Dorothea John Hartwig Lida Hafeman Dec 14 1920
Hartwig F Elsie Clara Emil Hartwig Anna Voltz Nov 14 1920
Hartwig F Esther Anna Mary Emil Hartwig Anna Feltz Jun 1 1917
Hartwig M Gerald Marvin Paul Hartwig Ella Shoemaker Aug 24 1924
Hartwig F Hildegard John Hartwig Linda Hafeman Jul 16 1917
Hartwig F Leona John Hartwig Linda Hafeman Mar 30 1913
Hartwig F Loretta Charley Hartwig Mary Thiede Dec 5 1914
Hartwig F Lorna Wilhelemine Emil Hartwig Emma Tiede Apr 6 1919
Hartwig M Louie Julius John John Hartwig Lida Haferman May 24 1915
Hartwig F Margaret Eda Clary Herman Hartwig Berthy Hoffman May 13 1909
Hartwig M Paul John Hartwig Linda Haffennen Jan 19 1910
Hartwig M Rinehardt Edward Arnold Emil Hartwig Emma Tiede Apr 21 1912
Hartwig F Viola Edna Emil Hartwig Anna Feltz Apr 30 1919
Harvey Donald (Stillborn) Frank Harvey Ollie Little Aug 11 1915
Harvey M Robert Wilton Ralph Harvey Ida Heldt Sep 30 1913
Harvey M Earl Williams Ralph Harvey Ida Heldt Apr 23 1916
Harvey M Edmund Rohl Ralph Harvey Ida Heldt Nov 27 1919
Harvey F Evoline Pluma Reubon Harvey Hazel Stevers Jul 24 1918
Harvey M Ronald Bruce Homer Harvey Emaline Mielke Mar 29 1923
Harvey  F Winnefred Ralph Harvey Ida Heldt Apr 25 1915
Harvey  M Leigh Sylvester Frank Henry Harvey Olive Ruth Little Feb 28 1917
Harvey  F Leona Ruben Harvey Hazel Stever  Nov 25 1914
Haseltine F Jane      Winfred D. Haseltine Ella Holler Apr 5 1919
Hasley  M Walter Andrew Fichter John H. J. Hasley Margaret Fichter Sep 2 1922
Hass M Edwin Reinhold Robert Hass Martha Kriegel Nov 5 1918
Hass M Gerald Frederick (Twin) 1 William Hass Abbie Greenlow Jun 22 1922
Hass M Harold William (Twin) 2 William Hass Abbie Greenlow Jun 22 1922
Hatkiewicz F Eleonarda Stanislaus Hatkiewicz Johanna Wojeinska Feb 16 1910
Hatleberg F Carol Helen Syover H. Hatleberg Annie Fischer Aug 11 1911
Haufe F Hellen Albert Haufe Ester May Mar 8 1913
Haufe F Irine Albert Haufe Ester May Sep 16 1915
Haugau M Melvin Landberg Ole Haugau Adolphena Hanson Feb 25 1909
Haugen F Sylva Constance Ole Haugen Odafina Stevenson Feb 6 1918
Hauser M Emil Frank Edwin Emil H. Hauser Mary Jantz Mar 23 1918
Hauser F Irene     Emil H. Hauser ??? Jautz Mar 3 1912
Hauser F Mary Ann Emil Hauser Mary Jense Jun 7 1923
Hauser  M Russel    Emil Hauser Mary Jantz Oct 5 1915
Haut F Alma Augusta Richard Haut Emma Krewaldt Jun 9 1912
Haut M Arthur Richard Haut Emma Kriewaldt Jun 24 1914
Haut M Arthur Paul Haut Laura Meisner Feb 3 1920
Haut M Carl Paul Haut Laura Meisner Dec 1 1917
Haut F Dorothea Louisa Paul Haut Laura Meisner Jun 18 1915
Haut F Hildegard Lydia Richard J. Haut Emma Kriewaldt Sep 21 1918
Haut M Lenhardt Carl William Richard Haut Emma Kriewaldt May 21 1913
Haut F Martha Emma Richard Haut Emma Kriewaldt May 10 1920
Haut F Phyllis Kathleen William Haut Palma H. Knutson Apr 24 1914
Haut F Un named Albert F. Haut Amelia Bertha Braatz May 5 1910
Haut F Viola Anna Adelaide Karl F. Haut Augusta Bertha Strassburg Mar 8 1912
Haverman F (Baby) Chas Haverman Margaret Kucksdorf Sep 8 1915
Hayes M Clarence Nathanael Hebert Leon Hayes Flora May Bossell Feb 12 1910
Hayes F Dorothy Marie Herbert Hayes Flora Bassell Jul 30 1915
Heagle M Vernon Russell Harry Heagle Christina Hanson May 18 1914
Healing F Meta Frank Healing Laura Kruse May 6 1921
Heath F Barbara    Russell Heath Martha Kitchenakow Oct 1 1924
Heath F Margurite Anne Peter Heath Agnes Waubeno Aug 6 1920
Heath F Roa Russell Heath Maggie Lawe Nov 16 1913
Heath M Walter Joseph Peter Heath Agnes Waubeno Apr 26 1919
Heck F Alice Olga H. G. Heck Amanda Brummond Apr 6 1911
Heck M Harvey Alfons Henry Heck Amanda Brummond Jan 27 1913
Heck M Richard    W.G. Heck Amanda Brummond Jul 21 1908
Hecker F Helen Wilhelmina Herman Hecker  Amelia Worm Sep 30 1911
Hecker M Merritt Godfrey Alfred Hecker Lyda Modecee May 21 1913
Hecker M Russell Clarence Alfred Hecker Lydia Madiree May 5 1915
Hedges M Abe Warren Abe R. Hedges Emma Schewe Mar 1 1912
Hedges F Adela Myrtle Charles A. Hedges Nellie DeGross May 22 1913
Hedges F Hazel Doris Abe L. Hedges Emma Scheive Dec 28 1908
Hedges M Warren William Charles A. Hedges Millie A. DeGross May 7 1910
Heger F Dorothy Lucile Edwin Heger Elizabeth Edeler Jul 13 1913
Heger F Gladys Lorence Edwin Heger Elizabeth Edeler Jun 13 1911
Heger M Lothar Marvin Edwin F. Heger Elizabeth Edeler Apr 5 1909
Heger F Marcella Hildegard Edwin Heger Elizabeth Edeler Sep 7 1915
Heger F Marion Dorothy Paul Heger Ruby Frailing Jul 26 1924
Hehling M Elton William Herman Hehling Martha Beversdorf Jun 6 1918
Hehman F Myrtle    Harry Hehman Florence Sample Jul 10 1910
Heidtke M Clifford Rodger Ernest Heidtke Martha Whitney Jul 13 1910
Heidtke M Edgar Ire Earnest H. Heidtke Martha M. Whitney Jan 24 1908
Heidtke M John Owen Raymond Heidtke Lillian Owen Mar 25 1921
Heidtke F Lavern Margret Ray Heidtke Lillian Owens Dec 8 1919
Heidtke M  Melvin Ray Ray Ernest Heidtke Lillian Maud Owen Feb 26 1918
Heidtke F Rosala Alice (Stillborn) Ray Heidtke Lillian Owens Aug 2 1913
Heimer M Leonhard Richard Alvin Heimer Martha Boerst Apr 18 1915
Heimer F Mabel    Alvin Heimer Martha Boerst May 22 1912
Hein  F Ethel     Reinhold Hein Johannah Macthernowski May 9 1913
Hein  F Evangeline Henry Hein Ruth Ziemer May 30 1924
Hein  F Gladys Herman Hein Helen Kroening Apr 15 1917
Hein  M Vernon Gale Herman Hein Helen Kroening Jun 10 1923
Hein  F Violet Henry Hein Ruth Ziemer May 21 1919
Heinrich F Alice Katherine Louis J. Heinrich Edna Meverden Sep 7 1922
Heinrich M Wilbur Cletus Louis Heinrich Edna Meverden Apr 26 1918
Heins M Alban Wilhelm Emil Heins Johanna Schesbel Apr 30 1909
Heins M Arno Friedrick Emiel Heins Johanna Schiebel Sep 8 1911
Heins M John Pershing Arthur Heins Anna Simon Sep 7 1918
Heins F Marie Gertrude Herman Heins Anna Krupp Aug 14 1911
Heins M William Rudolph Emiel Heins Johanna Schiebel Sep 21 1912
Heinz F Catharine Maria Hellen Reinhold Joe Heinz Martha S. Kuechenmeister Jul 30 1914
Heinz F Delores    Reinhardt Heinz Martha Kuechemeister Aug 16 1920
Heinz M Eldon Gerald Reinhardt Heinz Martha Kuechenmeister Aug 30 1923
Heinz F Emrice Mildred Christ Heinz Cora Leisch Aug 30 1915
Heinz M Harley William John Reinhold Heinz Martha Kuechenmeister Jan 4 1913
Heinz F Kathryn Cecelia Gustav B. Heinz Esther G. Ludolf Nov 20 1918
Heinz M Keith William Gustav B. Heinz Esther Ludolph Jun 8 1923
Heinz M Leonard     Chris Heinz Cora Liesch Aug 8 1913
Heinz M Roger    Reinhardt Heinz Martha Kuschmeister May 13 1918
Heinz F Violet Marianne Anna Reinhard Heinz Martha Kueschenmeister Mar 4 1911
Heise F Ruth Isabel Albert Heise Florence Berg May 29 1924
Heiser F Vanita Kathryn John Heiser  Lena Plier Aug 25 1909
Heiser M Walter Robert Gust Heiser Paulina Sinco May 16 1918
Heisler F (Stillborn) Phillip Heisler Mggie Larson Nov 20 1920
Heistad F Anna Marie Arnold Heistad Emily Nutter Nov 21 1923
Heistad M Robert Emmet Arnold Heistad Emily Nutter Jun 26 1922
Heldt M Edward     Frank A.C. Heldt Lizzie Dornbrack Sep 20 1912
Heldt F Henriette Frank A. Heldt Louise D. Dornbrook Dec 14 1917
Helgeson F Gladys Marion (twin) 1 Martin Helgeson Julia Gilbert Jan 24 1909
Helgeson F Marguerite Augusta Mike Helgeson Martha Milke Jul 25 1915
Helgeson M Melvin Arthur (twin) 2 Martin Helgeson Julia Gilbert Jan 24 1909
Heliker M Leon Willard Ira Carlton Heliker Bessie Rebecca Olson Nov 18 1907
Heling M Adolph    August Heling Augusta Trapp Apr 6 1909
Heling M Albert John Fred August Heling Gusta Trapp Mar 12 1908
Heling M Alvin Herman Herman Heling Martha Beversdorf May 12 1914
Heling F Dorothy Florence David Heling Lillian Barfknecht Mar 19 1923
Heling M Edwin John Ferdinand Frank Heling Lousia Kruse Dec 15 1918
Heling M Edward Freidrick Fred Heling Emma Hoffman Jun 28 1917
Heling F Elnor    Edward Heling Elsie Johr Jul 19 1917
Heling F Esther    Frank Heling Laura Krause May 16 1922
Heling M Ewalt Henry Ed Henry Heling Ida Goerl Jun 3 1917
Heling M Harold George Henry Edward Heling Elsie Jahr Dec 18 1919
Heling F Hildegard Myrtle Ruth Heman Heling Martha Beversdorf Jun 27 1909
Heling M Irvin    Walter Heling Hulda Wissman Feb 19 1924
Heling F Junis Verna Mavis Robert Heling Maggie Brusewitz Apr 20 19123
Heling F Luella Edd Heling Elsie Jahr Mar 12 1922
Heling F Marjorie      John August Heling Ada Habeck Jul 5 1922
Heling M Martin Edward Heling Elsie Jahr Jun 5 1919
Heling F Marvis Elaine Frank C. Heling Laura Krause Aug 30 1924
Heling M Maynard Herman Henry Heling Ida Goerl Nov 28 1914
Heling M Milan Robert Robert Heling Maggie Brusewitz May 1 1924
Heling M Paul Clarence Herman Heling Barthy Beversdorf Oct 2 1911
Heling F Viola Augusta Friedrich Heling Emma Hoffman Mar 6 1914
Heller M Earl     Aug Heller Carrie Winter Sep 28 1915
Heller M Henry F. Herman F. Heller Louise M. Rudebusch Dec 28 1907
Heller F Joyce     Joseph Heller Emma Walters Jun 6 1911
Heller F Mabel Emilie Luella Wilhelm C.J. Heller Ida Minnglaff May 26 1911
Heller M Mathew Joseph Heller Emma Walters Mar 19 1919
Heller M Paul Aug Heller Caroline Winter Jun 25 1923
Heller M Raymond Charles Herman Herman Heller Hannah Rauthum Nov 24 1913
Hellestad M Victor LaVerne Elmer A. Hellestad Mildred Maude Danielson Dec 8 1920
Helms M Harold Clarence Frank Helms Esther Mecahert Dec 17 1921
Helwig F Cecilia   John Helwig Mary Daniels Oct 30 1909
Helwig M George     John Helwig Mary Danish Dec 20 1907
Helwig M Leonhard     John Helwig Mary Daniels Jun 21 1913
Helyendorf F Beatrice Mary Paul Helyendorf Doris E. Baxter Apr 29 1909
Hemingway M Charles Seybold Charles Ellsworth Hemingway Ester Seybold May 8 1924
Hemingway M Ellsworth Frederick Charles Ellsworth Hemingway Ester Seybold Nov 6 1921
Hempel F Birdina Louis Hempel Lillian Sutlaff Jun 21 1908
Hempel M Harvey    William Hempel Lorina Tegge Apr 1 1920
Hempel F Laura William Hempel Lorvena Teige Nov 5 1912
Hempel F Leonora Esther William Hempel Loriena Tegge Jun 18 1910
Hempel M Norman     William Hempel Loriena Feege Sep 19 1914
Hempel M Ronald      William Hempel Loriena Teege May 19 1911
Hempel M Waldemar William Hempel Lorina Teege Apr 22 1909
Henchel M Albert Reinholdt John Henchel Agusta Block Mar 24 1910
Henderson M Donald Jesse Jesse Henderson Mary Rister Nov 30 1910
Henderson F Mary Edna Jessie James Henderson Mary Agnes Rister Aug 23 1912
Henderson M Zella Teddy Henderson Hannah Knoke Dec 25 1909
Hendzel M Stanley     Jos. Hendzel Cattie Zabinski Jun 14 1911
Henke M Alfred Paul Adolph Henke Francis Anna Senger Sep 15 1908
Henke M Harley Richard August Henry Henke Elizabeth Goerl Sep 18 1923
Henke M Herman August H. Henke Elizabeth Goerl Oct 19 1920
Henke M Theodore Adolph Henke Francisca Senger Dec 28 1911
Henke M Victor Leo Adolph Henke Francisia Saenger May 2 1910
Henn M Adolph Michael Chas. Henn Anna Lerrick Sep 25 1922
Henn M Carlton Joseph Joe Henn Delia Bunkleman Jul 20 1915
Henn F Dorothy Margert Joe Henn Detria Bunkleman Apr 6 1920
Henn F Edith Circle Charley Henn Annie Leirihe ?? May 26 1920
Henn F Emelie John Henn Martha Prohl Apr 11 1918
Henn M George Charley Charley Henn Annie Leirich Mar 2 1918
Henn M George Herman Herman Henn Hattie Norman Jun 25 1918
Henn F Fern Joyce Herman Henn Hattie Norman Apr 25 1923
Henn M Lorance Edward Joe Henn Diella Bunkelman Aug 3 1922
Henn M Myron Harvey Herman Henn Hattie Norman May 24 1920
Henn F Olive Marie Joseph Henn Delia Bunkleman Jan 16 1914
Henn M Robert Augustus Charles Henn Anna Leirich Oct 5 1924
Henn M Stanley Wilmar Carles Adolph Henn Clara Prahl May 18 1919
Henn F Ursula Margeret Charley Henn Anna Leirich Feb 15 1919
Hennig F Francis Ethel Charles Hennig Marie Hintz Jun 7 1913
Hennig F Rosella Chas. Hennig  Marie Hintz Apr 22 1920
Hennigsen N/L (Stillborn) Nels Peter Hennigsen Anne Christine Nelsen Nov 19 1909
Henning M Leonard     Chas Henning Mary Hintz Apr 11 1910
Henningsen F Julia   James Henningsen Julia Wahl Apr 26 1915
Henrickson M (Stillborn) Bernhard Henrickson Caren Erickson Feb 6 1912
Henschel F Anna Leona John Henschel Gusta Bloch Sep 17 1912
Hensel M Henry Joseph Hensel Katherine Zabinski Mar 11 1917
Henselin M Walter John John Henselin Marie Hehlbeg Apr 23 1913
Henseline F Edna Mirma Martha John Henseline Marie Mehlberg Dec 5 1917
Henze F Hildegard Helene Chas. Henze Mathilda Mayer Sep 12 1910
Herb M Alfred Bernard Joseph Herb Annie Stadler Mar 14 1910
Herb F Mary     Joseph Herb Anna Stadler Aug 27 1914
Herb M Raymond Joseph Herb Annie Stadler Jan 22 1908
Herbinski F Anastazgja Peter Herbinski Kataryna Rudzinski Mar 30 1910
Herbinski M Joseph     Peter Herbinski Catherine Rozanski Feb 25 1908
Herbst Not Listed Joe Herbst Anne Wandel Aug 17 1908
Herbst F Agnes Versia John Herbst Mary Baer Mar 1 1909
Herbst M Arthur David Geo Herbst Elizabeth Luederman May 11 1924
Herbst M Charles     William Herbst Emma Stadler Dec 24 1907
Herbst M Clarence Frank William Herbst Emma Stadler Feb 6 1915
Herbst M Donald George George  Herbst Elizabeth Ludeman Jun 7 1922
Herbst M Robert Carl Geo Herbst Elizabeth Luderman Jun 3 1920
Hergert M Clyde Norman Jesse Herget Kate Long May 1 1915
Hergert F Dorothy Mary Harry Hausen Irene Hegert Apr 12 1922
Hergert F Ellen Hope Henry S. Hergert Charolette L. Long Apr 17 1915
Hergert M Harvey Lee Jessie Hergert Kate Bell Long Apr 26 1917
Hergert F Hope Joyce Jesse Hergert Kate Belle Long Feb 23 1924
Hergert M James Oviatt Henry S. Herbert Lottie Long Apr 7 1910
Hergert F Jessie Elizabeth Jessie J. Hergert Kate L. Long Jun 3 1910
Hergert M Vernon Glenn Jessie Hergert Kate Long Oct 25 1921
Hering M Alan Henry Lorando Hering Emma Tuck Jul 16 1920
Herm M Eldor Carl John Herm Bertha Prahl Dec 20 1913
Herm M Harvey (twin) 1 Paul Herm Elsie Giema May 26 1919
Herm M Harry (twin) 2 Paul Herm Elsie Giema May 26 1919
Herm M Howard Arthur John William Herm Norma Labutzke Jan 24 1915
Herm M Jerome Louis Chas Herm Anna Leirich Oct 6 1923
Herm F Jeronia Norma William Herm Norma Labutzka Aug 3 1912
Herm F Laverna Paul Herm Elsie Giema Feb 9 1913
Herm F Lorraine Beatrice John Herm Martha Prahl Jan 5 1922
Herm F Lucile Paul Herm Elsie Giema Jul 5 1914
Herm F Marion Leona Sophia Louis Herm Clara Mayer Oct 30 1922
Herm M Melvin Louis Herm Clara Meyer May 20 1913
Herm M Orville Harold John Herm Martha Prahl Feb 3 1916
Herm M Vernon Louis Herm Clara Mayer Sep 22 1920
Herm F Winona William Herm Norma Labutzke Mar 22 1920
Herman F Agnes Elizabeth Fred Herman Hulda Beul Oct 31 1914
Herman M Chester Henry Herman Louisa Holtz Feb 9 1910
Herman M Clyde Anton Anton Herman Barbara Sazama Jul 13 1912
Herman F Florence Helen Henry Herman Louisa Holz Jun 20 1912