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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Cathe Ziereis

N2645 Rustic Circle

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Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012

Editor Jim Glasheen 2010

Anita Perez 2012

Jach F Cecilia Isidore Jach Catherine Najul Apr 8 1911
Jach F Rose Isidore Jach Catharine Najul Jun 18 1913
Jacobs M Henry Henry Jacobs Jennie Boyde Oct 31 1907
Jacobs F Leona Geo. Jacobs Emma Grothe Jul 18 1914
Jacobs M Walter Ellsworth Lymon Jacobs Olive Miller Nov 15 1911
Jacobsen F Viola Hannah Elizabeth Lars Jacobsen Emma Martha Mary Krueger Dec 14 1909
Jacobson M Arnold John Jacobson Bertha Rauiseth Feb 9 1910
Jacobson F Carrie Ida Freda Lars Jacobson Emma Krueger May 20 1915
Jacobson F Dorcas Axel Jacobson Audie Jacobson Feb 6 1912
Jacobson F Elizabeth Cary Lars Jacobson Emma Krueger Apr 29 1913
Jacobson M Erwin Oscar Oscor E. Jacobson Alice Lunznist Jun 28 1915
Jacobson M Ferdinand Carl Carl Jacobson Emma Josine Jacobson Aug 25 1908
Jacobson F Gerda Isabelle Nels E. Jacobson Ida G. Anderson      Jul 3 1914
Jacobson M Ismor Geofrey Nels E. Jacobson Ida G. Anderson      Jan 17 1912
Jacobson M Jesse Andy Jacobson Emma Hawpetoss Sep 21 1924
Jacobson M John Adolph Lars Jacobson Emma Krueger May 6 1908
Jacobson F June Hazel Harvey W. Jacobson Nellie M. Davis Jan 10 1918
Jacobson F Nelida Elizabeth Nels E. Jacobson Ida G. Anderson      Sep 5 1917
Jacobson M Orlando Nathaniel Nels E. Jacobson Ida G. Anderson      Jan 2 1910
Jaeckel F Lucile Ethyl Wm. Jaeckel Bertha Labrowske Oct 16 1913
Jaeger F Anita William Jaeger Anna Koehn Jan 18 1919
Jaeger F Edna Bertha Jul Jaeger Ella Panko Sep 3 1918
Jaeger M Martin Otto Wm. Jaeger Anna Koehn Nov 18 1923
Jaeger F Viola Martha William Jaeger Anna Koehn Jun 25 1921
Jagar F Amanda Julius Jager Ella Pankow Aug 22 1917
Jager F Veronica Esther Julius Jager Ella Pankow Aug  22 1917
Jagodzinski F Helen Joseph Jagodzinski Josephine Czaplinski Oct 14 1920
Jagodzinski M John     Joseph Jagodzinski Josephine Czaplinski Mar 2 1918
Jagodzinski F Josephine Joseph Jagodzinski Josephine Czaplinski Jan 2 1922
Jahn F Ella  Herman Jahn Martha Radun Nov 24 1907
Jahnke M Arnold Christlieb Ulrich Louis C. Jahnke Lizzie Graub Mar 20 1913
Jahnke F Charlott Augusta Fred Jahnke Ethel Woldridge Feb 1 1920
Jahnke F Eleanor Lawrence Jahnke Magdalena Waidelich Sep 15 1920
Jahnke F Fern Ernst Jahnke Carrie Frailing Jan 28 1922
Jahnke F June Mary Ann Ernest Jahnke Carrie Frailing Oct 27 1919
Jahnke F Lorraine Lawrence Jahnke Magdalena Waidelich Apr 3 1923
Jahnke F Mae Emma Ernest Jahnke Carrie Frailing May 11 1917
James F Edna Lenora Benjamin James Dora Belfeuil Dec 22 1909
James F Freda Verna Humphrey James Lena Blechel May 6 1911
James M Henery Lenrad Humphrey James Lena Bloechel Aug 4 1908
James F Lula Agnes Benjamin Tucker James Dora Belfenie Jan 6 1090
James M Martin F. Stephen James Elizabeth Martin May 2 1924
James F Nellie Violet Herbert James Lena Blechel Sep 22 1913
James F Verlie Eda Benjamin T. James Doris Belfeuel Jan 6 1912
James F Winnefred Marion Sephen James Elizabeth Martin Sep 14 1920
Jandt M Clarence Frank Herman Gust Jandt Ida Korth Jun 5 1918
Jandt M William Gust Jandt Eda Korth May 1 1920
Janekowski M Frank Joe Janekowski Celia Storma Oct 8 1909
Janess F Leona Alma Frank Janess Elsie Treptow Oct 24 1922
Janke M Paul Aug. Paul Janke Mary Gates Aug 16 1924
Jankowski M Anthony Joseph Jankowski Eva Domiel Jun 15 1921
Jankowski M Archie Stanley Jankowski Tracy Stezynski Mar 16 1918
Jankowski M Arthur Fred Stanley JanKowski Tracy Steczyoski Mar 16 1918
Jankowski F Clara Joseph Jankowski Eva Domelanka Dec 10 1909
Jankowski F Clara Joseph Jankowski Eva Donrel Nov 23 1911
Jankowski F Edna Stanley Jankowski Theresa Styznski Apr 23 1920
Jankowski F Eleanora Stanley Jankowski Theresa Stezinski May 22 1923
Jankowski  F Irene Joe Jankowski Zelia Storma Dec 14 1922
Janneszewski F Agnes Leo Janneszewski Helen Matuszewski Sep 19 1917
Jannusch F Evelyn Angelina Henry Jannusch Hattie B. Lasch Mar 2 1922
Jansen M Bernard Florence Wm. Jansen Augusta Steckbauer Jul 13 1912
Jansen M Clyde Mathias Jansen Mary Schmidt Jan 23 1924
Jansen M Earl Walter Frank Eric Wm. Jansen Hedwig Louise Lohrbach Nov 4 1922
Jansen M George Edward Oslo Jansen Ida Egleston Feb 20 1914
Jansen F Johanna LaVerne Math Jansen Mary Schmidt Jul 7 1919
Janskowski F Rozalia Jos. Janskowski Celia Storma May 2 1913
Janssen F Adelheid Thno Janssen Minnie Thormaehlen Mar 4 1922
Janssen M Vernon Helbrick Thno Janssen Minnie Thormaehlen Mar 29 1924
Janssen M William Cornelius Wm. E. Janssen Maybelle Serier Mar 8 1915
Jantz M Henry Adolph Jantz Mary Rusch Mar 30 1909
Janusinski M Francis John Holewinski Frances Janusinski Jun 4 1914
Januszewski F Esther Leo Januszewski Helen Matuszewski Jul 22 1922
Januszewski M John Leo Januszewski Helen Matuszewski Feb 25 1919
Januszewski M Norbert Leo Januszewski Helen Matuszewski Jul 17 1920
Januszewski M Raymond Leo Januszewski Helen Matuszewski Oct 12 1915
Jarack M Adolph Frank Jarack Maggie Lotkowski Jul 27 1923
Jarack F Grace Helen Joseph Jarack Ida Hovie Sep 10 1923
Jarack M Raymond Frank Jarack Maggie Lonkachi Jan 10 1921
Jarah M Bernard Henry Joseph Jarah Ida Hovie Apr 5 1911
Jarak F Ruth Esther Joseph Jarah Ida Hovie Jun 25 1919
Jarasinski F Rosie    Ramon Jarasinki Hattie Zahanski Dec 2 1918
Jarek M Lawrence Orville Joseph Jarek Ida Hovie Jul 24 1912
Jarek F Lucila Mildred Joseph Jarek Ida Hovie Apr 4 1915
Jaroch F Alvina Serenia Frank Jaroch Pauline Zacharias Jul 19 1915
Jaroch M Eddie Frank Jaroch Paulina Zacharias Mar 23 1910
Jaroch M Emil Jerome Frank Jaroch Poly Zacharias May 3 1913
Jarosenski M Joe    Paul Jarosenski Stella Bartkowiak Jan 11 1912
Jarosinski F Agnes Paul Jarosinski Stanislawa Bartkowiak Aug 20 1910
Jarosinski F Annie Stanley Jarosinski Hattie Piontek Aug 18 1919
Jarosinski M Anton Vincent Stanley Jarosinski Hattie Piontek Jun 7 1914
Jarosinski F Florence Roman Jarosinski Hattie Zakowski Oct 29 1923
Jarosinski M Joseph     Roman Jarosinski Hattie Szalkoski Feb 17 1922
Jarosinski M Kazmes Paul Jarskinski Stella Barthowiak Aug 20 1913
Jarosinski F Leokadya Paul Jarosinski Stanislawa Bartkoiak Dec 10 1915
Jarosinski M Ludwig Stanley Jarosinski Hedwig Piontek Aug 16 1917
Jarosinski F Mary    Stanley Jarosinski Hattie Piontek Jul 19 1923
Jarosinski M Sylvester Stanislaus Jarosinski Hedwig Piontek ? Bartkowiak Dec 29 1915
Jaroszenski F Margaret Roman Jaroszenski Hattie Zakowski Oct 6 1920
Jarvey F Olive Anna William Jarvey Annie McKibbons Mar 16 1914
Jasholski F Sylva Annie Mike Jasholski Angeline Leylk Nov 8 1917
Jaskolski F Clara Mike Jaskolski Nellie Lebick Aug 10 1912
Jaskolski F Eleanor Nellie Mike Jaskolski Nellie Liebyk Oct 18 1914
Jaskolski F Irene Leo Jaskolski Henen kozicki Jul 28 1922
Jaskolski F Johanna Helen Mike Jaskolski Nellie Lybek Mar 1 1920
Jaskolski M Sylvester Chester Mike Jaskolski Angeline Lebeck Oct 27 1921
Jatczak M Stanley  Stanley Jatczak Mary Zulkowski Feb 6 1922
Jellerad F Annie Margaret Nels Jellerad Marie Christensen Feb 26 1923
Jenkel F Theodora Arline Wilhelmina William Jenkel Caroline Schultz Oct 25 1914
Jennes F (Stillborn) A. J. Jennes VaGrace Mc Laughlin Aug 22 1908
Jensen M Allen Howard Guy Jensen Ida Amelia Dahl Jul 11 1920
Jensen F Anabelle Augusta Minnie Gilbert Jensen Mary Radtke Oct 4 1917
Jensen M Arnold George Ole Jensen Lillie Doan May 26 1920
Jensen M Everett Gilbert Jensen Mary Radtke Nov 21 1920
Jensen M Frederick Gilbert Gilbert Jensen Mary Radtke Mar 6 1919
Jensen F Gertrude Arthur Leon Wm. Jensen Martha Radke Mar 12 1909
Jensen F Hazel Melvin Jensen Esther Beyersdorf Dec 13 1921
Jensen F Helen Dorothy Ferdinand Jensen Emma Echtver Sep 8 1912
Jensen F June Marie Arthur Jensen Martha Radtke Jul 20 1920
Jensen F June Marie Arthur L. Jensen Martha G. Radtke Jan 19 1919
Jensen F Lila Gustie Helen Gilbert G. Jensen Maria E. Radtke May 29 1914
Jensen M Lyle Marvin Gerhard Jensen Louise Olson Apr 12 1914
Jensen F Mable Mary Helen Arthur Jensen Martha Radike Jul 26 1911
Jensen F Margaret Marion Clara Ferdinand H. Jensen Emma Echtner Oct 17 1910
Jensen F Mary Ruth Ferdinand Jensen Emma Echtner Apr 27 1919
Jensen F Mildred Carolyn Guy Jensen Amelia Dahl Feb 23 1923
Jensen M Norman Roy Ole Jensen Lills Doan Mar 2 1923
Jensen F Olive Augusta Gilbert Jensen Mary Radke Nov 28 1912
Jensen M Ole Jens Ole Jensen Lillian May Doan Mar 22 1913
Jensen M Robert Wm. Arthur Lenord Jensen Matha Radtke Apr 16 1923
Jensen F Viola Marie Ole Jensen Lillie Doan Nov 28 1914
Jenson M Alan Victor Chris Jenson Sarah St. Peter Aug 18 1909
Jenson F Clarice Nelda Chris Jenson Sarah St. Peters Oct 2 1910
Jenson F Matilda Caroline Nels Jenson Emma Gunderson Jun 21 1911
Jenson M Rog Lerin Otto Peter Jenson Ida M. Eggleston Feb 28 1910
Jenson F Rose Lucile Otto P. Jenson Ida May Eggelston Mar 9 1912
Jersey F Iris Hope Harry Jersey Lillian Swanson Jan 31 1924
Jersey F Myrtle Fay Harry Jersey Lilian Swanson Jul 21 1917
Jersey F (Stillborn) Geo Jersey Lena Louisa Arentsen Apr 29 1908
Jersey F (Stillborn) Geo Jersey Lena Arentsen Dec 5 1910
Jeske F Alma Frank Jeske Clara Gatt Dec 30 1912
Jeske M Arthur August William Frank Jeske Clara Gutt Aug 5 1910
Jeske F Edna Verna Bernice Carl Jeske Amalia Stibbs Jan 3 1918
Jeske F Elenor Leila Loraine Fred A. Jeske Emma E. Stange Jan 28 1911
Jeske M Emiel Emiel Jeske Martha Bartelt Jun 10 1910
Jeske F Emma  Emiel Jeske Martha Bartelt Feb 26 1909
Jeske M Erwin Walter Frank Jeske Clara Gutt Aug 17 1920
Jeske M Henry John Adolph Jeske Rosa Meisner Apr 11 1919
Jeske F Ida Emiel Jeske Martha Bartelt Nov 20 1907
Jeske F Irene Clara Helena August Jeske Bena Dey Jan 23 1921
Jeske M Leo Frank Frank Jeske Jennie James Sep 1 1917
Jeske M Leonard Wm. William Jeske Minnie Utke Aug 24 1923
Jeske F Margaret Mary Adolph Jeske Rosa Meisner Apr 1 1917
Jeske M Mark Adolph Adolph Jeske Elizabeth Stransky Jan 13 1921
Jeske F Myrtle Helen Julia Chas Jeske Amelia Stibbs Oct 1 1914
Jeske M Theodore Wilhelm Franz Wm. Chas Jeske Matilda August Bartelt Feb 21 1912
Jeske M Victor Emil Paul (twin) 1 William Charles Jeske Matilda Augusta Bartelt Jun 7 1910
Jeske F Viola Emelie Martha (twin) 2 William Charles Jeske Matilda Augusta Bartelt Jun 7 1910
Jeske M Walter August Emil Frank Jeske Clara Gutt May 8 1909
Jeske M Werno Lester Carl Jeske Emilie Stubs Sep 17 1912
Jeske  M Roman John August Charles Jeske Amelia Stibbs Oct 6 1922
Jesky M George Herman Adolph Jesky Rose Meisner Apr 23 1924
Jesky M Herbert Bernard Adolph Jesky Rose Meisner Jun 30 1922
Jesperson F Not named Peter Jesperson Mary Lang Apr 21 1910
Jesperson F Dorotha  Peter Jesperson Mary Lange Aug 16 1914
Jesperson M William Peter Jesperson Mary Lang Mar 27 1912
Jesse F Alma Freda Albert Jesse Hulda Wechman Nov 27 1911
Jesse M Arron Robert Jesse Carolina Severson Dec 28 1909
Jesse F Clara Freda Albert Jesse Hulda Wichman Apr 11 1914
Jesse M Clarence      Herman Jesse Louise Braun Apr 6 1910
Jesse F Dora Albert Jesse Hilda Wickman Aug 4 1909
Jesse M Roy Melin Reinhold Reinhold Jesse Agnes Norwig Dec 7 1918
Jesse M Ruben William Jesse Aug Kuhn May 7 1908
Jesse F Selma Laura Alb Jesse Hilde Wickmann Dec 16 1918
Jesse M Walter Herman Jesse Lizzie Braun Oct 16 1908
Jesse M Jules Alvin Robert Jesse Caroline Severson Mar 4 1908
Jesse F Mable      Herman Jesse Lizzie Braun Sep 28 1913
Jesse M  Milton Rhinard Jesse Agnes Nordwig Sep 11 1923
Jesse M  Orin William Jesse Emelie Kuhn Mar 11 1912
Jessie M Ray     Robert Jessie Caroline Severson Feb 15 1915
Jessie F Elsie Rebeca Robert Jessie Caroline Severson Aug 4 1912
Jewel F Sarah M. John E. Jewel May Hanson Sep 1 1917
Jewson F Margaret Jane George A. Jewson Beth Van Doren Sep 6 1921
Jewson M Robert George George Jewson Beth Van Doren Dec 30 1917
Jewson F Ruth Jane Elliot Henry Jewson Hazel Anna Lebeck Mar 16 1922
Jingling M Frank    John Jingling Laura Grassel Jan 1 1915
Jogadzinski M Leonard     Joseph Jogadzinski Josephine Replowski Jul 14 1919
Jogodzinski M Martin     Martin Jabodzinski Stanislawa Kaminski Sep 23 1910
Johanek M Un named (twin)  Geo Johanek Mary Nikodem Jan 23 1915
Johanek M Alois Geo Wenzel  Johanek Maria Nikodern Mar 29 1913
Johanek M John Geo Johanek Mary Nikodem May 13 1918
Johanek F Maria George Johanek Mary Nekoden Aug 22 1922
Johannes F Arbutus Lillian William C. Johannes Sophie M. Rudie Oct 15 1910
Johannes M Donald Loyd A. H. Johannes Thora Sorenson May 11 1918
Johannes F Georgien Blanche Arthur Johannes Flora Sorensen Feb 22 1916
John F Lillie Mae Thomas John Minnie Elm Jun 25 1920
Johns M Varason Elijah Johns Malinda Archiquette Nov 29 1919
Johnson M Un named     Edmund Johnson Minnie Peterson Jun 8 1911
Johnson F Adeline Luella Andy Johnson Louisa Eikos Dec 20 1910
Johnson F Alice Katherine (twin) 1 John Louis Johnson Kate McGillivray Apr 2 1918
Johnson M Allen Edwin John Johnson Kate Mc Gillvary May 14 1913
Johnson F Alma Matilda Sirgvol Adolph Johnson Olive Olsen Dec 20 1910
Johnson M Alvin Carl Swan Johnson Emma Dahl Jan 15 1910
Johnson M Andrew Branting Carl Johnson Emelie Loehrl  Dec 5 1922
Johnson M Andrew H.  Harry EdsonJohnson Bernise Bell Bennet Feb 8 1909
Johnson F Aneta G. Just Johnson Gurena Elleson Feb 10 1911
Johnson F Anna Cartolin Chas Johnson Annie Swanson  May 9 1917
Johnson F Annita Lois Elmer Ole Johnson Pruena Elizabeth Blair Jun 27 1918
Johnson M Archie John (twin) 2 John Louis Johnson Kate McGillivery Apr 2 1918
Johnson M Arthur Edward Edward Johnson Minnie Peterson Jan 17 1919
Johnson M August Louis John L. Johnson Kate Mc Gilliway Feb 7 1910
Johnson F Beatrice Lorraine Andrew C. Johnson Viola Celia Bruce Aug 8 1924
Johnson M Bert   Bert Johnson Manda Wege Apr 29 1921
Johnson M Bruno Bruno Johnson Alvina Jahn Jul 27 1920
Johnson M Bruno Bruno Johnson Alvina Johnson Apr 16 1922
Johnson M Carl Melvin Carl M. Johnson Golden Pemble Dec 20 1910
Johnson M Clayton Paul Ludwig Herman Johnson Ida Jomen May 12 1910
Johnson F Cleo Adelade Oscar Jonson Inga Lorman Sep 2 1917
Johnson M Clyde James John L. Johnson Kate McGillivray Apr 10 1919
Johnson M Dale Louis Edwin H. Johnson Hulda Matilda Muck Jun 18 1910
Johnson M (died Unnamed) Bruno Johnson Alvina Jahn Jul 24 1914
Johnson F Dolores June Henry Johnson Drana Horning May 1 1923
Johnson M Donald Ellsworth Lavern Johnson Edna Johnson Jul 27 1921
Johnson F Dorthe Ann Albert T. Johnson Josephine Clark Mar 15 1909
Johnson F Edith Irine Peter Johnson Alma Johnson Apr 8 1908
Johnson M Edwin Marvin John Johnson Carrie Swanson Jun 11 1917
Johnson F Elaine Adella Henry Johnson Adella Schenk Jan 18 1821
Johnson F Eleanore Winifred Elmer Johnson Winifred L. Skenandore Mar 5 1920
Johnson F Ellen John Johnson Carrie Swenson May 19 1922
Johnson M Elmer Carlton Carl Johnson Ida Christianson Aug 16 1920
Johnson M Elmer Eli Elmer Ole Johnson Buena E. Blair Dec 13 1922
Johnson F Elva Mae J. A. Johnson Florence Helvery Jul 4 1909
Johnson F Evalyn Clara Olive Ole Johnson Annie Ericksen Dec 24 1910
Johnson F Ettie Emelia Swan Johnson Emma Dahl Sep 25 1913
Johnson F Frida Peter Johnson Alma Josephson Jul 12 1910
Johnson M Gerhard Tarfe Arne Johnson Olive Nicoline Anderson Sep 14 1910
Johnson F Gladys Elanore Layman Carl M. Johnson Golden Elizabeth Pemble Sep 29 1912
Johnson F Gladys Emmaline John Sigfred Johnson Carrie Alvida Swanson Sep 20 1914
Johnson F Gladys Viola Oscar Johnson Effie Collins Sep 11 1915
Johnson M Glenn Carl Johnson Amelia Loehrl May 7 1915
Johnson F Gloria Ann Carl Johnson Viola Nehls Mar 17 1924
Johnson F Hannah Elizabeth Carl Johnson Goldie Pembler Feb 12 1916
Johnson M Hans Russell Edwin Johnson Minnie Peterson Aug 4 1915
Johnson M Harold Edwin Elmer O. Johnson Buena E. Blair Jan 22 1912
Johnson M Harvey Wm. Morgan Johnson Amanda Salzman Mar 12 1920
Johnson F Helga Caroline Adolph Johnson Lena Olson Jan 11 1912
Johnson M Henry Rudolph Henry Johnson Clara Leudke Aug 13 1920
Johnson F Hilma Bruno Johnson Alvina Jahn Nov 27 1918
Johnson M Hjalmar Sigurd Andy Johnson Louise Eikess Oct 17 1917
Johnson F Irene Thelma Carl Johnson Ida Christianson Jul 18 1922
Johnson F Janet Anna John L. Johnson Kate McGillivray Jan 2 1921
Johnson F LaVern Luella (twin) 2 John Sigfred Johnson Carrie Alvida Swanson Sep 5 1919
Johnson M LaVerne Elmer Ole Johnson Buena Elizabeth Blair Jun 30 1921
Johnson M Leroy Sigfried Swan Johnson Emma Marie Dole May 22 1919
Johnson M LerRoy Earl Tibbit Johnson Sarah Miller Jun 19 1910
Johnson F Lillian Ruth Jewett Johnson Laura Thompson Apr 13 1921
Johnson F Lois Helen Hans Johnson  Leona Westgor Apr 25 1923
Johnson F Lorene Lillian (twin) 1 John Sigfred Johnson Carrie Alvida Swanson Sep 5 1919
Johnson F Loretta Mary Claude Johnson Lucy Doan Aug 7 1918
Johnson F Lorraine Dorotha Harold Johnson Ada Rosenow May 10 1921
Johnson M Loyal Herald Chester Johnson Ada Florence Rosenow Aug 5 1918
Johnson M Loyd Elmer August August Johnson Linda Schenk Oct 6 1924
Johnson F Lucile Bertha Edwin Johnson Hulda Muck Aug 16 1912
Johnson F Mae     Bruno Johnson Alvina Jahn May 22 1915
Johnson F Maggie Leona Tibbits Johnson Sarha Miller Dec 14 1907
Johnson F Manda Martin Johnson Anna Severson Jul 12 1912
Johnson F Marcella Ludvich Johnson Ida Jonrman May 30 1912
Johnson M Leroy Siegfred Swan Johnson Emma Marie Doll May 22 1919
Johnson F Marcella Madeline Oscar Johnson Inga Christina Larson Sep 24 1913
Johnson F Marion Louisa John Johnson Kate McGillivay Jul 21 1915
Johnson M Martin Wilbur Carl Johnson Amelia Loehrl May 7 1917
Johnson M Marvin (twin) 1 Edward Johnson Hulda Muck Oct 6 1914
Johnson M Marvin Verne Knute Johnson Viola Otto Oct 22 1922
Johnson F Mildred Agnes Ole Johnson Camelia Thompson Feb 5 1914
Johnson F Myrtle (twin) 2 Edward Johnson Hulda Muck Oct 6 1914
Johnson F Myrtle Marie Andrew Johnson Viola Bruce Jun 29 1920
Johnson M Norman Loui William Johnson Hattie Miller Nov 23 1919
Johnson F Olive May Carl Johnson Goldie Pemble  Jul 19 1909
Johnson M Oliver Christian John L. Johnson Kate McGilleveray Nov 30 1923
Johnson M Oliver Maurice Ludwig Johnson Ida Johnson Nov 6 1908
Johnson F Olivia Annetta Ole S. Johnson Anna A. Erickson May 8 1913
Johnson ? Not Listed (premature) Charley Johnson Gunda Erickson Oct 14 1909
Johnson M Raymond Joseph Elmer Johnson Bueno Blair Apr 4 1915
Johnson F Rena Hope Chris H. Johnson Anna O. Swanson Oct 9 1921
Johnson M Rueben John Andy Johnson Louise Ikess Oct 27 1908
Johnson M Robert    John Johnson Kate McGillray Apr 4 1911
Johnson M Robert Bernard Just Johnson Jerna Ellingston Jun 2 1912
Johnson M Robert Bernard Rudolph Bernard Johnson Cora Mae Miller Oct 31 1922
Johnson M Robert Charles John Johnson Myrtle Bruce Feb 9 1924
Johnson M Robert Elmer Hilmer Johnson Amelia Radue Jan 21 1913
Johnson F Ruth Caroline Frank Johnson Carolyn Scherer Oct 18 1915
Johnson F Ruth Lillian Andrew Johnson Viola Bruce Jun 2 1923
Johnson F Sarah    Swan Johnson Emma Carlson Dec 2 1914
Johnson F Sarah Luicle Jewette Johnson Laura Thompson Apr 27 1913
Johnson M Stanley Melvin Christ Johnson Emma Davis Mar 30 1908
Johnson M (Stillborn) Bert John Johnson Amanda Anna Wege Mar 23 1920
Johnson M (Stillborn) Elmer Johnson Winefred Skenadore Sep 15 1918
Johnson F Sylvia Pearl George Johnson Grace Stone Sep 23 1913
Johnson F Vera Teya Gustaves Ole Jonson Annie Ewhaen Feb 22 1909
Johnson F Verna Evangeline Chas Jonson Annie O. Swanson Feb 10 1911
Johnson F Veronica Myrl George Johnson Catherin Vanderhei May 16 1910
Johnson M Victor Keith Olva Johnson Clara Elder Mar 7 1908
Johnson F Vivian Constance Norman Johnson Hilda Horm Aug 10 1921
Johnson M Wallace John Andrew C. Johnson Viola Bruce Nov 6 1921
Johnson M William John William Johnson Hattie Miller Jan 24 1923
Johnson  (aka Layman) M Gustave William Carl M. Johnson Golden Pemble May 9 1914
Johnston M Chester William Johnston Theresa Berg Mar 19 1908
Johnston F Loreine Marie William Johnston Thersa Berg Jun 12 1914
Joles M Henry James Richard Joles Lizzie Joles Nov 12 1918
Jolin M Donald Irvin Jolin Bertha Bohlman Aug 2 1908
Jolin F Garmer Rose Irving John Bertha Bohlman Aug 6 1914
Jolin F Gertrude Irwin Jolin Iva Bohman Sep 14 1920
Jolin M Gordon A. Arthur Jolin Emelia Schuman Mar 24 1910
Jolin M Lawrence James Edward J. Jolin Nellie Wooden Jun 21 1909
Jolin F Marie Bertha Geo Jolin Anna Horn Mar 23 1913
Jolin F May Clara Gorge Jolin Anna Horn Jan 29 1918
Jolin M (Stillborn) Martin Jolin Min Curtis May 30 1923
Jolin F Thelma Lucicle Irwin R. Jolin Bertha Bowman Aug 10 1910
Jolin M Vern Chas Chas Jolin Lydia Nelson Jan 28 1920
Jolin F Violet Maria George J. Jolin Anna Horn Mar 23 1911
Jolin F Von Fern Erwin Jolin Bertha Bohlman Jul 30 1911
Jolin  M James Roland Henry Geo Jolin Anna Horn Mar 19 1915
Jolitz M Chester Herman Jolitz Amanda Salzman Jan 30 1911
Jolitz M Harold Chester Herman Jolitz Amanda Salzman Nov 12 1921
Jolitz F Irene Lydia Herman Jolitz Amanda Salzman Jul 1 1914
Jolitz F Sadie Herman Jolitz Amanda Salzman Feb 11 1908
Jommen F Bernice Elenora Anton Jommen Edith Lutzey Aug 18 1910
Jommen F Edith    Anton Jommen Edith Lutzey Jul 2 1913
Jommen F Helena Annetta Anton Jommen Adrena Overly Jan 25 1919
Jommen F Ruth Rosetta Anton Jommen Edith Lutsey Feb 15 1908
Jones F Angeline George A. Jones Manilta Olson Feb 29 1924
Jones F Annabel Elizabeth Wm. Jones Martha Prawitz Jul 11 1911
Jones F Eleanor Ferne Milton Jones Ferne Smith Jul 16 1915
Jones F Mildred Laura W. R. Jones Martha D. Brawitz Mar 28 1909
Jonnsen M Edward Al Anton Jonnsen EdithLutsey May 1 1909
Jorenlber F Irene Mammie Paul Jorenlber Joseph Kwiechniske Dec 7 1909
Jorsch M George Raymond George Jorsch Carrie Aumman Oct 6 1910
Josefiak M Frank Alex Sanley Josefiak Anna Maslona Jan 21 1916
Joslin M William Arnold Oren C. Joslin Emilie E. Bates Apr 3 1908
Joswiak M Lamber John Joswiak Anna Bluma Feb 21 1921
Joswiak M Rayphel John H. Joswiak Anna Bluma Jul 16 1922
Joswiak F Rita John H. Joswiak Anna Bluma Nov 23 1923
Joubert F Aranela Jean Joubert Dora S. Philpot Sep 26 1913
Joubert F Donnie Lile Eugene Joubert Dora Philpott Mar 4 1915
Joubert M Louis Mitchell Leo Joubert Elizabeth Daly Jul 26 1910
Jozwiak M Albin Joseph John Jozwiak Mary Kosmicki Mar 14 1919
Judes M Unlisted William Juedes Ethel Peters Jun 14 1923
Judes M Emil Charles Henry Judes Ida Buettner Oct 27 1916
Judziewicz M Warden Maclan Judziewicz Julianna Locka Mar 14 1909
Juedes M Edgar Charles William O. Juedes Ethel F. Peters Jul 16 1924
Juedes M Elmer Henry Juedes Ida Buettner Oct 28 1913
Juedes M Erwin August Karl Henry Juedes Ida Buettner May 11 1909
Juedes M Harley Carl Louis Henry Juedes Ida Buettner May 19 1922
Juenger F Ethel Erwin Juenger Ella Debban May 4 1918
Jung M John Ernst Gustav A. Jung Mabel L. Peickard Jul 15 1912
Jung F Leona Herman Jung Emma Kopelke Jun 16 1910
Jung M Lloyd Allen Gustave Albert Jung Mabel Louise Pickard Oct 13 1910
Jurgilanis M Thaddius Victor Casimer Jurgilanis Stella Rolczyniski Oct 8 1923
Justman M Edward Albert Herman Justman Bertha Siefert Sep 27 1911
Justman F Florence Pauline Heman Justman Bertha Seifert Jul 7 1920
Justmann F Dora Elsie Heman Justmann Bertha Siefert Mar 23 1915
Justmann F Ella Anna Helene Heman Justmann Bertha Siefert May 18 1910
Justmann F Florine Minnie Heman Justmann Bertha Sievert Jun 13 1913