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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012

Editor Jim Glasheen 2010

Anita Perez 2012


Kaczarowski F Amilia Llorence Kaczarowski Martha Bartkowiak May 5 1917
Kaczmarowski F Stanislawa Leo Kaczmarowski Sophia Swiecichowski May 5 1914
Kaczmarowski F Rose Leo Kaczmarowski Sophia Swiecichowski Sep 2 1912
Kaczmarowski F Michalina Leo Kaczmarowski Sophia Swiecichowski Jul 22 1918
Kaczmarowski F Lucille Leon Kaczmarowski Sophia Swiecichowski Oct 30 1923
Kaczmarowski M Ignace Ludwig Leo Kaczmarowski Sophia Swiecichowski Aug 22 1922
Kaczmarowski F Helen Leon Kaczmarowski Sophia Swiecichowski Apr 7 1916
Kaczmarowski F Blanche Leo Kaczmarowski Sophia Swiecichowski May 17 1920
Kaczoronski M Paul (twin) 2 Lawrence Kaezoronski Martha Bartkowiak Apr 14 1909
Kaczoronski M Peter (twin) 1 Lawrence Kaczoronski Martha Bartkowiak Apr 14 1909
Kaczorowski M Unnamed (died) Lawrence Kaczorowski Martha Bartkowiak Sep 15 1912
Kaczorowski F Angeline Lawrence Kaczorowski Martha Bartkowiak Jun 10 1910
Kaczorowski F Felicia Lawrence Kaczorowski Martha Bartkowiak Jun 25 1915
Kaczorowski M Emil Lawrence Kaczorowski Martha Bartkowiak Dec 12 1921
Kaczorowski M Lawrence Lawrence Kaczorowski Martha Bartkowiak Aug 2 1913
Kaczorowski F Louise Lawrence Kaczorowski Martha Bartkowiak Feb 23 1920
Kading F Alma Anna Ernest Kading Lydia Erbrecht Jan 9 1916
Kading M Arnold Eddie Ernst Kading Lydia Erbrecht Mar 10 1913
Kading M August Gottlieb Ernst Kading Lydia Erbrecht Feb 10 1912
Kading M Herman Rudolph Ernst Kading Lydia Erbrecht Aug 16 1910
Kading F Jessie Ella Christ Kading Olga Schroeder Jul 24 1915
Kading F Josie Clara Christ Kading Olga Schroeder Feb 23 1918
Kading M Lawrence Hugo Christ Kading Olga Schroeder Apr 18 1914
Kading M Leo August Ernst Kading Lydia Erbrecht Feb 27 1914
Kading M Lorenz Walter Christ Kading Olga Schroeder Jan 4 1920
Kading M Milton Lawrence Wm Kading Ursula Schuh Dec 8 1919
Kading F Olga Emma Minnie Ernst Kading Lydia Erbrecht Jan 15 1909
Kading M Oscar Alex Christ Kading Olga Schroeder Jun 6 1919
Kading M (Stillborn) Ernest Kading Lydia Erbrecht Sep 3 1917
Kading F (Stillborn) Ernst Kading  Lydia Erbrecht Jan 6 1915
Kading F Unas Carl Kading Effel Kleman Jul 4 1923
Kading F Valleria Effel Carl Kading Effal Kleman Apr 5 1921
Kading M Vilas LeRoy Otto Kading Elsie Miller Dec 21 1921
Kading M Wallace Raymond Wm Kading Ursula Schuh Dec 29 1921
Kadletz M Loyd Ernest Kadletz Anna Nemetz Apr 6 1908
Kadow F Alice Adaline Frank Kadow Lottie Golvatta Apr 13 1918
Kadow F Arlene Caroline Charles Kadow Theresa Toschner Feb 12 1922
Kadow M Frank Leonard Frank Kadow Lottie Golatta  Apr 2 1917
Kadow M Junior James Charles Kadow Theresa Toshner Feb 8 1924
Kadow F (Stillborn) Frank Kadow Lottie Galatta Jun 7 1920
Kaeding F Adeline Alma Rudolph N. Kaeding Ernstina Barke Jun 24 1909
Kaeding M Ervin Arthur Rudolph N. Kaeding Ernstina Burke Apr 28 1911
Kaeding F Irma Ida Alma Rudolph Kaeding Erstina Barke Jul 25 1914
Kaempf F Gertrude Anne John J. Kaempf Emma Ohm Jul 1 1909
Kaemph M Leslie Darwin Peter Kaemph Nellie Faehy Jan 4 1913
Kaepke F Amelia Otto Kaepke Mary Moldenhaver May 8 1910
Kaeppin M Elmer Raymond (Triplets) #3 Harry Kaeppin Lula Matz Jan 13 1918
Kaeppin M Ernest Edward (Triplets) #2 Harry Kaeppin Lula Matz Jan 13 1918
Kaeppin M Irving (Triplets) #1 Harry Kaeppin Lula Matz Jan 13 1918
Kahl F Irene May  Wm H. Kahl Elizabeth Kohn May 11 1911
Kahl M Norman Henry William H. Hahl Elizabeth Kuehn Apr 27 1915
Kainz M Delbert George Louis Kainz Alice Spalding Aug 17 1914
Kainz M Fred Louis Kainz Alice Spalding Oct 10 1924
Kainz F Genevieve Ellen Max Kainz Carry Moore Aug 20 1915
Kainz M James Louis Louis Kainz Alice Spalding Aug 20 1917
Kainz M John Howard Louis Kainz Alice Spalding Nov 24 1915
Kakmitsh (Kakwitch) M Not Listed Dominick Kakmitsh (Kakwitch) Hanna Pyawasy Nov 7 1920
Kakwitch F Not Listed Louis Kakwitch Margaret Sackatook Nov 29 1918
Kakwitch M Not Listed Simon Kakwitch Elizabeth Lawe Jan 15 1920
Kakwitch M Calvin Louis Dominick Kakwitch Hannah Pyowasay Jun 15 1923
Kakwitch F Esther Therese Dominick Kakwitch Annie Pyawasey Jul 23 1918
Kalchequoam (O'Katchekum) F Hazel O. Mitchell Kalchequoam (O'Kat.) Mary Kinepowa Nov 4 1915
Kalkofen M Not Listed Fred Kalkofen Sophia Schweitzer May 13 1908
Kalkofen M Elmer A. Fred Kalkofen Sophia Schweitzer Jul 1 1911
Kalkofen F Marie Fred Kalkofen Sophie Schweitzer Sep 3 1915
Kalkoske F Hildegard Chas Kalkoske Mary Liedretz May 1 1910
Kalkoske F Lena Martha Otelia Charley Kalkoske Mary Ledritz Feb 19 1909
Kallies M Edwin Ernest Kallies Martha Kroening Nov 2 1914
Kallies F Elta Ernest Kallies  Martha Kroening Jan 28 1922
Kallies F Ester Anna Lena Herman Kallies Ida Bonnin Jun 3 1911
Kallies M Harvey Robert August Kallies, Jr. Minnie Echert Dec 25 1920
Kallies M Herbert August Kallies, Jr. Minnie Echert Mar 6 1918
Kallies F Marion Margaret August Kallies    Minnie Eckert Mar 19 1919
Kallies F Mildred Ernest Kallies Martha Kroening Jan 5 1918
Kallies F Myrtle Augusta Herman Kallies Ida Bonnin Jan 3 1922
Kallies  F Madoura Ella Hulda Herman Kallies Ida Bonnin May 26 1909
Kallies  F Velda Ernest Kallies Martha Kroening Aug 20 1923
Kaminski M Anton Frank Kaminski, Jr. Mary Luczinski Jul 5 1910
Kamke F Freda Clara Frank Kamke Emma Schoenebeck Nov 11 1920
Kammerman F Gladys Walter Kammerman Ida Winter Apr 25 1918
Kammiecki M Chester Ernest Kammiecki Tracy Kleznski Dec 18 1921
Kane M Thomas Edward Frank Lane Alice Penton Oct 6 1914
Kanote (Konote) M Lenwood Stanley Mose Kanote (Konote) Julia Digney Jan 3 1916
Kansora F Antonette Paul Kansora Lotie Goska Dec 20 1919
Kantz F Virgin Lillie Herman Kantz Emma Repinski Jun 2 1924
Kanz M Alden Wm Chas. John Kanz Ida Nadler Feb 28 1913
Kanz F Jennie John Kanz Ida Nadler Jun 23 1922
Kanzenbach M Alvin Paul Robert Kanzenbach Lena Werner Oct 22 1909
Kanzenbach F Lily Robert Kanzenbach Helen Werner Dec 4 1914
Kanzenback F Ella Robert Kanzenbach Helena Werner Apr 19 1912
Kanzenback M Elmer Robert Kanzenbach Helen Werner Jul 13 1913
Kanzenback M Paul     Robert Kanzenbach Helen Werner Apr 19 1911
Kaphingst M John Bruce Ervin Kaphingst Anna Bruce Nov 20 1912
Kapiska F Clara Nathalia Juluis Kapiska Emilia Rigets Dec 3 1918
Kaquatosh F Bertha (Twin) 2 Mitchell Kaquatosh Mary Matchemow Sep 17 1915
Kaquatosh M Charles Frances John Kaquatosh Margaret Shoman Apr 10 1919
Kaquatosh M Frances Mitchell Mitchell Kaquatosh Mary Agnes Matchinis Aug 28 1920
Kaquatosh F Infant (Twin) 1 Mitchell Kaquatosh Mary Matchemow Sep 17 1915
Kaquatosh M John John Kaquatosh Margaret Soman Oct 12 1914
Kaquatosh M John Mose Albert Kaquatosh Mary Fly Nov 9 1918
Kaquatosh M Joseph P. Mitchell Kaquatosh Mary Agnes Matchema Jun 1 1918
Kaquatosh M Leslie James Alfred Kaquatosh Mary Fly Jul 19 1912
Kaquatosh M Mose John Alfred Kaquatosh Mary Fly Nov 9 1918
Kaquatosh M Peter     Alfred Kaquatosh Mary Fly Nov 26 1913
Kaquatosh M Raymond Cloud John Kaquatosh Margaret Soman Jul 25 1924
Karch F Annie (Stillborn) John Karch Ida Luecke Feb 9 1919
Karch F Jene Anastasia Sephan Karch Stephanie Pawlus Apr 27 1918
Karch M Norbert       Theodore Karch Mary Zewicki May 20 19120
Karch M Peter Harry Steve Karch Stella Pawlus Feb 9 1920
Karchinski M Chester Joseph Karchinski Agnes Smith Mar 11 1922
Karchinski M Raphael John Joesph Karchinski Agnes Smith Oct 14 1923
Karcz F Alvina Theodore Karcz Mary Zywiezki Sep 9 1922
Karcz M Edward Frank Karcz Maryana Seutowski Oct 30 1911
Karcz F Helen Emily Frank Karcz Mary Santowski Feb 27 1924
Karcz M Henry Steve Karcz Stella Pawlus Feb 4 1922
Karcz M Joseph Leon Frank Karcz Mary Anna Sentowski Feb 24 1914
Karcz F Katie Frank Karcz Mary Sentowski Apr 28 1918
Karcz F Susie Frank Karcz Mary Sentowski Jan 28 1922
Karcz M Sylvester Waldislas Steve Karcz Stella Paluch Jan 13 1924
Karft F Florina Otto Kraft Radina Buelter Mar 6 1919
Karolus M Arthur Herman Karolus Bertha Schoenek May 20 1908
Karpinsky M Gustav Adolf Rudolph O. Karpinsky Amanda L. Zank Jan 2 1909
Karpinsky M Johannes Friedrich Julius Rudolph A. Karpinsky Amanda L. Zank Dec 16 1910
Karrow M Clifford Herman Karrow Hilda Boerst Oct 16 1912
Karrow F Edna Emilie Maria Herman Karrow  Hilda Emilie Boerst May 19 1914
Karrow F Elinor Herman Karrow Hilda Boerst Aug 18 1918
Karshinski F Celia Joseph Karshinski Agnes Smith Nov 4 1920
Karstedt F Margaret Savena August C. Karstedt Mary Bastian Aug 19 1910
Karstedt M Frank Joseph August L. Karstedt Mary Bastian Oct 16 1907
Karstedt F Hildegard Bernard Karstedt Martha Deering Jun 29 1924
Karstedt F Lorraine Ben Karstedt Martha Deering Nov 27 1918
Karstedt M Louis    Charles Karstedt Alvina Abrahams May 30 1912
Karstedt F Meta Chas Karstedt Alvina Aberham Oct 30 1915
Karstedt M Theodore (Twin) 2 Richard Karstedt Mary Bartels Feb 19 1914
Karstedt M Walter (Twin) 1 Richard Karstedt Mary Bartels Feb19 1914
Karth M Karl Frank Martin C. Karth Louisa Gustmann Jan 13 1912
Karth M Walter John Martin C. Karth Louisa Gustmann Jan 20 1916
Kaspar F Martha   Albert Kaspar Josie Sarama Apr 27 1923
Kasper M Stanley Albert Kasper Josie Sarma Jan 6 1918
Kasperzyk M Adolph Henry Albert Kasperzyk Josie Sarama Nov 18 1924
Kaspezyk F Alice      Albert Kaspezyk Josie Larama Oct 8 1919
Kasprzik F Minika Stanislawa Frank Kasprzik Marie Janika Apr 16 1911
Kasprzyk F Agnes Jacob Kasprzyk Josephine Drzewicki Jan 9 1911
Kasprzyk F Clara     Albert Kasprzyk Josie Lorma Jun 11 1921
Kasprzyk F Julia Jacob Kasprzyk Josephine Drzewicki Dec 13 1914
Kasprzyk F Martha   Frank Kasprzyk Mary Janiga Jul 11 1912
Kasson F Constance Marie Robert Lynn Kasson Eleanor Kessen Sep 30 1919
Kasson M LaMar Francis George Henry Kasson Anna Morgan Apr 11 1908
Kasson M Lester Franklin Robert LynnKasson Elenora Kessen Mar 20 1908
Kasstedt F Erna    Carl Kasstedt  Alvina Abram Aug 25 1911
Kasstedt F Lauretta Chas Kasstedt  Alvina Abrehm Sep 9 1917
Kassube F Hildegard Amelia Emil Kassube  Amelia Simran Mar 5 1924
Kassube M Emil Ernst Emil Kassube  Paulina Semran Apr 20 1921
Kassube F Laura Irma Adeline Emil Kassube  Louise Rettkowski Jun 27 1912
Kassube M Martin Adolph Kassube Martha Kauffman Jun 26 1915
Kassube M Max Wm Otto Emil Kassube  Laurie Rottkowski Jan 21 1909
Kassube  F Betty Ann William Gustav Kassube Anna Schiefelbein Oct 23 1924
Kassube  M Clarence Adolph Kassube Martha Kauffman May 2 1913
Kast M John Matthew Percy Kast Ethel Melendy Sep 15 1923
Kast M Keith Allen Percy Kast Ethel Melendy Sep 25 1915
Kastan F Bertha     Aug. Kastan Annie Prehienn Jan 20 1909
Kasten F Edna Esther Fred Kasten Tillie Bahrke Nov 13 1912
Kasten F Ella Alvina August Kasten Annie Mary Premfalk Oct 18 1910
Kasten M Ervin     Robert Kasten Matilda Ray Sep 29 1910
Kasten M Robert John Fred Kasten Matilda Bahrke Oct 28 1915
Kasube F Florence Irene William Gust Kasube Anna Schiefelbein Feb 11 1922
Katch M Chester John Katch Ida Luecke Jun 7 1922
Katch F Dorothy John Katch Ida Luecke Jan 12 1920
Katch M Harry John Katch Ida Luecke Oct 4 1914
Katch M Matthias John Katch Ida Luecke Feb 12 1910
Katchenago M Lawrence Joseph Katchenago Margaret Peters Mar 25 1919
Katzenmeier F Vannase Vira Frank Katzenmeier Hattie Erdman   Feb 22 1921
Katzenmeyer M Harry Frank Katzenmeyer Hatty Erdmann Jun 19 1913
Katzenmeyer F Myrtle Emma Anna Frank Katzenmeyer Hatty Erdman  Jan 20 1915
Katzenmeyer M Roger William  Frank Katzenmeyer Hattie Erdmann Jun 22 1923
Katzenmier F Ida Eleanora Frank Katzenmier Hatty Erdmann Jun 1 1918
Kauffman M Earl Leslie Paul Kauffman Meta Oestreich Jun 19 1912
Kauffman M Harold Raymond Paul Kauffman Meta Oestreich May 12 1911
Kauffman F Marcella Paul Kauffman Meta Oestreich Jan 6 1916
Kauffman M Ervin Chas. Kauffman Anna Baublitz Mar 22 1924
Kauffman F (Premature)(twin) 2 Gust Kauffman Alvina Larson Jul 23 1923
Kauffman M (Premature)(twin) 1 Gust Kauffman Alvina Larson Jul 23 1923
Kauffman M Victor Otto Otto Kauffman Ella Hanke Dec 14 1914
Kauffmann F Lenora Theodore Kauffmann Bertha Deobert Jun 13 1908
Kaufman M Hervey Paul Paul Kaufman Mata Oestreich Nov 18 1919
Kaufman F Marjorie Ruth Edward Kaufman Nelllie Junette Ringstad Feb 12 1924
Kaufman F Nadine Lois Ed Kaufman Nellie Ringstad Dec 3 1921
Kaufman M Roy Lawrence Paul Kaufman Matie Oestreich Dec 7 1913
Kaufman F Adeline Clara M.  Theodore Kaufman Bertha Doebert Jul 25 1910
Kaufmann F Minnie May Joe Kaufmann Elenora Williams Apr 28 1912
Kaufmann F Myrna Joan Edward Kaufmann Nell Junett Ringstad Oct 19 1918
Kaufmann M Ray Allen Joseph Xavier Kaufmann Sarah Elnore Williams Jul 8 1914
Kautz F Gladys Viola Herm Kautz Emma Rapchinski Jan 7 1922
Kautz M Harold     Frank Kautz Emma Nadler May 30 1908
Kautz F Leona Frank Kautz Rosa Blumke Aug 1 1915
Kautz M Raymond Gustav Frank William Kautz Martha Koeller Nov 21 1922
Kautza F Angeline Math Kautza Therese E. Jansen Sep 21 1918
Kautza F Carmen Kathryn William Kautza Francis Wagner Feb 9 1911
Kautza F Catherina Carmen William Kautza Frances Wegner Feb 8 1911
Kautza M Clifford Rubben Henry J. Kautza Josephine Jansen Jan 3 1922
Kautza M Harry Henry Sherman Henry J. Kautza Josephine Jansen Jan 3 1914
Kautza M Leonhard Harold Henry J. Kautza Josephine Jansen Mar 11 1916
Kautza M Louis Fred M. Henry Kautza Elsie Baggart Dec 17 1911
Kautza F Monica Rosalia Elizabeth Henry James Kautza Josephine Jansen Oct 6 1924
Kautza M Vincent Donald Wm Kautza Frances Wegner Jun 25 1924
Kazdo F Eva Anna John Kazdo Laurane Wilkinsn Apr 28 1921
Kazdo F Janet Anna Geo Kazdo Lena Steinke Dec 6 1917
Kazdo M Melvin Otto Edwin Joe Kazdo Delia Feltz Feb 20 1908
Kazlowski F Agnes John Kazlowski Lizzie Kosprzyk Sep 3 1918
Keckhaver M Emil Willie Herman Otto Keckhaver Meta Gast Jul 28 1909
Keesler M Levi Verl Walter Keesler Edieth Short Nov 4 1909
Keidrowski F Helen Adeline Anthony Kiedrowski Maryanna Pekacha Dec 28 1921
Keilen M Alban Harold Matt Keilen Amber Ward Aug 1 1919
Keilen M Lester Ernest Matt Keilen Amber Ward Jul 8 1917
Keilen F Rhonda Jane Mathew Keilen Amber Ward Mar 4 1915
Keilpinski M Stanley Vincent Martin Keilpinski Apolonia Ivaszkewicz Aug 8 1910
Kellbach F Hazel Williamina Frank Kellbach Anna Hahn Mar 13 1914
Kellbach M Richard Aug. Fred Kellbach Emma Ludwig Jul 7 1918
Keller F Audrey Alice Mark Keller Esther Sprgue Feb 21 1924
Keller F Edna Paul Keller Id Braun Jan 27 1911
Keller F Erna     Frank Keller Anna Braun Oct 13 1913
Keller M Harry Frank Keller Anna Brown Nov 17 1908
Kelm M Edwin Otto Kelm Emma Behm Jul 26 1912
Kelm F Elsa Otto Kelm Emma Behn Aug 1 1909
Kelm F Lily Jane Fred Kelm Julia Marquardt Jan 17 1920
Kelpinski M John Julius Martin Kelpinski Apolina Ivaszkewicz Oct 23 1908
Kelpinski F Mary Anna Matin Kelpinski Apolonia Ivaszkewicz Oct 23 1908
Kemmermann M Harvey Henry Christian Kemmermann Carolina Welling Nov 25 1910
Kemp M Richard Francis (twin) 1 Peter Kemp Nellie Fahey Jun 7 1920
Kemp M Rupert Clyde (twin) 2 Peter Kemp Nellie Fahey Jun 7 1920
Kempf F Helen Loretta Peter Kempf Helen Fahey May 28 1915
Kempf M Hubert John Urvin Kempf Mathilda Destinon Feb 12 1920
Kennedy M John Joseph Edward Kennedy Bertha Hagel Jun 12 1910
Kennedy F Margarette Ed Kennedy Bertha Hagel May 5 1918
Kenote M James     George Kenote Mary Shawanometta Mar 17 1921
Kenote  M Raymond Lawrence George Kenote Mary Shawanometta Apr 24 1922
Kenzenbach F Elsa Eled Bertha Robert Kenzenbach Lena Werner Aug 28 1908
Keohane M Patrick Timothy Timothy Keohane Mary Vierbicher May 27 1910
Keohane M Timothy Edward Timothy Keohane Mary Vierbicher Dec 14 1913
Kerchenwitz M Ernest      Ernest Kerchenwitz Alma Garbrecht Jun 22 1920
Kerchewitz F Verna Ernest Kerchewitz Alma Garbrecht Jan 11 1919
Kerkenwitz M Sheldon Emil Kerkenwitz Grace Raatz Aug 24 1921
Kermas M Alford Mike Kermas Antonette Madolski Feb 1 1922
Kermas F Elenor Josephine Mike Kermas Antonette Wodolski Apr 12 1920
Kerneen M Leonard William Rud Kerneen Emma Broeski Mar 29 1911
Kerneen M Leroy Rud Kerneen Emma Broeske Aug 26 1923
Kernen M Ervin Wallace Otto Kernen Anna Polley Sep 30 1917
Kernen M Harvey Otto Otto Kernen Anna Polley Aug 26 1923
Kernin F Blanche Rudolph Kernin Emma Broeske Jan 6 1918
Kernin M Carl Chas Kernin Lena Polley Jan 23 1916
Kernin M Clarence Arthur Otto Kernin Anna Polley Jan 11 1916
Kernin F Erna Edna Chas Kernin Lena Polley Nov 12 1917
Kernin F Leonora Frank Kernin Froeda Roever May 6 1914
Kerska F Ida Vernita Anton Kerska Bertha Taylor Apr 10 1914
Kersten F Alice Marie Fred Kersten Linda Ashinger May 10 1912
Kersten M Allen Henry Kersten Anna Harke Mar 20 1915
Kersten F Anita Johanna Fred Kersten Emma Eggers Sep 28 1919
Kersten F Anna Herman Kersten Mary Seefeldt Oct 9 1911
Kersten F Aredell Erna Henry F. Kersten Anna Harka Jul 7 1922
Kersten M Arthur Frank Herman Frank Kersten Martha Zeinert Jun 3 1910
Kersten F Cecilia Edward Kersten Sarah Smith Oct 16 1924
Kersten F Cynthia Jane H. O. Kersten  Marie Schoening Aug 4 1921
Kersten F Dorothy Bernice Frank Kersten Martha Zeinert Oct 23 1917
Kersten M Earl Heine Fred Kersten Lidia Ashinger Feb 10 1908
Kersten F Edna (twin) 2 Frank Kersten Martha Zeinert Sep 20 1915
Kersten F Esther Emma Anna Herman Kersten Mary Seefeldt Jul 10 1909
Kersten M Herbert Wm. Robert E. Kersten Fannie May Rose Oct 7 1909
Kersten M Herold Arthur Fred Kersten Gird Aschinger Oct 15 1914
Kersten M John Frank Kersten Martha Zeinert Jun 11 1920
Kersten M Lester Fred Kersten Lydia Aschinger Sep 24 1921
Kersten M Louis Reuben Fred Kersten Linda Ashinger Mar 28 1918
Kersten F Lucille Frances Henry E. Kersten Emma Zitske May 6 1909
Kersten M Marcus Herman Kersten Mary Seefeldt May 1 1918
Kersten F Marie Augusta Olga Fred Kersten Thekla Nohr Jul 8 1908
Kersten F Mary (Stillborn)(twin) 1 Frank Kersten Martha Zeinert Sep 20 1915
Kersten F Melittla Margaret Henry Emil Kersten Emma Mary Zitske Sep 1 1920
Kersten F Murcella Emma Minnie Frank Kersten Martha Zeinert Jan 6 1914
Kersten M Raymond Fred Kersten Thekla Nohr Feb 19 1911
Kersten M Roy Elmer Frank Kersten Martha Zeinert Nov 22 1908
Kersten M Rubin Herman Kersten Bertha Seefeldt Nov 13 1914
Kersten F Vernetta Henry Kersten Anna Harke Mar 5 1914
Kersten F Vida Amelia Fred Kersten Anna Kamsadt Aug 9 1915
Kersten M Wallace    Herm G. Kersten Mary Seefeldt Sep 6 1921
Kersten M Wallace Henry Willie Fred Kersten Anna Kamradt May 31 1924
Kersten  F Alice R. Henry E. Kersten Emma M. Zitske Sep 15 1911
Kersten  F Lucile Clara Fred B. Kersten Linda Ashinger Aug 20 1909
Kerstner F Adelia Wilhelmina Augustine Otto Kerstner Bertha Gutt  Mar 4 1915
Kerstner M Elmer Augusta Carl Otto Kerstner Bertha Gutt  Aug 7 1911
Kerstner M Herman Otto Arnold Otto Kerstner Bertha Gutt  Apr 9 1917
Kerstner M Morgan Martin William Otto Kerstner Bertha Gutt  Apr 16 1919
Kerstner M Ruben Arthur Herman Otto Kerstner Bertha Gutt  Sep 29 1913
Kerstner M Wilburt Henry Leonard Otto Kerstner Bertha Gutt  Mar 2 1922
Keshena M Bernard John (twin) 1 Louis Keshena, Jr. Eliza Waupochick Feb 10 1920
Keshena F Dolores Francis Frank Keshena Nellie Besaw Feb 15 1919
Keshena F Esther Ellen Frank Keshena Nellie Besaw Feb 8 1918
Keshena F Joan May Frank Keshena Nellie Besaw Mar 28 1924
Keshena M Joseph Anthony Frank Keshena Nellie Besaw Mar 27 1914
Keshena M Leo Anthony (twin) 2 Louis Keshena, Jr. Eliza Waupochick Feb 10 1920
Keshena F Rita Ann Frank Keshena Nellie Besaw Apr 30 1921
Keshena F Sophia Louis Keshena, Jr. Eliza Waupochick Jul 15 1923
Kessen F Unnamed    John J. Kessen Flora LaBarge Feb 20 1918
Kessen F Alice Christine John Kessen Flora LaBarge Apr 13 1914
Kessen F Christine Mary John Kessen  Flora LaBarge Oct 21 1908
Kessen M Ellwin Frank Henry Kessen Lora Elta Pollock Oct 31 1907
Kessen M George Henry John J. Kessen Florence M. LaBarge Jun 8 1911
Kessen M Harris Fred Kessen Tillie Nordwig Feb 17 1919
Kessen F Hazel Marne John Kessen Flora LaBarge Aug 9 1920
Kessen M Kermit Victor Fred Kessen Mathilda Nordwig Jul 20 1913
Kessen F LaVerna Leona Fred Kessen Mathilda Nordwig Aug 4 1915
Kessen M Roland John John Kessen Lleva LaBarge Sep 22 1909
Ketch M Thomas     Steve Ketch Stella Pawlus Dec 8 1910
Kettilson M Harvey Dorance Henry Kettilson Dina Emelia Peterson May 23 1911
Kettridge F (Stillborn) John Kettridge Eunice Ross Sep 30 1920
Keup M Carl John Keup Frida Ewert Jun 10 1918
Keup M Corlyss Lawrence John Keup Freda Ewert Feb 15 1923
Keup F Hittie Aug Keup Louise Breutzman Jan 13 1923
Keuschel F Regina Alfred Keuschel Margaret Dreier Feb 12 1918
Keuschel M Wilfred Alfred Keuschel Margaret Dreier Jun 17 1919
Kibilowski F Eva    Stanislaus Kibilowski Mary Piotrowska Jan 25 1912
Kibilowski F Frances    Stanislaus Kibilowski Mary Piotrowska Feb 16 1911
Kichenmaster M Donald Edward Walter Kichenmaster Helen Spaulding Aug 13 1914
Kickhofer M Lloyd Arnold Emil Otto Kickhofer Mata Gast Jun 22 1912
Kickhofer M Roy Charles Otto Kickhofer Meta Gast Oct 14 1914
Kiel M Alice Irvin Albert R. Kiel Clara Beyer Jun 19 1920
Kielblock F Anita Marie Ferdinand Kielblock Marie Schroeder Oct 10 1921
Kielblock F Hildegard Elizabeth Herman Kielblock Erna Schultz May 8 1917
Kielblock M Wallace Fred Kielblock Mary Schroeder Jun 29 1924
Kielblock F Wilma Ferdnand Kielblock Mary Schroeder Aug 19 1920
Kielman M Alfred Herman Charles Kielman Mander Kortbein Jan 9 1913
Kielman M Alvin Louis Chas Kielman Amanda Kortbein Apr 27 1924
Kielman F Evelyn Gladys John Kielman Jessie Emerson Jul 12 1918
Kielman M George     Chas Kielman Amanda Kortbein Nov 22 1911
Kielman M Harold Robert Chas Kielman Amelia Kortbein Nov 8 1915
Kielman M Leslie Roy Fred Kielman Irma Pollock Dec 29 1912
Kielman F Milda Gertrude Chas Kielman Amanda Kortbein May 9 1914
Kielman M Orval John Chas Kielman Amanda Kortbein Nov 6 1919
Kielman M Royal Albert Charley Kielman Amanda Kortbein Nov 16 1918
Kielman M William Herbert Charles Kielman Amanda Kortbein Dec 18 1921
Kielman M Harvey Arnold  Charles Kielman Amanda Kortbein Jul 12 1910
Kiesner F Edith Alice Marie Joseph Kiesner Luella Victoria Parker Sep 8 1920
Kiesow M Unnamed    Wm. J. Kiesaw Mary Vetter Sep 10 1918
Kiesow M Harvey Gustave Chas Kiesow Gertrude Crego Jun 6 1924
Kiesow F Iona Gertrude Chas Kiesow Gertrude Crego Nov 25 1922
Kilian M Harry     Charley Kilian Hellen Koepsel May 5 1908
Kilpatrick F Mary Jane Chas. M. Kilpatrick Elisabeth Messick Apr 15 1911
Kilpatrick F Mary Jean Charles M. Kilpatrick Elizabeth Merrick Apr 15 1911
Kilzdonk F Mary Ann Paulina John Kilzdonk Sophia Williamson Aug 14 1915
Kimball F Belle Edward E. Kimball Rose Mosiee Aug 19 1913
Kimball F Beryl Helen Edward E. Kimball RoseMosier Jan 2 1908
Kimball M Edward Neil Edward Kimball Rose Mosier Sep 10 1915
Kimball M George Harding Edward E. Kimball Nellie Rose Mosier Mar 4 1921
Kimball M Kenyon Curtis Earl Kimball Ruby Hunter Feb 27 1914
Kinateder M Herbert Charles Joseph Kinateder Anna Resch Mar 13 1921
Kinateder F Alice Joe Kinateder Anna Resch Oct 31 1923
Kinepoway M (Stillborn) Andrew Kinepoway Theresa Matchama Dec 3 1913
Kinepoway F Elizabeth Andrew Kinepoway Theresa Matchama Jan 28 1912
King M Austin Anthony Bennett King Relia Oshkosh Apr 28 1920
King F Marie Jerone King Rose Beauprey Jan 3 1923
King F Marie Emma Jacob King Genevieve Pecore Sep 17 1923
King M Loualen Lorenz Alexis Joseph King Clara Nearia Roleau Jul 24 1918
King M (Stillborn) Alex G. King Clara Rollo Sep 17 1913
King F (Stillborn) Harry King Clara Ascher Apr 6 1921
Kingtop M George Otto Herman Kingtop Clara Parker Apr 25 1908
Kingtop M John Herman Kingtop Clara Barker Mar 15 1912
Kinney 0 Not Listed Louis Kinney Cecelia Bahmis Feb 16 1923
Kinney F Ethel Beatrice Lewis Kinney Carrie Lung Jan 15 1915
Kinney M Gust Louis Louis Kinney Cecelia Ahychsha Dec 28 1918
Kinney M Irvin Warren Irvin Kinney Wilmette Pickering May 13 1913
Kinney M Louis Allen Louis Kinney Cecelia Ahyahsha Feb 23 1921
Kinney F Mildred Alice Louis Kinney Cecelia Pahneesi Mar 6 1924
Kirberger F Bernice Verona Edward Lewis Kirberger Iva Flora Tinsman Jun 15 1903
Kirchenwitz F Georgetta Emil Kirchenwitz Grace Raaths Jun 23 1920
Kirchenwitz M Max     Ernest Kirchenwitz Alma Garbrecht Mar 12 1915
Kirchenwitz F Sarah Ernest Kirchenwitz Alma Garbrecht May 19 1923
Kirchenwitz F (Stillborn) Ernest Kirchenwitz Alma Garbrecht Nov 16 1913
Kirchenwitz F Virginia Emil Kirchenwitz Grace Raaths May 6 1923
Kirkpatrick M Roger     Chas L. Kirkpatrick Bessie L. Rigney Jul 22 1913
Kirmas F Jane Mary John Kirmas Frances Korwalke Sep 8 1922
Kirshbaum F Clara Edward Kirshbaum Katharine Jarosh Oct 18 1913
Kissling F Miriam Margaret Theodore Kissling Alida Schwurricht Dec 13 1920
Kitchanokow M George John Kitchanokow Louisa Sanapow Aug 18 1916
Kitchenakow M George John Kitchenakow Louise Sanapaw Aug 19 1915
Kitchenriter F Delores Ann Albert Kitchenriter Cora Williams Mar 25 1922
Kitson M Floyd John Kitson Ruth Richmond Oct 21 1921
Kitson F Hazel Augustine John Kitson Ruth Richmond Dec 19 1912
Kitson M Reynold John Kitson Ruth Richmond Mar 26 1923
Kitson M Robert    John Kitson Ruth V. Richmond Jan 19 1915
Kitson M (Stillborn) John Kitson Ruth Richmond Jan 10 1914
Kitson F Virginia Margaret John Kitson Ruth Richmond Sep 18 1924
Kittilson M Charles Elmer Henry Kittilson Dina Peterson Aug 26 1913
Kittleson F Beatrice Lillian Henry Dexter Kittleson Dena Emelia Peterson Oct 7 1908
Kittredge F Cattman Mary John Kittredge Unice?? Ross Feb 27 1919
Kizior M Edward Wadislaw Kizior Bridget Koz Feb 20 1919
Kizior F Leona Wadyslaw Kizior Briegieta Koscionka Nov 11 1917
Klabunde F Mabel Meta John Klabunde Rosellie Lehr Nov 20 1909
Klaeser F Phyliss Hugo Klaeser Clara Raasch Aug 24 1923
Klaus F Marian Wilbert Klaus Gena Pollock Aug 4 1912
Klebesadel F Marcella Chas Klebesadel Alma Kunschke Oct 29 1913
Klebesidl F Dorothy Albert H. Klebesidl Alma Kroenke May 12 1915
Kleczewski F Francis Leo Kleczewski Mary Swieciekowski Sep 1 1920
Kleczewski F Maray Edmund Kleczewski Susan Surman Mar 27 1923
Kleczewski M Walter Edmund Kleczewski Susan Surma    Sep 17 1924
Kleeber M Karel John Jos A. Kleeber Louisa Pritzl Jan 25 1914
Kleeberg F Bernice Lizzie Otto Kleeberg Hattie Teetzen Jul 22 1919
Kleeberg F Mildred Otto Kleeberg Hattie Teetzen Jun 15 1917
Kleemann F Helena Minna Frederika Gustav Kleemann Olga Koeller Mar 3 1914
Kleiber M Raymond     Joseph A. Kleiber Louisa Pritzel Mar 14 1911
Kleinhaus F Helen John Kleinhaus Helen Straub Apr 2 1914
Kleinhaus F Marie Susanna John Kleinhaus Helen Straub Nov 10 1912
Kleinke M Marvin C.  Wm E. Kleinke Amanda Brockhaus Jan 24 1914
Kleinner M Martin Albert Gust Klinner Hattie Mueller Nov 16 1910
Kleinschmidt F Alice Adline Richard Kleinschmidt Georgine Ruch Jul 14 1917
Kleinschmidt M Warden Merritt Emil John Kleinschmidt Alma Hecker Jul 30 1908
Kleman F Celia Martha Viola Robert Kleman Lena Splinter Jan 11 1914
Kleman F Ella     Herman W. Kleman Mary Water Oct 21 1907
Kleman F Erma Otto Kleeman Hatwig Schmidt Aug 11 1911
Kleman M Herman     Herman Kleman Mary Watter Dec 24 1909
Kleman M Milton Otto Kleeman Hattie Schmidt Jul 15 1913
Kleman M Ruben Roy Henry Robert Kleman Lena Splinter Jan 28 1918
Kleman F Violet Margaret Dorothy Robert Kleman Lina Slpinter Apr 9 1924
Kleman M Elmer Frank Robert Kleman Lena Splinter Nov 15 1908
Klement M Not Listed Jacob Klement Barbara Kutil Aug 4 1910
Klement M (Stillborn) Martin Klement Frances Heeback Oct 12 1914
Klement M George Martin Klement Francis Klement Mar 3 1908
Klement F Helen Jake Klement Barbara Hutil May 3 1914
Klement F Helen Martin Klement Frances Herback Jan 12 1909
Klement F Alizebeth Herman Klement Mary Watter Oct 6 1908
Klement M Donald Anthony Jake Klement Barbara Kutil Jun 12 1919
Klement M Frank L. Jacob Klement Barbara Kutil Aug 19 1908
Klemschmidt F Margaret Lilian Albert Klemschmidt Ella Mailsass May 30 1911
Klemtz F Alma Herman Klemtz Alma Koehler Jun 30 1910
Klemtz F Anna Herman Klemtz Alma Koeller Dec 25 1911
Klemtz F Evelyn     Herman Klemtz Alma Koeller Oct 18 1914
Klemtz F Margaret Augusta Heman Klemtz Alma Koeller Jan 20 1913
Klenner M Charlie   Gustav Klenner Not Listed Mar 2 1908
Klernann F Esther Amelia Lillie Otto A. Klernann Hattie A. Schmidt May 27 1909
Klevasahle F Lydia Louis Klevasahle Cora Genzke Oct 6 1907
Klevasahle F Hilda Bertha  Herman Klevasahl Bertha Hoeft Feb 27 1915
Kleversahl M Julius Herman Kleversahl Bertha Hoeft Jan 12 1909
Kleversahl M Calvin Walter Robert Kleversahl Hattie Richter Sep 12 1924
Kleversahl F Elsa Herman Kleversahl Bertha Hoefas Dec 3 1907
Kleversahl M Howard Robert Klevesahl Hattie Richter Sep 17 1921
Kleversahl M Louis Herman Fritz Herman Kleversahl Bertha Hoeres Sep 30 1911
Kleversahl   F Irene Lizzie Annie Herman Kleversahl Bertha Kleversahl Nov 25 1912
Kleversahl    F (Stillborn) Herman Kleversahl Bertha Hoeffs Nov 10 1921
Klevesahl F Mathilda Olga Herman Klevesahl Bertha Hoeft Jun 11 1920
Klingbeil M Johann Friedrick Gustave Herm Klingbeil Nora Helena Frank Jan 20 1908
Klingbeil F Emma Mary Louise August F. Klingbeil Martha E. Schroeder Jul 2 1911
Klingbeil F Margaret William Klingbeil Anna Marie Voight Sep 14 1911
Klingberrel M Wm Carl L. William Klingberrel Anna Voight Mar 12 1909
Klingbiel F Ervina Martha Aug Klingbiel Martha Schroeder Jun 5 1913
Klitz M Frebert Howard Frebert Klitz Lucy English Jan 12 1924
Klitz F Lucille    Fred Klitz Clara Ahlgrim May 27 1922
Klitz M Maurice Irving Frebert Klitz Lucy English Oct 13 1922
Klitz M Vilas Frederick Clarence Frederick Klitz Clara Ahlgrimm Jun 6 1924
Klitz F Not Listed Otto Klitz Emma Rindt Nov 12 1910
Klitz M Harold Karl Freibert Klitz Inez Bochm Jun 25 1921
Klitz M Roland Raymond Fred T. Klitz Clara Ahlgrim Aug 1 1920
Klitz M Rubin Ervin Fred Klitz Clara Ahlgrim Mar 26 1919
Klitzke F Clara May Bell Fred Klitzke Edith Stickney Jan 31 1923
Klopotak M John Frank Klopotak Helen Adamski Aug 9 1908
Klopotek M Edward Max Klopotek Emilia Slywa Jun 16 1912
Klopotek M Richard Louis Klopotek Frances Pollock Mar 28 1918
Klopotic F Marian Agnes Harry Klopotic Helen Adler Dec 8 1918
Klopotic M Max Anton Joseph Klopotic Helen Schroeder Jun 10 1924
Klopstein F Hilma Elsie Edna Warman Klopstein Alma Flemming Sep 19 1920
Klopstein F Mae Minnie Ester Warran Klopstein Alma Flemming Dec 7 1923
Klosterman M Adolph H.     George Klosterman Helen Spengler Oct 17 1900
Klosterman M Alfred    Julius Klosterman Johanna Hoppe Apr 29 1915
Klosterman F Dora  Jul Klosterman Johanna Hoppe May 20 1909
Klosterman F Esther Chas Klosterman Minnie Eckert Mar 23 1908
Klosterman M Henry Julius Klosterman Johanna Hoppe Nov 26 1910
Klosterman M Hilbert Robert Klosterman (Clusterman) Amelia Eckert Oct 26 1909
Klosterman F Margaret Julius Klosterman Johanna Hoppe Dec 2 1913
Klosterman M Oscar Julius Klosterman Johanna Hoppe May 4 1917
Klosterman M Walter Julius Klosterman Johanna Hoppe Jan 28 1912
Kloth F Celia Marie Mabel Aug Kloth Lillie Felts Dec 8 1907
Kloth F Mable Flora Tillie Aug. Kloth Lillie Felts May 20 1910
Kloth F Vesta August Kloth Lidy Felts Dec 6 1914
Klovdah. M Gordon Jacob Simon A. Klovdahl Anna Marie Ness May 18 1921
Klovdahl F Not Listed Simon A. Klovdahl Anna Ness Jan 5 1923
Klovdahl M Alden Llewellyn Simon A. Klovdahl Anna Nass Apr 3 1914
Klovdahl F Anna Severine Simon A. Klovdahl Anna Ness Nov 3 1915
Klovdahl M Carl Johan Simon J. Klovdahl Hanna Anderson Aug 17 1917
Klovdahl F Carolyn Matilda John Klovdahl Effa Johnson Feb 28 1916
Klovdahl F Marie Elizabeth Simon J. Klovdahl Hanna L. Anderson  Aug 13 1914
Kluball M Robert J. Rudolph Kluball Margaret Steger Jul 24 1924
Klucheske F Joy Murl John Henry Klucheske Martha Gesse Jun 17 1920
Kluchesky M Not Listed Jno Kluchesky Martha M. Gesse Aug 6 1911
Kluchesky M Elmer Francis Walter J. Kluchesky Francis S. Pickarski Mar 12 1915
Kluchesky F Ethel Marjorie John  Kluchesky Martha Gesse Sep 26 1915
Kluchesky M Richard Sidney John Kluchesky Martha Gesie Mar 10 1913
Kluchesky M Roy Norman John Kluchesky Martha Jesse May 10 1918
Knaack F Edna   Fred C. Knaack Flora Pansy Jul 16 1909
Knaack M Leeland Jensen Clarence E. Knaach Sophia A. Jensen Mar 31 1924
Knaack M Lenhart Clarence John Knaack Gertrude Olga Weber Jul 13 1924
Knaak M Not Listed William Knaak Rosa Lange Jun 9 1922
Knaak F Angelina William Knaak Not Listed Jul 20 1913
Knaak M Eldo Reinhold Gottlieb Knaak Catherine Rogenbauch Aug 2 1910
Knaak M Louis William Knaak Rosa Lange Nov 22 1911
Knaak F Mabel Hedwig Mary Emil Knaak Rosa Lange Oct 11 1918
Knaak F Myra Arthur Knaak Meta Pranke Jul 29 1922
Knaak M Reinhart Emil Frank Emil Knaak Helen Radun Feb 23 1919
Knapowska F Susanna Frank Knapowska Kathrine Gill Sep 19 1908
Knapowski F Agnes Waclaw Knapowski Jadwiga Zielinski Jan 7 1913
Knapowski F Anastasia William Knapowski Jadwiga Zaldponski Apr 9 1919
Knapowski F Helen William A. Knapowski Hattie Jelinski Apr 2 1908
Knapowski F Irene   William A. Knapowski Jadwiga Zielinski Oct 16 1917
Knapowski F Mildred Frank Knapowski Katie Gill Dec 31 1912
Knapowski M Peter William Knapowski Jadwiga Zielinski Apr 23 1915
Knapp M (Stillborn) Ezra E. Knapp Minnie Stone Apr 2 1909
Knapp F Bernice Lorene Charles N. Knapp Cora McDowell Nov 30 1912
Knapp M Harley Wayne George Knapp Alice Nickerson