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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Cathe Ziereis

N2645 Rustic Circle

Clintonville, WI 54929


Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012

Editor Jim Glasheen 2010

Anita Perez 2012


La Porte F Delphine Celanier Edward La Porte Clara Holbrook Oct 7 1914
La Porte Henry Patrick Theodore A. La Porte Rose Vachreau Apr 12 1910
La Porte John Levi John La Porte Lillian Cross Aug 4 1909
La Porte John Ovelia Edward La Porte Clara Holbrook Oct 14 1912
La Rock F Mary Frank La Rock Margaret Kakwitch Mar 31 1913
La Rock Simon Frank La Rock Maggie Kakwitch Apr 4 1914
La Roy F Arlene Agatha Louis Paul La Roy Josephine Hoffman Feb 9 1914
La Roy James Wesley James Henry La Roy Lucile Beatrice Smith Sep 6 1918
Laabs F Fern Marie Fred Laabs Dorn Colby Feb 20 1923
Laars F Anita Johana Fred Laars Mary Engel Apr 27 1910
Laars Robert William Robert Laars Lydia Hempel Sep 6 1921
Laars F Stella L. Fred Laars Mary Engel Oct 21 1908
Laatch F Amy Susan Emil Laatch Lida Masch Mar 13 1915
Laatch Edwin Frank Fred Adolf Laatch Annie Westfal Aug 4 1912
Laatch Lauren Chester Emil Laatch Lida Naske Laatch Jun 3 1912
Laatch Raymond Max Emil Laatch Lida Nash Jan 2 1913
Laatsch Bennie William Adolph Laatsch Anna Westphal Jul 29 1918
Laatsch Eloys Grover August Emil Julius Laatsch Lydia Nash Feb 18 1911
Laatsch F Erline Adolph Laatsch Anna Westfahl Feb 24 1910
Laatsch Harold Adolph Laatsch Annie Westphal May 28 1915
Laatsch Roland Irwin Arthur Laatsch Minnie Hein Nov 10 1917
Laatsch Vilas Ben Adolf Adolf Laatsch Annie Westfahl Aug 6 1923
LaBarge F Florence Mae George LaBarge Clara May May 14 1913
LaBarge F Nemisa Magdalene Geo. LaBarge Clara May May 9 1911
LaBaye Roland     Joe LaBaye Christine Allie Dec 4 1907
LaBerge George Geo. A. LaBerge Clara May Apr 2 1909
LaBerge F Blanche Louise George LaBerge Clara May Apr 9 1915
Labunda F Anna Bertha John Labunda Roselia Lehr Aug 15 1908
Labutzke F Lauretta Arthur Labutzke Anna Girra May 28 1914
Labutzke Lester Henry Edwin Arthur Labutzke Anna Gierra Jul 14 1917
Labzmann Rudolph August August Labzmann Emilie Senger Jan 12 1908
Lacy F Etolia Hofe Jno Lacy Genevieve Bread Apr 6 1918
Lacy F Genevieve Katherine Bernhard Lacy Ida Hoffman Oct 23 1912
Lacy F Irene Mayme Benard Lacy Ida Hoffman Jan 30 1916
Lacy Max Josef Bernhard Lacy Ida Hoffman Mar 30 1911
Lacy F Patrica John Lacy Genevieve Breed Mar 11 1917
Ladwig Arnold Julius Ladwig Augusta Block Feb 24 1916
Ladwig F Doloris Clara Al Ladwig Lillie Marquardt Sep 6 1920
Ladwig Elmer    Julius Ladwig Gusta Black Feb 22 1911
Ladwig James Alfred Alford Ladwig Lillie Marquardt Dec 4 1923
Ladwig Martin Julius Ladwig Gusta Block Jun 27 1908
ladwig F May Marie Elmer Ladwig Marie Marquard May 16 1921
Laedtke Alfred Carl Albert Fred Laedtke Emma Blaese Apr 29 1922
Laedtke F Elwina Anne Martha Carl Laedtke Emma Newmann Jul 1 1910
Laehn F Erna (twin) 1 Wilhelem Laehn Mathilda Dumke Feb 16 1912
Laehn F Florence Mathilda Wilhelm Laehn Mathilda Dumke Mar 15 1915
Laehn Heinrich Albert Wm Wilhelm Laehn Mathilda Augusta W. Dumke Aug 24 1909
Laehn F Irma (twin) 2 Wilhelm Laehn Mathilda Dumke Feb 16 1912
Laehn (Stillborn) William Laehn Mathilda Laehn Feb 3 1920
LaFromboise F Mary Elianor Louis LaFromboise Jane Stevenson Mar 8 1913
Lahman George   George Lahman Freda A. Dunkie Dec 4 1919
Lake F Barba Allice Boyd Lake Margaret Hoffman Oct 20 1911
Lake Clyde Boyd Lake Maggie Hoffman May 27 1918
Lamberg F Ethel Isabella William Lamberg Mammie Pleir May 20 1913
Lamberies F Unlisted Edward Lamberies Emma Buettner Mar 16 1918
Lamberries F Ione Gladys Geo Lamberries Frieda Mueller Jun 26 1915
Lamberries Victor Henry Georg Conrad Lamberries Freda Miller Apr 19 1920
Lambiers Verne Benjamin Benjamin Lambiers Arkie Heagle May 21 1909
Lambrecht F Adeline August Lambrecht Augusta Marx Oct 18 1907
Lambrecht Theodore August Herman Lambrecht Augusta Marcks Oct 27 1908
Lambs Clarence John Mike Lambs Kate Gether Apr 22 1910
LaMotte F Dorothy Theresa Louis LaMotte Mary Somers Jun 15 1915
LaMotte F Mary Margaret Louis LaMotte Mary Elizabeth Summers Nov 26 1922
LaMotte F Mary Jane Louis LaMotte Susan MaCoby Jan 14 1912
LaMotte Mitchell Louis A. LaMotte Mary Sommers Sep 30 1913
LaMotte F Sarah Catherina Louis LaMotte Mary Summers Jan 8 1918
Lander Theodore Lauren, Jr. Theodore Lander Mabel Pelow Oct 28 1907
Landsverk Orie Arthur Ambros Landsverk Olive A. Nelson Nov 5 1913
Landsverk Selmer Rudolph Ambros J. Landsverk Oline A. Nelson Nov 3 1909
Lane Clifford Orson Clifford Lane Anna Scholz Aug 16 1918
Lane James George George Lane Mary Artz Aug 15 1923
Lane Marvin Edward George Lane Mary Artz Jun 20 1920
Lane Roy G. Chas. P. Lane  Elizname Sertvens Feb 21 1909
Lane Russell George Lane Mary Artz Sep 23 1921
Lane F (Stillborn) Joseph Lane Emma Reinschmidt Jan 11 1922
Lane  F Opal Leone Alva Lane  Eva Crowell Aug 19 1921
Lang Leslie Fred Lang Bertha Dumpke May 2 1908
Lang Rheinhart Frank Lang Minnie Drage Sep 29 1914
Lange Unlisted Herman Lange, Jr. Ella Rosenow Oct 14 1913
Lange Unlisted William Lange Lizzie Boettcher Oct 13 1914
Lange F Anita Ethelyn Arthur Lange Katharyn Weise Feb 22 1911
Lange Eddie Herman Herman Lange, Jr. Ella Rosenow Dec 22 1910
Lange Elmer Emil Ferdinand William Lange Louise Boettcher Feb 4 1917
Lange Erwin Otto John William Lange Lizzie Botcher May 17 1911
Lange F Gertrude Mathilda Paul J. Lange Julia R. Schultz Apr 5 1908
Lange John Gustave Frederick Arthur Lange Katty Wiese Mar 29 1909
Lange F Leona Mathilda William Lange  Lizzie Boettcher May 13 1919
Lange F Lucile Linde Her Lange Ella Rosenow Sep 3 1919
Lange Russell Wilford William Lange Mary Lasch May 14 1914
Lange F Selma Herman Lange     Ella Rosnor Oct 24 1907
Lange  F Lilla Herman Lange, Jr. Ella Rosenow Feb 16 1909
Lapp F Lois Mary C. A. Lapp Anna R. Scheller Dec 22 1910
Larsen F Anna Martha Peter Larsen Anny Rusch Aug 27 1908
Larsen F Annie Emeline Peter Larsen Mary Louisa Bushnell Apr 16 1913
Larsen Darwick Kenneth Arthur Larsen Frances Dietrick Apr 7 1919
Larsen F Della Minnie Charles Larsen Annie Rusch Jan 25 1920
Larsen Edwin Henry Peter Larsen Mary Bushnell Mar 23 1918
Larsen Erwin Bernard Charles J. Larson Maud B. Sanders Nov 8 1910
Larsen F Florence Abner Larsen Helma Johnson May 18 1910
Larsen Gordon Lestar Charley Larsen Anna Rusch Dec 30 1917
Larsen John David John David Larsen Eda Marling Jan 17 1910
Larsen F Katherine Theresa Tom Larsen Olga Larson Jan 2 1916
Larsen Maynard Ronald Martin Larsen Mattie Johanna Johnson Feb 19 1920
Larsen (Stillborn) Martin Larsen Mattie Johanna Johnson Jan 19 1922
Larsen Roger Stanley Charles J. Larson Maud Landers May 22 1915
Larsen F Romona Charlotte John Larsen Alice Jersey Dec 7 1911
Larsen Russell (twin) 1 Thos Larsen Christine Rockman Jun 22 1915
Larson Unlisted Elmer Larson Helena Johnson Aug 27 1923
Larson F Alice Henrietta Albert S. Larson Euphrosyne Johnson Oct 16 1910
Larson F Annie Amelia Peter Larson Mary Bushnell Oct 3 1915
Larson F Ardis Marie Isabelle Tom Larson Christina Rockman Dec 7 1907
Larson Arthur Lars Hans Larson Margaret Zilch Oct 6 1924
Larson Carl Gilbert Peter Larson Mary Bushnock Nov 3 1911
Larson F Caroline Magdalene Peter Larson Mary L. Bushnell Sep 19 1910
Larson F Claudine Lorraine Alma Larson Helena Johnson Jan 30 1914
Larson F Dolores Jeannette Louis Wallace Larson Jessie Linda Nichols Jan 29 1924
Larson F Dorothy Sylvia Charles J. Larson Maud Sanders Jul 8 1912
Larson Douglas Rockman (twin) 2 Thos Larson Christine Rockman Jun 22 1915
Larson F Edna Anna A. B. Larson Julia Olson Apr 28 1908
Larson F Edna Helena Peter Larson Mary Bushnell Apr 7 1914
Larson Elvin Lorenzo Charles O. Larson Clara Kittleson Jan 15 1913
Larson F Ernis Isabell Oliver Larson Helma Johnson Feb 15 1912
Larson F Ethel  Julia Elizabeth Axel G. Larson Sophia Olson Jul 27 1911
Larson F Idella Marie Elisabeth Christian Larson Marie A. Gulbrandson Oct 19 1910
Larson James Howard Albert J. Larson Celia Johnson Feb 26 1915
Larson F Jenette Olive Oliver Larson Hilma Annet Johnson  Sep 26 1908
Larson Leslie David Louis W. Larson Jessie Nichol Sep 28 1922
Larson F Lila G. Thomas Larson Christine Rockman Aug 12 1910
Larson F Lillian Olga Hans Larson Margaret Zilch May 19 1923
Larson F Lillian Olga  Hans Larson Margaret Zilch Aug 19 1923
Larson F Mabel Viola Peter Larson Josephine Oleson Oct 26 1907
Larson F Marrian Charles J. Larson Mernda B. Sanders Jun 28 1909
Larson Melvin Christian Jacob Christian Larson Anna Marie Gulbramson Jan 4 1908
Larson F Murtha Helena Peter Larson Emma Bushnell Feb 29 1920
Larson Norman Alnar Larson Helana Johnson May 31 1917
Larson Orville Abner Larsen Helena Larson Dec 11 1915
Larson Rafael Charles Raymund A. Larsen Mora Kuntsen Jul 16 1924
Larson Raymond      Peter Larson Anna Rusel Mar 25 1911
Larson Trenman Gordon Lewis Henry Larson Marie Olsen Jun 4 1919
Larson (Stillborn) Tom Larson Olga Larson May 23 1922
Larson F Sylvia Lois Chas. Larson Anna Rusch Jun 4 1922
Lasch Russell Franklin Fred P. Lasch Hilda Hansen Jan 19 1918
Lasecki Alfred       Leo Lasecki Annie Holewinski Aug 27 1922
Lasecki F Annie Herman Lasecki Lizzie Nickadern Jul 7 1917
Lasecki Chester Bernard Lasecki Maggie Kushawa Feb 9 1920
Lasecki Donald Herman Lasecki Lizzie Nikodem Dec 20 1920
Lasecki F Elenor Herman Lasecki Elizabeth Nickodern Jun 16 1918
Lasecki Ernest Leo Lasecki Anna Holewinski Dec 2 1919
Lasecki F Ester Mary Albert Lasecki Hattie Wzesinski Nov 9 1918
Lasecki F Evelyn Herman Lasecki Elizabeth Nickodem May 31 1924
Lasecki F Lucia Leon Lasecki Annie Holewinski Jul 26 1917
Lasicoszski Daniel  Anton Lasicoszski Frances Podolski Nov 18 1920
Laskowski Norbert Julius Laskowski Helen Kiermasz Mar 5 1913
Laskowski Raymond Julius Laskowski Helen Kiermaz Apr 12 1916
Lastofka F Bessie Irene Frank Lastofka Ida Meyer Sep 6 1909
Lastofka Roy      Frank Lastofka Edit Meyer Mar 9 1914
Latender James Simon Latender Bertha Stone Aug 7 1922
Laude  Ervin John Laude Marianna Brunner Oct 3 1912
Laude  F Irene  Bertha Arthur Laude Laura Schachtschnieder Feb 8 1921
Laude  Leiman Ernest Louis John Laude Mariana Brunner Jul 3 1921
Laude  F Lenora Fred Laude Adelia Keup Sep 1 1924
Laude  Orville Avil Frank John Laude Mariana Brunner Oct 10 1919
Laude  ? Notlisted Fred Laude Adelia Kuep Aug 5 1915
Laude  Elmer Herbert Elvin William Laude Ernestna Ewert Aug 3 1917
Laude  F Ravina Fred Laude Adelia Keup Nov 1 1913
Laude  Rueben Jno Laude Bertha Bartz Nov 15 1908
Laude  F Ruth Elda William Laude Tena Ebert Jun 3 1921
Lauersdorf F Hazel B. Chas Lauersdorf Elnora Nofke Aug 21 1920
Lauersdorf F Leona Minnie William Lauersdorf Emilie Thiemer Apr 15 1919
Laugner William Joseph Carl Laugner Hattie Marquardt Jun 7 1917
Lausten F Lucile Elonora Michael Lausten Elsie Mott Sep 5 1910
Lausten F Pearl Larian Michael Lausten Eslie Mott Feb 19 1913
Lausten Roland LeRoy Mike Lausten Elsie Mott Oct 8 1917
Lavenhagen F Lucille Not listed Mary Lavenhagen Mar 7 1918
Lavon F Ruth Irene Christ Lavon Mary Gilbertson Feb 6 1913
Law F Alice      Arthur Law Marie Klug Dec 21 1911
Law F Virginia George Law Agnes Waukechon Jan 6 1912
Lawe F Ardell Lloyd Lawe Lizzie Rupp Apr 24 1920
Lawe F Katherine Virginia Henry Lawe Electra Elem Oct 3 1912
Lawe Laurin Francis Raymond G. Lawe Lauretta M. Laurin Mar 11 1923
Lawe F Marcella Irene Henry Lawe Electa Elm Oct 30 1914
Lawe F Margaret Seymour Kakwich Elizabeth Lawe Sep 4 1915
Lawe Norbert Henry Henry Lawe Electa Elm Mar 14 1917
Lawe F Regina George Lawe Agnes Waukechon Nov 19 1915
Lawe F Ruth Pauline Henry Lawe Electa Elm Nov 19 1919
Lawer Denis I. Yeadre Lawer Mabel Pelon Mar 9 1909
Lawniczak F Mary Frances Steve Lawniczak Nettie Kolata Apr 2 1924
Lawrence F Evelyn Alice John Lawrence Lydia Hasenjaeger Apr 21 1924
Lawrence   Jarvis Yale Walace Laurence Frede Fritsch Jun 8 1924
Lawrenz Gerhard Hugo Lawrenz Clara Moesch Dec 7 1921
Lawrenz F Gladys Eva William Lawrenz Emma Bankert Jan 18 1923
Lawrenz Hans    Ervin Lawrenz Hattie Lemke Jul 15 1923
Lawrenz F Jane Irene Hugo Lawrenz Clara Moesch Jun 25 1923
Lawrenz Norbert Ervin Lawrenz Hattie Lemke Apr 7 1921
Lawrenz F Ruth William Lawrenz Ema Bankert Jun 16 1920
Le Mieux Donald Frank Donald Morris LeMieux Alvinns Malone Sep 15 1923
Le Mieux Medans Arthur Frank M. Le Mieux Alvernis Malone Jan 28 1922
Leader F Selma Hattie Alma Robert Aug. Leader Ella Specht Oct 19 1909
Leamah F Loraine May Emanuel Leamah Marie L. Dennis Jun 11 1919
Leaman Earl Joseph (twin)  Frank Leaman Esther Gristeau Dec 27 1917
Leaman F Edith Agnes (twin) Frank Leaman Esther Gristeau Dec 27 1917
Learned F Elda Henriette George Learned Emelia Kringel Apr 15 1914
Leasner F Emily Frank Leasner Hulda Boettcher Feb 8 1918
Leaunah Edmund Emanuel Patrick Emanuel Francis Leaunah Mary Louise Dennis Oct 1 1914
Leavit Francis    Frank Leavit Sara Stickney Mar 12 1908
Lebeck F Gladys Barbara Hans Lebeck Emma Appler Aug 15 1913
Lebeck F Lydia Henrietta (twin) 2 Hans Lebeck Emma Appler Apr 13 1915
Lebeck F (stillborn) (twin) 1 Hans Lebeck Emma Appler Apr 13 1915
Lech F Angelina Sophia Stanley Lech Elizabeth Baranczyk Oct 6 1922
Lech F Helen     Stanley Lech Lizzie Baranczyk Sep 28 1917
Lech F Irene Anna Stanley Lech Elizabeth Baranczyk Dec 4 1919
Lechterman F Margaret Anton Lechterman Mathilda Hoffman Jul 8 1914
Lechterman F Margaret Anton Lechterman Mathilda Hoffman Dec 10 1915
Lechterman Michel Anton Lechterman Mathilda Hoffman Apr 14 1909
Lechterman Walter Anton Lechterman Mathilde Hoffmann Aup 28 1908
Ledtke F Dorothy Fred Ledtke Emma Bolade May 10 1918
Lee Robert Evan Elmore Lee Dagmar Agnes N. Hermanson Dec 15 1923
Lefreier F (Stillborn) Alex Lefreier Dorothy Baugert Jun 25 1912
Lehman Elsworth A. Elmer Lehman Eliza Gristeau Jun 18 1918
Lehman F Elizabeth Lorraine Paul Lehman Mary Prahl May 17 1923
Lehman Karl Chas Lehman Clara Simon May 3 1915
Lehman Lester Elmer Paul Lehman Mary Prahl Apr 17 1921
Lehman F Lucile Margaret Martin Lehman Lila Wickersheim Sep 28 1923
Lehman Mathew Gordon Emil Lehman Rubella Gehrhardt Oct 18 1923
Lehman F Myra Mary Henry Lehman Maud A. Peasley Jan 31 1911
Lehman Walter Elroy Ludwig Lehman Flosetta Kluth Aug 30 1913
Lehman Walter Simon Charles Lehman Clara Simon Mar 27 1911
Lehmann Unlisted Ludwig Lehmann Loretta Kluth Sep 27 1917
Lehmann F Elsie Wilhelmina Ludwig Lehmann Loretta Kluth Jul 10 1915
Lehmann Guidin Elmer Adolph Lehmann Marie Kersten Aug 31 1918
Lehmann Eugene Alvin Adolph Lehmann Marie Kersten Aug 31 1918
Lehmann F Ruby Edna Adolph Lehmann Marie Kersten Nov 28 1919
Lehrke F Josephine John H. Lehrke Edith Fromm Jun 20 1921
Leicher F Amy Margine Fred Leicher Ardis Quinney Oct 15 1914
Leicher F Anita Fred Earl Leicher Ardis Mae Quinney Aug 5 1920
Leider F Anna Clara Carl Leider Anna Prelipp Apr 6 1924
Leider F Dorothy Charles Leider Anna Prelipp Jun 17 1921
Leider F Edna Anna Mathilda Herman Leider Minna Uttecht Feb 2 1909
Leider Herman Karl William Herman Leider Minnie Uttecht Dec 29 1910
Leider F Mildred Charlie Leider Anna Prefliff Aug 9 1917
Leider (Stillborn) Chas Leider Anna Preliff Nov 5 1910
Leider (Stillborn) Chas Leider Anna Prilipp Apr 2 1912
Leider F Viola Chas Leider Anna Prelipp Apr 29 1913
Leiders F Velda Lena Chas Leiders Anna Prelipp May 14 1915
Leirich F Dorothy Margaret Joseph Leirich Mary C. Short Jan 12 1912
Leirick F Cacilia  Geo. A. Leirick Clara Bernes Apr 18 1908
Leisch Herfert Roland Frank Leisch Dora Wagner Oct 18 1918
Leisch F Mildred Elmyra Herman Leisch Almeda Stone Jun 26 1911
Leisch   Herald Orlo Edward Leisch Grace Alice McKay Feb 17 1911
Leischer F Alma Fred E. Leischer Ardie Mae Leischer Dec 12 1917
Leiskau F Alice Agustes Albert  Leiskau Emma Christianson Sep 26 1909
Leiskau Atwood Fred Leiskau, Jr. Maud Lane May 3 1921
Leiskau Carl Gottfried Fardanand William Leiskau Minnie Rupnow Jan 14 1912
Leiskau Clarence    Albert Leiskau Emma Christman Feb 20 1914
Leiskau F Ester    Albert Leiskau Emma Christman Nov 4 1912
Leiskau Harrie George Albert Leiskau Emma Christman May 10 1917
Leiskau F Helen Gusta Fred Leiskau     Matilda Speck Nov 23 1915
Leiskau Herman Frederick Frederich Leiskau Maude Lane Feb 15 1924
Leiskau F Jenette Virginia Walter Leiskau Ellen Pangel Jun 18 1923
Leiskau Leo Marvin Christ Leiskau Sophia Wickman Nov 17 1912
Leiskau F Leona   August Leiskau Not Listed Nov 6 1919
Leiskau F Loraine     Christian Leiskau Sophie Wichman Sep 21 1914
Leiskau F Lucielle Rose August Herman Leiskau Lena Carlson Apr 26 1924
Leiskau F Norma Emma Albert Leiskau Emma Christman Aug 5 1922
Leiskau F Violet Irene August L. Leiskau Lena Carlson Jan 16 1922
Leiskau Willard Delishes Walter Leiskau Ellen Pangel May 9 1924
Leitzke Adrian Herman Leitzke Ethel Tatterson Dec 2 1913
Leitzke Albert John Leitzke Emma Schneider Nov 12 1914
Leitzke Aldolph August Adolph Leitzke Hattie Wockenfuss Dec 22 1915
Leitzke F Dorothy Ellen Emiel Leitzke Hattie Wockenfuss Sep 9 1918
Leitzke Herbert Julius Fried. Adolph Henry Leitzke Alma Flora W. Backhaus Jun 28 1909
Leitzke Larry Fred Emil Leitzke Hattie Wackerfuss Oct 14 1922
Leitzke F Olive May (twin)  John C. Leitzke Emma Schneider Nov 11 1912
Leitzke Oliver Ray (twin) John C. Leitzke Emma Schneider Nov 11 1912
Leitzke (Stillborn) Herman Leitzke Ethel Tatterson Sep 20 1915
Leitzke Victor     Adolf Leitzke Alma Backhaus Aug 10 1917
Leitzke Wilham Ernest Henry Leitzke Minnie Klug Feb 12 1911
Lejieske F Eleanor Sophia John Lejieske Mary Plucienick Oct 5 1923
Lemberg F Emma   Fred Lemberg Clara Busch Mar 1 1911
Lemberg F Frieda Augusta Otto Lemberg Anna Bartelt Jul 7 1923
Lemberg Harold Melvin Charles Lemberg Lizzie Seering Dec 23 1920
Lemberg Harry Otto Frank Otto Lemberg Anna Bartelt Nov 16 1917
Lemberg F Helen Otto Lemberg Anna Bartelt Jan 12 1913
Lemberg Leonard Robert Charley Lemberg Lizzie Seering Feb 1 1914
Lemberg F Lorena Ella Esther Otto Lemberg Annie Bartelt Nov 20 1919
Lemberg Otto Aug. Otto Lemberg Annie Bartelt Dec 27 1920
Lemberg F Viola Otto Lemberg Anna Bartelts Jan 10 1914
Lemberg F Violet Oletta Ida Fred Lemberg Clara Busch Apr 8 1919
Lemberg William Ruben Otto Lemberg Annie Bartel    Aug 27 1915
Lemberg Harris Henry William Lemberg Mannie Plier Apr 10 1915
Lemhaus Friedrich Arthur Robert Lemhaus Sophie Staub Mar 9 1920
Lemhause Benjamin Raymond Robert Lemhause Sophia Staube Mar 20 1916
Lemhouse Daniel Paul William Robert Lemhouse Sophia M.M. Staub Mar 13 1912
Lemhouse F Dorothy Sophia Robert Lemhouse Sophia Staub    Mar 29 1918
Lemhouse George Henry Robert Lemhouse Sophie Staub May 15 1922
Lemhouse F Margaret Frida Bertha Robert Lemhouse Sophia Staub     Oct 28 1913
Lemhouse Robert Henry Marion Robert Lemhouse Sophia Staub   Apr 21 1924
Lemke Arnold Edward Gust Lemke Esther Wurl Mar 10 1923
Lemke Arthur Theodore Oscar Ed Lemke Emma Spohn Apr 19 1916
Lemke F Betty Ann Fred W. Lemke Elizabeth Ehman Oct 23 1922
Lemke F Clara Bertha Mary William Lemke Mary Lade Jan 4 1908
Lemke Clarence William Lemke Mary Lade Jun 14 1911
Lemke F Edna Martha Bernard Lemke Amalie Lemberg Jul 8 1909
Lemke Edward Walter Henry Ed Lemke Emma Spohn Apr 15 1915
Lemke F Elda Augusta Bertha August Lemke Emma Mueller Sep 29 1911
Lemke F Eleanora Anna William Lemke Mary Lade Apr 14 1916
Lemke F Ella Emelia Margarell Paul Lemke Ella Lemke Jan 15 1911
Lemke F Ertholda Erdline William Lemke Anna Bergenhagen Feb 2 1914
Lemke F Ester Frederica Emil Lemke Lilly Prahl Nov 19 1910
Lemke F Irma Hanna (twin) 1 Edward Lemke Emma Spohn Feb 20 1923
Lemke Leonard Hugo William Lemke Emelie Strochein Nov 23 1920
Lemke F Esther William Lemke Elsie Kuneppel Sep 24 1919
Lemke F Ethel Alvina William C. Lemke Annie Bugenhagen Jun 3 1910
Lemke Herman Albert William Lemke Marie Lade Jun 22 1918
Lemke F Loesa Julius Lemke Emelia Meyer Mar 14 1908
Lemke Louis Henry William E. Lemke Amelia Strohschein Dec 15 1903
Lemke F Lucile Augusta Wilhemina William Lemke Mary Lade Apr 15 1913
Lemke Marvin William William Lemke Anna Bergenhagen Apr 10 1919
Lemke F Norma Ruth Ella (twin)1 Edward Lemke Emma Spohn Feb 20 1923
Lemke F Rachel Arline Gust Lemke Esther Wurl Mar 13 1924
Lemke F Selma     Paul Lemke Ella Lemke Dec 7 1914
Lemke (Stillborn) Walter Lemke Linda Bergner Aug 21 1924
Lemke Theodore Robert Edd Lemke Emma Spohn Nov 27 1918
Lemke Willard Clarence William F. Lemke Clara Foth Nov 15 1920
Lemke  William  William Lemke Elsa Knuepple Jul 17 1918
Lempke F Unlisted Fred Lempke Leona Stroud Nov 18 1914
Lempke F Alice William Lempke Clara Foth Aug 24 1911
Lempke F Ester Bertha John Lempke Annie Neuman Nov 23 1911
Lempke Henry Herman Charley Paul Lempke Ella Lempke Feb 6 1909
Lempke F Lesta Mary Edna William Lempke Clara Foth May 2 1910
Lempke Victor William Edward Lempke Emma Spohn Dec 16 1913
Len Alozenis John Len Barbara Kersthbauer Dec 13 1907
Lenas (Stillborn) George Lenas Lizzie Brown Jul 11 1910
Lenges Alfred Edward Lenges Elsie Wruck Oct 11 1908
Lenning Edwin  Carl George Lenning Anna Clara M. Rubenhagen Jun 17 1912
Lenss F Selvie Irena George Lenss Lisse Brown Apr 22 1908
Lentz Earl Johann Herman Lentz Matilda Knoke Apr 7 1913
Lentz F Henrietta Louisa Edward Lentz Paulina Schneider Mar 7 1908
Lentz F Lillian      Emil Lentz Martha Mehlburg May 12 1911
Lentz Wallas William Emil Lentz Martha Mehlberg Sep 17 1913
Lenz F Bernice Lucile John Lenz Lizzie Thomach Apr 1 1922
Lenz F Clara       Fred Lenz Lena Kratz May 29 1908
Lenz Fredrick Fred Lenz Lena Kratz May 29 1908
Lenz Harold Walter (twin) 1 Emil Lenz Otillia Krasin Sep 13 1921
Lenz Harvey John John R. Lenz Lizzie Thomack Feb 5 1918
Lenz Leonard Lawrence Emil Lenz Ottilda Rostzk Apr 10 1919
Lenz F Lorraina Marietta John Lenz Lizzie Thomak Nov 29 1919
Lenz F Margaret Emma Fred Lenz Helen Kratz Dec 23 1910
Lenz F Myra     Emil A. Lenz Martha Mehlberg Apr 1 1909
Lenz Roy Howard Fred Lenz Lena Kratz Oct 5 1913
Lenz (Stillborn) (twin) 2 Emil Lenz Otillia Krasin Sep 13 1921
Lenzner F Fern Marie John Adam Lenzner Emma Hiller Jan 24 1910
Lepak F Unlisted John Lepak Francis Dutkiewicz Jul 22 1921
Lepak F Agnes Josephine Ignatius Lepak Anna Rozmarynowski Apr 14 1908
Lepak Alois Nicholas Lepak Stanislawa Radecki Jul 8 1911
Lepak Alvin Frank Lepak Stella Stefaniak Jun 19 1922
Lepak F Cecilia Ernest Lepak Anna Rozmarinoski Dec 25 1911
Lepak Chester John Lepak Julia Zielinski May 10 1918
Lepak Conrad John Lepak Frances Dutkiewicz Sep 19 1913
Lepak Edward      John Lepak Frances Kulkicwicz Feb 22 1908
Lepak Emil    Thomas Lepak Mary Lukasik Aug 7 1920
Lepak Frank Nicholas Lepak Stella Radecki Apr 9 1908
Lepak Frank John Lepak Julia Zielinski Jul 26 1912
Lepak F Helen Nicholas Lepak Stanislawa Radecki Jan 17 1914
Lepak John Joseph Lepak Cecelia Kush Mar 26 1913
Lepak John Aloisius John Lepak Julia Zielinski Jun 20 1910
Lepak F Josephine John Lepak Julia Zielinski 1915 ???
Lepak F Josephine Nicholas Lepak Stella Radecki Apr 9 1908
Lepak Leon Thomas Lepak Mary Lusik May 15 1909
Lepak Leonard Frank Lepak Stella Stefanios Sep 26 1920
Lepak F Lucia Joseph Lepak Cecilia Kush Mar 19 1914
Lepak Ludwig Ludwig Lepak Frances Dudkewich Oct 8 1910
Lepak F Mary Louise John Lepak Francis Dutcievitz May 17 1918
Lepak F Nettie John Lepak Jullia Zielinski Jun 3 1908
Lepak Richard Ernest Lepak Anna Rosmarinowski Jan 9 1922
Lepak F Sabina Florentin Thomas Lepak Mary Lukasik Feb 26 1924
Lepak F Viola Loraine Thomas Lepak Mary Lukasik Nov 26 1912
Lepak Victor John Lepak Julia Zielinski Sep 1 1914
Lepius Frank Stacy Frank Lepius Clara May Pratt Dec 5 1912
Lepscier Oliver Gaberiel Alex R. Lepscier Dorthy Baurget Mar 18 1923
Lepscier Francis Edward Alex Lepscier Dorothy Bangert May 9 1913
Lepscier F Gertrude Mary Alex Lepscier Dorothy Bangert May 27 1914
Lepscier Richard John Alex Lepscier Dorothy Bangert Aug 12 1917
LeRoy F Arvilla May Ray LeRoy Pauline Waupoose Mar 31 1923
LeRoy F Elaine Ray LeRoy Lena Waupoose Mar 1 1918
Lettau Elmer Frank William Lettau Alma Treptow Apr 10 1923
Leunach F Mildred Elizabeth Emanuel Francis Leunach Marie Louise Dennis Oct 11 1917
Leunach Raymond Joseph Emanual Francis Leunach Marie Louise Dennis Jun 26 1916
Leves F Martha Albert Leves Anna Gruenwald Nov 20 1908
Lewensohn F (Unnamed)(died) Herman Lewensohn Ida Himmelreich Mar 16 1918
Lewensohn David Issac Herman Lewensohn Ida Himmelreich Jun 15 1913
Lewis Dale Melvin Lewis Adeline D. Austin Dec 14 1923
Lex F Barbara John Lex Barbara Kirschbaum Dec 4 1915
Lex F Caroline    Robert Lex Mary Mondl Sep 26 1920
Lex Edward John Lex Barbara Kerschbaum Oct 1 1920
Lex John John Lex Barbara Kirschbaum Jun 30 1912
Lex Joseph    Robert Lex Mary Mondl Dec 11 1915
Lex F Kathryn Robert Lex Mary Mondl Feb 7 1914
Lex F Rosa Robert Lex Marie Mondl Mar 24 1912
Lex Rudolph     Robert Lex Mary Mondl Mar 31 1911
Lex F Therese John Lex Barbara Kirschbaum Apr 11 1910
Lex William   John Lex Barbara Hirschbaum May 6 1918
Liby F Helen Anna Salvester Liby Nettie Mc Cullen Sep 16 1908
Lichterman  F Mildred Elizabeth Anton Lichterman    Mathilda Hoffman Nov 3 1910
Lichtermann F Clara Suzanna Anthony Lichtermann Mathilda Hoffman Feb 6 1913
Lichtermann F Francis Anna Anton Lichtermann Matilda Hoffman Dec 27 1920
Lichtermann F Lucile Anton Lichtermann Matilda Hoffman Jun 20 1922
Liebman    F Myrtle William Liebman   Marie Malueg Aug 13 1923
Liebmann Arnold August William Liebmann Mary Malueg Jan 10 1912
Liebmann F Gertrude      William G. Liebmann Mary Othelia Malney Nov 17 1910
Liebmann Melvin    William Liebmann Marie Malueg Jul 12 1921
Liebmann F Sylvia      William Liebmann Mary Malueg Mar 17 1917
Lieg F Aurelia Margaretha Peter Lieg Susanna Wallrich Jan 10 1910
Lieg Bernard Francis John Anton Lieg Mary Margareth Riess Feb 4 1909
Lieg Herald Frank Peter Lieg Susan Wallrich Dec 14 1908
Liesch F Dorothy Frieda Frank Liesch Dora Wagner Feb 11 1914
Liesch F Edeline Martha Marie John Liesch Martha Bredenick Aug 9 1919
Liesch Howard   Eddie Liesch Grace Alma McKay Sep 7 1912
Liesch Ivan Horace Edward Liesch Grace McKay Jan 8 1922
Liesch Kannath Walter Liesch Hazel Alleder Apr 3 1912
Liesener Herbert John Frank Liesener Hulda Boettcher Oct 22 1924
Lieske Vincent Mike John Lieske Mary Plocinick Sep 26 1919
Liesner Adam Aug. Liesner Amelia Berndt May 18 1912
Liesner Ben Ernst August Liesner Emilie Berndt Feb 18 1914
Liesner Henry     August Liesner Emilie Berndt Nov 29 1908
Liesner Myron Frank Liesner Hulda Boettcher Sep 15 1919
Lightbody Mathew James Daniel Lightbody Grace Currie May 11 1910
Lightbody F Myrtle Margaret Donald Lightbody Anna Cownie Oct 3 1919
Lijeski F Annie Genevieve (twin)  John Lijeski Martha Cloeinienek Jun 11 1917
Lijeski F Brownie Martha John Lijeski Martha Cloeinienek Jun 11 1917
Lilla  Walter Joseph Lilla  Stella Kostecki Jun 14 1914
Lillie Reynold John George Lillie Alice Fischer Oct 23 1913
Linczmeyer Norman Joseph Chas. Linczmeyer Katharine Joerger Mar 4 1912
Lind F Dorothy Alvera  Chas. Lind Gertrude Miller Aug 15 1920
Lind Lyle Conrad Chas Lind Gertrude Miller Jun 6 1922
Linda F Alice Elaine Julius Linda Ella Schlivert Feb 2 1921
Linda Unnamed Julius Linda Ella Schlievert Jul 7 1917
Lindner Herbert Frank Lindner Ida Kosbab Jul 5 1911
Lindner Herbert Otto Charles Lindner Josephine Jenness Mar 24 1916
Lindner F Pauline Minnie Charles Lindner Josephine Janess Nov 20 1913
Lindner Rudolph Frederick Chas. Lindner Josephine Leiskau Jun 6 1910
Lindow F Alma Hulda Amanda Herman Lindow Minna Wruck Aug 1 1908
Lindow Arthur Robert Edward Herman Lindow Minna Wruck Jan 18 1912
Lindow Charles Walter August Charles Lindow Anna Jeske Dec 27 1909
Lindow Clarence Henry Henry Lindow Alvina Sonneberg Mar 26 1916
Lindow Lester Ora Ora Lindow Ida Goree Apr 26 1922
Lindow Walter Robert Willy Herman Lindow Minna Vruck Jan 21 1910
Lindow Reinhold Edward Ernest Herman Linder Minnie Wruck Aug 6 1913
Lindquist F Neva Elizabeth Sophia Arthur Roy Lindquist Ella McCarthy Oct 21 1921
Lindroth George Edwin Emil Lindroth Clara Berton Mar 1 1921
Lindroth Robert William Emil Robert Lindroth Clara Magdalena Berton Mar 20 1918
Lindsten F (Stillborn) John Lindsten Tina Danielson May 11 1911
Lindsten Milton Jerol Charles Lindsten Emma Boreson Jun 22 1924
Lindsten (Stillborn) John Lindsten Tina Danilson Oct 1 1912
Lindsten F Leana Margaret (twin) 1 Charles Lindsten Emma Boreson May 28 1923
Lindsten Leon Merritt (twin) 2 Charles Lindsten Emma Boreson May 28 1923
Linke F Erna Martha William Linke Anna Bublitz Nov 6 1917
Linke F Helena Louisa William Linke Anna Bublitz Mar 24 1912
Linke Leonard Theodore William G. Linke Anna Bublitz Mar 20 1914
Linke Reinhard William Linke Anna Bublitz Aug 12 1915
Linzmeyer Alois Henry Charles Linzmeyer Katherine Joerger Apr 15 1913
Linzmeyer Charles David Charles Linzmeyer Catherine Joergen Nov 5 1916
Linzmeyer F Irene Anna Joe Linzmeyer Iva C. Prickett Jun 21 1908
Lipke F Frances Belle William F. Lipke Ada Sherlock Jun 5 1924
Lipperl Jas william Lyysel Frank Lipperl Barbara Rent Jul 20 1909
Lis F Angeline Anton Lis Kate Sentowski Nov 18 1917
Lis F Elizabeth     Martin Lis Suzanna Sentowski Aug 3 1911
Lis F Irine Anton Lis Katie Sentowski Dec 23 1919
Lisch Eddie Emil Lisch Anna Tonn Aug 9 1908
Lisch F Viola Minnie E. Emil Lisch Annie Tonn Nov 14 1910
Liscomb F Betty Irene Frederick John Liscomb Anna Marie Knutsen Jun 3 1915
Liskow F Ruth Richard Liskow Laura Popendorf Feb 14 1924
Liss F Esther Virginia Martin Liss Susan Sentowski Apr 17 1916
List F Bettie Louise Chas List  Lydia Reinke Jul 17 1921
List Hugho Rev. Otto List Louisa Stucker Jul 9 1908
List James Charles Charles List Lydia Reinke Aug 18 1922
List Matt Charles List Lydia Reinke Sep 4 1923
Little Merrill Lee Louis Little Hilda Claremond Miller Oct 12 1924
Little F Virginia Chas Little Edna Hansen Aug 17 1923
Littman F Marcella    W.A. Littman Mathilda Hall Jan 13 1908
Livermore Jack Parmelee Ernest Evander Livermore Kathryn Jenny Schneider Mar 9 1919
Livure John      John Adam Livure Rose Frances Ferner Jan 31 1923
Loberg Carl Alfred Thomase Loberg Martha Behling May 26 1912
Loberg Edward Rudolph Thomas Loberg Martha Behling Apr 1 1909
Loberg Edwin Andrew Andrew Loberg Carrie Holm Feb 20 1915
Loberger Kathryn Marcella John Loberger Rose Dorn Feb 8 1916
Loehle F Hildegarde Curtis Loehle Lulu Wurl Dec 7 1909
Loehrl F Evelen Genevieve Max Loehrl Elizabeth Zacharias Jul 19 1922
Loehrl George Leroy Max Loehrl Elizabeth Zacharias Jul 13 1924
Loehrl F Margarett Illa Arnold Loehrl Ida Heyer Oct 18 1914
Loehrl Raymond Otto Arnold Loehrl Ida Meyer Mar 30 1909
Lohff Unnamed Helmuth R.R. Lohff Emilie Rankow Aug 8 1908
Lohff F (Not Named) Helmut Lohff Amelia Pankow Apr 3 1910
Lohff Lourd Oskar Helmut Lohff Amela Pankow May 20 1912
Long F Alice Margaret Chas Long Ida Turner Nov 20 1911
Long F Ardell Alnora Willard (Millard) F. Long Doris Krause Sep 18 1924
Long Arley John Long Lydia Siebert May 13 1915
Long Donald      Millard Phil Long Doris Krause Aug 14 1920
Long F Dorothy Mae Not Listed Irene Long Apr 12 1922
Long F Ferne Chas Long Ida B. Torno (Turner) Apr 2 1914
Long Forest Elton Archie Long Margie B. Hegert May 18 1911
Long F Hazel Elenora Chas W. Long Ida Bell Long Jun 9 1909
Long Jessie Rockwood Archie M. Long Margarie B. Hergert May 9 1912
Long F Marcella Mae Chauncey LeRoy Long Viola Maahs Jun 8 1920
Long Milton Paul Edward Russell Long Bertha Kickhofer Jun 3 1923
Long Vilas Gooden Chancie Long Viola Maahs Sep 24 1921
Longley F Edmere Olive Joseph Longley Sophia Kaquatosh Aug 23 1915
Longley F Ida     Barney Longley Harriett Petetah Jul 31 1913
Longley John Guy Joe Longley Sophia Kaquatosh Jan 13 1913
Longley Lawrence Barney Longley Harriett Pecore Sep 8 1918
Longley Ronald Edward Joe Longley Sophia Kaquatosh Sep 9 1917
Longley F Sarah Barney Longley Hariet Pecore Sep 22 1916
Lonquest F