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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Cathe Ziereis

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Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012

Editor Jim Glasheen 2010

Anita Perez 2012

Maahs F Alice Ruth Emma Edward Maahs Martha Wilder May 11 1911
Maahs M Cernaval Ruben Carlton Henry Maahs Rosa Eggers Mar 28 1912
Maahs M Donald Carl Emil Chas. Maahs Gusta Clasen Dec 21 1908
Maahs F Florence Alice Chas Maahs Anna Siebert Aug 27 1923
Maahs M Roy Louis Chas. F. Maahs Anna Lydia Siebert Jan 10 1913
Maas M Arnold     Henry A. Maas Rosie Paulina Eggers May 6 1909
Maas F Bernadine Edward Maas Marie Hoeffs Feb 25 1918
Maas M Claude Richard Maas Freda Buelter Mar 10 1914
Maas M Douglas Grover Alvin Maas Gladys Grover Nov 6 1919
Maas F Erena Fred C. Maas Amelia Nienke Aug 31 1911
Maas M Eugene Harold Hubert Maas Ella Schenk Dec 4 1921
Maas M Everett Aug. F. Maas Trena Heins Jan 3 1908
Maas M Fred Rich Maas Frieda Buelter Mar 13 1920
Maas M Harold Edward Benny Edward Maas Marie Hoeffs May 30 1910
Maas M Harvey Walter Maas Lydia Reinert Aug 28 1917
Maas F Henrietta Louisa Gust Maas Daisy Parfit Apr 1 1912
Maas F June Doris Lucinda Herman E. Maas Ella Giessel Jun 15 1919
Maas M Kermit John W. Maas Adela Giessel Nov 2 1915
Maas M Lenhart Harold Lester Ed Maas Marie Hoeffer Nov 20 1907
Maas M Lester Herman Maas Ella Giessel Nov 15 1911
Maas M Louie Richard Maas Freda Buelter Aug 2 1909
Maas M Martin Richard Maas Freda Builter Jan 24 1908
Maas F Mary Edward Maas Mary Hoeffs Oct 28 1915
Maas M Merlin Herman E. Maas Ella Giessel Jun 21 1921
Maas M Melvin Herbert Rolan Aug F. Maas Trena Heins Jul 12 1922
Maas F Murley Mary Annie Aug. F. Maas Trena Heins Jun 7 1909
Maas F Myrtle Herman Maas Ella Giessel Jun 17 1914
Maas M Orline Harold Aug. F. Maas Trena Heins Feb 4 1911
Maas M Raymond Charles Fredrick Luther Maas Rosie Rusch Dec 17 1923
Maas M Richard , Jr. Richard Maas Freda Buelter Feb 23 1912
Maas F Rosaline Marie Bertha Edward Maas Marie Hoeffs Sep 16 1912
Maas M (Stillborn) Walter Maas Lydia Reinert May 18 1922
Maaser M Carl Henry Henry R. Masser Ella F. Gustavson Jul 11 1909
Maaser M Clifford Edward Ernest Henry R. Masaser Ella Francis Gustavson Mar 5 1908
Maatz F Lilly  Herman Maatz Lilly Blanic Apr 29 1912
Mach F Alma Rinold Mach Not Listed Oct 14 1909
Mach M (Stillborn) Rhinold Mach Sophia Mach May 3 1913
Machaelus F Adeline Margaret Emil Machaelus Mary Schafer Feb 27 1916
Machmiller F (Stillborn) Fred Machmiller Christine Herman May 29 1911
Machmueller F Hilda Christina Fred Machmueller Christina Hermann Nov 22 1914
Macholtz M William Almer William Macholtz Agnes Bergman Apr 29 1913
Macholz F Ival Dorothy William Macholz Agnes Bergman Apr 25 1911
Macholz M Robert Thomas William Macholz Agnes Bergman Nov 11 1914
Macieczewski M Max Alex Macieczewski Josie Brefczynski Apr 8 1924
Maciejewski (Majeski) M Harry Alex Maciejewski Josephine Bryfezynski Apr 8 1924
Mack F Ida      Reinhold Mack Sophia Kubinger May 6 1911
Mackay F Helen May  Erwin Mackay Bernice Perrat Jun 29 1922
Mackay M Mead Fay Edwin Pearl Mackay Elizabeth Phoebe Duir Jul 9 1908
Mackay M Reeve Charles Irving Mackay Bernice Perrot Sep 6 1920
MacKenzie M John William Julius John Ainsworth MacKenzie Emilie Rose Holtz Oct 20 1921
MacKenzie F May     John Ainsworth MacKenzie Amilia Rose Haltz May 29 1924
Mackowiak M Joseph Paul Frank Mackowiak Frances Krajne Jan 25 1913
Mackowiak M Thomas Jerome Frank Mackowiak Frances Krena Aug 28 1908
Macoby M (Stillborn) Peter Wishecoby Susan Macoby Jan 31 1916
Mader F Angelina M. R. Andrew Mader Carrie Herman Mar 5 1910
Mader F Cerecentia Margaret Jos. E. Mader Anna Bondnick Apr 2 1916
Mader M Charles Clarence Henry Mader Mary Ashenbrenner Dec 5 1915
Mader F Frances Henry Mader Mary Aschenbrenne Sep 1 1912
Mader M Gerald John G. C. Mader Ida Ahrens Jan 23 1924
Mader M Gilbert Joseph E. Mader Anna Bondwick Sep 19 1914
Mader M Henry Arthur Henry Mader Mary Ashenbrener Mar 12 1921
Mader F Irene Marie Henry Mader Marie Aschenbrenner Oct 16 1919
Mader M Laurence Joseph Henry Mader Mary Asenbrenner Jan 9 1914
Mader M Raymond George Andrew Mader Carrie Herman Apr 2 1909
Mader F Sela Maria Jno. Mader Helen Kroff May 10 1911
Mader M Sylvester Henry Mader Mary Aschenbrenner Jan 13 1911
Mades M Earl John John Mades Helen Kropp Dec 21 1915
Madison M Alvin Martin Martin Madison Anna Stiede Aug 13 1914
Madison M Marvin Martin Madison Annie Steede Sep 16 1910
Madler M Edward  James C. Madler Ida Summers Aug 16 1911
Madmiller M Andrew Victor Fred Madmiller Christine Herrmann Jan 10 1918
Madson M Unnamed John Madson Elizabeth Meracle Mar 11 1908
Madson M Alfred Norman Albert Madson Anna Falstad Feb 5 1908
Madson F Beatrice Louise Ole Madson Helen Hanson Oct 3 1908
Madson F Blanche Mavis Edward Roy Madson Lora Blanche Lane Jan 22 1922
Madson F Claribel Ellen Paul Madson Elsie Rosenthal Aug 17 1920
Madson F Evelyn Amelia Edward R. Madson Adele M. Larson Jun 27 1920
Madson F Ines Norma Albert Madson Anna Falstad Oct 18 1912
Madson M Kenneth Ole Madson Helen Hanron Jun 18 1910
Madson F Lucile Ferral Edward Madson Lora B. Lane  Oct 30 1919
Madson F Margaret Christina Albert N. Madson Anna C. Falstad Nov 29 1909
Madson F Virginia Mae Ed Madson Laura Lane Jun 22 1923
Maercklein F Catherine Marian Arthur G. Maercklein Edna M. Swan Sep 28 1909
Maercklein F Marian Arthur G. Maercklein Edna M. Swan Sep 28 1909
Maertzke F Florence    Fred Maertzke Mary Roggenbuck Oct 8 1910
Maes M Eugene Anthony August Maes Stella Reutmester Jan 30 1923
Maes M Earl Robert August Maes Stella Rentmeest Sep 14 1914
Maes F Pearl Elizabeth August Maes Stella Rentmister Jan 23 1919
Magee F Elizabeth Leonnl George E. Magee Florence A. Allen May 23 1917
Magee M Robert     Hugh Magee Lizzie Blakefeldt May 26 1908
Magewske F Emeline Anna William Magewske Lydia Marie Bergman Nov 21 1918
Magewske F Hildegard Odelia Ida William P. Magewske Lydia Bergman Dec 15 1920
Magewske M Rinold William Magewske Lydia Bergman Feb 1 1923
Magewske M Rudolph F. Richard Magewske Martha Passehl Apr 27 1919
Magnes F Birdie Jertina Frank Magnes Martina Alette Amundson Jul 20 1912
Magness F Agnes Maline Frank Magness Martines Amundson Jun 14 1908
Magness M Morgan Gerhard Frank M. Magness Martina Amondson Aug 29 1910
Mahkemetas M Sylvester Martin Peter Mahkemetas Agnes Corn Nov 14 1913
Mahkimetaas F Jennie Mitchell Mahkimetaas Elizabeth Boyd Jul 1 1915
Mahkimetaas F Jennie Mitchel Mahkimetaas Elizabeth Boyd Jul 1 1915
Mahkimetass M Edmund Mitchell Mahkimetass Elizabeth Martin Aug 23 1912
Mahkinutas M Earl Francis Peter Mahkinutis Agnes Corn Mar 7 1912
Mahl M Walter John Walter H. Mahl Alma Cady Oct 13 1914
Mahl M Rodney James Walter Mahl Elma Cady Sep 26 1917
Mahy F Dorothy Eunice Arthur Mahy Olga Weinig Feb 10 1916
Mahy M Raymond Arthur Mahy Olga Weinig Jan 26 1915
Mailahn F Doris Ellen August C. Mailahn Laura Jesse Sep 12 1914
Mailahn M Oldane Carl Fritz August Carl Julius Mailahn Laura Luella Lidia Jesse Nov 10 1911
Majeski M Leonard Ned Joseph Maciejewski Victoria Jagielski May 22 1923
Majeski M Chester L.  Joseph Majeski Victoria Jagielski Feb 28 1920
Majewski F Anna  Frank Majewski Katie Matuszewki Jun 9 1917
Majewski M Edmund Frank Majewski Catherine Matuszewski Jan 22 1916
Makemetas M Mitchell Mitchell Makematas, Sr. Louise Jrving May 10 1913
Malczewski F Anna  Anthony Malczewski Fancisca Wypych May 11 1910
Malczewski F Died Unnamed Anton Malczewski Frances Wippich Apr 24 1912
Malendy M Roger William Grover Cleveland Malendy Mattie Dunn Nov 29 1909
Malinski M Ervin Casimier Casimier Malinski Rose Krawiecki Dec 31 1917
Malinski M Norbert Joseph Casimer Malinski Rose Krawsecki Jul 1 1922
Malitz F Lillie Bertha Ella Herman Malitz Emma Jaeger Aug 5 1924
Malitz F Laura Elizabeth Carl Paul Malitz Marie Amelie Kroll Apr 15 1919
Malitz M Milton Herman Frederick Herman Malitz Emma Yonker Jan 10 1921
Malitz M Otto    Fred Malitz Albertina Balkey Aug 10 1908
Malitz F Beba Marcella William Malitz Viola Strand Apr 4 1919
Malitz F Clara Marie Fred Malitz Albertina Beilke Dec 8 1913
Malitz M Clarence Emil Herman Malitz Emma Jaeger Nov 25 1911
Malitz M Edgar Carl Malitz Mary Kroll Mar 16 1924
Malitz M Edward  Herman Malitz Emma Jaeger Jul 26 1914
Malitz F Elsie Emilie Emma Fred Malitz Albertine Beilke Jun 10 1911
Malitz M Erwin Herman Paul Herman Malitz Emma Jaeger Mar 19 1909
Malitz M Harry Herman Malitz Emma Jaeger Mar 15 1913
Malley M Unnamed Anton Malley Tena Gibson Aug 27 1914
Malone M Atha H. John Malone Lenora Aarow Oct 13 1910
Maloney F Elnora Marie Bertha John A. Maloney Ida Borchardt Mar 25 1919
Maltbey M Unnamed Alonzo Maltbey Sady Alender Dec 5 1914
Maltbey M Eugene Russel Alonzo Matlbey Sadie Allender May 4 1921
Maltbey M George Alonzo S. Maltbey Sarah Alander Jun 25 1908
Maltbey F Irene Evelyn Olonzo Maltbey Sadie Allender May 9 1923
Maltby M Alonzo Ezery Alonzo Maltby Sady Allender Oct 9 1912
Maltby M Clifford Haleys Alonzo E. Maltby Sarah Alender May 21 1910
Maltzahn F Helene Emma Othelia Gustav Maltzahn Alice Johnson Jan 2 1918
Malueg F Adelia Othellia Isabel Emil Malueg Elen Kolpack Malueg Jun 19 1912
Malueg M Albert  Albert J. Malueg Ida Gehrman Sep 22 1908
Malueg M Allen Gustave Malueg Augusta Sach Apr 25 1910
Malueg F Anna Clara Alfred F. Malueg Myrtle Green Sep 13 1919
Malueg M Anton Anton Malueg Barbara Steffel Feb 7 1912
Malueg M August August F. Malueg Francscia Peterman Mar 21 1909
Malueg M Died Unnamed Albert F. Malueg Emma Schultz Mar 10 1911
Malueg F Dorcella Lydia Harold A. Malueg Louise Watter Mar 4 1918
Malueg M Edgar Gustave Malueg Martha Sack  Sep 3 1908
Malueg M Elder Erwin Gust Malueg Martha Sack May 16 1923
Malueg F Ella Albert Malueg Emma Schultz Sep 21 1915
Malueg F Emma William Malueg Martha Keller Aug 31 1912
Malueg F Emma Anna Albert Malueg Emma Schultz Feb 6 1909
Malueg F Esther August F. Malueg Franceska Petermann May 27 1913
Malueg M Eugene Edward Chas. Malueg Emma Block Nov 22 1924
Malueg F Florence Lucile William Malueg Martha Keller Nov 7 1917
Malueg M Floyd Chas . Malueg Anna Frankow Mar 11 1916
Malueg M Herbert Herme Fred Emil Malueg Helen Kolpack Mar 10 1908
Malueg M Hilbert Emanuel Malueg Clara Kieper Feb 2 1915
Malueg F Hilda Elsie Gusta Emanuel Malueg Clara Kieper Dec 11 1913
Malueg M Unnamed Emanual Malueg Klara Kieker Nov 22 1907
Malueg F Laura Florence William Malueg Martha Keller Sep 21 1911
Malueg F Lena   Emanuel Malueg Clara Kiefer Sep 27 1908
Malueg F Lenore Emma Maurine Herman Malueg Annie H. Malueg Feb 4 1912
Malueg M Lester Gust Malueg Martha Sack Jan 30 1920
Malueg F Lorena Gustave Malueg Martha Sack Mar 19 1916
Malueg F Loretta Gustave Malueg Martha Sack Apr 13 1914
Malueg F Lucile Hilda Herman Malueg Emma Hoeft Nov 3 1911
Malueg M Luvurn William Frank Albert Malueg Ida Gehrmann Nov 8 1911
Malueg F Mamie Carrie Martha William Malueg Martha Keller Oct 3 1908
Malueg F Margaret Delores Violet Emil Malueg Helen Kolpack Nov 20 1921
Malueg M Markus Willie Emanuel Emanuel Malueg Clara Kieper Sep 1 1912
Malueg F Marsella Rose Emanuel Malueg Clara Kieper Oct 17 1922
Malueg M Martin Albert William Albert John Malueg Ida Gehrmann Feb 24 1910
Malueg M Marvin August F. Malueg Francesca Peterman Jun 30 1911
Malueg F Meta  Emil Malueg Helene Kolpack Apr 20 1909
Malueg M Orval Vilas Willie Julius Malueg Martha D. Malueg Mar 2 1912
Malueg M Roland Albert Emanuel Malueg Clara Kieper Jul 4 1917
Malueg M Rubin Chas. Malueg Alma Frankow Sep 1 1912
Malueg M Rudolph Edward Charles Emanuel Malueg Clara Kieper Jan 31 1911
Malueg M Vernon Juius Valentine Julius William Malueg Martha Detert Feb 14 1910
Malueg F Viola Emanuel Malueg Clara Koepen Oct 26 1909
Malueg F Virginia      Otto Malueg Emma Steffen May 11 1924
Malueg F Vivian Chas. Malueg Anna Frankow Apr 16 1910
Malueg M Wallace William Gust Malueg Martha Sack Jan 21 1918
Malueg M Werner Ruben Louis Gustav Malueg Not Listed Apr 19 1912
Malueg M Willard Alex Emanuel Malueg Clara Kieper Jul 7 1918
Malueg M William     August Malueg Bertha Schactschneider Jan 15 1908
Maness F Ruth William Maness Beulah Allison Sep 20 1924
Mann M Carl Dennis Chas. Mann Mary Beasaw Jul 14 1923
Manney M Walles Charles Ralph Talfon Manney Lillian Ruth McAllister Apr 28 1923
Mannigel M Loyd James Marvin Otto Mannigel Helga Johanna Olsen Jul 14 1908
Mansee F Dora John Mansee Clara Peter Feb 27 1919
Mansee F Florine Minnie Auguste Fred Mansee Anna Fick Aug 16 1911
Mansee F Viola Fred Mansee Anna Fick Oct 22 1909
Manthei M Arthur Frank Robert Rudolph Manthei Annie Broetzman Jul 16 1910
Manthei F Caroline Rudolph Manthei Annie Broetzman Sep 23 1919
Manthei F Edna A. Rudolph H. Manthei Annie Broetzman Sep 18 1908
Manthei F Elenora Rudolph Manthei Annie Broetzman Mar 17 1914
Manthei F Evelyn       Rudolph Manthei Annie Broetzman Aug 30 1920
Manthei F Helen John Manthei Paulina Zuehlsdorf May 9 1921
Manthei M Herman Rudolph Manthei Anna Broetzman Jan 4 1916
Manthei F Louisa John Manthey Paulina Zuehlsdorf May 6 1918
Manthei M Walter Louis Rudolph Rudolph Manthei Annie Broetzman Aug 3 1912
Manthey F Gertrude Lydia Pauline Rudolph Manthey Anna Broetzman Feb 17 1918
Maraszek F Gertrude      Frank Maraszek Cecilia Gracyahny Oct 14 1918
Marchs M Gordon John Marchs Minnie Ohm Oct 20 1910
Marcks F Bessie Leone Fred Marcks Adie Magaurm Dec 28 1910
Marcks F Minnie Angeline Fred Marcks Adie Majurn Dec 21 1908
Marcks M Sylvester Herman William C. Marcks Lizzie Radtke Dec 15 1919
Marcks M Victor John Marcks Minnie Ohm Jan 14 1908
Marhol F Mildred Adolph Marohl Helena Deeming Feb 2 1919
Marhol F Violet       Robert Marohl Antonia Krueger Aug 24 1912
Maringer F Florence Margareth Charles A. Maringer Milthrek Baldock Jun 13 1911
Maringer M Roy E. Charles A. Maringer Mildred Baldock May 10 1909
Marion F Kathleen Felix Marion Date Petrusky Apr 21 1915
Mark F Martha Alice Walter F. Mark Caroline Whalker Aug 11 1910
Markenson M Clifford Peter Markenson Emily Larson Mar 8 1908
Marks F Joyce Hazel An Edwin Marks Gladys Seymor Jul 9 1921
Marks F Violet Myrtle Andrew Marks Lydia Mathias Apr 29 1922
Markusen F Ethel Olga Adolph Markusen Sophia Hovie Aug 6 1912
Markusen M Orville Gerhard Adolph Markusen Sophia Hovie Aug 27 1918
Markuson M Selmer Adolph Markuson Sophia Hovie Apr 1 1910
Marohl F Agnes Johanna Mary Herman Marohl Elizabeth Hartman Oct 12 1908
Marohl F Adeline     Julius Marohl Anna Bastels Jun 13 1915
Marohl F Ester     Robert Marohl Antona Krueger Jul 7 1908
Marohl M Ewald Robert Marohl Antone Krueger Aug 17 1914
Marohl F Irene     Robert Marohl Antonia Krueger Feb 24 1911
Marohl F Leona    Robert Marohl Antonia Krueger Feb 1 1918
Marohl M Lenard Adolph Marohl Lena Deering Apr 22 1923
Marohl M Marvin Albert Philip Marohl Loraine Bahr Dec 26 1923
Marohl M Otto    Otto Marohl Rosie Hauer Oct 4 1911
Marohl M Rudolph Otto Marohl Rure Heuer Feb 19 1909
Marohl M (Stillborn) Alfred Marohl Ida Pett Nov 28 1923
Marohl M Victor Adolph Marohl Helen Deering Dec 16 1920
Marohl F Viola Robert Marohl Antona Krueger Jul 7 1908
Maroszek F Agnes Frank Maroszel Cecilia Gracyalyn Jan 25 1916
Maroszek F Annie Frank Maroszek Cecilia Graczalny Jul 5 1917
Maroszek M Florian Frank Maroszek Cecelia Gracyalny Aug 6 1921
Maroszek M John     Frank Maroszek Cecelia Gracyalmy Nov 24 1914
Maroszek F Monica    Frank Maroszek Celia Gracyalny Apr 30 1923
Maroszeki M Walter Frank Maroszeki CeciliaGraczalmy Jan 30 1920
Marotz F Dorothy     Charles Marotz Elsie Moede Apr 17 1921
Marotz M Melvin Arthur Chas. Arthur A.J. Marotz Agnes Mahnke Mar 15 1916
Marquardt M Alfred (Stillborn)(twin) 2 Herb Marquardt Selma Marole Aug 15 1918
Marquardt M Anton Emil Marquardt Anna Klevsahl May 11 1908
Marquardt M Arnold Julius Herbert Marquardt Selma Marole Apr 5 1913
Marquardt F Bernadine Elsie Albert Marquardt Meta Raddant Jan 25 1922
Marquardt F Cecilia Robert Marquardt Mathilda Busch Dec 18 1912
Marquardt M Clarence Marvin Frank Herbert Marquardt Selma Marohl Aug 28 1914
Marquardt M Clifford Frank Arthur Hubert Marquardt Selma Marohl Feb 26 1916
Marquardt F Dora  Aug Marquardt Not Listed Jun 29 1912
Marquardt F Dorothy Chas Marquardt Amelia Revoir Aug 6 1922
Marquardt M Earl Edward Paul Marquardt Clara Raddant Aug 25 1918
Marquardt M Edgar Albert Paul Marquardt Clara Raddant Dec 15 1919
Marquardt F Eleanora Robert Marquardt Tilly Busch Nov 11 1908
Marquardt F Elsie Lillie Wilhelm Marquardt Anna Krueger Feb 5 1918
Marquardt F Florence Emil Marquardt Anna Kleversahl Nov 11 1913
Marquardt M Fredrick (Stillborn)(twin) 1 Herb Marquardt Selma Marole Aug 15 1918
Marquardt M George Charlie Julius Robert Marquardt Nathilda Busch Sep 11 1917
Marquardt F Gladys May Paul Marquardt Clara Raddant May 3 1923
Marquardt M Gordon Charles Marquardt Amelia Revoir May 6 1921
Marquardt M Harold Hugo Herbert Marquardt Selma Marohl Feb 28 1911
Marquardt M Harvey Leo Robert Marquardt Mathilda Busch May 18 1922
Marquardt F Laura  Aug Marquardt Mary Touglaff Oct 11 1907
Marquardt M Lester   Emil Marquardt Annie Kleversahl Aug 21 1923
Marquardt M Lester Arthur Otto Marquardt Hulda Wesener Jan 25 1915
Marquardt F Lula Robert Marquardt Mathilda Buach Sep 16 1920
Marquardt F Marina Mabel Violet Gust Marquardt Ella Jahnke Feb 1 1912
Marquardt M Maynard Rob Marquardt Mathilda Busch Mar 4 1911
Marquardt M Milton Emil Ervin William Marquardt Anna Krueger Dec 15 1913
Marquardt M Milton Lewis Robert Marquardt Mathilda Bush Apr 8 1919
Marquardt F Martha Otilga Emelia Aug Marquardt Mary Trieglaff Aug 28 1920
Marquardt M Roland Reinert Paul Marquardt Clara Raddant Apr 6 1921
Marquardt F Ruth Erna Christel Anton Marquardt Rieka Goerg Nov 9 1908
Marquardt F Vera Anna Gustave Marquardt Ella Jahnke Feb 3 1914
Marquardt F Vernice Irene Otto Marquardt Hulda Wesener Sep 9 1919
Marquardt F Viola Louis Marquardt Emma Lentz Mar 15 1909
Marquardt F Wilma Gladys Otto Marquardt Hulda Wisener Dec 11 1920
Marquart F Auguste Freda  William Marquart Anna Krueger Nov 13 1915
Marquerdt F Beatrix Herbert Marquerdt Mildred Cowden Feb 29 1912
Marquette M Arthur     Herbert Marquette Mildred Cowden Apr 14 1913
Marquette F Edith Hilda Herbert Marquette Mildred Cowden Nov 23 1919
Marquette F Estella Louise August Marquette Amalia Spaude Mar 28 1918
Marquette  F Ruby Ann Herbert Marquette Mildred Cowden Dec 23 1917
Marrow M Leo Harold Leon Harold Marrow Anna Radlinger Jun 29 1922
Marsh F Amelia Ruth Joel V. Marsh Mina Courtier Feb 6 1908
Marsh F Doris Josephine Steve Marsh Helen Ellis May 1 1921
Marsh M Odon Theodore Joseph De William Marsh Delina Vincent Mar 13 1911
Marshall M Merril Earnest Marshall Gertrude Fletcher Sep 25 1908
Marszalek F Pauline John Marszalek Mary Budziak Jan 15 1908
Marten M Otto     Albert Marten Matilda Krueger Jul 30 1908
Marten     M Edwin Chas Marten Mary Jesse Nov 17 1911
Martens F Annie Jane Helmuth Martens  Livia H. Wunderlich Sep 24 1924
Martens F Florence Alice Helmut Martens  Livia Wennderlick Jun 11 1917
Martens M Lorence Max Martens Manda Heise Apr 21 1920
Martens M Richard     Helmut Martens  Lephia Martens Dec 20 1914
Martens  M Harry   Helmut Martens  Lafia Wunderlich Apr 10 1913
Martin F Unnamed David Martin Elizabeth Macoby Jan 15 1922
Martin F Adelaide Joseph Sylvester Martin Florence Adelaide Miller Mar 16 1911
Martin M Alex Elmer John Martin Anna Wilber  Sep 13 1920
Martin F Alice Louise Raymond Martin Clara Berndt Jul 18 1923
Martin F Dorethea Sophie Silas Rohr Martin Luella Amanda Rossow Apr 9 1923
Martin F Ethel     Herman Martin Anna Buelow Jan 6 1911
Martin F Evelyn Louise Herman Martin Anna Buelow Mar 21 1919
Martin F Genevieve Ruth Walter Herman Bocher Hertha H. Koske Feb 28 1910
Martin M Gordon Frank Martin Anna Bradley Apr 19 1910
Martin M Harvey Earl Frank Martin Bertha Lutzow Aug 7 1909
Martin F Hattie Louise Gust Martin Hattie Buhlow Jan 2 1922
Martin F Hazel Gust Martin Hattie Benlow Feb 1 1908
Martin M Herold Theodore Albert Frank Martin Bertha Lutzow Apr 10 1908
Martin F Irene Louise Silas Martin Cathrine Polta Nov 13 1912
Martin M John Hayter Leslie J. Martin Esther Hayter Jan 6 1923
Martin M John Mitchell John Martin Annie Wilbur Mar 5 1917
Martin M Laurence Oliver John Martin Anna Wilber  May 3 1923
Martin F Lorraine Louise Alex Martin Freda Fink Aug 8 1923
Martin F Louisa Anna John Martin Annie Wilber Dec 21 1914
Martin F Lucile Gust Martin Hattie Buelow Feb 15 1911
Martin F Mae Mildred Helmut Martens  Livia Wunderlich Nov 6 1918
Martin F Mildred Herman Martin Annie Buelow Jan 14 1915
Martin F Mildred Virginia Joseph Martin Florence Miller Feb 28 1922
Martin M Morris Julius James Martin Tillie Smith Aug 13 1920
Martin M Moses David Martin Elizabeth Macoby Jul 1 1924
Martin F Myrtle Arelena Adolph Martin Viola Baster May 12 1923
Martin F Olga Petrova Joseph S. Martin Florence Miller Jun 23 1916
Martin M Peter Amos John Martin Annie Wilber Feb 5 1913
Martin M Roland Henry Reinhold Frank F. Martin Bertha Luetzoro Dec 10 1912
Martin M Royer Oliver Fred Frank F. Martin Betha Luetzow Sep 29 1911
Martin F (Stillborn) John Martin Annie Wilbur Feb 7 1918
Martin M Victor Carl Joseph Sylvester Martin Florence A. Miller Oct 5 1914
Martin  F Anna Katherine Silas Martin Katherin Polta Jun 19 1911
Martzke M Fred Carl Fred Martzke Mary Roggenbauch Jun 15 1912
Marx F Juliana Margaretha Peter Marx Anna Maria Benz Aug 16 1911
Marx F Katherine Margaret Peter Marx Maria Benz Jun 30 1909
Marx M Raymond Roy Albert C. Marx Minnie Schlei May 8 1909
Marzec F Josephine Rose Stanley Marzec Rose Kizior Nov 2 1917
Maskewit F Jane    Jacob Maskewit Theresa Tourtillott Sep 29 1912
Maskewit F Unnamed Jacob Maskewit Therse  ?? Nov 7 1919
Mason M Kenith Joe Frank Mason Christena Senn Nov 17 1922
Mastey M Alvin     Stanley Mastey Agnes Szymanski Jan 12 1916
Mastey F Evelyn Helen Stanley Mastey Agnes Szymanski Apr 16 1923
Mastey F Florence Stanley Mastey Agnes Szymanski Oct 12 1919
Mastey  F Lorraine Catherine Stanley Mastey Agnes Gzymanski Jul 16 1924
Mastey  M Norbert     Stanley Mastey Agnes Gzymanski Dec 5 1917
Masty F Verna Stanley Masty Agnes Szymanski Sep 23 1921
Matchakamon F Mary John Matchakamon Kewacky  Sawkenea Jun 12 1912
Matchepato    F Mary Ann Edward Matchepato    Madeline Davis Oct 7 1918
Matchepatoy F Rose Edward Matchepatay Madeline Davis Jul 20 1914
Matchewska M Edward  Joe Matchewska Victoria Jejelaka Apr 19 1911
Matchopatow F Florence Louis Matchopatow Mary Valandes Jul 20 1923
Matecki F Isabell Clara John Matecki Pauline Peplinski Aug 6 1924
Mathews F Agnes Augusta Carl Mathews Ema Fischer Feb 21 1918
Mathews F Aurelia Robert Mathews Clara Hartman May 24 1915
Mathews F Leila Olga Robert Mathews Clara Hartman Aug 13 1918
Mathison F Chesta Melvin Iver Mathison Hilda Johnson Jul 26 1910
Mathison M Elmer Albert Lawrence Mathison Helma Amanda Johnson Aug 4 1908
Mathison M Harvey Loyd Lawrence Mathison Hilma Amanda Johnson Jan 17 1910
Mathison F Sylvia Addalina Iver Mathison Hilda Christina Johnson Jul 29 1908
Matner M Theo George Adolph Matner Emily Martin Jan 4 1924
Matscke F Anna      Joseph Matscke Mary Troiber Sep 27 1919
Matson F Betty Jane Hjalmer Matson Ella Stark Sep 6 1924
Matson F Harriet Ethel Hjalmer Matson Ella Stark Apr 2 1923
Matson M Kenneth     Edwin Matson Adle Larson Feb 2 1922
Matson F Lillian Dorthea Gulick Matson Jennie Olson Apr 3 1915
Matson F Marion Beraldine Gullick Matson Jennie Olson Jan 15 1919
Matson N/L (Stillborn) Edwin Matson Adele  Larson Feb 1 1917
Matson M Vernon Ward Edwin Matson Adele Larson Mar 23 1924
Mattczak F Cecelia Stanley Mattczak Jadwiga Swiontek Oct 26 1912
Matteson M Clarance Chas G. Matteson Mattie Meyers Mar 19 1908
Matteson M Robert Henry Chas. J. Matteson Josie Jubert Sep 27 1908
Mattison M Wallace        Martin Mattison Annie Stiede Feb 28 1919
Mattner M Albert Walter Adolph Mattner Emily Martin Aug 22 1922
Mattson F Lucille Otto Mattson Ida Splitgerber Jun 2 1923
Mattson F Orella Edmere Andrew Mattson, Jr. Nellie Dixon Oct 23 1910
Mattson M Durwood Adelbert Andrew Mattson     Anna Dickson Dec 13 1920
Matuszak F Isabella   Michael Matuszak Constantia Kusz Sep 21 1915
Matz F Alice Emma Albertina Frank Matz Louisa Bartelime Sep 9 1910
Matz F Anita Lillian Beatren Frederick E. Matz Amilia Sophia Bartelme Aug 4 1912
Matz M Arnold Emil Walter Aug F. Matz Rieka Schenk Jan 21 1910
Matz M Eddie Arthur Aug Ferdnand Matz Rika Schenk Jun 23 1913
Matz F Erma Albertina Fred Matz Amelia Bartelme May 30 1911
Matz F Louise Frances Frank Matz Louise Bartelme Aug 8 1914
Matzke F Gertrude Emma Chas Matzke Whilamina Bauch Feb 14 1921
Matzke M Alvin Arthur Charles Matzke Minnie Bauch Nov 18 1922
Matzke M Hilbert Walter Erwin Charlie Matzke Minnie Bauch Mar 25 1919
Matzke F Mabel Esther Chas Matzke Minnie Bauch Apr 23 1917
Matzke F Mildred Louise Herman Matzke Ethel McCalvoy Feb 14 1910
Matzke M (Stillborn) Chas Matzke Minnie Bauch Jan 17 1916
Mauritz M Edward    Ferdnand Mawitz Sylvia Jones Aug 4 1918
Mauritz F Marie    Ferdnand Mawitz Sylvia Jones Jun 4 1924
Mauritz M Richard Paul Ferd Mauritz Josie Pollack Apr 29 1922
Mavis M Arthur Paul Mavis Frieda Boensch Jan 26 1922
Mavis M Carl William Frederick William Mavis Louisa Korthbein May 30 1924
Mavis M Elmer Arthur Paul Paul Mavis Frieda Beansch Aug 15 1923
Mavis F Mildred Freida Pauline Paul Mavis Frieda Boernich May 7 1918
Maxon F Lucille Mayflower Glen Maxon Maggie Burnett May 4 1917
Maxon F Uryth Marie Leo Maxon Effie Tousey Jun 13 1910
May F Ardis Cathleen Henry May Laura Kunz Feb 21 1908
Mayer M Clarence William Frederick Ernst Mayer Clara Mittag Nov 27 1921
Mayer F Delorea Meleta Jake Mayer Meleta Dries Jun 6 1909
Mayer M Harry Robert E. Herman Mayer Ida Moesch Apr 15 1915
Mayer F Hilda Erna Amanda Herman Mayer Adelaide Moasch Sep 23 1912
Mayer F Laurine Robert Mayer Albertine Gast May 24 1918
Mayer F Olive Robert Mayer Albertina Gast  May 28 1914
Mayer M Woodrow Jacob Mayer Malida Dreyer Mar 19 1916
Mayers F Hazel William C. Mayers Bertha Grimm Dec 31 1910
Mayo M Andy Lewis Mayo  Flora Rice Oct 1 1907
McAllister F Rosella James Smith McAllister Marcella Katherine Fischer Jun 30 1920
McAuley M Ellis Arthur Lester McAuley Nora Phillip Sep 27 1921
McAuly F Alice Marg Lester McAuly Laura Phillips Oct 8 1919
McBride M Charles Raymond R.E. McBride Hazel Mielke Sep 7 1924
McBride F Harriet Catherine Raymond McBride Hazel Mielke Jun 26 1920
McCann F Lulu Lee Terrance McCann Belle Kling Mar 17 1908
McCarrell M Charles Leo Thomas N. McCarrell Julia Cornelius Apr 20 1919
McCarthy F Marjorie Catherine David Richard McCarthy Susa Alfat Oct 28 1907
McCarthy F Nellie Agnes David R. McCarthy Susan Alft Sep 12 1910
McCarthy M Harold M.  David R. McCarthy Susie Alft Mar 5 1912
McCarthy F Mary Fleurannge David R. McCarthy Susan Alft Aug 28 1913
McCarthy F Geraldine Elaine Dave McCarthy Susie Alft Oct 17 1915
McComb F Not Listed R. Paine McComb Inez Anderson Dec 29 1910
McComb M (Stillborn) R. Rayne McComb Ineza Anderson Mar 6 1909
McConaghy M Patrick James McConaghy Agnes Bergeon Apr 23 1919
McConley F Merna Elaine Jack McConley Katherine Erickson Mar 30 1920
McConley F Alice Marie Jackson McConley Kate Ericson Apr 19 1924
McCoy M Lester Gordon William McCoy Ruby Thompson Jun 30 1911
McCoy F Nettie Maud William James McCoy Ruby Merindy Thompson May 2 1908
McDonald F Grendola Aaron McDonald Gertrude Robinson Dec 21 1920
McDonald M John Charles Charles H. McDonald Ella Meisner Aug 20 1912
McDonald M Roger Keith E.H. McDonald Martha Gutsch May 25 1924
McDonald M Russell Louis Charles Louis McDonald Minnie Bertha Schonick Dec 12 1909
McDonald  M Robert Douglas Elmer H. McDonald Martha Gertsch Feb 6 1921
McDonell F Belle Marie Chas McDonell Minie Schoenick Feb 1 1908
McDonell M Herbert      Alexander McDonell Johanna Smith Aug 3 1903
McDonell M John William A. McDonell Lydia A. Heinrich Nov 18 1913
McDonell F Mary Lydia William A. McDonell Lydia Heinrick Apr 8 1917
McDonnell M Gordon Heinrich William McDonnell Lydia Heinrich Jun 22 1908
McFarland M Unnamed Chas McFarland Not Listed Mar 31 1908
McFarland F Thelma Susan Oris C. McFarland Ether Mickleson Mar 20 1908
McFarlane F Erna Harriett Chris McFarlane Esther Nicholson May 31 1917
McFarlane M Oscar Oris  McFarlane Esther McFarlane May 11 1911
McFarlane M Roben Percival Cris McFarlane Esther Nicolson Jan 6 1921
McFarlane F Serena Nellie Orris McFarlane Esther Mickelson Jul 3 1923
McGee F Bertha Ambrose McGee Pauline Peters Jul 18 1917
McGee M Charles Kendle Ambrose McGee Pauline Peters Dec 31 1910
McGee M Elwin Ambrose McGee Pauline Peters Oct 29 1919
McGee F Irene Elvera Ambrose McGee Paulina Peters Sep 17 1924
McGee F Nellie J. Abrose McGee Paulina Peters Apr 1 1914
McGillivary F Margaret Nancy Richard McGillivary Janette A. Smith Nov 20 1922
McGillivery M Carl Robert Robert McGillivery Lillian Bruce Mar 23 1922
McGillvary M Angus James Richard McGillvary Jennie Smith Jan 30 1916
McGillvary F Doris Lillian Robert McGillvary Edna Lillian Bruce Mar 9 1920
McGilney M Curtis Charles Richard McGilney Jennie Smith May 17 1920
McKay F Eleine Adin McKay Sybl Swanson Apr 22 1921
McKay F Ione Adin McKay Syble Swanson Apr 3 1919
McKay M Robert Russel Adin George McKay Sibyl Ester Swanson Apr 15 1918
McKeefery  F Irene Pearl Chas McKeefery Gertrude Hein Sep 2 1915
McKeefery  M M. Russel Daniel McKeefery Martha Luecke Jul 11 1913
McKeefrey F Evelyn Minnie Mary Peter McKeefrey Betha Noerning Aug 15 1923
McKeefry F Dorris Martha Dan McKeefry Martha Luecke Apr 2 1923
McKeefry M Alvin Daniel McKeefry Martha Luecke Mar 26 1921
McKeefry M Clifford Charles Charles McKeefry Gertrude Hein Dec 6 1917
McKeefry F Eleanor Louise Dan McKeefry Martha Luecke Jun 29 1918
McKeefry M Harvey Daniel McKeefry Martha Luecke Apr 19 1916
McKeefry M Lavern Joseph Charles McKeefry Gertrude Hein Jul 4 1920
McKeefry M Lee Peter Peter McKeefry Bertha Nearing May 10 1918
McKeefry F Mary Lucy Peter McKeefry Bertha Nearing Nov 25 1919
McKenna F Fern Sophia John McKenna Hattie Emelia Bonnin Aug 11 1914
McKenna M Ralph Harlan William McKenna Blanch Drake Sep 26 1921
McKenna M (Stillborn) William McKenna Florence Deake Sep 24 1915
McKenna F Vilet Mirtha Richard McKenna Florence Drake Oct 4 1918
McKenna M William Richard William R. McKenna Florence Drake Jun 3 1913
McKenzie M Grant William William McKenzie Jessie Ainsworth Jan 10 1914
McLaughlin M Berton Stewart Berton McLaughlin Rose Stewart Sep 25 1917
McLaughlin M Charles Edward Berton McLaughlin Rose Stewart Feb 28 1921
McLaughlin M Herbert William McLaughlin Mary Banta Jun 7 1910
McLaughlin F Minnie Eva Bert McLaughlin Rose Stewart Mar 30 1924
McLaughlin M Robert Joseph Joseph McLaughlin Margaret Dillenburg Jan 27 1915
McLeod M Marvin Chiles Chas McLeod Bessie Jepson Apr 30 1908
McMahon M Rolla Junior Rolla James McMahon Clara Amelia Berg May 30 1921
McMahon M Walter Gustave McMahon Emily Kohn Jul 17 1908
McMuller M Roy Carl Victor McMuller Olga Hinkfuss Jul 2 1923
McMurray M David Lawrence David McMurray Amelia Kraut Oct 28 1924
McMurry F Fern Verna David McMurry Emily Haut Feb 26 1923
McNeely F Lilian Fay Edward McNeely Edna Hagmond Apr 4 1916
McNellis M Not Listed William McNellis Bertha Bawnell Oct 9 1915
McNellis F Miriam Kathryn William McNellis Bertha Brownell Sep 20 1912
McNiel M Edmund Humphrey George McNiel Leona Evans Jul 9 1911
McNutt F Not Listed Tony McNutt Mary Andrews Jul 17 1908
McNutt M Richard Tony McNutt May Andrews Jul 22 1912
McNutt M Donald Francis Anton McNutt May Andrews Oct 28 1914
McNutty F (Stillborn) Frank McNutty Celia Crandall Jul 12 1908
McPherson ? Not Listed George McPherson Not Listed Mar 17 1920
McPherson M Alfred Herbert Herbert McPherson Agnes Mary Frechette Mar 6 1920
McPherson F Blanche Marie Edward George McPherson Agnes Lawe Jul 28 1913
McPherson M Cyril Raymond George McPherson Agnes LaRock Sep 9 1915
McPherson M Reynold George McPherson Agnes LaRock Apr 13 1921
McPherson M Woodrow Joseph George McPherson, Jr. Agnes LaRock Dec 8 1917
Mech M Melvin Edward Theo Mech Amanda Kraut Aug 24 1920
Mech F Roy Edwin Theodor Edward G. Mech Irene Blum Sep 13 1915
Mech F Ruth Irene Erna Edward Godfrey Mech Irena Bertha Blum Jul 15 1918
Mech M Vernon Theo Theo Mech Amanda Kraut Jul 3 1922
Mechelke F Dolores May Eugene V. Mechelke Beulah E. Pikering Mar 29 1923
Mecikalski F Anna Andrew Mecikalski Mary Kusz Oct 5 1911
Mecikalski F Celicia Frank Mecikalski Paulina Zugmanski Oct 4 1909
Mecikalski F Ester     Albert Mecikalski Frances Karpinski Nov 9 1914
Mecikalski F Lucya Frank Mecikalski Paulina Zygmandki Nov 30 1911
Mecikalski M Raymond Roman Frank Mecikalski Paulina Zygmanski Jul 9 1914
Medow F Florina Frederich Medow Wilhamena Cauier Voelz Oct 29 1910
Medson F Lillian    Ole Medson Helen Hansen Mar 9 1914
Mehlbauer M Robert Charley Anton Mehlbauer Francis Wode Jun 7 1909
Mehlberg F Amelia     Fred Mehlberg Anna Schnettfill Aug 20 1909
Mehlberg M Arnold    Fred Mehlberg Anna Schuettfelz Dec 30 1923
Mehlberg M Arthur Otto Charley William Mehlberg Hulda Schrank Mehlberg