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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Cathe Ziereis

N2645 Rustic Circle

Clintonville, WI 54929


Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012

Editor Jim Glasheen 2010

Anita Perez 2012

Naber M John Diedrick Chas. F. Naber Geneive Flanagan Aug 3 1923
Nachtway F Cristle Margaret Joe Nachtway Lena Alft Oct 2 1919
Nachtway F Evelyn Cecilia Alfred G. Nachtway Melissa Mayville Dec 11 1911
Nachtway M Roger David Joseph Nachteway Lena Alfter Jan 26 1908
Nachtwey M Fredrick Alfred Alfred Nachtwey Marcella Mayville Apr 23 1916
Nachtwey F Florence Grace Joseph Nachtwey Lena Alft Aug 14 1910
Nachtwey M Henry Francis Alfred G. Nachtwey Malesse Mayville Jul 9 1910
Nachtwey F Irene Agnes Frances C. Nachtwey Agnes Kugel Nov 24 1913
Nachtwey M John Benjamin Alfred Nachtwey Malissa Mayville  Jul 29 1919
Nachtwey F Pearl Agnes Joseph Nachtwey Lena Alft Mar 20 1914
Nacootee F Agnes Elizabeth Mitchell Nacootee Margaret Beauprey Jul 8 1920
Nacootee F Louise Mitchell Nacootee Charlotte Beauprey Aug 19 1922
Nacotee F Delia Mitchell Nacotee Maggie Lawe Jan 3 1913
Nacotee M Mitchell Philip Mitchell Nacotee Charlotte Beauprey Apr 4 1924
Nacoty F Celia (twin) 1 Mitchell Nacoty Margaret Nacoty Apr 1 1915
Nacoty M Lawrence (twin) 2 Mitchell Nacoty Margaret Nacoty Apr 1 1915
Nadler M Alwin Julius Julius Nadler Effie Krake Jun 20 1913
Nadler F Ellis Paula Julius Nadler Effie Krake Aug 7 1915
Nagel F Meveiel Lorraine Edward Nagel Nillie Rickman Sep 21 1918
Nagel M Russell Leroy Edward Henry Nagel Nellie Eliz. Rickman Aug 25 1920
Nagle F Cecilia Patricia Irene Patric Nagle Irene Farr Jun 4 1909
Nagle M Dean (twin) 2 Jack R. Nagle May Thrope Jul 4 1909
Nagle F Dorothy (twin) 1 Jack R. Nagle May Thrope Jul 4 1909
Nagreen F Floy Eualie Vernon C. Nagreen Annetta Waite Aug 8 1910
Nahashanawoco M Not listed Louis Nahashanawoco Josetle Mar 20 1912
Nahwahquau F Josephine David Nahwahquau Keshekokey Kashketopy Jul 19 1912
Naidul F Constance Charles Naidul Teelley Kaczmarek Sep 26 1917
Naidul F Irene       Charles Naidul Tillie Kaczmarowski Mar 4 1923
Najdul F Gertie Charles Najdul Gille Kaczmorowski Jan 25 1920
Napper F Elizabeth Edward Napper Elizabeth Armstrong Aug 18 1917
Napper M Joseph Robert Edward Napper Elizabeth Armstrong Oct 30 1915
Narlow M Ivan    Joe Narlow Emma Mahm Jan 29 1914
Nass F Alice A.  Louis Nass Ella Danielson Dec 2 1918
Nass F Dora  Louis Nass Ella Danielson Jul 30 1921
Nass F Dorothy L. John Nass Lydia Olson Feb 17 1920
Nass M Edward L. Louis Nass Ella Danielson Jan 13 1916
Nass F Eleanora Amelia Louis Nass Alla Damielson Apr 12 1911
Nass F Hazel Evelyn John Nass Lida Olson Feb 10 1916
Nass M Jalmer John Nass Leta Olson Feb 3 1918
Nass F Judith Carol John Nass Leda Olson Mar 28 1924
Nass F Marie Janett John Nass Nada Olson Mar 5 1914
Nass M Orvel Joseph Joseph Nass Alvina Baltszor Jan 17 1919
Nass M Percy J.  John Nass Lydia Olson Dec 11 1921
Nass F Ruth Louisa Louis H. Nass Ella Danielsen Sep 2 1912
Nass M Walter Louis Nass Ella Danielson Sep 16 1923
Natchapatow (Matchapatow) F Mary Jane Edward Natchapatow (Mat.) Madeline Davis May 17 1924
Natchtwey M Cyral Francis C. Nachtwey Agnes Kugel Feb 9 1919
Natinokey M Shawanonakesay Kawkaw Notinokey Yellow Cloud Nov 4 1918
Natzke F Alice Minnie Albert Natzke Bertha Bratz Jun 17 1920
Natzke F Dorothy Jennie Ben F. Natzke Edith Waterman Nov 20 1918
Natzke M Edward     Reinhard Natzke Luella Retzlaff Jul 30 1917
Natzke F Frieda Minna Reinhard Natzke Luella Retzlaff Sep 14 1911
Natzke M Harry    Albert Natzke Bertha Bratz Aug 26 1913
Natzke F Marion  Albert Natzke Bertha Bratz Jul 30 1910
Naubanascum M Peter Peter Naubanascum Mary Ann Wolf May 29 1920
Nauman M Lyman E. Fred Nauman Sophy Pedersen Jan 29 1912
Naumann M Lester John Naumann Amanda Krueger Jun 23 1921
Naumann M (Stillborn) John Naumann Amanda Krueger May 9 1920
Navarre M George Joseph Rapheal Isadore Navarre Julia Ganthier Feb 22 1908
Navarre M Isadore Joseph Rephail Joseph Isadore Navarre Julia Etta Gauthier Jul 23 1910
NaVarre F Leecilia Mary R. NaVarre Julia Gauthier Nov 9 1912
Navarre F Ruth     Raphael Navarre Julia Gauthier Jul 23 1914
Navarre M Simmon Raphael Navarre Julia Gauthier May 30 1909
Navarre M (Stillborn) Rafrie Navarre Juhr Gauthier Sep 26 1911
Naverre F Rachel Margarette Raphael Naverre Rachel Gauthier Feb 13 1916
Naw F Gwendolyn Ann Harry Naw Susan Markay Oct 25 1922
Nayes M Harris James Louis Nayes Ella Josephine Darnielman Jan 11 1914
Nearing M Willie Fred Nearing Martha Bublitz Dec 15 1914
Necarnist (Neconish) F Eueline Dewey Necarnist (Neconish) Catherine Makhinatos Feb 15 1923
Neconish M Un Named Freeman Neconish IreneMenore May 26 1919
Neconish F Un Named Dewey Neconish Katherine Mahkimetas May 27 1919
Neconish M Gordon John Neconish Ashkapokeok Jul 27 1923
Neconish M James     John Neconish Ashkapokeek Jul 29 1912
Neconish F Madeline Freeman Neconish Queen Menon Jun 8 1920
Neconish M Soc ke ge wah wo saw John Neconish Ashkapokrok Sep 15 1913
Nedden F Clara Emma Herman Nedden Clara Lehman Jan 16 1909
Nedden F Emma Mary Emelia Henry E. Nedden Emma Lehman Jan 27 1908
Nedden M Gustav Herman Nedden Clara Lehman Jul 31 1901
Nedden M Helmet Henry Aug. Henry Nedden Emma Maria Lehman Jun 17 1909
Nedden M Melvin Henry Nedden Emma Gehman Jul 13 1914
Nedden F Rita Anna Josephine Henry E. Nedden Emma Schman Aug 20 1918
Nedden M Wenzel Charles Herman Henry Nedden Emma Lehman Oct 6 1910
Nedow M Elwin Fred Nedow Minnie Voelz Nov 4 1917
Nehring F Mary      Fred Nehring Martha Bublitz Mar 20 1912
Neider F Dorothy Otelia Gordon G. Neider Leonora Froeming Feb 18 1918
Neimeyer F Mildred Edna Henry C. Neimeyer Edna Anker Feb 18 1914
Neinkfus F Louisa Amelia Emma William Neinkfus Amelia Strei Nov 1 1907
Neitzel F Florence Elizabeth Frank Neitzel Olga Jahnke Jun 3 1923
Neitzel F Leona Frank Neitzel Esther Lemberg Sep 15 1918
Neitzel M Leonard William Albert Wilhelm August Adolph Neitzel Lydia Lemberg Nov 24 1920
Neitzel M Arthur Charlie Frank Frank Neitzel Olga Jahnke Nov 4 1918
Neitzel M Lester Deliner Richard Neitzel Linda Knueppel Sep 19 1919
Neitzel F Lillian E. Richard Neitzel Linda Kunepel Mar 18 1915
Neitzel M (Stillborn) Frank Neitzel Olga  Jahnke Feb 3 1916
Neitzel F Violet Amalia Martha William Neitzel Lydia Lemberg Sep 21 1922
Neitzel M Walter Richard Neitzel Linda Knueppel May 11 1913
Neklewitz F Harriet C. Andrew J. Neklewitz Polly Kurowski Oct 15 1908
Nelson M Arlo Reed Iver J. Nelson Teresa Reed Dec 26 1922
Nelson M Andrew    Albert Nelson Anna Paulson May 11 1918
Nelson F Bernice William Nelson Edna Lund Jan 7 1915
Nelson M Earl Edward Bernard Nelson Dora M. Berg Aug 29 1914
Nelson M Curtis Earl Rubin Nelson Lillian Ligrid Anderson` Jun 10 1914
Nelson M Albert Edmund Albert Nelson Anna Paulson Dec 8 1910
Nelson M Elno Orlin William Nelson Edna Lund Jan 6 1920
Nelson M` Elroy Chris Nelson Addie Peterson May 31 1915
Nelson M Eugene Nabert Nabert Nelson Helga Pearson May 2 1915
Nelson F Gladys Rosetta  William Nelson Edna Lund Oct 29 1921
Nelson M Gordon Douglas Nelse Nelson Sadie Anderson Jan 7 1909
Nelson F Helen Hazel Richard Nelson Sylince Jeffers Apr 28 1921
Nelson M Herbert Reynold Elmer Nelson Anna Ziesemer Mar 26 1914
Nelson F Ione Elenora John A. Nelson Flossie Baughn Mar 16 1918
Nelson F Irene Bernice Elmer Nelson Anna Ciesmer Apr 9 1915
Nelson F Lilian Lyla Rasmees Nelson Violet Eggleston Nov 13 1911
Nelson F Lola William Nelson Edna Lund Jul 14 1918
Nelson M Melvin Ray Iver J. Nelson Theresa Reed Jul 5 1920
Nelson M Norman   Christ Nelson Anna Larum Oct 9 1917
Nelson M Oreland Niles Nels Nelson Sadie Anderson Sep 9 1914
Nelson F Pearl Fern Christian L. Nelson Addie P. Peterman Jul 11 1911
Nelson M Roy Vernon Elmer Nelson Anna Ziesmer Oct 18 1918
Nelson F Selma Susian Elmer Nelson Anna Ziesmer Feb 3 1913
Nelson F Sylvia Cecelia Chris L. Nelson Addie Peterson Sep 19 1909
Nelson M Wilmer Stanley Arthur Larson Edith C. Nelson May 16 1917
Nelson M  Vernon Christ Fred Nelson Dorothy M. Nelson Oct 31 1914
Nelund F Viola Ida William Nelund Albertina Harp Sep 14 1909
Nemetz M Arnold Wayne Chas Nemitz Flora Coons Sep 30 1923
Nemetz M Glover Ralph C. N. Nemetz Flora Coons Jun 21 1921
Nemetz F Marcella Isabelle John Nemetz Clara Nordwig Jan 1 1921
Nemetz F Valery Nadine John Nemetz Clara Nordwig Apr 18 1923
Neosh F Not listed Moses Neosh Elizabeth Sackatook Nov 14 1920
Neosh F Not listed Moses Neosh Elizabeth Sackatook Dec 29 1921
Neosh M Courtland Moses Neosh Elizabeth Sackatook Oct 16 1923
Neosh M Mose Leonard Mose Neosh Elizabeth Sackatook Dec 1 1919
Nero M David Alphonse Dave Nero Alfonsom Darandson May 10 1923
Nero M Ernest David Nero Alfonzine Aug 4 1919
Nero F Maggie    Dave Nero Darencod Price Dec 15 1915
Nero M Roy Henry Dave Nero Alfonsine Annette Puria Dec 18 1917
Nero F Semi Dave Nero Alfonce Darmsod Jan 6 1914
Nersk M (Stillborn) Gottieb Nersk Aguim Schnider Dec 19 1907
Ness M Earl Leroy George Ness  Lillian Rief Jun 9 1921
Ness M Harland Elmer George W. Ness Lillian Rief May 5 1924
Ness M Herman August Ness Ernestine Hocholz Jul 11 1913
Netzel F Dorothy Jeanette Archie Mitchell  Selma Netzel Sep 7 1919
Netzel F Catherine William Netzel Alvina Henfert Feb 10 1909
Netzel M Loid William Netzel, Jr. Alvina Hanfert May 10 1917
Netzel F Marlea William Netzel Alvina Henfer Jun 17 1921
Netzel F Melva Ann Alb Netzzel Clara Oestreich Mar 25 1921
Netzel F Myrtel Maria Reinhold F. Netzel Annie Turezek Apr 26 1915
Netzel M Syrus (twin) 2 William Netzel, Jr. Alvina Henfer Jun 7 1914
Netzel F Vidas Albert Netzel Clara Oestreich Mar 8 1918
Netzel M Willard (twin) 2 William Netzel Alvina Henfer Jul 13 1924
Netzel M Wilbert (twin) 1 William Netzel Alvina Henfer Jul 13 1924
Netzel  M Laurence Albert Netzel Clara Oestrich Sep 20 1915
Netzel  Myron (twin) 1 William Netzel, Jr. Alvina Henfer   Jun 7 1914
Neubauer M Edward William August Newbauer Elsie Vollmer Jul 16 1910
Neubauer F Elizabeth Clara August Newbauer Elsa Vollmer Nov 3 1911
Neubauer M Elmer Leo Aug Neubauer Elsie Vollmer Oct 12 1915
Neubauer F Martha Caroline Aug  Neubauer Elsie Vollmer Dec 10 1919
Neubauer M Walter Otto Aug Neubauer Elsie Vollmer Apr 30 1914
Neubauer M Carl Aug August Neubauer Elsie Volmer Jan 24 1913
Neuendorf F Adalia Augusta William Neuendorf Louisa Boettcher Sep 25 1909
Neuman F Alvila Chas Neuman, Jr. Emma Wendt Aug 5 1913
Neuman F Anna Ernestine Albert Neuman Martha Weber Dec 3 1914
Neuman M Carl Earl Chas Neuman    Emma Neuds Feb 6 1915
Neuman F Germaine Dorothy Ernst Neuman Viola Gayhart Jun 15 1922
Neuman F Grace Elonora Fred Neuman Belle Frank Oct 19 1923
Neuman M Harvard Emil Herman Carl F. Neuman Emma B. Wendt May 13 1909
Neuman F Serena Evelyn Edward Neuman Selma Kvaley Mar 13 1919
Neuman M Leland Elroy Henry Neuman Clara Rudie Jun 6 1919
Neumann M Elmer     Chas Neumann Emma Wendt Nov 30 1911
Neumann F Nora Chas Neumann Emma Wendt Oct 19 1920
Neumeier F Agnes      Geo Neumeier Frances Mader May 29 1909
Neumeier F Elaine Harriett Joe Neumeier Esther Ollman Jan 29 1919
Neumeier M Frank George Neumeier Frances Mader Oct 5 1917
Neumeier M George Richard George Neumeier Franoisca Mader Dec 30 1913
Neumeier M Harold Richard Geo Neumeier Lena Hoffman Feb 21 1921
Neumeier F Leona Anna George Neumeier Frances Mader Sep 16 1915
Neumeier M Louis George Neumeier Lena Hoffman May 4 1920
Neumeyer M Lorenz Joseph George Neumeyer Franciska Mader Apr 25 1911
Neundorf F Aneta William Neundorf Loera Boettcher Jul 13 1913
Newell F Lois Ester Harve Newell Beatrice Ragan Jul 23 1917
Newendorf F Regina Alvina Louisa William Newendorf Louisa Boetcher Jan 29 1908
Newman M Gordon Donald Henry Newman Clara Rudie May 10 1923
Newman F Jenne Dorothy Fred Newman Nellie Frank Jun 14 1913
Newnnan F Mary Sylvia John Newnnan Susan Nunway May 19 1924
Newton F Eva Margaret Ira Newton Margaret Gristow Sep 30 1915
Newton M Ira Joseph Ira Newton Margaret Gustow Sep 21 1917
Newton F Margaret Elaine Ira Newton Margaret Gristeau Nov 19 1919
Newton F Mary Augusta Ira Newton Margaret Grite Aug 29 1923
Newton M Dewey Robert Daniel Newton Ida Raguse Apr 4 1910
Newton M John R.  Ira A. Newton Margaret Gristeau Aug 23 1911
Newton M Robert Ira A. Newton Margaret Gristeau Jan 27 1922
Newton M William Allen Ira Newton Maggie Gristeau Aug 24 1913
Nichke M Robert Paul Albert John Nichke Mathilda Knoenard Dec 28 1908
Nicholaison F Marion May Henry Nicholaison Mary Anderson Jan 27 1922
Nicholaus F Dorothy Marion Otto Nicholaus Lydia Kallies Apr 28 1921
Nicholaus M Raymond Emil Emil Nicholaus Anna Heling Mar 29 1924
Nicholaus F Ruth Magdelene Emil Nicholaus Anna Heling Sep 8 1922
Nichols M Albert Erwin Ernest Nichols Geneva Erb Jun 16 1908
Nichols F Anna Mary Harold Nichols Emma Profst Nov 29 1914
Nichols M Harvey Dale Ernest Nichols Geneve Erb Mar 13 1910
Nichols M Lawrence       William Nichols Lucy Jolin Jul 8 1914
Nichols M Pierce William William Nichols Lucy Jolin May 29 1912
Nichols M (Miscarriage) George Nichols Hattie Hudson Dec 4 1907
Nichols F Vivian Almedia George E. Nichols Hattie Hudson Nov 4 1908
Nickiels F Helen    Frank Nickiels Mary Tengowski Apr 16 1922
Nickodem M Henry     Frank Nickodem Meta Schroeder Sep 5 1921
Nicolaisen M Vernon Edgar Henry Nicolaisen Mary Andreasen Feb 3 1924
Nicolaus F Gerda Emilie Pauline Reinhard D. Nicolaus Lydia Runge Jul 17 1914
Nicolaus M Roland George John Reinhard Nicolaus Lydia Runge Dec 11 1918
Niec F Alice Aurila John Niec Martha Gorecki Jan 30 1924
Niec F Alice Florence Mike Niec Katie Stczyaski Jan 9 1924
Niec M Alvin Leonard John Niec Martha Gorecki Jun 11 1921
Niec M Edward        Michael Niec Catherine Styezinski Jan 25 1912
Niec M Henry Mike Niec Katie Stezinski Dec 18 1922
Niecz M Arthur        Mike Niecz Kate Stezinski Jan 17 1920
Nieland M Oliver William Nieland Albertina Harp Apr 12 1908
Nieland M (Stillborn) Walter Nieland Amanda Pews May 25 1924
Niemeyer F Arline Ruth Henry Niemeyer Edna Anker Jul 9 1915
Niemeyer M Henry J. Henry C. Niemeyer Edna Auker Nov 29 1912
Niemuth M Fredrick William Benjamin Ernest D. Niemuth Emma L. Kringle Jan 6 1920
Niemuth M Irving Joseph Joseph F. Niemuth Emma M. Frank Aug 30 1914
Niemuth M Leon Frederick William Fred Niemuth Minnie Hilda Rohe Aug 11 1920
Niemuth M Louie Oscar Albert Fred Niemuth Hilda Rake Jun 25 1915
Niemuth F Sylvia Hilda Louise Fred H. Niemuth Hulda Rohe Oct 2 1922
Niemuth M Muriel William Otto Niemuth Olga Kasten Jul 6 1922
Niemuth F Wildred Celia Fred Niemuth Edith Opper Sep 24 1919
Niemuth M William Henry Ernest Niemuth Emma Kringle Jul 6 1923
Nienewenhaus F Dorthey Maria Ben Nienewenhaus Tressa Stadler Jun 16 1922
Niesheck M Walter Aug Niesheck Mary Sagraomski Sep 2 1918
Niespodzany  F Cecelia Mike Niespodzany Francis Falkowski Dec 8 1922
Nikodern M Harvey Frank Frank Nikodern Mata Schroeder Apr 20 1919
Nilson M Fred Halbert Fred Johan Nilson Dorthea Magdalene Johnson Mar 13 1913
Ninman F Anna Marie Wilhelmina John Frank Ninman Anna Marie W. Bartz Sep 1 1917
Ninman F Arlene Florence August Ninman Jennie Mervyn Jun 23 1910
Ninman M Arthur August William August F. Ninman Mary Jane Mervyn Jul 27 1913
Ninman F Ellenor Anna August F. Ninman Jane Mervyn Nov 7 1911
Ninman F Esther Emilie Anna Frank Ninman Anna Bartz Jan 21 1920
Ninman M Roy Donald Chas Aug Ninman Jane Mevyn Jul 10 1920
Ninmann F Eliza Amelia Rose Carl Fred W. Ninmann Susanna D. Peep Dec 24 1910
Ninmann F Minnie Adeline Mary Charles W. Ninmann Susan P. Peep Mar 6 1909
Nischik M Herbert Erwin Aug Nischik Marie Sagromski Feb 10 1921
Nischke F Adeline Paul Nischke Gertrude Werner May 15 1922
Nischke F Anna Frieda John Nischke Mathilda Knoener Oct 6 1924
Nischke F Bertha Emily Mathilde John Nischke Mathilda Kroener Sep 3 1920
Nischke F Christine John Nischke Matilda Knoerner Jun 20 1911
Nischke F Ethel Paul Nischke Gertrude Warner Aug 28 1918
Nischke F Ester     Paul Nischke Gertrude Weiner Oct 12 1910
Nischke F Gertrude Paul Nischke Gertrude Werner Jul 15 1924
Nischke M Harold     Henry Nischke Emma Winters Aug 18 1915
Nischke M Herbert John Nischke Matilda Knoener Jun 28 1914
Nischke F Lily   Paul Nischke Gertrude Werner Sep 30 1914
Nischke F Margaret     Paul Nischke Gertrude Werner May 20 1920
Nischke M Norbert Paul Nischke Gertrude Cemer Oct 11 1911
Nischke M Roland     Paul Nischke Gertrude Werner May 20 1913
Nischke  F Emma     Henry Nischke Emma Winter Jun 8 1914
Nismuth F Murriel Bertha Joseph Nismuth Emma A. Frank Jan 7 1913
Nissen M Howard     Jeff Nissen Hanna Freeley Nov 2 1922
Nissen M Norman Henry Jeff Nissen Hannah Free     Nov 26 1910
Nitka M Vincent Albert Nitka Mary Krohkowska Apr 5 1913
Noering F Merna Martelle Fred Noering Lillie Westphal Jun 13 1923
Noffke M Alvin John August Herman Noffke Alma Nischke Apr 25 1924
Noffke M Arthur Emil Noffke Clara Heberer Feb 20 1913
Noffke F Celia Mary Emil Noffke Clara Heberer Feb 3 1916
Noffke M Edgar Carl Oscar Emil Noffke Clara Heberer Jan 18 1912
Noffke F Ermigart Marjorie Paul Theodore Noffke Frida Bertha Buettner Mar 5 1923
Noffke M John Walter Paul Paul Theodore Noffke Frida Marie Buettner Jul 4 1924
Nohr M Gordon Lee Robert George Nohr Uita E. Young Apr 18 1920
Nolan M Michael Timothey James Henry F. Nolan Bernice Anderson Apr 13 1915
Nomensen F Rachael Alvina Frederick Nomensen Olga Raddant Apr 17 1915
Nommensen F Dorothy Marie Fred Nommensen Olga Raddant Apr 26 1910
Nommensen F Gretchen Babette Fred Nommensen Olga Raddant May 21 1920
Norden M Reinhold Ludwig Walter Rev. Theo. Norden Christine Beersbohm Feb 28 1914
Nordin M John Gordon William Nordin Annie Berg Jul 1 1913
Nordin M Raymond William William Nordin Annie Berg Jun  17 1915
Nordon M John Raymond Theodore Nordon Christine Bresbaum Apr 24 1918
Nordwig F Amanda Illa Otto Nordwig Clara Eggert Oct 1 1907
Nordwig M Arthur Roy Eddie Otto Nordwig Clara Eggers Oct 21 1909
Nordwig M Emil Rueben Herald Herman Nordwig Albertina Kroll Dec 19 1910
Nordwig M Gilbert Gustav Theodore Herman Nordwig Albetina Kroll Sep 20 1908
Nordwig M Harry    Otto Nordwig Clara Eggert Mar 21 1914
Nordwig F Inez June Henry Otto Nordwig Ida Sophia Schroeder Jun 13 1921
Nordwig F Irene       Henry Nordwig Ida Schroeder Oct 5 1918
Nordwig M Marvin Milton Elmer Herman Nordwig Albertena Kroll Mar 12 1913
Nordwig M Raymond Edgar Edwin Otto Nordwig  Clara Eggert Apr 22 1912
Norman F Alice Oscar Norman Annie Treptow Jan 27 1914
Norman F Alice  Esther Oscar Norman Annie Treptow Feb 18 1921
Norman F Helen Caroline Oscar Norman Annie Treptow Jul 25 1919
Norman M Robert William Julius Norman Maggie Freeborn Oct 24 1915
Norton F Anna May William E. Norton Jessie C. Lake Mar 20 1923
Norton F Iona Myrtle William Norton Jenie Lake Aug 26 1920
Norton F Lucile Harriett Ruby F. Norton Mattie Mielke Jul 19 1914
Norton F Myrtle William E. Norton Jessie Carlion Lake Jan 31 1918
Norton F Silva Ruby Ruby Norton Matie Meilke May 4 1916
Norton  F Fay Rueben F. Norton Mattie Elizabeth Mielke Jan 5 1913
Nousen F Evelyn Ruth Kryn Nousen Nellie Back Mar 23 1917
Nousen M Reuben Willis Kryn Nousen Nellie Back Dec 25 1920
Nousen M Robert Irwin Kryn Nousen Nellie Back Dec 13 1918
Novak M Philip Frank Novak Gustiannia Tulsdorf Jul 10 1917
Nowaczyk F Agnes Thomas Nowaczyk Celia Naidul Dec 19 1914
Nowaczyk M Chester Thomas Nowaczyk Celia Naidul Jul 18 1913
Nowaczyk F Eva      Thos Nowaczyk Celia Nidul Apr 2 1912
Nowak M Arthur  Peter Nowak Frances Wisnieski Aug 11 1924
Nowak F Dorothy Frank Nowak Anna Tolksdorf Sep 25 1922
Nowak F Esther      Peter Nowak Francis Wisnieski Mar 30 1922
Nowak F Hattie Alexandra Frank Nowak Annie Tolksdorf May 8 1915
Nowak F Lorene  Frank Nowak Anna Tolkdorf Aug 1 1920
Nowak F Poly    Frank Nowak Annie Tolsdorf Apr 23 1913
Nowicke F Berenidena Maria Martin Nowicke Magdalina Stanka Mar 26 1916
Nowicki M Beniamin Dominik Martin Nowicki Michalina Stanka Aug 4 1914
Nowicki F Edmanda Gertruda Martin Nowicka  Michahna Stanka Oct 30 1908
Nowicki F Loretta Martin Norwicki Mina Stanka  Jan 3 1912
Nueske F Irma Viola John Nueske Lizzie Zeinert Apr 9 1910
Nueske M Robert     John Nueske Louisa Zeinhart Oct 7 1915
Nuller M Hugeon George Herman Nuller Alice Hull Apr 12 1924
Nunway M Moses John John Nunway Gertrude C. Bowman Feb 24 1918
Nuske F Agnes Martha Matilda John S. Nuske Agnes Schindenent May 19 1909
Nuske M Herbert Ferdinand J. G. Nuske Agnes Schneiderwent Apr 4 1912
Nuske M Herman Herman Nuske Augusta Roggenbauch Sep 21 1912
Nuske F Sahra Herman Nuske Augusta Roggenbuck Dec 28 1910
Nutting M Donald Earl Earl Winfried Nutting Carrie Helen Hansen Aug 7 1914