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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Cathe Ziereis

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Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012

Editor Jim Glasheen 2010

Anita Perez 2012


Oberle M Arthur William Ernst Oberle Ella Wendorf May 29 1915
Oberle M Gordon Jerome Ernest Oberle Ella Wendorf Jul 11 1919
Oberle M Reynond Arnold Alfred Ernest Oberle Ella Wendorf Aug 22 1911
O'Brien M Arnold Bernard Joe S. O'Brien Marie Pleshek Dec 6 1912
O'Brien F Catherine Marie Joe B. O'Brien Marie Plesheck Nov 22 1917
O'Brien M Donald Kenneth Joe O'Brien Mary Pleshek Sep 16 1914
O'Brien M Franklin Joe S. O'Brien Mary Pleshek Jun 1 1908
O'Brien M Louis Raymond Joe Benhard O'Brien Maria Pleshek Jun 3 1911
Ochs F Eva Kenneth Ochs Eva Kehl Jan 22 1916
O'Conell F Aurelia Loraine Francis D. O'Conell Maria Ester McMahon Feb 11 1910
O'Conner F Madeline Edward O'Conner Jennie Irving May 1 1918
O'Connor F (Stillborn) Walter O'Connor Margaret Rockford Nov 10 1910
Oelke F (Stillborn) Paul O. Oelke Johonna Brecken Aug 29 1922
Oerlson F` Olga Axel Edwin Oerlson Emilie Norbarn Dec 28 1907
Oestreich M Gary    Albert Krueger Mary Oestreich Sep 11 1911
Oestreich M Lester Carl Rob Oestriech Tillie Gehman Apr 13 1917
Oestreich F Lillie Charlie Oestreich Martha Anklam Sep 9 1908
Oestreich F Louise Mary Robert Oestreich Tillie Lehman Dec 8 1923
Oestreich F Lulu Anna Robert Oestreich Mathilda Gehman Jun 9 1914
Oestreich F Mabel Edna John Oestreich Agnes Pain Apr 16 1913
Oestreich F Mariele Matilda Robert Oestreich Tillie Lehman May 8 1920
Oestreich M Martin August Robert Oestreich Tillie Lehman Dec 17 1915
Oestreich F Minnie Emelie Marie Chas. Oestreich Martha Anklum Jan 3 1910
Oestreich M Raymond Herman Rob Oestreich Tillie Lehman Aug 16 1918
Oestreich M Leinhold Carlton Rob Oestreich Tillie Lehman Feb 19 1923
Oestreich M Walter Charles Oestreich Martha Anklam Apr 2 1918
Oestrich M Walter William John Oestrich Agnes Cane Jan 6 1920
Oestriech M Walter Chas Oestriech Martha Anklan Apr 2 1917
O'Grady M Lovell William William O'Grady Anna Jacobs Apr 7 1910
O'Hopasa M Frank      Joe A. O'Hopasa Tanteweytowo Jun 13 1913
O'Hopasa M James Joe A. O'Hopasa Tautenaytaneo Feb 9 1920
Oien F Emma Jno Oien Emma Rosin Oct 20 1909
O'Kachekum F Harriett John O'Kachekum Julia Grignon Aug 5 1924
O'Kachekum M (Stillborn) Mitchell O'Kachekum Mary Kuepoway (Kinepoway) Nov 11 1912
O'Kachekum M Silas John O'Kachekum Julia Grignon Aug 30 1920
O'Kachikum M Joseph Mitchell O'Kachekum Mary Kinepoway Jan 8 1923
O'Katchicum M John Clarence Mitchell O'Kachekum Mary Kinepoway Dec 25 1917
O'Katchicum F Sophie John O'Kachekum Julia Grignon Dec 18 1914
O'Katchicum F Sopia Geniveve Mitchell O'Kachekum Mary Kinepoway Feb 17 1920
O'Kimosh M Frank (Kaw-A-Kaw) John O'Kimosh Neyeabams Aug 30 1912
O'Kimosh F Pamachiwan John O'Kimosh Neylatomo Sep 30 1920
O'Kimosh M Peter John O'Kimosh Neyeatamo Mosehart Jun 8 1915
Oklrogge M Donald     Harry Oklrogge Gertrude Weshke Dec 22 1923
Olenstad M Lester David Ralph H. Olenstad Edna Hagen May 1 1908
Oleson F Anna Regena John O. Oleson Lizzie Olson Mar 23 1908
Oleson M Havila Llowellen Peter Oleson Olga Fraelivescyn Sep 8 1908
Oleson M John Theodore Julius Oleson Tore Paulson Aug 23 1909
Oleson F Mable Elizabeth Martin Oleson Albertina Hanson Jan 17 1909
Oleson M Ray Edward Arthur O. Oleson Vera B. Goglin Sep 16 1913
Oliverius F Florence Helen Martin Oliverius Cecilia Nowakowski Jan 2 1915
Ollman M Loyal Arthur Frank Ollman Lizzie Johnson Mar 15 1919
Ollman M Vernon Edward Frank Elmore Ollman Hulda Mayer Jan 7 1915
Ollmann F Evelina Alvina Fred A. Ollmann Mary Baitzen Jun 10 1910
Ollmann M Herbert Gordon Frank Ollmann Lizzie Johnson Dec 8 1908
Ollmann M Lloyd Jacob Elmer Ollmann Hulda Meyer Aug 27 1912
Ollmann M Roland Frank Ollmann Lizzie Johnson Dec 27 1914
Olmsted M Henry Ralph Thomas J. Olmsted Furine F. Cro Apr 20 1911
Olsen M Arno Kendohl Oscar K. Olsen Elsie A. Griepp Mar 12 1920
Olsen M (Stillborn) Oscar Olsen Emma Larsen Jan 7 1909
Olsen F Gladis Evelyn Lawrence Olsen Rebecca Severson Jul 23 1923
Olsen M Harold John Chas Olsen Tillie Hanson  Sep 17 1912
Olsen F Mary Louise Olive Edward Olsen Amelia Cota  Nov 22 1915
Olsen M Robert James Arthur Olsen Vera Goglin Mar 11 1921
Olsen M Rudolph Leonard Cornelius Olsen Mary Christianson Apr 19 1918
Olsen M Arthur Norman Oscar A. Olsen  Agnes Erickson Dec 7 1918
Olsen  M Emmet Austin Oscar Olsen Emma Larsen Aug 5 1910
Olson M Leslie Jerome Oscar K. Olson Elsie A. Griepp Jul 9 1914
Olson M Lewis Edward Edward John Olson Jessie Pauline Anderson Apr 18 1923
Olson F Unlisted  (twin) 2 Albert Olson Jennie Thompson Jan 9 1914
Olson M Unlisted (twin) 1 Albert Olson Jennie Thompson Jan 9 1914
Olson F Unlisted John Olson Elsie Louise Johnson Mar 18 1909
Olson F Alma Elida Ehrat Olson Anna M. Amundsen Mar 28 1911
Olson F Alvina Eleff Olson Minnie Peterson Jan 22 1908
Olson M Arnold Sigmund Odin Peter Olson Olga Fredrickson May 13 1917
Olson F Beatrice Henry Olson Mato Marie Thompson Apr 28 1911
Olson F Bessie Marie John Olson Elsie Johnson Mar 5 1917
Olson M Calvin Martin Otto C. Olson Emma Simonson Dec 11 1923
Olson M Casper William Aug Olson Jessie Goodchild Aug 15 1917
Olson M Chester Lyle John O. Olson Lizzie Olson Sep 23 1909
Olson F Clara C. Albert Olson Jennie Thompson Feb 4 1915
Olson M Clarys Vernon Otto C. Olson Emma Simonson Mar 21 1920
Olson M Clarence Marvin Cornelius Olson Mary Christiansen Aug 7 1908
Olson M Clifford Steve W. Olson Susan Louise Westgard Feb 3 1915
Olson M Dagmer Fredine Peter Olson Olga Fredrickson Nov 29 1919
Olson F Doris Mae Otto Olson Emma Simonson Aug 9 1921
Olson F Dorothy Janet Louis Olson Edna McGillvery Mar 25 1911
Olson M Earl Louis Henry Olson Mary Thompson May 18 1913
Olson F Edna Antonette Oscar K. Olson Elsie Griepp Jan 23 1913
Olson F Edna Marsella Oscar C. Olson Hilda Christiansen Nov 23 1912
Olson M Edward Edward Olson Jessiee Anderson Oct 12 1918
Olson M Edward Androis John O. Olson  Lizzie C. Olson Aug 29 1918
Olson M Edwin Dent Alexander Olson Mary Rhodes Oct 20 1914
Olson M Edwin Peder Ehrat Olson Anna Amundson Jan 1 1914
Olson F Eleanore Alice Ed Olson Alma Hanson Nov 4 1917
Olson M Ejnar Olaf Carl Markus Olson Clara Matilda Olsson Feb 26 1910
Olson M Ellord Roy Oscar Olson Emma Larsen Feb 16 1912
Olson M Erick Gustav Olson Millie Winterberg Dec 7 1909
Olson F Esther Lawrence Olson Rebecca Severson May 27 1920
Olson F Ethel Burnett Edward K. Olson Bertie Anson Aug 13 1909
Olson M Harold Andrew John Olson Elsie Louise Johnson May 31 1918
Olson M Harold Halmer Halmer Olson Annie Lemke Jan 3 1922
Olson M Harral Oscar C. Olson Hilda Christina Christiansen May 27 1911
Olson M Harrin Clayton Oscar K. Olson Elsie Griepp Mar 31 1923
Olson M Harry (twin) 2 Harry Olson Catherine Margery Jan 29 1918
Olson F Hazel Janet Cornelious Olson Mary Christianson Jan 5 1921
Olson M Gehard Harvey Cornelius Olson Maria J. Christianson Mar 24 1910
Olson F Gladys Harriett Henry Olson Rena Knoff Apr 26 1913
Olson M Glen Charles Henry Olson Mary Thompson Jan 2 1916
Olson F Inez Emily John Olson Elsie Johnson Apr 14 1920
Olson F Irene Louise John Olson Elsie Louise Johnson May 10 1922
Olson M James Harold Cornelius Olson Mary Christianson Dec 3 1911
Olson F Janet Jacob Olson Mina Rassmussen Sep 19 1919
Olson M John Merton John O. Olson Lizzie C. Oleson Jul 17 1914
Olson M John Otto Oscar C. Olson Hilda C. Christianson Nov 21 1908
Olson M John Pershing Otto Peter Olson Ida Jane McDermott Dec 4 1918
Olson F Kathieleen (twin) 1 Harry Olson Catherine Margery Jan 29 1918
Olson M Kenneth Elmer Edman Olson Emma Samp Mar 31 1918
Olson M Kermit Gerald Otto Olson Emma Simenson Sep 22 1918
Olson M Kermit Joseph Aug. J. Olson Jessie Goodchild Jan 19 1914
Olson M Laverne Harry Henry Olson Mattie Mary Thompson Jul 5 1908
Olson F Lina Cecelia Laura Halvor Olson Mary Gilbertson Mar 26 1909
Olson M Leon Harold Edward J. Olson Jessie Anderson Aug 14 1914
Olson M Lester Theodore Jacob Olson Mina Rassmussen Aug 9 1909
Olson M Lloyd Kilmer Clifford Olson Ida Louison Nov 24 1917
Olson F Lorraine Ruby Laurence Olson Rebecca Severson Dec 31 1921
Olson F Lucille Kathryn Oscar A. Olson Agnes Erickson May 21 1922
Olson F Margaret Lillian Manuel Olson Evelina Olson Jan 18 1816
Olson F Marian Katharine Chas Olson Tillie Hansen Jan 19 1917
Olson F Marion Jacob Olson Mina Rassmussen Sep 8 1914
Olson M Martin Palmer Peter Olson Mary Evenson May 9 1915
Olson M Marvin Gordon Oscar E. Olson Hildie Christine Christenson Jan 23 1922
Olson M Marvin T.  Albert Olson Jennie Thomson Apr 5 1918
Olson F Mildred Bertha Otto P. Olson Ida Jane McDermott May 24 1914
Olson M Morris Leonard Clifford Olson Ida B. Lonison Sep 23 1920
Olson F Myrel Hamberg Cornelius Olson Mary Christianson Oct 26 1913
Olson F Naomi Ellef Olson Mannie Peterson Sep 1 1914
Olson M Ogden Olson Christian Peter Olson Olga Fredrison Aug 11 1912
Olson M Orvalle Ervin Ervin Olson Selma Leder Jan 12 1922
Olson M Orville Edman Edman Olson Emma Samp Aug 10 1919
Olson F Pearl Helen Henry Olson Rena Knoff Oct 19 1914
Olson M Raymond Roydan (twin) 1 John Olson Elsie Johnson Jan 26 1915
Olson M Roydon Raymond (twin) 2 John Olson Elsie Johnson Jan 26 1915
Olson M Raymond Gehardt Edward M. Olson Olive Bredeson Oct 28 1907
Olson M Reed Robert Irewin Olson Selma Leder Jan 28 1923
Olson M Robert Len Oscar K. Olson Elsie Greipp Dec 20 1917
Olson M Robert Lewis Louis Olson Edna McGillvery Jun 18 1917
Olson M Roger     Ervin Olson Selma Leder Mar 8 1924
Olson M Roland LeRoy Rudolph L. Olson Geneive Rode  Feb 19 1924
Olson F Rubie Sophia Louis Olson Edna McGillvery Sep 6 1914
Olson F Ruth Clara Edward Olson Birdie Onsen Aug 24 1911
Olson M (Stillborn) Henry Olson Mary Thompson Apr 15 1923
Olson M Stanley Julius Olson Lora Paulson Mar 20 1914
Olson M (Stillborn) Knut G. Olson Ingeborg Syverson May 29 1910
Olson M Sylvester Harold Edwin Olson Jessie Anderson Jun 4 1920
Olson M Theodore L. Louis Olson Marie Johnson Jun 16 1921
Olson M Wallace Laurel Otto E. Olson Alma Hansen May 15 1924
Olson M Vernan Arnold Oliver Karl Markus Olson Klara Matilda Olson Feb 15 1912
Olson M Vernon Robert Edmund T. Olson Emma Samp Oct 21 1921
Olson M Virgil William Edman Olson Emma Samp Jun 14 1924
Olson  M Lloyd      O. E. Olson Alma Hansen Feb 14 1920
Olsson F Voris Margaret Aug. J. Olsson Jessie Goodchild Jul 28 1912
Olszewski M Cilesten Joseph Ladislava Olszewski Mary Frasz Feb 12 1924
O'Niel F Helen Anna  Rev. Joseph O'Niel Dora May Flynt Jan 11 1908
Opgenorth F Ruth      Henry Opgenorth Lena Kupsky Feb 13 1923
Opper F Anna Bertha Phillip Opper Mary Lotharius Mar 17 1910
Opper M Clarence Vern Phillip Opper Mary Lotharius Oct 8 1920
Opper F Ellanora Katherine Phillip Opper Mary Lotharius Feb 29 1918
Opper F Lucille Mary Phillip Opper Mary Lotharius Apr 27 1923
Opperman F Alma     Fred Opperman Mary Moethe Jan 25 1909
Opperman M Roger     Edward Opperman Julia Wicke Jul 19 1922
Opperman M Wilbur Frank Oppermann Susie Ainsworth Aug 16 1922
Oppermann M Cecil Frank Oppermann Susan Ainsworth Mar 2 1920
Oppermann F Linda Lillie Fred A. Oppermann Mary Moede Feb 9 1912
Oppermann F Mavis June Frank Oppermann Susan Ainsworth Jun 4 1924
Oppermann F Sylvia Edward Oppermann Julia Wilke Apr 16 1921
Osborn M Albert J., Jr. Albert J. Osborn Lettie A. Hartley Apr 19 1916
Oshkananiew F Ella May Mitchell Oshkananiew Mathilda Kaquatosh May 19 1918
Oshkenaniew F Ella Florence Edwin Oshkenaniew Clara Whitney Jul 2 1921
Oshkenaniew M Joseph Mitchell Oshkenaniew Matilda Kaquatosh Mar 1 1914
Oshkenaniew M Mitchell Mitchell Oshkenaniew Matilda Kaquatosh Apr 17 1921
Oshkeshequoam F Jane    Moses Oshkeshoquoam Therese Martin Jul 2 1912
Oshkeshoquam F Angeline Moses Oshkeshoquoam Therese Martin Feb 1 1920
Oshkeshoquoam M Not listed Moses Oshkeshoquoam Therese Martin Jul 11 1921
Oshkeshoquoam M Not listed Moses Oshkeshoquoam Therese Martin May 22 1922
Oshkeshoquoam F Therese Moses Oshkeshoquoam Therese Martin Jun 24 1924
Oshkeshoquoam M Morris Joseph Moses Oshkeshoquoam Therese Martin Sep 20 1917
Oshkosh M Pershing Roy Roy Oshkosh Abbie Summers May 26 1919
Oshkosh F Rosella May Rubin Oshkosh Matilda Oshkenaniew Nov 15 1915
Oshkosh F (Stillborn) Roland Oshkosh Jennie Irving Jul 23 1922
Osiewalski F Amelia Frank Osiewalski Mary Skonieczki Apr 17 1917
Osiewalski M Edward  Frank Osiewalski Mary Skonieczne Sep 15 1918
Osiewalski M Harry       Frons Osiewalski Mary Skonieczuy Aug 3 1920
Osiewalski M Leo Frank Frank Osiewalski Mary Skonieczny Sep 25 1921
Osiewalski M Paul    Frank Osiewalski Mary Skomieczny Aug 17 1915
Osterbrick F Alice Ignatius Osterbrick Ausor Belanges Sep 21 1915
Osterbrink M Philip Charles Ignatus Osterbrink Aurora Belanger Sep 12 1917
Osterbruick M Frederick John Ignatius Ostebriuck Aurora Belonger Nov 3 1913
Otradovez F Magie Antonia John Anton Otradovez Maria Toma Jun 8 1912
Otter M Murray Vincent Robert Ladd Otter Jane Katchenago Mar 16 1919
Otto F Adeline Berta Lena Henry Otto Elsie Kersten Feb 25 1921
Otto M Adolf Almond William Albert Herman Otto Augusta Feltz May 16 1911
Otto M Clarance W. A. Robert H. Otto Laura D. Schmidt Jul 5 1909
Otto F Delores Bertha Elsie Herman Otto Lena Rusch Oct 31 1921
Otto F Evelyn Ida Alvin Otto Frances Laude Aug 3 1915
Otto M Hilary George William C. Otto Lena C. Neumier May 3 1921
Otto F Laona Augusta Linda Herman Otto Lena Rusch May 16 1915
Otto F Lauraetta Frances William Charles Otto Lena Neumeir Nov 5 1908
Otto M Leaster Fred William Robert H. Otto Laura D. Schmidt Jun 29 1912
Otto M Leo George William C. Otto Caroline Newmeier May 27 1910
Otto M Leonard  Fred August Albert Otto Auguste Foltz Aug 6 1909
Otto F Mabel Marie Laura William F. Otto Bertha Schumacker Oct 8 1909
Otto F Mable     Herman Otto Lena Rusch Jan 7 1914
Otto F Malinda Henry Otto Augusta Schwarz Oct 30 1909
Otto F Ruth Marie Emil E. Otto Edele Emma Wilke Apr 16 1923
Otto F Sophia Anna Minnie Albert Otto Augusta Foeltz Oct 18 1912
Otto M Victor Albert Herman Herman Otto Lena Rusch Mar 6 1919
Otto F Viola Ernestena Albert Otto Adeline Waggan Jan 8 1919
Otto M Warren Robert William Fred Otto Bertha Marie Schumaker Oct 20 1920
Otto  F Dora Albert Otto Otelia Pear May 11 1914
Otto  F Dorothy Sarah Lewis H. Otto Ida Grall Jan 2 1918
Otto  M Loyd John William Otto Lina Newmeyer Nov 26 1913
Ovilerius F Pauline Martin Charles Oliverius Cecelia Felis May 11 1913
Owczarski F Anastazia Julian Owczarski Amelia Dobrzynuska Feb 5 1912
Owczarski M Pioter Julian Owczarski Amelia Dobrzynuska Jan 18 1911
Owen M Aloysius Philipp Elmer W. Owen Lelah Meverden Dec 29 1919
Owen F Althea Beryl Floyd Owen Dora Velenbrauch Jan 19 1920
Owen M Calvin Greely George Allen Owen Edna Maud Pollock Jul 26 1923
Owen M Clifton Clifford Owen Emma Kavolovitz Apr 22 1917
Owen M Donald Edwin Floyd A. Owen Dora Willenbrauck Dec 1 1917
Owen M Gerald  Floyd Floyd Owen Dora M. Ullenbrauck Jan 31 1915
Owen M Harland John Elmer W. Owen Helen Lelah Meverden Oct 22 1917
Owen F Jean Delories Geo Owen Edna Pollock Nov 16 1919
Owen F Mabel Lorain Geo Allen Owen Edna Maud Pollock Aug 11 1921
Owen F Marian (twin) Henry Owen Carrie Rogers May 16 1911
Owen F Mildred (twin) Henry Owen Carrie Rogers May 16 1911
Owen M Roger Joseph Elmer Owen Lelah Meverden Dec 30 1915
Owen M Russell Simeon Elmer W. Owen Lelah Meveden Jan 5 1922
Owen M Wilfred Bernard Elmer Owen Lelah Meverden Aug 21 1924
Owen  F Veronica Ann Elmer Owen Lelob Meverden Apr 15 1923
Owens F Lamayne Esther Floyd Owens Dora Ulenbruck Sep 16 1921
Owens M Ray Franklin James Ray F. Owens Emma Drake Mar 12 1914
Owens M Walter Joseph William Owens Josephine Ufthal Aug 13 1911
Owczarski F Anastazia Julian Owczarski Amelia Dobrzynuska Feb 5 1912
Owczarski M Pioter Julian Owczarski Amelia Dobrzynuska Jan 18 1911