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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Cathe Ziereis

N2645 Rustic Circle

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Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012

Editor Jim Glasheen 2010

Anita Perez 2012

Pace M George Kermit B. A. Pace Amalia Froeming Feb 22 1908
Pace M Gorden Katzenmayer Earl E. Pace Laura C. Katzenmeyer Nov 24 1918
Packard F June Hazel George Henry Packard Vera Dell Woida Jun 4 1923
Packard F June Virginia Clark Packard Sally Noakes Nov 29 1920
Packard M Robert F. Alexander Packard Linda Rusch Mar 31 1923
Paddlock F Marie Andrew Paddlock Josie  Apr 27 1922
Padinger F Emma  John Padinger Julia Anna Stenngels Apr 16 1913
Padinger M John    John Padinger Julia Sutermitzer Jan 21 1909
Padinger F Laura John Padinger Julia Shinttzias Sep 9 1914
Padinger M Willis John Padinger Julia Stremzer Nov 14 1910
Page M Edward Edward Page Bertha Zuse Jun 21 1908
Page F Ione Virginia Bonsita Frank F. Page Emma W. Rekow Sep 2 1915
Page F Jeanette Bertha Eddie T. Page Betha Zuhse Apr 18 1913
Page F Leola Bernice Frank Herman Page Emma Wilma Rekow Apr 2 1921
Page M Robert William Edward Page Bertha Zuse Jun 30 1911
Pagenkopf M Arthur William Pagenkopf Hilda Klug Sep 17 1915
Pagenkopf F Elda Aug. Pagenkopf Mina Mittag Sep 2 1917
Pagenkopf M Evald August Pagenkopf Minnie Mittag Dec 7 1910
Pagenkopf M Silvester William Pagenkopf Hulda Klug Sep 26 1909
Pahl M Not listed Frank F. Pahl Florence Darling Jun 27 1914
Pahl F Marie Pauline Max Pahl Marie Scheive Dec 21 1908
Pahl F Norma Lucille Fred Pahl Julia Schultz Aug 3 1924
Pahl F (Stillborn) Frank Pahl Florence Darling Aug 2 1915
Pahl M (Stillborn) Frank Pahl Florence Darling Jun 28 1920
Pahl M (Stillborn) Frank Pahl Florence Darling Dec 16 1922
Pahlow F Dorris Geneva Hugo Herbert Pahlow Myrtle Krumbach Mar 6 1923
Pahlow M Harry Edward Herman Herman Pahlow Anna Degener Apr 27 1909
Pahlow M Hugo Morris Hugo Herbert Pahlow Myrtle Esther Krumback Nov 7 1921
Pahlow F Lillie Clara William Pahlow Amelia Haut Apr 9 1908
Pahlow M Walter William William Pahlow Emelia Haut Jun 29 1912
Pahlow  F Helen Viola Willim Pahlow Arnila Haut Oct 8 1910
Pahr F (Stillborn) A. L. Pahr Ellen Frailing Jul 1 1924
Paiser F Alice Jim Paiser Anna Walezhka Feb 1 1908
Paiser F Angeline John Paiser Mary Kresl May 9 1917
Paiser M Bernard William Joseph Paiser Anna Stemper May 29 1911
Paiser F Dorothy Barbara John P. Paiser Mary Kresl Dec 30 1919
Paiser M Gordon John Paiser Mary Kressel Sep 16 1922
Paiser M Harold Joseph Frank Paiser Christina Stefl Jun 23 1919
Paiser F Janet James Paiser Annie Waleschke Dec 3 1913
Paiser M John Stephan John P. Paiser Mary Kresl Dec 26 1915
Paiser M Lawrence Matt John P. Paiser Mary Kresl Aug 16 1918
Paiser M Marvin John P. Paiser Mary Kresel Jul 9 1921
Paiser F Regina John P. Paiser Mary Kressel May 23 1924
Paiser F Vera  John Paiser Emma Fritz Apr 22 1917
Palibicki F Alvina Agnes Joseph Palibicki Rose Krumria Apr 7 1923
Palibicki F Dorothy Eleanor Joseph Palibicki Rose Kumria Feb 21 1921
Palinski M Eugene John Stephen Palinski Dora Marble Nov 18 1914
Palkey F Ellnora Violet William Palkey Irias Carter Dec 10 1907
Palladeau F Harriet Christine William Joseph Palladeau Nancy O. Smith May 17 1915
Palmborg F Ruth Matilda Carl E. Palmborg Matilda Peterson Sep 13 1909
Palmer M Bruce Richard Richard Palmer Clara Smith Jan 13 1924
Palubicki F Gertrude Mary Joseph Palubicki Rose Kromriea Sep 2 1924
Palubicki F Hattie Vincent Palubicki Mary Radecki Mar 11 1923
Palubicki F Johanna Vincent Palubicki Mary Radecki Aug 22 1918
Palubicki M John Vincent Palubicki Mary Radecki Jan 29 1921
Palubicki M Leonard Frank Palubicki Mamie Smith Jul 13 1924
Palubicki F Reginy Rosy Joseph Palubicki Rosie Krumria Jul 23 1917
Palubicki M Richard Joseph Joseph Palubicki Rosy Krumrai May 14 1919
Paluch M Andrew John Paluch Katie Gerczak Oct 18 1914
Paluch M Alex John Paluch Katie Gierczak Mar 19 1918
Paluch F Irene Agnes Peter Paluch Frances Konezal Aug 28 1924
Paluch M Louis Peter Paluch Francis Kunczal May 25 1919
Pamonett F Pashekeikey Louis Pamonett Kawakepeway Sep 15 1913
Pamonicutt M Not listed Mitchell Pamomcutte Florence Sullivan Dec 23 1913
Pamonicutt F Emerald M.  George Pamonicutt Josephine Peters Jun 25 1924
Pamonicutt M George      George Pamonicutt Josephine Peters Feb 13 1920
Pamonicutt M Leroy George Pamonicutt Josephine Peters Aug 1 1922
Pamonicutt M Martin Louis Pamonicutt Mary Ann Amour Mar 24 1919
Pamonicutt F Mary Agness Mitchell Pamonicutt Florence Matchopatow May 26 1912
Pamonoquet M Louis Louis Pamonoquet Mary Amm Amor Mar 7 1918
Pangel M Not listed Frank Pangel Anna Zimmerman Mar 30 1911
Pangel F Esther Clara Bertha Frank Pangel Annie Zimmerman Apr 6 1909
Pangel F Viola Emma Albert Pangel Delia Zimmerman Oct 17 1913
Pangel  M Walter Henry Albert Pangel Adelia Zimmerman Jul 5 1908
Pankow F Adele Otto Pankow Martha Wissmann Jan 10 1911
Pankow F Alwine Adela Emma Otto C.H. Pankow Martha  B.L. Wissmann Jan 29 1908
Pankow F Clara John Pankow Meta Siedeschlag Mar 14 1921
Pankow M Edwin Otto Pankow Martha Wissman  Aug 20 1914
Pankow F Evelyn Caroline Albetina John A. Pankow Meta Liedschlag May 13 1915
Pankow M Harold Ruben Herman Pankow Hulda Uecker Aug 2 1914
Pankow F Ruby     Albert Pankow Alwina Drager May 7 1914
Pankow F Viola       Herman Pankow Hulda Necker Jul 23 1908
Pankow M Walter Herman Pankow Hulda Uecker Jun 30 1910
Panzer F Bernice Anna L. Charles Panzer Martha Mueller Mar 7 1912
Pape M Arthur William Pape Edna Zarling Mar 16 1923
Papendorf F Alice    Gustv Papendorf Hannah Wilsman Apr 28 1908
Papendorf F Gertrude     Emil Papendorf Bertha Koepke May 8 1912
Papendorf M Herbert Emil Papendorf Bertha Koepke Apr 18 1909
Papendorf M Hugo       William Papendorf Martha Strelow Feb 16 1914
Pappendorf F Not listed William Pappendorf Martha Stralo Aug 20 1911
Pappendorf F Ahle Maria Atthalena Gustave Pappendorf Johanna Wichmann Mar 14 1910
Parczek M (Stillborn) William Parczek Pauline Reves Nov 12 1922
Parfitt F Arlene Ethel Dewey Parfitt Clara Mayo Jul 30 1922
Parfitt M Clayton Jesse Luther D. Parfitt Ellen Mabel Longworth Oct 9 1908
Parfitt F Dorothy Jean Dewey Parfitt Clara Mayo Dec 25 1920
Parfitt F Esther Bernice Dewey Parfitt Clara Margo Sep 3 1919
Parfitt M Leonard Dewey Dewey Parfitt Clara Mayo Mar 25 1917
Parfitt F Lucile Melissa Luther D. Parfitt Ellen Longworth Oct 17 1912
Parfitt F Virginia Clara Dewey Parfitt Clara E. Mayo May 1 1918
Park F Eunice Mae George L. Park Eunice Fitzgerald Feb 16 1915
Park M Harvey Lee G.L. Park Eunice Fitzgerald Jun 7 1908
Park F Margaret Lucile Geo. Park Eunice Fitzgerald Dec 6 1912
Parker F Helen Mae Samuel Parker Viola Nachtway Jan 3 1923
Parker F Ione Phyllis Earl L. Parker Lucy Bowan Jan 21 1922
Parker F Jane       Jake Parker Diela Metoxen Aug 20 1921
Parker F Margie Mae Earl Parker Lucy Bowan Dec 20 1923
Parks F Marie Frances Geo. S. Parks Eunice M. Fitzgerald Jun 13 1910
Parmer F Bernice Agnes Harry Parmer Bertha Kielman May 2 1909
Parmer F Geraldine Luice Harry Parmer Bertha Kilimen Aug 12 1924
Parmer M Kenneth Gerald Harry Parmer Bertha Kielman Jan 9 1916
Parnts M Loyd Paygie Chas. Walters Edna Lohoff Mar 22 1908
Parson F Alvina Minnie Fred J. Parson Martha Schumann May 10 1909
Parter F Gertrude Chas. Frederick Parter Rose Mitchell Oct 22 1907
Pasowicz F Anna Joe Pasowicz Sophie Amkowski Mar 11 1921
Pasowicz M Bruno Sebastian Pasowicz Anna Ciesla Jun 21 1916
Pasowicz M Edward Walter Pasowicz Mary Kabara Jan 21 1922
Pasowicz M George Joseph Sebastian Pasowicz Anna Ciesla Apr 2 1922
Pasowicz M Henry       Sebastian Pasowicz Anna Cepielak Aug 24 1914
Pasowicz F Julia Sebastian Pasowicz Anna Ciesla Dec 15 1919
Pasowicz M Leo Sebastian Pasowicz Anna Ciesla Nov 7 1924
Passehl F Doris Janet Walter F. Passehl Lydia Anna Kekow Aug 2 1923
Passmore M Charles William Vincent Howard Passmore Eva Pearl Warner Aug 11 1918
Passon M Bernard     Emil Passon Not listed Jul 20 1922
Passuello M Clifford Henry Henry Ferdinand Passuello Mathilda Nicoliasen Jun 29 1924
Paterson M Raymond Thomas Thomas Peterson Della E. Sasman Dec 8 1919
Patterson F Mae Estel Thomas Patterson Della Sasman May 28 1922
Patzer F LaVerne Julius Patzer Mima Quick Jul 3 1920
Paugel F Elma Albert Paugel Delia Zimmerman Mar 31 1910
Paulson M Arnold Ralph John Paulson Magdaline Knoff Sep 18 1914
Paulson M Avery Orvel Rudolph Paulson Florence Olson Dec 17 1920
Paulson M Carl Martin, Jr. Carl Martin Paulson Jennie Elertson Jun 18 1922
Paulson M Harris Earnest John Paulson Magdeline Knoff May 1 1917
Paulson M Herald Earl John Paulson Magdaline Knoff Apr 5 1912
Paulson F Irene Lillian John Paulson Magdeline Knoff Aug 29 1913
Paulson M John Alfred Ole Paulson Margarte Tic Aug 1 1914
Paulson M Kenneth S. Peter Paulson Dorothy Bauerfiend Jul 27 1911
Paulson M LeRoy Edward EdwardPaulson Leona Emma Kassube Jul 11 1922
Paulson F Margaret Dolores John Paulson Magdaline Knoff Mar 1 1920
Paulson M Ralph P. Peter Paulson Dorothy Bauerfeind Jun 10 1915
Paulson F Viola Melvin Paulson Stella Olson Aug 15 1913
Paulson F Viola Melvin Paulson Inga Olson Aug 15 1913
Pausis M Ansil Myron John Pausis Jennie M. Seymour Jul 24 1915
Pautz F Alice Marcella Paul Pautz Luella Becker May 7 1919
Pautz M Harold Paul Paul Pautz Luella Becker Jan 8 1924
Pautz M Walace Herman William Pautz Ester Benter Aug 9 1922
Pautz M Walter J. Emil Pautz Anna Pautz Sep 11 1909
Paxton M Clinton Thomas Paxton Laura Baughes Feb 27 1909
Paxton M Donald William Thomas Clinton Paxton Laura Catherine Baugher Jun 17 1915
Paxton M George Weldon Thomas Paxton Laura Baughel Aug 6 1910
Paxton M Robert Thomas C. Paxton Not listed Feb 6 1913
Payne F Erma Frances Wallis Payne Frances Wagner Mar 16 1909
Pearson F Elaine Matilde Edwin H. Pearson Hellen Gaskill Feb 13 1915
Peasar F Mabel James Peasar  Annie Walechka Nov 15 1911
Pebbles F Winnifred Caroline Myron Pebbles Ruth Olson Mar 27 1914
Pecha M Frank Lewis John Anton Joseph Pecha Marca Augusta Johanna Nagel Jun 8 1908
Peck M Melvin Percy Oley Peck Dora Dean Aug 3 1908
Pecore M Not listed George Pecore Cora Peters Jul 10 1922
Pecore M Benjamin Louis George Pecore Emma Checota Mar 7 1914
Pecore M Earl William Edward Pecore Anna Checota Jun 16 1914
Pecore M Elmer Francis Joe Pecore Susie Classer Nov 5 1915
Pecore F Irma Lillian Edward Pecore Anna Checota Mar 20 1916
Pecore M Not listed George Pecore Cora Peters May 21 1915
Pecore M Jerome George Pecore Cora Peters Jun 28 1920
Pecore M John Pershing George Pecore Gertrude Peters Apr 19 1919
Pecore F Mary (Stillborn) Edward Pecore Anna Checota Mar 7 1918
Pecore F Velma Marie Edward Pecore Anna Checota May 27 1913
Pederson F Ada Louis Pederson Nora Ericson Jan 1 1916
Pederson F Helen Oscar Pederson Anna Hansen Jun 18 1911
Pederson M Robert William John Pederson Margaret Christensen Oct 6 1922
Pegorsch M William Martin Chas Pegorsch Ida Moede Aug 21 1917
Pehlke M Arnold     Albert Pehlke Anna Postler May 22 1922
Pehlke F Dora   Gustav Pehlke Emma Lipke Jul 15 1908
Pehlke F Freida Gustav Pehlke Emma Luepke Apr 13 1910
Pehlke M Gordon Albert Pehlke Annie Pastler Jul 10 1924
Pehlke M Harold Walter Gustav Pehlke Emma Luepke Mar 26 1912
Pehlke M Herman Gustav Eddie Herman Pehlke Ottelea Augusta Gutt Feb 27 1914
Pehlke M Milton Paul Albert Pehlke Anna Postlin Feb 18 1920
Peisar  M Arlie Max John F. Peisar Emma Fritz Oct 12 1912
Peisar M Joseph Joe Peisar Annie Scherveny Apr 30 1910
Peisar F Leona John Peisar Emma Fritz Jul 10 1914
Peisar F Mildred Joe Peisar  Annie Cerveny Dec 26 1914
Peisar F Viola Mary John F. Peisar Emma Fritz Feb 22 1911
Pejsa M Leonard (twin) 1 Anton Pejsa Theordora Bigus Sep 26 1915
Pejsa F Lucile (twin) 2 Anton Pejsa Theordora Bigus Sep 26 1915
Pejsa F Mamie Martin Pejsa Josephine Hillock Apr 21 1917
Pejsa F Monica Catherine Martin Joseph Pejsa Josephine Hylok Apr 21 1917
Pejsa F Regina Adeline Anton Pejsa Dora Bigus Jul 15 1914
Pelc M Anton John Pelc Maria Chrzan Jun 13 1918
Pelc F Helena John Pelc MarieChrzan Jun 29 1913
Peless F Katherine Maye William Peless Laura Hanser Sep 7 1921
Pelkey F Elisabeth V. Peter Pelkey Anna Guytte Apr 14 1910
Pelkey M Lawrence     Homer Pelkey Gulia Valley Jul 19 1920
Pelkey M Robert Louis Homer Pelkey Gly Bally Nov 7 1917
Pelky M Harold Edward Henry Pelky Esther Wichman Oct 10 1923
Pelky F Marie Rosie Charles Pelky Eva Leavna Jun 13 1917
Pelky M Russell William Joe Pelky Ora Huntington Mar 13 1922
Peltz M Stanie Joe John Peltz Mary Krzan Apr 26 1920
Pembleton M William Edwin William E. Pembleton Anna Williams Sep 24 1908
Penass F Adell Marie Antoine Penass Allie Gauthier Jan 10 1912
Penass F Margaret M. Barney Penass Louise Striker Feb 8 1921
Penass M Mitchell William Penass Hosat Nyatwoponey Sep 10 1912
Penass M Peter Barney Penass Louise Striker Apr 17 1923
Penass M William William Penass Neset Nyahtowopany Jun 4 1920
Penass M Waite Barney Penass Louise Striker Apr 18 1922
Penn M John Thomas Lyle Penn Kathryene Ruth Goddake Dec 4 1915
Penn M Richard Blair Lyle Penn Katherine Ruth Goddake Jul 18 1917
Penny M Charles Lester Chas Penny Minnie Welling Aug 17 1912
Perote F Eliza Napone Perote Josephine (Moon ?) Feb 18 1919
Perote F Dorothy Pamanet Cheechequonoway Perote Susan Crowe Nov 18 1914
Perote F Lucy Cheechequonoway Perote Susan Crowe Sep 7 1916
Perry M Not listed Clifton Perry Flora Koepsee Dec 30 1915
Perry M Clifford Donald Donald Perry Viola Norman Mar 11 1920
Perry M Clifton Harvey Henry R. Perry Josephine Biblehausen May 12 1917
Perry F Edna Jane John Allen Perry Kaspara O. Pederson May 8 1909
Perry F Helen Alfreda Clifton Arthur Perry Rosa Smith Mar 16 1908
Perry F Maud Arvilla John Allen Perry Olivia Peterson Sep 9 1911
Perry M (Stillborn) Henry Perry Josephina Bibelhausen Dec 16 1918
Perry M Sylvester Russel Henry Perry Josephine Bibelhausen Dec 15 1914
Perschbacher F Clara Maria Henry Perschbacher Mary Seil Mar 9 1908
Pershbacker M Marvin Henry Henry Pershbacker Mary Seil Sep 18 1909
Pesch F Elda Reinhold Pesch Anna Pranke Sep 8 1919
Pesch M Herman       Reinhold Pesch Anna Pranke Aug 24 1921
Pesch F Hildegard Reinhold Pesch Anna Pranke Jun 13 1918
Pesch F Myra Reinold Pesch Anna Pranke May 6 1924
Peterman F Hazel Avolt Peterman Ten Treptow May 6 1917
Peterman M Helmuth Robt Peterman Albertina Hoppe Mar 8 1908
Peterman M Infant Edwald Peterman Tina Treplow Mar 12 1916
Peterman F Jane Dorothy Chas Peterman Anna Mehberg Jan 9 1923
Peterman F June Pearl Ruth Ben Peterman Elfrieda Moede Dec 29 1922
Peterman F Kathryn Amelia Emil Peterman Clara Dickey Apr 7 1915
Peterman F Leona Bertha Marie Rob Peterman Albertine Hoppe Sep 6 1913
Peterman M Lloyd Ewald Peterman Tina Treptow Feb 16 1921
Peterman F Marcella Ruth Emil Peterman Clara Dicke    Dec 31 1908
Peterman M Raymond      Carl Peterman Anna Mehlberg Aug 9 1915
Peterman M Wilbert Ben Peterman Freida Moede Sep 18 1920
Peterman M William Herman Peterman Amelia Winter Aug 26 1909
Petermann F Adela  Gotthilf Knaak Erna Fuss Jun 20 1908
Petermann F Adele Chas Petermann Anna Mehlberg Apr 4 1908
Petermann M Fry Rob Carl Frank J. Petermann Marey Riemer Aug 13 1909
Petermann M George F. Louis Petermann Matta  Habeck Jan 3 1916
Peters M Alvin Jerome Henry Peters Edith Wiesnicht Sep 13 1912
Peters M Arvin Roscoe Henry Peters Edith Wiescnieht Apr 16 1919
Peters M Arthur Carl Peters  Anna Malueg May 10 1924
Peters M Edward Harry Peters Lydia  Bartelt Apr 26 1924
Peters F Eliza S.  Alex Peters Eliza Lyons Feb 21 1913
Peters M Ervin Herman Paul Peters Lydia Hoppe Jun 24 1912
Peters F Helen Arline John Fred Peters Annie Mader Apr 27 1923
Peters F Helen Pete Peters Alice Williams Oct 22 1924
Peters F Henryetta Henry Fred Peters Louise Bomke Dec 2 1914
Peters F Infant (Jane) Joe Peters Mary Conehow (Konaha) Aug 31 1915
Peters M Joseph John Peters Annie Mader Aug 27 1909
Peters M Leonard Arthur John Peters Anna Maria Madson Feb 18 1914
Peters F Lucile Carl Peters  Anna Malueg Apr 10 1921
Peters F Martha Elisa R. Martin Peters Mariana Sperberg Aug 7 1910
Peters M Marvin Joseph Paul Peters Catherine Wyshenawatok Aug 20 1917
Peters F Mary     John Peters Anna Mader Aug 2 1911
Peters F Mary Ann Joe Peters Mary Ann Konaha Jun 27 1912
Peters F Melda Elizabeth Walter J. Peters, Sr. Anna Wescott Nov 3 1921
Peters F Mildred John Peters Anna Marie Mader Jan 29 1908
Peters M Nicholas, Jr. Nickolas Peters Katie Webster May 2 1919
Peters M Norman Williard Henry Peters EdithWiesnicht Apr 21 1917
Peters M Patrick Louis Mitchell Peters Josephine Baer Mar 17 1914
Peters F Ramona Josephine Paul Peters Catherine Washinawtok Jun 10 1915
Peters M Roger  John Peters Ethel Farrar May 15 1921
Peters M Roland Andrew John Peters Anna Mader Mar 12 1916
Peters F Rosa Mitchell Peters Josephine Bear Apr 10 1912
Peters M (Stillborn) George Peters Theresa Lowery May 27 1912
Peters M Teshard Paul Paul Peters Catherine Washinawatok Sep 15 1913
Peters M Tharlton Carl Peters  Anna Malueg Jun 29 1918
Peters M Walter Vandos Walter Peters Anna Wescott Feb 21 1920
Peters M Wilbert James Walter Peters Annie Wescott Aug 24 1923
Peters F Wilimer W.L. Carl Petes Caroline Lamp Aug 1 1908
Peters M William Amil John Carl Peters  Anna Malueg Dec 20 1922
Peterson M Not listed Royal Peterson Augusta Hertzfield Dec 22 1912
Peterson F Agnes Peter Peterson Tillie Daniels Apr 24 1909
Peterson M Aldo James Peter Peterson  Ester Lundsten Apr 10 1921
Peterson M Alexander Gustave Roy Peteson Augusta Hertzfield Aug 31 1917
Peterson F Alice Peter J. Peterson Emma Hacker Mar 25 1911
Peterson F Alice Christine Louis Peterson Mary Olson Sep 3 1913
Peterson F Allice Evert E. Peterson Tethy Gregory Oct 23 1923
Peterson F Arlene Rona John Peterson Ella Lund Nov 26 1921
Peterson F Bessie Annie Peter Peterson Emma Hacker Aug 17 1915
Peterson M Cameron Louis Louis Peterson Maria Olson Jan 19 1916
Peterson F Clara Virginia Chris Peterson Angeline Cota Sep 10 1913
Peterson M Cyril Wallace Otto Peterson Elizabeth Bergner Dec 14 1918
Peterson F Delta Evert Peterson Letty Gregory Sep 17 1920
Peterson F Dorothy Helen Freeman Peterson Lena Seehaufer Jun 30 1921
Peterson F Dorothy Marie Adolf Peterson Agnes Wilson Apr 23 1918
Peterson M Earl        Axel Peterson Meta Heidtke Feb 27 1914
Peterson M Ernest Randolph Pete Peterson Emma Hacker Mar 10 1913
Peterson M Erwin Otto George Simon Dartinus Peterson Emma Anna Clara Soyk May 6 1909
Peterson F Florence Peter Peterson Emma Huhn Sep 27 1917
Peterson M Francis Harvey Louis Peterson Mary Olsen Apr 4 1917
Peterson M Frank Amos Walter F. Peterson Bertha L. Stern Nov 9 1922
Peterson F Genevieve Oscar Peterson Ester Leitzke Apr 24 1920
Peterson F Grace Axel Peterson Millie Hiedtke May 28 1915
Peterson F Hallie Mary Royal Peterson Gustie Hertzfield Feb 7 1908
Peterson M Harold Oscar Peterson Elsie Beilfuss Jan 28 1914
Peterson F Helen Axel Peterson Meta Hudlke Oct 9 1921
Peterson F Helena Christina Louis Peterson Ida Nelson Jan 7 1918
Peterson M James Mathew Elwin Peterson Florence Peterson Dec 5 1919
Peterson F Jeane      Walter Peterson Clara Utley Jun 27 1918
Peterson M John Charles Peterson Margaret Tebeau Jan 26 1915
Peterson M John A.  John A. Peterson Dollie Butler May 12 1918
Peterson F Joyce Levana Louise John G. Peterson Ella Lund Jan 18 1918
Peterson M Kennett Oscar Peterson Esther Leitzke Jan 25 1923
Peterson M Kenneth Jermaine Emil Peterson Ethel Heidtke Aug 13 1910
Peterson M Leo Rudolph Otto Peterson Elizabeth Bergner Sep 23 1910
Peterson F Loretta Berdella Oscar Peterson Else Beilfuss Jul 6 1916
Peterson F Lorraine Otto Peterson Elizabeth Bergner Aug 19 1917
Peterson M Loyal Sylvester Rockman Ole S. Peterson Amanda Rockman Oct 26 1910
Peterson F Lucia Augusta Roy Peterson Augusta Herzfield Mar 26 1915
Peterson M Malvine Frank William Simon Dorsthenus Peterson Emma Clara Soyk Sep 26 1910
Peterson F Margaret Elaine Jeness John Peterson Ella Louise Lund Apr 21 1915
Peterson M Marshall Wendell Henry M. Peterson Jetty Oleson Feb 9 1908
Peterson M Marvin Peter J. Peterson Emma Hacker Jul 26 1914
Peterson F Mavis N. W. Peterson Tilly Klosterman Jun 12 1915
Peterson F Mildred Hazel Peter Peterson Esther Lindsten Jun 1 1924
Peterson F Myrtle Esther Ole J. Peterson Betty Erickson Feb 21 1911
Peterson F Onida E.  Ole J. Peterson Berthe Erickson Apr 2 1909
Peterson M Orville Charles Otto Peterson Elizabeth Bergner Jan 11 1923
Peterson M Owen Freeman Freeman Peterson Lema Seehafer Mar 28 1920
Peterson F Pauline Joan Emil John Peterson Ida Adolphine Durfee May 2 1920
Peterson M Richard William John Peter Peterson Emma Hacker Oct 27 1909
Peterson M Roland Jo Peter John Geo. Peterson Ella Louise Lund Feb 21 1920
Peterson M Roy Edward Charles Peterson Margaret Tebeau Apr 18 1912
Peterson M Roy Oscar Oscar Peterson Elsie Beilfuss Aug 23 1919
Peterson M Royal Duane Roy Peterson Gustce Hestzfield Dec 1 1909
Peterson F Ruth Anetta Earl Erick Peterson Clara Mabel Johnson Oct 21 1915
Peterson M Stanford Oscar Peterson Ester Leitzke May 25 1914
Peterson M (Stillborn) Peter J. Peterson Emma A. Hacker Jul 4 1921
Peterson F Veronica Margaret Christ J. Peterson Angeline E. Cato Feb 15 1923
Peterson M Walter Pete Peterson Tillie Daniels Aug 1 1911
Peterson M Walter Alvin Walter Peterson Bertha Stern Jun 16 1924
Peterson  F Lucile Mary Charles Peterson Margaret Tebeau Jan 4 1914
Petes M Rufus Herman Peters Augusta Brown Mar 28 1914
Petewywaskum M Henry Sam Petewywaskum Agnes Kyanamick Jan 23 1912
Petko F Alma Robert Petko Amelia Kersten Apr 25 1913
Petko M Carl William Robert Petko Amelia Kersten Sep 8 1915
Petko F Clara Robert Petko Amelia Kersten Jan 4 1911
Petrich F June Ruth Jule Petrich Meta Duve Jan 20 1923
Petrowski F Alice F. Ed Petrowski Helen Miller Oct 10 1923
Petrowski M Elizy Edwin Petrowski Angeline Wleczyk Aug 21 1917
Petrowski F Louisa Edward Petrowski Helen Miller Aug 17 1920
Petrowski M Norman      John Petrowski Annie Wlezyk Dec 12 1918
Pettermann M Clarence Louis Pettermann Meta Habeck Jul 31 1920
Petterson M Odin Inglof Louis Petterson Ida Nelson Jun 19 1924
Petwascum M Mary      Samuel Petwascum Agnes Nako Jan 5 1914
Petzlaff M Mylin Lawrence Gustave Petzlaff Emma Kauffman Oct 16 1913
Pevonka M Bernard John Pevonka Mary Asenbrenner Oct 18 1911
Pevonka F Christina John Pevonka Marie Asenbrenner Jun 23 1913
Pevonka M Clarence Joseph Joe M. Pevonda Mary Paiser Jun 27 1919
Pevonka M Herold Paul Pevonka Mary Paiser Sep 3 1921
Pevonka M Milton Donald Joseph Pevonka Mary Paiser Apr 1 1921
Pevonka M Orlin James James Pevonka Barbara M. Paiser Oct 10 1922
Pfeil M Richard Jewitt Rudolph L.C. Pfeil Blanch W. Jewitt May 3 1913
Pflanzer M George Loreine George A. Pflanzer Veida Rucher Apr 13 1919
Phalen M Geo Harold John Phalen Dagmar Sorenson Jan 25 1923
Philippe M Not listed John Philippe Katherine Hall Nov 8 1915
Philippi M Olliver Raymond Nick Philippi Susan Madler Nov 4 1908
Philippi F Veronica Mary John Philippi Katharine Holl May 24 1909
Phillippi M Aloyius Peter Nichelaus Phillipe Susan Mulder May 20 1912
Piatek F Agnes Marie Charles Piatek Mary Malecki Sep 28 1914
Pichelmeyer M Victor Jacob Pichelmeyer Meta Hilse Nov 15 1922
Pick M Carl Gustave Pick Louise Meyer May 7 1920
Pick F Elva Mary Louise Gustav Pick Louise Meyer Feb 20 1924
Pick M Harold Gustave Gustave Pick Louise Meyer Jul 20 1921
Pick M Herbert John Pick Minnie Moede Dec 20 1921
Pick M Leland Vernon Arno Pick Hazel Stake Dec 27 1920
Pickelmeyer F Dorothey Ann Chas Pickelmeyer Thelma Tullberg Aug 3 1922
Pieczynski F Florence Frank Pieczynski Mabrina Czarapata Mar 29 1909
Piehl F LaVerne June Walter Piehl Edna Joerns Jul 27 1922
Piehl F Martha     Charles Piehl Lena Boettcher Apr 19 1909
Piehl F Mary      Harry Piehl Anna Gother Feb 3 1919
Piehl F Minnie May Harry Piehl Anna Gosher Nov 23 1920
Piehl M Norman August Harry Piehl Anna Gother May 22 1924
Pieper M Carl William Carl Pieper Augusta Schroeter Oct 13 1912
Pieper F Frida Ernszene Bertha Carl Pieper Augusta Vehroeder Jan 1 1909
Pieper M Leyster Chas Pieper Augusta Schroeder Aug 3 1910
Pieper M Martin Robert Albert Charley Pieper Augusta Schroeder Nov 22 1914
Pierce F LaNorma Arline Harry Pierce Lulu Hogtilaling Jul 8 1915
Pierce N/L (Stillborn) Frank Pierce  Ella McArthur Jul 19 1920
Pigorsch F Emma Carl Pigorsch Ida Moede Oct 24 1913
Pigorsch M Harrey Charles Pigorsch Ida Moede Feb 9 1912
Pigosh M Helmuth Albert Robert Charles Pigosh Sophia Ida Dorothea Moede Jun 23 1909
Pike M Myron Harry Oliver H. Pike Hazel Addie Tyrrell May 27 1911
Pike F Myrtle Evan Oliver Perry Pike Hazel Addie Tyrrell Oct 5 1912
Pike M Winifield T. Winifield T. Pike Gusta Warbelow Jul 22 1908
Pingel M Benjamin Joseph E. W. Pingel Minnie Gluesing Mar 15 1917
Pingel F Bernis Anna Henry Pingel Alvina Frank Mar 14 1908
Pingel M Carl William Richard Pingel Anna Erdmann Nov 5 1921
Pingel F Cicelia Emma Richard Pingel Emma (Anna) Erdmann Sep 17 1915
Pingel F Clara Meta Louisa `Henry Pingel Alvina Frank Jan 28 1912
Pingel M Clarence William Richard Pingel Anna Erdmann Jun 13 1917
Pingel F Dorothy Richard Pingel Anna Erdmann Feb 19 1914
Pingel F Elaine Anna Louise William Pingel Martha Kraus Mar 8 1916
Pingel M Harold Christ Pingel Augusta Fisher Oct 1 1918
Pingel F Irene Maglena Amanda William J. Pingel Martha Kraut Jan 27 1919
Pingel M John Fred William Pingel Emma Molson Oct 11 1909
Pingel M Marshall Robert Julius Richard Pingel Anna Erdmann Aug 11 1920
Pingel M Martin Herald Oscar William J. Pingel Martha Krant Sep 7 1914
Pingel M Maynard Christ Pingel Augusta Fisher Feb 1 1916
Pingel F Norma Violet Helen William J. Pingel Martha Kraut Jun 1 1917
Pingel M Raymond Christ Pingel Augusta Fisher May 30 1914
Pingel M Roman Karl Richard Pingel Anna Erdmann Feb 7 1912
Pingel M Ronald Ewald Johannes Herman Pingel Eva Flora Sidonia Tesch Jan 4 1912
Pingel M Roy Frank Martin William Pingel Martha Kraus Feb 28 1912
Pingel F Ruth Eva Herman Adolph Pingel Eva Flora Tesch Jul 25 1921
Pingel M Simon    Herman Pingel Eva Tesch Jul 1 1913
Pingel M (Stillborn) Richard Pingel Anna Erdmann Feb 27 1911
Pingel M Willis Edwin Richard Pingel Anna Erdmann Apr 2 1924
Pintsch M Carl Robert Christoph Richard O. Pintsch Clara M. Brandt Jul 10 1910
Pionek F Rosalia Joseph Pionek Not listed Apr 19 1912
Piotraschke F Malinda Otto Piotraschke Martha Lembke Apr 23 1923
Piotrowski F Frances Delores John A. Piotrowski Anna Wleczyk Jan 28 1923
Piotrowski F Mary Ed Piotrowski Helen Miller Dec 1 1921
Pipgrass M Marlin L. Alfred Pipgrass Ernestine Delzer Jun 4 1923
Pitt F Bernice Alfred Pitt Hattie Yuenger Jul 13 1913
Pitt F Leona Robert Pitt Ulrike Beilke Oct 10 1909
Pitt M Lester John Alfred Pitt Hattie Yuenger Sep 17 1918
Pitt F Luella Herman Pitt Olga Klemp Oct 28 1910
Pitt M Oliver Herman Pitt Olga Klemp May 16 1914
Pitt M Orval Herman Pitt Olga Klemp Dec 4 1915
Place M Melvin Joseph Fred Place Kate Kaiser May 27 1912
Plapper F Raseline Ray W. Plapper Marie Kingstapp Dec 17 1922
Plaster F Adele Edna Ed Plaster Martha Dieck Aug 1 1909
Plaster M Lester     Edward Plaster Martha Dieck May 11 1914
Plaster F Marzella Edward Plaster Bertha Dieck Apr 3 1918
Plaster M Millard Herman Edward Plaster Martha Dieck Dec 6 1922
Plattas M Alvin Nick Plattas Alis Strinke Dec 27 1910
Plauster M Harvey     Edward Plauster Martha Dieck Jul 21 1920
Plautz F Alvira Emil Plautz Bertha Strahl Mar 29 1912
Plautz F Myrtle Emil Plautz Bertha Strahl Mar 6 1918
Plautz F Vivian Emil Plautz Bertha Strahl Aug 18 1915
Pleshek M Adolph Jos Pleshek Mary Tomashek Nov 20 1915
Pleshek M Alfred Daniel Joseph J. Pleshek Hulda A. Laedtke Nov 11 1913
Pleshek M Bernard Roy Joseph Pleshek Hulda Luedke Mar 3 1915
Pleshek F Elda Catherine Joseph A. Pleshek Loreana McGee Jun 16 1913
Pleshek F Ethel Julia Frank Pleshek Clare E. J. Speaker Feb 16 1908
Pleshek F Ethel Kathryn Adolph Pleshek Mary Nemetz Nov 26 1914
Pleshek F Helen Joseph Pleshek Mary Tomashek Dec 11 1912
Pleshek F Helen Ed Pleshek Helen Wannie Oct 23 1922
Pleshek M Jacob Adolph Pleshek Mary Nemetz Jul 24 1912
Pleshek F LaVerne Bessie Joseph Anton Pleshek Lorraine McGee Nov 4 1922
Pleshek M Lewis Mathew Pleshek Maggie Bohr May 2 1909
Pleshek F Lillie Joseph Pleshek Mary Tomashek May 12 1908
Pleshek F Lucy Math Pleshek Margaret Bohr May 7 1914
Pleshek F Margaret Marcella Joe Pleshek Hulda Laedtke Dec 10 1922
Pleshek F Marie Helen Charles  Pleshek Kathryn Hinzman May 4 1922
Pleshek M Raymond  Edward Joe Pleshek Hulda Laedtke Oct 27 1912
Pleshek M (Stillborn) Joseph Pleshek Lovenna McGee Apr 29 1909
Plesser F Dorothy Marie Joseph Plesser Clara Hoehne Jan 10 1924
Pleudman F Elva Ida Louisa Charles Pluedman Mary Korneman Dec 5 1908
Pliederman M Erwin Carl Albert Pliederman Maria Zuelke Aug 24 1912
Plier F Lois Adeline Frank Plier Sybil Rymer Sep 10 1917
Plier M Ivan Charles Frank Plier Sibyl Rymer Jan 30 1923
Plisch F Blanche Louise Clarence Marten Plisch Louise Amelia Mary Dries Nov 21 1918
Plisch M Carl     Edwin O. Plisch Louise Romang Sep 23 1917
Pliska M Chester Medart Frank Pliska Ellen Stanislowski Jun 27 1920
Plocienick F Irene  Petronela Stephen Plocienick Katie Machowiak Sep 21 1915
Plocienik M Joseph Frank Mike Plocienik Sophia Sicora Feb 14 1910
Plociennik F Victoria Frances Michael Plociennil Sophie Sikora May 16 1908
Ploeger F Agnes August Ploeger Agnes Brunnecker Nov 22 1917
Ploeger F Anna Gustave Ploeger Agnes Brunnecker Jun 15 1913
Ploeger M Edwin Willie Ploeger Florence Clark Sep 29 1912
Ploeger M George August Ploeger Agnes Brunecker Jun 23 1915
Ploeger F (Stillborn) Aug. Ploeger Agnes Brunnecker May 13 1914
Plopert M Joseph Harold Plopert Amelia Patzen Nov 7 1914
Plopper M Jap, Jr. Jap Plopper Marie Kuehntopp Sep 5 1921
Plopper F Ruth Beatrice Harold Plopper Amelia Patzer Apr 25 1916
Plucinick F Dorothy Evelyn Mike Plucinick Anna Lesczykowski Apr 13 1924
Pludeman F Alma (twin) 1 Albert Pludeman Mary Zuelkle Jul 31 1919
Pludeman M August (twin) 2 Albert Pludeman Mary Zuelkle Jul 31 1919
Pludeman F Edna     Chas Pludeman Mary Kanaman Jan 17 1922
Pludeman F (Stillborn) Albert Pludeman Mary Zuelke Sep 5 1918
Pluderman F Frieda Chas Pluderman Maria Kroeneman Sep 22 1914
Pluderman F Helen Albert Pluderman Mary Zuehlke Oct 10 1920
Pluedeman F Ruth Emelia Emil Pluedeman Berthy Waner Dec 6 1908
Pluedeman    F Alice Albert Pluedeman Mary Zuellke Jun 27 1923
Pluedemann M Adolph Rudolph Julius William Pluedemann Lidie Kriewaldt Jan 20 1912
Pluedemann M Alex        William Pluedemann Lydia Kriewaldt Oct 30 1917
Pluedemann M Erwin William Pluedemann Lydia Kriewaldt Jun 8 1913
Pluedemann M Walter Edwin Paul William Pluedemann Lydia Kriewald   Mar 28 1909
Pluedman M Henry Albert Pluedman Mary Zuelka Jul 11 1908
Plueger M Fred (twin) 2 William Plueger Florence Clark Feb 11 1916
Plueger F Ida (twin) 1 William Plueger Florence Clark Feb 11 1916
Plueger F (Stillborn) William Plueger Florence Clark Oct 31 1914
Plufer F Rose Viola William Plufer, Jr. Florence Clark Mar 25 1909
Pluger F Serena William Pluger Florence Clark Jul 22 1919
Pluger F Wilda May William Pluger Florence Clark Jul 14 1921
Pluger M William    William Pluger Florence Clarke Dec 11 1910
Pochron M Eddie Stanley Pochron Tillie Dykton Jan 11 1918
Pochron F Evelyn       Stanley Pochron Tillie Dykton Mar 11 1923
Pochron F Genevieve Stanley Pochron Teckla Dichton Dec 5 1919
Pock F Leona Freda Ernest C. Pock Gertrude Hopple Sep 16 1920
Pockat M Andrew Ferdinand Carl Ernest W. Pockat Olga Peterman Oct 2 1924
Pockat F Dorothy Anna Amelia Ernst Pockat  Olga Peterman Nov 20 1923
Pockat M Eddie   Geo Pockat Lydia Mansee Oct 9 1917
Pockat M Erwin George Pockat  Lydia Mansee Jun 28 1919
Pockat M Gerhard Sam Pockatt Anna Schwantes Sep 11 1913
Pockat M James      George Pockat  Emma Mavis Dec 6 1923
Pockat M Loyd Leonard Ben Pockat Martha Buss Aug 9 1923
Pockat F Martha (twin) 1 Emil Pockat Ida Schwantes Feb 22 1916
Pockat M Melvin      Emil G. Pockat Ida Schwaster Apr 16 1911
Pockat M Milton Harry Eddie Ben Pockat Martha Buss Mar 21 1921
Pockat M Roland (twin)  Sam Pockatt Anna Schwantes Oct 4 1911
Pockat M Rueben (twin)  Sam Pockatt Anna Schwantes Oct 4 1911
Pockat M (Stillborn) (twin) 2 Emil Pockat Ida Schwantes Feb 22 1916
Pockatt M Bernard Sam Pockatt Anna Schwantes Oct 17 1908
Podkomaris M Louis   Joseph Podkomaris Agnes Wosniah Aug 19 1913
Poinek M Marlyn Adam Poinek Gertrude Muck Nov 17 1922
Polaski F Lucy Clara Carl Polaski Ludwika Krajeska Nov 24 1919
Polaski M Roman Stanley Chas Polaski Louisa Krajiesk Feb 26 1922
Polaski F Sophia Angeline Chas Polaski Louisa Krajieski Apr 24 1924
Polczinski M Adolph Emil Vincent Polczinski Julia Demney Aug 15 1924
Polczinski M Anton Frank Polczinski Florence Wisnski Dec 15 1911
Polczinski M Eugene Ludwig Polcziski Lucille Hotzuay Jan 24 1922
Polczinski F Loraine Evelyn Frank Polczinski Florence Wisnieski Feb 29 1924
Polczinski F Marcella    Frank Polczinski Florence Wisneske Oct 21 1919
Polczinski M Roman Frank Polczinski Florence Wisnieski Sep 24 1921
Polelka F Ruth Marie Joseph Papelka Laura Kleeman Dec 17 1923
Poley M Wallace Otto Poley (alleged) Muliva Johnson May 12 1924
Polezinski F Regina Elneaner Ludwig Polezinski Lucile Hidkiewicz Aug 18 1920
Polezinski M Robert Frank Polezinski Florence Wisnieski Dec 29 1922
Polezinski F (Stillborn) Frank Polezinski Florence Wisnieski Sep 25 1918
Polinski F Gladys Stephen Polinski Dora Marble Feb 15 1908
Polk M Alvin Ernest Ernest Polk Gertrude Happel Jun 3 1922
Pollack F Bernice Edith Clyde Pollock