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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Cathe Ziereis

N2645 Rustic Circle

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Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012

Editor Jim Glasheen 2010

Anita Perez 2012


Raab F Maria John Raab Annie Leibold Dec 27 1911
Raasch F Cecelia Lena Herman Raasch Bertha Schultz Aug 11 1908
Raasch F DeLeila Minnie Gustave Raasch Huldina Meilke Nov 1 1914
Raasch M Earl George Gustav F. Raasch Huldina Mielke Sep 19 1921
Raasch M Edward Otto Gust Raasch Lena Meilke Mar 7 1912
Raasch F Erna Florence Gust H. Raasch Huldina Mielke Apr 22 1923
Raasch F Florence Heilda Ester Chas. Otto Raasch Dora Stibbs Mar 10 1912
Raasch M Gerald Charles Obert Raasch Genevieve Sanders Jun 27 1915
Raasch M LeRoy Oliver Raasch Anna Bielke Nov 26 1923
Raasch M Maurice Harold Obert W. Raasch Genevieve Sanders Jul 23 1918
Raasch F Myrtle Wilemina Mathilda Charley Raasch Dora Stibbs Mar 11 1910
Raasch M Oliver Paul Oliver Raasch Anna Beilke Sep 7 1922
Raasch M Orville Robert Charles Gustav F. Raasch Huldina Mielke Jun 18 1919
Raasch M Ralph Theodore Louis Gustav Raasch Lena Meilke May 26 1917
Raasch F Verna Leora Fred Raasch  Nathlie Kunst Nov 29 1914
Raasch M Vernon Arthur Arnold Raasch Hattie Mielke Jul 12 1915
Raasch F Viola Amanda Ida Carl Raasch Dora Stuebs Feb 13 1908
Raasch M Walter Henry Willie Gustav F. Raasch Huldina Meilke Jan 17 1910
Raash M Hubert Herman Raash Bertha Schultz Jul 26 1910
Raaths F Cinderella Lucelle Arthur Raaths Ida Bielfus Mar 22 1912
Raaths M Clifford Edward Henry Raaths Puline Simon Mar 8 1913
Raaths F Katherina Pauline Louis J. Raaths Anna Zingner May 13 1919
Raaths M Orvil Arthur ArthurRaaths Ida Beilfuss May 29 1921
Raaths F Marcella Bernice Arthur Raaths Ida Bielfuss Mar 30 1913
Raaths F Melba Arthur Raaths Ida Bielfuss Oct 22 1914
Raatz M Lester Henry William Raatz Augusta Bohm Apr 3 1919
Raatz M Wilbert Albert William Raatz Gusta Bohm Feb 25 1920
Rabe M Florian Roland Henry Rabe Amanda Willschrank Jul 10 1912
Rabe M Roland Henry Henry F. Rabe Amanda Wilsmack Aug 11 1915
Rachals F Margrete Bertha Johanna Herman F. Rachals Helen Gropp May 3 1912
Racine F Ione M. Norman Racine Emma Lafebere Aug 23 1909
Racine M Lucress Francis Norman Racine Emma LaFabre Sep 15 1911
Racine M Robert John Norman Racine Emma L. Fehr Mar 24 1915
Racine  F Mary Jane Norman Racine Emma LaFebre Apr 10 1917
Raddant  F Alice Adolph Raddant Anna Mehlhorn Feb 18 1922
Raddant  F Anna Herman Raddant Amelia Prey Oct 1 1908
Raddant  F Ardis Jean David Raddant Minnie Zabel Feb 7 1924
Raddant  F Dorothy Elizabeth Hugo Raddant  Marie Zueske Feb 19 1920
Raddant  F Erma Hugo Raddant  May Zueske Jan 30 1919
Raddant  M Eugene Robert Robert Raddant Laura Scheil May 8 1922
Raddant  M Harley Hugo Raddant  Marie Zueske Aug 30 1917
Raddant  M Henry Adolph C. Raddant Anna Mehlhorn Jul 27 1923
Raddant  M Herbert Paul Paul Raddant Hettau Greise Nov 7 1912
Raddant  F Ila Gustave Raddant Ida Goltz Aug 29 1920
Raddant  F Irene Adolph C. Raddant Anna Mehlhorn Jun 20 1918
Raddant  M Kenneth Hugo Raddant  Marie Zueske Jun 16 1922
Raddant  M Lawrence Edgar Otto C. Raddant Anna L. Rudebusch Mar 16 1911
Raddant  F Mabel Adolph Raddant Erna Melhorn Aug 22 1920
Raddant  M Melvin Otto Raddant Zelma Krueger Sep 8 1912
Raddant  F Neta Bertha Tena Freda William Raddant Ida Goers Feb 25 1909
Raddant  F Norma Dorothy Hugo Raddant  Marie Zueske Mar 29 1921
Raddant  M Richard Dhano Leo Carl Raddant Adele Dhano Jul 26 1921
Raddant  M Rudolph August Robert Gustav Raddant Ida Gueths Mar 16 1916
Raddant  F Ruth Viola Margareth Gustav Raddant Ida Gueths Feb 11 1918
Raddant  F (Stillborn) Robert Raddant Laura Scheil May 1 1920
Raddant  M Victor Otto Raddant Anna Ruedebasch Jul 2 1909
Raddant  F Viola Sidonia Otto Raddant  Zelma Krueger  Nov 27 1913
Radecki M Ernest Joe Radecki Victoria Swiecichowski Jan 31 1918
Radecki F Regina Celia John Radecki    Bertha Czajkowski Dec 26 1922
Radecki    F Eleanor Joseph Radecki Victoria Swiecichowski Jul 27 1923
Radeckie M Arthur John Radeckie Bertha Czajkowski Oct 17 1924
Rademann M Arthur    Roberd Rademann Anna Meitzel Jun 15 1908
Rader M Roland     Paul Rader Ella Radke Apr 23 1915
Rades F Alma William Rades Augusta Konkel Dec 10 1907
Rades M Alvin Frank Rades Marie Westphal Aug 1 1917
Rades M Elmer Paul Rades Ella Radtke Sep 21 1912
Rades F Erna     Frank Rades Mary Westphal Jan 24 1908
Rades M Frank     Frank Rades Mary Westphal Dec 25 1910
Rades M Fredrick Franz William Rades Not listed Mar 3 1910
Rades F Irene William Rades Augusta Kunkel May 24 1911
Rades M Leon William F. Rades Augusta Konkel Feb 21 1921
Rades M Levi Frank F. Rades Mary Westphal Apr 6 1921
Rades F Luella Frank Rades Marie Westphal Feb 24 1915
Rades M Ruben    Paul Rades Ella Radke Feb 26 1914
Rades F Ruth       Paul Rades Ella Badke Dec 19 1921
Rades M Vilas Palul Rades Ella Radke Dec 7 1910
Rades  M Norman     Paul Rades Ella Radke Sep 14 1917
Radis F Alma Frank Radis Mary Westphal May 10 1909
Radke F Agnes Herman Radke Selma Waller Jan 19 1915
Radke F Dorothy Sarah Otto T. Radke Mine Morris Apr 28 1917
Radke F Evelyn Rudolph Radke Adeline Ewert Jul 30 1910
Radke M Harey Edward Radke Lydia Bruss Sep 28 1910
Radke M Meinhard Ethan Radke Esther Krueger Nov 2 1918
Radke F Nora Rudolph Radke Adeline Ewert Jan 22 1915
Radke M Norman     Melvin Radke Frieda Ewald Sep 30 1918
Radke M Oscar Albert E. Radke Ella Woller Nov 7 1911
Radke F Rella Edward Radke Ldia Buss Sep 20 1915
Radliff F Edna Rosalie Guy Radliff Ida Meverden Oct 24 1918
Radliff M Howard Guy Radliff Ida Meverden Sep 1 1922
Radliff M Jerome Clifford Guy Radliff Ida Meverden May 10 1920
Radliff M Joseph Victor Guy Radliff Ida C. Meverden Mar 5 1917
Radliff F Marcella      Robert Guy  Radliff Ida Meverden Dec 15 1914
Radliff F Olive Agnes Robert Guy  Radliff Ida Ceclia Meverden Jan 14 1914
Radliff M Richard George Guy Radliff Ida Meverden Oct 14 1923
Radliff M Robert Francis Guy Radliff Ida Meverden Dec 14 1915
Radliff M Robert Kenneth Guy Radliff Augustie Nearing Jun 2 1912
Radlin F Ella Hattie Richard Radlin Bertha Hoefts Nov 15 1907
Radloff M Arthur Albert Clarence C. W. Radloff Mary Moede Dec 4 1909
Radloff F Leona Edward Radloff Marie Hinkfuss Oct 24 1918
Radloff F Loraine Anna Ed Radloff Marie Hinkfuss Jun 26 1924
Radloff M Ruben Charles Herman Radloff Emma Polzin Jun 14 1918
Radloff M Wallace Robert Herman Radloff Emma Polzin Feb 25 1922
Radtke M Byron John Frederick Gustave Radtke Jean Ogilvie Nicol Feb 4 1910
Radtke F Alvera Lorraine Edd Radtke Lydia Buss Sep 16 1922
Radtke M Carl Kenneth Carl L. Radtke Catherine Prusik Jun 20 1918
Radtke M Clyde Emil Radtke Ida Brodthagen Oct 10 1915
Radtke F Deloris Ethan Radtke Ester Krueger Mar 25 1923
Radtke F Doris LaVern Melvin Radtke Frieda Ewald Jan 16 1923
Radtke F Dorothy     Aug Radtke Clara Brodthagen Jan 14 1913
Radtke F Edna      Albert E. Radtke Angelia Hannaman Oct 24 1920
Radtke M Edwin Aug Hoppe Fred Radtke Mathilda Moede Mar 19 1910
Radtke F Elaine Alb. E. Radtke Angeline Hannamen Jan 18 1923
Radtke F Elsie A. R. Radtke Clara Thomae May 24 1909
Radtke F Elsie Herman Radtke Selma Woller May 9 1919
Radtke F Esther Albert Radtke Ella Woller Nov 8 1913
Radtke F Evelyn Gust Radtke Louise Schmidt Mar 19 1908
Radtke F Florence      August Radtke Clara Brodthagen Sep 30 1915
Radtke M Fred    Fred Radtke Emma Gueths Dec 13 1911
Radtke F Genavefa Alma Fred Radtke Emma Gueths Dec 29 1914
Radtke M Gordon Edmond Emil Henry Radtke Hattie Schnohn Jul 3 1920
Radtke M Gordon Laurence Albert Radtke Clara Thoma   Oct 16 1913
Radtke M Harvey Albert Albert Radtke Jessie Rymer Oct 6 1920
Radtke M Irwin Munroe Al Radtke Clara Thomae Apr 9 1920
Radtke F Jida Robt Radtke Ida Mertinis Mar 27 1908
Radtke M Kenith Frederich Frank Emil Radtke Emma Brodhagen Jun 27 1912
Radtke F Laverna Marie Emma Herman J. Radtke Sellma Woller Jun 8 1923
Radtke M Lenard Herman Radtke Minnie Busch Mar 24 1912
Radtke M Lenhard Gust Aug Radtke Linda Pope Apr 29 1913
Radtke M Leonard Martin Aug Radtke Helen Poppe Apr 15 1913
Radtke M Leslie August Gust Radtke Louisa Schmidt Apr 1 1916
Radtke M Lester Miles Herman Radtke Minnie Busch Jan 7 1915
Radtke F Linda Rosella Gesena August Radtke Helene Poppe Dec 20 1911
Radtke M Louis Herman Henry Aug Radtke Clara Brodhagen Aug 10 1919
Radtke M Martin Albert E. Radtke Ella Woller Aug 2 1909
Radtke F Minnie Robert Radtke Lena Manthei Sep 30 1910
Radtke M Myron Julius Billy Henry Radtke Hattie Schwahn Mar 4 1922
Radtke F Not listed Gustav Radtke Louise Schmidt Dec 6 1912
Radtke M Oliver     Emil Radtke Emma Brothagen May 14 1914
Radtke F (Premature) Emil Radtke Emma Brodhagen Jan 10 1920
Radtke F Regina      William Radtke Amelia Moenke Apr 24 1912
Radtke M Roy Ferdinand Chas Radtke Mathilda Mehlberg May 22 1918
Radtke F Ruth Grace Albert Radtke Jessie Rymer Feb 18 1919
Radtke F Ursula Minnie Herman Radtke Minnie Busch Nov 27 1922
Radtke M Vern Cauford Gustave Curtin Warner Selma Radtke Jul 19 1919
Radtke M Victor Fred Radtke Anna Gueths Sep 20 1918
Radtke F Violet Louise Emil Buss Selma Radtke May 13 1913
Radun F Adelia Arthur Rodun Ella Steinke Jun 26 1918
Radun F Beatrice Martha Louise Herman Edgar Radun Stella Elvira Schenk Dec 20 1923
Radun M Clarence Frank Radun Hulda Conrad Sep 26 1911
Radun F Evelyn Frank Radun Hulda Conrad Aug 13 1913
Radun F Laura Arthur Radun Ella Steinke Jul 6 1923
Radun M Lee Howard Her Radun Stella Schenk Aug 12 1920
Radun F Lilly Frank Radun Hulda Conradt Jan 13 1920
Radun F Lorena Frank Radun Hulda Conrad Feb 14 1915
Radun F Martha  Arthur Radun Ella Steinke Oct 18 1915
Radun M Rudolph      Arthur Radun Ella Steinke Oct 8 1921
Radun F Viola Frank Radun Hulda Conradt Aug 27 1918
Radunn F Elanora Frank Radunn Hulda Cawsad May 4 1910
Raess F Joyce Albert Raess Rose Wood May 18 1910
Raether M Bert Arthur Raether Ellen Fisher Jun 9 1924
Raether F Dorothy Marie Emil Raether Lillian Mielke Jun 26 1918
Raether M Gaylord William Earl Arthur Raether Ella Fischer Apr 1 1922
Raether F Lois Anna Hanna Frank Raether Dorothy Moeller Oct 2 1910
Raether F Valita Albertina Emile Raether Lielian Mielke Aug 18 1922
Raettig M Hazen Lloyd Paul N. Raettig Frances May McLaughlin Feb 24 1909
Raffanf M John J. Hugo Victor Roffanf Hannah Fuchs Feb 25 1911
Rafoth M Arthur Earnast Earnest Rafoth Cornelia Freeborn Dec 17 1907
Rafoth M Clifford     Herman Rafoth Delia Bromschreiber Oct 8 1910
Rafoth M Hannus Albert Rafoth Elizabeth Gustman Aug 22 1912
Rafoth F Myrtle       Herman Rafoth Delia Bromschrieber Feb 7 1912
Rafoth M Rolland Albert Rafoth Lizzie Gustmann Sep 9 1913
Rahe F Edna Anna Gustav Rahe Hedwig Holbe Dec 24 1919
Rahe F Ella     Grestav Rahe Hedwig Roller Aug 26 1915
Rahe M William Irvin Gustave Rahe Hedwig Kolbe Jul 3 1917
Raisler M Harold Louis Raisler Minnie Krueger Jan 14 1921
Raisler F Mildred Marry Carolina Ludwig E. Raisler Wilhelmina Marry Krueger Feb 7 1913
Rajewski M Anton Frank Rakewski Salome Kush Jun 12 1910
Rameker F Elsie Frank Rameker Lizzie Pevonka May 30 1910
Rameker M Norbert Jacob Frank J. Rameker Lissie Pevanka Jan 6 1908
Ramlow F Dorethea Edna Lucile Carl Aug. Ramlow Mathilda Leeman Feb 21 1915
Ramlow F Gertrude Anna Carl Ramlow Mathilda Seeman Dec 6 1908
Ramlow F Loraine Anna Alma Alfred Frederick Carl Ramlow Alma Caroline T. Westphal Feb 14 1923
Ramlow M Richard Alfred Alfred Ramlow Alma Westphal Sep 25 1921
Ramlow M Roger William Oscar Ramlow Ella Brenner Jul 13 1924
Rammer F Mary Alice A. F. Rammer Addis Turney Jan 3 1920
Rammer M Thomas Arthur Arthur Rammer Addia Turney May 10 1918
Ramseth F Borghild Inga Ole P. Ramseth Lena Hovie Jun 16 1909
Ramseth F Ethel Helena Ole Ramseth Lena Hovie Feb 5 1915
Ramseth M Harrol Ralph Ole Ramseth Leria Hovie Oct 6 1911
Ramseth M Marvin Carl Ole Ramseth Lena Hovie Jun 4 1913
Ramseth M Oliver Charles Ole Ramseth Lena Hovie May 5 1919
Ramthun F Alfrieda Helen Charles Ramthun Anna Mahl Oct 31 1909
Rand M Allen Myron Rand Emelie Kamradt Jul 4 1921
Rand M Donald Lewis Myron Rand Emelia Kamradt Mar 15 1923
Randall F Frances June Charles Randall Frances McMahon Jun 11 1910
Randell F Libby Charles Randell Francis McMahon Jul 2 1909
Rank M Albert Anton Rank Anna Siefert Apr 23 1910
Rankow F (Stillborn) John Rankow Meta Siedschlog Mar 15 1918
Ranousen F Ethel Hillman Oscar Ranousen Marian Burtt Oct 28 1918
Rapaich M Eldor Wilhelm Joseph  George Rapaich Amanda Hamann Apr 21 1916
Rapaich F Mildred     George Rapaich Amanda Hamann Jul 23 1917
Rapaich M Roy George Herold George Rapaich Amanda Hamann Aug 17 1919
Rasmensen F Dorthea Peter Rasmensen Caroline Nelson Jun 20 1914
Rasmunson F Clara Mathilda Oscar G. Rasmunson Christina Nielson Jul 12 1910
Rasmuson F Olga C. Oscar Rasmuson Carrie Amundson Jul 6 1910
Rasmussen M Arthur Allen Owen Nels P. Rasmussen Caroline Nelson Oct 21 1910
Rasmussen M Kenneth Marvin Peter Rasmussen Caroline Alate Olson  Aug 8 1916
Rasmussen F Lillian Anna Elisabeth Peter Rasmussen Caroline Nilsen Nov 25 1907
Rasmussen F Rosalia Gertie Oscar Paul Rasmussen Carrie Alotte Amundson Mar 23 1913
Rasmussen F Ruth Leona Oscar Paul Rasmussen Carrie Amundson Mar 7 1908
Rasmusson F Margaret Virginia Peter Rasmusson Caroline Nelson Apr 11 1917
Rassmussen M Robert Maynard William Rassmussen Margaret Paulson Sep 12 1924
Rasumsson F Emily Caroline Otto Rasumsson Nancy Rasumson Dec 18 1922
Ratajczak M Harry Stan Ratajczak Angeline Kasza Jan 25 1916
Ratajczak M John     Stanley Ratajczak Angeline Kasza Jan 24 1913
Ratajczak M Joseph     Stanley Ratajczak Anniela Kasza Feb 5 1919
Ratajczak F Lucya Stanley Ratajczak Angeline Kasza Dec 13 1911
Ratajczak F Ludwina Stanley Ratajczak Aniela Kasza May 19 1914
Ratajczak M Raymond Stanislaus Ratajczak Angeline Kasza Jul 31 1917
Rather F Ester Emma Bertha Otto Rather Hannah Dittman  Oct 1 1912
Ratig M William Adam Adam Ratig Hennetta Ratig Feb 1 1908
Ratkowski F Edna Ella John Ratkowski Minnie Binder Aug 12 1910
Ratkwski F Ida Anna John Ratkwski Minnie Binder Sep 18 1912
Ratyczak M Edmund Stanley Ratyczak Angeline Kasza May 15 1909
Rawe M Albert Albert Rawe Dora Pitt Mar 3 1918
Ready F Faith Peter Ready Irin Mitchell Nov 7 1918
Ready F Clarissa Joseph Ready Louise Kadletz May 1 1912
Ready F Eleanore Irene George Ready  Minnie Ashenbrenner Feb 3 1918
Ready M Joseph Alvin John Ready Katie Asenbrenner Dec 27 1910
Ready F Lillian J. George Ready  Minnie Ashenbrenner Feb 12 1914
Ready M Marvin     Joe Ready Louise Kadlitz Sep 22 1915
Ready F Mildred Marie Joe Ready Louise Kadletz Oct 10 1913
Ready F Minnie George Ready  Minnie Aschenbrenner Jan 25 1921
Redemann M Emil    Robert Redemann Annie Neitzel Apr 27 1913
Redline M Harold Richard Redline Bertha Hoefs May 10 1910
Redman M Edward Carl Edward Redman    Anna Kersten Jun 24 1922
Redman F Ellen Emma Lewis Redman Sophia Beyersdorf Jan 15 1921
Redman M Reynold Frank Chas Redman    Hulda Konkel Jan 22 1916
Redman   F Mable Pauline Ruth Carl Redman Hattie Schultz Mar 31 1915
Redman   M Oliver Henry August Edwald Redman Anna Kersten Aug 13 1919
Redman   M Raymond August Redman   Elvina Popelka Jul 10 1922
Redman    F Alice Magdalene Mabel Charles J. Redman Hattie Schultz Oct 5 1913
Redman    M Erwin   August J. Redman   Alvina Popelke Apr 12 1913
Redman    F Irene Emma Mildred Chas Redman    Hattie Schultz Jul 6 1920
Redman    M Roy   August J. Redman Alvina Popelka Oct 31 1911
Redman     M Earl     Aug J. Redman   Alvina Popelke Sep 20 1908
Redman     F Martha Othelia Carl Julius Redmann Hulda Kunkel Apr 26 1918
Redmann F Adlina Imegart Chas. J. Redman Hulda Kunkel Mar 24 1912
Redmann M Albert Frank Chas J. Redmann Hulda Kulkeel Nov 19 1909
Redmann F Emma Alma Amanda Carl J. Redmann Hulda Konkel Aug 10 1914
Redmann M Arlin Edward Redmann Anna Kersten Oct 14 1923
Redmann M Claude Carl August J. Redmann Alwine Popelke Jul 1 1909
Redmann M Emil Herman Chas Julius Redmann Hulda Amanda Kunkel May 1 1913
Redmann M Erlen Ray George George R. L. Redmann Ella Raguse Mar 22 1909
Redmann M Harvey George Ernest Geo. Redmann Ella Raguse Mar 25 1921
Redmann F Lucille Anna Ella George Redmann Ella Raguse Jul 28 1923
Redmann F Myrtle Florella Lula Carl Redmann Hattie Schultz Oct 5 1917
Redmann M Plenny Jesse Ruben Carl H. Redmann Hattie Schultz Apr 4 1911
Redmann F Ruth Roselin Louis Redmann Sophia Beyersdorf Jan 9 1919
Redmann F Violet Marie Carl Redmann Hattie Schultz Oct 6 1922
Redmann M Wallace Royce Raymond Edward Redmann Anna Kresten Oct 21 1917
Redtke F Ethel Louise Maybelle Gust A. Redtke Louise Schmidt Dec 9 1909
Reed F Mary Dora Edgar Reed Alice Chase Jul 21 1917
Reed F Pur Sadie Iris James Elliot Reed Martha Evangeline Herzog Jun 26 1924
Reed M Russell Chase Edgar A. Reed Alice Pearl Chase Jan 10 1913
Reed M William Joseph Edgar A. Reed Alice Pearl Chase Nov 12 1922
Reedy M Lawrence     George Reedy Minnie Ashenbrenner Jul 12 1909
Reedy  F Blanche Peter J. Reedy Irine Mitchell Nov 2 1923
Reek M Clarence E. Albert Riek Lidia Wetzel Aug 12 1911
Reek F Elnora Bondlin Albert Reek Lydia Wetzel Mar 11 1916
Reek M Martin Charles Albert Reek Lydia Wetzel Aug 31 1920
Reek F Zola Louisa Albert Reek Lydia Wetzel Aug 8 1922
Reendfleisch M John William August Joseph Reendfleisch Carolina Rode Jan 21 1910
Reetz M Arthur    Emil Reetz Louise Lange Aug 25 1921
Reetz F Betty Jane Albert Reetz Adah Strutzel Mar 24 1922
Reetz F Emeline Margareth M. (twin) 2 Albert Reetz Emma Gehrman Jun 10 1909
Reetz F Emgard Ida Minnie (twin) 1 Albert Reetz Emma Gehrman Jun 10 1909
Reetz F Geraldine Joyce Albert Reetz Ida Strilzel Aug 30 1924
Reetz F Rosie Elsie Emil Reetz Louise Lange Oct 30 1907
Refman M James Edward Arthur H. Refman Alice Ludolph Apr 26 1919
Regelein F Laura Belle Edward Regelein Florence Spitzer Feb 13 1918
Regelein F Loretta June Ed Regelein Florence Atwood Jun 24 1922
Regling F Charlotte Esther Emma William A. Regling Marie Raddant Apr 15 1918
Regling F Dorothy William A. Regling Marie Raddant Apr 29 1914
Regling F Evelyn Annel M. Otto Regling Martha Mailham Jun 29 1908
Regling M Kurt Frederick William A. Regling Marie A. Raddant Oct 25 1910
Regling F (Stillborn) Otto Regling Martha Mailham Feb 22 1913
Reichel F Not listed William C. Reichel Hattie Worth Jan 29 1915
Reichel F Charlotte Marie William C. Reichel Hattie Werth Jan 7 1920
Reichel F Dorthy Kathrin Herman Reichel Cora Kloshman Nov 29 1912
Reichel F Ethelwyn Mae William C. Reichel Jr. Hattie Worth May 13 1913
Reichel F Helen Claire Ester William C. Reichel, Jr. Hattie Worth  Mar 27 1911
Reichel F June Harnet William C. Reichel Hattie Werth Jun 9 1921
Reichel F Laverna Lois Herman O. Reichel Cora Klosterman Aug 25 1919
Reichel M Maurice Fredrick Fred G. Reichel Laura Royske?? Apr 23 1918
Reichel F Ruth Clara Herman C. Reichel Cora Klosterman May 22 1911
Reichelt F Margaret     Arthur Reichelt Elsie Dumdie Apr 5 1918
Reichelt M Ronald Fredrick Arthur Reichelt Elsie Dungie Jul 11 1922
Reiland M John Andrew Andrew Reiland Winnie Schnoro May 8 1914
Reimer M Irving Richard Reimer Annie Timm May 26 1924
Reimer F Moraine Hildegard Aug. Reimer Alwene Schachtschnieder Oct 11 1909
Reinert F Ardis     Harry Reinert Esther Maas Mar 5 1922
Reinert M Dale Edward Harry Reinert Esther Maas Mar 22 1920
Reinert M Eugene Albert Ben Reinert Emma Erickson Aug 14 1924
Reinert M Glen Ed. Ed Reinert Irine Heger May 27 1923
Reinert M Harold Carl Harry Reinert Esther Maas Feb 28 1919
Reinert F Henrietta Lottie Arthur Reinert Ida Schwartzkopf Jan 5 1922
Reinert F Jane Theresa Frederick Reinert Theresa Marie Wood Oct 13 1907
Reinert F LaVerna Lucille Art Reinert Ida Schwarzkopf Nov 14 1920
Reinert M Llewellyn Franz Geo Julius Reinert Verna Anna Lotto May 30 1924
Reinert M Philetus Ben Reinert Christina Schrier Aug 4 1920
Reinert M Raymond Benhard Benjamin Reinert Emma Erickson May 25 1922
Reinert M Rudolph Arthur Art Reinert Ada Schwartzkopf Sep 6 1923
Reinert F Ruth Mary Art Reinert Ida Swartzkopf Sep 16 1924
Reinfleish M Eric Henry Frank Reinfleish Lydia Krueger Sep 5 1920
Reinhardt F Wilhelmina Johanna Carl Reinhardt Rose Miller Nov 20 1917
Reinhardt F Winnie Pearl Charles Reinhardt Ida Gustmans Sep 15 1921
Reinheimer M Hollis Edward Edward Reinheimer Augusta Winter Mar 12 1909
Reinheimer M John R.  Wilfred Eugene Reinheimer Alice Mitchell Sep 22 1921
Reinheimer F (Stillborn) Wilfred Reinheimer Alice Mitchell Oct 18 1919
Reinke F Bernice Emil Reinke Alvina Buss Mar 9 1922
Reinke F Bertha Vera Clarence Reinke Louise Dries Jul 5 1923
Reinke M Carl James Frank Reinke Maria Kroll Jul 27 1924
Reinke M Clarence Elmer Paul Reinke Anne Krause Apr 19 1923
Reinke F Lorena Evalyn Carl Reinke Ida Jahnke Jun 29 1914
Reinke M Louis      John Reinke Annie Kroening May 19 1912
Reinke F Mabel Cecelia Charles Reinke Matilda Gurch Apr 20 1909
Reinke M Matthew Ernest F. Gustav Robert Reinke Rachel R. Domgeldt Sep 21 1912
Reinke F Nora Clara Emma  Gust Reinke Rachel Dornfeld Aug 9 1915
Reinke M Oscar   Gustave Reinke Rachel Donefield Jul 20 1909
Reinke M Ralph Emil Arnold Paul Reinke Anna Krause Nov 12 1912
Reinke M Victor Herald Alvin Charles Reinke Matilda Gresh Oct 20 1910
Reinke M Walter     Carl Reinke Matilda Gresch Nov 9 1912
Reise F Vieginia Clara Hobson B. Reise Clara Schwaback?? Feb 28 1918
Reisenweber F Clara    Martin Heinrick Reisenweber Mary Jaeger Dec 7 1923
Reisenweber F Dorothy Martin Heinrick Reisenweber Mary Jaeger Aug 22 1920
Reisenweber F Edna Ella Martin Heinrick Reisenweber Mary Martha Amanda Jaeger May 24 1919
Reisenweber F Ethel      Martin Reisenweber Mary Jaeger Jun 1 1913
Reisenweber F Frances Kunegunde Martin Reisenweber Mary Jaeger Feb 4 1916
Reisenweber F Marie Amanda Martin Reisenweber Mary Jager Aug 10 1914
Reisenweber M (Stillborn) Martin Reisenweber Mary Jager  Dec 9 1911
Reiske F Marta Carl Reiske Anna Schwartzkopf Nov 2 1911
Reisner  M Adolph Irvin Edward Reisner Emelia Lemke Oct 3 1911
Reissman M Arnold Edward Oscar Paul Reissman Minnie Bublitz Dec 30 1912
Reissman F Helen     William Reissman Lanis Toshner Sep 22 1919
Reissman F Melinda Helen William Reissman Louise Toshner Oct 9 1918
Reissmann F Amanda E. Paul Reissmann Minnie Bublitz Feb 23 1909
Reissmann M William Harvey William Reissman Louise Toshner Sep 23 1920
Reiter M Antoine Antonie Reiter Susan Cardish Oct 28 1912
Reiter F Celia Antonie Reiter Susan Cardish Nov 7 1919
Reiter M James Clement Antoine Reiter Susan Reiter Nov 22 1923
Reiter M John Bernard Anton Reiter Susan Cardish Mar 25 1916
Rekitzke F Irene Augusta Wilhelmina R. C. Rekitzke Clara Rindt Jul 11 1914
Rekitzke M Raymond Gustav William R. C. Rekitzke Clara Kindt Aug 8 1918
Rekow M Harold Edward Edward Rekow Ester Lane Jun 27 1923
Reminger M John Joseph Reminger  Lena Steinke Jan 6 1922
Remmel F June      Edwin Remmel Hazel Lorenz Nov 29 1920
Rendfleisch F Emma      Fred Rendfleisch Leida Krueger Feb 11 1915
Rendfleisch F Olga    Fred Rendfleisch Lida Krueger Feb 3 1916
Repman M John Arthur Arthur Repman Alice Ludolph Dec 29 1917
Repmann M George Joseph Art Repmann Alice Ludolph Jun 19 1920
Resch M Alvin Charles Charles Resch Barbara Fischer Oct 24 1918
Resch F Barbire Frank J. Resch Francis Nefmeyer Dec 2 1913
Resch F Caroline Barbara Chas. Resch Barbara Fischer Oct 28 1920
Resch F Caroline M.  Frank J. Resch Frances Nebenmeier Jan 15 1922
Resch M Clarence Frank Resch Mary Resch Feb 7 1914
Resch M Clarence Walter Charley Resch Barbara Fischer May 27 1914
Resch F Dorothy Adolph Resch Emma Thompson Sep 12 1921
Resch F Elisabeth Frank Resch Mary Resch Oct 26 1917
Resch M Emery Otto Frank Resch Mary Resch Apr 11 1919
Resch M Herbert John John Resch Elizabeth Betschinger Sep 23 1920
Resch M Herman Friedrich Franz Jos. Resch Franzisca Nebennesier Aug 3 1910
Resch M Leonhardt George Chas Resch Barbara Fischer Sep 7 1908
Resch F Mary      Frank J. Resch Francis Nebeumeyer Nov 30 1912
Resch M Norman Francis Chas Resch Barbara Fisher Jan 22 1923
Resch M Paul Edward Charles Resch Barbara Fischer Apr 30 1912
Resch F Rosa        Frank J. Resch Frances Nebenmeier Dec 13 1914
Resch F Rosella Anna Joseph Resch Rose Paulick Mar 16 1919
Resch F Stella Alfred Resch Ruth Fiegly Jun 2 1920
Resch F Therine Ida Frank Resch Mona Resch Nov 12 1011
Resch M William Frank Resch Frances Nebenmair Mar 23 1909
Reschke M Gilbert Herman Herman Reschke Anna Pevonka Mar 3 1919
Reschke F Hazel Janet Olive William Rescke Bertha Kautz Jan 9 1911
Resh F Florence Alfred Resh Ruth Feggley Jul 8 1917
Retlaff M Johann George Retlaff Emma Welschley Jul 6 1913
Rettig M Carl Frederick Adam Rettig Henritia Theiss Aug 21 1910
Rettig F Elizabeth Adam Rettig Henrietta Thies Feb 15 1912
Rettig F Hilde Cathaire Sopha Adam Rettig Henerette Thass` Mar 8 1915
Rettkowski M Otto Fred Carl John Rettkowski Wilhelmina Binder Jul 16 1908
Rettkowski F Laura      John Rettkowski Wilhelmina Binder Nov 28 1914
Retzlaff F Not listed Chas F. Retzlaff Minnie Kochfer Feb 6 1909
Retzlaff F Alma     C. F. Retzlaff Ninna Kohler Jul 12 1917
Retzlaff F Althea Mae Fred Retzlaff Selma Krueger Aug 13 1924
Retzlaff M Carl Friedrich Wilhelm C. F. Retzlaff Minnie Koehler Dec 25 1907
Retzlaff M Clarence Friedrich Wilhelm David Retzlaff Amanda Sibbs Jun 12 1911
Retzlaff M Edgar David Retzlaff Manda Stibbs Nov 11 1917
Retzlaff F Edna Josephina Leona David Retzlaff Amanda Stibbs Jan 8 1920
Retzlaff M Elmer David Retzlaff Manda Stibbs Jul 11 1915
Retzlaff F Elnora      David A. Retzlaff Amanda Stibbs Jul 24 1922
Retzlaff F Helena Maria George Retzlaff Emma Bogda Dec 25 1908
Retzlaff M Herman Otto Julius George Retzlaff Emma Bogda Sep 19 1911
Retzlaff M Lawrence Merlin Gustave Retzlaff Emma Kauffmann Oct 16 1913
Retzlaff F Myrtle       David Retzlaff Manda Stibbs Apr 10 1913
Retzlaff M Raymond Gustav Retzlaff Emma Kaufman Mar 5 1911
Retzlaff F Selma Ida Carl Fredrich Retzlaff Minna Augusta Koehler Aug 7 1913
Retzlaff M (Stillborn) Fred Retzlaff Selma Krueger Mar 23 1916
Revers F Helen Vincent Revers Josephine Sniojilske Feb 21 1916
Rew M Arthur Dallas Henry Rew Pauline Karst Mar 12 1919
Rew M Erwin Albert David Rew Edith Bayard Apr 26 1912
Rew M Ferdinand Henry Henry Rew Pauline Kaist Apr 14 1913
Rew M Henry Reuben Henry S. Rew Pauline Karst Feb 20 1922
Rew M Lorenz Rueben Henry Rew Pauline Karst Dec 13 1908
Rew F Margaret Arietta David W. Rew Edith D. Rew Apr 19 1919
Rew F Margaret Elisabeth Henry Rew Pauline Karst Apr 15 1917
Rew F Marvin Howard David W. Rew Edith D. Baird Feb 23 1921
Rew F Mary Edith David Rew Edith Rew Aug 4 1908
Rew M Melvin Edward Henry S. Rew Pauline K. Karst Aug 28 1920
Rew F Murrel June David William Rew Edith Baird Jun 19 1922
Reyment M Gordon Andrew Reyment Helen Bettske May 4 1920
Reynolds F Alice May  Merle Eden Reynolds Edith Liepold Aug 25 1920
Reynolds F Vernita Merle Merle Reynolds Ethel Liepolt Oct 5 1915
Rhoades M Lodine Jerry Meyer Rhoades Gyda Thurber Nov 17 1912
Rhoades F Rinto Lenore Jeremiah Rhoades Gyda Thurber Sep 30 1910
Rhoades F Veronica Florence Jeremiah Rhoades Louise Thurber Oct 4 1911
Rhodes F Not listed Jerry M. Rhodes Gyda L. Thurber Jul 30 1908
Rhodes F Clara Ray Rhodes Mabel Madson Feb 28 1909
Rhodes F Daisy Augusta Burnette Rhodes Elizabeth Howe Jan 18 1915
Rhodes F Dorothy Margaret Edwin A. Rhodes Anna Joas Feb 14 1920
Rhodes F Jone Roy Rhodes Mabel Madson Jun 29 1919
Rhodes M Harold Roy Jerry Rhodes Lyda Thurber Oct 31 1909
Rhodes F Mabel Anna Edwin A. Rhodes Anna Joas Nov 14 1918
Rhodes M Merblue Wilbur Roy Rhodes Mabel Madson Apr 16 1910
Rice F Lillian Rosella Peter Rice  Verna Mikalski Sep 4 1918
Richard M Not listed Geo. F. Richard Anna Pingel Feb 11 1910
Richard M Alfred John George Richard Theresia Schmidt Feb 16 1908
Richard F Mildred George Fred Richard Thresa Schmidt Mar 17 1909
Richard M Victor Walter Ora C. Richard Katzenmeyer May 4 1920
Richards M Carl Gordon Henry Richards Mary Lindow Dec 20 1911
Richards M Dean Lewis George W. Richards Whinford Lewis Jul 21 1915
Richards F Edith Henry H. Richards Mary Lindow Jan 6 1914
Richards F Mary Lillian Arthur William Richards Mary Elizabeth Loman Jan 23 1922
Richardson M Gusel Josh Richardson Saddie Walsh Sep 21 1909
Richie M (Stillborn) Chas Richie Anna Prahl Oct 8 1911
Richmond M Henry , Jr. Henry Richmond Gertrude Peters Feb 27 1923
Richmond F Josephine Henry Richmond Gertrude Peters Oct 14 1921
Richmond M Mitchell Henry Richmond Gertrude Peters Dec 20 1918
Richmond F Not listed Henry Richmond Gertrude Peters Jul 3 1924
Richmond M Ralph     Henry Richmond Gertrude Peters May 19 1920
Richter F Adeline Carrie Willie Richter Louise Eckert Jun 18 1912
Richter F Florence William Richter Lena Eckert Oct 7 1910
Richter M Gilbert     Herman Richter Augusta Stahl May 2 1917
Richter M Harry Fritz Herman F. Richter Augusta Strahl Oct 6 1910
Richter M Harvey Walter Richter Lonis Klevesahl Sep 24 1921
Richter M Lavern William Fred Benjamin Richter Ella Moericke Mar 6 1910
Richter F Leila Elenore Ida William Richter Hedwig Stuewer Oct 17 1922
Richter M Leonard Edward Marvin Leonard Edwin M. Richter Emma Heimer Sep 19 1908
Richter F Mildred Ottillie William Richter Hedwig Stuewer Mar 4 1924
Richter M Orval Henry Herman Richter Agusta Strahl Nov 8 1918
Richter M Russell     Herman Richter Augusta Strahl Jul 18 1915
Richter F Violet Bertha Helen Herman Richter Augusta Strahl Jun 26 1913
Rickaby M Donald Ernest Oscar Rickaby Lydia Eldridge Jun 7 1920
Rickert  F Alve Rachel Arthur Delow Rickert May Mittert Mar 8 1911
Rickert  M Claren Art Rickert May Nullet Sep 19 1920
Rickert  M Elmer Arthur Arthur Delow Rickert Laura May Millet Oct 19 1908
Rickert  F Irene George Rickert Jesse Schackett Sep 3 1908
Rickert  F Louise Arthur Rickert Mary Millet Feb 22 1914
Rickert  F Martha Pauline Fred Rickert Minnie Sunran May 24 1920
Rickert  M Melvin Roy Roy Rickert Irene Zilch Jul 9 1924
Rickert  F Myrene George Rickert Jesse Schackett Sep 3 1908
Rickert  M Reinold Fred Rickert Minnie Sennran Nov 1 1922
Rickman F Alma Alice Louie Rickman Kate Turner Mar 20 1911
Rickman M Eugene Walter Louis Rickman Kate Turney Nov 5 1917
Rickman F Jean Marie Vanitta Lewis Rickman Katie Turner Jul 19 1908
Rickman F Lucile Louis Rickman Katherine Turney Jun 9 1913
Rickman M Sterling Harry Harry Rickman Violet Rowland Jul 27 1921
Rieff F Matilda John Rieff Soffie Kisner Jun 19 1908
Rieland M LeRoy Elston Andrew Rieland Minnie Schnorr Aug 26 1915
Riemer M Adolph      Emil Riemer Bertha Lemke Mar 3 1910
Riemer F Estes     Emil Riemer Bertha Lempke Feb 3 1909
Riemer F Maybel Bertha Emil Riemer Bertha Lempke Sep 29 1914
Riemer M Walter Emil Emil Riemer Bertha Lemke Sep 14 1918
Riendfliesch M Richard Joseph Riendfliesch Kathrine Roda Nov 4 1914
Riendl F Elaine Clara Joe Riendl Wilnia Mass Sep 2 1917
Riendl M James Aloisus Joe Riendl Wilma Maes Jul 20 1921
Riendl M Joseph Anthony Joe Riendl Wilma Maes May 13 1923
Riendl F Margaret Marie Joe Riendl Avelina Maes Jun 7 1919
Rienert M Allen Fred Rienert Theresa Wood Oct 11 1909
Rienert M Norman Chester Fred Rienert Tressie Wood Mar 2 1914
Rienke F Viola  Bernerd Rienke Agatha Popp Feb 1 1908
Riese M Basil Herman Julius Riese Effie Wilbur Mar 23 1915
Riese F Ethel Grace Fred Riese Edith Riese Mar 19 1911
Riese F Marie Beatrice Hobson Bryan Riese Clara Schwalback Dec 1 1919
Riese F Myrtle Verna Juluis Riese Effie Wilber Apr 7 1909
Riese X (Stillborn) Chas. H. J. Riese Effie Wilbur Sep 17 1912
Riese F Violet Johanna Juliues Riese Effie Wilber Aug 17 1917
Riesner M Edward    Edward Riesner Amelia Lemke Sep 8 1918
Rindt M Earl     Herman A. Rindt Clara Reschke Jan 7 1912
Ringel F Marjory Herman C. Ringel Florence Erdman Jul 6 1921
Ringel M Morris Herman Ringel Florence Erdman Nov 25 1923
Ringel M Russell Fred Ringel Louise Viergutz Jun 29 1920
Ringel M Victor Fred W. Ringel Louise  Viergutz Jun 5 1922
Riske F Anna Charles Riske Anna Schwartzkopf Jun 21 1914
Riske M Elvin Raymond Charlie Riske Anna Schwartzkopf Jul 6 1918
Riske M Robert Fred Charles Riske Anna Schwartzkopf Oct 20 1920
Riske M Walter Rudolph Carl Riske Anna M. Schwartzkoph May 8 1910
Ristau M Kermit George George O. Ristau Not listed Jul 10 1911
Robaidek M Anton    Frank Robiadek Marie Staszack Jan 7 1912
Robaidek F Helen Theresa Frank Robaidek Mary Stasiak Mar 23 1908
Robaidek F Irene Lucy Frank Robaidek Mary Stasczak Oct 12 1917
Robak F Clara Albert Robak Josephine Dziewicki Apr 24 1918
Robbins M C. Douglas Myron Robbins Carrie Cronce May 11 1919
Robbins M David Myron Myron Robbins Carrie Cronce Jan 6 1912
Robbins M Donald August Myron Robbins Carrie Cronce Aug 7 1917
Robbins F Dorothy Jannette Clyde Robbins Sadie Nequette Mar 4 1914
Robbins M Eben Rexford Clyde Robbins Sadie Nequette Jul 25 1917
Robbins M Elvin William William L. Robbins Vernie Kurtz Aug 6 1918
Robbins M Floyd Fredrick Fred Robbins Mala Schiel Jun 7 1915
Robbins F Genevieve (twin) 2 Devilla Robbins Alice Tipler Nov 12 1909
Robbins F Jeanette (twin) 1 Devilla Robbins Alice Tipler Nov 12 1909
Robbins M John Eugene Basil Robbins Laura Jesse Jul 28 1919
Robbins M LaMar Calvin Clyde Robbins Sadie Mequette Feb 21 1923
Robbins F Mertle Jane Fred Robbins Meta Scheil May 9 1917
Robbins F Mildred Olga Fred Robbins Meta Scheil Mar 20 1919
Robbins M Milton Norbert Will Robbins Verna Kurtz Jun 23 1915
Robbins F Rosalie Ann Basil Robbins Laura Jesse Feb 15 1921
Robbins M Russell Melvin Herbert Robbins Olga Scheil Apr 22 1920
Robbins F (Stillborn) Herb Robbins Olga Scheil May 15 1922
Robbins F