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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012

Editor Jim Glasheen 2010

Anita Perez 2012

 Stefl F Fern Bertha Louis Stefl Clara Wahl Dec 9 1920
Sabrowske M Earl Victor Louis Sabrowske Clara Sansek Oct 3 1915
Sabrowski F Isabella Marie William Sabrowski Selma Horning Jul 13 1915
Sabrowski F Leona Martha Aug Sabrowski Lizzy Sell Aug 30 1911
Sabrowsky M Gerald Frank Paul Sabrowsky Ella Aschinger     May 4 1923
Sabrowsky F Beatrice Paul Sabrowsky Ella Aschinger     Jul 6 1915
Sabrowsky M Lester Vernon William Sabrowsky Zelma Horning Jul 29 1920
Sabrowsky M Milas Paul Sabrowsky Ella Aschinger     Aug 13 1917
Sabrowsky F Phyllis Winifred Louis Sabrowsky Clara Lausek May 4 1917
Sabrowsky M Wilbert Wallace Paul Sabrowsky Ella Aschinger     Oct 6 1920
Sabrowsky M Marvin August Sabrowsky Louise Sell Oct 8 1917
Sabrowsky F Wilma Charlotte August Sabrowsky Louisa Sell Apr 18 1913
Sabrowsy F Dora Minnie Aug Sabrowsy Louise Sell Apr 24 1915
Sack F Mary Gustav Sack Laura Pelkey Jun 28 1921
Sack M Rudolph A. R. Rev. Fred Sack Ida Buelow Apr 21 1908
Sackatook M Not listed Amos  Sackatook Matilda Kinepoway Apr 11 1923
Sackatook F Bernice Jacob Sackatook Mary Dodge Jan 14 1922
Sackatook M Emil Joseph Sackatook Elizabeth Delabreau Dec 23 1921
Sackatook F Isabel Violet J. Amos Sackatook Mathilda Kinepoway May 9 1924
Sackatook F Lorona Jacob Sackatook Mary Dodge May 8 1920
Safford M George Washington Elmer Safford  Ida Herbert Feb 22 1918
Safford M Roger Charles Charles Safford Erna Ziemer Mar 9 1923
Safosnik M Frank Henry Martin Safosnik Mary Kompora Jun 8 1911
Sager F Martha Charles Sager Clara Kroning May 23 1909
Sahloff F Marie    Louis Sahloff Ida Boatz Nov 25 1912
Sahoff M Raymond Louis Sahoff Ida Bratz Jul 25 1918
Sakatok F Clara Elizabeth James Brooks Jennie Dick Aug 8 1915
Salmitter M Ray     Oscar Salmitter Lillian Verch Feb 6 1923
Saltsman M Ralph Howard Arthur Saltsman Minnie Anderson Jun 25 1922
Saltzman M George     Emel Saltzman Emelia Turner Jan 00 1908
Saltzwedel F Elenora William Saltzwedel Amanda Summerfeldt Jul 5 1913
Saltzwedel M Herman William Saltzwedel Amanda Summerfeldt Dec 8 1911
Saltzwedel F Leouisia William Saltzwedel Amanda Summerfeldt Feb 28 1920
Saltzwedel F Mildred Amanda Rudolph Saltzwedel Emma Luebke Jul 23 1914
Salzeman M Harry Roland Henry Salzeman Rose Tischhowsen Sep 20 1912
Salzer M Raymond William Charles Salzer Theresa Buchberger Dec 5 1914
Salzer F Theresa Elizabeth Chas Salzer Theresa Buchberger Jul 21 1908
Salzman M Aloys William Salzman Hulda Ewert Nov 18 1923
Salzman F Beta Isabella Louie Salzman Liza Jolin Sep 29 1920
Salzman M Calvin David Dave Salzman Celia Felts Aug 2 1923
Salzman F Dorothy Marcella August Salzman Amelia Singer Mar 7 1915
Salzman M Earl Marion William E. Salzman Clara Dahlman Jun 5 1919
Salzman M Elmer Emil Salzman Amelia Turner Aug 4 1910
Salzman M Elmer Henry Salzman Rosa Tischhauser Nov 21 1918
Salzman M Ervin Orville August Salzmann Aurelia Singer Nov 22 1913
Salzman F Evelyn Rose Myra Henry Salzman Rose Tischauser May 29 1921
Salzman F Florence Lane Salzman Liza Jolin Mar 17 1922
Salzman M Floyd Louie Salzman Liza Jolin May 12 1924
Salzman F Gertrude Viola Edward Salzman Teresa Fischer Jan 25 1911
Salzman M Gilbert Louis John G. Salzman Alma Raddant Jun 3 1917
Salzman M Harry     Emiel Salzman Emilie Turner Nov 7 1911
Salzman F Ila Laurina August Salzman Amelia Singer Oct 12 1920
Salzman F Laura   Edward Salzman Thresa Fisher Feb 20 1919
Salzman F Leona Marie Edward Salzman Thresia Fischer Oct 16 1914
Salzman M Louis Henry Salzman Rose Tischhauser Sep 17 1910
Salzman M Loyd Harlow Arthur Salzman Minnie Anderson Mar 27 1921
Salzman F Lucy Louis Salzman Eliza Jolin Jun 6 1911
Salzman F Luella Emil Salzman Emialie Turner Feb 10 1909
Salzman M Roy Carl William E. Salzman Clara Dahlman May 24 1918
Salzman F Margaret Mildred Louis Salzman Eliza Jolin Oct 7 1917
Salzman F Marjorie Esther August Salzman Emelia Singer Feb 27 1918
Salzman M Marvin Louie Salzman Liza John Feb 2 1915
Salzman M Mertin Louie Salzman Liza Jolin Jul 3 1913
Salzman F Myrtle Edward August Salzman Thresia Fisher Apr 12 1921
Salzman F Pearl Lucile John G. Salzman Alma Raddant Mar 12 1911
Salzman F Ruth Elizabeth Louis Salzman Liza Jolin Jun 20 1912
Salzman M Roger Delbert John R. Salzman Laura Giesel Oct 2 1912
Salzman F (Stillborn) Emiel Salzman Amelia Turner Nov 28 1913
Salzman F (Stillborn) Edward Salzman Thresia Fischer Oct 16 1914
Salzman F Thelma Evelyn Arthur Salzman Minnie Anderson Nov 11 1923
Salzman F Virginia Dave Salzman Cecile Felts Aug 1 1920
Salzman M Wallace  Inor William E. Salzman Clara Dahlman Sep 2 1922
Salzman M Wesley John John B. Salzman Alma Raddant Nov 4 1919
Salzman F Wynona Myra William C. Salzman Hulda Ewertz Sep 23 1922
Salzman   M Allen John Wesley John A. Salzman Laura Giessel Sep 11 1909
Salzmann M Unnamed (twin) 2 August F. Salzman Amelia Singer Apr 30 1910
Salzmann M Morris Edward John G. Salzmann Alma Raddant Apr 25 1914
Salzmann F Ordra Florence William Salzmann Hulda Ebert Sep 8 1921
Salzmann F Verna (twin) 1 August F. Salzmann Amelia Singer Apr 30 1910
Sambs M Leonard  Mike Sambs Katie Gitter Aug 6 1908
Samp F Barbara Gustav Samp Barbara Grab Dec 28 1911
Samp M Edward William William A. Samp Dorothy Bogda Mar 17 1915
Samp F Evangeline Inez John T. Sa;mp Mae Healey May 16 1924
Samp M Earl Alvin Leylord John Samp Francis Olson Feb 19 1921
Samp M Ernst George Frank Ernst Samp Lizzie Popelka Oct 20 1911
Samp M Harold William William Samp Dora Vogda Mar 31 1922
Samp F Ida Emelia John Samp Mary Healy Mar 11 1920
Samp M Irvin   John Samp May Healey Oct 12 1922
Samp F Ione Miren Herman R. Samp Grace Fletcher Jan 4 1909
Samp M Richard Uriah Herman Samp Grace Fletcher Sep 27 1915
Sampsen F Sophie Bergeta Sampsen Eldred Oleson Oct 1 1909
Sampson F Evelyn Eileen Iver Sampson Ella Olson Dec 28 1921
Sanafa (Sanapaw) M Alfred Joe Sanafa (Sanapaw) Lucy Mahkimetas Sep 3 1912
Sanapaw M Joseph Mitchell Sanapaw Nessie Fish Jan 14 1913
Sanberg F Phylis Arlene Carl F. Sanberg Helen Kruse Aug 2 1923
Sandberg M Carl Lorens Carl Sandberg Lena Krause Jul 24 1922
Sanders M Frederick Herman A. Sanders Lena Brei Jun 2 1912
Sanders F Helen Herman Sanders Lena Brei Oct 31 1910
Sanders M Kelvin Eaton William H. Sanders Lucy Culver Mar 4 1910
Sanders F Lucile Bernice Benkt Edson Sanders Dellia Edith Wurl Nov 2 1910
Sanders F Nellie Herman Sanders Lena Brei Apr 24 1919
Sandoske F Maymie Evelyn Peter Sentowski Josephine Steinke Feb 17 1919
Sanger M Rudolph      Fred Sanger Emelia Dickow Jul 1 1909
Santer M Ulrich Joseph Ulrich Santer Magdalena Mayer Aug 16 1914
Sarvings F Leila Annabelle Hugh Sarvings Grace Robinson Feb 5 1908
Saterlee M Jacob Joe Saterlee Josephine Waukeck Sep 19 1915
Saterlee F Mary  Joseph Satterlee Josephine Wauketch Jul 23 1914
Sauer M Edward Emil Bernhard Robert Sauer Anna Haman Sep 20 1907
Sauer F Esther Bertha Dora Fred Sauer Agusta Scholtz Apr 22 1908
Sauer M Fredrick Fred Sauer Gusta Scholtz Oct 24 1910
Sauer F Helen Elanora Rob Sauer Anna Hamann Dec 9 1909
Sauer F Myrtle Matilda Ida Fred Sauer Augusta Schultz Nov 21 1914
Sauerhammer F Lucile Louise Edward Sauerhammer Lizzie Rosenthal May 10 1913
Savinske M William Max Savinski Ella Reunbache Dec 28 1919
Sawall M Robert Edward Paul Sawall Ida Kniess Dec 9 1914
Sawicki M  (Stillborn) John Sawicki Magdalene Kuspa Nov 18 1908
Sawicki F Ellen Waclow Sawicki Bronislawa Zenlewicz Sep 14 1915
Sawicki M John     Waelaw Sawicki Bronilawa Ziemlewicz Dec 30 1910
Sawicki M Joseph Waclaw Sawicki Bwinslawa Ziemliewicz Mar 19 1914
Sawicki M Stanislaus Waclaw Sawicki Bronislawa Zemlewicz May 4 1912
Sawicki F Victoria John Sawicki Maggie Kuspa Dec 21 1909
Sawyer M Dwynal Lester Lester Sawyer Mildred Reno Aug 20 1923
Sazama  F Elizabeth Jane James Sazama Anna Steinke Jul 12 1923
Sazama  F Gennete John Sazama Emma Paisar Aug 21 1920
Scanlon M Edward John E. Scanlow Isabelle Bushey May 8 1912
Scanlon F Gertrude May John E. Scanlow Belle M. Bushey Sep 27 1913
Scanlon F Sylva Grace John E. Scanlow Bella M. Bushley Jan 21 1919
Schaar M Alfred August Theodor Schaar Louisa Drews Aug 16 1909
Schaar F Alice Caroline John  Schaar Jennie Koeser Nov 26 1922
Schaar F Hilda Henry Schaar Lena Kolk Feb 2 1908
Schaar F Margaretha Lucian (twin) 2 Art Schaar Iva Williams May 16 1922
Schaar F Mary Louise (twin) 1 Art Schaar  Iva Williams May 16 1922
Schabow M Lloyd Louis Arthur Schabow Matilda Weber  Sep 16 1922
Schachtschneider F Alice     Alfred Schachtschneide Lillian Geise Jul 28 1922
Schachtschneider F Valda Lewarn Albert Schachtschneider Amanda Grimm Jun 30 1921
Schachtschneider F Vera   Albert Schachtschneider Amanda Grimm Aug 24 1920
Schafberger M Clarance J. Joe Schafberger Margmart Bieblehouse May 21 1911
Schafberger F Irene Margaret Joseph Schafberger Margret Bieblehasen Nov 5 1913
Schafberger M Ray Joseph Joseph Schafberger Margaret Bieablehouse Jun 9 1917
Schafberger F Cecil Teresa John D. Schafberger Elizabeth Bieablehouse Jun 2 1912
Schaffberger M Not listed John Schaffberger Elisbath Bieablehouse Jul 2 1910
Schaick F Darhl R. E. Schaick Edythe Iruine Apr 28 1915
Schairer F Mary Lizzie Frank Schairer Agnes Konen Jun 3 1911
Schanske M Henry John Schanske Mabel Mohawk Dec 8 1922
Schardt F Arlene Kathryn Arthur Schardt Kathryn Breed May 2 1916
Schardt M Chester Walter Walter Schardt Louise Jesse May 2 1922
Schardt F Loraine Alma Paul Schardt Alma Buche May 12 1910
Schardt M Paul Paul Schardt Alma Buche May 20 1908
Schardt F Selverta Louise Garnet Walter Schardt Louise Jesse Dec 4 1920
Schattel M John Frank Jacob Schattel Theresa Mathao Jun 25 1917
Schattel  M Louis Frank Schattel Katy Fischer Jan 5 1920
Schattl F Emma Luisa Jacob Schattl Theresia Mathe May 22 1908
Schattl F Francis Paulina Jacob Schattl Rosy Marhe Mathe Sep 4 1910
Schattl M Herman Frank Schattle Katie Fischer Jan 5 1918
Schattl F Marie    FrankSchattl Katie Fischer Oct 13 1922
Schattle M Alfred Frank Schattle Katie Fischer Apr 6 1915
Scheiffelbein M Harry Paul Scheiffelbein Hatty Erdmann Oct 24 1912
Scheil F Esther Albertina Paulina William Scheil Bertha Strauss Sep 23 1907
Scheil F Irene Sadie Gustave Scheil Sophia Bomke Aug 12 1913
Scheller F Infant (twin) 2 Albert A. Scheller Anna Halverson Mar 7 1922
Scheller M Infant (twin) 1 Albert A. Scheller Anna Halverson Mar 7 1922
Schenandore F Mary Jane Willis Schenandore Mary Jane Beauprey Mar 4 1919
Schenick F Hildagard Ruth Gust Henry Schenick Minnie Bartz Mar 6 1911
Schenk F Adaline Esther Herman Schenk Anna Nehls Jul 13 1912
Schenk F Adela Lorenz Schenk Martha Schumann Oct 27 1918
Schenk F Agnes Ruth Bella Herman Schenk Anna Nehls Jan 22 1911
Schenk F Alice J. Martin Schenk Anna Seifert Apr 5 1912
Schenk M Arnold Ed. F. William Lorenz Schenk Amelia Augus. Whilh. Black burn Jul 3 1909
Schenk M Arthur Martin Schenk Anna Seiffert Oct 2 1913
Schenk F Edna Emma Martha William Schenk Amelia Pluedeman Feb 22 1907
Schenk F Eileen Marie (twin) 1 Lorenz Schenk Martha Fredericka Schuman Sep 26 1921
Schenk F Esther Martin Schenk Barbara Kakner Dec 25 1910
Schenk F Florence Lucille Charles Schenk Henritta Biebelhausen Mar 26 1916
Schenk M Herbert William Herman Schenk Louise Kellbach Jun 12 1914
Schenk F Ione Martha (twin) 2 Lorenz Schenk Martha Fredericka Schuman Sep 26 1921
Schenk F Isabelle Agnes Charles A. Schenk Henritta Biebelhausen Apr 11 1918
Schenk M Laurence Junior Lorenz G. Schenk Martha Fredericka Schuman May 6 1923
Schenk M Lloyd Paul Paul F. Schenk Almina Boon Jan 16 1921
Schenk F Martha Elwina Paul F. Schenk Nettie Glyvina Bowen Apr 1 1919
Schenk M Marvin Sylvester Charles August Schenk Henrette Biblehausen Jun 18 1914
Schenk M Reinhart John Martin Schenk Anna Marie Seifert Jul 24 1909
Schenk F Ruth May H. F. Schenk Louise Kolbach Jul 20 1920
Schenke M Lahron Helgeson Otto E. Schenke Cherry Helgeson Nov 17 1919
Scheonick F Aug Aug Scheonick Bertha Scheils Mar 5 1918
Scherer M Alfred Claudius John Scherer Lena Hartl Jan 16 1913
Scherer F Dorothy Rose Peter Scherer Martha Krietzer Jun 28 1920
Scherer F Ethel Maria Peter Scherer Martha Krietzer Jan 27 1911
Scherer F Irene Arline Peter Scherer Martha Krietzer Dec 7 1915
Scherer M Joseph Phillip Peter Scherer Martha Kreitzer Dec 20 1914
Scherer F Margaretha Hedwig Peter Scherer Martha Kreitzer Aug 2 1912
Scherer F Maria Stella John Scherer Karolina  H. (Hartel ) Jan 5 1911
Scherer F Myrtle Caroline Peter Scherer Martha Krietzer Feb 18 1909
Scherer F Rita Clara Peter Scherer Martha Krietzer Apr 2 1918
Schetter F Emma Edna Clemans Schetter Tressie Wolf Aug 10 1914
Schetter F Margaret Neva Clemaus Schetter Theresa Wolf Jul 18 1918
Schettle M Frank     Frank Schettle Katie Fischer Dec 6 1910
Schewe M Henry Henry Schewe Ella Grunewald Dec 28 1917
Schewe M Lawrence George Schewe Margaret Frank Apr 11 1914
Schewe F May      George Schewe Margaret Frank Mar 26 1923
Schewe F Bernice Janet George Schewe Margaret Frank Jan 30 1918
Schewe M Herbert     Henry Schewe Ella Grunewald Dec 4 1915
Schewe F Violet Emma Hulda Henry Schewe Ella Brandt Apr 29 1914
Schiefelbein M Kenneth Elmer Paul Schiefelbein Hattie Erdmann Mar 10 1921
Schiefelbein F Elinor  Leona Paul John Schiefelbein Hattie Erdmann Jun 28 1919
Schiefelbein F Margaret Irene Paul Schiefelbein Hattie Erdmann Aug 29 1910
Schieffelbein M (Stillborn) Paul Schieffelbein Hattie Erdmann Oct 30 1914
Schilcher M Martin Ely Edward Schilcher Emma Barth Oct 28 1924
Schilke F Agnes Rosetta Martha Gottfried Schilke Anna Pruess Apr 22 1908
Schilling M Not listed William Schilling  Ella Brei Jul 23 1920
Schilling M Arthur Arthur Schilling Annie Malueg Oct 4 1909
Schilling M Arvin Arthur Schilling Anna Malueg Aug 15 1908
Schilling M Evan Floyd William Schilling  Ella Brei Jul 30 1920
Schilling M Floyd Edmund Marion William Schilling  Ella Brei Aug 13 1921
Schilling F Linda Gust Schilling Mary Wolf Jun 2 1910
Schilling F Phoebe Albert Schilling Emgard Nordwig Sep 27 1920
Schilossky F Not listed Henry Schilossky Ella Krumback Jun 2 1908
Schimke M Elwin LeRoy Elmer Schimke Mabel Spaulding Jul 6 1917
Schirtz F Pearl Bella Frank Schirtz Nellie Jolin Jun 14 1912
Schlack F Esther John W. Schlack Pauline Hartsworn Jan 10 1915
Schlack M Harold  Lester John Schlack Pauline Hortenwine Dec 6 1920
Schlais M Not listed Anton Schlais Ella Abrahams Jul 12 1917
Schlais F Edna Ethel Anton Schlais Ellen Abraham Aug 21 1909
Schlais F Esther Adalia Anton Schlais Ellen Abraham Apr 5 1914
Schlais F Josscine Anton Schlais Ellen Abraham Nov 11 1918
Schlais F Merna Myrtle Anton Schlais Ella Abraham   May 14 1921
Schlaise M Raymond Anton Schlaise Ellen Abraham Jul 12 1917
Schleave M Elmer Ferdinand August Scheave Wilhelmina Keetzke Mar 28 1907
Schlender F Elsie     Julius Schlender Laura Buss Feb 19 1922
Schlender M Ernie   Rudolph Schlender Matilda Krueglow Jul 2 1911
Schlender M  Lester Rudolf Schlender Matilda Ziettow Dec 19 1916
Schlender M Oscar Rudolph Schlender Tillie Kreglorn Sep 7 1909
Schlender M Walter Rudolf Schlender Tillie Zietlow Aug 9 1913
Schlytter M Lee Mitchell Henry R. Schlytter Laura J. Rosholt Feb 28 1911
Schlytter F Margerie Bee Leslie Schlytter Agnes Eikos Jun 25 1920
Schmeiser F  Gertrude Helen Marie Walter Schmeiser Hatty Schultz Jan 14 1915
Schmeiser M Leonard William Walter E. Schneiser Hattie Schultz Jul 12 1924
Schmeiser F (Stillborn) Alfred  H. Schmeiser Emily M. Krause Apr 20 1915
Schmeisser F Adeline Walter C.Schmeisser Hattie Schultz Oct 4 1918
Schmeisser F Alice Marcella Walter Schmeisser Hattie Schultz May 16 1922
Schmeisser M Charles Emil Walter Schmeisser Hattie Schultz Jul 6 1920
Schmeisser F Lucille Marie Walter Schmeisser Hattie Schultz Aug 18 1913
Schmeissner F Irene Walter Schmeissner Hatty Schultz Apr 24 1911
Schmelling F Esther May J. D. Schmelling Maud Pridder Aug 24 1922
Schmidt F Not listed Walter Schmidt Elsie Rockman Dec 16 1910
Schmidt M Not listed August Henry Schmidt Emma Brandt Jan 13 1913
Schmidt M Not listed Joe Schmidt Erda Reinert Jun 25 1921
Schmidt F Not listed Reinhold Schmidt Minnie Mehlberg Nov 14 1921
Schmidt M Not listed Herman Schmidt Amanda Schultz Nov 18 1922
Schmidt F Ada Annie Herman Schmidt Adella Ortner Nov 15 1913
Schmidt F Agnes Edna Aug. Schmidt  Emma Brandt Jan 31 1921
Schmidt M Albert Ed. Al. R. Schmidt Clara Major Jun 12 1921
Schmidt F Alda Henry Schmidt Olga Stuhe Aug 3 1917
Schmidt M Alvin Robert Schmidt Emma Rueckert Feb 10 1912
Schmidt F Angeline Evelyn Frank Schmidt Dora Zuhse Mar 25 1923
Schmidt F Antonia Henry Schmidt Lana Kopitsch Nov 19 1910
Schmidt M Armin Walter John Schmidt Helen Dumdee Feb 19 1923
Schmidt M Arnold      Robert Schmidt Emma Rueckert Mar 24 1918
Schmidt M August August Schmidt Emma Brandt Sep 29 1917
Schmidt F Belle Marie (twin) 2 Henry Rudolph Schmidt Jessie Mae Huntoon Aug 27 1921
Schmidt M Benjamen Ray Herman Schmidt Adella Ortner Aug 17 1918
Schmidt M Carl William Reinhold Schmidt Minnie Mehlberg Dec 31 1919
Schmidt M Carlton Edmund Edmund Schmidt Rosetta Huebner Dec 4 1924
Schmidt F Cecil Adele Louis Schmidt Adele Peterman Jan 8 1911
Schmidt M Died  Otto Schmidt Emma Schumacher Jul 18 1911
Schmidt F Clara Bertha Fred W. Schmidt Anna Koepka Oct 31 1908
Schmidt M Clarence Robert Schmidt Emma Rueckert Sep 14 1910
Schmidt M Clarence Reinhold Schmidt Minnie Mehlberg Feb 21 1915
Schmidt M Clarence Henry Henry H. Schmidt Olga Stuhr Oct 5 1919
Schmidt M Claude Albert Edward Albert Schmidt Bertha Bratz Oct 17 1909
Schmidt F Cora Rhinold Schmidt Minnie Mehlberg Dec 4 1913
Schmidt F Cora Joy (twin) 1 Henry Rudolph Schmidt Jessie Mae Huntoon Aug 27 1921
Schmidt F Corrall Amelia Albert Schmidt Ester James Aug 23 1924
Schmidt M Dale Fred Reinhold Schmidt Minnie Mehlberg May 18 1924
Schmidt M David Arthur Fred Schmidt Martha Zuse Jun 20 1921
Schmidt M Dennis Harvey Elmer Schmidt Irena Nichols Jul 9 1924
Schmidt M Earl William John J. Schmidt Hulda Otto Jun 8 1913
Schmidt F Edith Alma Marie Albert Schmidt Betha Bratz Aug 8 1911
Schmidt F Edna Herman Schmidt Amanda Schultz Jun 28 1914
Schmidt F Eileen      Chas. L. Schmidt Marie Hemfert Jul 31 1908
Schmidt F Eileen Walter Schmidt Elsie Rockman Dec 12 1917
Schmidt M Elmer Alvin John J. Schmidt Hulda Otto Jun 17 1919
Schmidt M Emil  Rudolph Schmidt Emelia Webber Feb 27 1911
Schmidt M Ernst William Henry William Schmidt Anna Sankowski May 2 1912
Schmidt F Esther Ruth Edmond Schmidt Rosetta Huebner Apr 24 1922
Schmidt F Eva Agnes Lena Bernard Schmidt Alvina B. Schmidt Feb 20 1912
Schmidt F Fern Margaret Joseph Schmidt Martha  Hanson Dec 16 1922
Schmidt F Ferril Fay Joseph Schmidt Erda Reinert Mar 16 1923
Schmidt F Freda Anna Fred W. Schmidt Anna Kepke Oct 8 1912
Schmidt M Fritz Fred Schmidt Martha Zuse May 16 1913
Schmidt M George Edwin Rudolph Schmidt Annie Peterman Sep 28 1911
Schmidt F Gladys Edna Margaret Aug. F. Schmidt Annie Fellke Nov 20 1919
Schmidt F Gladys Marie Albert Schmidt Clara Roth May 13 1911
Schmidt F Gladys May (twin) (died) William Schmidt Clara Miller May 21 1924
Schmidt X (Stillborn) (twin) William Schmidt Clara Miller May 21 1924
Schmidt M Harold Edd W. Schmidt Anna Heimer Nov 14 1922
Schmidt M Harold Franklin Frank Schmidt Dora Anna Marie Zuhse Feb 26 1920
Schmidt M Harold Ralph Rudolph Schmidt Marie Wagner Aug 9 1914
Schmidt M Harold William Fred W. Schmidt Ruette Nero Apr 13 1919
Schmidt M Harry      William Schmidt Clara Miller Jan 17 1907
Schmidt M Harry Frank Fred Schmidt Martha Zuse Nov 10 1915
Schmidt M Harvey Franklin August Schmidt Emma Brandt Oct 29 1915
Schmidt M Harvey William Alfred Schmidt Minnie Krueger Jan 4 1924
Schmidt M Herman Fred Herman Schmidt Adella Ortner Jan 11 1915
Schmidt F Helen Richard Schmidt Ethel Williams Nov 28 1913
Schmidt F Helen Aug. F. Schmidt Anna Schilke Oct 22 1914
Schmidt F Helena Rosa Marie Fred Schmidt Annette Nero Jan 10 1918
Schmidt M Henry Bernard Schmidt Amelia Weber Nov 4 1908
Schmidt F Hildegard Max Schmidt Alma Verch Schmidt Feb 25 1913
Schmidt F Jean Althina Henry R. Schmidt Jessie May Sep 13 1919
Schmidt M John Herm C. Schmidt Adella Ortner Jun 26 1923
Schmidt M John Gust Paul Robert Schmidt Emma Ruechert Nov 8 1908
Schmidt F Junnie Ray Fred W. Schmidt Nettie Nero Sep 6 1920
Schmidt M Leo William William Schmidt Clara Miller Oct 19 1922
Schmidt F Leona    Robert Schmidt Emma Rueckert Aug 8 1914
Schmidt F Leona Hildegard Otto Schmidt Emma Schumacher Sep 17 1921
Schmidt M Leslie Aug. Hugo Schmidt Bertha Pautz May 24 1924
Schmidt F Lillie Henry Schmidt Lena Kopitsch Apr 26 1913
Schmidt F Lorena Clara Selma Aug. F. Schmidt Anna Zielke Jan 19 1910
Schmidt F Louisa Julius Schmidt Hedwig Kreglow Jul 1 1908
Schmidt F Luella Leona Malinda Aug. F. Schmidt Anna Schilke Sep 10 1912
Schmidt F Mabel Minnie Emil Schmidt Augusta Schmidt Aug 13 1918
Schmidt F Margaret   Willie A. E. Schmidt Alma Otto Dec 30 1912
Schmidt F Margaret Marvin R. Schmidt Lilian Wruck Dec 8 1918
Schmidt F Margarett Edward Schmidt Myrtle Rice Jun 7 1920
Schmidt F Marie Alma  Marvin Schmidt Lillian Wruck Apr 1 1917
Schmidt F Martha Ida Fred W. Schmidt Anna Koepke Mar 28 1911
Schmidt M Marvin Fred Alfred Schmidt Elise Lembke Jan 16 1924
Schmidt F Mary May Emil Schmidt Augusta Schmidt May 11 1913
Schmidt F Maxine Doris Louis Schmidt Margarett Hartel Oct 4 1922
Schmidt F May       Ben Schmidt Alvina Buss Dec 30 1913
Schmidt F May Nila Florence Ben Schmidt Alvina Buss May 9 1920
Schmidt F Meta Martha Henry Schmidt Martha Wagner Oct 10 1921
Schmidt M Milton Llewellian Myron Chas W. Schmidt Emma Richards Apr 10 1908
Schmidt M Milton William Alvin William A. Schmidt Alma E. Otto Apr 30 1915
Schmidt F Myrtle Glades Edward A. Schmidt Hulda Kraft Apr 5 1922
Schmidt M Orval Edmund Schmidt Rosetta Huebener Mar 30 1919
Schmidt M Orvel Albert William Fred H. Schmidt Bertha Voelz Oct 17 1910
Schmidt M Orvis Adrian Walter Schmidt Alice Rockman Jan 28 1912
Schmidt M Peder Martin Walter A. Schmidt Elsie Rockman Mar 3 1914
Schmidt F Randene Marie Walter A. Schmidt Elise Rockman Feb 26 1915
Schmidt M Raymond Fred Schmidt Onetta Nero Dec 11 1924
Schmidt M Ray Fred Schmidt Annetta Nero Dec 29 1922
Schmidt M Richard Frederic Edward Schmidt Myrtle Rice Jun 16 1921
Schmidt M Roger O. Marvin H. Schmidt Lillian Wruck Dec 22 1915
Schmidt F Rosillina Emil Schmidt Laney Hermes Aug 14 1909
Schmidt M Roy Henry Herm  Schmidt Adella Ortner Oct 13 1920
Schmidt M Ruben Emil Frank Henry G. Schmidt Marthy Wegner Jun 28 1909
Schmidt M Ruben Frederick Alfred L. Schmidt Imgard Ruhbusch Oct 8 1920
Schmidt M Ruba Robert Schmidt Emma Reuckert Aug 9 1907
Schmidt F Ruby Frank Schmidt Anna Loft Apr 1 1922
Schmidt M Rudolph Henry Rudolph H. Schmidt Anne Peterman Sep 27 1910
Schmidt M Russell Harold Carl Schmidt E. Mona Krueger Mar 24 1908
Schmidt F Ruth    Emil Schmidt Augusta Schmidt May 4 1911
Schmidt F Ruth Rinhold A. Schmidt Minnie Anna Mehlborg Oct 3 1912
Schmidt F Ruth Meta Henry Schmidt Martha Wagner Aug 24 1917
Schmidt F Ruth Mildred Edward A. Schmidt Hulda Kraft Apr 9 1924
Schmidt F Sophia Herman Schmidt Alma Moede Jun 8 1918
Schmidt F (Stillborn) Reinhold Schmidt Minnie Mehlberg Jan 15 1923
Schmidt F Sylvia Meta Henry Schmidt Martha Wegner Jun 2 1912
Schmidt M Thomas Henry John Henry Schmidt Lena Kapitsch Nov 1 1909
Schmidt F Valeska Isabelle Otto Schmidt Emma Schumaker Dec 8 1912
Schmidt F Venita (twin) 1 Frank F. Schmidt Ella Ehlert Apr 20 1918
Schmidt M Victor (twin) 2 Frank E.Schmirt Ella Ehlert Apr 20 1918
Schmidt F Violet      Emil Schmidt Augusta Schmidt Nov 24 1908
Schmidt F Violet John Schmidt Hulda Otto Apr 24 1915
Schmidt M Walter Herman Emil Henry G, Schmidt Martha Amelia Wagner Oct 22 1907
Schmidt M William Herman Schmidt Amanda Schultz Aug 11 1911
Schmiser M George J.  Walter Schmiser Hattie Schultz Jul 9 1912
Schmit M Harold Frank Schmit Ida Grominger Apr 24 1908
Schmitter F Filis Viola John Sehmitter Anna Schiefile Jul 20 1912
Schmitter F Lillie John Schmitter Anna Scheufele Feb 28 1907
Schmitter M Victor Turry John Schmitter Anna Schenfle Jul 14 1915
Schmitz M Alvin August A. L. Schmitz Florence Bins Mar 9 1904
Schmoll M Harry Albert Arthur Louis Schmoll Ester Radant Jul 18 1907
Schmude F Sadie Ruth Earl Schmude Olive Norton Nov 29 1919
Schneider M Harry H. August Schneider Ulricke Graf Jun 27 1908
Schneiderwent F Dorothy Emma Louis Schneiderwent Erma Muller Sep 20 1922
Schneiderwent M Elvin Rich Schneiderwent Lilian Poppy Nov 10 1921
Schnider M Everett Harland Walter W. Schnider Clara Marie House Aug 1 1922
Schnoor F Eva Albertine Chas Schnoor Eva A. Crowel Jan 16 1912
Schnorr M Elder  Christ Louie Fred L. Schnorr Augusta Wedde Apr 4 1908
Schnorr F Ruby Adell Chas Schnorr Eva Crowell Oct 25 1914
Schnur F Aileen Willian Schnur Edith Sengbusch Mar 30 1919
Schoch F Marie May William Schoch Lillian Joachim Apr 19 1915
Schoen M Russell    Louie Schoen Minnie Laudenklas Feb 18 1919
Schoenberger M Edward Josef Edward Schoenberger Marie Sinot Jul 14 1914
Schoenberger F Irene Anna Edward Schoenberger Maria Semet Aug 7 1916
Schoenberger M Joseph Charles Edward Schoenberger Mary Smith Feb 15 1921
Schoenberger F Katharina Anna Edward Schoenberger Maria Simet Feb 17 1910
Schoenberger M Theodore Joseph Edmund Schoenberger Maria Semet Apr 16 1912
Schoenberger F Theresa Caroline Edward Schoenberger Marie Sennet Apr 9 1919
Schoeneck F Vera   Edward Schoeneck Maeta Tews Jul 31 1908
Schoenecke F Irma Fridola Adolf Schoenecke Helen Fredrick Sep 30 1914
Schoenecke F Luella    Paul Schoenecke Luese Reinke Jul 17 1913
Schoenfeld M Lloyd Henry Edward Henry Schoenfeld Olive Caroline Drake Apr 1 1921
Schoenfeld M James Irvan Edward Schoenfeld Olive Drake Nov 24 1915
Schoenfeld M Wallace Robert Edward H. Schoenfeld   Olive Drake Mar 13 1918
Schoenfeldt F Emma Ivy Ed H. Schoenfeldt Olive C. Drake Jun 21 1913
Schoenfeldt F Irene Alice Edward H. Schoenfeldt Olive Drake Aug 17 1909
Schoenfelt F Elenore Inez Ed Schoenfelt Olive Drake Aug 17 1911
Schoenick M Arnold A. William F. Schoenick Frona B. Springborn Sep 1 1913
Schoenick F Beatrice Ed Schoenick Mita Tews Dec 15 1909
Schoenick M Edward Alfred Arthur Louis Schoenick Bertha Debbans Aug 9 1909
Schoenick M John Edwin William T. Schoenick Fiona Sringlorn Dec 10 1920
Schoenick M Not listed August C. Schoenick Bertha Schaeil Jun 14 1910
Schoenick M Raymond Robert Gust Schoenick Minie Bartz Jan 4 1916
Schoenick M Roland William William F.Shoenick Frona Springborne Oct 5 1910
Schoenick F Viola Louis Schoenick Bertha Debbans Oct 6 1912
Schoenicke M Melvin Henry Adolph Schoenicke   Helen Fronick Jan 31 1921
Schoenicke F Merna Iona Charles Schoenicke Alma Lemke Feb 17 1921
Schoenike M Carl William Adolph F. Schoenike Helen Fraedrich Sep 3 1918
Schoenike M Clarence Edward Schoenike Sophie Fondre Oct 19 1910
Schoenike M Friedrich George Edward Schoenike Sophie Fandry May 10 1912
Schoenike F Gladys Adrienna Arthur L. Schoenike Luric Schley Feb 7 1909
Schoenike F LaVerne Dorothy Arthur Schoenike Louise Schley Jul 3 1913
Schoenike F Lenora Maria Louisa Emil Schoenike Anna Krueger Apr 22 1908
Schoenike F Luella May A. F. Schoenike Helen Fredrick May 11 1923
Schoenike M Rayman Johannes Edward Schoenike Sophia Fandrey Jun 28 1909
Schoening F Aubin Otto Schoening Martha Schroeder Jan 28 1920
Schoening M Chester     Fred Schoening Annie Hoffman Jul 21 1910
Schoening M Chester Otto Schoening Martha Schroeder Jun 29 1913
Schoening M Duane Lewis Lewis Schoening Gertrude Roeske Jan 31 1924
Schoening M Gudon Edward Chas Schoening Minnie Koehn Aug 9 1913
Schoening M Leroy Martin Ludwig Schoening Anna Herminat Dec 22 1914
Schoening F Myrtle Minnie Ruth Herman Schoening Louisa Schroeder Oct 11 1907
Schoening F Perl Clara Charlie Schoening Minnie Kohn Oct 4 1910
Schoepke F Gretrude Edward Schoepke Minnie Wendler Nov 19 1918
Schoepke M Raymond August Joseph Henry August Sheepke Annie Wendler Oct 2 1912
Schoepke F Viola Edward Schoepke Minnie Wendler Mar 29 1910
Scholtz M Taylor Edwin Ira Scholtz Sarah Smallbone Aug 11 1913
Scholz F Frieda Emma Gustave Scholz Martha Shielaker Apr 25 1914
Scholz M Max Alfred Walter Watson Emma Helene Scholz Feb 5 1908
Scholz M Walter Carl Gustave Gustave Scholz Martha Schieleher Apr 29 1915
Schomisch F Alice Janette Joseph E. Schomisch Marie E. Hurley Jul 23 1923
Schomisch M Donald Gregory Joe Edgar Schomisch Marmie Hurley Jun 29 1918
Schonick F Not listed August Schonick Bertha Schiels Mar 24 1914
Schonick F Lydia Pauline Gust Schoeneck Mina Bartz Feb 9 1909
Schrank M Alfred Emil Schrank Mary Leisch Mar 22 1907
Schrank M Eldon Emil Schrank Mary Leisch Jul 19 1914
Schrank M Roland Arthur Edward Emil Schrank Maria Leisch Nov 24 1910
Schreiber F Alvira Ann Anton Schreiber Marie Saltzman Jan 13 1920
Schreiber F Leona Anna Alex Schreiber Dora Dericks Jul 26 1909
Schreiber M Adolph Carl Schreiber Hanna Pethke Jul 5 1910
Schreiber F Clara Carl Schreiber Hanna Pethke Jul 16 1915
Schreiber F Lorraine Wilma Carl Schreiber Hannah Pethke Oct 23 1913
Schreiber M Lloyd Anton Alec Schreiber Dora Dericks Sep 29 1910
Schreiber M Lyle Sheldon Harry Antone Schreiber Helen Rose Hoeffs Dec 25 1922
Schreiber F Marina Mabel Marie Anton Schreiber Mary Salzman Apr 12 1914
Schreiber M Ralph Randall Harry Schreiber Helen Hoefs Aug 12 1921
Schreiber F (Stillborn) (twin) 1 Anton Schreiber Mary Salzman Jan 8 1915
Schreiber M (Stillborn) (twin) 2` Anton Schreiber Mary Salzman Jan 8 1915
Schreiber F Lucille Pearl Robert Schreiber Mary Kroening Oct 19 1917
Schreiber M Martin John Martin Schreiber, Sr. Anna Luniak Apr 12 1908
Schreiber M Roland Morris Robert Schreiber Mary Kroening Oct 1 1919
Schreier F Elizabeth Mercedes Frank Schreier Ida Heimer Dec 14 1919
Schreier M Frank Aloys Frank Schreier Ida Hennes Jun 21 1909
Schriber M Earl     Osker Schriber Helen Winter Feb 6 1908
Schrieber M Floyd     Martin Elmer Schrieber Anna May Luniak Feb 11 1922
Schrieber M Leon (Leo) Joseph Robert Schrieber Mary Kroening Jul 6 1912
Schrieber M Marvin Oscar Schrieber Helen Winter Mar 21 1914
Schrieber M Rodger Merlin Martin Wanzel Schrieber Anna Julia Schrieber Nov 2 1920
Schrieber M Walter Marvin Oscar H. Schrieber Helen M. Winters Jan 3 1912
Schrier F Roselle Ives Frank Schrier Ida Hennes Aug 4 1915
Schroeder F Alice John Schroeder Augusta Lentz Dec 25 1910
Schroeder F Agnes Herman Schroeder Minnie Krause Dec 3 1909
Schroeder M Anthony Leo Schroeder Sophie Swiekatowski Feb 15 1913
Schroeder M Archie August Schroeder Jessie Martens Jan 27 1922
Schroeder M Arthur Frederick William Frederick Schroeder Matie Knight Mar 2 1909
Schroeder M Arthur John William William Schroeder Lillie Suell Dec 1 1909
Schroeder M Arvin William Rudolph William Schroeder Antonia A. Schliewe Jul 5 1912
Schroeder M August August Schroeder Bessie Martens Nov 22 1915
Schroeder F Barness Ella Gerthrud Fred Charles H. Schroeder Helen Caroline M. Rajoose Nov 8 1910
Schroeder F Beatrice Frank Schroeder Natalie Summerfeldt Apr 18 1912
Schroeder F Betty Rae Ernest L. Schroeder Helen H. Sillito Apr 7 1920
Schroeder M Clarence August Benjamin Schroeder Minnie Lasch May 18 1911
Schroeder M Clarence Roman George William Schroeder Emma Peterman Nov 26 1914
Schroeder F Della Aug Schroeder Jessie Martens Nov 13 1912
Schroeder M Earl Aug Schroeder Jessie Martens Mar 3 1914
Schroeder M Edward Frank Schroeder Tekla Schweda May 7 1911
Schroeder F Ella Mary John Schroeder Augusta Lens May 11 1913
Schroeder M Elmer Ed Schroeder Ida Marlow Oct 2 1917
Schroeder M Elmer Arnold Fred Schroeder Louise Zemke Feb 27 1910
Schroeder F Emily Aug Schroeder Jessie Martens Jul 26 1920
Schroeder M Eugene W. William Schroeder Antonia Schlieve Nov 11 1917
Schroeder F Eunice Frieda Henry Joseph Schroeder Clara Augusta Steinke Aug 7 1920
Schroeder F Eveline Dorothy Margaret Herman R. Schroeder Telda Krause Mar 10 1914
Schroeder F Evylin   August A. Schroeder Martha Ross Apr 18 1911
Schroeder F Francisca Herman Schroeder Mary Cleineirt Nov 12 1912
Schroeder M Frank Edward Leo Schroeder Josephine Janiga Sep 20 1922
Schroeder F Frieda     John Schroeder Augusta Lenz Jan 27 1923
Schroeder M George Adolph Herman Schroeder Mary Clemann Jan 22 1910
Schroeder F Grace Ida Nora Fred W. Schroeder Ida W. Gentz Aug 24 1910
Schroeder M Harley John August William F. Schroeder Lillie Schnell Sep 8 1911
Schroeder M Harold William Schroeder Matie Knight Mar 14 1913
Schroeder M Harry Leo Schroeder Josie Janiga Sep 17 1918
Schroeder F Helen Alwine Lydia Fred W. Schroeder Ida Hermine Gentz Jan 3 1913
Schroeder M Henry John W. Schroeder Augusta Lenz Sep 11 1907
Schroeder M Herry George Herman Schroeder Mary Kleman Oct 19 1908
Schroeder F Hilda Johanna Wilhelmine John W. Schroeder Augusta Lenz Dec 2 1908
Schroeder M Howard Edward H. Schroeder Lydia Klingbeil Mar 3 1914
Schroeder F Ione Mildred Henry Schroeder Clara Stienke Jan 19 1919
Schroeder F Irene Cora Edward Schroeder Lillie Prahl Jan 2 1914
Schroeder M Irvin Thomas Robert Schroeder Hattie Thomas Oct 28 1909
Schroeder M Jerry Jimie Aug Schroeder Anna Gresen Oct 7 1914
Schroeder F Johanna Mary John Schroeder Augusta Lenz Dec 22 1915
Schroeder M John Frank Schroeder Tekla Sweda Jan 31 1918
Schroeder M John Harvey Edward Schroeder Lillie Prahl Nov 1 1912
Schroeder F Katherin Ina Charley Schroeder Lena Pelky Jan 29 1920
Schroeder M Kenneth     Herman Schroeder Tillie Kruse Mar 10 1909
Schroeder M Lewellyn Frederick Earl Schroeder Martha Udelle Jun 12 1923
Schroeder F Lillian Irene Alice Wilson Schroeder Hellen Sperberg May 22 1908
Schroeder F Lucy Bell Mary August F. Schroeder Mary Ross Feb 2 1913
Schroeder M