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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Cathe Ziereis

N2645 Rustic Circle

Clintonville, WI 54929


Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012

Editor Jim Glasheen 2010

Anita Perez 2012

Tabot M Bernard Stanley Albert Tabat Martha Teschner Feb 14 1921
Tafel M Dominik Julian Frank Tafel Leokadia Czajkowska Aug 4 1911
Taliapietra M Bruno Victor Taliapistra Kattie Scudella Aug 19 1918
Tams F Ida Edward Tams Eryles Brewster July 24 1909
Tangerra F Edna Elizabeth Frank Tangerra Myrtle Lane Apr 3 1912
Tangorra M Joseph Edwin Frank Tangorra Myrtle Ellen Lawe Jan 7 1908
Tangorra M Leroy Frank Tangorra Myrtle Law Jul 1 1910
Tank F Esther Lizzie Emil Tank Emma Heisler Mar 11 1918
Tank M Harold Herbert Emil Tank Emma Heisler May 24 1915
Tanzer F Florence Adeline Charles Tanzer Martha Mueller May 10 1914
Tarrant M Sol Henry Oscar Tarrant Golda Cohn Apr 27 1914
Tashner M Vernon Charles Charles Tashner Christine Bastil Jul 26 1915
Tate F Louly  Ivonine Bert Tate Deala Fanent Oct 13 1909
Tatreau F Clare Daniel Tatreau Anna Berendson Jun 16 1909
Tauferner M Carson W. Rud Tauferner Anna Bublitz Sep 27 1922
Tauferner F Dorothy Loretta Edward Tauforner Martha Ninman Mar 11 1918
Tauferner M Gordon Edgar Ed Tauferner Martha Neuman Jan 31 1924
Tauferner M Harold Eric Rud Tauferner Anna Biebritz Apr 27 1919
Tauferner M Roy Marcus Rud Tauferner Anna Biebritz Dec 23 1917
Tauferner F Velda Mildred Ed Tauferner Martha Neuman Mar 24 1920
Tautges M August William George J. Tautges Mary Muhs Aug 13 1922
Tautges F Elisabeth August Tautges Theresa Ertl Jan 22 1913
Tautges M Harrold August Tautges Nora Ertle Nov 6 1911
Tautges M Ralph Edward Walter Tautges Anna Josephine Muhs Apr 21 1924
Tautges M Robert George George Tautges Mary Muchs Aug 27 1921
Tautges F Rosa August Tautges Therese Erth Jan 6 1916
Tavs F Louise Kathryn George E. Tavs Mabel Tavert Jan 17 1923
Taylor M Reynold Thomas Frank E. Taylor Flossie Wood Dec 29 1911
Tebeau F Barbara Peter Francis Tebeau Lucinda Leroy Mar 16 1912
Tebeau F Kathleen Peter Tebeau Lucinda Leroy Jan 24 1920
Tebeau F Pearl Sarah Fred Tebeau Sarah Ann Duquaine Sep 5 1917
Tebeau F Virginia May Peter Fred Tebeau Lucinda Leroy Apr 4 1909
Tedding M Lloyd Charles William Tedding Florence E. Whittacker Feb 19 1919
Teetzen F Cora Otto Teetzen Lydia Zimdars Oct 29 1924
Teetzen M Orvell Emil Teetzen Maudie Berndt Apr 30 1917
Teetzen M Raymond Louis Franklin Louis Teetzen Mary Heimer Oct 26 1917
Teetzen M Rinhardt Louis Teetzen Mary Heimer Feb 10 1919
Teetzen M Walter Fred Teetzen Linda Marohl Apr 24 1924
Telfer F Geraldine Jessie Harry A. R. Telfer Laura Margaret Kreger Apr 4 1915
Telfer M Jerome Rockwell Harry Telfer Laura Kreger Jul 16 1921
Tellack M Charles Julius Eugene Tellack Minnie Schenk Apr 10 1916
Teller F Amanda Gladys Jerome Teller Rose Warrington Apr 5 1919
Teller F Harriett (twin) 2 Joseph Teller Mary Pyatskowit Oct 3 1922
Teller F Not listed Joseph Teller Pauline Maskewit May 24 1915
Teller F Evelyn Joseph Teller Mary Pyatskowitt Feb 25 1920
Teller F Katharine (twin) 1 Joseph Teller Mary Pyatskowit Oct 3 1922
Teller M Raymond Michael Jerome Teller Rose Warrington Aug 3 1922
Teller M Vernon William Jerome Teller Rose Warrington Mar 4 1921
Tellock F Pearl Jeanette Eugene Julius Tellock Minnie Schenk Apr 5 1921
Tellock M Edward Henry Eugene Tellock Minnie Schenk Jul 2 1923
Temer F Viola John Temer Emma Holtz May 11 1908
Tengowski M Casimer Frank Tengowski Catherine Sobieski Nov 27 1910
Tengowski F Frances Francis Tengowski Catherine Sobieska Jul 11 1908
Tengowski F Frances John Tengowski Anna Swierst May 28 1919
Tengowski F Monica (May) Frances Tengowski Katherine Sobieski Mar 16 1907
Tengowski F Rose Frank Tengowski Kate Sobieski Jun 8 1914
Tengowski F Sophie John Tengowski Ann Swierat Oct 18 1917
Tengowski M William Francis Tengowski Katherine Sobrieski Nov 26 1909
Tenner F Clara Alma Amanda Herman Tenner Mthilda Treptom May 24 1910
Tepieu M John     John Tepieu Rose Oshkeshegnam Jan 21 1914
Tepiew M Not listed John Tepiew Rose Oshkeshogwoom Sep 9 1920
Tepiew F Angeline Frank Tepiew Annie Prickett Aug 31 1920
Tepiew M Arnold John Tepiew Rose Oshkeshoquoam Sep 12 1922
Tepiew M Moses John Tepiew Rose Oshkeshoquoam Sep 22 1918
Terlinsden F (Stillborn) Dr. J. H. Terlinsden Alyda Hoge Dec 22 1919
Teske F Not listed Otto C. Teske Ella Heling Jul 18 1921
Teske F (Stillborn) William August Teske Elsie Schultz Dec 6 1921
Teske F Clara Julia (twin) William Teske Elsie Schultz Mar 1 1911
Teske M Clarence Fredrick (twin) William Teske Elsie Schultz Mar 1 1911
Teske F Irene Margareta William Teske Elsie Schultz Nov 29 1920
Teske M Irvin Victor William Teske Elsie Schultz Sep 16 1923
Teske F Laverna Ida Otto Teske Ella Heling Aug 31 1924
Tessmer F Jeannette Bernice Bernhardt Tessmer Cora Ruley Jun 8 1917
Tessmer M John Bernard Bernard Tessmer Cora Reiley Oct 20 1918
Tetting F Beatrice Geneva William Tetting Florence Elizabeth Whittaker Oct 24 1913
Tetting M Clarence E. William Tetting Florence Whittker May 13 1915
Tetting F Lucile E. William Tetting Florence Whittaker Jul 23 1912
Tetting M William William Tetting Florence Whittaker Oct 5 1920
Teuma M Charles Adolph Adolph G. Teuma Ella Culver Dec 13 1910
Tewes M Norman Otto Tewes Anna Buss     May 11 1914
Tews M Albert Ervin Julius Tews Alma Heyer Sep 24 1915
Tews F Alma Julius Tews Alma Heyer Jan 24 1921
Tews M Alvin Otto Tews Anna Buss ? Mar 19 1909
Tews F Amanda Emma Elsie Julius Tews Alma Heyer Nov 12 1907
Tews M Charles H. A. Julius Tews Alma Heyer Jan 29 1909
Tews F Dolores Ruth Lydia (twin) 2 Otto Tews Anna Marie Buss Sep 25 1918
Tews M Donald Rubin Otto (twin) 1 Otto Tews Anna Marie Buss Sep 25 1918
Tews M (Stillborn) Carl Tews Emma Buss Jan 2 1910
Tews F Dorothy      Albert Tews Annie Grunewald Jul 28 1917
Tews F Dorothy Carl Tews Emma Buss May 2 1923
Tews M Earl August Charley Otto Tews Annie Buss Mar 16 1912
Tews F Edna Caroline Julius Tews Alma Heyer Feb 25 1918
Tews F Gladys Minnie Hildegarde Albert Tews Anna Gruenwald Mar 7 1920
Tews M Gustav Emil Henry Julius Tews Alma Heyer Feb 6 1910
Tews F Hildegard Matha Alwine Albert Tews Anna Gruenwald Nov 20 1908
Tews F Leona Magdalena Julius Tews Alma Heyer Jun 16 1913
Tews F Meta Malinda Julius Tews Alma Heyer Mar 7 1911
Tews F Olga Rose Alma Robert Tews Ida Krueger Apr 26 1908
Tews F Rena Carl Tews Emma Buss Dec 14 1912
Tews M Ruben Edwin Otto Charley Tews Emma Buss Apr 18 1920
Thayer M Jasper Robert Geo. L. Thayer Florence Owens Jan 7 1912
Thayer M Julius Arthur Darwin E. Thayer Daisy A. Smith Jun 17 1910
Thayer M Norman Luther Geo. L. Thayer Florence P. Owen Aug 25 1917
Theilmann F Goldie Caroline Fred Theilmann Mamie Stickney Sep 7 1923
Theis M Clifford Arthur FrankTheis Anna Schoening Oct 4 1913
Theis M Eugene Edward Ed Theis Clara Gehrke Nov 13 1919
Theis M Kenneth Henry Theis Ida Kroenke Jan 30 1923
Theis Wilma Emma Albert Theis Emma Marquardt May 9 1919
Theiss F Lois Verna Leon J. Theiss Sophia M. Behn Apr 18 1921
Theiss F Verna Leon J. Theiss Sophia M. Behn Apr 18 1921
Themer F Dorothy Elsie Ewald Themer Hattie Gehm May 30 1924
Themer F Geneva Ewald Themer Hattie Gehm Jun 24 1922
Themer F Irene Annie Arthur Themer Clara Boerst Jul 25 1914
Themer M Maynard Ewald Themer Hattie Gehm Jan 4 1919
Themer F (Stillborn) William Themer Martha Weier May 11 1910
Therbeck M Martin Hindry Martn O. Therbeck Helene Boncoon Apr 18 1907
Therson M (Stillborn) Tomas Therson Rina Oleson Mar 5 1920
Thiede M Earl Harold Frank Thiede Alvina Menzel Sep 17 1915
Thiede F Evelyn Anna Augusta Julies Thiede Ida Drage Oct 9 1919
Thiel F Blanch Marie William Thiel Carrie Stemper Mar 17 1924
Thiel M Joseph Patrick William Thiel Carrie Stemper Mar 17 1912
Thiel M Wallace Arth Otto Arthur Thiel Anna Klement Dec 23 1921
Thiel M Walter William William F. Thiel Amelia Ziehl Aug 6 1907
Thiel M Wilbur John Arthur Thiel Anna Thiel Aug 12 1920
Thiel M Wilhie Wilhelm Theil Emilie Ziehl Aug 6 1907
Thiel M William Lawrence William Thiel Carrie Stemper Oct 21 1920
Thiemer F Ethel Elizabeth Alwin Thiemer Augusta Eckert Dec 21 1916
Thiemer M Henry Oscar Olie Thiemer Augusta Echert Mar 5 1910
Thiemer F Margret Ollie Thiemer Gustie Eckert Aug 13 1912
Thiemke F Lillian Marie George Thiemke Effie Fink Feb 22 1923
Thiemke M Robert Charles William Thiemke Emma Engle Sep 26 1922
Thies F Ethel Leala Leon Thies Sophia Behn May 24 1924
Thies M Alvin Frank Thies Annie Schoening Jun 2 1908
Thies F Dena Martha Richard Thies Emma Trieglaff Sep 19 1912
Thies M Fred Herman Richard Thies Emma Triegloff Apr 16 1910
Thies F Hertha Lora Richard Thies Emma Trieglaff Jul 10 1908
Thies M Lawrence Frank Thies Anna Schoenning Jun 13 1911
Thiex M Albert Arnie Peter Thiex Alma Leiskaw Aug 1 1918
Thiex F Beatrice Lorretta John Peter Thiex Gertrude Pauline Valcq Apr 30 1915
Thiex M Darven Peter Thiex Alma Leiskau Dec 22 1915
Thiex F Dewella Gertrude Peter Thiex Alma Leiskau Aug 23 1914
Thiex M Eleanor Edward Peter Thiex Alma Leiskau Jun 14 1923
Thiex F Gladys Myrtle John Thiex Gertrude Valcez May 27 1918
Thiex M Milan Peter Charles Peter Thiex Alma Leiskau Sep 20 1921
Thiex M Orville Peter John Thiex Gertrude Valcz Aug 7 1920
Thiex F Regina May John Thiex Gertie Vucz Feb 26 1923
Thimke F Hildegart Grace John William Thimke Hulda Stuebs Jun 18 1913
Thomack F Adella Emma William Thomack Lizzie Netzel Jun 6 1911
Thomack F Ida William Thomack Lizzie Netzel Apr 29 1908
Thomack M Nealy Dean Herman Thomack Ada Hildeman Jul 20 1910
Thomae F (Stillborn) Ed Thomae Mary Paulek Sep 1 1913
Thomae M (Stillborn) Paul Thomae Clara M. Wilkeson Mar 27 1910
Thomae F Edna Ethel L. Paul Thomae Clara Marie Wilkenson Nov 12 1912
Thomas M Clarence William William G. Thomas Minnie Nachtway Jan 17 1911
Thomas M Eugene Alfred William G. Thomas Minnie Nachtwey May 13 1914
Thomas M Grover Herman Thomas Hattie Meisner Nov 12 1920
Thomas M Joseph William Rollie Thomas Tena Bartelme Feb 14 1923
Thomas M Lyman Earl Joseph Thomas Katie Swanson Oct 15 1908
Thomas M Raymond Herman August Herman Thomas Hattie Miesner Jan 11 1919
Thomas M Rollie Rollie Thomas Martina Knutsen Jun 26 1910
Thomas M Roy Arthur William Thomas May Volker Sep 25 1910
Thomas M Sylvester Roy Joseph Thomas, Jr. Katie Swanson Jul 25 1907
Thomas M Victor Henry William G. Thomas Minnie Nachtway Mar 9 1909
Thomas M Wells Eugene Claude Ashley Thomas Nellie Elizabeth Jones Aug 1 1910
Thomaschefkey F Mable Will Thomaschefskey Mary Voelker Nov 7 1914
Thomaschefky M Kenith Wil Thomaschefky Mary Volker Apr 14 1913
Thompson M Allen Rodger Earl Milton Thompson Ester V. Krueger Feb 18 1924
Thompson F Beatrice Madrla Adolph Thompson Sadie Ward Oct 3 1907
Thompson F Caroline Gladys Levi Thompson Ida Gilbertson Apr 19 1911
Thompson M Caroll C. Julius H. Thompson Serena Geolea Krostue Feb 3 1910
Thompson M Cecil Harry Thompson Annie Strasser Apr 17 1923
Thompson F Cora Glarlyes Lucille Stewart Thompson Helga Kanoff Jul 2 1921
Thompson F Dorothy Charlotte Stewart Thompson Olga Knoff Sep 5 1924
Thompson M Earl Harry Harry Thompson Anna Strasser Jan 22 1913
Thompson M Edward Clarence Edmond Thompson Lenora Bergner Jun 4 1920
Thompson M Edward Theodore Oscar Thompson Martha Esker Feb 28 1910
Thompson F Elsie Evelyn Levi Thompson Ida Gilbertson May 1 1909
Thompson F Emma Gertrude Helge Thompson Ragneld Rudie Sep 5 1908
Thompson F Ester Carrol Clarence Thompson Edna Christianson Apr 27 1921
Thompson F Etta Delores Irvin Arthur Thompson Gertrude Agnes Chase Mar 9 1908
Thompson F Florence      Jerome Thompson Lena Wolf May 4 1924
Thompson F Gladys Adolph Thompson Sadie Ward Nov 20 1909
Thompson F Itah Mae Earl M. Thompson Esther Krueger Jun 19 1918
Thompson F Joyce Madeline Harry Thompson Annie Strasser Jul 31 1924
Thompson M Jewell Harold Julius Thompson Serenus Krosten Feb 27 1907
Thompson M Kenneth Leo Earl Milton Thompson Esther Krueger Oct 3 1919
Thompson F Luciel Irene Elmer Thompson Ella Bishop Dec 31 1907
Thompson F Margaret L. John B. Thompson Cora L. Fancher Oct 7 1922
Thompson F Mary    Harry Thompson Anna Strasser Jan 8 1911
Thompson M Orville Alfred Arthur Thompson Iva Taylor May 11 1910
Thompson M Oskar Thelmer Thomas Thompson Hannah Hovie May 27 1911
Thompson M Ralph Clarence Harry Thompson Anna Strauser Feb 20 1921
Thompson M Rudolph John Bernard Thompson Cora Louise Fancher Apr 1 1920
Thompson F Ruth Myrl Harry Thompson Anna M. Strasser Aug 25 1917
Thompson Unk Thora Oline Thomas Thompson Hannah Hovie Jan 3 1907
Thompson M Ward Adolph Thompson Sadie Ward Jul 5 1911
Thomsen F Merceda Winifred Edmund Thomsen Lenora Bergner Sep 26 1923
Thomson F Isabelle Marion Edmund Thomson Laura Bergner May 11 1918
Thoreson M Sandee Arthur Nels Thoreson Anne Rosetta Nelson Jun 1 1909
Thorn F Lola Bell Milton Thorn Edith Schoenfeld Apr 22 1908
Thorne F Vivian Olivia John Voris Thorne Dora Marie Fehlahafee Jan 16 1923
Thorson M (Stillborn) Peter Geo. Thorson Anna J. Doly Apr 10  1917
Thorson M Austin Trevor Alfred Cornelius Thorson Julia Lorraine Gregorson May 1 1908
Thorson F Hazel Dorothy Peter George Thorson Anna Jensine Dobie Jun 7 1921
Thorson F Joyce Ione Alfred Thorson Julia Gregerson Nov 16 1923
Thorson F Marion Verna Peter Thorson Anna Dobie May 5 1918
Thorson M Russell Irving Alfred Thorson Julia Gregerson Mar 26 1920
Thorson F Thede Lovera Thomas Thorson Rona Knoff Nov 7 1921
Thorson M Truman Thomas Thorson Reno Knoff Oct 15 1923
Thurber M Clarence Lowes Cyrus Thurber Sophie Mayr Jul 4 1910
Thurber F Mamie Elen Syries Allen Thurber Sophia Mayo Feb 9 1908
Thurk M Walter Edward Thurk Matilde Greb Feb 5 1920
Thurlow F Beatrice Viola Clarence Thurlow Cecilia Griswold Jan 17 1920
Thurlow M Garland William Clarence Thurlow Celia Persie Griswold Apr 28 1918
Thurlow `F Norma Rosella Clarence Thurlow Julia Griswold Feb 10 1923
Thurner F Ann B. John Thurner Marie Drexler Jan 2 1920
Thurner M (Stillborn) John Thurner Mary Taxler Aug 7 1914
Thurner M (Stillborn) John Thurner Mary Taxher Aug 22 1915
Thurner M Harold Walter John Thurner Sr. Marie Drexler Jun 22 1921
Thvedt M Samuel Alford Ingvald D. Thvedt Matilda Rendina Heistad Sep 2 1912
Tic M Ward Edrid Arthur Tic Phillipa Hobbs Sep 6 1920
Ticknor F Naopia Ruth Frank B. Ticknor Elizabeth G. Haggerty Sep 25 1908
Tiede M Lyle Rolland William Tiede Emma Krolow Apr 20 1923
Tiegs M Maynard Fred Tiegs Delia Gardner Apr 12 1908
Ties M Elmer Albert Richard Ties Emma Treglaff May 18 1907
Tilligkeit M August Albret Frank Tilligkeit Hulda Sehder Apr 7 1907
Tilligkeit M Frank Albert Frank Tilligkeit Hulda Schroeder Jan 21 1910
Timler M Lawrence Frank Timler Casmira Bailey Dec 22 1923
Timm F Not listed Aug Timm Bertha Schultz Dec 2 1911
Timm M Alfred Frank Timm Mathilda Bruss Oct 12 1910
Timm F Anna May August Timm Bertha Schultz Sep 22 1909
Timm M Carl Julius (twin) 2 Aug Timm Bertha Schultz Oct 30 1910
Timm F Dora Albert Timm Louise Henshel Nov 10 1912
Timm M Earl Emil Timm Meta Harcke Dec 1 1920
Timm M Edward August August Timm Bertha Hoffmier Feb 13 1917
Timm M Eldor Ruben Albert Albert Timm Minnie Ziebur Apr 6 1917
Timm F Ella Martha (twin)  Aug Timm Bertha Schultz Jun 8 1908
Timm F Ethel Emil Timm Olga Rosenberg Nov 8 1924
Timm F Evelyn Caroline Auguste Emil August Timm Viola Hoffmann Sep 14 1921
Timm F Flaretta Albert Timm Louisia Henschell Sep 12 1917
Timm M Gilbert LeRoy Fred Timm Gusta Henchel Jun 14 1923
Timm M Harvey Max Albert Timm Minnie Bertha Ziebur Feb 21 1915
Timm M Herman Henry (twin)  Aug Timm Bertha Schultz Jun 8 1908
Timm M John William Timm Bertha Gehrke Feb 12 1910
Timm M John Albert  (twin) 1 Aug Timm Bertha Schultz Oct 30 1910
Timm M Leslie Fred Timm Augusta Henschell Nov 18 1919
Timm F Marcella Edna Amelia Fred Timm Meta Brumm Dec 22 1921
Timm M Paul Emil Frank Timm Matilda Bruss Jul 22 1908
Timm M Raymond Lasly Fred Timm Augusta Hensckel Sep 8 1915
Timm M Roger Emil Willie August Timm Bertha Hoffmier Aug 16 1922
Timm M Theodore August Albert Timm Louise Henschel Feb 16 1915
Timm F Vernice Emil Timm Viola Hoffmann Jun 19 1920
Timm M Wilbert Emil Timm Meta Harke Jun 19 1919
Timmel M Burnell Alfred Timmel Regina Ahren Feb 13 1921
Tims F Lucille Violet Ed Tims Hilda Schroeder Apr 12 1923
Tinsman F Doris Frank Tinsman Bessie Tyrell Jan 19 1915
Tinsman F Florence Mary Ray Tinsman Annie Kessen Jul 3 1917
Tinsman M Harold Frank Ray Tinsman Anna Kessen Nov 4 1912
Tinsman M Townsend W. Frank Tinsman Bessie Tyrell May 16 1924
Tinsman F Violet Ray Tinsman Anna Tessen May 28 1908
Tinsmann F June  Frank Tinsmann Bessie Tyrell Mar 27 1918
Tipler M Not listed Thos. Arthur Tipler Anna May Brada Feb 9 1908
Tjernagel F Helga Marie Henge Mathias Tjernagel Anna Bone May 1 1920
Tobin M Louis Joseph William F. Tobin Gertrude Stenger Aug 10 1917
Tobin M Willis John William F. Tobin Gertrude Stenger Dec 30 1914
Toelle M Harold Charles Henry Toelle Annie Bertha Mesie Jun 22 1909
Toelle F Mildred Henry A. toelle Minnie B. Mesic Sep 30 1914
Toellner F Adeline Alice Bernard Toellner Amelia Christian Feb 28 1919
Toellner F Aeline Louise Minna John Toellner Ella Kuehl Dec 25 1915
Toellner F Emma Annie Bertha Henry Toellner Minna Bartz Feb 4 1907
Toellner F Hazel      Albert Toellner Leona Kuehl Mar 22 1923
Toellner M Herbert John Toellner Ella Kuehl May 20 1923
Toellner F Irene Maria Theodore Toellner Louisa Peterman Dec 24 1909
Toellner F Lieda Walter Toellner Alice Eckert May 2 1924
Toellner F Lucile     Albert Toellner Leona Kuehl Nov 5 1921
Toliske F Eleanor Loretta Frank Toliske Ellen Toliske Apr 26 1918
Tolksdorf M Edmund Adam Tolksdorf Agnes Brifczinski Sep 1 1911
Tollner M Leonard John Albert Tollner Leona Kuehl Oct 18 1924
Tolodziecki F Agnes Mary Felix Kolodziecki Mary Perz Oct 17 1919
Tom M Edward Everett Fred Albert Tom Della Ella Jensen Feb 23 1919
Tomah M John Louis Tomah Margaret Ponale Mar 31 1914
Tomah F Louisa Thomas Tomah Louise Pananguero Jun 24 1914
Tomashek F Unnamed Charles J. Tomashek Barbara Kalisck Sep 3 1924
Tomashek F Alice Anna Chas  J. Tomashek Barbara Kalisek Jan 18 1919
Tomashek M Alois (twin) 2 John Tomashek Anna Blazek Jun 21 1909
Tomashek M Clarence John Chas J. Tomashek Barbara Kalisek Jun 18 1912
Tomashek M Frank     Joe Tomashek Katie Bohr Dec 1 1908
Tomashek M John     John Tomashek Anna  Briezki Jan 21 1907
Tomashek F Louisa (twin) 1 John Tomashek Anna Blazek Jun 21 1909
Tomashek F Lucy Mary Charles Joe Tomashek Barbara Kolisek Apr 12 1909
Tomashek F Mary      Joe M. Tomashek Margaret Devine Sep 17 1924
Tomashek F Mary      Joe Tomashek Katherine Bohr Jun 24 1913
Tomashek M Peter Joseph Charles J. Tomashek Barbara Kalisck Jun 21 1922
Tomashek M Vincent Joseph Mathew Tomashek Margaret Devine Jun 5 1923
Tomaw Levi Louis Tomaw Margaret Pahno Jan 10 1922
Tomaw M Not listed Louis Tomaw Margaret Pahno Mar 7 1924
Tomow (Tornow) F Hildegard Magdeline Rev. Rudolph Tomow (Tornow) Magdaline Zuberbier Dec 20 1922
Tompson M Kenneth Taylor Arthur Tompson Iva Taylor Aug 2 1915
Tomrau (Tomow) F Not listed Louis Tomrau (Tomow) Margaret Pahno Mar 3 1920
Tonn F Corneil Leona Richard Tonn Elsie Schmeisser Jun 12 1922
Tonn M Vergil Leroy Fred A. Tonn Della E. Jensen Dec 25 1922
Tonne F Elizabeth L. Louis Tonne Grace Ainsworth Jan 30 1911
Tonne M Frederick Louis William Tonne Helen Rollman (Ollman ?) Nov 10 1924
Tonne M Herman H. Franklin Louis Tonne Grace Ainsworth May 28 1909
Tornow M Hans Rudolph Rudolph Tornow Magdalene Zuberbier Aug 31 1921
Tornow F Irma Gertrude Margaret Max Tornow Alma Krause Oct 24 1913
Tornow F Norma (twin) 1 William Tornow Lydia Kruse Apr 5 1923
Tornow M Norman (twin) 2 William Tornow Lydia Kruse Apr 5 1923
Torson M Guy Alfred Torson Julia Gregerson  May 1 1908
Toschner M Alvin Arthur Louis Toschner Alma Reissmann Mar 24 1923
Toshner M Dale Albert Charles Toshner Christine Bastil May 29 1918
Toshner M Myron John John Toshner Theresa Frimark Jul 14 1921
Toshner M Norman Arnold Louis Toshner Elma Reissmann Feb 5 1921
Toshner M Rueben Edward Louis Toshner Alma Reissmann Jul 25 1919
Tostrud M Lars Oliver Gerhard Oliver C. Tostrud Gyda Kalvastrand Dec 10 1912
Tourtellott F Not listed Charles Tourtellott Mary Krueger May 26 1912
Tourtillot M Russell Arthur Chas A. Tourtillot May R. Lutsey Feb 17 1919
Tourtillott M James Creighton Leo Tourtillott Myrtle Mc Callister Apr 12 1916
Tourtillott F Nettie Beatrice Leo Des Tourtillott Myrtil Mc Callister Feb 11 1914
Tourtillotte M Howard Elton Charles A. Tourtillotte May Lutsey Oct 25 1913
Touscher M Vernon Fred Touscher Louise Sieman Mar 1 1916
Tousey F Opal Louise John Tousey Blanch Little Feb 13 1918
Tousey F Not listed McMullen Tousey Aldine Jorden May 2 1908
Tousey M Earl Bernard Charles E. Tousey Rosa Miller Jun 1 1909
Tousey F Eunice Elizabeth Gardner Daniel Tousey Alice Mary Gardner Aug 31 1919
Tousey M Floyd     McMullen Tousey Alvina Jourdon Oct 31 1910
Tousey M Gayle Gates Philip Tousey Adelia E. Abrams Sep 8 1913
Tousey M Geardalan Abrams Philip Tousey  Adelia Abrams Jul 2 1908
Tousey F Geratha Germaine Philip Tousey Adelia Abrams Sep 22 1915
Tousey M Gordon     John Tousey Blanch Little May 8 1911
Tousey M Marvin Marvin Tousey Elizabeth Gristeau Apr 21 1913
Tousey F Myrtle Electa John Tousey Blanch Little Oct 11 1913
Tousey F Velma Luella John Tousey  Blanch Little Sep 14 1915
Tousey F Virginia Linda Bruette Robert Bruette Irene Gardner Jun 30 1921
Toutillott F Warda Harriet Wallis (Walus ?) E. Tourtillott Grace Stanly Aug 31 1910
Towasohan M Peter       Joseph Towasohan Mary Kinney May 29 1913
Towasopin M Aloysius Joseph Towasopin Mary Kinney Aug 11 1915
Towle F Not listed Evan Towle Seno Seiukir Jan 10 1910
Towle M James Irving F. Irving Towle Sarah Rouse Feb 22 1913
Towle F Mary Ina Elmer Towle Mayme Towle Jan 22 1915
Towle F Maxine Irving Towle Sarah Rouse Aug 31 1908
Towle M Robert Irving Towle Sarah Rouse Nov 24 1914
Towle M William Kingley Evan Towle Leno Lemkei May 9 1908
Traeger M Cyril Louis John J. Traeger Mary Alft May 12 1909
Traeger M Kenneth Raymond John J. Traeger Mary Alft Aug 2 1902
Traeger M Marvin Francis John J. Traeger Mary Anna Alft Jan 18 1907
Tranton F Emma Klara Anna William Tranton Mary Stuhr Mar 22 1908
Trantow M Delmore Carl Chas. Trantow Elsie Ehricke May 17 1921
Trapp F Ida Gertrude William Trapp Emelia Lange May 2 1911
Trapp F Irma Ida Helena Wilhelm Trapp Emelie Lange Feb 17 1907
Trathen F Jean    Elizabeth Albert Trathen Mae Cameron Jul 13 1907
Trathen F Marion Cameron Albert Trathen Mae Cameron Sep 23 1910
Tratz M Herbert Frank Rinehardt Anthon Joseph Tratz Martha Alma Luisa Dallman Sep 18 1907
Treba N/L Sofe Izedore Treba Matilda Treba Sep 29 1923
Trebeck M Joseph Joseph Trebeck Annie Schroeder Jul 2 1908
Treptow M Arthur Emil Terptow Martha Steffen Sep 26 1908
Treptow M August William William Treptow Cecilia Lemke Nov 6 1917
Treptow M Eddie Otto Freidrich Emil Treptow Martha Steffen Sep 27 1911
Treptow M Gerald      August Treptow Esther Kregel Sep 17 1915
Treptow F Louise Minna Anna Charles Treptow Hulda Gross Feb 6 1912
Treptow F Lucille Louise Clara William Treptow, Jr. Cecelia Lemke Jul 25 1922
Treptow F Monica Ruth Florence Theodore Treptow Cora Krubsack Jul 10 1919
Treptow F Ramona Thressa Theo Treptow Cora Krubsack Apr 29 1917
Treptow F Valeria May Theodore Treptow Cora Krubsack Jul 5 1918
Treptow M Victor     August Treptow Ester Kugel Feb 7 1914
Treptow M Willard William C. Treptow Cecilia Lemke Jul 27 1919
Treptow (Koeller) F Kordula Walter Treptow Rosa Koeller Mar 22 1921
Triber M George Joseph Michael Triber Thetra Trum Jun 20 1924
Triegloff F Nora Ida Albert Triegloff Martha Thies Dec 12 1909
Triegloff M Ruben Herman Henry Triegloff Ida Pawelk Feb 26 1914
Trigloff M Robert Williams Albert Trigloff Martha Theis Aug 8 1911
Trochell F Violet Robert J. Trochell Anna A. Brunner Apr 20 1911
Trochlell F Marlea Catherine John Trochlell Amanda Marie A. Bocher Mar 9 1913
Trybek F Elizabeth L. Albert Trybek Anna Schroeder Jul 8 1907
Trybek M John Albert Trybek Annie Schroeder Feb 8 1911
Tubas F Stella Marie John  N. Tubas Borgel Johnson Jul 6 1913
Tucker M Alfred Louis Tucker Matilda Maskewit Mar 12 1920
Tucker M Edward Moses Tucker Louisa Grignon Feb 13 1912
Tucker F Ester     Benjamin Tucker Tillie Meyer Apr 28 1909
Tucker M Francis Charles Louis Tucker Matilda Maskewit Mar 15 1913
Tucker M Leonard      Louis Tucker, Jr. Matilda Maskewit Oct 11 1915
Tucker M Louis Louis Tucker Matilda Maskewit Apr 1 1914
Tucker F Mary Louis Tucker Matilda Maskewit Sep 1 1918
Tucker M Richard Louis Tucker, Jr. Matilda Maskewit Jul 11 1921
Tucker F Rose Mose Tucker Louise Grignon Dec 29 1921
Tucker F Sarah (twin) 1 Louis Tucker Mathilda Maskewit Nov 9 1922
Tucker F Lucille (twin) 2 Louis Tucker Mathilda Maskewit Nov 9 1922
Tucker M Lorus Aloysius Louis Tucker Matilda Maskewit May 7 1924
Tulberg F Elinor Irene Harry Tulberg Emma Rew Aug 9 1909
Tullberg  M Harry Harry S. Tullberg Emma Rew May 27 1911
Tullberg  M Holger Rew Svend Harry Tullberg Emma Rew Sep 23 1907
Tullberg  M Melvin Raymond Harry Tullberg Emma Rew Jan 10 1913
Tullberg  M Vernon Henry Henry Tullberg Ester Joergenson Sep 16 1918
Tullberg  F Viola Marie Henry Tullberg Esther Jorgensen Jan 10 1913
Tuma  M Glen     Frank Tuma Frances Popelka Mar 6 1912
Tuma  F Louisa Franc Tuma Francis Popelka Aug 22 1907
Tuma  M Rowen Frank Frank Tuma Frances Popelka Sep 10 1909
Turcotte M Joseph Ralph Middie Turcotte Inga Anderson Jul 29 1913
Turecek F Della Joe Turecek Clara Strehlow Oct 25 1910
Turecek F Phyllis Rose Joseph J. Turecek Clara Strehlno Sep 15 1919
Turner M LeRoy Earl Jewett Canfield Turner Angeline May Long Jun 12 1920
Turner F Abbie Jane John Turner Abbie Jane  Peters Feb 1 1922
Turner F Lucille Margaret Fred Turner Hilda Branski Oct 1 1920
Turney F Jane Harry Turner Mable Prahl Jun 4 1919
Turnipseed F Effie Milbern Turnipseed Gladys Goddake May 11 1922
Turno F Isabella Sarah Max Turno Alma Kruse Nov 23 1909
Tyckowski M Alex Joseph Tyckowski Verna Holewinski Jun 22 1921
Tyczkowski M Alvin Joe Tyczkowski Verna Holewinski Feb 16 1923
Tyczkowski F Anna      Joseph Tyczkowski Mary Lepak Feb 15 1911
Tyczkowski F Regina Julia Joseph Tyczkowski Verona Holewinski Aug 17 1919
Tyra  M Warde Zachery J. P. Tyra Adeline Hofman Apr 4 1919
Tyrell M Lymor Franklin William Tyrell Violet Walsh Dec 5 1921
Tyroell M Freddie Theodore Tyroell Phoebe Hergull Aug 30 1923
Tyrrell M Lesley William Theodore Charles Tyrrell Phoebe Henrietta Hergert Jun 15 1920