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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012

Editor Jim Glasheen 2010

Anita Perez 2012


Uecker M Andrew August Carl Julius Uecker Emma Reoman Jul 3 1912
Uecker M Carl     Paul Uecker Hadwic Redman May 5 1909
Uecker F Elsie Albert E. Uecker Marie Hulsberg Nov 23 1907
Uecker F Gertrude Hildegard Paul Uecker Hattie Redman Mar 30 1915
Uecker F Gladys Ann Paul August Uecker Hedwig Redmann Apr 15 1922
Uecker M Raymund Ernst Jul Uecker Emma Redman Sep 9 1914
Uelman M Archie H. Nick Andre Uelman Gertrude Fellenz Oct 9 1909
Uelman M Laurence Gayhardt Nick A.  Uelman Gertrude Fellenz Mar 22 1914
Uelman M Leo Mathew Nil A. Uelman Gertie Fellenz Mar 8 1911
Uelmen F Gertrude Lucille Nic A. Uelman Gertrude M. Felenz Jun 8 1918
Uelmen M Silas Nick Uelmen Gertie Fellenz Sep 24 1907
Uhlenbrauch F Marvel Eleanor Henry  Uhlenbrauch Lena Volmer Apr 9 1919
Ulmer M Adolph Henry Adolph Ulmer Martha Klosterman Jun 25 1918
Umland M Alfred Raymond August Fred Umland Emma Madson Jul 17 1919
Umland F Ella Mathilda Ferdinand Umland Emilie Guthnecht Apr 7 1907
Umland F Elma Louise August Umland Emma Madson Nov 4 1915
Umland F Ester Auguste Alwine August Umland Anna Wetzel Mar 18 1910
Umland M Ervin Ferdinand Ferdinand Umland Emilie Goodknecht Jan 7 1911
Umland M Hugo Emil August August Umland Anna Wetzel Jan 29 1908
Umland F Marcella Geneva Fred W. Umland Mathild Boettcher Sep 181909
Umland F Mary Ann Aug F. Umland Emma Madson Apr 12 1923
Umland M Raymond Almont William Umland Stella Born May 7 1917
Umland M Robert Ernst Paul August Umland Anna Wetzel Jan 6 1912
Umland F Ruth Jane August F. Umland Emma Madson Nov 27 1921
Umland F (Stillborn) Friederich Umland Ottilie Lindner Jul 13 1912
Umland F Valda Elva Emil A. Umland Caroline G. Krull Nov 1 1918
Umland M Victor Velmet Fritz Umland Ottilue Lindner May 12 1910
Urban F Emily Wencel Urban Barbara Tomashek Mar 18 1913
Urban M James Wencel Urban Barban Tomasck Jul 30 1908
Urban F Lucy John Urban Josephine Zatchota Jul 5 1912
Urban F Margaret John Urban  Josephine Zachols Jul 7 1909
Utecht F Emma Bertha Herman Utecht Ida Timm Sep 2 1913
Utke F Dolores Luella Albert Utke Ella Utke Jan 20 1930
Utke M Franklin Albert Albert F. Utke Ella Utke Sep 22 1925
Utke M Lester Julius Albert Utke Ella E. Utke Apr 4 1921
Utke M Roger Curtis Albert Albert Utke Marie Zarling Jan 17 1921
Uttech    M Herbert Fred Fred Uttech Helen Block Aug 29 1918
Uttecht M Arnold Otto Uttecht Martha Vogel Apr 12 1909
Uttecht M Edward Herman Uttecht Ida Timm Aug 23 1920
Uttecht F Ellen Louise Paul Uttecht Louise Kortbein Sep 18 1909
Uttecht F Meta Bertha Herman A. Uttecht Ida M. Timm Nov 4 1918
Uttecht M Norman Frank Uttecht Eva Lane May 20 1923
Uttecht M Willie Herman Charles Paul Uttecht Louisa Kortbine Jul 27 1911