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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012

Editor Jim Glasheen 2010

Anita Perez 2012


Valentine F Not Listed John Valentine Mary Nelson May 1 1909
Valentine M Harold Patrick Mark Valentine Cora Campschure Apr 24 1911
Valentine M Lloyd John John Valentine Mary Nelson Jul 14 1913
Valentine M Marvin Elden John Valentine Mary Nelson May 29 1918
Van Abel M James Claude Claude Gregory Von Abel Florence C. Dillonberg Feb 6 1921
Van Boxtel  F Ardis Bernice John Van Boxtel Irene Wegner Aug 20 1924
Van Boxtel M Bernard Laverne John Van Boxtel Irene Wegner Apr 24 1918
Van Diepen F Margaret Nick Van Diepen Agnes Heily Sep 26 1918
Van Doren F (Stillborn) Guy Van Doren Maggie Cady Jan 15 1908
Van Doren M Not Listed Dee Van Doren Ella Kimball Feb 19 1911
Van Doren F Areline (twin) 1 Earl Van Doren Ethel Rice Dec 14 1921
Van Doren M Dean Kimball Dee W. Van Doren Ella M. Kimball Oct 14 1907
Van Doren F Elinor Mary Earl Van Doren Ethel Rice Jul 30 1920
Van Doren F Marian Agnes Samuel Van Doren Rose Schelter Jun 27 1915
Van Doren M Newton Clyde C. W. Van Doren Flora Jessell May 21 1913
Van Doren M Richard John Earl Van Doren Harriett Dickerson Sep 16 1924
Van Doren F Roseline (twin) 2 Earl Van Doren Ethel Rice Dec 14 1921
Van Doren F Verle Anella Dee W. Van Doren Ella Kimball Sep 15 1912
Van Gilder F Not Listed Guy Van Gilder Amanda Hartleben May 31 1915
Van Gilder F Edna Mae Lester Van Gilder Cathrine Goode Feb 26 1917
Van Gilder F Marion Vera Guy E. Van Gilder Amanda M. Hartleben Jun 13  1912
Van Grinsen F Marie John Van Grinsen Trinscha Van Derlinden Jun 22 1918
Van Grinsun F Frances John Van Grinsun Frances Van Linden Feb 5 1916
Van Mill M Julius John Van Mill Laura Goodwill Sep 6 1908
Van Norman M Aden Niles Van Norman Ella Porter Sep 23 1923
Van Norman M Alfred Allen Niles Van Norman Ellen Porter Apr 22 1921
Van Norman M Howard Arthur Nels Van Norman Ella Porter Mar 8 1915
Van Norman F Vada Verona Niles Van Norman Ella Porter Aug 15 1911
Van Price M Eugene Robert Peter John Van Price Minnie Mae Muhm Jul 18 1920
Van Price M Harold     Henry Statts Sada Van Price Feb 29 1920
Van Rossum F Mary Agnes Clarence B. Van Rossum Grace Sylvester May 27 1924
Van Schaick F (Stillborn) Roy E. Van Schaick Edyth Iwine Van Schaick Jul 25 1913
Van Schaick M Edson Dean S. D. Van Schaick Rosasd Hoffmann Jun 18 1919
Van Vuren M Donald  Harry Van Vuren Isabelle Jenkinn Jul 4 1918
Van Vuren F Fern Harriett Harry Van Vuren Belle Jenkins Aug 21 1914
Van Vuren F Olive Genevieve Harry Van Vuren Isabelle Jenkens Feb 17 1910
Vance M Donell Edward Edward Vance Eva Bell Van Gilder Sep 15 1910
Vance M Wallace Reed Edward Anderson Vance Eva Bell Van Gilder Nov 24 1923
Vandarwarka F Gwendolin Matilda John James Taylor Adele Lura Gleed May 28 1908
Vandenbush M Lloyd Henry William Vandenbush Rosie Wood Nov 26 1922
Vandenbush F Viola May William Vandenbush Rose Wood Apr 4 1924
Vanderbest F Mary Ellen William Vanderbest Mary E. Sargent Nov 19 1922
Vanderbusch M Cliford Allen Vanderbusch Anna Siervogel Mar 16 1916
Vanderbusch F Cora Allen Vanderbusch Annie Siervogel Dec 5 1913
Vanderbusch F Nellie Allen Vanderbusch Annie Siervigel Sep 5 1911
Vanderbush F Lavern Allen Vanderbush Anna Dremogel Mar 26 1909
Vanderheiden M Marvin Anthony George Vanderheiden Christina Coonen Mar 16 1908
Vanderleast  M William Joseph William Vanderleast Mary Elizabeth Sargent Feb 17 1914
Vandermoss M Richard Jeff Vandermoss Tracie Beam Mar 31 1910
Vanderwarke F Vernetti Violet Vernetti W. Vanderwarke Myrtle Vanderworke Jan 3 1913
Vandhey M Edward William Vandehey Anna Zimmerman Dec 24 1922
Vandornorska F Nellie Amanda Vernetti W. Vandaren Myrtle E. Vandornorska Mar 31 1909
Vasoed M Henry Hilliard George Vasoed Florence La Ford Feb 18 1916
Vasold F Marie Louise Julius Vasold Florence Mott Mar 29 1914
Vaughan M David Arthur Scott Vaughan Lilly Valhers Mar 5 1923
Vaughan M Earl George John Vaughan Mary Pritchard Aug 29 1914
Vaughan M George Pritchard Birl Vaughan Anna Pritchard Apr 10 1917
Vaughan F Gloria Kathleen Bert Vaughan Anna Pritchard Jul 9 1924
Vaughan F Glydis Bert Vaughan Annie Pritchard Feb 8 1922
Vaughan F Grace Elizabeth Bert Vaughan Anna Pritchard Mar 9 1915
Vaughan F Helen John Gard Vaughan Mary Pritchard May 30 1918
Vaughan F Jene Buehl Vaughan Anna Pritchard Oct 19 1913
Vaughan M La Grant Bert Vaughan Annie Pritchard  Feb 21 1919
Vaughan M Luverne George Charles Claude L. Vaughan Mable Mary Gage Mar 26 1910
Vaughan F Margaret Ellen John Vaughan Mammie Pritchard Jan 26 1913
Vaughn M Roland Edward John Vaughn Mary Pudherd Mar 31 1916
Vedner M Arthur Howard Edward A. L. Vedner Florence Homes Nov 6 1909
Verch M Lawrence Norman Harold Otto Verch Amanda Genskow Nov 7 1917
Vergutz F Helen William F. Vergutz Viola Voelz Nov 15 1922
Vetter F Helen Fred Vetter Laura Glasow May 4 1912
Vierbicher F Ruth Helen Charles Vierbicher Helen  Kroll May 5 1921
Vierbiecher M Amos John Chas Vierbiecher Helen Kroll May 4 1913
Vierbiecher M Roland Anton Carl Chas Vierbiecher Hellen Kroll May 5 1910
Vigue F Bertha Jane Paul Vigue Barbara Slivik Sep 14 1921
Vigue M Mitchell Paul Vigue Not listed Sep 25 1914
Vils F Allice Ellen Christopher Vils Ellen A. Baird Oct 28 1919
Vils M James Kenneth Christopher Vils Ella Baird Sep 15 1918
Vochon M Stanley Joseph Stanley Vochon Lillie Dicton Dec 18 1913
Voeltz M Otto Henry Charles Voeltz Hermine C. M. Konkel Aug 18 1908
Voelz M Erwin H. C. Voelz Hermine Kowkel May 1 1910
Voelz F Grace Hilda Ruth Albert Voelz Amanda Rienke Sep 26 1912
Voelz F Lucille Edwin Voelz Bertha Welsch Apr 4 1911
Voelz M Milton William Fredrick Voelz Emma Giessel Dec 27 1910
Voelz F Myrtle Prissilla Henrietta Edwin A. Voelz Bertha Welsch Nov 21 1913
Voelz M Norbert Clayton Ed Voelz May Winter Jul 10 1913
Voelz F Ruth       Albert Voelz Amanda Reinke Dec 23 1914
Voge M Lester W. Theodore Voge Alvina Rose Aug 19 1914
Vogl F Natalie Alta Chas D. Vogl Clara E. Carley Feb 9 1914
Voight F Adela Maria Anna Bernard Voight Alma Schroeder Sep 4 1912
Voight M Carl William E. Voight Elsie Schmidt Aug 1 1909
Voight M Christian Bernhardt Voight Alma Schroeder Aug 9 1909
Voight F Edna Alvina W. E. Voight Elsie Schmidt Aug 11 1913
Voight F Florence William Voight Amelia Knoke Nov 11 1913
Voight F Hildegard V. Bernard Hildegard Alma Schroeder May 7 1915
Voight F Louisa W.E. Voight Elsie Schmidt Nov 4 1911
Voight F Marcella Sidonia Otto Voight Anna Kriesel May 6 1913
Voight M Paul Bernhard Rhinold Voight Alma Schroeder Mar 22 1911
Voight M Paul Bernard Voight Elma Schroeder Nov 25 1918
Voight M Raymond Martin Otto Voight Anna Kruesel Apr 2 1908
Voigt F Irene Evyln Leonard Voigt Tina Mehlberg Dec 15 1922
Volkmann M Albert Heinrich Franz Albert Volkmann Emma Specht Sep 13 1909
Vollmar F (Stillborn) Chas Vollmar Emma Tellock Jan 16 1920
Vollmer F Frieda (Stillborn) Max Vollmer Lizzie Schilling Jun 19 1918
Vollmer M Alvin Carl Vollmer Emma Tellock Nov 22 1911
Vollmer F Anna Paulina Leopold Vollmer Anna Schervonsky Feb 28 1914
Vollmer F Gean May Fred Henry Vollmer Ella Delina Valley Apr 29 1922
Vollmer M Herman Oscar Leopold Vollmer Anna Scheloosky Jun 4 1915
Vollmer F Luella Viola Fred Vollmer Esther Seefeldt Jul 8 1922
Vollmer F Marianne Fred H. Vollmer Ella Valley Apr 23 1919
Vollmer M Martin Albert Fred Vollmer Esther Seefeldt Nov 23 1923
Vollmer M Melvin L.  Fred Vollmer Ella Valley Jul 10 1917
Vollmer F Meta Clara Max Vollmer Elizabeth Schilling Jan 23 1921
Vollmer M Willie John Carl Vollmer Emma Tillack Apr 29 1910
Volz M Elry Edward Edward Volz May Winter Apr 6 1924
Volz M Marlin Milton Ed Volz Eda May Winter Sep 3 1917
Vomastek F Marie Ida Frances Frank Vomastek Lamar Brnsaber Jul 8 1915
Vomastic M Alois Frank John Vomastic Frances Vladik Sep 7 1909
Vomastic M Clarence James Vomastic Tillie Debban Nov 22 1920
Vomastic M Earl     James Vomastic Tillie Debban Mar 7 1908
Vomastic F Ester James Vomastic Tillie Debban Jan 16 1914
Vomastic M Joe John Vomastic Francis Vladid Oct 15 1912
Vomastic M William     James Vomastic Tillie Debban Aug 21 1918
Vorass F Gladys Walter Vorass Ceclia Narlow Mar 23 1915
Vorpahl M Clarence Carl August Fred Vorpahl Hulda Radloff Aug 20 1920
Vorpahl F Loraine Walter Vorpahl Mathilda Kolberg Jan 14 1909
Vorpahl F Ruth Irene Edmund J. Vorpahl Elizabeth Runge Jun 21 1915
Vorpahl M Norman Ruben Harhel Walter Vorpahl Matilda Kolberg Feb 5 1911
Vorphal M Ruben Ervin Adolph Friedbert Vorphal Hulda Radloff Jan 23 1922
Vorphal M Oliver Harry Benjamin Friedbert Vorphal Hulda Radloff Apr 21 1924