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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012

Editor Jim Glasheen 2010

Anita Perez 2012

Wabshagain F Florence Eugene Wabshagain Anna Mae Boyce Jun 8 1919
Waegli F Elisabeth Otto Waegli Ida Marquardt Dec 5 1907
Waegli F Isabelle Edith Otto Waegli Ida Marquardt Apr 9 1913
Waegli M Stuart A. Otto Waegli Ida Marquardt Sep 4 1910
Waeglie F Laurel Otto Waeglie Ida Marquard   Feb 6 1923
Waelchli F Arlene Evelyn Fred Waelchli Elsie Luecke May 27 1924
Waelchli M Raymond William Fred J. Waelchli Olga Samp May 25 1922
Wagenofski M Bennie Sylvestor Wagenofski Katy Wskefski Oct 29 1921
Wagester F Dorothy Joye Geo Wagester Dorothy Jarack May 23 1922
Wagester M Laverne Joseph George Wagester Dorothy Jarack Nov 18 1923
Wagester M Lenord George George Wagester Dorthy Jarack Jul 18 1920
Wagner F Alice Amelia John Wagner Ester Gulseth Mar 2 1923
Wagner F Alice Mary Mike Wagner Rose Dessell Dec 12 1913
Wagner M Eugene Ervin W. Wagner Adeline Malueg Aug 17 1923
Wagner M Ewald W.  William Wagner Luisa Lickuh Jul 8 1908
Wagner M George Chas. George Wagner Jennie Liegeois Aug 6 1923
Wagner F Gertrude W.  Otto Wagner Ida Krause Jun 12 1908
Wagner M Harold Mat Wagner Belle Thompson Dec 18 1910
Wagner F Hazel Esther Mike Wagner Rose Desselle Jan 13 1909
Wagner F Helen Louise Willie Wagner Louisa Luecke Apr 1 1914
Wagner M Herman George Herman Wagner Ella Buche Aug 30 1913
Wagner F Irene Ruth George Wagner Jennie Liegeois May 21 1921
Wagner M Lloyd Herman Frank Wagner Matilda Heller Oct 12 1919
Wagner F Norma Matthew Wagner Ella Bonnin Jul 4 1911
Wagner M Roger Ewvin W. Wagner Adeline Malueg Oct 17 1924
Wagner F Rosella Mike Wagner Rose Dessel Feb 15 1916
Wagner F Sophia Sylvester Wagner Katheine Weschneske Nov 22 1924
Wagner M Victor Matt Wagner Belle Thompson Aug 4 1908
Wagner F Violet   John Wagner Esther Goldseth Mar 8 1921
Wagner M Walter Henry Mike Wagner Rose Dessel Jul 29 1911
Wagner M William    Herman Wagner Ella Buche Aug 13 1911
Wagner M Adolph Otto Otto Wagner Ida Krause Sep 4 1910
Wahl F Anna Ruth Edward Wahl Eliza Phillips Dec 9 1908
Wahl F Edna Grace Ed Wahl Lida  Phillips May 25 1915
Wahl F Ella Toney Hansen Ella Wahl Jul 23 1908
Wahlers M Arnold Walter William Wahlers Lillian Westphal Mar 5 1916
Wahlers M Arthur Henry William Wahlers Lillian Westphal Feb 4 1919
Wahlers M Dale   Herbert Wahlers Alma Greffenius Jun 15 1914
Wahlers F Doris Lavern John William Wahlers Ella Emma Rundhammer Apr 11 1922
Wahlers F Laorena Alma Martha William Wahlers Lillian Westphal May 6 1914
Wahlers M Lowell Herbert Wahlers Alma Greffenius Jan 12 1923
Wahlers F Velder William Wahlers Lillian Westphal Feb 7 1909
Waite F Adelia Beulah Marvin Waite Linda Olson Jul 29 1922
Waite F Wylta Elane Marvin Waite Linda Olson Oct 17 1923
Walejko M Alexander Franciszek Vincenty Walejko Julianna Wier Jul 12 1920
Walejko F Gracia Elizabeth Wycenty Walejko Julianna Wier Jan 27 1923
Walejko M Norbert Bernard Vincenty Walejko Julianna Wier Dec 25 1921
Walker F Geneva Arnetia Geo Walker Berthy Jenny Hauser Mar 26 1909
Walker F Leona Geo. Walker Berthy Jenny Hauser Jun 19 1912
Walker M Orval Geo Walker Bertha Hansen Sep 10 1917
Walkner M Frank Engelbert Walkner Amelia Sendllafen May 25 1909
Walkner F Helen Dorothy Engelbert Walkner Amelia Sentelhofer Nov 7 1922
Waller M Not listed Rev. E. Waller Mary Anderson Jun 30 1914
Waller M Not listed Rev. C. Waller Marie Anderson Jan 1 1916
Waller M Hans Alfred Rev. M. C. Waller Anne M. Anderson Mar 18 1911
Waller F Laura Julia Rev. M. C. Waller Mary Anderson Jun 12 1909
Waller F Martha Olive M.C. Waller Anna Anderson Nov 8 1912
Wallerman M Arthur Adam Max Wallerman Amelia Gildensteasn Oct 4 1907
Wallrich F Bernice Mildred Caspar Wallrich Mildred Solas Aug 18 1923
Wallrich M Robert Henry M.J. Wallrich Gertrude B. Bush Nov 6 1908
Walsh M Arthur Reuben Edward Walsh Esther Mitchell Dec 11 1909
Walsh M Warren Wilbur Edward Walsh Esther Mitchel   Feb 2 1912
Walter M Clarence Edward Sederstrom Myrth Christenson Apr 24 1908
Walter F Doris Arline Art Walter Elsie Malueg Jan 26 1923
Walter M Edwin William Walter Lonzie Splinter Jan 14 1909
Walters  F Jame George Walters Maude Armstrong Feb 4 1918
Walters  F Laddene George Walters Maude Armstrong Jan 9 1923
Walters  M Leonard Paul John Walters Liua Caroline Holtz Aug 13 1912
Walters  M Nathan William Joseph Walters Caroline Holz Oct 11 1913
Walther M Elmer Frantz Aug Korth Mary Kersten Jan 23 1908
Wanie F Alma Josephine John Wanie Emma Erickson Jul 14 1908
Wanie F June Elenore John Wanie Emma Erickson Dec 23 1919
Wanie F Lillian Elsie Ed Wanie Olive Close Jul 15 1908
Wanie M Orville Mervin Raymond Wanie Florence Shier Apr 9 1917
Wanie M Roland Maurice Edward Wanie Olive Close Mar 31 1917
Wanka F (Stillborn) John Wanka Mary Lizak May 27 1914
Wankow M Not listed Mitchell Wankow, Jr. Jane Moseman May 7 1922
Wapoose M John Bernard Andrew Wapoose Jeidina LeRoy Dec 12 1919
Ward F Ethyl May Howard Ward Dorothy Green Mar 1 1922
Ward F Evelyn Shirley Harvey Ward Sadie Liesch Feb 5 1923
Ware F Grace May William Ware Lizzie Martin Apr 25 1910
Ware F Richenda June William S. Ware Lizzie Martin Jun 4 1920
Warner F Ruth Marie Alvin Warner Isabelle Hoefs Oct 28 1923
Warning M Arnold William Aug Warning Marthia Skalmosky Nov 11 1909
Warning M Edward Charley August Warning Martha Skalmonski Jan 17 1911
Warrington F Agnes Christine Mitchell Warrington Sophia Wausakakamisk May 11 1921
Warrington M Bernard Moses James Warrington Jane LaBelle Apr 23 1919
Warrington M Eason Michael Mitchell Warrington Sophia Wasau Mar 11 1914
Warrington M Jacob Manuel Michael Warrington Sophia Wausekaukeoniek Sep 22 1919
Warrington M James, Jr. James Warrington Jane LaBelle Jan 12 1923
Warrington M Kenneth Edwin Geo. A. Warrington Sarah V. Boyd Jul 8 1920
Warrington F Mildred Lorena James Warrington Jane LaBelle Feb 27 1921
Warrington F Susan Mitchell Warrington Sophia Wausekamick Nov 12 1922
Waseliewski M Aloyious Frank Waseliewski Alice Homel Jun 21 1922
Washinawatok F Edith Rose Peter Washinawatok Elizabeth Warrington  Jan 2 1922
Wasielewski F Mary Frank Wasielewski Alice Homel Jul 2 1917
Wasiliewski M Andrew Frank Wasiliewski Alice Hornel Nov 20 1919
Wasmund F Clara William Wasmund Minnie Moesch Jan 28 1918
Wasmund F Helena William Wasmund Minnie Moesch Sep 20 1912
Wasmund M Herman    William Wasmund Wilhilmimie Moesch Jul 22 1909
Wasmund M Lenhard Lewis F. E. Wasmund Laura Schroeder Oct 9 1923
Wasmundt M Herold (twin) 2 William Wasmundt Minnie Moesch Sep 3 1915
Wasmundt F Hildegard (twin) 1 William Wasmundt Minnie Moesch Sep 3 1915
Wasmundt F Lillian    William Wasmundt Louisa Wangeline Jun 4 1920
Wasmundt M John Herman Albert William Wasmundt Louise W. Wangelin May 12 1917
Wasserman F Helen Ruth A. F. Wasserman Ella Mertins Jan 26 1923
Wassman M Harry Edwin William Wassman Maggie Seford Jun 24 1908
Wassmundt M Ernest Henry Carl William Wassmundt Louisa Wangelen Apr 15 1913
Wastel F Arlin Alvina Theresa Andrew Wastel Louisa Maltzahn Oct 3 1911
Wastel F Dora Alma Lydia Andrew Wastel Louisa Maltzahn May 27 1908
Watkins M Andrew Peter Ralph Chas Watkins Serena Anderson Aug 9 1914
Watruba F Laura     Louie Watruba Augusta Horn Nov 13 1912
Watter F Esther William Watter Louise Splinter Nov 26 1910
Watter M Merlin Milton William Watter Lavera Splinter Oct 28 1918
Watter F Sophie Aug. Watter Mary Fallmer Jun 2 1908
Watter   M Eddie Aug. Watter Marie Follmer Jul 30 1910
Watter   M Royal William Watter Louisa Splinter Feb 2 1913
Watters F Annabelle Shirley Reinhold Watters Bertha Blumereich Feb 16 1924
Watters F Meta O. August Watters Mary Volmer Mar 24 1915
Watters M William George William Fredrich Watters Agnes Stoehr Feb 22 1924
Waubanascum M John Joseph John Wabanascum Claudine Housey Dec 1 1913
Waubanascum F Mary Nawequap Waubanascum Annie Williams Sep 13 1924
Waubanascum F Mary Louise Joseph Waubanascum Claudina Housey Sep 9 1920
Waubanascum F Orvilla Jane Simon Waubanascum Ruby Aaron Oct 2 1913
Waubeno M Clarence Henry Waubeno Gertee Peters Feb 12 1915
Waukau F Coletta Rose Mitchell Waukau, Jr. Susie Ella Wilbur Jul 27 1919
Waukau F Juanita Margaret Mitchell G. Waukau Susie Wilbur May 18 1917
Waukau M Lloyd Mitchell Mitchell Waukau, Jr. Susie Ella Wilbur Nov 14 1920
Waukau F Lueila Sophie Mitchell Waukau     Jane Moseman Nov 23 1913
Waukau N/L (Stillborn) Mitchell Waukau     Jane Moseman Not listed
Waukechon F Agnes Aurelia John Waukechon Annie Gauthier Mar 30 1919
Waukechon M John William John Waukechon Anna Gauthier Oct 10 1921
Waukechon F Madeline John B. Waukechon Mary Shawano Oct 6 1913
Waukechon M Marvin Jerome John F. Waukechon Annie Gauthier Jan 17 1913
Waukechon F Theresa Frank Waukechon Alice DuQuain Jun 4 1912
Waupekenay M Joseph N. James Waupekenay Anna Davis Sep 6 1922
Waupekenay M Mitchell Jim Waupekenay Susan Peters Feb 15 1913
Waupoose F Not listed William Waupoose Josephine Hauk Mar 27 1924
Waupoose F Cecelia Albert Waupoose Madeline Hanks May 12 1920
Waupoose M Francis Louis Waupoose Elizabeth Waupochick Mar 13 1913
Waupoose M Gilbert Tam Waupoose  Louise Ahyahse Nov 11 1921
Waupoose F Jane Albert Waupoose Madeline Hanks Jun 3 1921
Waupoose M Joseph     Joseph Waupoose Elizabeth Matchofatour Oct 24 1912
Waupoose F Lillian Mary William Waupoose Agnes Kenote Jun 15 1919
Waupoose F Louise Marie Albert Waupoose Madeline Hanks Feb 21 1923
Waupoose F Mary Ann Joseph Waupoose Lizzie Sullivan Mar 1 1914
Waupoose F Matilda Eliza Robert Waupoose Mary Tomaw Apr 27 1922
Waupoose M Mitchell Thomas Waupoose Louisa Ayasief May 3 1914
Waupoose M Paul Louis Waupoose Elizabeth  Waupochick Apr 12 1919
Waupoose F Rose    Louis Waupoose Elizabeth Waupochick Jan 30 1921
Waupoose M Valentine George George Pamonicutt Hattie Waupoose Mar 29 1913
Waupoose F Virginia Marie Robert Waupoose Mary Tomow May 25 1923
Wauskakomick M Moses James Mose Wauskakomick Sarah Williams Oct 8 1912
Wauzon F Rose Jos Wauzon Francis Borkil Nov 23 1907
Wavernek M John Lewis Thomas Wavernek Mary Boehm Oct 9 1907
Wawrzon M Albert Joe Wawrzan Frances Barlikil Jan 27 1918
Wawrzon M Anton Joseph Wawrzon Frances Borlick Feb 15 1912
Wawrzon F Josephine Joseph Wawrzon Frances Borlik Nov 9 1914
Wawzon M Leo Jos Wawzon Frances Boelik Feb 5 1910
Way F Dorothya William Way Alice Brady Apr 5 1910
Way F Evelyn M. Albert Way Lizzie Long Mar 13 1909
Way F Katherine Mary Frank E. Way Clard Brady Nov 6 1919
Way M Lawrence William William Joe Way Alice Brady Nov 3 1908
Way F Margaret Mary Frank Way Clara Brady Oct 5 1921
Way  M William Frank Way Clara Brady Jan 5 1918
Wayka M George     John Wayka, Sr. Syarasinook Seymour Mar 16 1914
Wayka M John Ernest Wayka Not listed Jun 28 1919
Wayka F Louisa John Wayka, Sr. Nahwahqua Krshikokim Jan 14 1912
Wayka M Tommy John Wayka     N. Waubauo Jan 22 1916
Webber M Gordon Clifford Henry Webber Florence Denton Jun 9 1918
Weber F Adala Malinda Alvina Albert Weber Lena Kipke Oct 17 1913
Weber F Anna Anthony Weber Rose Fuhs May 20 1909
Weber M Bernard Robert Albert Weber Caroline Kipke Mar 6 1911
Weber M Dennis Harold Earl Albert Weber Lena Kipke Feb 29 1924
Weber M Donald Edward Henry Weber Florence Denton Jul 28 1924
Weber F Edna Rosey Herman O. Weber Bertha Krause Aug 19 1912
Weber F Evelyn Charlotte Mathilda Albert August Weber Caroline Kipke Feb 6 1909
Weber F Irene Mabel Victoria Albert Weber Lena Kipke May 10 1922
Weber M Irvin Harold Lawrence Weber Ida Henry Oct 2 1921
Weber M Leroy Leslie Henry Weber Florence Denton May 18 1919
Weber F Linda Lucile Rudolph Weber Nellie Davis Aug 19 1910
Weber F Marjorey Ethel Henry Weber Florence Denton ? Apr 14 1921
Weber F Marjorie Montour A.C. Weber Mary E. Dodge May 17 1915
Weber M Michael Andrew Mike Weber Annabel Huetth Aug 8 1921
Weber F Ruth Caroline Anita Albert August Emil Weber Lena Christina Kipke May 28 1920
Webler M Norman Edward George E. Webler Addie J. Ball Jan 14 1913
Webster F Alice Grace Ray Webster Marie Bauman Feb 13 1924
Webster F Clara  George Webster Kate Peters Mar 31 1924
Webster F Gertrude May Ray Webster Marie Bauman Aug 7 1919
Webster F Jeanette Edith Ray Webster Marie Bauman Jun 20 1922
Webster M Raymond Bert Ray Webster Marie Bauman Nov 30 1920
Weegner M (Stillborn) Rudolph Weegner Ida Borger Aug 7 1908
Weeks F Arline Bernice Arvin Weeks Eleanor Butler Jan 8 1921
Weeks M Charles Arvin Arvin Weeks Eleanor Butler Jul 18 1908
Weeks M Clarence Arvin Weeks Eleanor Butler Mar 4 1919
Weeks M George Frank Arvin Weeks Eleanor Butler Sep 13 1911
Weeks F Ione Elizabeth Isabelle Ira J. Weeks Isabelle Hudson May 23 1917
Weeks F Lilian   James Weeks Mable Butler Apr 14 1909
Weeks F Lu Ella Arvin Weeks Eleanor Butler Aug 9 1917
Weeks F Margaret Mildred Arvin Weeks Eleanor Butler Sep 25 1913
Weeks M Raymond Elmer Arvin Weeks Eleanor Butler Jan 13 1921
Weeks M Robert Russell (twin) 1 Arvin Weeks Eleanor Butler Feb 24 1923
Weeks F Ruth Ora (twin) 2 Arvin Weeks Eleanor Butler Feb 24 1923
Weeks F (Stillborn) Ira J. Weeks Isabelle Hudson Sep 6 1908
Weeks F (Stillborn) Ira J. Weeks Belle Hudson Dec 16 1910
Weeks M (Stillborn) Ira J. Weeks Belle Hudson Jul 6 1912
Weeks` F Dorothy Hattie Arvin Weeks Eleanor Butler Oct 21 1915
Weeman M Allen J. King Weeman Minnie M. Miller May 30 1914
Weeman F Mary Elizabeth King Weeman Minnie M. Miller Nov 25 1907
Wege M Arton Marten Wege Adelea Kunkel Oct 19 1913
Wege M Carl Dean Charles Wege Alma Krueger Sep 26 1921
Wege F Crystal May William John Wege Helen Jensen Jan 29 1920
Wege M Donald Karl William Chas Wege Elnor Krueger Sep 15 1911
Wege F Doris Ann Martin Wege Otelia Konkel Mar 11 1924
Wege M Irvine Gust Wege Mary Ehlert Aug 13 1921
Wege F Laura Anna Marten Wege Athelea Konkel Nov 17 1911
Wege F Meta      Gustave Wege Mary Ehlert Jul 6 1918
Wege M Richard  F. William Wege Martha Ray Apr 16 1910
Wege F Thresa Mary Marten Wege Ottelie Kunkel Jul 11 1910
Wegner M Byron Frank Wegner Tillie Heller Oct 3 1914
Wegner F Cornelier Emilea Pauline Imanuell Wegner Martha Jange Dec 10 1917
Wegner M Daniel Albert Wegner Ella Reege Dec 26 1915
Wegner F Doris Albert Wegner Ella Riege Sep 14 1921
Wegner M Ervin William Frank Wegner Tillie Heller Sep 30 1924
Wegner M Even John John Wegner Mabel Cronk Aug 29 1909
Wegner F Frieda William M. wegner Agnes Boettcher Jun 6 1920
Wegner M Gilbert Willie Wagner Agnes Boettcher May 21 1910
Wegner M Harvey Frank Wegner Matilda Heller Jan 22 1913
Wegner M Herbert Albert Wegner Ella Riege Oct 8 1909
Wegner M Loren Herman William Wegner Agnes Boettcher Dec 17 1914
Wegner F Luella Albert Wegner Ella Riege Sep 27 1911
Wegner M Melvin William Robert Wegner Ida Klaffer Mar 29 1923
Wegner F Myrtle Ruth Robert Wegner Ida Klapper Jun 5 1917
Wegner F Pearl M. John Wegner Mable Cronke Jul 3 1913
Wegner M Roland     Herman Wegner Hedwig Boettcher Oct 22 1914
Weidner M Harry Rudolph William Weidner Ida Roever Feb 24 1923
Weidner M Not listed William Leonard Weidner Ida Minnie Roever May 20 1919
Weidner M Hilbert Jake Frank William Weidner Ida Rauer May 2 1913
Weidner M Irving William Weidner Ida Roever Apr 9 1915
Weier F Lucilia Bertha William Weier Lina Ehlers Jul 15 1914
Weigel M John Kenneth Gust M. Weigel Mathilda Cateau Jun 3 1910
Weik M Clyde Irving Clyde Weik Bessie Andrews Mar 19 1909
Weik M David Philip Clyde Weik Bessie Andrews Aug 19 1913
Weiland F Adorra Anna Bertha William Weiland Martha Glawe Mar 3 1912
Weinandt F Arline C. William Weinandt Mary Hetzel May 7 1915
Weiner F Alfreda Frank Weiner Johanna Katzanna Mar 16 1912
Weiner M Charley Frank Weiner Johanna Katzaner Sep 29 1908
Weinig M Arnold Martin Conrad Weinig Berthy Mailberg Apr 29 1909
Weinig M Raymond Chas. Conrad Martin Weinig Bertha Mahberg Oct 28 1907
Weisnicht F Not listed William Weisnicht Hadie Vanderbush Nov 1 1909
Weisnicht F Adeline William Weisnicht Hattie Vanderbusch Aug 28 1911
Weisnicht M Alfred    Julius Weisnicht Clara Spigleberg Aug 13 1914
Weisnicht F Ethel Marion Albert Weisnicht Emelie Olson Jan 24 1909
Weisnicht M Floyd Johnie Albert Weisnicht Amelia Olson Jul 18 1918
Weisnicht M Harold Edward Albert Weisnicht Emelia Olson Aug 15 1912
Weisnicht M Lenoard Rollin Albert A. Weisnicht Emilia Olsen Dec 21 1920
Weisnicht M Leroy Gordon Albert Weisnicht Emelia Olson Oct 26 1923
Weisnicht M Lewis Otto Weisnicht Olga Runge Jul 27 1914
Weisnicht F Ruth Lucile Albert Weisnicht Emelia Olson Oct 24 1910
Weiss M Edward     Fred Weiss Christina Kadow Apr 8 1917
Weissenborn F Elaine Maxene Emil Weissenborn Nina Mc Kenzie Apr 16 1915
Weissenborn F Phyllis Karmen Emil F. Weissenborn Nina McKenzie Mar 18 1923
Weissmann M Otto Conrad Weissmann Auguste Krueger Sep 2 1909
Welch M Not listed Archie Augusta Welch Mary Jane Bowman Mar 7 1921
Welch M Chester Miles Myron Welch Alice Isabell Shephard Mar 24 1917
Welch F Anna Hope Isiah Adilon Welch Esther Mary Bullis Feb 20 1922
Welch M Not listed James Welch Alice Shepherd Feb 3 1919
Welch M Amos Clarence Ai Amphers Welch Annie Egan May 25 1924
Welch M Delbert Earl Elmer Charles Welch Melinda Pearl Williams Apr 18 1923
Welch M (Died, Unnamed) Elmer Charles Welch Malinda Pearl Williams Mar 10 1922
Welch M Harland Henry Bertwood Welch Elizabeth Metoxen May 16 1910
Welch F Irma Violet Jay Wilkes Welch Ethel Cronkrite Dec 28 1913
Welch F Ivy Ruth Len Welch Lizzie Stetin Jan 4 1910
Welch M James Gleason Oziah Welch Esther Bullis Mar 3 1920
Welch F Margaret Waneta Myron Ezekiel Welch Alice Isabell Shephard Mar 24 1922
Welch F Mary Elizabeth John Welch Mary Ester Bullis Mar 2 1916
Welch M Miles Elwood Bert Welch Elizabeth Metoxen Feb 18 1909
Welch F Leona Irene Myron E. Welch Alice Isabell Shephard May 1 1920
Welch M Leonard Alfroncis Oziah Welch Mary Esther Bullis Jan 20 1919
Welch M Leslie Miles Mitchell Velmore Welch Mary Emeline Howe Mar 29 1923
Welch F Lizzie  Len Welch Lizzie Stilen May 6 1912
Welch M Robert Richard William Welch Ethel Linsley Feb 21 1922
Welder M Carl Reinhart Otto Welder Anna Kenitz Aug 29 1919
Welder F Doris Lorena Paul Welder Rosa Jaunnish Oct 24 1918
Welder F Helen Lena Aploma Otto Welder Anna Nemitz Aug 23 1922
Welder F Hilda Minnie Otto Welder Anna Kenitz May 23 1921
Welder F Phyllis Maria P.M. Welder Mary Paradise Mar 13 1908
Welder M Raymond Paul Welder Rosette Jannisch Dec 21 1919
Welk M Alvin Clarence Felix welk (Wleczyk) Annie Bruski Mar 11 1913
Weller F Cecelia Beatta William Weller Otthea Leder Sep 14 1908
Weller M Wallace William Weller Otilia Seader Jun 1 1910
Weller M William Howard William Weller Ottilie Leder Jan 30 1915
Welsch M Hebert Lloyd Henry Welsch Ida Bohm Jun 24 1919
Welsh F Cleo Mary John Welsh Ester Rachel Bullis Nov 2 1913
Welsh F Maxine Iva Henry Welsh Ida Bohm Jul 30 1915
Welzel M Frederick Herman Ernest Welzel Elizabeth Uttech Jul 6 1922
Wendler M Not listed Edward Wendler Kate Aggen Feb 14 1921
Wendler F Dorothy Edward Wendler Kate Aggen Jul 8 1922
Wendler F Emma Amelia Otto Wendler Martha Brunner Apr 11 1917
Wendler M Milton Otto Wendler Martha Brunner May 19 1909
Wendler M Roland Clarence August Wendler Ella Play Jan 9 1923
Wendler F Sadie Otto Wendler Martha Brunner Jan 27 1920
Wendler F Zelda Otto Wendler Martha Brunner Feb 23 1912
Wendorf F Alma     Albert Wendorf Louise Mansee Jul 22 1915
Wendorf M Arthur Albert Wendorf Louise Mansee Jan 24 1912
Wendorf F Dora      Albert Wendorf Louisa Mansee Sep 6 1910
Wendorf F Helene A. Albert Wendorf Louise Mansee Nov 24 1920
Wendorf F Linda     Albert Wendorf Louise Mansee Jul 18 1922
Wendorf F Lora Bertha Albert Wendorf Louise Mansee Jun 25 1918
Wendorf M Ruben Albert Wendorf Louise Mansee Nov 16 1913
Wendorff M Robert Albert Wendorff Laurie Mansee Jan 23 1909
Wendorff M William Robert Albert Wendorff Louisa Mansee Mar 4 1908
Wendstadt M Carl Fredrich Charles Wendstadt Anna Druckrey May 31 1909
Wendt M Albert Walter Wendt Mary Sieber  May 17 1910
Wendt M August Emil Edmund Paul Wendt Amelia Schroeder Apr 8 1913
Wendt F Amanda Olga Paul Wendt Amelia Schroeder Jan 14 1908
Wendt F Bertha Paul Wendt Amelia Schroeder Apr 4 1910
Wendt M Clyde Irwin Arnold Wendt Mary Beyersdorf Jul 26 1923
Wendt M Edward     Ferdinand Wendt Auguste Noffke Jun 28 1909
Wendt M Ellois Robert Edgar Wendt Esther Beyer Jan 22 1922
Wendt M Everett August Edgar Wendt Esther Beyer Apr 19 1923
Wendt F Florence     Ferdinan Wendt Gusta Noffke Dec 10 1917
Wendt M Harvey Lyle Erick Wendt Martha Netzel Aug 10 1914
Wendt M Herold (twin) 1 Ernst Wendt Ida Neumann Oct 8 1910
Wendt M Howard John Ernest Wendt Ida Neuman Nov 15 1919
Wendt M Howard Otto Arnold Wendt Marie Beyersdorf Oct 8 1920
Wendt F Katherine     Robert E. Wendt Maude Lutsey Jan 9 1913
Wendt M Lawrence     Walter Wendt Mary Liebert May 30 1911
Wendt F Lily     Erich Wendt Martha Netzel Jul 19 1911
Wendt F Lydia Jana Amanda Erich Wendt Martha Netzel Jun 12 1919
Wendt F Mabel Walter W. Wendt Mary A. Seebert Oct 30 1913
Wendt F Marcella Dorothy Ernst Wendt Ida Ninmann Jan 18 1918
Wendt M Marion (twin) 2 Ernst Wendt Ida Neumann Oct 8 1910
Wendt M Milan Walter Wendt Mary Siebert May 27 1922
Wendt M Robert Charles Robert Wendt Maud Lutsey Apr 8 1910
Wendt F Viola Earnest Wendt Ida Neumann Oct 7 1908
Wendt F Violet     William Wendt Freda Helmuth Jul 25 1922
Wendt M Walter F. Ferdinand Wendt Augusta Nofke    Nov 7 1910
Wendt M Wilbert Ernst Wendt Ida Ninman   Nov 22 1913
Wendt M William Ferdinand Wendt Augusta Nofkel Jan 28 1914
Wenski F Frances Peter Wenski Sophia Sanocki Mar 12 1910
Wenski M Mike Peter Wenski Sophie Sanocki Sep 27 1908
Wenski F Sophie Peter Wenski Sophie Sanocki Oct 9 1912
Wenzel F Mable William Wenzel Jsephine Kratzke Apr 10 1911
Werbelow M Allen Frederick Fred Werbelow Cecilia Dorothy Hoenig Aug 25 1913
Werbelow M Arthur Adolph Fred W. Werbelow Cecelie Houing Aug 27 1909
Werbelow M David     Ernst Werbelow Melia Pench Jan 13 1909
Werbelow M Hugo Fred Walter Ernst Werbelow Amilia Pentsch Oct 12 1910
Werbelow F Saddie  Sarah Chas. Werbelow Martha Kriewaldt May 30 1923
Werden M Clarence Dominick Werden Elizabeth Waukechon Dec 14 1913
Werner F Cecile Claire Edgar V. Werner Jerri M. Davis Mar 1 1909
Werth  M Arlie William Werth Alma Strehlow Apr 29 1910
Werth  F Marie C. E. William Werth Alma Strahlow Dec 16 1907
Werth  F Mae Marciel William H. Werth Ida Isaacson Sep 15 1922
Werth  M Wilbur William William Werth Alma Strehlow Oct 29 1921
Werth  M Willard William Werth Ida Isaacson Mar 27 1921
Wescott F Madeline Charles Wescott Viola Doxtater Jul 30 1922
Weshonoquit F Norena  Matchonnowchatow Weshonoquit Marion Wolf Sep 12 1922
Westbrook F Imogene Gordon Westbrook Clara Hoffman Jul 4 1913
Westerfeld F Adeline William Westerfeld Elizabeth Radtke Jun 19 1919
Westerfeld M Ernst Carl William August Westerfeld  Alma Hoefs Apr 26 1910
Westerfeld M John August August Westerfeld Alma Hoefts Aug 15 1918
Westerfeldt M Arnold (twin) 2 August Westerfeldt Alma Hoeffs Aug 22 1919
Westerfeldt M August (twin) 1 August Westerfeldt Alma Hoeffs Aug 22 1919
Westerfeldt F Ethel Emma Mauda Aug. Westerfeldt Alma Hoeffs Dec 25 1914
Westerfeldt M Frank Martin Louis August Westerfeldt Alma Hoefts Nov 3 1911
Westerfeldt M Gilbert Carl August William Westerfeldt Louisa Radke Jun 22 1908
Westerfeldt F Hilda Matilda Martha Aug. Westerfeldt Alma Hoefs Nov 14 1913
Westerfeldt F Mildred Annie Amanda Aug. Westerfeldt Alma Hoeffs Mar 29 1916
Westerfeldt F Myrtle     William Westerfeldt Lizzie Radtke Jul 12 1913
Westermeyer F Virgene Katherine William H. Westermeyer Bertha Nernle Aug 15 1923
Westfahl M Andrew      Hermon Westfahl Mary Pesch Oct 30 1910
Westfahl F Lilly Herman Westfahl Marie Pesch Jul 2 1917
Westfahl M Ruben William Herm Westfahl Mary Pesch Feb 14 1920
Westfahl F Ruby Herman Westfahl Marie Pesch Mar 18 1924
Westfal F Not listed Herman Westfal Marie Pesch Jan 23 1916
Westfal M Joseph Lawrence Westfal Anie Styczynski Feb 24 1910
Westfal F Sofie Lawrence Westfal Anie Styczinski Mar 17 1911
Westfal F Sylvia Mae Emil Westfal Stella Mageson Oct 9 1920
Westfall M Not listed Herman Westfall Mary Pesch Feb 9 1915
Westgor F Delores LaRue Henry C. Westgor Nettie Strong Jul 24 1923
Westgor F Inez Josephine Albert J.Westgor Johanne Christianson Mar 28 1910
Westgor F Leona Louisa Alfred Westgor Mabel Wilson Jun 12 1918
Westgor F Johanna Jean Henry C. Westgor Nettie Strong Mar 12 1922
Westgor F Marjorie Gene Stanley Westgor Dagmar Hanson Jun 21 1924
Westgor M Russell Urvine Albert J. Westgor Johanne Christianson Oct 3 1913
Westgord M (Stillborn) John Westgord Esther Gunderson Mar 31 1922
Westland F Amanda Naomi Edward Westland Randine Chestelson Aug 29 1919
Westlund M Bernhardt Axel Westlund Helma Johnson Aug 12 1912
Westlund F Louise Thelma Axel B. Westlund Helma Johnson Mar 23 1924
Westlund F Mamie Axel B. Westlund Helma Johnson Nov 1 1908
Westphal F Adalia Fred Westphal Amanda Ray May 24 1919
Westphal M Albert Chas Westphal Amelia Cambrie Jul 1 1908
Westphal F Anita Edwin Westphal Augusta Lande Mar 13 1919
Westphal M Clarence Louis Westphal Clara Utech May 15 1910
Westphal F Dale Marie Elmer H. Westphal Lula Mills Sep 21 1919
Westphal F Dolores William Westphal Helen Popp May 18 1924
Westphal F Dorothy Alice Chas. J. Westphal Elda Tietz Jul 14 1921
Westphal M Edwin Fred Westphal Amanda Ray Feb 13 1909
Westphal F Eleanor Herman Westphal Hulda Peter May 16 1908
Westphal F Ester Louise Fred Westphal Amanda Ray Dec 26 1912
Westphal M Fred M. R. Fred Westphal Anna Brodhagen Oct 5 1912
Westphal M Henry Louis Westphal Clara Utech May 13 1908
Westphal M Herman    Herman Westphal Marie Pesch Dec 16 1908
Westphal M Howard William Fred William Westphal Hannah Weisnicht Jan 15 1918
Westphal M Hugo      Ernest Westphal Emma Dey Feb 20 1910
Westphal F Irena Minnie Emilie Fred Westphal Anna Brodhagen Feb 2 1910
Westphal M John Louis Westphal Clara Uteck Dec 20 1920
Westphal M Leonard Ernest Westphal Emma Dey Feb 3 1912
Westphal F Lorna Louis Westphal Clara Utech Nov 28 1915
Westphal M Louis Edwin Westphal Augusta Laude Jun 17 1915
Westphal F Marjorie Joyce Elmer Westphal Elda Nelson Feb 25 1922
Westphal M Marvin Arnold Edward Westphal Augusta Laude Oct 12 1923
Westphal F Meta      Leopold Westphal Elsa Giesel Nov 20 1921
Westphal M Norman Charles Fred Westphal Anna Brodhagen  May 9 1908
Westphal F Rosella Pauline August Westphal Louise Zwirchitz Aug 11 1918
Westphal M Victor Louis Fred C. Westphal Linda Deede Oct 12 1921
Westphal F Violet Lena Herman Westphal Mary Pesch Sep 19 1912
Westphal M Walter R. Rudolph Westphal Alma Hackbarth Sep 19 1917
Westphall M Alfon Ludwig Fred C. Westphall Lydia Deede Dec 22 1922
Westphall M Gerhard Otto Fred Westphall Lydia Deede Sep 9 1924
Westphall M Maynard Lothar William Westphall Helen Popp Mar 16 1922
Westphall M Raymond John E. Westphall Selma Schmidt Jan 28 1923
Westpohl F Doris Jane Elmer Westpohl Elda Nelson Jul 23 1923
Wetzel M Not listed Ernest Wetzel Lizzie Amelia Uttecht Jan 11 1921
Wetzel F Anna Ida Carl Wetzel Anna Kunzak Jan 28 1920
Wetzel F Bertha Matilda Alvina Carl Wetzel Anna Kunzak Dec 8 1913
Wetzel M Charlie Henry August Carl Wetzel Anna Kunzak Apr 3 1918
Wetzel M Chester Otto Ernest F. Wetzel Louise Uttecht Apr 22 1919
Wetzel F Elsie Emma Paul Wetzel Emma Schoening May 15 1909
Wetzel F Ester Louise Martha Ernest Wetzel Lizzie Uttecht Dec 22 1912
Wetzel F Evelyn A. Henry Wetzel Clara Gross Nov 24 1923
Wetzel M Geo. Fred Arnd. Fred Wetzel Lillie Kortbein Sep 18 1910
Wetzel M Henry Paul Carl Wetzel Anna Kunzak Dec 3 1911
Wetzel F Linda Louise Ernest Wetzel Louise Uttecht May 3 1917
Wetzel F Matilde Anna Maria Chas Wetzel Anna Kunzak Feb 25 1916
Wetzel F Violet Lily Hannah Fred Wetzel Lily Kortbein Mar 10 1918
Wetzel M William Fred Albert Fred Wetzel Lillian Kortbein Sep 14 1915
Weyenberg M Earl John John Weyenberg Mary Pendergast Apr 30 1913
Weyenberg F Edna L. John Weyenberg Mary Pendergast Mar 10 1910
Weyenberg F Theodoshia Georg Weyenberg Mildred Betts Oct 9 1910
Whippich M Raymond Adam John Whippich Annie Bartkoviah Oct 1 1912
Whippich F Rosa George Whippich Mary Kiebimarrich Jan 2 1913
Whippich (Whippig) F Stella B. John Whippich (Whippig) Annie Barkowiak Oct 30 1908
Whippich (Whippig) F Veronicka John Whippich (Whippig) Annie Barkowiack Sep 29 1910
Whippig F Helen Geo. Whippig Mary Ketchmarick Feb 9 1909
Whiscou F Emma Annie William Whiscou Gusta Blank Mar 15 1910
Whiskow M Ernest C. William Whiskow Gusta Blank Aug 7 1908
White F Eunice James White Angeline Perote Apr 23 1922
White M Not listed Peter White Maggie Warrington May 12 1915
White F Alice Margaret Ed White Clara Resch Dec 23 1908
White M Arthur James Edward J. White Clara Resch Apr 17 1918
White F Bertha A. Edward White Clara Resch May 9 1910
White M Frances Edward Edward White Clara Resch Jan 15 1912
White M John Marvin Edie White Clara Roesch Sep 18 1913
White F Mary Jane Peter White Elizabeth Warrington  Oct 1 1919
White M Peter Peter White Lizzie Warrington Jul 24 1913
White F Roselu Agnes Edward J. White Clara Resch Jun 19 1921
White F Ruth Marie James White Mary Bohm Dec 17 1912
White  F Lillian Frank White Angeline Perote Jan 31 1921
Whitehouse M James Maxfield Ben Hur Whitehouse May E. Kalisek Jul 17 1917
Whitehouse M Lester Morris Sidney Whitehouse Mary A. Rueckert Nov 30 1909
Whitehouse F Margaret Olive Ben Hur Whitehouse Mary Emma Kalisek Apr 16 1919
Whitehouse F Marion Beulah Ben Whitehouse Mary Kolisch Nov 22 1920
Whitehouse F Mildred Cathrean Sidney Whitehouse Mary Rickert Jan 26 1911
Whitehouse M Roy Carl S. W. Whitehouse Mary Rueckert May 3 1912
Whiting M Stanley Herbert Herbert Rondall Whiting Grace Van Alstine Jul 23 1924
Whiting F Elizabeth (Stillborn) Royal Whiting Frances Curtis Aug 12 1911
Whitlinger M Raymond Oscar Edward Whitlinger Bertha Nuske Aug 8 1913
Whitlinger M Rudolph Edward Whitlinger Bertha Nuski Oct 3 1910
Whitney F Bernice Ellen Ira Whitney Violet Bossell Aug 31 1910
Whitney F Irene Mavis Ira Whitney Violet Bossell Nov 13 1914
Whitney M Thomas Joe Whitney Inez Colwell Dec 31 1912
Whitney F Viola Ira Whitney Violet Bossell Sep 24 1912
Whittaker F Aurelia Charles Whittaker Edna Koeppen Sep 25 1920
Whittaker M Gilbert Samuel Charles Whittaker Edna Koeppen Jan 13 1924
Whittaker M Henry Charles Chas Whittaker Edna Koeppen Jan 20 1922
Wiater M John John Wiater Regina Cwiok Jul 17 1910
Wichlacz M Roman Frank Wichlacz Sophia Kucek Feb 15 1923
Wichman M Chas Harold Frederick Frederick Wichman Alma Kebecka Blair Jul 3 1917
Wichman M Edward Bernhard Frank Wichman Josephine Zieler Oct 21 1912
Wichman M Frank Joseph August Gottlieb Wichman  Annie Wolland Mar 5 1910
Wichman F Ruth Grace William Wichman Clara Halford Mar 2 1914
Wichmann F Edna Anna Hulda Gottlieb Wichmann Anna Wolang Aug 2 1913
Wichmann M Harvey      Paul Wichmann Bertha Monthe Aug 13 1919
Wichmann F Margaretha Maria Charley Wichmann Annie Klitzka Mar 8 1919
Wichmann M Violas Orville Paul Wichmann Bertha Monthe Dec 5 1922
Wicke M Charles     Earnst Wicke Mary Pluger Nov 17 1912
Wicke M Harold     Louis Wicke Anna Zastrow Sep 9 1913
Wicke M Henry Edward John Ernest Wicke Mary Ploeger Aug 15 1910
Wicke M Lester      Louis Wicke Anna Zastrow May 16 1911
Wickersheim M Harvey Cliford Fred Wickersheim Clara Hanson Oct 29 1914
Wickersheim F Ruby Leona Fred Wickersheim Clara Hansen Sep 6 1908
Wickershiem M Lester Leroy Fred Wickershiem Clara G. Hanson Jun 16 1912
Wickman M George Charles Wickman Anna Klitzke Feb 3 1916
Wickman M Henry Gottlieb (twin) John Wickman Tillie Korth May 11 1908
Wickman M Herbert William (twin) John Wickman Tillie Korth May 11 1908
Wickman F Ida Enetha John Wickman Tillie Korth Aug 4 1914
Wickman F Viola Edna Louise Charley Wickman Annie Klitzka Dec 20 1917
Widder F Carole Ellenor Robert Widder Ella Schoblaske Dec 15 1921
Widder M Kenneth Howard Robert Widder Ella Schoblaske Nov 22 1918
Wiedenhaft M Loyd Fred Walter Wiekenhaft Emila Moede Oct 20 1924
Wiegand F Alberta Fredricka Otto O. Wiegand Albertina H. Rueckert Jan 26 1909
Wiegand F Grace Edna Otto D. Wiegand Gena Rueckart Oct 26 1907
Wiegand F Lucile Mary Otto O. Wiegand Lina Rueckert Jul 6 1914
Wiegand F Pearl Agnes Otto O. Wiegand Lena Rueckert Feb 11 1911
Wieland M Earnest William Wieland Martha Glawe Jul 25 1908
Wieland F Gertrude Margaret Emma William Wieland Martha Glawe Sep 2 1922
Wieland F Marion Martha Herman Wieland Emma Schultz Feb 2 1923
Wieland F Mildred Helen William Wieland Martha Glawe Jun 20 1924
Wieland M William John August William Wieland Martha Klawe Dec 1 1920
Wielgus M Casimir Frank Wielgus Sophia Szefczyk Apr 25 1910
Wielgus F Lorraine Eleanor Frank Wielgus Nettie Banaszynski Mar 26 1924