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Shawano County Birth's


These records were recorded from the Court House records many years ago. 

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Transcribed by Cathe Ziereis 2012

Editor Jim Glasheen 2010

Anita Perez 2012

Zabel F Alvaretta Albert Zabel Cora Retzlaff Oct 22 1921
Zabel F Iona Albert Zabel Cora Retzlaff Jul 13 1919
Zabel M Raymond Albert Aug. W. Zabel Cora M. Retzloff May 12 1918
Zabel M Reginald Albert Zabel Cora Retzlaff Apr 12 1924
Zable F Marcella Albert Zabel Cora Retzlaff Jan 7 1923
Zablocki M Angeline Peter Zablocki Victoria Klopotic Jun 19 1918
Zablocki F Arine J. Peter Zablocki Victoria Klopotic May 23 1921
Zablocki M Edward Peter Zablocki Victoria Klopotic Jan 27 1913
Zablocki M Lawrence Peter Zablocki Victoria Klopotic Jul 30 1924
Zablocki F Loreta G. Peter Zablocki Victoria Klopotic Dec 10 1919
Zachow F Gladys Arnold Zachow Emma Beversdorf Nov 6 1917
Zachow M Herold F. Frank F. Zachow Mary Kepanke Sep 17 1909
Zachow M Lawrence Edward Edward L. Zachow Hattie Bucher Aug 26 1913
Zachow F Marian E. L. Zachow Hatttie Bocher Jan 13 1916
Zachow F Ruth Agnes Arnold Zachow Emma Beversdorf May 15 1920
Zaddock M Alfried Richard Max Leo Zaddock Bertha Krull Aug 27 1911
Zaddock M Clarence Richard Carl Christine E. A. Zaddock Minnie A. Tuschy May 11 1923
Zaddock F Juanita Lucille Leo Zaddock Bertha Kull May 15 1921
Zaddock M Leonard Bernhard Leo Zaddock Bertha Kull Jan 6 1918
Zaddock M Richard Leo Zaddock Bertha Kull Jul 4 1914
Zaddock M Walter Frank Leo Zaddock Bertha Kull Jul 4 1914
Zahn M Arthur Carl Zahn Lily Graper Aug 12 1913
Zahn M Carles Charles Zahn Elizabeth Graper Mar 22 1912
Zahn M Charles Albert Zahn Meata Viergutz Oct 16 1913
Zahn M Clarence Carl Fred Zahn Matild Wohlfeil Sep 3 1911
Zahn F Della Ruth Albert E. Zahn Mate Viergutz Oct 13 1923
Zahn F Emgard Alma Chas Zahn Lilly Graper Apr 3 1915
Zahn M Ervin Clarance Fred Charles Zahn Otelia Matilda Wolfeil Nov 18 1908
Zahn F Ethel Edna Edwin Zahn Hilda Westphal Apr 28 1923
Zahn M Gilbert William Herman Fred Zahn Jr. Frieda Kroll Jan 27 1920
Zahn M Herman Carl Zahn Kolle Grapner Aug 5 1909
Zahn M Herman Fred Zahn Jr. Freda Kroll Feb 11 1915
Zahn M Herold Robert Friedrich William Zahn Mina Dallman Sep 23 1913
Zahn F Lucille Louisa William Zahn Minnie Dallmann Jun 12 1918
Zahn M Melvin Arnold Chas Zahn Lilly Graper Aug 8 1918
Zahn M Roy Chas Zahn Lily Graper Aug 20 1920
Zahn F Ruth Laura Alice Charles F. Zahn Lily Hens Christ Graper Jun 25 1908
Zahn M Victor Clarence Fred Zahn Otelia Wolefeil Apr 19 1910
Zahn F Violet Elwin Zahn Hilda Westphal Sep 17 1921
Zahringer F Ruth Marie William Theodore Zahringer Johana Rose Baer Mar 8 1921
Zamblowski F Minie Frank Zemblowski Mary Rudzinski May 8 1923
Zander M Egon Otto Albert Gottfried Zander Emma Kowalse May 8 1912
Zander F Erna Adelheid Gottfried Zander Emma Kowalske Dec 23 1907
Zander M Reuben Ervin Ed Zander Esther Gutt Aug 8 1923
Zarda M Not listed Frank Zarda Anna Stechbauer Apr 13 1916
Zarda F Agnes Frank Zarda Annie Steckbauer Apr 14 1910
Zarda F Alice Agnes Jos Zarda  Lizzie Resch May 29 1914
Zarda M Charles Albert Joseph Zarda Aloysice Resch Apr 6 1912
Zarda M Edward John Frank Zarda Anna Stechbauer Aug 9 1912
Zarda F Emma Barbara Josep   Zarda Lizzie Resch Dec 31 1908
Zarda M Ernest William Zarda Katie Reininger Feb 13 1918
Zarda M Frank Richard Frank R. Zarda Anna Zarda May 22 1909
Zarda M Harry Richard Zarda Minnie Mondel Apr 27 1919
Zarda F May Josephine Frank Zarda Anna Steckbauer May 6 1921
Zarda F Mildred Richard Zarda Minnie Mondl Jul 19 1920
Zarda F Pauline Clara Jos Zarda  Lizzie Resch Apr 14 1910
Zarda F Rosa Anna Frank Zarda Anna B. Stickbauer Mar 5 1908
Zarek M Frank      Frank Zarek Maggie Lukasik Jul 28 1918
Zarek F Helen Frank Zarek Maggie Lukasik Apr 14 1909
Zarek M John Joseph Frank Zarek Magdalina Lukasik Dec 11 1910
Zarek M Leo    Frank Zarek Maggie Lukasik Apr 13 1916
Zarek F Sophia Frank Zarek Magdaline Lukasik Jan 11 1913
Zarek M Stanislaw Frank Zarek Magdaline Lukasik May 21 1914
Zarling M Reinhold August A. Zarling Mary Scharnow Aug 16 1909
Zarling F Anna August A. Zarling Mary Shaslow Apr 9 1910
Zarling M Chester August A. Zarling Mary Scharnow May 16 1914
Zarling F Esther Emilie Caroline August Zarling Maria Schrnow Jan 4 1908
Zarling F Hazel Beatrice Aug A. Zarling Mary Scharnow Jun 1 1913
Zarling M Loida Chester Elmer August A. Zarling Mary Scharnow Sep 29 1911
Zarta F Elenora Jos. Zarta Elisabeth Resch Nov 4 1907
Zastrow F Dorothy Lenora William Zastrow Esther Waldt Oct 13 1919
Zastrow F Edna C. Frank Zastrow Elsie Strei Jan 25 1916
Zastrow F Johannah Herman Zastrow Augusta Wick Jan 29 1912
Zastrow F Marcella William Zastrow Ester Woldt Nov 13 1917
Zastrow M Norman William Zastrow Esther Woldt Aug 9 1921
Zastrow M (Stillborn) Herman Zastrow Augusta Wick Dec 4 1913
Zaug F (Premature) Fred Zaug Mary Meyer Apr 25 1910
Zawitai F Cecylia Valter Zawitai Marie Przybylski Oct 29 1912
Zawitai F Rosie Walter Zawitai Marie Przybylski Mar 24 1911
Zawitaj M John      Walter Zawitaj Mary Pzybylski May 26 1914
Zehren F Dorothe Lucia Peter J. Zehren Dorothy Bauer Aug 23 1912
Zehren M Vincent Leo Leo V. Zehren Agnes Loughrin Nov 19 1923
Zehrn M (Stillborn) Peter Zehrn Dorothy Baner Oct 13 1915
Zeinert M Alfred Herman Zeinert Adelia Stoldt Feb 11 1910
Zeinert F Ardel Herman Zeinert Dahlia Stoldt Mar 23 1923
Zeinert F Dorothy Adala Ella Edward Chas. Zeinert Myrtle Mary Stickney Jun 29 1924
Zeinert F Edeline Herman Zeinert Delea Stolt Mar 7 1914
Zeinert F Elsabeth Augusta Frank Zeinert Margeret Nicewander Nov 3 1920
Zeinert M Harold John G. Herman Zeinert Dala Stolt Mar 27 1912
Zeinert F Marsella Herman Zeinert Delia Stoldt Aug 30 1918
Zeinert M Roland Edward Zeinert Myrtle Stickney Sep 1 1922
Zeinert F Ruth Mary Emma Edward Carl Zeinert Myrtle Mary Stickey Aug 27 1920
Zellmer F Bernice Anna Herman Zellmer Wallie Hirt Jan 6 1918
Zeman M (Stillborn) Frank Zeman Anna Kazdo Sep 5 1922
Zeman F Amelia Helen Frank Zeman Anna Kazda Jan 2 1919
Zeman M Clarance Melvin Frank J. Zeman Annie Kazdb Aug 17 1920
Zeman M Frank Ferdinand Frank Zeman Anna Kazdo Nov 15 1913
Zeman M George Frank Zeman Anna Kazda Nov 29 1914
Zeman M Leopold John Zeman Barbary Kasda Oct 16 1907
Zemblowski F Franceszka Cyprgan Zemblowski Mary Rudrinski Feb 1 1921
Zemblowski M Peter Andrew Cypryan Zemblowski Mary Rudzinska Nov 2 1918
Zenisek F Alice     Adolph Zenisek Mary Bohr Dec 7 1908
Zenisek F Blanche Marie Henry Jno Zenisek Violet Churney Apr 3 1924
Zenisek F Viola Marietta Anton Zenisek Anna Semard Aug 5 1908
Zenk M Russel Orid C. Albert Zenk Olga Anderson Mar 21 1908
Zenske F Ruth Elaine Paul Zenske Alma Schlender May 11 1913
Zerbin F Ester Wilhelm Zerbin Emma Schroeder Jun 29 1910
Zernicke M Not listed Robert Zernicke Elsie Leitzke Jun 22 1911
Zernicke M Colvan Lenard Lenard Zernicke Pearl MaGee May 4 1924
Zernicke M Clarence Louis Zernicke Ester Graf Jan 18 1919
Zernicke M Douglas Magee Leonard Zernicke Pearl Magee Jul 5 1920
Zernicke F Elizabeth May Leonard Zernicke Pearl Magee Sep 21 1918
Zernicke F Eva    Robert Zernicke Elsie Lietzke May 20 1909
Zernicke M George Albert Clarence Louis Zernicke Esther Graf Apr 12 1916
Zernicke M Harvey Hartey Robert Zernicke Elsie Leitzke Sep 1 1922
Zernicke M Howard Norman Elmer Zernicke Ella E. Fisher Jun 8 1924
Zernicke F Irene Elmer Zernicke Ella Fisher Sep 2 1921
Zernicke F Laverna Emma Olita William John F. Zernicke Olga Klessig Mar 19 1912
Zernicke M LaVerne Elmer Elmer Zernicke Ella Fischer Jun 5 1919
Zernicke M Maynard Robert Zernicke Elsie Leitzke Jun 5 1912
Zernicke M Raymond Carl Fredrick William John F. Zernicke Olga Klessig Jan 21 1909
Zeuske F Not listed Paul Zeuske Alma Schlender Feb 22 1916
Zeuske F Agnes Lora Carl H. Zeuske Alice A. Grubsack Mar 4 1920
Zeuske F Carl H.  Carl W. Zueske Alice A. Krumbsack May 18 1914
Zeuske M Carlton Arthur Carl Herman Zeuske Alice Aruelia Grubsack Jan 29 1919
Zeuske F Pearl Ruth Carl Herman Zeuske Alice Krubsack Nov 13 1923
Zeuske M Walter      Charles Zeuske Alice Krubsack Nov 20 1917
Zeuske M Wilmer Harvey Carl Herman Zeuske Alice Krubsack May 11 1921
Zeuske M Zylon Carl Carl Zeuske Alice Krubsack Oct 11 1915
Zick M David Charley David William Zick Pirley Baird Mar 7 1910
Zick F Silvey Ester David Zick Pearl Baird Mar 16 1912
Zieber M Not listed Ray L. Zieber Margaret Penrose Oct 12 1921
Ziebur M Allen Douglas Otto K. Ziebur Jessie Wieman May 1 1923
Ziegenhafen M Raymond Hubert Albert Ziegenhafen Mary Zuleger Feb 13 1909
Zielenski F Cecelia John Zielenski Kate Zielenski Sep 22 1910
Zieler M Leonard Edward Frank Zieler Freda Zieler Sep 20 1924
Zielke F Doris August Zielke Minnie Pick May 13 1918
Ziemer F Betty Lou Chas Ziemer Juanita Caldwell Oct 13 1924
Ziemer M Carl Frank Paul Ziemer Dora Hein Dec 30 1917
Ziemer F Clara      William Ziemer Wilhelmina Koepke Mar 16 1909
Ziemer F Edna Agnes Emilia Gustav Ziemer Rosa Nuske Oct 23 1911
Ziemer M Edward     Fred Ziemer Johanna Roggenback Jun 18 1909
Ziemer F Erma Violet Iona William Ziemer Hattie Sperberg Apr 3 1919
Ziemer F Esther Anna Mary Gustav Ziemer Rosa Nuske Oct 22 1912
Ziemer F Ione Marcelia William Ziemer Hattie Sperberg Dec 26 1920
Ziemer M Laurd William William Ziemer, Jr. Hattie Sperberg Sep 24 1924
Ziemer M Lavers Elmer Fred Fred Ziemer Theresa Knoke Nov 23 1920
Ziemer M Robert Herman Alfred Gustav Ziemer Rosa Nuske Dec 29 1915
Ziemer M Wilfred Ruben Carl William  Ziemer Hattie Sperberg Apr 28 1914
Zienert M August Aug Zienert Amelia Len Feb 1 1909
Zierler M Not listed Frank Zierler Freda Schilcher Oct 22 1921
Zierler F Adeline Frank Zierler Frieda Schielcker Sep 5 1914
Zierler F Eleanor Stella Frank Zierler Martha Schilcher Oct 22 1917
Zierler F Milda Della Frank Zierler Frieda Schielcher Oct 4 1915
Zilch M Alfred C. Albert Zilch Emmatilla Melia Kortbein Feb 8 1910
Zilch M Chester Albert Fred Albert Zilch Emma Kortbein Jan 14 1908
Zilch M Edward Albert Zilch Emma Corlbens Feb 25 1923
Zilch F Evelyn Albert Zilch Emma Courtbine Feb 25 1917
Zilch F Loene Doris Rudolph Zilch Celia Reysen Apr 10 1910
Zilch M Loyd Albert Zilch Euenas Guthrine Feb 4 1912
Zilch M Marvin Albert Zilch Emma Courtbein Jul 21 1914
Zilch F Mermel Christena Julia Rudolph Zilch Celia Reysen May 6 1908
Zilch M William       Albert Zilch Emma Kortbein Feb 7 1921
Zimdars M Alvin Walter Fred Emil Gottlieb Zimdars Ella Laura Lydia Salzman Mar 4 1921
Zimdars F Esther Wilhelmina Mathilda Albert F. Zimdars Otilie Emma Schulz Nov 21 1908
Zimdars M Harry (twin) 2 Emil Zimdars Ella Salzman Sep 23 1914
Zimdars M Harry A. Albert Zimdars Ottilie Schultz Jun 21 1910
Zimdars M Herbert (twin) 1 Emil Zimdars Ella Salzman Sep 23 1914
Zimdars F Irma Ester Elsie Emil Zimdars Ella Salzman Mar 5 1913
Zimdars F Perlie Margaret Gertrude Henry Edwin Zimdars Ida Louise Giese Mar 18 1911
Zimmerman F Beatrice Linda Bertha George Zimmerman Marie Rush Aug 9 1917
Zimmerman M Carl  Frank Zimmerman Annie Heinan Apr 6 1912
Zimmerman F Clara Frank Zimmerman Anna Hein Jun 13 1913
Zimmerman F Dorothy Abigail Otto Zimmerman Clara Drews Oct 24 1921
Zimmerman M Gordon Reinhart Raymond John Zimmermann Meta Mertzke Mar 17 1918
Zimmerman M Jesse Roy Zimmerman Pauline Bartz May 10 1921
Zimmerman M Leonard Frank Zimmerman Anna Hein Dec 26 1914
Zimmerman M Roy Joseph Henry Zimmerman Lena Haffenspriger Sep 21 1911
Zimmerman M Rudoloph Geo Zimmerman Morea Rash Jun 20 1915
Zimmerman    F Alice Esther Fred Zimmerman Francise Lilla Mar 10 1908
Zimmerman    F Anna Otto Zimmerman Clara Drews Apr 21 1923
Zimmermann F Not listed John Zimmermann Meta Martzke Aug 7 1915
Zingler M Not listed Gustav Zingler Alma Paulson Jan 2 1909
Zingler M Not listed Rudolph A. Zingler Emma Jantz Mar 14 1915
Zingler M Not listed Rudolph A. Zingler Emma Jantz Sep 2 1919
Zingler M Chas Alfred Gust Zingler Alma Paulson Feb 14 1921
Zingler F Elise Frank Zingler Annetia Baartz Sep 6 1908
Zingler M Irving Carlile Berysford Gustave Zingler Alma Paulson Dec 20 1911
Zingler F Isabell Leona Edward Zingler Hilda Johnson Sep 7 1923
Zingler F Leila Maria Viola Rudolph A. Zingler Emma Jantz Sep 1 1913
Zingler M Leland Edward Adolph Rudolph Zingler Emma Jantz Feb 3 1922
Zingler F Luella Sarah Rudolph Zingler Emma Jantz Oct 13 1923
Zingler F Margaret Wilheline L. Edward Zingler Hilda Johnson Feb 2 1916
Zingler F Muriel Ellen Marne Ed Zingler Hilda Johnson May 25 1921
Zingler M Roland William John B. Zingler Luisa Zahn Jul 5 1912
Zingler M Rubin Rudolph John B. Zingler Louisa Zahn Jun 20 1908
Zingler F Sylva Kathryn Arleen Gustav Zingler Alma Paulson Feb 12 1918
Zingler F Valera Marie Rudolph Zingler Emma  Jantz Jul 5 1917
Zingler M Walter Edward Zingler Hulda Johnson Aug 13 1919
Ziolkowski F Anna Felix Ziolkowski Sophia Moltiken Sep 14 1921
Ziolkowski F Mary      Felix Ziolkowski Sophia Multken Feb 2 1920
Ziolkowski M Stanislaue Felix Ziolkowski Sophia Multeken Jan 10 1923
Zitske M Floyd Aloys Albert Zitske Josephine Zagla Jan 31 1911
Zltkwick F Helen John Zltkwick Mary Gogo Aug 19 1921
Zoch F Helen J. Otto J. Zock Augusta Boetcher Oct 19 1908
Zoellner M Not listed Fred Zoellner Anna Retzloff May 24 1909
Zoellner F Dorothy John Zoellner Martha Eggebrecht Nov 13 1920
Zoellner F Margaret Elsie Hulda John Zoellner Martha Eggler Jan 24 1915
Zoellner M Walter Wilhelm John Frank Zoellner Elsie Wetzel Aug 12 1915
Zoelner F Olga Agatha Otto W. P. Zoellner Florentine A. Hildemann May 7 1909
Zoglaman M Adolf J. L. Zoglaman Emma Koeller Sep 30 1919
Zoglman F Margaret John Zoglman Emma Koeller Dec 25 1921
Zoglman M Paul Albert John Lawrence Zoglman Helen Emma E. Koeller Mar 27 1913
Zucker F Hazel Libby Ben Zucker Tilly Meyer Aug 8 1913
Zuehelsdorf M Julius August J. F. Zuehelsdorf Theresa Handt Jun 17 1921
Zuehlke F Alice Albert Zuehlke Minnie Dehm Mar 25 1912
Zuehlke M Arthur Albert Zuehlke Minnie Dehn Sep 10 1913
Zuehlsdorf M Herbert       Henry Zuehlsdorf Marie Froemming Feb 20 1919
Zuehlsdorf F Mavis Margaret Julius Zuehlsdorf Theresa Handt Apr 18 1923
Zuelke F Gertrude Aug Zuelke Minnie Pick Aug 5 1920
Zuelke M Melvin     August Zuelke Minnie Peck Aug 30 1922
Zuelkowski Frank Stanley Stanley Zuelkowski Antonina Lukaszewski Jan 8 1921
Zuelkowski M Leo Ladislaus Stanley Zuelkowski Antonia Lukazewski Jun 2 1924
Zuelsdorf F Loretta Henry Zuelsdorf Marie Froeming Nov 28 1917
Zuhleger M Alfred John William Zuhleger Mary Bergemeister Mar 14 1908
Zuhleger F Leona Martin Zuhleger Mary Peters May 6 1908
Zuhse F Rose Henry  Zuhse Lillie Trieglaff Dec 25 1918
Zuhse M Norman Andew Zuhse Elsie Nieland Jun 22 1924
Zuilkowski F Stella Stanley Zuilkowski Antonia Lukoszeski Oct 30 1914
Zuleger M Arnold Lawrence Fred Zulegar Annie Mundt Oct 20  1918
Zuleger F Irene Emaline William Zuleger Mary Burgemeister Sep 30 1921
Zuleger M Leonard Edward Albert Zuleger Ida W. Frederick Dec 22 1907
Zuleger M Melvin R. Fred Zuleger Annie Mund     Mar 28 1910
Zuliger M Carl William Martin Zuliger Mary Peters Jan 18 1912
Zuliger F Ella Mabel Fred Zuliger Annie Mundt Jun 2 1915
Zuliger M Raelph Otto Fred Zuliger Anna Mundt Dec 6 1912
Zuliger M Walter Edward William Zuliger Mary Burgemaster Aug 16 1911
Zuse F Alma William Zuse Hedwig Dalum Apr 15 1908
Zuse F Leona William Zuse Hedwig Dalum Mar 26 1910
Zwirschitz F Edna Josephine W. Joe Zwirschitz Minnie Arnold Mar 10 1912
Zwirschitz F Gartie Lillie Joe Zwirschitz Minnie Arnold Jan 16 1914
Zwirschitz M William       Joe Zwirschitz Minnie Arnold Dec 3 1915
Zwirshitz M Louis William Alfred Jos  Zwirshitz Minnie Arnold Jul 20 1910