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Mrs. Simon BEAUPRE

Shawano County Journal

Thursday, 6 Jun 1895

Mrs. SIMON BEAUPRE, of Keshena, a well known character on the military road for many years fast, died last Monday at the age of 58 years, her death being caused by strangulated hernia. On Sunday Drs Partlow and Cantwell operated upon her for this trouble, but owing to the fact of too much time having elapsed, the operation though successful, failed to improve her condition and she gradually sank until Monday afternoon, when death took place. The deceased was for a long series of years the keeper of the Mag Lawe stopping place above Keshena, and as such was known to every person having business up Wolf river among whom she was considered of the best landlady on the road. She leaves a husband and one son. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon at Keshena.