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Tues 16 Dec 1924


Death of Little Son

John, the little five year old son of Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Bowan passed away Sunday night about ten o’clock from diphtheria.  The little one was outdoors most of Friday, playing and felt as well as usual.  Saturday morning he awoke about 5 o’clock and complained that his head ached.  He was not very sick during the morning, and the physician was called in the afternoon as he became worse, and he pronounced it diphtheria.  He was some better Sunday morning, but became worse in the afternoon and passed away as stated.  The little one was five years old on Saturday, Dec. 6th.  The death is a great shock to his parents, brothers, and sisters.  The burial took place Monday afternoon, there being no funeral on account of the disease.  The many friends of the parents and family sympathize with them in the loss of the loved one.