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Shawano County Journal

Thurs 17 Aug 1916


Small Boy Is Shot By Chum

Alfred Bratz is Victim of Shot Fired by Harold Richard at Roosevelt

Instant Death Results

Boy Who Caused Probable Accident Is In Hiding Because of Great Scare

Alfred Bratz, a little boy about eleven years old was shot and killed Tuesday night near his home at Roosevelt by another boy, Harold Richard by name, who is about thirteen years old.  In all probability the shooting was accidental.  After the shooting, the older boy tried to drag his dead companion farther into the woods, it is thought because he was so scared.  The boys were the best of friends and had gone into the woods together on a hunt, after taking the gun from the home secretly.  Yesterday the officers and the undertaker went out to attend to matters, but the Richard boy was hid away in the field because of fright.  Harold is the grandson of Mr. Collar and lives with him, and is frequently spoken of as Harold Richard Collar.  Further investigation will be made into the matter.



Tues 22 Aug 1916

Fatal Accident Last Week Tuesday

A fatal hunting accident happened in the town of Seneca on Tuesday afternoon of last week.  It seems that two young boy friendís, Alfred Bratz, aged 11, and Harold Richard, aged 14, went out in the woods hunting and picking cherries.  They got some cherries and were on a log eating them.  They got into a dispute as to who was to have the shot gun they had and both grabbed it, The Richard boy having hold of the stock of the gun and it accidentally went off, the contents striking the Bratz boy in the neck, the shot killing him instantly.  The Richard boy became frightened and endeavored to drag his companion in the woods.  The accident was soon learned of and the boy taken to his home.  The Richard boy and relatives were in the city Thursday and then again of Saturday and told how the accident happened to the district attorney.  It was seen that it was purely accidental, and the boy was sent home.