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Shawano County Journal

Thurs 9 Nov 1916


Poison Sausage Causes Death

George Brown, Who Used To Live at Belle Plaine Dead From Ptomaine Poison.

Died Out in Minnesota

Lost An Arm And a Leg Last Winter When Thrown Under a Train In Texas.


George Brown, who used to live at Belle Plaine, died last week at a Minnesota hospital after a short illness with ptomaine poisoning contracted from easting sausage at a Minnesota restaurant.  The deceased will be remembered here as the young man who last winter has an arm and leg amputated at Fort Worth, Texas, following injuries received under the car wheels of a moving train, from which it is claimed he was thrown by the conductor.  At the time of his death, the young man was at Minneapolis for the purpose of having fitted an artificial leg and arm.  He has borne up wonderfully under his misfortune and his fortitude and good cheer has made him many friends.  The funeral was held at Marshfield where the young manís parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Brown live.