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Shawano County Journal

2 Jul 1891


John Shepard, a traveling man stopping at the Gamble House, tells of a most horrible suicide, which occurred at Seymour Monday morning. JOHN BOHMEISTER, an aged German of that village, keeping a grocery store, went to his place of business at 5:00 in the morning, saturated his clothes with kerosene oil, and then set fire to himself. His family, who live in the rear of the grocery, heard his screams and rushed in to see what the trouble was, but arrived too late to be of any assistance, the flames having already done their work.

The old man was lying on the floor, his clothes still burning, and his body a blackened corpse. He left a letter explaining the cause of the suicide, which was domestic infelicity. Why he chose such a horrible mode of shuffling off the mortal coil passes understanding.