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Shawano County Advocate

Tuesday, Dec. 16, 1913

Still Another Meets Death

Frank Butt a town of Seneca farmer was shot and fatally wounded Monday afternoon while hunting.  He lived but two hours after receiving the wound.   Our information is that Butt and others were engaged in work upon a logging road over which the Tigerton Lumber Company is to operate its steam log-hauler.  Several of the crew took guns along when they went to work, in hope that they might possibly bag some game.  Just at dusk Monday the dogs out in the timber started a deer and every gun owner seized his weapon and sought point of vantage from which to shoot.  Soon as the deer appeared there was a fusillade of shots and Butt who appeared to have been nearest of any to the deer, cried out “I’m Shot” and fell to the ground.  A four mile road took a messenger to the nearest telephone and Dr. Gates was summoned from Tigerton.  He made the trip with all speed in his auto, but the wounded man was practically gone when he arrived.  The ball passing entirely through Butt’s body had completely severed the spinal cord.  No one knows whence came the shot that killed the man, for all guns used by the party were of almost identical caliber.  Butt made ante-mortem statement holding the companions blameless in the matter.  Deceased leaves a widow and five children.—Wittenberg Enterprise