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Shawano County Journal

14 June 1906

Harry Eaton, A Driver, Plunges to His Death In Wolf River—Body Recovered—Terrible Afflictions Fall Upon Wife.

Falling from a log on which he was riding, Harry Eaton, of Poysippi, Waushara County, employed by Black Brothers and engaging in driving the Indian lumber from the Menominee Reservation, plunged to the bottom of Wolf river at Keshena at an early hour Sunday morning and was drawn out several hours later as a corpse.

As to the exact cause of the dreadful mishap there seems to be considerable conjecture.  One report says the log on which the unfortunate man was riding was struck and turned over by another, thus causing him to tumble.  Men who were riding close to Eaton say that just before taking the fatal plunge he threw up his hands and tottered as if having been seized by an attack of heart trouble.  A peculiar fact in conjunction with the drowning is that the body did not once rise to the surface, though it was recovered only a few feet from the spot where it first went down.

The gang with which Eaton was working was called out between the hours of 6 and 7 o’clock Sunday morning to meet a “flood” and Eaton had only been at work a few minutes when the fatal mishap overtook him.  All efforts of his companions to effect his rescue failed of results and it was not until late in the afternoon that the body was recovered.  It was brought at once to Bauerfeind’s undertaking establishment in this city, where it was prepared for removal to the unfortunate man’s home, being shipped to Poysippi Monday morning.

Eaton was about 38 years old and is survived by a wife and one child.  The grief of the stricken widow may be imagined when it is known that she is left with a baby after having passed through the terrible trial of having two children burned to death last summer in a fire that destroyed her home.  Now that her husband has been taken from her, the mental strain this cast upon the luckless woman calls forth the utmost sympathy. 

Prof. U. T. Cady was for many years a close acquaintance of both Mr. and Mrs. Eaton, the latter having gone to school to Mr. Cady while he taught at Poysippi.  Eaton was a hard working and honorable man who had a large following of warm friends.



14 June 1906

Died at Keshena Last Sunday

Harry Eaton lost his life while working on the drive Sunday at Keshena.  He was working for Black Bros. and at about 6:30 Sunday morning while riding on a log, was seen to throw up his hands and fall backwards into the water.  It was believed to be a case of drowning, but Undertaker Bauerfeind informed us he had a hemorrhage which was the cause of his death.  He fell in the river back of the Catholic hospital at Keshena.  His body was not found until four o’clock in the afternoon, about a half mile from where he went in.  The body was brought to Shawano to H. Bauerfeind’s undertaking rooms and prepared for shipment.  The deceased was about forty years old and leaves a wife and three children at Poysippi, and was taken there on Monday.  He had worked for Black Bros. just a short time, but has been on the Red River drive for several weeks.  The sudden death will be hard on the wife and little ones.



15 June 1906


Eaton, Harry was found dead on Sunday morning around 7 o’clock in the Wolf River in the area of Keshena Falls.  He was around 40 years old and came from Poysippi, Wis., where his wife and small child are living.  About a year ago his house burned and two of his children burned to death.  Since this time Eaton was nervous and suffered with heart cramps.  This sudden accident was a factor to his early death.