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Shawano County Journal

7 Sep 1883


 CHARLES HEBRICHT, of Tigerton, got on a rampage on the evening of August 30th and made an attempt to kill his wife. A warrant for his arrest was placed in the hands of Chas. Klug, constable, who, with a number of assistants made an attempt to arrest Hebricht. After a short parley, Hebricht said that he would kill the first man who came inside of the house. At this stage of the proceedings the officer burst in the door, when Hebricht, who was provided with a gun, opened fire on the officer and his assistants, but fortunately doing no harm. The officers returned the fire and made a charge on the house and in a backroom they found Hebricht lying dead on the floor. Upon examination of the body it was found that two of the bullets had taken effect, one in the left breast near the heart, the other in the wrist. At an inquest held by Justice Martin a verdict was rendered to the effect that the deceased came to his death by a pistol shot fired by the hand of some person unknown, during his resistance to arrest.