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Shawano County Journal

Thursday 9 October 1919


Suicide Follow Shameful Murder

Sam Jones, Navarino Farmer Murders His Wife and Then Shoots Self

Mental Condition Unbalanced

Bodies Found In Potato Field by Neighbors Who Went Out In Search


The quiet little town of Navarino was shocked and greatly aroused over a murder and suicide which took place Saturday afternoon.  Samuel Jones, a farmer killed his wife by shooting her in the head with a shot gun and then turned the second barrel upon himself and blew out his brains.  The reason for the act attributed by neighbors is despondency on the part of Mr. Jones.  For several weeks he has thought himself sick, and although the doctors assured him that it was simply imagination, He had persisted in the belief.

This is the story of the tragedy.  Mr. and Mrs. Jones were on Saturday digging potatoes in their field.  Mr. Jones has a son about twelve years old, born to him and his first wife.  This boy is employed by a neighbor who lived a mile or so down the road.  On this Saturday, the boy came home to help his parents because of the rush of potato digging.  About three o’clock the work had progressed so far that it was thought the parents could finish alone and the boy left to go to the farm where he is employed.  When he had gone eighty rods or so down the road he heard two shots fired, but thought nothing of it, and went on to his work.

A neighbor family is in the habit of carrying milk to the Jones home.  Saturday evening the children from the neighbor’s house came as usual with the milk, and finding no one at home they left the milk on the table and returned to their home.  The next evening they came again, and found the milk from the night before right where they had left it.  Then they heard the horses pawing the floor in the barn and they went but found the mangers empty and the horses neighing for food and water.  They went home and reported to their parents who immediately came over, went out to the field and found the bodies.

The marks showed that the wife had been shot just as she stooped over to empty her pail of potatoes into the crate and that she was shot from behind.  There was a shallow furrow along her shoulders where the shot had glazed the flesh and her head was shot partly away.  The man had shot himself in the mouth and had taken off his head.

On the body of the man was found a note which made the request that both he and his wife be buried in Navarino.  This fact shows that the act was premeditated.  Sunday evening County Corner Garfield went to the scene of the tragedy but the evidence of murder and suicide was so indisputable that is was considered not necessary to hold an inquest,  Jones was a farmer on a small scale and practiced veterinary surgery as a side line.

Mrs. Jones was a Shawano girl and before marriage was Miss Inez Cole, sister of Alvin Cole, the plumber.  She was a dress maker by profession and worked for some time with Mrs. Doran.  She came up to Shawano over a week ago to see her mother, and at that time she said she was getting afraid of her husband, and feared that he would do something violent.  There were no children born to this union, although Mr. Jones had four boys and two girls by his former marriage.  Both of the girls are married.

The funeral of Mr. Jones was held Tuesday afternoon at Navarino and his body was buried there.  Mrs. Jones funeral was held at the home of her mother in this city yesterday afternoon, and her remains were laid away in Woodlawn.