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 Marion Advertiser Newspaper (10-15-15)


John Way, one of the best known and most likeable men of the old school of early day pioneers of Waupaca county, died at his home in Big Falls Friday night, aged 74 years.

John Way was a man of generous impulses and never forgot the hospitable ways of the pioneer. The stranger, even though a beggar, never failed to find food and shelter at his door. He had borne adversity bravely and enjoyed prosperity quietly and with no show. He had filled the various relations of life, as son, husband, father, brother, friend and filled them well. Who can do more? But he is gone. Another name is stricken from our roll of old settlers. How much this community owes him and such as he, it is impossible to estimate.

He leaves two sons and three daughters. Funeral services were held at Tigerton Monday.


John R Way

Marion Advertiser Newspaper

With a heavy heart we would drop a tear to the memory of John Way of Big Falls who died May 17.

His death has brought the bitter cup of sorrow to the lips of friends and relatives. His was a heart of gold. He was one of nature's noblemen in its truest sense-brave, generous and manly. His was the soul of honor, and his friendships were sacred to him. John R. Way was born in Fairbank's twp., at the time of his death, was in his 29th year.

It is sad at any time to stand beside the bed of the dying and watch life's ebbing tide drifting the loved one slowly, but surely into the great ocean of eternity, but when there comes whispering from parched lips: "Though I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me" it brings a balm to the wounded heart. Thus closed the life of this noble young man.

To the broken hearted father, mother, brother, and sisters who sit in sorrow where his footsteps will never find echo, we extend sympathy.

Funeral services were conducted from the Catholic church at Tigerton Monday. Interment in the cemetery near that village.

John Way of Big Fallls, died Saturday morning. Funeral services were held at Tigerton Monday.


The undersigned wish to express our sincere thanks to the many friends who so kindly assisted us during the illness of our beloved son and brother.

John Way and family

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bazile, Pierra Bazile, Mrs. J. Cheyne, Mrs. A. Chesebro, Mrs. O. Brewer and Mrs. Adele Bazile attended the John Way funeral at Tigerton Monday.