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Henry ZELL

Shawano County Journal

Thursday, 12  Mar 1891




The body of HENRY ZELL, a former Caroline saloonkeeper, was found hanging from the limb of a small beech tree near Gresham, Tuesday morning. By the side of the tree stood Zell's boots and an open satchel containing clothing, and from appearances he had first pulled off his boots, climbed the tree, and fastened the rope to the limb and about his neck and then jumped off to eternity. From the appearance of the tree he had made two attempts to hang himself, the first proving abortive through the breaking of a limb. The body was frozen quite stiff, and was taken down and conveyed to Gresham, where an inquest was held. Zell was about 40 years old, and has a wife and family living at Caroline. He was a hard drinker and had frequent quarrels with his wife, resulting finally in a separation about a week ago. From Caroline he went to Gresham, and spent several days there carousing about the saloons, Monday night he took his grip and started off toward Shawano and was not again seen alive. Drink and domestic troubles were no doubt the cause of his taking his life.